Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 12, 1939 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1939
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Wortd'Wide Newt CoveMg« Given Impartially by Associated Press Hope Star The Weather H ARKANSAS—Fair to partly cloudjr Thursday night and Friday; warmer irt north portion Friday '. v *l VOLUME 40—NUMBER 311 HOPE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 12, 1939 PRICE 5c COPY ASKS FINN-SOVIET PEACE Hurricane Team Expects to Fire Aerials at Hope Joncsboro Has Capable Receivers—Two Good • Tossers 10 LETTERMEN BACK Galloping Ghosts of the Night-Gridiron Depict Stirring Action in the Hope-Walnut Ridge Game Team In High Spirits; Hammons Says Bob" cats Are Ready Reports from Joncsboro indicate that Conch Clarence Geis will bring n pass-fancy football team to Hope Friday night for its conference game with the Bobcats. Couch Geis hns two capable receivers in H. Barringer, 175-pound right end. iind Black, a veteran from last year, nt the oilier end. Daughcrty at quarterback, and Duncan, 176-pound fullback are reported to be the tos- scrs. Harris, 200-poumIcr at right tackle, is another big man in the Hurricane lineup. The squad boasts 10 lettermen from last season. Bobcats Arc Ready Coach Foy Mammons, expecting the Hurricane to toss some 30 passes in the game, 1 ' •--•> driving his Bobcats Ihrour' ^"c formations the past uvu unjj. *•»•••<•»••., ^ ... .1 session also calls for pass defense. Two members of the team, Roy Taylor and Bobby Ellen, arc handicapped by leg injuries, but Hammons said both would probably he in the starting lineup. Captain Joe Eason, end. was ill Wednesday and failed to report for practice the first lime this year. Eason complained of aches'" about the body. Third Meeting Each team holds a vitcory in combats the p:\st two years, the Bobcats turning back the Hurricane at Joncsboro in 1937, and then the Hurricane came to Hope last year and :rivcpt <«ver Iht Uubcats bj - score of 33 to 12. To date, Joncsboro has three victories to its credit against one loss. That was to Hot Springs, 18 to 0. The Bobcats fire undefeated, having won over Hayriesvillc, La., Smuckover, El Dorado and Walnut Ridge. A special wire will transmit play by play of the game from Hammons Stadium to a Joncsboro radio station where it will be broadcast. The probable starting line-up Joncsboro will be: H. Barringer, right end Harris, right tackle Ford, right guard Mabrcy, center Buttry, left guard Ballon, left tackle Black, left end Daugherly. quarterback McCall. righthalf Peterson, left half Duncan, fulback Line average 167; backfield, la<fii 163. IL So Begins Drive on Foreign Spies Nothing to Be Published Unless Clear Case Is Obtained James £. Lightle New Asst. Federal Attorney LITTLE ROCK —</P)— U. S. District Attorney Sam Rorex announced Thursday the appointment of James E. Lighlle, Jr. as assistant district attorney in the East Arkansas district. t Third Week Court to Begin Monday Appeal Cases On Monday Bearden Trial Scheduled Tuesday Appeal cases from Hope municipal court will be heard when Hempsteac circuit court begins the third week o' the October term Monday Yn'orning a Hope city hall. Court was not in session Thursday having recessed Wednesday afternoon until Monday morning. A personal injury case, scheduled fo Wednesday afternoon, has been settle( out of court. It was the case of Kath erine Lane and C. F. Lane vs. Eldridg Crow. Settlement for Katherinc Lane was for the amount of 5500 and $200 for C. F. Lane, father, and owner of an automobile which figured in a wreck in which Katharine Lane was injured. Former Sheriff and Collector J. E. Bearden, and Reginald Bearden, charged with embezzlement of county funds, are scheduled to go on trial Tuesday morning. Jut Plea Divorced From Any Action, It Is Made Clear Finland Not Yet Served by Any Actual Moscow Demands NO PEACEj_ ENGLAND Chamberlain Tells Hitler^ Britain and France Will Fight on WASHINGTON —(/P) —The American, government, it was learned authoritatively Thursday, is expressing to Soviet Russia its "earnest hope" that nothing may occur Calculated "to affect injuriously" peaceful relations, between Russia and Finland. It also was learned the American move is entirely independent of action of the United States goverrtalent Instructions covering the representations were sent to American Ambassador Laurence Steinhardt at Moscow, An official statement by the Depart- Soviet Grab Meets Resistance as It's Finns' Turn to Give Russia Stirring Up Trouble in All the Baltic States WASHINGTON —(/Pi— Virtual wartime secrecy Thursday surrounded a far-reaching campaignagainst espionage by Ihc Federal Bureau of .Investigation. It is understood the policy will l>e to disclose nothing unless a clear-cut \iiuiuestioned ca.se iof espionage is exposed. Rosetime to Be Given at Emmet October 17th The Parent-Teacher association ot Emmet is sponsoring a three-act musical comedy at Emmet High School auditorium October 17. •. Title of the play is "Rosetime." This is a Wayne P. Scwcll show. It has ii cast of 12 characters, and 22 high .school girls in the chorus. Arctic Ocean Atlantic Ocean 1918 fight for independence from Russia started here, swept southward. NORWAY; SWEDEN Soviet wonts to control these islands. Estonia granted Russia control here. Tallinn EST. Russia wants special transit facilities to this port OESEL I -I U Libau I ^ . Memel«^r LITH. \JZar Kovno Report Russia agrees to restore this area to Liths. V *f*fr* L 4 A ^iw^rVinzifi 'w. GERMANY D A Thought "One soweth and another rea- pcth" is a verity that applies to evil a.s well its good.—George Eliot. CRANIUM CRACKERS Euphonious Words Here are four groups of words and names that are similar in .sound. Some are terms you've seen recently in war news from Europe. Can you define each word? 1. Lublin. Dublin, goblin. 2, Baltic, balsa, Balkan, balmy. .';. Jig. Whig, gig, mig, Danzig. •1. Bo-stoi^ Bosnia Bothenia, Bolivia. Aiiswi'fs on 1'agu Two —® U oodU.S, Salaries Go to Arkansans Hope Star photo, Alex H. Washburn. Coiitax No. 3 camera, l-1251h second ;rt F 1.5 on Agfa Ultra Speed film For dramatic action this is the best night football picture so far produced by Hope Star—the second to be .printed from last Friday's Hope-Walnut Ridge game. At the left is Ihe Hope ball-carrier, in red-and-white ^uniform, heading down-field. i To the right are the Walnut Ridge defensive players, ^irgold-colored suits. The nearest deferis'ef'man lunges' to his right to stop the flying Bobcat. Behind him the second defensive man "squats," balanced, with hands flipped out from his side, for a jump in whichever direction the ball carrier finally takes. In the background Umpire Bill Summerville swings out of the path of play. onsiderable List of $10,000-a-Year Arkansas U. S. Officials By KBNEST D. C. VACCAKO Al' Regional Service WASHINGTON —</P)— Fat checks go to Arkan.sans on government pay days. Salaries of ?10,000 a year each arc paid the two Senators and Seven Representatives, as well as the Federal Judges Thomas C. Trimplc, Jr., Heartsill Ragon and Harry J. Lemley. Other 510,000 men include Bolon B. Turner, a member of the U. S. Board of Tax appeal and Sterling M. Garwood, Credit Commissioner for the farme credti Administration. Both of whom came from Arkansas with Congressional District. Vincent M. Miles of the Fourth District draws $9,000 yearly as Solicitor for the Postofficc Department, and Fifth District man, N. C. gels $8,900 as assistant chief of the RFO's examining position. Shipping Hurt If New Bill Passes But Senators Disagree How Badly "Neutral ity" Will Hurt It New Russian moves iu drive for Baltic domination. By NEA Service FINLAND, the lillle-known Europ- in nation which won fame by not vorryin about the depression, is niak- ng headlines again by worrying about Uissia. The thrifty Finns paid their World War debts—financial variety. But. the lew war finds the Soviet, in conversations at Moscow, seeking a price .hat Finland i.s not so willing to .lay. Russia wants three Finnish-owned islands which control Hie ap- iroaches to Leningrad. Russia covets control of the Aland Islands which uard the entrance to the Gulf of Bothnia. Russia i.s eyeing Ilngland Island a.s protection for it.s naval base at Kronsladt. liussia grabbed rights from Estonia easily, but i.s up against a more stubborn opponent now. Because it has usually minded iU own business, because it has a democratic government, because it calmly tried prohibition and scrapped il jtfler the expcriniL'iil, Finland has gained a reputation as a rulhur Iran- luil. practical nation. Actually, the country only readied that state along road of trouble and strife. Scraps with Russia are traditional. The Finns are believed to have ori- inated in the Volga basin of .southern Russia, to have been gradually pushed northward to the present Finnish peninsula. For six centuries after 1157. Finland was part of Sweden. During that time, warring against Russii was almost constant. Finally, in ISO!) Finland was captured and made ; grand duchy of the empire. For 108 years, the Funs twisted in the Russian stranglehold. War saved the situation; the Cznris' regime toppled. On Dec. G. l'J17, tin Finns praoclainicd their independence set up a government. Now. however the Bolshevists became as greedy a the C/ar had been. Aided by honn contingents of Reds, they penetratec Finland until tile major part of ill population, under General Carl Man ncrlieim, hurled llicni buck. Still the Soviets attempted to hor Other Arkansas drawing government salaries include, Homer M. Adkins, Collector of Internal Revenue, Littl Rock, $G,200. Bradley B. Smith, Director of the Interior Department's Bureau in investigations, ?(i,!K)0. Howard S. Paine. 1-llh District Principal Chemist in charge of the Agriculture Department's Carbonydrate Re search Diivision, $8,0(10. James Maddon, (lilli District i Director of the Farm Security Administration's Re- liabilation Division, $(i,!)()0, Roy Reid, Regional FSA Director. Little Rock, $7,0(10. William Mocauley. tlith District) Secretary U. S. Emp- ycs' Compensation Commission, a( G.500. J. M. Jarrut, Manager of the RFG L.OHII Agency, Little Rock, ?G,()00. Marion L. Contnton, (5th District' Manager of the- Veterans' Administra- ioa Facilty at Augusta, Ga.. $6.500. John N. Baird, Manager of Veterans' Administration Facilities at North .ittlc Rock, $7,000. The official register of th United States fo r I'm also disclosed the following other Arkansas" salaries: John T. Burkett (5th) District Su- )ervisor of the Alchol Tux Unit, Kan•;is City. $5.600, Jca.se B. Groson. l5lh> Oistrict Supervisor, Bureau of Narcotics, Kansas City, $5,200, Hugh D. Miser (Hrd> Geologist in charge. Geology of Fuel*. $5,1)00, Albert Pike. (Sllii Engraver in charge Atlantic Division interior department's Topographic Branch $r>.;-;OU. » Brooks Mays. Regional Attorney for Farm Security Administration, Little Rock, $5.1)000; Beiijiiiiin Schwartz (3rd) Principal Zoologist in charge Bureau of Animal Industry's Zoological Division S5.GIIO; K. B. Whtuker, Assistant Regional FSA Director. iLtllc Rock SH.GOO; William A. Rovksderry i."ith> now Regional Director at Richmond Vii.. for the railroad retirement Board. $5.0000. Lawrence W. Moore, (4th) Administrative Officer for the Traffic Commission, $5,2000; James A. Minn, Manager of the Veteran's Admiiiistntion Regional Office, Little Rock. $5.000 WASHINGTON —(/P)— Chairman Bailey, North Carolina Democrat of the senate commerce committee dc- Ribenack clared Thursday the shipping provisions of the administration's neutrality bill would disrupt American commerce and 'destroy much of the American merchant marine." Chairman Pittman, Nevada Democrat, of Ihe foreign relations committee, put the statement in the senate record at the opening of Thursday's session. Pittman said although he did not agree with Bailey's estimate of the potential losses in shipping involved he considered it an able statement. Vet Secretary of AFL Has Resigned Convention Hears .Martin Charges Against Lewis' CIO CINCINNATI Ohio—(/P)—The American Federation of Labor Thursday received the resignation of its veteran secretary-treasurer, Frank Morrison. It heard from Homer Martain a declaration that the real purpose of John L. Yewis' congress of industrial organizations was "to destroy the American labor movement." High School Band to Give Concert at 9:30 Laneburg's Team to American Royal State Champion Meat i Judgers to Represent Arkansas There Urban Urges More Boys for Practice Kicking, Passing and Run• ning Is Taught Kid - '•'.,••' Grid Teams. , .^ Football practice which includes kicking, passing and running, is being held each afternoon at Fair Park under the direction of Raymond Urban. Urban said Thursday that about 20 boys are reporting each afternoon, but was anxious to have more. In a statement, Urban said: "At the present time we have out about 20 boys who have taken a great interest and are learning the funda- j mentals of the game. In a s'mall town in west Texas they have 150 boys every afternoon who range from the fifth grade to the ninth grade and every year this town is a strong contender for championship honors. 'If we stop to think about it here in our own state we could name sev- ral teams who have this activity going on in their city and if you want to know who they are .look in the top of the conference standing near the close of the season. 'We would like to see some more boys out so as to have two nice kid teams and we can assure you when these boys enter into the freshman class in high school the local coaches will be very happy to see boys coming out who have already had experience. 'Now we don't expect to develope any Sammy Baugh or Davey O'Brians We would like to see boys from Brookwood, Paisley, Oglesby, and the 7 and 8 grades come out and we wil show you how much fun we are having." , ment of State was expected to follow receipt of a report from Steinhardt that he had delivered the representa" tions to the Russian government. The American action apparently ruled out any joint action by the LJnited States, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark on the Finnish situation. The Finnish Position HELSINKI, Finland—{£>)—Foreign Minister Eljas Erkko expressed the hope Thursday no difficulties would arise between Finland and Soviet Russia in the JMoscow negotiations, but he said there are "certain international rules which can not be overlooked." , 'No demands have been put before us yet," Erkko said. "We have been asked to exchange views. We ( have no reason to reject such a request. We would v do the same for any other state." ,c-\ •••, - „,>_ ,' (Continued on Page Six) Sixty members of the Hope High School band, including seven majorities, will perform on the Saengcr theater stage at 9:30 oclock Thursday night. Bandmaster Thomas Cannon announced that the concert will continue- 14 or 20 minutes. Special colored lighting effects will be used. He'd Take Care of Visiting Horsemen COUNCIL BLUFFS, la. — i/P>— Ok! Dobbin has no place to park in Council Bluffs. City Councilman Joseph Katelman wants to do something about it. He proposed a 20-foot space on a downtown street be set aside, and a hitching post erected with a sign attached "For Horses Only." The plight of visiting horses came to light when a fannev, arrested for parking his team in a restricted area, complained 'there isn't any place in this town where you can hitch a horse What can a man do?" Asked what would happen if tw< horses came to town at once seeking anchorage at the single post, Katelman replied: "That is a horse of a different color.' (Continued on Page Six) Box Supper Battlefield There will be a box .super at Battle field, two and half miles west o Spring Hill, Friday night. Octobc 13th. The proceeds will BO to hel pay for a piano for church purpos es. The public is invited. The State Championship meat Judging team composed of Weldon Smith, Eilly Reynga, and Garland Manning from Laneburg( contrail F. F. A' Chapter left Little Rock Wednesday "ctober 11 for the American Royal ivcsiock show where they will re- resent Arkansas in the National F. F. .. meat Judging contest. The team was awarded this trip y the Arkansas Association of Fu- irt- Fanners of America for winning irst place in the University of Ark- nsas invitatinal high school mee icld at (lie University of Arkansas ast spring. At the American Royal Livestock how these boy.s will compete with 7 teams which have won the same ionr>r in their respective states for he National meat Judging Championship. This Icum is fiunposcd of boys of out standing records in the F. F. A. work n Arkansas. Some of the honors which .hey have achieved are as follows: IVu uf them Billy Reyenga and Weidor. Smith now hold the highest de- tjrce which the Arkansas Association 1 Future- Farmers of America can be.-'tow'i This ,snme team won first place in general livestock Judging in the district F. F. A. Judging meet held • it Magnolia, Arkansas in April 1939 t.ach of the three boys has hck at ica.st one office in the local F. F. A Chapter. Weldon Smith is president of the Chapter at the present time Billy Reyenga is now inrolled in the University of Arkansas, College o Agriculture. Reyenga was given ; $100 scholarship for outstanding achievement throughout his high schoo counter. MIND YOUR MANNERS V. M. Ala. U. •. PAT. OF?, Test your knowledge or correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below: 1. Is it good uscage to say, "The party who telephoned . . ?" 2. When in a large group, Is it e°°d manners to exclaim loud ly over a woman's new dress? 3. In complimenting a woman's new dress is it tactful to say, "It makes you look so slender"? 4. Is it all right to include "Black tie for men" on an invitation to a public dinner? 5. In a simple household, how should a maid address the woman of the house? What would you do if— Your husband or wife seems to you to neglect the small courtesis once observed. Would you— (a) Treat him—or her—the same way? (b) Try even harder than ever to remember the small courtesies? Answers 1. No. "The Person . . . '" 2. No. 3. No. For you imply that she doesn't usually look slender. 4. Yes. 5. Mrs. Jones. Best "What Would You Do" solution—lb). England Rejects Peace LONDON, Eng.-</P)—Prime .Minster Chamberlain told Adolf Hitler Thursday he could have peace if lie wanted it but it "must be a rekl and settled peace," not tha^outlined by ' :he GerVWan fuehrer in the Reichstag .ast Friday. Replying to Hitler's peace overtures Chamberlain scorned "an uneasy truce interrupted by constant alarms and repeated threats." He said the proposals of Hitler's speech were "vague and uncertain, and contained no suggestion for righting the wrongs done to Czechoslovakia and Poland." "The German government arid the German government alone," Chamberlain declared, stands in the way of a "peace we are determined to secure." Chamberlain sai dthat lacking "convincing proof by definite acts :and guarantees of Hitler's will for peace, Britain and France must persevere in our |duty to the end." Germans Beaten OH PARIS, France— (IP)— German patrols battered French outposts from the Moselle to the Rhine Thursday, continuing a series of thrusts reported to have cost the Nazis "hundreds" of casualties in the last three days without gaining "an inch of ground." French advices which told of "very hot" action in one unidentified sector during the night, said the latest assaults had been repulsed despite iicavy preparation by Gertoan artillery. • German Steamer Taken LONDON, Eiig.—{/P)_The British avy was reported Thursday to have aptured the 13,615-ton German steam- r Cap Nol-te. The report, issued by tha British 'i-ess association, said the Cap Norte, ship in trade between Germany nd South America, sailed from the razilian port Pernumbuco Septeni- wr 17. Watch 'Originals' of Foster Music PITTSBURGH —(/Pi— Have a care hould somebody offer you a first ciitioii of a Stephen Colines Foster ong or document, suggests Fletcher lodges, Jr., curator of the Foster Hall collection. Forged letters are showing up, says Hodges, and stranger yet, persons ire pilfering copies of Foster songs From the facsimile collection furnished many schools and libraries. The.=e have often been sold as genuine, although! the paper is plainly watermarked "Foster Hall Reproduction." 'Old Dog Tray'' is in circulation illegitimately, not to mention Nellie Was a Lady," 'Oh, Susanna." "Old Folks at Home' 'and Foster's famous 'Social Orchestra." China's oldest publication is the Peking News, which began pubJicot- ion 950 years before the invention of printing from moveable type. The paper is more than 14000 year old.

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