Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on May 29, 1971 · Page 2
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 2

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 29, 1971
Page 2
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COLLINS CATTLE CALL Give Thanks You Don't Live in New York City By EDDIE COLLINS Today Farm Moms, no nesd to kindle up the tar or sort the featibes ... no lynching ropes, nor shooting irons. Today let's relate. Let us bow our beads and Thank the Goad Lord for oar many blessings; asking forgiveness *nd knowledge for the USf>A . . . and register piifijr for the poor unfortunates toct ftawe cot their lives one- fourth by living as slaves to the IUMM* «*anry traffic, the con- fosfon, dint, nnfriendlzness and viciousness of the Metropolitan Eafft. Today, I am in New York Csty conitiinfimg my search for ti» key to Personalized Beef Promotion. For one week I to*ve visited chain store executives who personally spend million* per week, bat whose sole range of policy decision is less flunt your new 'hired-band'. . . tint recent 'high school graduate' who you have mending fence on the back eighty . . . and whose daily expenditure is two bucks for gas and a dollar- thrae foe onion, rings, hamburger and a Cofee . . . providing fife long haired girl friend goes Dutch. New York is * glamorous city . . . Period Thank the Lord you do not live there. Give tbanfe» tb*t your sky is open; your neighborhood, if not cfean, confaxxUable; your townsmen speak and wave a hand; your kids four letter words are damn and (hell; their eyes are dear, speech unimpaired, thoughts normal, and laughter pure. And, you live amongst friends. UMSiUispicious .friends who accept you as. you are, not for possible favors nor influences, 'Whether Mend or enemy, ait least a greeting . . . "Hello", or "Quite a rain", or "Kiss my Mexican Chihuahua" . . . buit «n acknowledgement Except at home, except at work, New Yorkers walk eyes straight ahead, disinterested in •B. time ttuut push, run or dZay-deily on the street intersections. Only the parahandlers •peak to strangers . . . and oh yes, the sollciitors . . . worse tftaa Tijuana, worse than Paris after 4te war, New York, on film, ki print, Gain Honors at Panhandle State Six students from the Gardan CHy area have met re- ejasnaneiife far either the president's honor roll or the dean's baaar roll for the spicing semester at Panhandle State Cottage, GoodweM, Okla. TjaOo6 AMI Plunk, junior fam fiogotoh, has been named to 'the president's honor roll. Ibs president's rol includes • •fl eJiyflfirty w4» carry 12 hours is America. In actuality, it is a human trap a jungle of despondent, frustrated trapped people who wherever they migrated would be lost, out of place, unhappy. New York is a disease. Incurable. Garbage litters the streets and gutters, some of it human. Please remember many are good people but frightened by aggressive hoods and unprotected by their neighbors they seldom know. To say "Howdy fellow" means you have lost your cool. Say "Excuse me" iand it is a foreign language. But New York City is where the meat action is ... that is what cattle a^e all about. Seven to teai million head. Few with deep freezers atnd none completely filled with the half- fat-steer that broke a leg while loading. So these people eat. How they get that meat delivered is both mystery and miracle. Four, five times each day the streets become helplessly jammed, (on these moments, New Yorkers do speak. They scream, they swear. Say the same thing in OgaUata they would never make midnight.) Truck drivers making deliveries is much like these ranch dads heading .out in a blizzard to feed. Cabbies swear, pedestrians soiairl dowagers honk, kids shout, run and snap car aratenmias, busses lay smoke scireens and crowd these lanes, but somehow mealt is delivered the hospitals, restaurants, cafeterias, chili parlors, Mama and Papa Stores. Mosit chain store warehousing is centralized. Most com- plexes caver more area than a Class C football town on the Hi Plains. Guards at gates. Sign in, sign out. Impolite • hardened secretaries who protect the Inner Sanctum. Beef buyers are suspicious bluffers, noisy, unbelievably crude and impolite on the phone, the "deez and doo" executives daily control the meat distribution of America. And, farm moms, they are our target. More later. My message, moms, please do not envy any pant of trash- littered New York. Their re- ward must be in the niext world. Wifih school over you have returned to your motherly duties: Little League ball,, four trips to town to the swimming pool, a dozen trips to the Implement store for tractor parts'. But ... you have waved or raised a finger to the rural postoan, the minister, feedman, three country caittle buyers, and they to you. You have coffeed witto a dozen friends. The banter sent a graduation gilt as did- a dozen others. You live amongst iflhose who care. In pure air ... Oh, I know our drive a fast. Some even hang around the local gas station until midnight. Sure, some wear hair to the shoulders. Relax ladies, they are the most polite Long Hairs in the world. Can work like the devil and even make a solid straight fence. Too bad they cannot enclose that big city. Wei, concrete has now dullied the shine on my boots. My Western-cut suit is wrinkled, my billfold flattened. New York is an expensive city, but, that beef promotion is develop- Page 2 Garden Cliv Saturday, May 29, 1971 ing. Hope to have good news for next week. Toco John's 305 E. Kansas "The Hottest Spot in Town" more and have a grade poktit average of 4.00. named to the honor rol are Victor Lee Ball, •MOOT iron Garden City; Donald Leigh Men, senior from *; Everett Le Boy Dur- faam, sophomore from Ulysses; Pamela May Bowell, freshman ftom Tribune; and Richard W. Roberts, freshman from Ulysses. To be ieHg>ible for the dean's borne roll, as student must carry at least 12 hours and have * grade point average of 3.30 or above. Warehouse Charges UeMty freta hadM by thb flm wM b* raMMf the ' far tlw eerled MelceM: CCC the periee' J«ly 1. 1971 te J*M 39. 197 support program— for the feete ether the* CCC »erM Jww 1. «• M«y II. 1972. KM «f t*ic*pt Truck Reil 4.50 2.00 4.50 2.00 4.50 2.00 Storage Nr com) OeH Cent Seyfceaiu Ue^hfl Che. Track lad .040 .033 .040 .033 .031 .024 for calendar end Hit sue* year. t. Stereee charges far MMilna. I.M I.U 1.10 V. SMNJt* c ««ar «f 4ea«ilt " • -'-- WMh *• oppnval »f tke Nr «f tb* K«na» Sr«t» Oraln |aca«crie« Dofanimitt and with •fw— a^BAfllalv aKiiktlftUaWl !• t)4m^ TWV •jPfwf^"** •^••••••••••J ••• IIIV |OC«n >«MiMp0pef Or ^^Wffll Clf* •atariM, tbb Urm mcrva* the- rlfht to cbaiia* Mi tchadulo of ckaraoi at any Him during tho •bow mowlonW II ife* trah b BDMliawd by tit* Anderson Grain Co. CITY, KANSAS Proof is in tho Prico! Shop Here For Low Discounts Prices Effective Thru June 5, 1971. Limit Rights Reserved. None Sold To Dealers. FOODS 3-Lb. PKG. or MORE Ground Beef LB. Hickory Smoked Ham Butr 58 Fresh Portion Cut-up Fryers Grade Fresh Lb. Split Broilers Lb 39 c QUARTER StICID Pork loins 9 TO 11 CHOPS IB. Maadowdate Sliced Bologna Sliced Slab Bacon Country Style Spare Ribs 58 FRESH PRODUCE AT. DISCOUNT PRICES You'll find a wide selection of finest, freshest fruits & vegetables available to you year 'round. U.S. NO. 1 ARIZONA RED POTATOES NEW CROP KENTUCKY WONDER GREEN BEANS CALIFORNIA PEACHES U.S.D.A. GRADE "A" FRESH DRESSED Whole Fryers Smoked Ham Meadowdale Skinless Franks 12 C58 C Blue Morrow's Cooked Cwnelor Salads Mariner Fish Sticks Beef Steaks National Brands' AT LOW DISCOUNT PRICES Franco American Spaghetti Amur Treet Star Kist Chunk Tuna Hunts Pudding 4 Jello Gelatin 01. IO • * ox 4 42 c F o,64 c ll c 3 oz. LOW DISCOUNT PRICES! National Brands AT LOW DISCOUNT PRICES 4c Off Crisco Jiffy 3 Lb. OOC < 'Can Cake Mixes „'15° 2 84 C 59 Detergent G , 77 C Upton Instant Tea Ivory Liquid Detergent ox. 22COC ox. Gain MILE HIGH CUT Green ^ Beans 303 CANS For LOW DISCOUNT PRICES! MEADOWDALE WHOLE or CREAM Canned Fruit AT LOW DISCOUNT PRICES Golden 6 Corn 303 CANS 89 Camelof Applesauce Camelot Mandarin Oranges Del Monte Fruit Cocktail Hunt's Yellow Cllna, Peaches Meadowdale Pear Halves ^33° LOW DISCOUNT PRICES! 303 <) 1C Can 11 01. 303 Con Can ELLIS 4-OZ. CANS Vienna 4 OA Sausage 2 QT Health & Beauty Aids AT LOW DISCOUNT PRICES Family ODC She Crest Toothpaste Aqua Net Hair Spray II. 68 C •reck Shampoo Right Guard Deodorant ListerliM Mouthwash » 4 58 ox. 14 OOC ox. Fruits & Juice Drinks AT LOW DISCOUNT PRICES HI-C Fruit Drink Welch Grape Juice Texsun Grapefruit Juice Del Monte Tomato Juice V8 Cftclaall Jurce ox. i°69 c ox. ox. ox. ox. Fresh Dairy AT LOW DISCOUNT PRICES EGGS MEDIUM SIZE DOZ. LARGE SIZE DOZ. 36 42 LOW DISCOUNT PRICES! BANQUET Frozen Dinners 4-OZ. PKG. LOW DISCOUNT PRICES! CAMELOT ^^ Tomato GRANULATED Only On* $5.00 PurchaM, excluding Beer and Cigarettes, entitles you to all Super Star Specials at Prices advertised. VAN CAMPS Pork* Beans NO. 300 CANS Only One $5.00 Pukhasw, excluding Beer and Cigarettes, entiries you to all Super Star Specials at Prices advertised. 14-OZ. BTL. For LOW DISCOUNT PRICES! MARGARINE Parkay Oleo 1-LI. CTN. LOW DISCOUNT PRICES! MEADOWDALE Enriched flour 5-LI. PKG. 39 LOW DISCOUNT PRICES! CAMELOT Pinto Beans 2-LI. IAG

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