Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on July 3, 1957 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 3, 1957
Page 2
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CREEK BOTTOM COMMENTS Established in 1914 PUBLISHED IN FAYETTE, IOWA, ENTERED IN THE POST OFFICE AT FAYETTE AS THIRD CLASS MATTER NATIONAL EDITORIAL^ c (j7 AT N AFUllAlt' MtMIEI DONALD I.,. KIM HALL WAYNK 11AKNES MHS. RALPH DICKINSON MRS. FRANK CUMMINGS .IA.MKS R. SI1AFFKR MISS ANNA WILSON 1 Q flOLUR PRfSsV r 1 I j \fls$o(iRiionJ 3 / Publisher Linotype Operator Lima Correspondent Maynard Correspondent Maynard Advertising Manager Fayette Correspondent by Reuben EDITORIAL THE PASSING OF W. K. HUMPHRY \\ hen a person lives to the wonderful age of 97 vr.us anil in tin- same community it can only mean that In- knew richness oi life, and especially life in our area. In passing Walter KemptUome Humphry leaves behind .i i(-(<n I <ilion unmarked and a host of friends all over earned ihi'ouuh years of life. Mr. Humphry was born in 1960 even before the Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln. And he was born in a Ins; cabin, over in lllyria township. His memory must have encompassed all the rich years of Iowa's and Fayel le s growth. As a public servant Mr. Humphry held the position i.l layette County Supervisor from 1922 until 1934. Mining this time the old county court house burned. Mr. I lumphry served on the building committee that replaced llie old with the present one. So, it too, will stand as a monument to his long life and his service to his country. Besides any material monument- his long life and his many triends will serve the same purpose. New Enrollment For Springbrook Camp Likely U'Mi; ,i :i' :ivy first term enroll- :!,.-sii ..ii.l -essoins scheduled for ..'!.! Ai!i;iisl. officials at the K.!:!:''•: Annual Iuwa Teachers r..u i-i vat ion l'amp at Spring I i. St.ite Park say "indications ;ne e.o.i.l i, ii .i leeoi'vl breaking on- i .>lln.< nt .it the eanip this season." l-'i;M M -siori enrollment of 4G !>a.-. Iiei-n jeported and represents „ • l.i.x< total at least as large as .my the past five years and n.'ie 'if the largest since the camp >.\ a.. ..!..:'ted in 1950. l-'n.-i >c>sion classes continue .In no 29. Second session :s June .10 lluou«h July 20. Third :.'.: ion is duly 21 through Au;: a .-i. 10. Darin;; the camp, teachers of lou-a are offered an opportunity lo siiare ixpeniences with as iic.iiiy as twenty different special- i t. from Iowa State College, Iowa Stat.- Teachers College' and the .State Conservation Commission. ;-MI, .so; I nutrients, water and ion *>.•;, nature and wildlife, Field Hsu.-, constitute a large part of. the curriculum with teachers traveling up to 1,000 miles during a single term to study natural resources and observe their proper management. College credit, for renewal of certificates or for meeting natural science requirements for certification, is offered. Enrollments are now being taken for remaining terms of the camp. Partial scholarships are available. Interested persons may contact Dr. H. Seymour Fowler, Camp Director, Springbrook State Park, Guthrie Center, for information concerning the camp. Westfield Worthy Winners The Westfield Worthy Winners 4 -H club met Saturday at the home of Kolleen Anfinson. Eleven girls answered roll call which was "My Favorite Fruit". We have two new members, Sherryl Miller and Carol Schuety. Judy Langerman gave a demonstration 'Darning those darn Our next meeting will be with Joyce Oelberg on July 12. Janis Bennington Reporter We met this friendly fellow in the doorway of the G & B Cafe. He said "hi Jones, what-do-you- know?", then added, "if you can't prove it, you don't know it". Oh yes? II there was any reason for so doing, we would be willing to testify under oath that there is an Echo Uiver deep within the caverns of Mammouth Cave. We not only saw it, but had a boat ride on it. On the other hand, we wouldn't under any circumstance testify that there is an Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone Park. We have never been near the place. But we have been told about Old Faithful by enough people in whom we have enough faith and trust, that we just as firmly BELIEVE there is an Old Faithful as we KNOW there is an Echo river. Get it ??? The teen-age "hot rodders" in and around a nearby small town were getting quite "out of hand", the local "nightwatch" couldn't cope with the situation. So the "city fathers", the "top brass" of the little city quietly contacted an efficient day-time police officer of a bigger town, hired him at ten bucks per evening, to come and (put some teeth into the law. But there was a "Judas" within the "inner circle". The word leaked, and the imported cop's evenings have been quiet to the degree of dull. The errant teenagers have been so VERY GOOD that angel-food cake would be a fitting diet for them. What a wonderful way to spend some of the tiny city's tax money. • • « • • Recently we were reading that some banks were going to tighten up the "tight money" policy to the degree that it would be near as hard to get into debt as it usually is, to get out. We thought to ourself, now maybe they got something there. But the very next morning, that "commercial" came in over the radio. "Quick and friendly loans for all legiti­ mate needs. Just pick out the boat and motor your heart desires, then see "Mr. P. B. Ild "for a loan to fit your budget". Boats and motors are great stuff, yes indeed. But the very idea of a city bank seeking to make loans to buy speedboats, by radio com mercials, at breakfast time. If that bank goes flat on their fanny brok, it will serve them their just desserts. One of the differences between a man and a woman, is ... a woman will give a dollar for ai> article worth two dollars, if she NEVER uses it. A man will gladly give two dollars for an article worth a dollar, if it's something he wants. (There are other differences.) Applications For Conservation Officer's School Now Being Accepted Applications are now being accepted for Conservation Officers Candidate's School to be held in Dei Moines later this summer or early fall. Appointment of Conservation Officers in both Fish and Came and Lands and Waters Divisions will be made after completion ot preliminary examinations. Candidates for appointment as Conservation Officers in either Fish and Game or Lands and Waters divisions must be between 25 and 38 years of age and a resident of Iowa for two years preceding the date of the preliminary examination. Certain other physical requirements must also be met. Requests for application forms should be made in writing to the State Conservation Commission, East 7th and Court Ave., Des Moines, Iowa. Fay*tte Couiiry Leader Pacr« 1 3 JULY 1957 FAYETTE COUNTY LEADEB Two New Game Management Units Established Appioval has the Stale O.nsen Sinn to the edabl new Cianie Manai; i, I'll I '.lVi'll le atii'ii I'liininis : .|imi!il of Iwi •mint t.'nits. Designated as the I,ike ()des.;a Unit and Bay's liraiii h Pint, ad ministration nt the two icw units will he undii 111.' |M-d<Tal Aid Section of the l-'i-h and (lanic Division. A total of 7,77(1 .HI i cllld' d 1/1 tile I i.l Ki • Odi With headqua: has at I-a sa. tin.-, unit will ha\r \ jurisdiction Lake Ode.-.. Slough, Khun Lake, Slouch. (.'.»... e L. and the Total lii atich include llialich. Slonc.h. c Lake, tin Princeton Area acieaee ol tl . i:; .111• a Villi. !:e ( )des- inder its i, Weise Mu !.-...: n Island a v ;ia-;i i;. 2, -111 supervision i Mei'oial Pond. Lai.in Shun- 1 Lake, lioiiiid La and Li/.ard I'rei ills', .ici-i al 'Si ., ham I'l ulgo. Sa> Access. Cai lull Mills and Del Hi,. A,,' also he assigned to lh Branch area. I leadquai i. i OBITUARY Old Wl l Lay I 'unbar | Iloo..e | -. Klin* Ac. e :,S ! Sl -MT .ll ti h II u -1 1 ii I a a; Kai I Arc-..-. Ulpar .V Acer- Lenoii Waller Kempthorne Humphry Walter Kempthorne Humphry, .-on of William and Mary Humph- iv, was born in a log cabin in lllyria Township, Fayette County, loua duly !>, I lllil). and passed away at the Palmer Memorial Hospital at West Union. Iowa, dune :;7.1f)a7\ lb w,i;.- hit .-in orphan at an eai ly a.i'.i' and a home was made lor him by his aunt and uncle, Klizahcth and .John I'addleford ii' ar Volga in Clayton County. On January 25, 1882 he was united in marriage to Martha i 'ai miehael ,-.nd to this union four children were born. One son, Hairy It. proceeded him in death. Mr. and Mrs. Humphry observed then liJrd wedding anniversary a few weeks before her death in l-'.-brnai y, l '.Mfi. Mr. Humphry's early years were .-.[lent ill farming until 1909, -A hen he moved from a farm in Clayton county to Fayette, to the (ii'esi nt home which was ,purc!i- aa'd from Mi Helen and Mary Jones. Walter was a Fayette County Supervisor for twelve years from 1922 to 1934. It was during this time that the old courthouse destroyed by fire and the present one was built. Walter served on tin; three man building committee. Both Walter and Martha were the last remaining members of their respective families. They were both life long members of the Methodist Church and participated in its various activities. By his own choice Walter remained on alone in his home the past twelve years. He attributed his many years to being blest with good health. He enjoyed gardening, and caring for his many flowers, also driving his car until his 90th birthday. Surviving are three children, Clinton W. of West Union, Bessie (Mrs. Max Bishop) of Elkader, and Ralph W. of West Union, also 10 grandchildren, and 21 great grandchildren in whom he was always greatly interested. niav Hay's >f the unit will be at Hay' I'.ranch. •Purpose of the lit w units is to provide more efficient operation and maintenance of public hunting and fishing areas. FOR SALE At PUBLIC AUCTION TWO STORY —SIX ROOM HOME Newly ftided with double garage. City water. Professional & Business Directory] Diamonds SUverwata 4 Jowohry and Elgin Hamilton and Bulova Wnichei SAB0E JEWELRY WEST UNION. IOWA Radio 8c Television SERVICE Schneider Electrical Appliance Store Call 96 Fayette, la. SCHNEIDER INSURANCE Life Aulo-F_re-I_labiliry and Hospital Iniuranc* 'Insurance you can depend on' Phone Blu© 229 Fayette DR. PAUL F. GOURLEY CHIROPRACTOR Open Daily and Monday and Friday Evenings By appointment, closed Thurs. Lady Attendant Phone 82 Fayette BELLES FUNERAL HOME Prompt Courteoui Serric* Ambulonoe Service Phone 189, Fayette Fayette and Maynard DR. E. J. DAHLQUIST Veterinarian Phone 171 Fayette. la Gene Wm. Singer PLUMBING & HEATING FAYETTE. IOWA Phone 247 for Your Plumbing. Heating & Wiring Keedt Dr. Harry I. Robinson OPTOMETRIST Hour*: • a.m.—4 pan. Ph. 156 o*c. Fayette Black 79 res. Iowa Insurance — Real Estate FAYHTE INSURANCE AGENCY Phono 14 BOB ANTHONY JOHN HOPMKYKR YOUR FULLER BRUSH DEALER E. A. Underwood 214 Linden Street West Union. Iowa _.. __ _____ Owners: Lester Anderman Betty Anderman Terms of Bale: $500.00 down at time oi sale and balance on receipt of good title. Possession at once. JULY 13th-1:30 p .m. John Thiele, Auctioneer nnii-n-n-HiiH-ini:^ You raise hogs for a profit ,WHY FEED WORMS? Remove large round worms and nodular worms from your pigs with piperazine hexahydrate liquid wormer. An easy method of treatment-economical - guaranteed 100% effective. BELL BRAND FARM SUPPLY No. of the Milwaukee Depot Phone 145 wmmmmmmmmmmsmmmmmmmm IjpnwmtuuimiiiHiiiitiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiH 10W PRICES ^/^V I Clover Farm SHORTENING _ 3 can ,Clover Farm CHERRIES - 2 for 39c Clover Farm FLOUR .. 5 ^ 41c Clover Farm GRAPEFRUIT SECTIONS 2 for 39c Clover Farm BLEACH Lux LIQUID ... £ 67c Clover Farm TOMATO JUICE * r^$i.oo Clover Farm OLEO 5 .b. $1.00 COFFEE ftQr California SUNKIST ORANGES LETTUCE _____ head 19C New White NO. 1 POTATOES 10 ib. 39c We Deliver ^ KHB fr Phone 37 Jfl. John Hofmoyer I.' « Bob Anthony July 4th is Independence Day - a good time for each of us to analyze his "inde- j -»> r%_ i enough insurance to be independent of charity in case of a personal disaster? Are we preparing for an inde pendent old age? This agency will survey your risks and insurance policies, without obligation, to deter mine whether you are adequately insured. Fayette Insurance Agency Fayette Phono 14 RKPORT OF CONDITION OF STATE BANK OF FAYETTE \>1 Kivi-tlc, in the Stalf of Iowa al tlu- clost' ol business on Juno G, 1957. ASSETS Cash, baiaiue.s with other banks, including reserve balances, and cash items in process of collection J United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed Obligations of States and- political subdivisions Other bonds, notes and debentures 426.3G5.62 415.121.88 68.000.00 50.000.00 762.444.00 5.300.00 Loans and discounts (including $603.81 overdrafts) Bank premises owned S4.500.00. furniture and fixtures S800.00 (Bank premises owned are subject to no liens not assumed by bank) Other assets: _ TOTAL ASSETS LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships and corporations —. Time deposits of individuals, partnerships, and Corporations . Deposits of United States Government (including postal savings) — Deposits of States and political subdivisions — 225.897.45 Other deposits (certified and officers' checks, etc.) 6,418.43 TOTAL DEPOSITS SI.566.907.35 TOTAL LIABILITIES 1.566,907.35 3.145.77 1.730,377.27 980.160.81 327.267.78 27.162.88 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Capitui* . Surplus . . . — Undivided profits TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL _ ACCOUNTS . . 50.000.00 50.000.00 63.469.92 103,469.92 1.730.377.27 •This bank's capital consists of: Common stock with total par value of .$50,000.00 MEMORANDA ftitseis pieagea or assigned to secure liabilities and dl lor other purposes (a) Loans as shown above are after deduction of reserves of 60,000.00 40.670.49 • V Carpenter, Chairman, and Russell A. Swartz, Cash» n\ °.i i above named bank d0 solemnly swear and affirm that the above statement is true, and that it fully and ^"""L r, l p _ r ? sen J s i h ?. trUe state of the several matters herein to (Iie o ^ knowledge and contained and set forth belief. C. R. CARPENTER, CHAIRMAN RUSSELL A. SWARTZ, Cashier I ^ Directors Correct-AUest: PAUL TEMPLEMAN P. B. CLAXTON L. C. SUHPUS J. P. HASTINGS JOHN DORMAN STATE OF IOWA, County of Fayette, ss. Sworn to and subscribed beforo me this 27th day of June, 1957 and I hereby certify that I am not an officer or director of this bank. Katlieiine Gross, Notary Public (NOTARY SEAL) My commission expires July 4, 1957. COME AS YOU ARE —EAT IN YOUR CAR Ii ii I ill m Hi ill i : i i i ! I i i ! n Kenneth & Betty Wilke-prop. ll|l|l!lll!!!l!llim;i!l[(lllll!IUJllU!W DRIVE SNO CREME CONES .10 .15 .25 BEEFBURGER _ .24 MALTS .25 HOT DOG _ __ .19 MILK SHAKES .25 CHEESE SUNDAES on OK HAM — .30 ROOT BEER _ .05, .£,%> .10 CHEESEBURGER .._ .30 ROOT BEER FLOAT - .10, .15 PORK TENDERLOIN __ .30 ORANGE DRINK ___ _ .10, .15 CHUCK WAGON — .30 ICE CREAM SODA .20 MINCED HAM SALAD .- .25 FOUNTAIN PEPSI __. _ .10, .15 Chicken-In-The-Basket 21 Shrimp .99 Shrimp-In-The-Basket .98 .88 Fish Fillet-In-The-Basket .98 FRIED OYSTERS IN THE BASKET MILK .10 CHOCOLATE MILK .10 COFFEE .10 CRISP SALAD 20 FRENCH FRIES 20 POTATO SALAD - $1.10 POP .10 .20 ,i ' ,ii " im!!i!,,,iiim

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