Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 15, 1952 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, August 15, 1952
Page 8
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- r JAMM MAWLOW board of df< Min't mu«h (hfjr expect* * " el, the two tor hli i|thtsm»II audltorl rllftfloof' qf th« old (fit building IIPXI to rr f Brtd ridio and TV In and took to find, th* . .l for Just I of thin, But ye«> of room. n*<rtn*n «Ji<( •h**yi dorto on olM- room while wnlllnrt fvie elook to roaeh ....idi on pink vtlvtt' Oddh.Uh.tlooklllk. • wa n»t. ii ... wtjon, Its, I'l one Of Ihe ft int .Truman'* * In the day wmtued the Re. ived oniuntll they Hinted lenses 'looked at tho len fueing him and , ' opening of the Prettl- to moke. _„ ,. ,tM«r* wore plen- for anjwv* who wanted ,. bomonn* the old hod- dlsap* y«8r« past, In Uift«s pant thoy AnoUior In was to this, , President else you wniu . »hat wot thn V- nt. tcr an urto the . N«Bi'oe» hnvo enough votes In A tiumb*r of Hey Northern xuies to nwlng them Republican'or D«m. oorfttlc U . they vote a« n bloc. EiMonhower nnd Stevetisun lave to *etsp that In' mind, ,-»„,, 8p,,lf'h« finds ho chnH'MKth* jteuyi, Bi«ot)liQw0r m»«f'*hav«» to shttt W» uound lo^Jtricl the NoHhern NofefO vbte. A wdtk UKO 10 ,noiH\blican luudur* nulil auction of. Elutnhowur would spvc<4 hn FEIPC with udoquato enforcement pow^rii. , „ SUvonson ,h,l«w«U »«inii;to bi «hUting fround a bit, Before any civil ilghU logl»l«tlon ea'ti be uaaotl, Ihet'O mutt be a change In th« Swiottf rul«» to muku U euttler to braak a Southern filibuster. oo; a by London D«!|Ti*r Edwftrd trvant lor hd fill colltction. Candidates Will Not Be Boresome *y JAMBS MARLOW; , WAjllfmOTON OH ~ Thli your the voters can be grateful to tho two prudential cnndldates for J8V.Ing them from thu boredom «?f previous elections, Kv«ryAn« is looking forward to wlflg'Qtin, Kltenhowor nnd Oov. iovenson when the campaign starts slneo practlrnlly ne-botiy knows much nbotit tho views of either of tham, "This r«v»r*os tho usual conrtl- lion of vot«rjf, who In past years not only knew the views of thq candidates but Imd heard them so Wan anything ihoy «nid during tho campaign wn» repetition, ,,And this y«Mi there's a chunce for surprise, Af th, time of th«t convention* Kisontmwor was' sup- poled to be to lh<t right of Sloven- ion whp was supnomjd to ho to th» right of President Trumnn. But the pr«ctlc»l necessity of trying to win votes may push both HIITI Into sotm> shifts In their position, both .men and their advisors know that in n dost., election thu VMtoH of Southern Whites t.ntl Northern Negroes muy tip' thfa (icwles. Aflur thu nomination of 'Eluon- newer, who IN going to carrifmlgn In the South, It was thought he might l»o able to win some 'of -that usually DernocVatie area -nwuy from the Democrats, On on» of tho surest points In tho'civil right* dispute— tt compulsory P'KPC—• Klsonhower Indicated M opposed it by expressing tho opinion states should handle the problem, This was n welcome viewpoint In tho South, Nevertheless, after Stevenson's nomination, Southern Democratic leaders havtj been lining up behind Him while Negroes, who have ginee talked with Eisenhower havo come MOM »TA»i ,H9M, AUKANSA* A Rerurned Vacationist Is Ont of the f^eril* to Office Life ort Hot Suitimer Days * » ..JS!t»Jt.j »* * . Friday, •y HAL BOYLf NEW YORK t/H ~ One of the perils of American offle* life tb«m» summer, <l«yi I* the returned vh- eallonUl, He lnil*l» that you hear about hi* vacation- but h* close* hhi bl« e»r» Ilk* u our door when you want to i»il him about your vncn- lion, How con you d«ol with him? V<m can't g«t nwoy. He will even trial you Into the men's room to ttrti'U lh» strange thln<» that hap- pthfd to him, You would think no one clue had toJu-n a vacation before In th* history of the human race, the only sure way to holt him h to try to borrow money from him, or «!*« top him by Interrupting. "Oh, by the way, Joe. while you wer» KOne I saw o fly- trie unucflr," Whnt the overage office need* from June until Labor Day l« a ' 1 v«CBUpn hour" each morning. For th« firm 80 minute* of; each workday the office Muff could us- «embto:Qnd listen en manic to the returning pilgrim* lei) the sold and wonderful »fbfy* of what befell them. Anybody who even mentioned the word vacation the rout of the dwy would be automatically fired. T)IM offlea vacationists fall Into pretty standard. type*. Here are o fuw you may rucognlxa: 1, ,The PoKtcard l«"l«nd •— Ho wrltei you a postcard a« he leaven hi* home, and stops off at every other filling station along the wny to mnll more, Two week* ufter he 1«, back ut work you ore sill! net- UMK ponlcurdN about whnt u swell time lie i» having. 2, The Cutomlty Kld~Dce-stut»K and c-pvercd with poison Ivy. hu re- turnn on crrttheea. "Just «toppi-d by oft my wuy to the hospital." he mumbles throiigh 1»la banduuc-H. "The doc iHiya 1 got to upend n month In bed, Will you handle my work while I'm gone?" 3, The Sultry Sttfogrnpher—she looks the color of a hunit-rubbfd walnut boykeam" from ' cluys of bench Kunninii. und there ore vvocl- tllnil bulls In hor eyes. But the new bey trleiul she met at the shore (lulls calling her up utter three cloy*, und fur UH- rest of the summer »hi> smnpti at you if you even siiy "hello." ,4. The Camera Nut— Ht« has to b*« forcibly restrnlned from pull- JJit down the office window blinds «nd trying to show everybody the now movies he made' of Niagara o. The Statistician-Thut boy not only hus the figures ot haw much hu paid for gas and oil ut every stop—ho also wants to U>11 you the air pressure in each tiro the day ho drove up Pike's Peak. «. The Homebody— Aft«r hlf ttoftHn*t»on>ttd ,, tho Southern states hud begun to line u£ behind' him, 8t«v«n«m took ttte position tha{ any changv in th«r Senate rules should bo l«ft up Now, with tho South letting mure solidly behind htm but some Northern N«gro lt!Rdor« ungry, he's be- cttlly abb to appear In court. $ho U charged . witlv two counts of murder In th« «r«eatc xtayinx of her a-y«aMiW. nl*c»! Shirley Pittiw guidon luvt Mojy 1 und for Wit «r«<wlti itottih ot Shtrloy'n K u. iW Poll)' Aim lid, y*&»'!| before. * Ann uUo wus H when sho v The aunt wait ordered to trial for lb« KUitolt At , ShlrUy * ..„ „,.„ a really unusual to I was just. . .when. , , ,_^, Jfl'S NOTE: Enough of this. Boylt U u No. 7 vacationist himself,) euted on tho otfaw ehir«f depend* what hapKeirML ^^ She has ot In- ill ** - - , „ .-^- , -™—-T- nil 'I'^K-v- URUuium I;T-' ••— J * WiWiwr the bad covers while *h* cut her- *tlf, m*«ted ttem au overdo** t* »\MH»wK W** U*t*r ','V«catioi(>s 'Ofe rtiofe (un at homo," In" bettltts. Md> fot the 'next threo iiuurs he: bores you with the details o( how much money hu savcc and what a "grand time ho hue repainting his little groy nest In tin* suburbs. 7« s Th«t Funny Fellow — Every tjilnu comical happens to him. ", : inyimother-jn-lnw to tht Ul Yellowstone Park," he says, "and' guess what—they arrested mo.' How did I know you n('en't ' allowed to feed the iinl- mu>> ( : ,..'.'..,, v . o. TH*i DonH-Let-Em - Qctawny With Anything any—"They try to "' ' ' every step ol >the way'," ,. r -,jp».. »nd neglects to menthe dime Up he pocketed that tourbjt buforo hl|n hj»d left for w«ltress at a hotdog stand in •ftETLff - BROWED^ N ' »ri «rmy o - - - w , — --•——•. • • •« * ^ ***• mittMij V*-' .blsck b«*(l*s msrchlnr on- her don*. If* Ji»t one of th* new fall model hats designed by Edward Hsrvane, of London, Th* flaring, wild feather that topi «*'• ,e«lf»WPp*i«dteva«Hm ' «h« hair."-It sure Reynolds Is ew / y *. T. BA'PELO ISLAND, Co. <J»-R. J. Reynold*, a man who inherited a WbaCeo fortune but kept It from (polling hU llf«, U having .a big tlm* dliplnylng to his attractive -•--*~r— b *'<i* toe'lr home here (n the OoJdcn Isles. M you got the idea from , v , iy Kliii ^•itoifM tyndleate. "If the Republican party gives Clare Luce the nomination for United States senator to finish out the term of Brlen McMahon, I will and milltantly oppose her * of gold sptn«hcd with dla- fnonds. forget it. The* plice is big and it is fine. But Ihtrs Is nothing superficial. 's solid and substantial. Reynolds, whose many pursuits, Include building boats and skipper- ing them, running a shipping line flyjng, photograph, forestry, cattle raising, farming and road building —to mention a tew—took hours away,front his honeymoon yesterday to show on Associated Press newsman and photographer around the island plantation. No newsmen wero present at last week's wedding of the 4e-year-oid Reynolds and the former Mrs. Muriol Creenough, 33—the mu/riage. for each. Actress to Talk It-Over WithAlyKhqri (Editor's note —This Is the second In a two-part series tolling of tho drama behind the scenes In the scheduled meeting today between Aly : Khan and hlsi estranged wife.' Illto lluyworth.) ( ; By ALINE MOSBY HOLLYWOOD (UP> — Tllta llaj- vvorth clues not want to go bad nl to beiiiH a princess because slu y thinks. Prince Aly Khan will bi —— ...,»,.^, **t*,j •WJ/WlfcGU their vows before the Rev. Cordon C. King, Methodist minister from happier as u. free-lancing bachelor. The dashing prince, who is sclv eduled to fly to rnovietown tonight to try to woo back Rita, scored a romantic coup when he wo(i Hollywood's voluptuous "love god- diss In lon moved . Tlie Boss—"Aren't Uvey cute?" ho. s«y«, puljlng out some snapshots ,o( his children wearing strl]>«<i baihing suits. And how can you v ten,hlm they look UHe baby Uttbsr-toothtd tige;>? f Well, thev« Mvey • ure—the office Marco Polos, The qdd/ thing Is how dull their t«lu» urv, t lust 'got t buck.from a vacation (mil 8TOCE KITCHIN SINK SPRINGFIBU), 111., (UP — Charles W. Robittson u suing his forme* wife for $1,000 daAagvs for stealing the kitchen sink. Robinson said Ut his suit that when hla former wife moved out of hi* house'she left every thin* but the klushen sink, And when she ' ' ' •ffh* Mtd, she d»m»ied4. and two doors getting it ... „,, nrin«d his lawn driving » tnick uj» to get it. out never saw much of it. Aly whisked her.off on a tour of the Mudlter- columnist repored Euro' tun to ta^k ot u»U»| his Influence, 0 elected, ta «*t the Senate rules !»4, •en if hV was president, he ' the rules. -do. The But she '« been busy t>«r to 0» Ul, OB h*r body ToxlwlpfUt C $fafore Aly retvjrned with hi* tiophles Hlta flew back to Paris in a surge of loneliness for her children, whom she hadn't seen to off to New York, where she re- - e vealed the marriage had failed, Vera-Ellen, Donald O'Connor) established the slx-we^ks ivltdence necessary for a Nevada never fU»d v»» v* vv* **v« aim ita* itwcf fUW " *** **** her suit, friends say, because pi Merman? negotiations over a trust fund fpf " their child, Yasmtno, and becjuie «««. I 4-k^^>> Wikj&M Wi t»k>. h«»kHWlBi.«. ' - •nAUk • tf *" She w«f<Mf sp«4> S m »f A|y 4 She ^* merely says. "We just couldn't gel We test dttterwt live*." Ing and humiliating defeat." These be the fighting words of Miss Vivien Kellem*, Incomparably the most Republican Republican In Connecticut, who has been ditched twice, nevertheless, by the buck Republican In command of the party machine. In 1950, rather than take this fighting expert on taxation urid* Republican doctrine and leader of a personal rebellion against the Withholding tax waged In the courts at her own great expense, the bosses picked Prescott Bush, a Wall Street commuter who Is a banking partner of the cgetious Averell Harrlman. Bush was licked. This year the Connecticut .Republican" convention was packed for Elsenhower -In much roore flagrant manner than the Taft Republicans' were alleged to om- .•, tutlon house where they repeated convention handed the nom- thelr vows before the Rev. Cordon ina l'° n for the next regular sena- Dorlen, On. The green i or a v - - , , nearby blushing design to bring about the makeup and flatheel shoes. For the families, who"-live on the island sang softly. Contary to popular belief, Reynolds doesn't own all of this South- cust Georgia coastal island. Several Negro families, whose ancestors were slaves here, ' still hold 10-acrc tracts deeded them after the War Between the Statefr by Thomas Spaldlng, then owner of the island, which Is 12 miles long and three miles wide. While the Island can be reached ily by plune or boat, Reynolds has several curs, trucks and jeeps. He drove one of the Jeeps on the tour he conducted over the five miles of asphalted und many more miles of sand roads on the Island. With an enthusiasm bound to sweep you along, he spent the en tire day showing and describing tho diversified Interests of the plantation: a summer boys camp; a large cattle-raising project (1,50€ head of Angus nnd Brahmans); planting, seeding, cutting and shipping pine and qther timber, experiments In surfacing roads, dik- ing the marsh land for farming *nd the historical facets of the island. ..--, Reynolds, who had madb a trip around the island a day earlier, joined her husband in showing the main house and their honeymoon cottage. The latter is a cpmfprtable two-story house built originally for the plantation man ager. Within a few months the couple will start on n world' cruise aboard Aries beirii built In yacht JSnglond. .Reynolds ended active operations in the R-.' J,, Reynolds Tobacco Co. to become a navy officer In World War U. He remains a -director of Delta'Afr Line's. But Hlta Into his boudoir with tho ostrcih feather-covered bed when tho public prints reported he was escorting other beantteS around Europe. One magazine reported Aly was seen In tho company of the exotic dancer, Kathnrlrie Dunham. Miss Dunham insisted they were Just friends. Rita's puls soy this prOvpdUis- conct-rllnii to the actress, since sho has been linked in newspaper print with Rlto.'s husband No. 8, Orson Welles, too. Other gossip columns related Aly's friendships with Heidi- Beer, the ustranged, blonde and beautiful wife of British bandleader Sid ncy Beer, and 'Boston Nnncy Masxeronl. "Rita tired of this Moslem concept of inprrlage, that the wife If a possession Jo be shqwn off whIU the husband Is free to come and go as he pleases," a friend of the red-haired beauty says. Aly Khun Issued numerous Indlg nont communiques. "They can link my name with SOO women," he announced, "but 1 still love my wife. It Isn't over r.u far us I'm concerned. . . . "We have always been the victim, of vicious tongues. . . , People who try to blacken our wonderful relationship." Rita had other troubles In hor iry at playing princess. (Her [ricnds soy the try was hor last.) His royal relatives, they say, rattled their lorgnettes when the heir .o u kingdom of 13(000,000 Mos- ems wed a Brooklyn-born actress. They felt "an undercurrent ot disapproval" in the attitude of Aly's stepmother, the Begum. Aly's son, Rhamlr, wus "rude" to Rita, they Hilu, furthermore, left Hollywood j needed no sound device to. fol. win u sizeable bank account. She low her voice to the stage where eiurm;d n year ago last June sne was testing for' the' screen teavlly In debt. The prince de- version of her broadway hit, "Call **•"»»/ ww^ic-mc rcgu»ai t\cpuuii- ellnes to work and has to ask papu' Me Madam." When I arrived, it can convention and made a speech anoeared thnt tho Bti,rtt« ....... ..1. nt u • tfirbs' school Ethel Merman Can Be Heard in Hollywood By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD (1H— There can be no doubt that M«?rmi»B is ^.— -^»;»«•*« *W«« • •••••».» 4**1^t ill*|U ' l!| back at work in the .movies after a 12-year>absence. Her. voice can be heard all over the 20th Century Fox tot. for his spending money. appeared that the studio was Rita excitedly turn! hed ttelr «>* lood care of Ethel. There were *"»*-w»a *»•* »»rsi. muc sue uun fabulous home In Paris, but she »>*»ut two dozen- well-paid -workers - et f°ot.'in Connecticut in two OH thn mt r»nrfv «n •nni.a ... «--» vears." Mlsa KellvmR <nlri "R,,t on the set, to make a- test ? ears •v», I.VUUJF m znttKO a lest v vw * a > *»«•« «%^«4Ki«a aaiVl. oui ^.— hajrdo. Quite a difference now she K<tts .Ike and Governor rchean. > from* when she WTJS there last for Adams of Nevir Hampshire to. send The movie queen sat out the big "Alexander's Ragtime Band" in game expedition In Nairobi. One 1"8"I didn't coitfe Into the picture ns rere - no e pcure < o society in color-conscious' Af- until it was half over." she re- lnto Connecticut's affairs? She has called. she was (lowing about doing sut •Call Me Madam. torial term to one William Purtell who Is widely unknown. It was a Rita and Aly May Patch Things Up ey AL'NE MOSBY HOLYWOD. Calif. (UP) — A reconciliation between Aly Khan and Rita Hayworth seemed possible today after the debonair prince came to the star's home for dinner and wound up staying all night. Aly literally ran into Rita's Beverly Hills mansion last night immediately after he arrived from New York lugging 75 pounds of toys and gifts for Rita end his daughter. As he left his limousine he told his chauffeur, "I'll only be a minute." Four hours later, at 2 a. m. today, a houseboy came out of the house and told the chauffeur that he could go home—alone. Neither Rita nor Aly would say if their 13-month separation was at an end. But rumors circulated that a reconciliation might be in the offing. The long-awaited huddle between the couple was covered by droves of newsmen, photographers and newsreel cameramen. All the reporters could see was the housekeeper walking past the windows/and later came sounds of the servants taking their baths. But Rita's secretary, Margaret Parker, issued a communique on what she knew of the progress of "peace" meeting. She said Riti greeted Aly in an unglamours pink gingham shirt, occasion. Aly was attlrec, same rumpled gray suit on his plane trip from Ne "I .did notjee their the secretary said "After all, 1 thought thejf bo alone. "They saw the chitdre (Yasmlne, 3. and Rebecca, . child by a fo?me* marriaj "Both the youngsters ( whooping cough._JThey were and sleeping " """*" friendly and him 'Daddy Rita and ' room and d , _ _, the peering ''eye? _. .-._ Then they sipped coffee an<! ted, the secretary said. wee SCARED BEAR ROCKY MOUNTAIN NAtl Park, Colo., (UP) — Officl Rocky Mountain National Pi day looked for an inquisitivj who hauled a discarded d( cf a park garbage can. When the bear squeezed tlj with its paw, it cried . The bear looked at the! backed away and then brok a run. H hasn't been seen LOUIS TO FIGHT WINSTON SALEM, N. C. — A crowd of 12,000 was el ed here tonight to see f(j heavyweight champion Joe fight local boxer Joe McFad a four-round exhibition bout| MnFadden is managed by Arcel. who trained several cessful contenders for crown. rather obvious and certainly un- straight wool skirt, no stockings, no me-the'deluge" school. This group of rich men includes China-boy Luce, Clare's little husband; Marshall Field, who ran a Marxian paper in New York at great expense to the taxpayers through the deduction of his losses from taxable! income; Harrlman; Nelson Rockefeller and John Hay Whitney. Miss Kellfems deserved - the nomination so she announced that she would file as an independent und beat both Purtell and Benton. It was well ' known that Brien McMahon, who still had four years to serve, was In a dying condition. When he died just after the Democratic national convention, the state Republican Tnachine began lo clank again. The nomination is to be. auctioned or sold, according'to custom, a't a special convention 1 in September. Clare Boothe Luce, the great religious leader, whose saintly countenance bespeaks a spiritual purjty that somehow doesn't penetrate'the consciousness of all beholders;! demurely accepted the nomination In 'a telephone call to "Republican leaders" in Hartford. The New York Tiines, a Roosevelt son absolutely uninformed on ec- notnics and taxation. I am fight-, ing for Republican principles and the Republican machine is afraid of me because it is run by a lot I of effete, patronizing penthouse socialists through their staff of contented petty jobholders." Mrs. Luce's collaborator on the life of St. Francis of Assisi is Paul Gallico. Thus an old relationship is resumed in an drastic change of metier. They collaborated many years ago when sho was an editor of vanity fair and he was a budding writer on rugged phasos of city life. 1952 tRIEDER REGISTERED STOCK coKtu vicroicuiH 41 •»! OATS COKIfS fULCUIN OATJ COKIH1 17 17 WHIAT I h It l.lklll $3.75 $3.50 $1 3.75 3.50 6.25 6.00 Now Booking Orders TOM KINSER COKCi PEDIGRl StlC New Deal propaganda organ, which offered General Eisenhower to the Republican party, covered this .telephone call in a special dispatch from. Hartford (Which did not even mention Miss Kellems. ' Luce and his wife, who recently wrote a book on the lives of the suints in collaboration with others, **e nominal or technical, residents of Connecticut. They have a coun- •try place. away from it all j between Rldgefield and Danbliry. Benton lives in New York ahd Phoenix,. Ariz.', but keeps a technical residence in Connecticut for political purposes. He is another Park AveT type. Miss Kellems lives in mystic where Vs'hd runs a factory. Sh<v spends an -.occasional night in New York waging her television crusade to organize the women of the coun-, try* in''a rebellion against inequali- tMs, economic heresies, Marxian principles and unconstltutonal provisions in the federal tax laws. She he.& a'subscrfbed following of about 100,000 women in the country- at la,rgci known as The Liberty Belles. In.Chicago, although Vivien was hot ttyen given a ticket to the Republican 'convention, she whipped up .an',' unprptaptu organizational meeting of the Liberty Belles and . , r ees an Thai's- When,. she's speaking, of dtt!W.W-wpm«a,!BBd men. She is »ur»e. When she's singing, it's tonptiWtly qn the; go, ,making Reported she can be heard*i a WUcan P«t^bes. No Republican .r- .. Jspfeches. N^o Republican iii Connecticut ha.s an individual following-comparable to hers either in the state;or beyond its borders. Mrs. Lues. w^nt to Hartford before -the regular Republi * "- ; •»*«* "That was the first time she had KeUems said. "But telegrams to Governor Lodge asking him to appoint her to the tern*. Who are they to butt never doo« anything for Connecti 1 lu>ow anybody in the state except a few Park Av- m. ar v"I'm certain -happy they saw fit enue and Wall Street commuters, t let m* H.I i« >• «ho. „ ---- ..-j ' let me do it," she remarked . , are months. She bundled them "I think it's going- to be a lot of The cast (George Sanders is (treat, and the director, Walter n«, is my dream boy." WUI this mean more movies for "Couiti be. About seven months was ottered the w» oeen ousy woruim. ' **** w Ior ' u>e sprinc of I8S3 1 Rite'* been leading a quiet'life *4rne4 it down bec»u«e I couldn't « * -~*»«. •«,«»%•••«£ « *|wwv §**» »-^T»'W*» «« ww«« W9V4UWO 4 vvUKin t i*Un« bachelors including Oil- *** ihat far into the future. I don't Roland. Kirk Douglas, Rafio know whet I'll be doimj next." "***" ^"* ** nuKB ™* ""'* Agent Her film producer ^A! SieceL new CUICAOO, lUP) - A 15-ye.r-oW u»v»a A • "- -*!» "•• *F ^^•'fmtr *•*. tor herself ja tat movies. When she was in pictures "T -iT" '»"-'•* in picture ettnj wit • «•»,• i w»s competing with other *," he told me. the *»» e«m » •- She's th* » i att by £r*ftt; there's no retson why £6» cw'ittnd Bfetunt (M a rf-*|* ' , she doesn't core anything about Connecticut and she knows nothing about taxation. If thp Republican machine ttpminnttts her. tb< women of Connecticut will rise up and give her a licking that she will never forget. "I am n<4 selfish about this. The Connecticut people are sick and ' tire4' ft ttajf snooty park Avenue ' attitude. These think ot the . M9|^e ot Qanne^Ueut a« their po- lijical -serfs. They u« the voters to get thejnselves elected so they pjacike Uxelr dilettante Social- are ism on us- They condescend _ corn* among u« only at election 'I tfU you the women game and i will cam- fitly *n4 bacniet or- IP throw these of r^>liiirS Thanks to My Many Friendi Please call upon me if I can ever be of ' service to you. \ Thomas J. (Tom) Silvey Pol. Adv. paid for^by Tom Silvey To My Many Friends Thanks for the wonderful vote you gave me., in Tuesday's election for Alderman Ward3. B. L (Bert) Rettig Pol. Adv. Paid for by B! L. Rettig. THANKS For your'confidence expressed in your vote reelecting me Alderman for Ward 1. I will continue to serve as I have in the past, for the best interest of everyone. • Sincerely, JOE JONES Pol. Adv.- paid for by Joe Jones frld.y, Au««t IS, 1f» Mori stAtt 7 ft. , ARKANSAS SOCIETY Pfi«ft« 74411 ••twtm I A. M. M* 4 f, M. Calendar Monday, August 18 | Circles No. 1 and 2 of the First Christian Church will have a joint Ibuslncss meeting, program, and liocfal hour in the church parlor, •Monday evening, August 18, at 13 o'clock. Mrs. Carl Smith and (Mrs. J. B. Easter will be co- kstessos. Miss Norma Jean Franks Honored with Dinner Party Mr. and Mrs. Basil York hon- l.orcd Miss Norma Jean Franks, [bride-elect of Bob Shaddox, with I a dinner party at their home on [Thursday night. August 14. ] The honoree was presented a corsage of white gardenias and a gift. The dining table was centered with an arrangement of white stock and white pom pom chrysanthemums in a low silver bowl. The small tables at which the guests were seated were covered with a white linen cloth and centered with white pom pom chrysanthemums and burning white tapers. Those present were the honorcc, Bob Shaddox, Mr. and Mrs. Clif-l i»rd Franks, Mr. and Mrs. Ogle j rahaddox of Nashville, Mr. and liMrs. Elmer Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tarpley and Charlotte. corsage of pink gardenias. Ida Rac Hamilton of Prcscott presided over thp bride's book. Mrs. S. A. Whitlow poured the punch and Mrs. Jack Pritchetl served the. individual cakes iced in green «and yellow and embossed with "Linda and Sonny." The dining table was covered with a madcria cloth and center cd with an arrangement of Japanese sunflowers and yellow eel osia. Arrangements of summci flowers were placed at points o ( interest throughout the entertain ing rooms Sun; - Mon. at the Saeriger . This is the seventh and last of a scries' of seven articles that have bcch rurt dally entitled -Is My" Child Rtfady for School?" U is our desire that they will be of some help to parents who have children entering school in September. JAMES H. JONES. Superintendent of Schools. "Is My Child Ready for School'" Summary of Pre-School Child's Needs A series of six articles pertaining to a child's readiness for school have appeared in.the press for the past six days. These ar I Do you wont to sell us HATCHING EGGS] ot o guoronteed price of 75c per dozen! All year 'round Breeding stock Chicks available fronf] flocks about September 12, We Do Not Need: 1. Fancy Laying Houses 2. Fancy Equipment But We Do Need: 1. Good Farmers whg want steady income. 2. Man or wife who will follow our instructions. 3. Interest in Poultry 4. Good - Clean - Sanitary Management practices. See Lynn Franks ot Feeders Supply immediately who con help yew moke Ilit proptr orrongements. kMR* 1] Members of the houseparty, Bet-1 tides have stressed the Home's ty Edmiaston, Caroline Haw-1 responsibility in having a child Lusty Story of the Sea to Open Sunday Swashbuckling drama, plenty of high-powered action and some of the most exciting Technicolor scon Gambling King to Change His Address NRW YORK, (tJPif-* Onmbllnn C7.nr Frank CoUtcUtj 1 Is scheduled to chnnge hla addfoss tomorrow Sterilization:: Unauthbri Man FRONT V«; oleclriclnn.went * thorne, Adolphinc Andrews, Nancy Hays, Martha Wruy, Ann Houston, Gall Foster, Mrs. Claud Sutton, and Mrs. James Bowden. wore corsages of pink hibiscus. Kitty guests called appointed hours. during the and Going Miss Lula Jean Worth, Texas, is Frances Nash. Lowe of Fort visiting Miss Executive Board of WSCS Meets Thursday The executive board of WSCS of the First Methodist Church met Thursday. August 14, at 9:30 a. m. at the home of Mrs. Edwin Ward. Mrs. C. D. Lester opened the ceting with pray.er. Mrs. L. B. '• Tooley, president, presided over the meeting. She heard reports from the various chairmen and the quarterly reports were com- L pleted at this time*. The meeting I; Closed with prayer. |J". Cookies and punch were served by the hostess to eighteen present. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Tom Bundy and sons, Tommy, Charles, and Richard, of Benton are the weekend guests of Miss Evelyn Briant. ready to (.'rtter school. As judge by teachers, readiness in emotional well-being takes precedence over all other needs that have been listed. A child must feel that he is loved and wanted. He should have a happy home where mutual love and respect abound, where parents love and enjoy each other as well as 'loving and enjoying him. Parents should recognize whcrt a child has done a job \yell. Praise and approval should be forthcoming, since "nothing succeeds like son young success." Every per and old can stand a Ann BLY'f H and Gregory PECK ii UnivetMl-Imeroationil's "THE VV Sun. Mon. Tue: i 'lovers' embrace, in tins scene (torn fcLD IN HIS ARMS," Technicolor. ; at the Rialto World In His Arms," one of the " most apectaculnr movies ever pro- Barring nn'IUh hotir loRn man- tlneed euvev. which appears unlikely, the Packed with action from bi' R ln-j foshionplnte of the underworld wil nlnu to end, "The World In Ills surrender W fcdornl authorities at Anns" which starts Sunday nt 10:30 »- m- < KI)Tt tomorrow to the Sacngcr Theater, emerges nsllu'lUn an «8;«T>tt>Hh prison term for n personal triumph for its eo-i contempt of tho United htntcfl Sen- stnrs, QrcRory Pet;k nnd Ann Hlylh. ilnte. F'lH-k is cost ns n devll-muy-enn-! Costello's Inst »chnnco to stny sea captain who poaches sen pells. nut of Jail faded yesterday In from Alaska In diflnnce of O.arist Washington. Supreme Court Justice witness stand cnse for $2^.000 dnmftg contention h'ls wife was ... ^A on without his consept. Jnmes K, WilHnms told ren. County Circuit . day thut ho 1? aim ,>Hlu" from the knowledge^ tnUt 23-yoar.old wife, Etta, und^W&lf * tttcrllly.Rtlnn. opQraUo'n.', ' A-2c James F. Mangum has returned to Camp Stoncman, Calif.,, after a 30 day furlough visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. MaTigum. From there he will go to Alaska. Sgt. William H. Dowell has returned from Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio, where he received his discharge after serving four years. He and Mrs. Dowell, the former Sue Bright, plan to make their home in Magnolia where he will attend Southern State College. Miss Linda Foster Complimented with Tea Mrs. K. G. Hamilton, Mrs. Owen Nix, Mrs. Buster Rogers and' Mrs. Hob Jones complimented Miss Linda Foster, bride-elect of Lawrence Albritton, with a gift tea shower Thursday afternoon from 3 to 5 at the home of Mrs. Hamilton. Mrs W. I. Stroud introduced the guests to the receiving line which included the honoree. Mrs. Corbin Foster, Mrs. A. A. Albrit' ton, and the hostesses. >| The honoree was presented a Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bobo have returned from a vacation trip in Houston, Galveston, and other points of interest in Texas. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Gilbert of Exetor, Calif., arc visiting theirj sister, Mrs. Gifford Byers, and other relatives at Emmet and Columbus. little praise. It is sometihng everyone needs and can thrive upon. Children who are • uncertain of the love of their parents, who are unhappy at home are torn within and can give only part of their attention to their school work. If all children 'could come to school from well-adjusted homes, what a difference there would be in the accomplishments of any school year. Many children find an outlet for their emotional upsets at school. They talk them over with their teachers or others who will lend a sympathetic ear. The foundation for the emotional, social, spiritual, and educational structure must be laid be-j lore the child begins his school career or he will be handicapped throughout his • entire life. To the home and the church are I delegated grave responsibilities in developing right attitudes for a happy school life. It is the desire of all those who come in contact with the beginning Russia. Ann IJlyth, ns n Russian Hubert II. Jackson turned dosvn countess, displays 'seductive i-harm his second retlticst lo remain fret- in the many romantic scenes wilhjon $ii.OHO ball, while he seeks u Peck nnd proves her right lo the i review of his case by the nation's role that was sought by almost hiuhcst court. every top actress in Hollywool. The picture offers some of the greatest son scenes ever brouuht to Ufa Rcrcen.'i Froin the awe-in VI' 11 II: I**. I t *•-« •> t -liV/IH *•.», »...• ii. r spirinK scenes omonit the Alaska t'""' 1 term tor seal herds to the. brcuth-lakinj; Run '" '"'* sentiences of n sailing ship nice, the Technicolor cameras have cap- lured excitement seldom shown on the screen. The supporting cast Includes Anthony Quinn as a rough und ready Portuuuesc ship eiiptaln; John Mo Intlrc us a tsvo-flsted psl)lm-<iuot- in« chief pilot; Carl Esmond ns the. arrogant Uus'slnn Prince; term nt the federal correc- it\stllutlon at Danhury will be C'ostelta'8 first stretch behind l.,ars In 117 yours, lie served a carrying a In H)l 8. •ilello, Identified by tho Kefau ver Crime Committee ns the pin ot n New York-Miami lw« axis, will don prison dungarees In place of the expensively tailored suits which are his track! m;n k. . The operation wns the linn- Mrs. \Vlllu\ff\* to their third child ' Tin- operating ^ I.yle J. ave 'W JJn .W»4. nl. He Ivns'.sfvld hi refiuest of-lhJ* said, told him thcy ( C(tal< any move, chlldVtfR, '' Williams, dWlal'Rd ',4, „ -, ria - cburt session' m thin Mountain town tbat thd he ci n greed lq thb hn did not wunfhisVUfo "barren," nnd Insisted the t!on was undorla.|^en ( '\vHhdUt hlfe ktunyloduo or . MARLON BRANDO tells JEANfETERS of his daring nl.in, in this scene from 20th Century-Fox's "VIVA ZAPATA," drea King us'n sexy siren of Sim Kranclsco; and EuRenlc I.eonto- vlch ns Miss Blylh's chnpcrone. For yoiuiK and old alike, "'I'he World In His Arms" is u picture thai will be enjoyed . He loaves behind thu plush llfn nt his New York City apartment il his suburban mansion »t Smitls c.,cmi k"°wlod«o or .COMCM, ^, ,k">«>,»n ''1 7, "" Dasplto tho orfcrfttlon^Mr.8.,twll« r *| 1 f" Hums gnvo birth to ft fourth onlld^* nj] * ninb< last'month. , ' "££> -*> (In slerlllrotlon' opcraftv^i*' litlcnl knots are lied nrouni fallopian luHca tb pfcvottt '"-* from pass'VK Into |he th« ( DOROTHY D'lX Mrs. John Britt left Wednesday for Paragould to be with her son, Tommy, who was in an automobile accident Wednesday at Joncsboro. He has been moved to a hospital in Paragould and is * SAENGER Hilarious Hi/IM/iest TODAY and SATURDAY COIIIL' III UUIILdCL VVIlll lilt Ufgllll.ll.B . ,„„., !| ,,.V,,,lh.,,. school-age boy or girl -to make ™ d ^ e ^l—^ this new experience a happy one and that- .every child enters school Choice of Clothes Dear Miss Uix: I'd like to see some advise printed in your column to make a mother realize that her 15-year-old daughter is old enough to pick her own clothes and hair style. Sandra is IS and has very good taste but, when she needs a now dress, or new shoes, she always' has to take what hc-r mother likes sho likcs a chanco to able lo- adapt readily to the school's program. • • ' Parents, guardians wr .others interested -in' children are invited ken Home of my china ornaments. His motl'i-r feeds him in the front room, lets him carry food nil over the house, k-ls him walk all over our beds with his shoes on, and will flu anything lo keep him fi'om All Churches Will Welcome Viva Zapapta Point, Long Island, where hu has millionaires for neighbors, At Dim- bury he will hiwe $10 n month to spend In the prison commissary where convicts can buy such Items us elgnrots. shnvlnn supplies and comic books. The (51-year-old gambler will be ellKlble for parole in six months. He can continue to press his up- pent while serving his sentence ft.-rlllly.ntlon maV.tnko plow, (Medical mithoVltlos oxplnln In rare instances the knots' W unldosened anci cofieoptlQTjJls,c a "possibility). s , '] Williams said hlq wlto const to the opcrrttlori 'undter the^jmi on belief 'th'nt ho nft'd "npj-JWfii Dr. Hansbrough contends husband's portnl!lslon"'l» "TK» for the church is Co'slcllo ran. atou 1 . of.,»'tno 1 Court will refuse to review , unawertnuurvn qucst^ns, Respect al e Twentieth Century-Fox's her ' George Wolf, Contollo's uUornoy, " integral element In "Viva Zupap- announced last night "we have, no further plnns" to try to postpone biographical drama piny- the Imprisonment'by le«nl numeu- it... rit.. tin Gtmrtr-iir IVT/MAI1II XT • -' —. — -.«—— — —" •"*" *""'" " ""* inn al the Hlalto Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. A fiery page from' John Steinbeck, traces 7,n- story of Emiilnno Xapata, who for pick what a girl of her age should wear. When it comes to hair styles, if her mother doesn't like it, she has it cut, regardless of what San , was thal ag0| my nloth er | to come to the school at anytime. . d , t n own doth . Roy Rogers • TRIGGER • DALE EVANS "BELLS OF SAN ANGELO' The school faculty wants you to feel welcome. The 'school 'does not,' however, encourage small children unattend ed by an, adult to visit witlv'child- ren in thb school. If the child has been invited'"by--th\?' teacher or coming, Ihen lhal is a diffcrcnl matter..-A-small-child in the class- oom is u definite distraclion to ic - classroom procedures. II is ot fair to those entitled to free ducation to be hindered by prac- ices of this nature. No parent who gives this thought serious con sideration will allow their younger children who are not yel of school age to visit just anytime. The parents are asked to come lo the teacher when any misunderstanding arises. Frank, person- hai| . slyles, and I always got advise' if I needed 1,1. However, I never had to weai' "mother's SHORTS: Chap. 5 of "Radar Men From the Moon" • COUOR CARTOON • STARTS SUNDAY INIIISARMS * RIALTO 2 — BIG FEATURES TODAY and SATURDAY CHARLES f STARRETT SMILEY BURNETT "Lightning, Guns" BROP CRAWFORD BINNIE BARNES in DAMON RUNYON'S "TIGHT SHOES" ideas." INTERESTED IrJ-LAW Answer: Sandra's mother is falling down lamentably on one of the most important jobs in her role as parent. It is just as necessary for her to teach Sandra to think for herself as it is to keep her well nourished. An adolescent is making the difficult transition from childhood to adulthood and it is up l>i her mother to guide her wisely so that the immature teen-ager becomes an adult who is emotionally as well as physically mature. Should Be Capable By 15 most girls of today ;in> perfectly capable of selecting their own Qlothcs — (n fact, most of them MRS. H. G. '' Answer: With pi-ople as inconsiderate "f other's property ;is your'. n - mi > years was the unconciuered in-law.-i, taet must Hive way to di-l i tuu i ol . of,the people in arms. It rectneKS. He careful, however, that you aren't too fussy about possessions at the cost of other people's convenience and comfort. Have certain aside in your house for the use of the children and insist, as diplomatically :is possible, that the you- jU^sU.:i-s be. Confined to tl^ese spo.ls. 'A play spaci 1 , eating area nnd rest room should be sufficient. ......... -- „. . . . L- the history of Mexico, "Viva /.a- i plU .,' H picturosque ciiruer Irom his papta" unfoulds tho couraguous d vs , ns un .outlaw In the land........ ' * the saga ot a scml-ed,yic»t(xt .peasant who fought^ brilliantly "» an. ally, of Panchfl .jV" 1 ' 1 '' 1 P (Mltl tho tyrann,icuj,, 34-yeur, reign of areas definitely set| H V , dictator,), .president,. 'Portlrlo Diaz., .sci-oun ^\ay,',,,wv|tl,en by nov- / . ' '.i.'.-t bi- proper for •- ine hungry- Btuto of Morlcs through HIU,.violent battlos for "land und liborly" to his iriumphrinl In eel- ing with Villa and his ulllmnlo betrayal and death In 1010. Marlon Brando plays the title role, and Juan Peters has the important role of Zaputa's wife.. Anthony Quinn, Joseph Wiseman, Arnold Moss, Alan Rood, Mavgo. t-Ully to o long wHh, ,.l,wfl . , ' 'jvqVtoutBj mlMp* J.',0«pi, ^ .to - .rfVH *wnj.ompt. irinl nwlirt. ll\! «k> hunS second-. hi," Conviction- ,, ( nally wa.s nchctlivted. to -go ,to last Fr-iilny, but a postponement^? was graalccl for 'his appoa^ to tiuprume Court/. •> • Harold Gordnn, Urn Gilbert and • V to aalc him tot Mildred Dunnock piny Importanl ,,. t'o n show with''a group? > >. -.'•'MARGY D. Answer 1 ! 'It woihd",b<; bettor lo let him maltc -the first" move toward a dtttoV litteV of a car''should not do'ter him If he Is Interested In Dear Miss Dix: Kor some lime 1 hava known a Ijoy whom 1 like a lot lie lius shown inlen.'st In mt 1 but has never asked me out. you and d 'sine" ^'havo"^. wouSTlt' Heleased By The Be,, Syndic^ supporting roles. Twentieth Century-Fox sent coin pras fornglnK up rivers and over sun ljuked canyons and mosciullo mountains for 400 miles along the Hlo Grande from Del Rio lo Me- Allen, Texas, dupllcatliiB the seen cry- of the country whero ^upata rode 3,'i years ago, HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE ' 8.., Main & LAST' DAY [? "THE BATTLE A>TJf I| PASS" TeahnJfiJjro ' Color " ''FANCY PANTS Bob Hope , , Lucille f lowest priced In Its floldV Thli boaulllul new Slylollno Do luxe 4-Door S.don Dill lor loll lhan any comparablo model In ll Hill). (Conl/nuolion ol llanc/ard cquipmonl and trim Illul- tialtd it dopontlanl on availabilily al tnatttial.) <[ t • al, friendly talk might cldar up show rcmal . ka bk« talent in this n misunderstanding. Parents shovld spcct The girl may need guidance realize that coopcralioir between ' .... home and school, betwpcn parents and teacher are for the welfare of the .child, not for the benefit ot improving. Mrs. B. W. Baylcss of Gurdon will arrive today for a visit with her daughter, Mrs. K. G. ilton. Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Hood of Slueveport will be the Friday; guests of Mr. and Mrs. K. G. Hamilton. Hospital Notes Josephine Admitted Mrs. C. K. liaison, of Hope, Mr. and Mrs. Karl Wilson announce the arrival of a son. but never, never should shu !><-• made to wear clothing lhal is tirely selecled by - someone ( If she lacks the taste lo choose properly, Mom should be culivat- ms laste in her — not killing ;ill possibility of it ever developing by appointing herself sole judge of <vhat is or is not to be worn by Ham- her child. , The reason some mothers continue to supervise and control every article of clothing worn by their youngsters is not lack of confidence in the young people's Ustes, but a deep reluctance ID re- linguish any part of maternal dependence. And, of course, it is Uncle-termination to keep children (U 1 - pendenl thai makes for so much trouble when Ihc adolescenl reaches the years of maturity and docs not have the ability to stand alone. Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. C. J. Rosun- baum, Fulton, Mrs. Homer Jones, Hope, M.rs. Jim McKamie, Fulton. Discharged: Howard Turner, of Hope, Rt. 1, Mrs. Loy Cato and daughter. Carna Dean, Hope, Rt. 1, Mrs. L. L. Rowland, Hope. JR, HITS: Chap. 4 of "PIRATES HARBOR" t COLQR CARTQON • SUN, MON, —TUES. * Clubs Doyle On August 5, 1952 thirty-seven members of the Doyle community gathered under some shady pines near the home of Mrs. J. P. Hutson. The purpose of this was to have a picnic lunch. Most of the group clock and before the were assembled by 11 o' pictures were made lunches were spread. After the hearty lunches, the was led in a number of In that eventuality Mom has ed her job! Very often Mother simply doesn't realize that her daughter is growing up and is able t" think for herself. As subtly as possible, in that case, interested relatives such as yourself, might the matter of daughter's growing up to her attention. There are several magazines published today devoted expressly to the styles, and living, of teen-as- ers. Perhaps you could give Sandra a subscription to one of them. Looking over the book with mother, and pointing out things that she P"''- ticularly likes, may convincingly convey the idea that her teen-age taste is good and can be trusted. Dear Dorothy Dix: How can I tell my husband's brother and his v/jfe about the behavior of their child in our home? We have a lovely new home and try hard to keep it nice. We also have a young baby with a collection of tine-,-toys. Tht LESS TO EXTRA WIDE CHOICE of Styling and Colon EXTRA liAUTV AND QUALITY EXTRA SMOOTH PHfORMANCS of l«dy by Flihtr »f C*n,l«r*elie Pow«r IXTRA RIDINO COMrOM 01 imrovfd Knit-Action iMNrau MORE TO ENJOY group songs by the club song leader, Mrs. George Boozer. Mrs. J. P. marks on Hutson led the devotional. The recreational leader bad charge of the " program. She led the group in a number of games. The meeting adjourned about 4 o'clock. Members report a most •enjoyable time. The next meeting will he held September 2 in the home of Mark Jackson. Ti»- recreational leader will again' have charge of Ibe ram '< in-laws come to visit and let'their child run wild. He has left ""in! the wall, chipped the plaster in the from room, and bro- the teacher. It is the responsibility of all par ents to teach their cUfldren reasonable "obedtence" or respect fpr the rules of the home. A child who is taught to respct and obey tins rules of the ho/ojs will more liKely obey tt* rules of - and later the law* 9* ,*** *' PMCW §o imvl IXtIA JTPPP1NO POW« t f fWPW IUV CHIVIOUT* THAN ANY 01HW CAHI ?

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