Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on June 19, 1951 · Page 9
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 9

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 19, 1951
Page 9
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TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 1951 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS EVEN • * THE AIR OVER HANFORD IS OUT OF BOUNDS • * • • • • BUT IT'S TOUCH TO DEFEND ATOMIC FACTORY FROM EXPANSION'S INDUSTRIAL WOES BOOMING CITV is Richland, which houses the «niploye«s who work at the Han ford A-Bomb manu> facturing: area. It's grown from SOA In 104S to 2S,000 today. This la the site of a new housing project. which will accomm ndate 300 families. H n«tt BY DOUGLAS LARSEN NEA Staff Correspondent ANFORD, Wash.—(NEA)—In the operatione office of an Air Force base a few hundred miles from here there IB a sign for all to see which says: "If you have never had a court-martial, try flying over Hanford." At another nearby base the sign reads: •'It is better never to have flown at all than to fly over Hanford." Only the jet fighter pildts whose 24-hour-a-day mission is to defend the 620-acre Hanford site from air attack arc permitted to fly over it. For every other pilot, the air above the site where they make Plutonium for the atomic bomb is strictly out of bound.?. Because Hanford is considered the A-bomb manufacturing area closest to possible air attack by Russia, It is probably the most heavily-guarded of any of the Atomic Energy Commission's ea- tablishments. * * * However, there is one defense of Hanford which is beginning to look vulnerable. That is its protection against the creeping industrial woes caased by America's expanding war production. By dint of industrial resourcefulness and certain emergency measures, production of plutonium has been maintained at a satisfactory rate with the rest of LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE OP CI-AIM DAY Notice Is hereby priven to all per- •onii that Monday, Aupust 6tli, 195] la the claim dale In the estate of Lydia LIvaiios. Decea.sed, pendlnff In the County Court of Jefferson County, Illinois, and that claims may be fifed a^ the said e.s- tate on or before .said date without Usuance of summons. EMANUEL G. LIVANOS, Kxecutor, HASSAKIS & iSCKER, JOHN A. KIRK. Attorneys for Kxecutor, Mt. Vernon. Illinois. T-l mOTICK OP CLAIM DAY Notice Is hereby given to all persons that Monday. August 6lh. 19B1. la tha claim date In the estate of William E. Dale, Deceased, pending In the County Court of Jefter.son County, Illinois, and that claims may be filed against the said estate on or before said date without Issuance of summons. NELLIE D.'VLE. Executor. yRANK H. WALKER, Attorney. «-19 TAX PUHCH.AJIKH'S NOTICE STATE OF ILLINOIS ) )ss COUNTY OF JEFFERSON) TO: Per.sons In possession or occupancy of the premises hereinafter described; to a.sse.-ijfee asralnsl whom the taxes hereinafter descrlben were assessed; to o^-nevH of or vmrties Interested in said property; and to trustees or mortsagees of record; and to unknown owners and parties ftterested. TAKE NOTICE: That at a sale of lands and lots for g^eneral taxes duly made In the Count.v and State • foresaid, A. C. Burl<e purchased on the 10th day of October, A. D. 1949. BE SE Sec. 9, Town 2, RanRe 4 •. of .^rd P. M.. 40 acres, as.-'essed fn the name of A. M. Jackson, Webber Twp. SW SW ex 1 A. NE Cor. Sec. 8, Town 3, Range 2, S. of 3rd P. M.. 19 acres, assessed in the name of Sarah Rlghtnowar, McClellan Twp. SB SW Sec. 22, Town S, Range 2, 40 acres, assessed In the name of A. J. Ford, McClellan Twp. TAX PUHCHASER'S NOTICB STATE OF ILLINOIS ) COUNTY OF JEFFERSON) TO: Persons In possession or occupancy of the premises hereinafter described; to assessee aKa.lnst whom the ta.ves hereinafter described were assessed; to owners of or parties interested In said property; and to trustees or mortgages of record; and to unknown owners and parties in- terp.sted. TAKE NOTICE: That at a sale of lands and lots for general taxes duly made in the County and State aforesaid. Interstate Bond Company, a Georeria corporation duly qualified to do business in the State of Illinois, purchased on the 10th day of October A. D. 1949. Cert. No 3 and 4—SE',4 SE SE Sec. 2-1-1, 20 Acres NE NE Sec. 11-1-1. 40 .Acres—Said lands or lots %vere taxed for the year 1948 In the name of Peter Kamber. Cert. No. NE NW Sec, 5-1-3, 20 acres—Said lands or lots were taxed for the year 194« In the name of John Howard. , SW SE Sec. 4, Town 1, Range 1. 40 acres, assessed in the name of •William T. Kell, Grand Prairie Twp. Rome Twp. W>i NE NW Sec. 27, Town 1, Range 2. 20 ^res, assessed in the name of Chas. True, Rome Twp. N^ NW SE Sec. 31. Town 1, Range 2, 20 acres, assessed In the name of Rueben Anderson, Rome Twp. SVi SW SE Sec. 31. Town 1. Range 3, 20.87 acres, assessed in the name of Jesse Lane, Rome Twp. NE SE ex 1 A. Church and ex. NE Cor. Sec. 30, Town 1, RanRe 1, 37 acres, assessed in the name of Ida C. Adams, Farrington Twp. 1 A. SW Cor. SW SE 178 ^.i ft. N and S by 33 rds. 11 1-3 ft. E and W, Sec. IS. Town 2, Range 1, 1 acre (Mt. Vernon Twp,), a.ssossed in the name of Zelbert Taylor. Lot 532, City Park Add (Mt. Vernon Twp.). assessed In the name of Wayne Jackson. Lot .'•>R4, City Park Add (Mt. Vernon Twp.I, assessed in the name of J. H. Rackaway. ' Lot 744, City Park Add (Mt. Vernon Twp.), assessed in the name of Paul Pigg. All of the above situated in said County and State, for the dfjiinquent taxes levied and assessed thereon for the year 1948. The time of redemption from said certificate of ^vill expire on the 10th day of Octol)er, A. D. 19S1, Redemption may also be made after the expiration of said last mentioned date at any time up to date a tax deed Is issued upon said certificate of purchase, in the manner as provided for in Section 263 of the Revenue Act of 1939 as amended. A. C. BL'RKE, Mt. Vernon, 111., R. 7, Redemption should be made at the office of the County Clerk. 7-3 Cert. No. 27—Lot 158 Mannen 's Highlands sub pt Ei/4 SBV. Sec. 25-2-2—Said lands or lots were taxed for the year 1948 In the name of Bin Lee. Cert. No. 44—W side W14 SE SE Wi.. Sec. 36-2-3, 26 Acres—Said lands or lots were taxed for the year 194 8 In the name of P. S. Cummings. Cert. No. 4 7—Ex 55 ft. and 42'/4 ft NW cor. Lot 2 In Blk 20 Storm's Survey—Said lands or lots were taxed for the year 1948 in the name of Ivan K. Marlow, Cert, No. 72—Txit 639, City Park .•\ddn.—Said lands or lots were taxed for the year 1948 in the name of Claude Hutchison. Cert. No. 89~Lot 1 In Blk 1, A. C. Johnson's Addn.—Said lands or lots were taxed for the year 1948 In the name of S. W Smith. the A-bomb program. Production of Plutonium has doubled since General Electric Co. took over in 1947, and the cost per unit has been cut in half. Nevertheless, the labor and material shortages which have been caused by the Korean-inspired mobilization are having an impact. G. R. Prout, GE vice-president in charge, says there are growing shortages of such things as construction materials and stainless steel. And there is growing need for such specialists as instrument mechanics—to maintain the elaborate precision instruments needed in the production of plutonuim —and draftsmen and other technicians. About 20 per cent of the 8000 GE Hanford employes are working a six-day week. Teams of expediters are keeping vital materials flowing in here at a reduced but steady rate. And training programs have been started to create the skills for which there is a bad shortage. As far as the shortage of personnel goes, the key lies in the amazing city of Richland, a few miles from the manufacturing site of Hanford, which houses all of GE's employes and their families. They are many extraordinary things about Richland. Having jumped from a population of 300 in 1943 to a city of 23,000 today, it is probably America's fastest-growing city. Every inch of land is owned by Uncle Sam and managed for the population by GE's Commercial Facilities Division. Individual private enterprises run such things as retail stores, restaurants, and laundries. The Little Egypt News in Brief A-BOMB WORKER is Mary i:. Chiedler, a chemist with the Technical Division's Analytical Section at the Hanford Works. She is working with a "hot" sample behind a lead-shielded hood. townspeople seem to be happy under the GE regime. Because the prime mission of Hanford is as an industrial enterprise, it is natural that Richland would have more of an industry- town atmosphere than the AEC's Los Alamos, which is built on a beautiful mountain plateau and has more of a university-town atmosphere. But Richland is an extremely pleasant industry-type city. * • * Its rows of neat, modern frame cottages compare favorably with any prosperous U. S. suburbs, as do its modern up-to-date shops. FOR SALE OR TRADE Three unit apartment close In, hot water heat, paved street. Small farm,.close in, 5 rooms, fine barn, other outbuildings, electric, plenty shade and water, good land. Brick tile building on hard road on Whittington curve, suitable for tavern, dance hall, or restaurant, hardwood floors, fixtures. Everett Ellis Room S09 Rogers BIdg. Phone 228-J or 14S3-J Cert. No. 106—E 100 ft of Lot 173. WInslow's Addition—Said lands or lots were taxed for the year 1948 in the name of J. C. Keyes. Cert. No. 114—Lot 9, Wards Parkview Sub DIv of 1» C. F. Holts 3rd niv.—Said lands or lots were taxed for the year 1948 in the name of Casey B. and Alleen Jones. Cert. No. 119—NVi SW SW See. 17-2-4, 20 Acres—Said lands or lots were taxed for the year 1948 In the name or Virgie M. Bailey. Cert. No.- 150—NW SE Sec. 4-4-8. 40 Acres—Said lands or lots were taxed for the year 1848 In the name of W. A. Puckett. .Ml of the above situated in said County and State, for the delinquent taxes levied and assessed thereon for the year 1948. The time of redeniption from said certificate of purchase A'ill expire on the 10th day of October A. D. 1951. Redemption may also be made after the expiration of said last mentioned date at any time up to date a tax deed is issued upon said certificate of purchase, in the man- nfr a.s provided for in Section 263 of the Revenue Act of 1939 as amended. INTERSTATE BONP COMPANY 120 South LaSalle Street Room 646 Cliicago 3, niinois ST ate 2-2474. Redemption should be made at the office of the County Clerk. 8-20 CHURCHES HOWARD UNION SUNDAY SCHOOL There will be preachipg services Wednesday night at 7:30, at the Howard school house. Brother Ed Matthew will bring the message. BEN E. SMITH Office IIU V. H. QUIGLEY SALESMAN 815 Sootb lAth AtreM g Room duplex, modern except heat; comer let, paved street, close In, west—easy terms. 7 Rooms, newly decorated Inside and out, water syitem, fsragc, t lots in Walionville—$5500. S Room house, water, electricity, laria ehlcken house, at edge-of town—easy terms. 4 Room, new house. Insulated rockwool, t lots, gisssed-ta baek porch, water in house, $4250. Located in Bonnie. 5 Rooms, water and lights, 605 Bell street. Can be boHght «a terms. 4 room new house, modern except heat, west location, good terms. Price $4750—a good buy. 4 room, modern except heat, west location; $600 down—total price, $5000. 12 Boom apartment house, all furnished and modem— $1SM, low down payment, rsrms—7, 8, 10, 30, 40, 80, 180, 200 acre. LISTINGS WANTED: FARM and CITT PROPERfr 2 Itc^ril a. Murphy REAL ESTAH AND INSURANCE Marvin L. Mnov -e - Frank Hopkins Salesmen GLENN MimPHY. Broker 1118 Moin Sr. —Phone 217 1.—Income property consisting; of 4 unit apartment building with ail furnishings. Income $167.50 per month. 317 South 9(h street. Out of town owner will sacrifice for quicit sale. $.—Mr. Investor— of ail the investments in Mt. Vernon do not over- loolc this one brinfi:ing in $500 per month. Building 40x160, has four 4 room apartments, two 3 rooms and one 2 room apartment upstairs, office and j^arage with double duty car or trucic lift on ground floor. Another feature is the location—602 Main street. Don't let this bargain pass. 3.—6 room modern ranch type home, hardwood floors, modern kitchen and bathrooms, utility room with oil furnace, lot 75x200, located close in east. 4.—4 room bungalow, garage, coal house and chicken house—only $2500. 5.—Good 8 room house nicely arranged in two 4 room apartments, located close in on 15th street. 6.—Excellent building site, corner lot, Northbrook Drive. 7.—Out of town owner will sell 5 room modern bungalow, Venetian shades, insulated, full basement, furnace, garage—west part. 8.—Grocery stock of goods and fixtures, good location. 9.—90 or 133 acres, 4 miles southeast of Mt. Vernon on Lynchburg road, house and barn, 3 ponds and 3 wells, improved road, close to school and high school bus line. Ground has been limed and improved; farm mostly in corn. If sold soon will let 1/3 of crop go. 10.—4 room bungalow, modern except heat; also t room cottage on same lot. Priced to sell—18th street. II.—5 acres more or less on the Fairfield Road, with or without buildings—good building site. 12.—8U acres, 4 room house, good out buildings, electricity—Waltonviila Road. FOR SALE The "Million $ Grape" building in choice location on Salem Road. This property is adaptable to many types of businesses—2500 square feet of space; lot is approximately 97x200 foot depth; c^ty water, Janitrol gas heat, 350 gallon propane tank. Immediate possession— attractive terms. 1.—$500 down, $30 per month buys business building in Opdyke, III. Has four room apartment on second floor, located on U. S. highway No. 460. Price only $3150. 2.—$800 down, $61 per month buys 8 room duplex, partially furnished. Located at 1112 Jones street—full lot. 3.— Modem ddplex with five room unit and four room unit; private kaths, good location—price $12,500. 4.—Income property on north Stb street; two houses on 100x80 ft. lot. Total Income $95 per month—price $6000. L. L PHEMISTER REAL-ESTATE and INSURANCE 1007 Main —T*l. 1(7 new schools and new churches. Main source of recreation for the citizens of Richland are the natural facilities of Washington's beautiful mountains, ' lakes and streams. Richlanders live an out- of-door existence with fishing, skiing and hunting as the main diversions. Richlanders appear to be taking the war-scare .of recent months with little panic, In spite of the fact that they possibly present the most ready target fpr Russian bombers striking across the North Pole route and Alaska. "We don't want war any more than any other citizen of the U. i S.," says a typical Richlander, "but; .-i"', I do think we all are more serious , county, 111., and an University ot about our work because of its vital , Illinois graduate. On July 1 he importance to the country's de-lwill succeed Paul Pittman, re- fense." •y AtMtia«e4l Preti PINCKNEYVILLE — A magii trate's decision that a fanner had to pay $495 car damages to a motorist who hit a wandering mule was over ruled in circuit court yesterday. Judge Edward F. Bareis of East St. Louis directed a jury to find that the motorist, WiUla i Adams of Ava, failed to prove that the mule was owned by the farmer, Louis Misselhorn of Percy, The oili^inal decision favoring the m';torist was made by Police Magistrate Harry A. Smith of Pinckneyville. EFFINGHAM—One of Effingham's oldest industries, a grain mill operated in a building more than 100 years old, has been closed. William Melzer . an nounced the sale of the structure, one of the city's last original landmarks, last Saturday to Harry Althoff. Althoff plans' an apartment building on the site. EFFINGHAM—Effingham citizens who want to see a communi- tj fireworks show July 4 will turn on their porch lights on Friday night as a sign they want to contribute. Civic clubs will pick up items residents consider "white elephants" but not junk to be sold at a courthouse lawn auction. Proceeds will pay for fireworks. CARMI—Richard G. Kerr from Greenfield, Iowa, was named White coui.ty farm adviser yesterday. Kerr, with the Iowa Farm Bureau, is a native of Champaign signed. JULIA RUTHERFORD-REAL ESTATE JOHN R. WOOLSEY, Soletmon Phone 400 or 48 1011 Moin St. 9 room modern home in west part—2 baths, bssemeni, saitable for duplex; cottage in rear. Immediate possession. A real buy for qniek sale. 41 acre farm, 5 miles east of city, 4 room house, barn, ehlckea hoosc, electricity, telephone—price $3500. $500 cash, balance like rent, buys 4 room all modem bungalow, west part; built-in bath, built-in cabinet, hardwood floors, possession July 1—a real buy. Price only $5500. New ranch type 4 rooms, hardwood floors, built-in cabiaets, automatic heat, attached garage, city water, on hard road. 5 rooms, all modern, full basement, stoker heat, newly decorated, now vacant. Choice location—408 south 19th street, , 6 room house, modern except heat. Can be purchased on easy terras. On South 12th street. New 4 room house, hardwood floors, fireplace, built-in cabinets; also large shop building. Close in on Waltonville Road. 6 room house, close in on Cherry street. Will trade for small aa- burban property. Real nice 5 room house, built-in cabinets, modern bath, basement with furnace and stoker, 20 acres nice level ground, good roads, across from block school house—reasonable, 30 acre farm, now vacant, 5<^ miles east; fair buildings—only $3800. Good 77 acre farm, good buildings, Zl^ miles north of lexlc*—only $7700. New 4 room house, modern except beat, barn and other outbulldlBfs, 2 acres ground—close in. 6 room home in Bluford at a very low price. HINDMAN & HENSON "?^^r 309 S. lOfh Phont 3622 ROBT. L. HARVEY, Broker Harold E. Chombliss, Soltsmon HAVE YOU EVER LIVED... In A Modem, Well-Constructed Home With a full dry basement with a door leading out to the ground floor terrace, built-in kitchen cabinets, ample closet space, two large bedrooms, kitchen and dinette. LOCATED IN THE EXCLUSIVE Jamison-Mannen Subdivision — A LARGE LOT THIS IS A REAL BARGAIN! A VERY USEFUL GIFT WILL BE GIVEN TO THE PURCHASER OF THIS HOME DURING THIS MONTH If you have nevier lived in a real home. It will pay you to see this one! JAMISON REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE AGENCY TELEPHONES: 372 -373 tl ,000,000 CONTRACT By AtM*l*t*< PrtM CHICAGO, June 19.—The U. S. Army Corps ot Engineers announced today award o( • $1,000,000 contract to the Alport-Carlo Construction Company of St. Louis, The contract is for con- •truction o( M tlerMta tenance building ami bMf tenance shop annex tt IR* Itc aty en«ln««r 4«roti Flrtt telegraph wmpwor In Olf* gon started operation In ^JfBBJ.: FOR S\LE Near Shoe Factory and bnsineaa district of Soathweat Ml Vernon. 2 lota with unfinished modem apartment halMlait of 4 4 -room apartments. 2 apartments are renting. Comer lot mttU able for business lot, this lot has 2 old bandings oa It. This It part of the property of the Estate of the late Lillian O. Sawyw Edwards, to be sold by the Administrator. Maml* Thoraaa. PHONE 4104 OR 4530 Buy this 7 room ultra modem ranch-style, extra large living n VA built-in baths, modern kitchen, 3 bedrooms, der breeaeisay> utility rom, garbage disposal, large garage, plot U8x3$i>—only 914,t9fc Nice 5 room house, 2 fine lots in Opdyiie, III. Beautiful 5 room, modern, hardwood floors, built-in bath, modern Icitchen, oil furnace. Insulated, storm windows, garage, concrete drive, west—only $8500. Prewar 5 rooms, all modern, full basement, GI financed, 1512 Herbert street. Nice 5 rooms, modern, hardwood floors, built-in bath, full basement, gas heat, large plot of ground—Fairfield Road. $750 down. $45 a month buys 4 rooms, all modern, oil furnace, water heater, garage, paved street, west—only $5000. Beautiful .8 .rooms. built-in cabinets, fine baaeasairtb garage, t blocks fron aqaara. 4 rooms, modem except hmi, garage, 2410 College street. 9 rooms, full basement, garag% barn, 1^ acres. Airport rami 5750 down, 940 a month. Ultra modern S room niiA« style, long living room, beantlfal Icitchen, built-in bath, btecwmigrt den, garage. ^ Cozy 5 rooms, modem, hardwaai- (ioors, built-in kitchen^ Tarage, 1001 South 23rd Strcat. Beautiful S rooms, strictly mat», em, garage. No. 2 Sliaw'a Oaf* den. Bargain for quick sale. A. HAROLD WILLIAMS LOGAN C. RICHARDSON "YOUR RELIABLE REAL ESTATE DEALERS" 315 South 10th Street, Room B — Telephone 251-756 Evening Calls — Telephones 4254 or 2667-J ml Lom CITY HOMES ^W^smS^ FARMb si ^iBUSlNESS LFASt. NEW LOCATION TENTH & HARRISON — Som« Phonts d2-7t9 FOR YOUR CONVENIENCi "FREE PARKING FOR^OUR CUSTOMERS" V 11000 down or less for a GI (owner will wait en GI natll ha «•», obtain GI loan)—and balance like rent buys S room inaisie bungalow adjacent to SuramersviUe school, east; a fine hoBMt owner leaving city. Immediate possession, owner just redoead ittoa. a fine spot, cheap taxes, and think of. it! the sehoti next daae and it is really a fine school. Lester Hicks, principal, OM al Southern llUnois* better educators sees to that. 719 Harrison, 6 rooms, full basement, built-in eabineti^ flna perek. close in. Convenient to grade and high schools. 6 rooms, all modern, 2 baths, full basement with play rooaSf all heat, nice shade, hardwood floors, fireplace, built-in baths, large bedrooms with double closets. Finest location north., 7 rooms, colonial brick, full basement, 2 baths, shade, nicely landscaped, garage. A wonderful liew home. WUl exchange for smallsr. 1716 Perkins. 3 bed rooms, close to shoe factory and ganaeat factsiyt paved street, full basement. A fine home at a sacrifiea price, ttnm. Duplex, 10 room*, 2 baths, 2 furnaces, hardwood floors. A real lavsal- ment, 2018 and 2016 Lamar. GI loan payments ineladlag taxes only $57.22. WiU sacrifice for immediate sale. New trailer, 3 rooms, electric refrigeration, modem. A few months aU. Will exchange for city propc,r(y. 6 rooms, all modern, extra large lot, basement, every modem convenience. A fine home at a bargain price. Terms—410 S. 21st St. The only bakery downtown, 1011 Broadway. Splendid cquipmeat. A real money maker. Owner must sell. Might exchange fer city property. Out of town owner will sell S room efficiency home, near city park: hardwood floors, built-in bath, bailt-hi cabincU, only $4SN. wftb laoe down, balance $40 monthly. An unequalled value. $3500 will buy a S room house, modern' except heat. Near hi (b school—paved street 1703 South 10th — bargain. fSOO i room home, modem axcept heat A ?tal •baUnca like rtnt, bays your choice of maay Mt Vernon; soma now wtth^ hardwood JS heat; suborban komta aay dhreetlon, Savt ij* aao the flncal aeleetlM a( homm on ima* you can altard l» My. Consult • RMI istatt SpeeielJs* wlio knows emi wtm hn had over twonty years •t sueeesshil e»paH—«• W» will make yoM a CASH OPFIi fer yeur bOM* «t IsMi.

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