Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on May 29, 1971 · Page 5
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 5

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 29, 1971
Page 5
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• Parties Honor Bride-elect Reasnt biidiai courtesies have been extended to Rebecca Wieland. Miss Wieland is bride- elect of Doug Crotity III. Their wedding is, to be Sunday in United Presbyterian church. Ganxisin City Country Club was the sieittiing for a linen shower Thiirsdaiy altemoon, May 20. Hostesses were Mrs. Ro'bent Speckittam, 2520 N. 3rd, MOT. Wiliam Lewis of Syracuse amd their daughters, Sandy Speck- m>am ami Linda Lewis. ' GuesAs included flbie mothers ol the bridal couple, Mr*. William Wieland and Mrs. Douglas Crotiby Jr.; Christie Stenitz, Denver; Mrs. Jim Waldem, Emporia; Mans. Michael Paul, Manihatdain; Mrs. Gary Slough, Mrs. Curtis Bums and Mrs. Wited Kuenie Jr., and Misses Ginmy Leopold, Signe Nelson, Susan Wheefer, Dorothy Lewis «nd Mary Lewis. Monday Mrs. Williaim L. Lewis entertained at dessert- bridige in iher home of 805 Fleming. The honoree, Miss WieJiamd, won high scoire and her mother, Mr». WHliam Wieland jpeceiv- ed low score. Otter guests included Mrs. Douglas Crotty Jr., matte- of Calendar of Sochi Events MONDAY- VUFUICATE BRIDGE CLUB — 8 p.m. Civic Center. •HJESDAT ELKS COUPLES BRIDGE CLUB —7 p.m., covered-dish meal. Elks Home. A to M, furnish salad or vegetable; N to Z, furnish dessert. SAND HIULS ART ASSN. — 7:30 p.m. Upstairs Gallery. Phyllis Holmes will demonstrate ma- orame; visitors welcome. G.I, FCKRUM — 7:30 G.I. Forum Clubhouse. HiAIPPY HOMBMAKIEIRS EMU — 1:30 p.m. Mrs. Carl Boyd, Eminence Rt. the prospective bridegroom, and Mmes. Pete Drevnick, John Frazier, Bill Foster, Fred' Stoeckly, Robert Speckman, Deian Hart, Menrill Renick, Stan Fainsher, Clyde Stallsworth, G«ne Rudd, 'Gust Nelson, George Purnell and Frank Kinney, and Miss Dorothy Lewis. Buffalo Campers Plan Farewell Party for Taylors Buffalo Campers met art Lake McKinmisiy last weekend for the club's May oampouit. Fifteen famHies' were present. Guests were Mr. ami Mrs. Walt Fuqua, Syracuse; Mns. Nettie Johnson, Dallas, Tex., and Mns. Mary Markley, Garden City. Three families (havie become members of Buffalo Campers Club. They are Mr. and Mrs 1 . Wallace Kobs, Meade, and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Henderson and Mr. and Mrs. Elza Cald- wefll of Gairden City. Weekend activities included horseshoes, other games and a covered-dish supper Saiturday evening. Mr. Fuqua spoke of the Ulysses Fun Campout June 11-13 at Ulysses Buffalo hampers will have a (Sairewtel party for Mr. and Mrs. Robert Taylor, who are leaving to make their home in Arizona. Homemade ice cream iand cake will be served Wednesday, 'June 9, ait the home of Mr. and Mrs. Biffie Degemhart, 2012 N. 3rd. June 18-20 will be the next oampout—<ait Clark County Lake. N. A*. l6 Week on South Main fcr Jtai «ee» Mothers of school children will need to be up on their toes now. School is out and the kids are home for the rest of the summer. It will be different than during the winter months. No matter bow different the weather, you can depend on a Lennox Home Comfort System. Hot or cold just flip a •witch for the temperature of your choice. See where the former editor of thift family journal is being considered for a higher post at Kansas State University." Do you suppose he got the offer because he was growing purple tomatoes?, You probably don't grow tomatoes in your home, but a Lennox Home Comfort System could supply the correct temperature. The last couple of days of wet, rainy weather, have been just what the farmers ordered. Heard a local man say the other day that it appears there will be a wheat crop in this area after all. PS — that's Personal Service. Yon can find out about it at Garden City Sheet Metal, Plumbing and Air Conditioning. That's your Lennox Home Comfort System dealer. Traveling this weekend? Drive Safely, don't end up in the statistic columns. Garden City Telegram Saturday, May 29, 1971 Local Woman Is Member of Board For Road Safety Kansas Women for Highway Safety conference took place Monday in Topeka. Among the estimated 175 women of the state who alt;ended were Mrs. Victor Haf- lioh and Mrs. C. 0. Gercken of Gairden City. Women's chairman of Kansas Farm Bureau, Mrs. Haflich served 'as moderator for a morning panel session — "How do we meet Kansas traffic safety legislative needs so we meet federal highway safety standards?" The day's program included information concerning teenage drivers, alcohol counter measures, and the problem of drug use and abuse. Chairman of Kansas Women for Highway Safety is Esther Plunket of Minneapolis. Mrs. Gercken was named to the board of directors as representative of Division Six. The conference will present A resolution to the Kansas Legislature seeking use of reflector- ized license plates in tihe state. Cooks Honored At School Tea Mrs. Wylmia Scheuermani and Mrs. Mabel Austin ware guests of honor at a tea Wednesday afternoon at Garfield School Cafeiteria. Hostesses were Mrs. Iva Hacker and Mrs. Thelma Lefort. Obher guests included 30 women who serve as managers and cooks in the 12 school cafeterias of USD 457. Mrs. Sdheuerman is retiring after more than 18 years of service in school cafeterias in Gardien Oiity. She was a familiar personality to children of Jones School for 16 years, 13 of which she served as cafeteria manager. She also cooked ut Alta Brown School and has been cooking the .past two years ait Garfield School. Mrs. Austin also is retiring from School Food Service. She bias been employed more than 13 years, four of which were in a Tribune Schools and nine in Gairden City Schools. During the past four years she has been manager of Lincoln School Cafeteria. Today's Peanut Butter Smoother, Less Sticky Children today don't remember the peanut butter that stuck to tib* roof of your nuoutih, because the current product is muooth and the oil doesn't sepanate out. Today's peanut butter is homogenized and contaara stabilizers. Just what H peanut butter? How much of the product can be s*abilizem or other addd- tives? Peanut butter by definition and standard of identity will have *t least 90 per cent peanut butter. It was confirmed by a court order of the Supreme Count. Peanut butter will not have any more 4!hian 10 per cent of guch additive* as dextrose, salt, end stabilizers. MBS. REID KLEMP, retiring Jennie Wilson Elementary School teacher, receiving a gift of appreciation from Mrs. D. J. Soule, outgoing president of the Jennie Wilson P-TA during a patio party at the Glen Woods home. Travel, Rock Hunting Beckon To Retiring Elementary Teacher Reid Klemiip is eager to exchange text books and lessons for travel and rock shows her retirement from teaching at Jennie Wilson Ele- MEMORIAL DAY SPECIALS OPEN MONDAY 9:00 TO 5:30 memtary school Mrs. Klemp has taught in Garden City schools 14 years, in adidiition to teaching adult basic education classes in reading and writing English here for four 'years. Mrs. Klemp finished her work ait Jennie Wilson as she prepared an exhibit of 'her students' art work to be displayed at *he Finmey Counity Fair. Their work manges from colorful birds made from hundreds of paper scraps, to scientific diagrams of spaceships. Mrs. Kteimp (remarked that tihe children who drew the spaceship® often knew more about outer space than she does. "They've always got am answer for any question about space." 'she said. "I've got a lively bunch of fifth graders." Mr. and Mrs. Klemp, both "•rock hounds," plan an October trip to Topeka for a meeting of the Rocky Mountain Federation of MinteralogicalL Societies. Mr. Klemp is president of the federation, which covers 11 states and has 7,000 members. Mrs. Klemp has been scholarship chairman of the Rocky Mountain federation since 1964. She has collected and counted more than 275,000 Betty Crocker coupons to provid* money for scholarships for s-tudentts working on a master's degree in earth scienceis. Five scholarships were awarded boHh last year and ifMs year. In August, the Klemps will go to Seattle for an American Federation rock convention and show. , They tafliso plan rock-huntimg trips to ithe Panama Canal, Hawaii, Europe and other spots, and ^vuill spend the winter in Mexico. However, «he couple toas decided to keep a lome in Garden City and have purchased a retiremenit home a* 608 E. Price. "Garden City is centraly lo- oaited, and this is w'here we've miade our living for years," s'he explained. "Many of our Mends ive here." Too, the Klemps nave purcfaasied itwo areas of jroperty here Whicih they plan x> rent. Mrs. Kleimp, Jennie Wilson's only rettMnig teachiar, has taught one year ait Pierceville amd three years in Missouri. She got iher deigree 'in 1958 at Ft. Hays State College, Hays. She necenltly was honored ait a recognition party for teachers and school staff, given at the borne of Musi Glen Woods by 4be Jennie Wilson P-TA. Other party guests included DACRON SINGLE KNIT No. 509$ Reg. $1.99 COTTON DRESS PRINTS No. 401 Mf* R«*99cOO TAFFETA {No. 649 1 to 5 yd pltcet jflC Rt*29c IU DOTTED SWISS tto. 754 Rt* 99e UngHtt ffC OO "ENROLL NOW" Frivol* Nuratry & Special School 2212 N. 7th St. Opening Date JUM 14 100% DACRON DOUBLE KNIT No. 795 60" WM» $9 Reg. $.99 A* STRETCH TERRY M"WM»CMImi*Kfhii$4 Li H*. Ml Htg, $3.« A.OO Pinking Shears 99 C Rog. $2.49 SOFT KNITS Lon9riw No, 217 $1.2f LACE 4" to 3" Compare AC at 25e D ZIPPERS 7" to 14" 15e fiihrific FABRIC CEMTERS 124 N. MAIN Dr. Horace J. Good, supeiia- jeodenit of USD 457, the Rev. Robert Alipers, president of the P-TA Council, teachers and their husbands and P-TA board members. Mrs. D. J. Soule, outgoing PTA president, was presented with a comic gift as a memento of her hard work on the playground project. Mrs. Gene Hern*, sdher is the new P-TA president. ANN LANDERS SAYS Clownish Acts Disturb Fiance DEAR ANN LANDERS: ; am going with a young woman and am considering m'a>r- riaige, but she has a sense of humor thait drives me nuts. I never know what she is going o d'o next. I could write a book about this gill's looniniess, but I realize your space is iimiited so ['11 just give you an example of her latest idea of a joke. I am a professional man amd [ do a considerable amount of public speaking. Last might I was the guest sipeaker for a local church group. As the minister was inttroduciiing me, I glanced down 'alt my friend who was seated in the front row— with her wig on backwards, a set of huge false teeith.'im hen.* mouith—(the kind kids buy in a novelty shop. She had crossed eyes and was waiving a small American flag. Naturally broke up. It was ad I could The number of licensed vehicles on Britain's roads increased by 270 per cent in 20 years up to 1969. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents said new roads increased by only 12 per cent in the same period ;•-, do to pul myself togeifcheir amd get into the speech. .On the positive side, she's a wonderful person, completely devoted to me and I want to marry her. How does one deal witih a weird sense of humor? I'm dead serious about this, Ann. I need a workable solution.—M. Dear M.: H the clown insisits on accompanying you to your speaktog engagements make sure she sits in ithe back. If she sneaks up front and acts up— have her bounced. He who laughs laisifc—. * * * DEAR ANN LANDERS: What on earth is wrong with a good looking girl, 26 years of age, who spends a fortune on clothes, goes to the beauty sihop every week for a manicure and hair set—'and who, even when stoe opens her mouith to smile, shows she bias several miissinig teeth? I have always been, a person who minds her own business, but I like this girl very much and I think someone should tel tasr that Iher need of dental care is spaling her looks. Would she consider it am a>ot oJ friendship? Or sihould I M.Y.O.B.?—Spokane Friend Dear Spoke: Attractive peo pie who neglect their teeth an Usually afraid of dentists. This girl probably needs to be reassured. If you can suggest to her the name of a dentist who is competent and gentle, it. might help. If she doesn't follow through, you will at least have tried. * * * DEAR ANN LANDERS: Do you have space for just one more letter iro>m a pot-smoker, or to be more accurate—an ex pot-smoker? I quit smoking after a few months of pleasant ptcfifimig because one dtay I had to admit I couldn't remember my own address—my phone number or my Mend's name, lit was a frightening experience to discover I was no longer in control of my mind. To put it bluntly, I was all screwed up. It took me four days to get back to normiai. After that experience I concluded pot was no. good for me. I haven't touched a joimt -since. Some of my Mends say they have been smoking dope for two yeams and have never bad a bum toip. Wei, bully for theim, )ut here is one oat that can't aindle ! it and I'm thankful I earned without lousing myself. up completely.—Cheap Lesson Dear Lesson: You say, 'Bully for them?" I say, 'Buly sfior you!" Thanks for writing. * * * Confidential to Your Opinion Doesn't Maitxah Ours: When all people think alike it means no one is thinking very much. And wo'Uldn't it be a dul world if there were no differences in opinion? * * * When romianibic glaraces •turn- to warm embraces is it love or chemistry? Send for the booklet, "Love Or Sex And Sow To Tel The Difference," >y Ann Landers. Enclose a ang, 'stamped, self-addressed envelope and 35c in coin with your request. The majority of machins tools in use today were invented in Britain between 1770 .and 1850, a government report claimed. FREE ESTIMATES TELEVISION ANTENNA SERVICE fc INSTALLATION MODERN RADIO-TV SERVICE 626 N. 8th 275-5251 Ntw air conditioned building. Child she facilities. Full basement with stag* (2 elite). Large need, playground. Frestlg and conventional playground equip- mont. Trlko track—dirt mountain. Accredited toachon (2 present at all times.) Teaching experience. Plage*. Monteuorl and conventional teaching method*. Educational toy*. Creative art, music and dramatics. Summer & Fall Session Pro School Program • Age* 3-6 Developmental Learning Readiness Program Ages 5-10 Singing ft Dramatics Class Ages 7-1 < For Complete Information Call 274-2*04 Mary Lou Hays, Director State License Pending Liquidation P oCa OF THE 0 UPSTAIRS BEHIND THE PINK DOOR —The unique concept, decor and success of the La Cage Shoppe has been sold to UNISTOCK, a company that recognizes the investment potential of new ideas such as this "high fashion" shoe boutique. A different type of merchandise is planned for the La Cage Shoppe, consequently, UNISTOCK has order ed all stock to be liquidated. —Now is a tremendous opportunity to save on the newest styles in "high fashion" boots, sandals, evening shoes and dress shoes. Also handbags, hoisery, belts and jewelry. —In maintaining the high standards for "individualism" the regular La Cage Shoppe ' • ; * customers know that you must shop early, as there is only ONE SIZE OF EACH STYLE! This is one sale you gals won't want to miss. ALL STOCK IS DISPLAYED Prices Will Be Reduced ^ EACH DAY OF THE SALE UNTIL ALL STOCK IS LIQUIDATED! True, larger savings as the sale progre ses, but remember the limited selection, the opportunity to get that one and only style i n your size will of course be greater at the beginning of the sale.. Wait as long as you dare, but it is suggested that you shop early. All Sales Cash and Final.. No Returns THE PINK DOOR OPENS AT 9:30 a.m. TUESDAY, JUNE 1 Main Street ^ Garden City, Kansas

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