Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 17, 1936 · Page 76
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 76

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 17, 1936
Page 76
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TWENTY-FOUR MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, DECEMBER 17 1936 HOG PRICES HIGHEST IN 2 MONTHS CHICAGO MARKET UP 10-15 CENTS Top Rises to $10.30 With Receipts 5,000 Head Below Estimate. CHICAGO, (#>)—Hog prices advanced to 10 to 15 cents and more Thursday to the highest point :n two months. Top rose to $10.30 a hundredweight. The general contraction in receipts prevailed again and ii>is stimulated all interests to active buying. The run fell 5,000 head short of expectations. Wednesday's supply was 6,000 below the estimate. Packing sources were understood to be accumulating inventory and with fresh pork loin wholesale prices around the Jov.'est level of the year the movement. of pork into consumption was sat- j isfactory. Cattle prices continued higher as a result of light receipts. Thursday's gains put the market back to a level comparable with a week ago and 50 cents to SI above Monday's low time. This strength was apparent despite the sluggish dressed trsde, resulting largely, livestock :nen said, from increased competition with poultry. Beef carcass wholesale prices dropped J i cent a pound Thursday, reflecting the slow movement of beef. The range was 8 1 -* to 18 cents. Thursday's early cattle top was $12.50, paid for yearlings and medium weight steers. Fat lamb prices showed little change early, although com-nission men were asking higher, quotations running S9 and above on choice handyweights. Hog Markets MIDWEST HOGS Hog prices at midwest markets Thursday: WATERLOO—Hoes 10 cents higher. Good to choice 140-150 Ibs. ?fi.95«j'7.25: 150-160 IDS. S7.554i7.85: 160-170 Ibs. $8.20 <6;8.50; 170-180 Ibs. S8.954z.9.r>: 180-200 Ibs. ?9.35<!i9.65: 200-325 Ibs. S9.55fc9.85: 325350 Ibs. S9.35«9.65: packing sows 275350 Ibs. $<UOfi9.40; 350-425 Ibs. $8.90fr 9.20: 425-500 Ibs. *8.70r a 9; 500-550 Ibs, 58.50C8.80. CEDAR RAPIDS—Good hogs 140-150 Ibs. $7.25«i7.55; 150-160 Ibs. 57.7568.05: 160-170 Ibs. $8.25«8.55: 170-180 Ibs. $8.95 ffi9.25; 180-200 Ibs. J9.3009.60; 200-325 Ibs. $9.5089.80; 325-350 Ibs. $9.35^9.65; good packers 275-350 Ibs, $9.05(39.35; 350435 Ibs. $8.85<(|9.15; 425-500 Ibs. $8.65® 8.95; 500-550 Ibs. ?8.45l^8.75. OTTUMWA—Hogs 10 to l!i cents higher. 140-150' Ibs. 17.25(87.55: 150-160 Ibs. $7.75<a-8.05; 100-170 Ibs. I8.254f8.55; 170180 Ibs. S969.30; 180-200 Ibs. $9.30ti9.60; L'00-325 Ibs. S9.50C9.80; 325-350 Ibs. $9.35 ftS.65: 350-400 Ibs. .19.1505:9.45; packers 275-350 Ibs. $9519.30: 350-425 Ibs. ?8.85« 9.J5: 425-550 Ibs. $a.6. c /lS'a.95. AUSTI.V—HOES Me liicher; sood to choice 160 In 200 His. $9.15«i9 45- 200 to 29(1 Ibs. S9.5DCi9.80: 2!IO to 325 Ibs. $9 40 iirS.70: 3;5 to 350 lb.«. S9.30<89.60: psek- 'nc sows, sood, 2'5 to 550 Ibs. $8.55$' 9.35. Local Livestock $4.7S&.7; better grades scarce; low cutter to cutter cows $3.25&3.75; few uo to $4; beef cows mostly under $5; strictly cood around S3.75; practical top bologna bulls $5.35; plain kinds down to $4.50; slockers scarce, mostly steady; plain feeder steers around S>j or less; calves 1.800; steady; jiood S8f«9: choice J9.. r )0; in between S6<fi7; cull to common weigh;y calves SX5UIU4.5U. HOGS 10,500: active, unevenly 10<fi25c higher than Wednesday; early top $9.90; several loads held higher; better 180 to 300 Ibs. 59.S5il9.90; ISO to 180 Ibs. $9.40 1i9.80; 14 Oto 160 Ibs. S8.75P9.50: 120 to 140 Ibs. killers $8.25fa9; 100 to 120 fbs. ST.50(68,40; pood sows largely S9.30(?r9,75; heavies down lo S9.25; average cost Wednesday S9.61; weight 218 Ibs. SHEEF 3,000: run largely natives pnd small lots fed lambs; no carry sales "laughter lambs; buyers talking lower; sellers holding for fully steady prices: few sales slaughter ewes S3(ti4; bulk fat lambs Wednesday 58.50; some good to choice grades S8.25. MASON CITY— for Thursday, HOGS Steadv. Good light lights ... 140-150 Good light lights .. 1MJ-160 Good lights ......... 160-170 Good lights ........ 170-180 Good Jight butchers 130-200 Good light butchers 200-220 Good me. w:, butch. 220-250 Good me. wt. butch, 250-270 Good me. wt. butch. 270-290 Good heavy butchers 290-325 Good heavy butchers 325-350 Good heavy butchers 350-400 Good packing sows . 275-350 Good heavy sows 350-425 Good big heavy sows 4.25-500 Good big heavy sows 500-550 'The above is a 10:30 truck hog market for good and choice hogs. The difierence in price Is for short and long haui hogs.i CATTLE. Steers, choice to prime .... Steers, good to choice ..... Steers, medium to good .... Steen. fair to medium ____ Low grade steers ......... Heifers, good to rhoice .... Grass heifers, med. to ?ood Grass heifers, com. to med. Cows, good to choice ....... Cows, fair to good ......... Cutlers . . ................... S ^."»S- 6-85 S 7.0.1- 7,:tfl S 7."t>- 8.00 S P-. 40- 8.70 S 9.:S- 9.45 $ 9.40- 9.70 S 9.40- 9.70 S 9.40- 9.70 S 9,40- 9-70 S 9.40- 9.70 $ S.25- 9.55 S 9.03- y,35 S 8.95- 9.25 S 8.75- S.05 S 3.;»5- 8,85 S 8 35- 8.65 $9.00-10.25 S 7.00- 9.00 S i>.00- 7.00 5 j.OO- 6,00 S 3.50- 4.25 S 8.50-10.00 5 4.00- 5.00 5 3.00- 4.00 S 3.50- 4..5Q S 3.25- 3.75 S 3.00- 3.25 $ 2.50- -i,75 $4.25-4.73 53,50-4.25 S 6.50- S.OO $ 4.50- 5.50 S 4.25 down Bulls, heavy ................ Bulls, li^hl ................. Calves, gd. to choice 130-190 Calves, med. to good 130-190 Calves, infer, to gd. 130-190 I. A MBS I-^mbs. gd. to choice 70-90 S ",oo- 7,75 Lambs, med. to good 70-90 S 6.00- 7.00 Lambs, fair to med. 70-90 5 3.75- 5.75 Lambs, common ..... S 3.75 down Yearlings, Rd. to ch. 70-90 S 5,00- 6.00 Yearlings, medium to goor, $ 4,00- S.OO Yearlings, fair to medium S 3.00* 4.00 Yearlings. CUlis ..... . . $ 2.00- 2.50 Native ewes, good to choice $ 2.00- 3,00 CuUs, CWM .......... . ...... I 1.00- 150 Rucks ................ ...... $ 1.00- 2.00 TV ethers, 2 year oids ........ $ 5.00- 6.00 Wethers, old ..... ____ S 3.00- 5.00 Bunk Umbs $1 lows. No Hock on lambs. Quotations subject to market fluctuations, CHICAGO LIVESTOCK (Thursday Market.) CHICAGO, iff; —U. S. department of agriculture— HOBS 25.000; including 7.000 direct: generally 10i&'15c higher than Wednesday's average; spots up mote: top $10,30; bulk good and choice 1.90 to 300 Ibs. Jiowio.25: comparable 150 to ISO Ibs. $9.50*10; bulk good sows jg.oO'fi'g.-.'i. CATTLE 5.000; calves 1.500; due to light receipts fed steers and yearlings again strong" to unevenly higher; shipper dr. mand less active, however, curtailed by sluggish dressed trade: all grades steers and yearlings practically as high as last week, mainly SO'ffSl higher than Monday's low time; weighty steers up most: Thursday's ion J12.50, for yearlings and medium' weights; several loads 511.50ft 12.25: middle grides SSifi 10.30: lower grades $6tfi8: corr non and medium light rattle not as active as comparable kinds scaling over 1,000 Ibs.: stockers slow. «tcady: all shn 'tock steady to strong: hulls'steady at J5.R5 down and vealers y£<??9.50. with shipper kinds 510'a 11, mostly $10.50. SHEEP 8.000; including 500 direct; fat lambs opening very- slow: few sales and indications about steady: sellers asking higher; good to eho c? native and fed western lambs blc. SS 50611.75 freely: asking S8.85S9 and better or choice nanrly- wefghts; sheep steady: r^tive ewes 53.50 ^4.50; indications steady on feeding lambs. siorx CITY LIVESTOCK (Thursday Market* SIOUX CITY. I..-PI—U. S. department of agriculture— CATTLE 2.000; calves 200; most slaughter steers and yearlings strong; short fed heifers dull; cows strong: Mockers and feeders steady to s'-rong: car prime 1100 Ib. beeves S12; loiid around 1200 Ib. weights $11.50: few other load lots held above SI 1,25: fairly liberal quota short feds SS.50 down: short fed heifers load 'ots Up lo $8; bulk beef co'.vs $4'5 5.25; few 55.7^*7 fi.25: cutter gi ades mainly 53.2."j(?i 3.75. few common ,ind medium loads light : ;tock sttrers S6 down; current Mocker and fe p d cattle quotations: Steers 550 to Rod Ibs. good and choice 56fi 8; common and medium $3.75fr6: 800 to 1050 Ibs. good and choice $6^18; common and medium S4((( 6; heifers good and choice S5.25ft 6.50; common ' and medium S4(fi> 5.25; cows good S3.75tfi4.25: common and medium 3.25 /; i 3.75; calves 'slcerl good and choice S6<&3.25; medium $4.25(^6. HOGS 8.000; strong to lOc higher to shippers; top S9,flO: better 190 to 280 Ib. butchers SP.BSii 9.30; IfiO to 190 Ib. lights S9.25frP.65; 140 10 160 Ib. licht lights SS.oO'tt 9.25; slaughter and feeder pigs S7<i78.50; sows 9.60; stags S9.25 down. SHEEP ,'(.500: no early fat lamb bids: buyers talking 1 lower; best natives and fed lambs held to SB,50 or above; odd lots.-slaughter ewes steady at S.1.75 down: feeders scare"; late Wednesday lambs mostly steady bulk better grades 58.25 ft 8.50; top SR.BO. OMAHA LIVESTOCK. OMAHA, or —U. S. department of agriculture— HOCS 85500' strong 1o lOc higher: lop $9.855; 210 to 280 Ibs. S9.65ffi9.80: 170 to 210 Ibs. 59.25"! 9.75: 140 to ISO Ibs, Sfl.50 '1925- 120 to 130 IPS. S7.50W8.35; sows S9.50. CATTLE 3.000: calves 500: steady; $9(31 11.75 for steers: heifers 57,'50/f79: cows SJ.25iB5.50: cutters S3,25lf<4; bulls $4.r>0«r 5.25: top vealers 59.50. SHEEP 4.500: lambs 25c lower; $8« 8.25; best held higher. LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO. I'-r— Oficial estimated ceiprs for Friday: Cattle 2,000; hogs 000; sheep 7.000. re- 18.- Represertvafive Sales (Thursday Markrl) CHICAGO. i.T)— U. S. department agriculture — Representative sale?: HOGS. 'LiRht 10.25 87 SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK (Thursday Murkfl.l SOUTH ST. PAUL. (.T— U. S. department of agriculture— TATTI.K 2.4OO; fairly active: slaujjhliT •.fprs moslly 25r hich.T thar week's low t>mr: ?he stock also recoverinc from re- rijnl dffclin-: hulls Strom;; plain kiiic- . 5t»»Ts mostly M.50WB.50: medium shorl I Heavy— 26 310 45 288 59 270 66 251 Mediums— 77 237 42 233 74 22(1 68 20.1 193 180 175 164 10.10 10.05 10.00 9.85 Steers — 19 18 20 If 17 20 IS 17 :n 22 24 1219 1153 1061 1530 1336 1061 1530 1336 10." 107(1 915 Native Lambs 38 120 140 111 120 15 11 Fed 38 220 210 200 200 210 an 87 83 ai 95 98 120 Westerns 87 89 93 96 99 90 10.25 62 10,30 115 : Light Lights— 10.30 98 155 9.75 10.3030 142 9.50 lil.20, 10.15 CATTLE. Heifers— 12.50 20 920 11.65 12.25 17 835 10.00 11.7.) 20 780 8.50 10 Qfl: 14 730 7 75 lo.rtf 15 715 7.00 11.75:Cows— in.90 3 1215 (i.5f> 1(1.35 fi 11BO 5.15 lO.nn 4 1065 4.75 8.755 925 4.15 8.25; 6 R90 .1.50 SHEEP. jSIaughter Yearl'gs— 9.00: 125 90 7.75 fl.90'Slaughter Ewes— 8.90:300 1)0 4.65 3.75175 130 4.00 3.75J125 120 3,25 8.25;Feeding Lamb; 7.50'270 250 9.00 8,90 8 90 8.75 8.60 3.25' 77 3.00 7.60 MINNEAPOLIS FLOfR. (Thursday Mjrkrll MINNEAPOLIS. (,TI—Flour: Carload lots a harrel in 98 Ih. rotton sacks: Fam- ilv patent? unmanned. J7.40'^7.fiO; standard patent^ Knchancrri, J7.301S 7.4-S- Shipmrnts 17,573. MILLIONS Of DOLLARS IOOO 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 JjjfH 200 100 MONTHLY VOLUME OF FINANCING IN UNITED STATES Hew AND RCFUNOING ISSUES-CORPORATE AND MUNICIPAL.STATE, CITIES. ETC. »OU*CC' COUMCftCW. AND Fyt*NC:AL CHAONKLE 500 400 300 200 100 1935- RYE PRICES HIT SEVEN YEAR TOP Rise Helps Put Backbone in Values of Wheat, Other Grains. CHICAGO, (/P)—All deliveries of rye reached new 7 year peak prices late Thursday, and helped to put considerable backbone into values of wheat and other grains. December rye at Winnipeg jumped 5 cents a bushel, the limit, for any 24 hour period, and Winnipeg wheat quotations recorded fresh tops for the season. Decided enlargement of commercial demand for rye was reported, and this coupled with limited stocks and thp end of lake navigation served as a stimulus for spec- uh'ilive buying. Rye ::; Chicago closed IVi to 3 cents above Wednesday's finish, Dec. Sl.15',2, May $1.11%, wheat "<8 off to l'/ 8 up, Dec, Sl.35'4 to $1.35%, May $1.30% to $1.30%, corn % to % advanced, Dec. Sl.08% to $1.08%, May new ?1.04% to $1.04%, oats unchanged to % off and provisions unchanged to 15 cents down. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN. (Thursday Market) CHICAGO, (/P>—Cash wheat: No sales. Corn: No. 4 mixed 51.01: No. 5 .-nixed 99'.icTl$1.04: No. 3 yellow fl.OB"}; No. 4 yellow Sl.OZ'Affil.Ofi; No. S yellow 99'bcfiS1.02; No. 3 white $1.10el.lO'.;; No. 4 white 51.073isl.09: No. 5 white $1.06: sample grade 94!-.,<y 99c. pan: No. I white 53'.iiB54'.ic; No. 2 white SS^ic: sample prade so^c. No rye. Soybeans: No. 2 yellow J1.5S«?1.55%: No. 3 yellow Sl.53'3. Barley feed fi8ft90c nominal; maHinj: $1 ft 1.37 nominal. Timothy seed S5.8Siei6.10 cwt; new $5,60 65.85 cwt. Clover seed $24®3i rwt. Lard tierces $1.1.33; ioose $12.55; bellies 518.50. Mason City Groin MASON CITY—For Thursday. No. 3 new yellow shelled corn 98c No. 4 new yellov/ shelled corn 96c New ear corn 96c White oats, No. 3 46c Barley 60-90c Soybeans, No. 2 yellow $1.30 THURSDAY GRAIN CLOSE. CHICAGO. Wi— WHEAT— High Low Dec 1.35% 1.33 Vi May Close 1.S5V. July CORN— Dec May new ... May old July new ... May o'd DATs- Dec May July SOYBEANS— Dec May .Ivily RYE— Dec May July V. BARLEY— DC- Mav LARD— Dec. Jan Mar May July BELLIES— Dec. Jan l.I7!'« 1.09 l.OS'i I.oPi, .98=4 .51 'j .5<l'i .45 V « 1..M 1 1.32 1.16 Top, IM", 1.16% ..13.55 . . 13.52 ..13.85 .. 14.05 ..14.30 1.12 l.OK'4 1.04 13.45 13.47 13.SO 13.95 14.20 1.54 '•', 1.34 '•« 1.52 1.15',, 1.11', 1.06!'., .94 .86Vi 13.45 13.47 13.60 13.9S 14.2(1 16.40 16.BO MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN'. {Thursday Market) MINNEAPOLIS. ID—Wheat B6 cars; l'k-2'/*c higher; No. 1 heavy Hark northern tprlr.K SO Ibs. S!.53ifi?l,60: No. 1 dark northern 59 Ihs. Jl.520:1.62; 5S Ihs. $1.151 W1.61.; fancy No, 1 hard Montana H ncr ren< protein SI.«H"a>l.<6: cradc o{ No. I dark hard or No. 1 hard Montana winlpr Stock List- NEW YORK STOCKS. (Thursday Final Quotations) Al Ch & Dye 2:tO'/i Lib O F Gl Am Can llSVii Am Sm & Ret 94 V* Am Sue Ref 53 18514 95 V4 Am T & T Am Tob B Am Wat Wks Anaconda A T & S F Auburn Auto Aviat Corp Bait & Ohio Barnsdall 52 11", 31 3 i 6V, 22','. 22 Ber.dlx Aviat 27^ 75', 26 L !i 146M Beth Stl Borden Borg-Warner Can D G Ale 23 Vi Canad Pac Case Chi & N W Chi Gt West : C M St P & P C R I & P : Chrysler 12: Coltt G & El Comw Sou 3=', 44'« l-i'i 6-- n . 42 l 'z Con Edison Cor. Oil Con Car. Cont Oil Del Corn Prod 69 Curtiss Wright 6- 1 Dcerc & Co 105 3 D're & Co pfd 30'. DuPont rle N 180 Gen Elec 52' Gen Foods Gen Mot Gillette l.V-i Good'r T ii H 28'i Hudson Mot 19 S » Illinois Cent 24V'» Int Harvest 100 Int Nick Can 53 Int Tel & Tel W, Johns-Manv 146 Kresge 28 s i 40' 68' 74 Vi, Maytag 15 McK At Rob 13','« Mid Cont Pet 29 Monte Ward fi(i Nash Mot Nat Biscuit Nat Cash R Nat Dairy Pr Nat Distill Nat Pow & Lt mi N Y Central 43V'< Northern Pac 27*i Oliver.Farm 56 Packard Mot 10?-i Pa ram Pict Penney Penn R R Phillips Pet Radio Rey Tob B Sears Roeb Shell Union Soc Vacuum Sou Pac Std Brands Std Oil Cal Std Oil Ind Std Oil N J Stewart Warn Studcbaker Swift & Co Texas Corp Tex Gulf Sill Timk Roll B 7S'« Un Carbide 1023.x Un Pac 131 Unit Air Corp M'/« United Corp ii',i Unit Drug 14". U S Ind Alco 39V. U S Rubber 47 U S Steel 78'.'. Warner Pict 17H West Un Tel *)'/< West El &• M HT.4 Woolworth 64% Wrigley J,- 73 is 1 ; 30'' 23 Vi 29 21(4 100 'A 40?i 47'. 56'* 96 '/a 26 1 -, 15 Vi •HVi 44% 6G-1. 18'A 25'il 50 40 Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO.. Mason Crty Office in BaRley-Beck Bldg. Telephone No. 7. DOW JONES AVERAGES Inds. Rails Utils. Close 180.78 54.74 35.09 Total Sales 1,950.000 CHICAGO STOCKS Butler Bros 14?» Marsh Fields 20 Cord Corp 4V« Walgreen Co JS^i NEW YORK CURB Am G k Elec 40 3 i Hud B M Jc S 34 "A Am Cyan B 33% Hum Oil Co 75'. Lockheed 101, Niag Hud Po 17% Pennroad Corp 4?k 5 O Ky Co 19'A Un Gas Co 10',» Un Li & ?o Co -'.' Util P & Li Co 1'A Am Su Pow Co 2 Ark Nat Gas A 7 As G & El A 3>A Can Ind Alk 7 7 , Can Marconi 1-H El Bd & Sh 22'A Ford M of Enj S NEW YORK STOCKS Alaska Jun 14'A Hupp Motors Allegheny 4'.a Allied St 17'A Am & Fo Pow 7-H Am Cr Su Co 28 Am C & F Co 58 Vi Am Po & Li ll'A Am Roll Mills 34Y, Am R,& S Co 24", Amer Tob Co 96',3 Armour & Co fi 3 ,s As Dry Gds 23% All Ref 30'A Baldwin Loco 9^, BrlgRS Mftf Co 57 Bendix J7H Budd Mfc Co 13V, Burr^idd 30Vi 7% Byers A M Co 28 Cat Tractor 88 Cer de Pasco 71 Ches & Ohio 65% Chi Gt W pfd I Mi Co Cola Co 125% Com Credit 64V* Com Solvent* IS'/i Cont. Motor 3 Curt-Wr Co A 20 Dist Corp Se 27% Douglas Airc 71 Eastman 175 Eaton Mfg Co 36 El Auto Lite 42Vi El Pow & U 24=,i Erie R R Co 13'A Fire T & Ru Foster-Wheel Freeport Tex Gen Am Tran Glidden Co Cobel Gold Dust Ct North Ore 1S% Graham Paige 27- Gt Nor pfd 42 Houston Oil 12 1 ' 34% 43 Vi 74',i 40", 6'i 13 'i Int Carriers Ind Rayon 37" 1 /, Kelvinator Co 21 Lambert Co 18 s ,i Lchigh Po Ce 39V4 Lorlilara 22% Mack Truck 45V4 Mathieson Al 40'A Minn, Mol Im 10% M K 5c T 7!i Mot Products .17 No Ar,«,r 3(1 Vi No Amci 1 Avl 12'A Otis Steel Co 18% Owen m Gl 158Vi Packard Mot 10% Park Utah Cop 4V, Plymouth 23'/a Proc A Gam P S of N J Pullman Pure OU Co Purity Baker R K'O Rcadfnn Co Hem Rand Rco Motors St Joseph L Simmons Co So Cal Edison 28% Spcrry Corp 22 St G & E 9 Tide W A Oil 20 U S Ind Ale 39 U S Smelter BT/i Util P & L A 4 Vanadium 28 a /« Union Oil Cal 24V* Un G & Imp 14% Warren Bros 10% Western Myld 9% Western Uni flO'A Worth'n Pu 35 V« Yellow Truck 20% Youngs S & T 79% 54% 48% 65 19 43% 22 'A 5V. 4BV, 45 •!, sl..Wo>I.40; hard amber, durum No. 1 J1.50%B1.5S 1 >,: No. 1 rod durum JI.35'.. Corn: 'No. ,1 yellow tl.nn'.ifl'; U hicher. Oals: Nn. 3 while W) l i«5.S.1V.<!. Public Utility ond Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. Schsiike and company, Telephone 1300, Mason City. Bid and asked Thursday: Cent St El 6 pet pfd ($25 p.-.") 3V4 lOVa Cent St El 7 pet pfd ($25 par II 12 Cent St P & L 7 J>« PW •• 15 15/ » Champlln Kef IF. ' >-~ pfd ..90 Creairiery Package com 24 ^.> Hearst Cons A 21" .^ Geo A Hormel A pfd 104 107 Gco A HormcJ com ......... 18 .^ HH-. Tr.tcrstati Power 6 pet p/d .. 1' ISVj Interstate Power 7 pet pfd 13 21 Iowa Electric Co 6'a pet ptd an 52 Iowa Electric Co 7 pet pfd 51 53 In E) Lt & Pow 6 pet pid .. 63 ifl la El Lt & Pow 6',-i pet pfd 69 il la El Lt & Pow 7 pet pfd ..74 /6 la Pow & Lt 6 pet pfd .... 100 102 la Pow & Lt 7 pet pfd 101 103 la Public Serv 6 pet pfd .... 99 101 la Public Serv 6Vi pet pfd .. 100 102 la Public Serv 7 pet pfd .... 101 103 la South Util 6 pet pfd .... 67 69 ia South Util 6V4 pet pfd ..68 70 ta South Util. 7 pet pfd ... 72 74 Minnesota P & L 6 pet pfd -. 91 93 Minnesota P & L 7 pet pfd 99 101 Northern St Power 6 pet pfd 89 91 Northern St Power 7 pet pfd 95 97 N W Bell Tel 6.'/i pet pfd 110 . 112 N W St Portland Ccm com .. 24 2S Ralh Packing 6 pet pfd 100 102 Rath Packing 7 pet pfd 101 in:i Hath' Packing com 33' a 3« ' Sioux City G k 7,\ ~ Pel P.M 9(1 SR United Lt & Rys 6 pet pfd R4 SB United Lt «c Rys 6.36 pet pfd B5 87 United Lt & Rys 7 pet pfd .. 92 94 Westein Grocer pfd 9" 95 Western Grocer com 10 12 Hides ond Furs QDoUU>n> Firnlihad by Well Br»«.. Ine_ .11* Filth Street S»uthw»»t. HORSEHIDES Horsehlties .. *2.75 •GREEN BEEF H1DE1 Up to 25 Ibs. '«c 25 to 45 Ibs. If More than W Ib*. 7c Bull hides *« •Cured hides half cent mor« » pound. (On above prices a cent higher to wholesale dealers in wbolesaK lots.) PURS Ex. Lse. L,ge. Wed. Small Mink $14,00 J12.5n jll.on $9.50 1.75 1.55 Weasel i white and brownl Red J*ox '.heavy' Raccoon (heavy ordinary I Civet Cat Skunk (averaei- prime) Slightly higher and larfie lots. 7.50 .40 .SO 5.50 6.30 .35 5.50 .30 1.20 .20 4.00 4.50 1.7.1 1.50 prices for l.« 1.10 wholesale WOOL MARKET. BOSTON, (.Pi—U. S. department of as- rieultur'e— A volume of business, considering the limited available supply, was tr.ans- acted on domestic wools in the Boston market Thursday. Prices were very firm on fine ui'«des nnd fi'-i^ to stronger on medium wools, Comb)::.? '« and ''« blood Ohio fleeces realized 5't cents a pound in the crease. Produce MASON CITY—F.or Thursday. Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Eggs, current receipts 20c Heavy hens, 4'/z Ibs. and over lUc Under 4% Ibs 7c Springs, 5 Ibs. and over lOc Springs,, under 5 Ibs H p Leghorn springs 6c Cocks 6c All No. 2 poultry 4 cents less Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade 21-23c* Eggs! cash 20-22c* Butter, Iowa State Brand 39c But.ter, Corn Country 38c Butter, Kenyon's 38c Butter ,Very Best 39c Butter, Brookfield 38c Potatoes, peck •EDITOR'S NOTE—These rep : resentative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. STEELS STAGE BELATED RALLY Brisk Buying Move Helps to Encourage Recovery m Stock Market. NEW YOE:K, (/P)—A belated but brisk rally in steels helped to encourage recovery forces in Thursday's stock market. Specialties were in favor earlier while many of the leaders were burdened with light selling. Carrier Equipments and several utilities were prominent on the upside. Gainers up to a point or more I CH1CAGO PRODUCE near the final hour included U. S. (Thursday Market) Steel, Bethlehem, Republic, Lud- j CH ICAGO. i^)—Butter a.aoe. lum, Vanadium, A. M. Byers, creamery specials 193 score)__ 33^» Standard Gas, Electric Power and Light, Westinghouse Airbrake, American Locomotive, Worthington Pump, U. S. Rubber, Transue and Williams, Blaw-Knox, Park Tilford and Distillers Corporation- Seagram. In a restricted area were Montgomery Ward, Sears Roebuck. American Telephone, Western Union, Consolidated Edison, North American, American Water Works, Standard Oil of N. J., General Electric, Santa Fe, Pennsylvania and Southern Pacific. Prominent in the losing column were Westinghouse, Canada Dry, Newport Industries, Douglas Aircraft, General Motors, Oliver Farm, GimbeL Woolworth. Dome. American Smelting and St. Louis Lead. Except for intermittent flurries, the trading pace was comparatively slow. Transfers were around 1,900,000 shares. 39 and 50c Curb Market NEW YORK, i^)—Prices tended downward in. the curb market Thursday, with .some recent leaders off fractionally to around two points. Among those 10 sag were Pepperctl, Youngstown StceJ Door, United Gas. Northern States Power "A." Standard Products, American Cyanamid "B," and American Gas and Electric, Resisting ihe trend with small cain? were Babcock & Wilcox. Detroit Gasket and Columbia Oil & Gasoline. Montgomery Ward "A 1 * rose more than 2 on small voiumc. Bond Market NEW YORK, VCi—A. few wide swmes in industrial convertibles, a continued in U. S, governments .and advancing trends in some foreign loans were the main incidents in Thursday's bond market. The general corporate list presented a somewhat mixed appearance, with the rpncc of action extremely narrow up to midday. Several low yield corporate honos showed modest cains as dealers expressed satisfaction over the favorable Investment reception accorded the week's new offerings, many of which offered yields in the 3-3V4 per cent ranges. Fractionally higher prices were paid for Bethlehem Steel 4'As. Columbia Gas and Electric 5s, Great Northern 4s, Pacific Gas and Electric 3%-s and U. S. Rubber 5s. Medium and low priced rails moved unevenly, with minor improvement in Baltimore and Ohio 4Vis, St. Paul 5s. Chicaco and North Western 4'/«s and Southern Railway 4s. New Haven 8s, 1940, improved about a point. Bonds of Alleghany corporation, American and Foreign Power, Erie. \ Illinois Central, Missouri Pacific and Southern Pacific were among the losers. Allls Chalmers Convertible 4s dropped about 5 shortly after the opening. The covcrnmpnls were unchanged lo R-."2nds or a po'.nt down. Obligations nt Buenos Airr?. Columbia ,anH Uruguay rx- tnndcd recent gains. French and Poiish issuer also improved. dards '90 centralized carlots) 33Vic. Eggs 4,467, steady: extra firsts cars and local 28Vic; fresh craded firsts cars and local 28V4e; fresh craded firsts cars and local 28c: current receipts 27'-ic: refrigerator extras 27c; refrigerator standards 26^-lc. Poultry: Live 2 cars, 54 trucks, steady;, hens 4Vi Ibs. up 15'ic; less than 4!i Ibs. 12Vic: Lephorn hens lOVic: sprlnss 4 Ibs. up colored 14c; Plymouth Bock HVbc; White Rock 15c; less than 4 Ibs. colored 13c; Plymouth RocX He: White Rock 14'ic; colored broilers 15c: Plymouth and White Rock 16c; Leghorn chickens lie; roosters J2c; Leghorn roosters lie: turkeys, hens 17c: young toms 15c: old 13c- No. 2 turkeys We; ducks, white and colored 4i*i Ibs. up 14'Ac: small white and colored 12c: geese, northern 13c: southern lie: capons 7 Ibs. up 18c: less than 7 Ibs. 17c. Dressed turkeys steady: hens, young 20Vjc: old l»c: toms. young 18 Ibs. up and 'ess than 18 Ibs. 20'/ic: old 18c: No. 2 turkeys 15c; southwestern turkeys, young toms and hens 19(319Vie. NEW YORK PRODUCE (Thursday Market) NEW YORK. i,9't—Butter 6,934. firmer: creamery higher than extra 34 :1 ,iiS.34'ic: extra (92 score) 34'ic: firsts (88-91 scores) 32»i®34V4c; other prices i chanced. Cheese 115,766, steady to firm and unchanged. Eggs 9,700. about steady; mixed colors, standards 32«f<33c; firsts 30ViiS31'4c: average checks 27c; refrigerators, special packs 29(329Vic: standards 2815-28'/ic: checks 23'Ac; other mixed colors unchanged. Live poultry weak; by freight, fowls, colored 14©17c; Leghorn 10H12c: ducks IST/ISc: other freight prices unchanged. PRODUCE FUTURES. (Thursday Market) CHICAGO, yri—Butter futures Hosed: Storage standards. December 32 T .ic: January 32'/»c: February 32','iic. Egg futures: Refrigerator standards. December 26 3 .ic; January 26c; fresh graded firsts, February 25c. Potato futures: Idaho Russets. January $2.68. Miscellaneous CHICAGO POTATOES. (Thursday Market) CHICAGO. W)—U. S. department of agriculture— Potatoes 74: on track 220: total u. S. shipments ^88; best Russets firm; demand /air. other stock steady, demand slow, supplies licht: sacked per cwt. Idaho missel Burbanks U. S, No. 1. $2.50 <Ti27S: U. S. No. 2. S5: Colorado Red McClures U. S. No. 1. $2.53: Wisconsin Round White: No. 2. 87 Vic. U. S. No. 1. $l.9n*i2: U. Card of Thankt We wish to thank the many friends and neighbors for their kindnesses and expressions of sympathy extended us in the loss of our husband and father. Mrs. Wm. Hanks, Stanley B. Hanks and Family. LOW COST LOANS You'll like Humphrey 1 ! friendly service and liberal policy. N. Fed.—Ph. 578 *. 5 *' PERSONAL LOANS CHOOSE ANY OF FOLLOWING PLANS 1. Furniture Loans, 2. Auto Loai.-i 3. Diamond Loans. 4. Endorser Loans. CALL AT OFFICE OR PHONE 727 Home Loan & Finance Company 204 I.O.F. (Formerly M.B.A.) Bldg. MONEY FOR CHRISTMAS NEEDS $25 TO $300 LOANS No payments until January 1937. North Iowa's Oldest Loan Coiv.D?n/. SECURITY LOAN COMPANY 321 First National Bank Phone 412 Bldg. MONEY We wish to thank all our friends and neighbors for their kind as-! sistance and beautiful floral offerings during our recent bereavement. Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Buckland. Funeral Directors McAULEY Funeral Home—Complete service day and night 8 S. Adams. Phone 651. MEYER Funeral Home—Dependable service. 126 Third St N. E. Phone 1505. PATTERSON Funeral Home—A service for those who care. Am- buiance. 322 N. Wash. Phone 1140. RANDALL Funeral Home.Ambu- lacce service. 104 3rd St N. E. Ph. 511. C. E. Snipps. H. B. Major. Cemeteries A3 FOR SALE — Very reasonably, choice lot in Memorial Park cemetery. Terms. Write N-17. Globe-Gazette. MEMORIAL PARK—"The Cemetery Beautiful." Perpetual maintenance. I. ,O. F. Bldg. 172, 1827.J. Florists LET Kembles plan your Christmas table decorations. Ph. 55 or 416. Personals 5 THE C O L F A X SANITARIUM. Colfax, It., specializes in rheumatism, neuritis, arthritis, varicose veins and convalescent Mineral water and baths. Fre"e booklet SPECIAL REDUCED INTEREST Rates and Terms on Loans' Amt. You Tot. Yrly. Tot. Amt. Amt. Pd. Want S 3(1.00 75.00 Charge f 5.50 100.00 200.00 300.00 11.00 22.00 33.00 of Note t 55.5,1 S3.25 111.00 222.00 3.13.00 Weekly , H.oo 1.50 2.00 4.110 6.00 Come In — Phone In Compare and see us about our many plans. INDUSTRIAL CREDIT CORP. Over Pcnney's Phone 1521 H. W. KOENEKE. Manager, SEE the apron lady at 202 S. Fed. with the Four for Ten Photo Shop. Special apron sale, 79c. Lost and Found LOST—Blk. and wht. springer Spaniel pup. Ph. 473, reward. Money to Loan CHRKTMAsflS JUST AROUND THE CORNER $$$$$ $JSSSS* {$$$$$$$$ SSSS$$SSJS5 $S$$$S$$$$$S$ - sss $$$$$$« FOR CASH LOANS $25 TO $300 SEE United Financial Service K 1st N. W., Mason Ciiy GOVERNMENT UONDS- I (Thursday QuoUMsm) NEW YORK. W)—U. S. bonds closed: Treasury 4'.' 4 s 47-52 121.14. Treasury 4s 44-54 115.28. Treasury 3%s 40-4.1 June 107.27. Treasury 3'4s 43-47 J10.24. Treasury 3s 51-55 106.2. CHICAGO STOCKS Thursday Final QuotF.tioitf. Cities Service LOANS 4'i 101. Ifi Heilmann Br Kalz Drue Kellogg Swit Wbby McNeil Midwest Corp 12V. NatL Leather Pi Natl Standard S3V< 10 N W Bancorp 13'-: Quaker Oats 121 Ralh Packine .W; Swift and Co 25 Swift int: « Util snd inr! ]'• Zenith -M',. UP TO $300.00 Furniture, Autos, Livestock, Machinery, Diamonds and other Persona] Property. Anywhere in North Iowa. Interest charged only on the un| paid balance for the actual time used. FREE INFORMATION C. L. Pine Loan Co. Diagonally Opp. 1st Nat'l Bank. 204 Weir Bldg., Mason City, Iowa A Visit to Santa Claus Land mre By Brandon \Valsh_ _ OAUS WAS A PlCTTjeC Of £V£B/ 6IKL W THE W'GKID - BEFORE A OOii W/LL GOTO LIVE WITH A LITTLE G/*?/., SHE LOOKS AT HER PICTURE - UNLESS THE ilTTiE GIRL LOOKS NSAT, Kt/viP TOE V//SE OOiL TO HAVE FOP A QUIET! IT IS ASAIMST THE To FLATTER THE 00/.US- IT MAKES THCW HAVE 'CAUSE POLLS PAVE SENSE, THAT'S APETHEPQaS LOOK-INS So AT 5WU5H! PONT MAKE |I/HQI VV/LL SOOrJ BE DON'T fonser •TO V/RVTE SANTA CLMS W-4AT you WAST Don't Sell Your Produce For Less Money FRIEDMAN at Forest City is Still Paying Springs and Hens over 5 ibi., per Ib 13'Ac Springs ond Hens over 4 Ibs., peflb He Springs and Hens under 4 Ibi., per Ib 9e Leghorn Springs and Leghorn Hens, per Ib.. . 9c Eggs, No. 1, per dozen 28c Eggs, No. 2, per dozen 21 c Highest Market* Prices Paid For All Kinds of Furs and Hides. Your Car Represents MONEY Get the use of this money for Christmas buying; and winter expenses, by bor- rowinr on our convenient low cost AUTO LOAN PLAN. For details call at our office, south of old Post Office, or phone 670. MIDLAND INVESTMENT CO. MARVEL'S LIVESTOCK AUCTION Saturday, Dec. 19, I P. M. Another hi* run of stock in sifht for this sale as follows: 350 HEAD CATTLE—A lot of stock cattle, all breeds and weights, both steers and heifers. Bip run of fat cows, fat heifers and odd lots of butcher stuff. We have regular packer buyers in attendance at our sales who arc ready lo pay the full market on all classes of butcher stock. We have a (rood stronp demand for replacement cattle of all kinds. Consign your stock to our market. All cattle sold by weight. HOGS—Good feeder pips an: in stronf demand. Can sell 400 in this sale. Will have some good vaccinated pigs but can sell a lot more. SHEEP—Have Mime choice bred ewe lambs i'.ligible to rcc- istry consigned. Can sell a lot more bred ewes. Livestock Auction! Tuesday, Dec. 22, 1 P. M. IMPORTANT NOTICE!—We arc makinp a change in our Tuesday sale so that we can accommodate the hitching: of horses. From now on we will sell cattle, hoes and sheep first on Tuesday and the horse sale will follow. We will start our horse sale at 2:30. CATTLE—Will have around 250 cattle, all kinds, included in the run will be a lot oC butcher stock such as fat cows. fat heifers and bulls. Consign your cattle to this sale. The buyers are here on Tuesday. HOGS—Feeder pics in demand, send them in. HOKSISS—Horses vill sell after the cattle ami hogs until further notice. W* had 90 head of horses in our last sale among which was quite a lot of sood youns: horses. The trade was more active and prices some stronger. Will have 75 to 100 head next Tuesday, among 1 which will be some real good market horses. Consign anr horse to our market. Will have plenty of buyers for all kinds. Will not take killers until rnrlhcr notice. Important Notice to Consipn- nr s : w e must get our sales started earlier. Get your stock in to the barn by 10 o'clock if possible, sale day. We must start our sales promptly at one o'clock. No consignment too ' large or too small to receive our personal attention. MARVEL SALES CO. WEBSTER CITY, IOWA

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