The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts on July 20, 1963 · Page 10
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The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts · Page 10

North Adams, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 20, 1963
Page 10
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TEN i HE NORTH ADAMS. MASSACHUSETTS. TRANSCRIPT SATURDAY AFTERNOON, JULY 20. 1963 Green Mt. Result FIRST — Bundling Green (Thomdllt*) ».4ft 4.60 3. Escatoon (Diaz) 4,GO 2. Cirencestw (Cardella) 4 SECOND — Jeddah Chant 'CuUhaw) S.OO S.OO S, Beam Ban (Ernst) 3.80 3. Jimmy Ragi (Brown) 4. DAILY DOUBLE (5-5) -Pa $40.80. THIRD — Trolly Rail (Tuccio) <.« 2.40 2.i netting War (Diaz) 2.60 2.i Dover Girl (riata) 5.1 FOURTH - Baucey Gin . (Thorndilce) J.» S.OO 2.4 Siaan (Smith) 3.00 2. Herman (Tucoio) 2.- riFTH Pensacola '(Thorndike) 8.60 4.00 -2.' Devils Gap (Polain) 7.60 2.8 Gny Willow (CuLshaw) 2. SIXTH — Real Bell* (Brown) 4.60 2.80 2.6 Moon Crazy (Cutshaw) 3.00 Immer Erst (Fairbanks) SEVENTH — My King II (Thorndike) 8.60 3.80 3.0 Howards Choice (Diaz) 8.00 2.4 Jay Baby (Ernst) 3.21 EIGHTH — Docs Dilemma (Cutshaw) 8.40 3.40 3.0 Grant Year (Garry) 4.60 Spoon Shot (Ernst) Attendance — $173,743. 5224. Handle — Green Mt. Entrie FIRST- PR Horse Jockey 3 Red Geebo Ernst 8 Greek Valor No Boy 1 Valiant Nation Chlapetta 11 French Ac« No Boy 9 Baylanla Pruden 6 Beauty School Elie 2 Pearl Bingo Diaz 4 Broadway Gal Fairbanks 7 Triple Gold Tuccio 10 Orama No Boy 5 Slam Ray Todd SECOND— 8 Castoian Ernst 4 How Wise Fairbanks 1 Indian Find Thorndlke 5 Conquer Diaz Z Ritban Elio 3 Isle ot Acres Chavez 7 Memories Dear No Boy 6 Snow Bear Cardella THIRD— 3 Bella Negra Thorndike 2 Royal Merchant Cutshaw 4 Bright Mark No Boy 6 Sally Slouch Thorndike 5 Roman Mommy Thorndike 1 Pink Cheeks Diaz FOURTH — 3 Pamela M Cardells ' 4 Saloya Brown 2 Tiny Cascade Cutshaw 5 PorVchop Thorndike 7 Ladie Renown Todd 1 Brandy's Double Diaz 6 Blue Cov* No Boy FIFTH— 7 My Meliss No Boy 6 a,Rush of Gold Tuccio 5 Soft Hlow Gilbert 3 Hello Goldle No Boy 1 Into Wind No Boy 2 Wings ol Wind Reeves 4 a-Miss J. K. Tuccio SIXTH— 6 Bay Hornet Ernst 1 Sunica Harrison 2 Wise Answer Fairbanks 4 After My Heart Fairbanks 3 Venturing Cardella 7 Adm'ral Calhoun Fiato 5 Eric's Pet No Boy SEVENTH — 3 Our Gedlllah Thorndlka 5 My Little Fella Ernst 2 Countess Visn No Boy 6 His Fust Bafau Brown 4 Wastrel's Baby Thorndike i Fleet Supreme Fairbanks EIGHTH— 5 o£Waru Lad M'O nuy 6 Noblllum Culshaw 3 x-Cloyce Ernst B Miss Hatfield Thorndike 1 a-Romaine Thorndike A x-Red Mis* Thorndike 9 Social Engineer No Boy 2 a-Count Santa No Boy 7 Marine Jet Cardella NINTH— . 4 Oh Sadie Chiapetfa R Pracia Thcrndik* 1 a-Mediart Star No Boy 3 Link a Link Tuccio 7 a-Bet He Will Culshaw 2 Handshake Btrkmalr* 5 Hypowave Thorndihe 6 One Nlghter Leone Wgt. J22 122 122 122 107 105 JO 112 15 112 20 116 20 122 20 112 20119 5 114 7114 3 116 5. 105 122 loll* 15114 20. in a- 115 2115 7111 4 111 10 lie 15 110 5 115 3 114 4110 6 112 10- J12 15 117 20111 2 116 5111 5. Ill 8111 10109 15111 5 122 S- 122 2. Ill 3- 1T7 9111 6115 9122 12- 110 9122 2. 110 9112 7.: 102 61!2 10- HS 3120 2118 5108 5115 6108 5122 10 111 6118 15114 5. 117 9110 5116 fi- llS 5122 9. 117 12122 15-: Saratoga Entries FIRST— 1 Prlscllli WIcK 2 Frorvllno 3 Rebel Land Fred 4 Fancy Faber 5 Princess Blue 6 McFadden Regent 7 Dora Bounty 8 Little Lassie SECOND— 1 Vigil Qutcn 2 Kissln Causln 3 Waliy May 4 No! Ye I 5 Count Bonny Brook 6 Judy Forbeft 7 Amber's Star ^ Willow Boy C, THIRD— J Pal Boy 2 Ginger SprlnKWGDd 3 Sue Fden 4 Joseph Hanover 5 Julian'* Away 6 Chestnut Son( 7 Olympus 8 Nina San| FOURTH— 3 Unclt Gil 2 Abbe Dell 3 Stoney 4 First Venture 5 Charming Chle 6 Freddie's Girl 7 Mlssllemart 8 Denny Abba FIFTH — 1 Dark Goos« 2 Mr. Melburn 3 Fiosty Ctinrly 4 Lusty Lawrence 5 Town Gossip 6 Spaghetti Boy 7 PSllfp Model SIXTH— 1 Targelccr 2 Yankee Tardlos 3 Helneken 4 Knight Champ & Judge Dares 6 Ace Dares 7 Modest Boy *. Marquis Pick 9 Dayton Freight SEVENTH— 1 Vlnn Hanover 2 Albtrt J. 3 Tassy 4 Real Ytnkea 5 Frisky Thomas 6 Denny Vk 7 Walter Knight " Hlghley's ; EIGHTH— « Hlghley's Sadie MM Sad 1 Adorable Wick 2 Chula 3 Breejy Dean 4 Avon Boy 5 Brltlany 6 Bright Girt 7 Shadydala Sparky 8 Seaway Sam NINTH— 1 Butternut Everett ? Ambci Wayne 3 Pinnacle Chuck 4 Belvedere Pick 5 Willow Brook Ned fi Royal L, M 7 ScolIKh Barella 8 Prince Gene C, McQulgge M. Bloedgood M. Akoury Sr J. Helllg Jr B. Elliot D, Hull O. Bel J. Gerrlly 7. Livingston R. Hamilton L. Fanell D. Bel f. Coppola C. Kelly R. Hourihan B, Elliott R. Hourihan C. Bonafedf S. Ransford M. Akoury Sr. D. Bo/mley 0. Cote R, Baumann K. Webber F. Coons E. Fuss O. Cole L. Aitxen W. Arthurs F. T'ngley P. Dailey G. Rolder F. LaRouech R. Hamilton H. Parker P. Dailey R. Dunn W. Smith W. Current D. Bromley D. Hull D. Wilson D. Bell C. Franklin A. Amho W. Current r. Dailey M. Akoury Sr. P. Dailey W. Lamb D. Hull J. Mulllns R. Rash H. Goodsell G. Chretien M. Akoury Sr. T. Valenta W, Arthurs D. Child! t>, Bromley H, Goodsell D. Hutf M. Akoury Sr. R, Slmser C. Franklin D. Child! K. Heeney M. Purser R. Hamilton A. Amlio O. Wilson R. Rash The Sport sman's Dick Brown Column NEW YORK STATE has a glorious start toward its establishment as a leader In the east in catering to outdoor recreation fans. Reports on public use this season, of the Department of Conservation's recreational facilities through the July 4 weekend reveals interesting statistics, There were nearly 12 million visitors to state parks, more than 112,000 camper days at public Savon MM. Donald Vl» Zttl Annual Savoy Reunion Slated Sunday, Aug. 4 The annual Savoy reunion will be held on Sunday, Aug. 4, at the Thayer Meacham farm. Games to the people of the state of two' w ju be played throughout the day, billion dollars annually and de-|including a Softball game between the Savoy Volunteer Fire Department and the Stepehntown, N.Y., Volunteer Fire Department. rondack and Catskill Forest Preserve alone is an important factor in the more than 200 per cent increase in outdoor recreation In' New York during the last 10 years-. Resource use of this magnitude is big business. It means a return mands best efforts to administer these resources wisely. VERMONT IS plodding along. campsites and more than 340,000 registered motor boats on New Y « r m Wat f rS ; ... ,. Area anglers will be interested: With atendaw* at state parks to learn ^ , hroUBh „„ - •' Prizes will be awarded for win.- mn * . well! ahead of last year, it appears another record breaking season is in the making. •* * * LAST YEAR more than 33 million people took advantage of the 'acilities of the state parks while nearly two million campers were tallied at the public campsites. Additional millions hiked trails in 'orest preserves,- launched boats on New York's vast network of lakes and rivers, fished the thou- . „ .... , in all children's , ear a ro an - A busintsa tneelte * w111 sands of miles of lakes, ponds j or spawning district. Four ad-'/ ro ,, n W TnWH and arrpams nn«n tn »h« ra.Min „,•-__, i__i™ ,.„ _ 11-- r,_ IWUUIIU lUITfl and streams open to the public across the state and hunted deer, jear and small game, in the millions of acres of forests ajid other woodlands. Thus do these resources contribute vitally in meeting public demand for outdoor recreation. It is little wonder than the Adi- Hinsdale Results FIRST — iVMsby Ross (Gilman) Success Gordon (Srigley) Everett Scott (McCarthy) SECOND — Counsel's Jim (Harp) 3.20 3.00 3.80 20.80 6.60 4.60 Tops Lybrook (Culhane) 4.20 , are Jiirt about, entirely completed. The state is i one of he first to = « child, , rfwe ,4 ' The g£, iBoys will furnish music through* day A f(xx) nds Commit . undertake fish habitat improve- w ,|j menls as ar, APW project. This'^ wmten iSrHenr'y .„ particular plan consists of build- HecveSi president and insurer Ing BIX spawning areas on l,50fl, Kathtr | ne Harwood vice pres j feet of (he Clyde River, which is i(ient . L i|liart Barber, secretary a tributary to Lake jMemphreiria. |antl Marion Hal . woodi Harold K 3 8- iKemp, Clinton Tilton, and RJch Two pools, known as Vincent's' rd p^-,, ot A d ams , Hole and Before Hole will be ma WHUtmgkam tin. Autli F. Ptamk EMpIre MJJ7 Legion Changes Auction Dote Cecil A. Davis Fast, American Legion, has changed th« date of its auction to Aug. 3. It was originally slated for Aug. 10. Mem bers will canvais for articles for the auction evenings and week- dilional holes, known as the Up- All members of the Savoy Vol ' June 17 .0 men have been working on the project. The Bu at Citizens Utilities Co., to facilitate the work, stopped the water flow from their utility diversionary dam to dry the stream bed. Muscle and drag lines displaced boulders blocking the spawning pools. Then 240 -loads of gravel were trucked to the river and spread in the downstream edge 6.60 3.20 3.00 of tne P°° ls *° make a sloping bed for the fish. THE GRAVEL is a mixture of washed pebbles, sand pit screenings and bank-run gravel. Trout and salmon now can easily and without harm follow their in- M. H. W. (Gilman) 3.60 2.60 stinct to dig eight to 10 inches deep in the prepared gravel to ----- „,. ...... „ ,,._, _____ „._ ..... DAILY DOUBLE (3-5) — Paid lay their eggs and cover them. '78.80. j Consistency of the gravel and its THIRD — slope on the downstream edge of Midwest Queen (Gilman) 6.80 4.80 3.60 GoJdie Blackguard (Pike) Moxine's Volo (Kane) FOURTH — Laura Hill (Collctte) ! ulia Rose Abbot (Silk) •lexible Abbey (Moss) FIFTH — lucccss Clyde (Foster) 'Immy Branigan (McKee) !ait Way Vivian (Culhane) SIXTH — Sric's Joy (Stewart) Derb Silverheels (Cross) >ober Counsel (Foster) SEVENTH — Congress Grattan (Harp) Jlan Gallon (Marsh) shindig (Price) EIGHTH — Calumet's Hazel (Drayton) 'olarie (Parley) Country Style (Sulk) NINTH -- ardwell Personals Visitors at the home ol Mr. anc Mrs. Fred Gould of the Brier on Thursday were Mrs. Frank Had lock and Mrs. Hazel Soderquist of Brattleborc, Vt., and Mrs. Iva Edwards and Mrs. Ian Howell ot West Chesterfield, N.H. Visiting with Dr. Charles H. Clark mid Mrs. Clark of the Brier are their son and daughter-in-law, Dr. Charles R. Clark and Mrs. Clark and daughter, Victoria, of Cambridge, N.Y. and their son and daughter-in-law, the Rev. Robert H. Clark and Mrs. Clark and family, ot Rochester, N.H. Stamford Mrs. Eugene Sweet OX bow 4-1344 the pool, allows the water to BoZddr Committee percolate through the gravel, thus . . . . . bringing oxygen to the eggs and To Meet Monday 6.20 3,60 ' n a sense incubating them, j'.goj Usually, salmon eggs take days of 50-degree temperature to hatch, with an extra three 5.00 3.60 2.60 days for each degree below 50. Clyde River salmon spawn from 6.00 4.00 mid-October with the eggs usually hatching in late February or 9,40 March. These "sac" fry work up through the gravel in four or five weeks. They remain in the 6.40 4.40 3.40 stream for two summers before moving into Lake Memphrema- 6.40 3.80jgog to mature and return to the ! river to spawn in the fall. 4.80 Vermont Fish & Game officials believe the 1,500 foot section of the Clyde ideal for the project in 28.80 10.60 5.40 The Volnteer Fire Assn, will hold its annual pre-bazaar meeting Monday night at 8 o'clock at the Fire House. Reports wil' be given by the booth committee and the added attraction committee. Howard Sherman is chairman in charge of the bazaar, assisted by Robert Costine, Arthur Caron, and Jacob Schubnel. Fire-Chief Harold Havm is chairman of the grounds committee; Carl Robare, electrician; Robert Costine, advertising; Lloyd Vosburg, tickets, assisted by Leo Lamore; Edgar Robillard, public address system; and Jacob Schubnel, finances. that flow of water is controlled 1 John Newkom, Fritz Reubesam due to the outlet of the Citizen's!and Eric Ouellette are on the 18.80 6.80;(]j v e rs j onar y dam. The work will 4.00 9.00 4.80 3.20 5.00 3.20 3.60 20.20 8,00 5.80 5.80 4.60 5.00 (Gilman) Marshall Melody (Berg) icotch Titan (Dagan) 15.40 6.60 4.20 19,20 11.40 4.00 Attendance — 3204. Handle — I17.B97. Hinsdaie Entries FIRST- MIss Jo Dandy Light Miss Impala William's Sister Sunday Knight Mr. Eddie D Miss Belwin Mr. M G SECONB— filet's Pride Galen's Miss Tee Bone The Voodoo Leo Mahofiey Lakeside Scott Tonal Sequin Miss Lynn Dale THIRD— Diamond Spirit Joe Mac Happy Maid Kin* Katy Jocena Direct Lucknow Frisco Carroll B Tony C FOURTH— Roan Raider Iroquois Pick Philip's Lassie Rlvervlew Del Mlghly George B Lebanon Boy Gait Way VMan Double Brewer FIFTH— Filming Scot Nancv Girl Talent Adrian Resecroft Willa Qulnlon Prince Counsel Miss Bluebfood" Mountain Mailer SIXTH— Diifger Song Future Hanover Dirty Dan Nib Abbot Dlvonbay Esquire's Kin Dewey McElwyn Princely Direct SEVENTH— Peter 0. Scett Billy Broofct Frltkv JoJn Mr. Qulnlon Scett Durtlev Hop* Y»m Up The Sir M Furmen H*T EIGHTH— Jericho Juejy Bebe D«wn Wllford D N Broken Sword Toot Doctor Mr. Fix Honey Dell NINTH— MlRhly RexenE Grand Wll Volo M. Spencer EficVs Bucky Black Andv Indian Guide Eva G Blue Waters D. Devine S. Hilghl Jr. A.Mason F. Blake B. Gillelto R. Colletle D. Price W. Colby E. Gilman B. Patterson f. Townsend A. Nason H DeWc.ll St. R. Truitl E, Gllma- R. tacombe W. Dun R. Truil G. Harp Jr W. Collin! L. Berry H. Lamb H. DeWolf Sr. R. Collelle E. Cossetl F. Pike D. Cater C. Malltlson V. Culhine V. Pizzano R. Cornelller O. McKermey I. Foster M. Robinson J. Moss A. Nason C. Matllson I. Fostnr D. Magllo C. Malllion E. nilman M. Robinson A. Nason W. Blake W. Padgett W. Silk Jr. W. Collins O. Burgroyne M. Robinson C. lovely R. Rtnkln R. Trultt C. McCarthy Jr. r. Pike I. Fatter W. Collins B. Harp Jr. M. Robinson Ja. Croat L. Berry A N*«on r. piks I. Foster R. Triillt G. Shnrh" Jr. M. rli>h'n»on E. Gilman not be washed out each spring as the controlled flow of water will keep spring and flash floods from moving boulders into the, beds and washing out the gravel. Citizen's Utilities, owners of the land and stream areas, have provided access for the next 10 years to the Fish and Game Dept. for fish habitat Improve merit work. Clyde River will be stockec with salmon later this summer in hopes that after maturity ir Lake Memphremagog, they wil! return to the Clyde to spawn. It is possible that a few salmon and trout will be using the beds this fall. Results shouid bring, in the coming years, a large increase of (ish which wilt be spawning in the improved pools two or three times in their normal eight-year life. All in all it looks like better future angling in the Clyde, which is a favorite among a great many Northern Berkshire and Southern Vermont Union School Office Closed Supt. Roland M. Leach of the North Berkshire School Union has announced that the union office at the Clarksburg Elementary School will be closed all next week. Completes Course Mrs. Betty Pssierbiak, fourth grade teacher at the Elementary School, recently completed course in "Child Guidance arc ^tinselling" given i.t thft Lanes wro School under the auspices o Boston University. Clarksburg Mrs. S. Ciishing Lane MOhawk 2-2143 new booth committee and Eugene Sweet, Robert Cutler and Jacob Schubnel on the added attractions committee. The bazaar will be held Aug. 29, 30, 31 on the St. John Bosco Church grounds. Cheshire Mrs. Stanley S. TworlX Adams 7«-l558 Pliny Crofts and Albert Giard were chosen delegates to the Legion Convention and Fred Bernard ajid John Betjt were namec as alternates. The convention will be held in Brattleboro, Aug. I, 2 and 3. Back to Work Local persons employed at the Kendall Mills in Griswoldville, Mass., have returned to work following a vacation. Plant on Vacation Local pet-sons employed at the New England Box Co., in Wilmington are on vacation. Personals Miss Gail Russell of Barringto, R.I., arrived Wednesday to spend the remainder of the summer with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Russell. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Skinner and daugh ter, Patricia, returned to their home in Syracuse, N.Y., Thursday after spending several weeks with her parents, the Russells. Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Freeman and Mrs. Florence Ordway were visitors in Greenfield, Mass., and Brattleboro, Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. George Hoyt Sr. and Mrs. Daniel Reynolds, visited Mrs. Paul Barnett and infant son, William Ashley, at Braille- boro Memorial Hospital, Thursday. Hancock Mrs. John C. Smith Jr. GLenvlew 8-3413 Birth Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rowe are parents of a daughter born Thursday in St. Luke's Hospital in Pittsfield Parents Night Held at Camp Parents Night program was held Wednesday night at Camp .Na- Wak-ka Campfire camp in Pittsfield. Mrs. Arthur Rodda of this town is the director. Donna Bassett, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Bassett, an< Debra Conklin, daughter of Mr and Mrs. Kenneth Conklin, received awards for exceptiona! work in swimming. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rodda anc Mrs. Henry Hodda attended the program. In the Hospital Robert E. Ltnb is receiving .reatment at St, Luke's Hospita n Pittsfield for several broken ribs sustained in a fall at his ame. Mrs. C. Wells Conklin is recovering from an operation at "ittsfield General Hospital. Mrs. Lawrence C. Rancourt is indergoing treatment at Hillcrest fospital in Pillsfield. Bit of Bubbly PARTS (AP) — Fifty-eight million bottles of French champagne wore sold last year, a nationa! wine association announces. The exact figure was 57,919,726, Of these, 15,137,000 bottle were shipped out of France. The United States was the sec. ond best overseas customer, tak. ing 2,802,330 bottles. Britain took most of the exports, accounting for 4,294,952. In third place was Belgium with 1,601,096 bottles. ARENT Vt>U.6eTTlW& Y YES, BUT A LITTLE TIRE.PV I I'LL NEVER UEUT5NANT? A SWB UP/ POSO— THI*MOU«B user? TO HIT f«i<s KAr WITH you M ' ( HAZP -K>~00**~96l\t:teJ J^£^~T~^J r BLONDIE— By Chick Younj Transcript Patterns Last Showing Tonight of Alfred HHchcock'j "The Birds" Alio Martin West, Bill William in "Sergeant Was A Lady" Coming Sun. and Mon. Marlon Brando in "THE UGLY AMERICAN" Alto D«bbit Reynolds in "My Six Loves" 4539 sizts TRANSITION NEWS Potfem No. 4S3f _ _ ADAMl A toft breeze spins this aMrt Into graceful m.oi!dn — lack of It rpahet you appreciate the cool, |w<vlev«l neckline, Proportioned to fit, Printed Pattern W9: Half Sllei Sl;o'l6'/, require! Syi yardt 35 [nc'h fabric. THIHr-flVE CINT1 In colnt for thlt pattern—«dd 15 cents tor each pattern for Ist-clait mailing, and special handling. Send to Anne Adams, care of The North Adam* Transcript, Pattern Dept., 243 Wetl 17th St. New York II, N. V. Print plainly NAME. ADDMSf with ZONE, SIZE end STYLE NUMBER. PATTERN FREEI Mill coupon Intlde new Fall-Winter Paltern Calalog. ready now! Over 100 dntlgn Ideet, all alias. Send 90c for Catalog. 521 UNUSUAL VALUE Pattern No. o21 •r LAURA ttHEEUM Pecorate hankies, acaift, ca&e«, cloths—a^dd a touch or -make em- eidery prominent. Look — 42 motifs, varied Hitches. >sl|ne. Helloorn luxury for linens. Pattern 621: transfer 42 molils I >/, x to 114 x 1',£] Inches; directions. THIRTY-FIVE CENTS in coins 101 this pattern—add 19 cents for each pat- •rn f«r (Initiate mailing, and to*cla! fendllng. S«nd to Laura Whetler, care •f The North Adams Transcript. NMdlecraft Oepv, p. O. Box 161. old Chelsea Station, New York 11. N. Y. riot plainly PATTERN NUMBER, NAMt, ADOMU and ZONE. NEWEST RAOt - Smocked «cc«> lories plus datlffnt m out •KCIti ini nft 9f>3 Na 19f> nftadlacraft adl*cTA(1 Citaloc — lusl outl F»thioni. lurnlfth Infti to croolrat. knit, >aw, weava am- broldai, quilt Plui fr*a pattern, land DAGWOOD, VWHY DOM'T VOU SETUP FROM THERE AND MOW THE GRASS? •\ I'LL /YOUR QUESTION ^ ( WITH ANOTHER J r-r QUESTION -)— FOR VOU / iS MOWING THE LAWW MOP!E IMPORT/ASJT THAN REST? 7-20 'sue CERTAINLY) ANSWERED -f FERRY— By George Wundcl H»$ TOME/ flX KNOW VO660HE\ WEIL MY WJc^E » COWN6 PCWN FROM PENVEK FOR THAT PARTY.' ,,.AMt7 NEARBY, A PAIR CP POOLIE5 ARE RETURNING- TO TOE CAPET POFAVTCRY IN A PROPER POOLIEAIANNEK. DIXIE DUSAN—Hot Pursuit •y McEvoy and Sfribel SHI- SEEMS TO \ BE HEADING FCC \ THAT LIGHTHOUSE I THlE JACKSON TWINS— By Dick Brooki I kfNO'iV » I COLLECT ~>OUR PlfSST BW AS MOUJ? AGENT rWANTVATD STAVON1VHE SOCOSiOEOP THE BOSS/ BIS EWS I WHAT'S IT TO EVEN...WeU_..EVEH LET HIM HOLD YA HAND IF HE WANTS WDPJkTIN CONDITIONS OkrAV, TWINS? NANCY— By ErnUButhmillir TRUDY Jerry M«rcu WHATEVER YOU'RE COOKING. I DON'T LIKE IT AND I WON'T "Cof{*« br««k, Trudy?"

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