Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on July 3, 1957 · Page 5
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 5

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 3, 1957
Page 5
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U ^M w^ • • S.—iiulwar!-: ol F this historic dortmti'ut \-.\i stead, Hit Act by v.-lncli' giimci: U>Gii>at Britain \. ,i on July 4th, and .su'iu-l :,t by Cnmirrss July 2, | iii's up In Nov. 4. SYMBOL OK I! I'M A \ KKiirrs nnd freedom, thu I.ibiTly Bell in Iiulcpeiul. i-iK'i: Iliill niHKinit :il I'voiy fi'stivnl ;iml anniversary "1 ItHlejieiulenci; until it tracked in iH.'jn. RIKTIin.At'K OK OUK NATION was Iiuk'lUMUlcncu Hall, Philadelphia, \v!u!ii> ContiniMitnl Congress met. Declaration of Indeiieiuleiu.'e adapted and (mit'liumed, \V'asliiiii;((.n appointed CiinimiiiuliM'-in-Chu'f, and U. S. C'oiistitution framed. rwH >•* •»-,., • *•• *»*^^«-2i ,-• I »^-;^.t- - ^IKcU-^ .••ii- !.-•/. . ,'• ...-, . ;j.? ^|-s : .* ^:-..-- s SI ( { I .SSI LI, 1 \ UTATWN of ;i larac rily Inivn area a j;li(isl tmvn, im in tills vii'w <>f I'mtl iliirln.; Operation (Iri'i-:ili::!it—llu- larne -I rivil v- rxrrriso to date. The vast Intrrstatr Hiijliuay Sv slrui lion wnulil »(it only faeiiitatr rvui-iial'tiii 11 nl.-xi uniild provide rouds nce;l<-d In Mi]i|ily l In nutlyiiig ari-.-s. ,,-..,., ,,„, Olv ,.,. M . , OUK NATION'S CAPITOL, moved from Philadelphia to banks of thu Potomac in lildi), today js a majestic city, nerve center of a great cvunlry. and (ho hope of freoriom-lfiving people everywhere The cupitol dome, sprawling olliee buildings, monuments, memorials and 7.001) arrp* nf public parks Includlnc the Mall shown here, nru Iitnuliiir sn.lils (M omnili'v; Washing-tun visilois. Swimming Accidents Si.xty-threi ipersons died liy drowning in Iowa last year, re ports the Division i>f ViUil Statistics of Ihe Iowa State Dcpart- inent of Health. Summer months an 1 tlie worst lur drowning accidents . . .about hull' Die tcital number of cli.'atlis by drowning occurred in June. July and Augu;<(. In l!lf>(> eighteen persons drowned in June, It) in July and six in August. Drowning aecidents are nced- Jess . . . especially tlm.se' caused by swimming aec-idenls. Many needless deaths could be avoided if swimmers would follow these suggestions tor safe summer swimming . . . 1. Ni'Vi'i 1 swim alone. '.•!. Hivi'i 1 '.•mi'enls are dangerous and river depths unpredictable. Swim in properly supervised puuls. They are the only safe places to swim. 3. Wait one hour al'ler meals before entering the water. 4. Don't swim after vigorous exercise or tiring work. 0. Swim reasonably close to the shore. Don't venture into deep water trusting to the support of water wings, un inflated tube, or another swimmer. (i. Muscle cramps are warning signs. They mean gel buck un dry J;uid.' 7. Night bathing is for expert swimmers only, in familiar witter, and when accompanied by other bathers. 8. Swimming from anchored or unanehored boats in deep water is unsafe—even Cot- accomplished swimmers. 9. Come out of the water before you feel tired or chilly. Staying in the water after you feel tired and cold not only endangers your safety but lowers your resistance to various infectious diseases. lo. II. Always keep an eye on children as they .nl:iv '" and around water. Mukt_> your ijvvimming holiday a happy one by keeping 11 safe! To All Teenagers of MOODY COUNTY When Spoiled Brats Drive Cars Editorial in Lakcfielci. Cuiui., Jouinal The I.H-IS are in. boys and you just ilon'l make the grade. You. as a group between the ages of lo' ar.d 'Jf> think you're the world's best drivers; but the lowdown is this . . . you're, (lie country's worst. T|H> facts are in and your insurance rate has gone up anywhere from 20 to 50 per cent. Think it over, lads . . . and dad.-;. Tin 1 insurance people are no dopes. They don't care whether you're handsome and have the females in a dither, they don't care whether you have a piece of junk lovingly tuned to a raceway song; they don't care if you can name every part of every motor ever built or that you can rebuild one with your eyes closed. All they care about is poor performance on the road. Frankly, suns, your perl'om ance stinks. Y< u as a group are a menace to society . . . and lo yourselves. Who says so'.' Not us. The insurance companies say so and they know; they don't know your name and address They iloll'l Kllo'A ol \iiii or a Kord. All llu fact:-, .mil llie faet Ihi 1 worst road rei Hrou i i.-i the count worse! And i;et I iny WD: over fathers and Car insurance co .-•harply this year this a«e yroiip. Y boys. Yon aren't a man unless yovt can handle cars, among other things, and you aren't handling thmn properly, though you have plenty nf know-how to do so. So, obviously, you aren't handling yourselves. That's tin- real an- s '*'.' e r. Don't blame this on Ihe insur .me,. eomp;uiies. They just ^0 lathe number of accidents, the number nf arrests. Die number m.niiied and killed which you have strewn over the ronds of his and other slates. SK yon as a group are experts, eh 1 . 1 You're suckers for your own buildup. That wouldn't matter so much if only yjou took the rap. It HII'I only you who gets killed or hint . . it's the girl with you. it's the i;irl with you. it's Ihe guy ilnuii the street, or the lady in I hi- next county who trusted yon i" act like a man. Or even like a boy who still knows he's a boy in I doesn't pretend any different. Sure, yon never meant thai accident. ,ind won't mean the one you're going to have. And of ••ne.se it never was your fault. You have a heart of gold and are kind t'i your mother . . . you 1^0 out on the highways and act like a damn fool. A real fool! That's Ihc iiutii and the insur- iih i- figures bear it out- Maybe the lilty cXtr.i bucks this year u ill :;ivo you pause. Of course > "O max lie I lie exception that p!i>x,>-. the ruliv I'eltamlx i-xeiy 'Hie "I you tMi't th.it had. I'm! .,.-, .1 iJ.ioup you ale. and ha! .11 e > oil I'.oim; to do about .Aif \<MI ;'.ut[e' to be ooe ol '.aiu: that p.-ivs homage to the : M.I .u I iM x\ ho might to be m .ifiil u 111 In- Mton. or dead' 1 XHII :;oim; |o i',o along fur the :-o .i. not in appear chicken It 'I ..'ome hra.uging twirp at wheel gamble with your Cu- 11 Are you uning to encourage • "buddies" of yours to keep ;!im; your own cost of a car: What's the per- in acliDH like that'.' .'.oiildn't let tliis guy hil you over the head with a hammer; why lot him drive you into a post? You wouldn't let him steal fifty bucks nut nf your pocket. Yet he's alrearly done that this year. And you, the worst offenders . . . you spoiled brats thinking you can handle 1HI) horsepower when you can't handle one boypowtT, what are you going to do about it. Brother, get the lowdown . . . the girls in your age group have it all over you. Not only in looks, but intelligence, in self-control, in fair play, and in their ability to handle those I'M horsepower you can't handle. That's not our opinion; it's tho considered opinion of the insurance companies. The rates for girls in your own age group have none down not up. They aro get- linn to be better drivers, not worse. How dors that make you fee IV For all your boasting and all your showing off and all your floulinn of the rules of the road, and all your reckless bravado, and all your skill (oh, yes, we know you are skillful) you just haven't no! what it takes . . . and that is judgment. You havi n't yet learned (hat he champs are not chumps. And if you don't believe- the insurance companies about what lousy drivers von are, ask a champ •omeday ... if you can face it. Jon'l tool yourself about the •hi'.ip adulation of the kids uound you who don't know any "•tier And don't think your ..irl .. impiv.-.-.ed b> sum hot shot Hide: the iu-.\| tune you take her Well Drilling ShawvcrWcll Co. Fredericksburg, Iowa Phone 114 (3-57p) Brings you the famous "LIVING IMAGE" PICTURE with the RCA "Silverama" aluminized picture tube YES! WE HAVE HOMES IN FRIENDLY FAYETTE FOR SALE FU'decoruted 3 bedroom, attached garage. evil Beautifully furnace. Two bedroom, oil furnace', insulated, corner lot. garage — will contract. Houses wiili two modern apartments, two lo choose from, priced at S2500.00 and S4500.00. Throp bedroom, on west side, modern, barn, two lots, insulated. Home designed Cor sludcnt roomers, oxcollcnl income. Frame Jhroe room, like 1 new inside and out, across street from cumpus. S20.00 and 530.00. Modern 3 bedroom S4Q.OO Modern 4 bedroom $50.00 Two homes partly modern 1h«Waylnr«r. 108 iq. in. vl«wabl» arifl. H.d.Broyorlvor/lii- On |y lih.i. AC onlr. Mod.l u ' U5707. Here's "Take-Along" TV you can watch anywhere - in the kitchen, in the den, on the patio! The. now Wayfnrerbr'mRS you "High-Sharp-and-Easy" tuning. Balanced Fidelity Sound, and^—at no extra cost—a built-in telescoping antenna! Come in—try it yourself today! for UHF—N«w High Sp««d UHF lunlng co»»,i 70 UMf thonn.l, In V'/i iiiondll Oplionol, «»l'o, g| low lull. Ail ubouf Ik* (xcfuiiv* >CA Victor Factory S«iylc» Contract at Schneiders Electrical Appliance Store FAYETTE !:"# THANK NITE S100.&S25. This Saturday FARMS 80 near Fayette; 127 river farm; 237 will contract; 120 well improved will contract; 240 — the very best! The Fayette Insurance Agency Licensed Brokers John Hofineyer Fayette, Iowa Bob Anthony Phone 14 P*g* $ 3 JULY 1957 Fayolie County Leader Light Flooding At Walnut Woods Flooding of tho Raccoon River has ri.'sultcd in the closing of Walnut Woods State Park. Wilbur Rush, Chief of the Division of Lands and Waters for the Commission has termed the flooding and resultant damage "vi-ry light". The park will remained closed until all water systems have b<?en checked and judged safe for Ipub- lic use. out. She, and most of your bud- rtius have you tabbed for just what you :irc, a chump. They're just tnn polite or too scared or disgusted to tell you. Nnbody ulst! will tell you, so we're telling you. We'll take it back when tho insurance rates go back dnwn. NOTICE We will be closed on July 4, 5, and 6 UNIVERSITY CLEANERS Butternut, Hills, Folgers COFFEE 89c Hartex Crushed PINEAPPLE can. lOc Kuul AID Hersheys COCOA for 39c ib. 65c 1b.33c Rubin Hood FLOUR Northern NAPKINS Tender Leaf IIVMANT TEA 50 lb . S3.59 jar 45C Whole Sun Frozen ORANGE JUICE 2 lg L* cans Sno Crop FROZEN PEAS pkgs. «J I C THRIFTY FOOD MART Phone 81 Fayette, Iowa H. A. Schmidt (Ji; DON'T BUY ANY CAR BEFORE YOU DRIVE A CHEVY ... ITS BEST SHOWROOM IS THE ROAD. Here's tvhy Chevi/s best showroom is the road! Because Chevrolet's sleek good looks, its advanced features, are only part of the story. The big Ixmus is its remarkable wuda- bilily, the crisp precision handling that has posted an entirely new standard for cars ih every price class. There are reasons for this, of course: Chevrolet's balanced weight distribution that takes excessive loads off the front wheels, the wide stance of outrigger rear springs, Ball-Race steering, spherical-joint front suspension. Sure, you can admire the sculptured lines in the shdwfoom. But Chevy's a car specifically designed for beautiful motion—you have to travel in this oneto know just how terrific it is. Try it, this week! MOHK I'KOl'LK DHIVE CHKVKOKKTS THAN AJNY UTllUH CAU Only francliised Chevrolet dealers display this famous trademark fflMMrannHuwttwiitt^^ uminiiiiiiiiiHmiiiHiuilimiii See Your Local Authorized Chevrolet Dealer

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