Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 11, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 11, 1939
Page 3
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Wednesday, October 11. 1939 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE THREE SOCIETY Kirs. Sid Henry Telephone 321 The Merry Heart Cioes All Way Jn:.t laugh to scorn their doleful ci ies— This is the place to whistle mid sing icn you come to « wearisome bit ! Brush the fog from your fearless cyc.s, of the road, i And close to the faith of your fathers here the stono.s ate thick and the path is steep, [id the back is bowed with the- heft of the load, th« narrowing way is haul to keep, [in'l stop ju.st then for a wasteful sifih I challenge lhr> WI,K| u-itli sle;«l- ht cheer; Luowhoie C|M:, dn.>ic is help mi high, id's angel will hasten your pioneer. leu you reach a loncsomi- bit of the road, kirtained about with mi.sl and murk pid you hear faint .sounds fiom dread above, I'ht-re shivi.-rum. giim hobgoblins lurk, UGHT :OLD? Ort, direct relief from dlrcomfort.s.. .rub throat, chest.buck with clinlc-tcstcci HEDY LEMARR ROBERT TAYLOR in "Lady of the Tropics" and cling. When you stand at a sorrowful bit of the road, And a h;md that you loved hiis loosed its clasp; •A'cn flower;, drop from your listless giasp, 'A'cn now lake heart, for, fiithcr on, I'here iue hope and joy rind the dawn of day, You shall find again wliiil you (bought WHS gone; , Tis the merry heart goes all the way. —Selected The Friday Music Club will opci activities for the club season with ; no o'clock luncheon Friday at the I Intel Barlow. A splendid program o music bus been arranged. Mr. iiiul Mrs. J. Finley Waul win have been living on the corner c lilli inul Main stveels have moved int their iiltractive new home on 1511 Mi eel, just off South Main, Non-Nazi Germans (Continued from Page One) winter. Adults, including 35 single nen, will attend the snrno schools nl light. About the lime of the Munich cris- s last year, C/.echoslovakia received joint BritiNh-I'Yench loan of 10,)00,l)0(i pounds. A portion of this loan as made iwailnblc for settlement jf Sudeten refugees in oilier parts of the world. Il is from this fund that the new community has been established here, it Tnpper Creek near the Alberta border, in what is known as Die Pence River suction of rich ngricultural land. Hi;te arc. more than 500 German- speaking Central Europeans, mostly Germans, with some Czechs and a few Jewish people who escaped I he terror of Hitler's .stctrm troopers. They were mostly residents of western region of Czechoslovakia who were unsympathetic to the Na/.i regime. Some were members of the German Democratic Party. anti-Hitler and nnli- A marriage tliat will be of intercs to the many friends of Ihe bride groom in this city, is that of Miss Margaret Metty of Camden and R. C. Ellen of Hope, taking jiliice in Camdcn on Scpt- I'lnber Ztitli. Following a wedding trip to Chicago, ntteiidirig the American Legion Convention, Detroit and Milwaukee. Mr. unil Mrs. Ellen are at home at 911) South Main Street. Mrs. James f?. Henry and daughter, Sue and Mi.s. Arch Moore were Tuesday visitor;.; in Texarkana. Old friends in this vicinity will regret to hear of the passing of Mrs. Dora Phillips Kmmce, who passed on "I her home in Little Rock'on Monday. Mr.v Kooncc was a member of one of Hempslend County's pioneer families, the daughter of the late Mr. and Mis. J. W. Phillips, former Hope citizens and u niece of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Philli|xs of this city. "The first requisite of a good eon- Picking Up the Pieces" in Poland Wednesday $1000 a Touchdown THURSDAY-FRIDAY LIONEL BARRYMORE BOBBY WATSON —in--- —Plus— SHORTS Added Attraction Thursday Nile 9:15 HOPE HI BAND While Czechoslovakia still rcmainoc independent .'irrangemonts had bcci completed for use of part of the British-French loan for thc purpose o assisting these refugees from Sudc ton areas. Transportation in Canadti and" the cost of their settlement wa, paid from this fund through thc Ca nailian government. Some were selected while there stil remained a Czechoslovakia us an in- depcndent nation, They were chosen officers of thi* colonization departments of the Canadian Pacific and Candiiin National Railways. Most, of them, however, escaped from their homeland curly this year as the last vestiges of independence were dissipated. They escaped by devious routes to England, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. They hurriedly gathered together what little they could, and fled before the fear of Na/.i concentration camps. Colonization officers of the railways .'-eleeled Oio.se most likely to be found adaptable to ;m entirely new life in western Canada, and these were then presented for final inspection and approval by the Canadian government's civil and medical examiners. Over a pericxl of two years each family will receive $15000 in food, cloth in)5, tools, supplies, and farm animals. In tluit time it is anticipated that the neiv community will be self-supporting, and each family will have is not ability (o talk, j ^.sunied Ihe responsibility and the but ability to listen. And very few of j ownership of its own portion of farm- u.s know luiw to listen. Real listen- j jug land. mi; is something positive, not merely j The men are assigned the heavier closing tin.' mouth, letting another talk, j work—clearing, operating tractors to find waiting until you can break in I break ground iintl plant crops, build- again. II you think it an ordinary trait. jug homes, barns iind pig pens. The keep house and care for the Hardens—gardens jso large Sustain Interest In Revival Meet Officei-s, Teachers Will Attend Wednesday In Special Group War's "fury has rushed by, Germany has conquered Poland. Now resident of Tarncwilz drags away pices of wreckage—a section of barbed wire fence. Photo passed by British censor, flown to U. S. Polish President an Exile at Birth And Raczkiewiez, as President, Becomes Exile • Once More By Thr AP Feature Service II is iipprupiulu that Wlarlyslaw Rae- The .study of greui church hymns, [ under thc leadership of Rev. C. 13. j Wyatt. and outstanding messages of zkiewicz 'pronounced Kateh-KYE-ve- Kcnneth L. Spore on thc central ech) .<-huulri heatl the now Polish gov- ;h^ of God's essential character j ernincnt-in-c>:i!e formed recently in i! love and his great joy in answer- j Paris. He was born an exile in 1885, ng the call of any humim willing to act i in Kutsis, Ku.st.in, wliere. his noblertian .in his own faith mark the leadership • father was sent by (lie czor for political the revival at thc First Metbotfoi ictivity. Educated in the law at the Univer- ity of Dorpfit, Kaczkicwicz praliced wo years \r> Minsk, then entered the fustian army us a reserve officer in 914. With the outbreak of the Russ- General Drive on (Continued from Page One) , tiy paying strict attention to the next person who addresses you. Decide lirinly to make •fronds- after ihe last period. Listen alone! women kitchen that there are 55 acres of potatoes i to the tones of voice, watch the spe'ik- ! er's eyes, observe how he puts his I .^entenee.s together, hi.s choice of words, his ideas, his sincerity or lack of it, his- shrewdness or miivete. Follow it us closely as if you intended to write it down. You will realize you arc having a new experience. And from the face of the person opposite you, you wilt realize that he is having a new experience loo." — Selected . WEDNESDAY HEX LEASH — in— "THE GHOST RIDER" SALLY EILERS —in— •"I'llKY MADE HEK A SfV" ON STAC'JK — IN PERSON Wednesday :UO - 8:30 "The Sunshine Boys" With HOIJ & JOE SIHXTON and (heir KWKII liadio Tniup Matinee I0-l'(lc Night IO-2Sc Colored Hal. 10e Kvc-n signed the children nave their as- tasks in the community pro- jeet—tending livestock, carrying water, yelling wood, and doing that endless variety of chores which make such a community self-reliant. They have cows, pigs, horses and chickens listed among the cooperatively owned liveslock. They are learning thc rudiments of what, to most of them, is an entirely new life. There are doctors, professors, clerks, textile workers former factory employes, secretaries and office workers in the group. Religions are mixed. There arc about as many Protestants as Catholics, and a few of Jewish cxtriic- lion. Thc average age is between .'W and 35 years. repeated that Great Britain wanted to wage war with the blood of the French, The voice of the traitors of Stuttgart was covered by the uninterrupted rumbling of convoys which were taking soldiers and cannon of the British army toward our frontiers. "Thus factual propaganda is stronger than that of lies. "It is thus moreover in our national life, as you have certainly noticed yourselves. There also events have wrecked many other undertakings of enemy propaganda. "Several weeks ago Commmunlsts' leaders posed before you as fierce pa- troit.s. They were, according to themselves, new Jacobins. They had no- words harsh enough or even insulting cnogh to scorn the peaceful efforts of the government. "nicy announced in meetings that they were ready to fight against Hitler and against his armies for liberyt ami Ihe fatherland, et it sufficed for the Bolshevists to find it to their interest to agree with the Nazis and partition Poland with them for these pretended new Jacobins to simply make their excuses for a peace by treason. "There are dictators who massacre Communist workers and reach agreement later with their chiefs but we Texarkana to Be Host to Baptists Hope Baptist Association Meeting There Thursday, Friday The Hope Baptist association, including churches from Hempstcad, Nevada, Miller, Columbia, and Lafayette Counties, will meet in an- Japs Apparently on Run in China nual .session the Beech Street Severe Setback in Hunan Province Reported for Invaders church, and the excellent attendance il local arid out-of-town people shows the sustained interest. 'Ihe story of the breaking of the idubasler box of ointment depicted in the morning message the willingness f Christ to judge each action by the motives prompting it; and Bartemae- us, thc blind beggar of Jericho, whose tight was restored, was used in the evening sermon us an example of one who recognized in Jesus of Nazareth thc Christ, his personal need of him, and the necessity ot acting upon his faith in spite of people or conditions that would hinder. Approximately seventy-five members of the Woman's Mission Society sat in a body as the special group present on Tuesday nigh.t On Wednesday night the Church School officers and all class officers and teachers vill attend as a special group; and on Thursday night Boy Scout Trouv C2, which is sponsored by thc Methodist church, the Girl Scou Troops, with their leaders, togethe with the Young People's Divisio; of the Methodist Church School will attend in a body.' To this date about thirty names have been added to the membership of the local church, and much good work is being done in every Department. French never think of confusing the workers of France, whatever may be their politiciil opinion, with men who and betray Baptists Church, Texarkana, Thursday and Friday of this week. All phases of Baptist denominational work will receive consdicration. A large delegation will attend from the First Baptists church of Hope. Messengers will be elected at thc mid-week service Wednesday night. The report of the past year's work to the association;*] meeting will show that the First Baptists Church has made gains in every phase of its work during the past year. As the year 1939 is one of especial evangelistic emphasis throughout the Southern Bap list Convention, it 1 is exptected that an unusually large number of conversions and baptisms will be reported by all the churches at this year's associational meeting. The local church reports sixty-five additions by baptism; during this year. .] IJOK Angles children may IJOITOW a toy.for a maximum of two weeks from a unique "toy library." an revolution in 1!)17. he threw him- elf into political-military activity, at irst organizing .secret Polish military orces on Russian soil, later building: up military resistance to the Bolsheviks in Eastern Poland. From 1920 on, Kaczkicwicz held numerous public positions, including several terms as the Polish minister o£ interior, president of thc Warsaw senate and governor of important Polish provinces. In 1937, when Poland was rifrj with uuti-semilic riots, Racz- kicwiez warned he would send to concentration camps all leaders of the movement. He is the Polish equivalent of an English aristocrat. He is married, but has no children. BARBS SHANGHAI, China — WM— China, fighting desperately to preserve the republic founded 28 years ago, Tuesday celebrated its "double ten" national holiday with confident predictions of ultimate victory in the 27-monlh-olcl war with Japan. The killing of a Chinese civilian by a Japanese sentry in the Japanese-occupied territory adjacent to the French concession was the only untowan incident of the celebration here. Foreign quarters confirmed reports of a severe Japanese set-back in Hu- j hrig. former New York Yankee star nan province. The Chinese reported : first baseman incapacitated by a subtle that the Japanese, thrown back last j form of paralysis ,a city parole corn- week, still were retreating. Foreign , missioner. Lou Gehrig Given N.Y.C, Appointment Becomes Parole Commissioner—an "Example for Wayward Boys" NEW YORK —(/P)— Mayor La- Gardia Wednesday appointed Lou Ge- "On the contrary it is with even more adrcnt faith in thc people and the common fatherland that we ap- observers said the Japanese defeat | frustrated attempts to capture Chang- sha, capital of Hunan province. The Japanese announced extensive air raids in Hunan, Kiang.su and Kwangsu and Kwangsi provinces. peal to French fraternity which will permit Us once more to overcome trials and vanquish peril. Inna Harris Walker Funeral services for Irma Walker Harris, wife of AJford Harris, will be held at 2 p. in. Thursday at the C. M. E. church. The services will be conducted by Rev. G. W. Young, presiding elder, assisted by Rev. P. L. Jones, piistor and Rev. II. Cooper. Part Do You Play? SERIAL STORY JOAN OF ARKANSAS BY JERRY BRONDFIELD COPYRIGHT, 1939, NEA SERVICE, INC. (Continued from Page One) You alone give meaning to the part you play on life's stage. Great; are your responsibilities. One is to bring security and happiness to those around you. Then the show will be worthwhile. You'll gather friends who will understand you, respect and stand by you. You'll find added happiness in hospitality ... splendor in sim- ple things ... fresh plans and ideas in your moments of well-earned leisure. Remember—each dawn on life's stage is your "cue to go on." # * # You honor your friends when you ask them into your home. To serve them beer is simple hospitality . . . but to serve them Budweiser is a gracious compliment. ANHIUSIR-BUSCH Makers of Ihe World's Aloft Famous Beer Budweiser MAKE THIS TEST : DRINK Budweiser FOR FIVE DAYS. : ON THE SIXTH DAY TRY TO DRINK A SWEET BEER. YOU WILL WANT FLAVOR THEREAFTER. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^j. t^^^^^^^^^^^^^L^^^L Com. IIH. *NKEUSI«-IUSCM. INC. ST. IQUIS, HO. informed her with a grin. "Of course, that phony job you have down at thc bureau of motor vehicles doesn't hurt any, does it?" He registered outraged dignity. "Whadaya mean—phony? I'll have you know—" They swung down College Drive and passed the ivy-covered home economics building. "Pull over, Keith." They were approaching Jennings' bookstore. "There's Dan Webber. Been wondering when he'd gel around to stopping at the house. Let's pick him up and take him with us." "O|vc—" And then calling to a usky young man in a maroon arsity sweater. "Hey, Web— 'mere!" ''Look up and down both ways," Carol added, as Webber waited lor stream of cars to pass. "Don't worry," said Keith. "He vill—that's just the sort of guy 10 is—dead serious about every- hing." "Including thc way he blocks or you," Carol said under her jj'cath. "Hi Carol! Hi Keith! Where jound?" He stumbled into the back and stretched his legs. He didn't have Rhodes' height nor thc landsome features. Yet he was ;uod-looking enough. His shoulders were broad and hinted of lower—the kind of power that could blast an opposing end or tackle right into the stands. * * * T)AN WEBBER could hardly rc- member the last time he bad carried thc ball for Tech. His was thc blocking post and when Keith Rhodes started off. on one of hi.s celebrated ofl'-tackle slants or wide end sweeps it was Dan Webber who usually led the way. The wind whipped tousled hair into his serious brown eyes. "Well, where we bound for?" he repeated. Before Carol had finished explaining they were at the station. Carol gripped their arms simultaneously a minute later as passengers came up the ramp. "Over there," she nodded, "and do you sec what 1 sec?" They followed her gaze. Keith let go with a whistle. "Don't look now, but it's an optical illusion." "Jeepers," said Dan softly, "call out the guard. Walking slowly toward them looking to cither side as though she were searching for someone, was the most beautiful girl any ot them had ever seen on thc Tech campus. Slender, dark, her case and grace of movement was a direct contrast with the excited, milling groups criss-crossing ihrough the crowded station. They walked up to her. Carol said: "I believe you're looking for me—or rather I'm looking for you. I'm Carol Reid, president of Alpha Nu—and of course you're Joan Johnson." Joan Johnson smiled and extended her hand. "Right, and thanks for meeting me. . . ." And then as her eyes swept deliberately over Keith and Dan: "Quite a reception committee." "Just u couple of porch lizards who infest, the terrace back at the house," Carol offered bantcringly. "One of them, especially. Joan, this is Keith Rhodes, and . . ." Before she eould get any further with the introductions', Keith had taken Joan's hand. "I've heard of you, haven't I?" she murmured. "The great Keith Rhodes . . . you play football or something, don't you?" lie grinned, holding her hand a •implc of seconds longer than usual. "That's right," he admitted aieezily. * # * YVfUEN Keith had released Joan's " hund, Carol continued. "And this is Dan Webber . . . another varsity man." I'm doubly honored." She looked into Dan's rugged face, saw none of the eager challenge that had been so visible in Keith. "And what position do you play?" she inquired, almost too politely. "Right hull." Ho was very brief. "Keith plays left." "Your bugs," Carol cut in. ''Let's get 'em and dump 'eiu right, in Keith's car." "Sure," Keith said. "Let me have (ho claim checks." "Thanks," Joan replied, "but I've already arranged to have them sent out to tin- house. I don't think it would be very convenient to pile them in a ear, anyway." Keith opened the front door for her, and got in behind the wheel. Dan and Carol climbed into the rear. (To Be Continued) Anderson-Clayton Warehouse Burns 3,000 Bales of Cotton, $200,000 Damage Near Euclora, Ark. EUDORA, Ark. —(/ft— Fire earlj Wednesday destroyed Anderson-Clayton company's, warehouse at Granc Lagc landing on the Mississippi rivet four miles east of here with a loss estimated by Manager L. W. William* at $200,000. More than 3,000 bales of coltoi were stored there, alon'g with scvera carloads of groceries. Authorities expressed the belief tin fire started in a bale of cotton alread; smouldering inside when it arrived a the warehouse. The apointment, for a term of sligh- ly more than 10 years carries a salary f SG.OOO, less the current 5 per cent >ay cut. "I believe he will be an inspiration ind hope to many younger boys who lave gotten into trouble" the mavoi said. A reporter found German solclie. playing football on the western front They evidently aren't going to let little thing like a war interfere wit the gridiron season. An old law of Chester, England, re quires a man to raise his hut who a funeral passes. Berlin police have set women to reeling potatoes for soldiers. Buck privates in the American army would irobably favor the formation of. a fe- uale corps for such duties over here. The trouble with being foreign mini- tcr of Estonia is that all this travel- ng back and forth to Moscow is liable o get one in a rut. That balmy breeze you feel isn't repercussion of the California heat wave. It's just Congress warming up 'or the embargo debate. "J'° r years I hnd occasional constipation, K A John S. Gibson Drug Co. October Savings On Tailored! Dressy! Smart Paris'Copies LADIES Specialty Shop Women's Pain Relieved By "Build-Up" Method During the last CO years, the number of birds in the United States has decreased 75 per cent Do you suffer periodically from headaches, nervousness, irritability, restlessness or craVnp-like pains? If so, here's good news'. These may be symptoms of functional dysmenorrhea, which is so often caused by undernourishment, By improving the appetite, digestion, assimilation, through, the proper use of CARDUI, women by thousands find they are able to build strength, energy, and nerve-force. Thus periodical pain is relieved for many users of CARDUI. By taking it just before and during "the time," women by thousands report that CABDUI also helps to allay the pain and discomfort of thc period. This impressive, guaranteed Studebaker is yours lor the same money as an ordinary lowest price car NEIV ^<^. JL1JU VV JL'*f*WJ STUDEBAKER CHAMPION T HIS timewhcn you c;olooking around for the best buy in a lowest price car, make it easy for yourself and sec and drive this remarkable new 19-10 Studebaker Champion first. Thousands of thrilled Champion owners have conclusively proved that this powerful, brilliant-per forming, 6-cylinder Studebaker uses 10' ,'. to 25'.';. less gas than other leading lowest price cars. You pay nothing extra for scaled-beam headlamps, steering wheel gearshift, planar independent suspension, non-slam rotary door latches, front-compartment hood lock. Low down payment; easy C.l.T. terms. ARCHER MOTOR COMPANY •? \ East Third Street Hope, Arkansas

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