Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on July 3, 1957 · Page 1
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 1

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 3, 1957
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, o? HIFSTOR? * ARc:;iv.-:3 :.:ui..;-;i] V), ILVVA Pwmtt Ho. U MB.M.»« KM Fay*tt», Iowa VOLUME 42, NO. 1 Price Five Cents thru the week with the editor Looks like Eddy is going In be the only barber who's going to stay with us. It.'; tn IIK| tn see our friends. Pete Musta and Jess Welch back from vi-al-. at the hospital. We took an evening ride lo Kandaha the other night and noticed Die beautiful northern light.-, on our way home. If you sei those Ions; rays of light late in the cvenim;. its the sun on the utlii-i side of the planet. We remember serving in the Arctic while in the Army. In the mid winter ot m!j. r > the old sun used to come up at U):0t) a.m. and go down at 2:0(1 p.m. • • • • One of my little nephews, Freddie McNutly, known as "Butch", from Cedar Rapids is visiting with us. Forgot last yeek to thank our good friend, Sylvia Sampson, for the beautiful red and white roses she brought us for our home. We're always glad of the good people drop off a bouquet. when some of Fayette We think Lois Davis had the best luck with flowers last week. Saw several nice bunches In the Rexall store Saturday evening. Some of our friends we see in front of Mullins' each day suggested that there should be cushions on those benches. How about that, Earl? « • • • You know, that's supposed to be a good life, when you can just sit. But, I've never found I can afford to. HAWKEYE GIRLS STATE By Janis Bennington After spending a week at Hawkeye Girls State held on the Iowa State Teachers College Campus, I feel I am a better cit/en. We .'i()4 girls who were there lad a chance not only to see overnment in action, but to take lart in it. It is impossible to tell verything we did but I would ike to tell of some of the more iui.re.-.ting things. We were divided into two po- itical parties, the Nationalists nd Federalists. Our governmen- al training began with a city arty convention. These were fol- iwed by election of our city of- icials. During the week each of he four cities had four meetings uring which a number of city rdinances were passed. Tuesday started th<j campaign- ig for county and state offices nd the filing of nomination pa- >ers. Campaign managers were ppointed and soon posters began o appear in the hall on the way o the cafeteria. After the pri- nary election things really began o poip for each party wanted to et their candidates into office. iVith the announcement of state nd county offiicals came the re- ease of the tension that had been nounting during the week. Thursday night the inaguration f state officials was highlighted vith an address by Governor ^oveless. Friday morning we had to f or-l about all the fun we had at he banquet the night before be- atise the house and senate had to e organi/ed and state laws pas- ed. We passed laws on reap- ortionment, reorganization of chool districts, and the estab- shment of state supported Junior Colleges. Our time wasn't all spent on overnment because we had time or extra-curricular activities uch as band, chours, and sports. We had many peakcrs, the one I FAYETTE, IOWA - ;—-sr_— Price Five Cents 3 JULY 1957 We ttlise were honored to have Miss Pille .....I -llw^.o ..1 home for dinner Monday evening. * • * • We enjoyed dining with Iowa's Lieutenant Governor and his wonderful wife Wednesday evening. Butch went with Mary and Mrs. Nicholas after dinner and enjoyed those pushbutton windows so much we were afraid they wouldn't have a battery left'. • • » t We've certainly had wonderful response to the idea of publishing tl'e old engravings found in the LKADKR basement. Saw my good friend, Arny ],overin, in the Post Office the other day. She has a little trouble with her combination. But, you aren't the only one, Amy. * * * * The Theatre is going to be closed July and August. We hope Vic can open it in September We'll never miss our theatre until its gone .... » • • • • Everyone enjoyed the Chamber of Commerce ,picnic the other eve ning. Like all planned picnic: Mother Nature wasn't agreeable Putting the bad weather asid everyone had a swell time. Dr. Garhee saved the evening After I had eaten more than my share of hotdogs (4) and the coffee was gone, he warmed me up with some piping hot Sanka. * * • * Checked out a book from th library last week entitled I LION IS IN THE STREETS. It a wonderful book. Read it sever al years ago, but make it a prae lice to reread all good books. Someone who read it befor me marked a sentence, which wa a quote from Emerson. It said "What we are born with is God's gift to us; what we make of ourselves is our gift to God." Isn't that a wonderful thought? * * * • Lee Surfus, who represented First Methodist at the annual conference in Waterloo, reported to the church Sunday about the conference. In reporting he said, "Nothing goes very far without money." Wonder if he thought of Fayette. interesting liked best vas Dr. Cylvia Sorkin, who is a Your Personality is Showing", he asked us many thought pro- •oking questions about ourselves uch as am I honest, sincere, heerful, open-minded, coopera- ive, and do I control my temper? Senator Arch McFarlane, the Dean of the Iowa Legislature, poke to us on "Business of the Senate." He has been in the leg- slature for 44 years and is the inly living man who signed the constitutional ammendment giv- ng women in Iowa the right to vote. I would like to thank the American Legion Auxiliary for giving ne this wonderful chance to take this course in citizenship. Committee Discusses Reorganization Needs Several Districts Considering New Merger Steps toward what could be a shining example to all Iowa in school reorganization and educational progress are being considered by a study committee of area men. The policy of the state, according to a law passed by recently adjourned 57th General Assembly, plainly indicates that "all of the area «>l the state shall be in a district maintaining twelve grades by July 1, !%:>." To meet with this policy and further the educational needs of Fayette County's growing numbers of young people, the West Central Community School district, the Fayette Consolidated district and the Arlington Independent district along with several rural districts now served by these three districts are considering unity. Presently only the West Central district and the Fayette districts can meet the 300 pupil requirements of the state law. Most observers will predict that pupil requirement will be raised in the future. A uew and larger reorganization would put Fayelte County far into the No. 2. The above picture is another in tin'series of old cuts found in the LEADER, basement recently. Local citizens «uessed last week's gentleman a.: Dr. Frank !?. Robertson. Mrs Henry Hcltler and Dr. Raymond Deming both offeied the Robertson name for identification. Another local citizen thought it might have been a former citi/en named Clothier. Farm Bureau Insurance Head Dean Mitchell of DC M. been M. ha ger of all Iowa Farm Bureau affiliated insurance services. In u move 1 which merged Hie home office stalls of Iowa Life Insurance Company and Iowa Farm Mutual Insurance Company into a functionalized operation, seven Lannie Dahl In Navy Summer Cruise Norfolk, Va. (FHTNC) — Lanford L.Dahl, seaman, IUSN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Victor E. Dahl of Fayette, Iowa, is taking part in a summer practice cruise for midshipmen aboard the U.S. Atlantic Fleet tactical command ship USS Northampton. "Cruise Alfa", the first of three annual summer training cruises for midshipmen of the Naval Academy and Reserve Officer Training Units, began on June 12, when the Northampton took part in the International Fleet Review at Norfolk, Va., and then departed for South America. Crew members of the ship will conduct individual training for the future Navy and Marine Corps officers. Exercises held during the cruise will be designed to train the midshipmen in the fundamentals of seamanship, navigation and gunery, and to acquaint them with shipboard living. The Northampton expects to visit Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Port- of-Sjpain, Trinidad; and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, before returning to Norfolk early in August. Bill Schuler V'_I. win) Mi. ami honored •ntly. fioin I .a .up ami to wii'h Im Hi.I.--, 72nd Birthday LIMA Mill Sclmlei is :i>akiiu: his bonie \\itl Mrs. Koberl Lamlis, war at his Vl!inl l)ii I hday A total ol I'olli- Clt\. this, area \v Mi S- liuler Becker Twins Bapti/.ed In Lutheran Church (lary If II...- ell and Terry Calvin. I win sons of Mi and Mi s. Don ('. Meeker, wri'e baptized at (!iac< Lutheran church Sunday morn in i 1 ,. Spoirrois were Mr. and M's. Floyd Kline of Dundee, Mr.-,. Leslei' Shappard of Manchester and Alan Meeker of Lamont, Lillian Meeker of Tulsa, Olka- homa. Dinner guest:; Sundav in the | j Don Meeker home were Mrs. Les| tcr Shappard. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Kline and family, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Meeker and family. Kvening visitors were Ml New Methodist oupci miciiuoiit. eAROUNV TOWN.... The Mary Martha Circle of UK- First Methodist Church, cleared nearly SGO.OO on their luncheon held last Wednesday. Mrs. Lorenz Wilke is chairman of the circle. • • • • The Philathea .Sunday School Class met Wednesday with Mrs. E. A. Billings as hostess for Favorite Dish luncheon and this was followed by a program, which consisted of Devotions, by Mrs. Viola Maynard, who continued the reading of the book, Women of the Bible, and covered the story of the Mother of Moses. Mrs. Max Shaffer led the singing of songs, and Mrs. Justin Henvig was in charge of fun time. Dr. and Mrs. Harold E. Clough, and sons, Charles and Grant, of Iowa City, were week end guests in the home,.of. Jh.jsi-uwth'n'. .M t c.s, in Elkader. Mrs. Matina Clough planned to return to Iowa City with them for a few days visit. Mrs. Charles Field of Naperville, III., is visiting her mother, Mrs. Kichard Olley. Mr. and Mrs. James Levermg- ton visited m the Will Leverington home and in the Anna Wilson nome Sunday afternoon. * * » • Little Nancy WHerstein who has spent the last couple of weeks with her grandmother, Mrs. Harlcy Fritz, while her parents were on a vacation lelt Friday with her parents to return to her home in Morrison, Illinois. • » • « Craig Roberts, whose home is in Texas, is .spending the summer Randy Van Bogart identified the 'mystery man' Friday. He reported that it was his great-grand father. Then Mike Gaynor, who is in my Sunday School class, reported that it was one of his old friends. We thank Mr. M. Albright, Fayette's "Poet laureate", for his interesting poem about small- town newspapers. * * It was a nice snake. Don't evei kill one of them. They're go«d to have around, but I guess they aren't so pleasant for little girls to Jgok «t, Had an adventure Sunday. Sitting in the shade of some nice trees at Mary's farm northwest of Hazleton we heard a little girl's voice from the next farm screaming, "Help me! Help me!" Running to see what was wrong (and tearing up a good pair of trousers and cutting my knee on barbed fences) I located the yells in the corn crib. Inside a little girl was up on the sheller, trembling like a leaf. A huge bullsnake, over six feet long, had her cornerd. It was no trouble to guide him away and get her out. I've never seen anyone so afraid. * • • • Well, Mary and I are taking our vacation. First one I've had since 1951. For five days we are going to visit friends in Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee. We'll be back in time for next week'a wei e named new or enlarged departments under Mitchell. The change will result in improved efficiency and lower operational costs, according to K. Howard Hill, president of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation, who also serves as president of both companies involved. Mitchell, who has .served for the last 4 years as Manager of Iowa Life Insurance Company, was born in Woodward, Iowa. He is a graduate of the Law School of Drake University. Mitchell became Assistant Manager of Iowa Farm Mutual in 1948, Manager of Iowa Farm Mutual and Iowa Hail in 1951 and Manager oi Iowa Life in 1953. The Mitchell's live at 3807 Lanewood Drive. Ernest P. Vermazen ot Kayelte is Manager of the Fayette County Farm Bureau Insurance Service. ami , Mrs. Favi Tom Hennig and family •tie. Chamber Of Commerce Holds Picnic In spite of cold and damp weather members of Fayeth-'s Chamber of Commerce met. at Klock's Island park last Thursday for a picnic. Hot dogs were provided by the Chamber and the members fur nished many varieties of line food:; to make the occasion one of plenty of food and fun for all who attended. A.-, promised by President Krv Goekcn, there was no business meeting. The Rev. James P. Gable, formerly of Marion, is the new Superintendent of the Dubuquc District of The Methodist Church, .. iimin;: this post June 21 upon appointment by Mishop F'. Gerald Fnsley of DCS Moines. He will i, vi' general supervision of some ii'i churches in ten northeast Iiiv,,, counties, succeeding the l!i / Dr. George W. Dunn of In' h prudence. with Mrs. his grandiparents, Mr. and Karl Masters. paper, so see you then, Don Cemetery Board Reopens West Entrance Marcus Baker, President of the Fayette Cemetery Board, has announced that a new West entrance to the Cemetery has been opened. Mr. Baker stated that the ori- inal West entrance was closed with the thought of improving the landscape as well as discouraging through driving. The closing of the West entrance was unfavorable for a number of folks who don't like to use the main highway entrances. The new entrance will bi found at the South edge of tin Cemetery, Thompson's Return From California Mr. and Mrs. Jess Thompson and son have returned from their vacation whch took them to I.one, Beach, Calfornia and other west em points. Former Citizen Identified As Dr. Frank Robertson Several local Leader readers have identified tho picture of one of Fayelte's former citizens in last week's paper as Dr. Frank R. Robertson who taught al Upper Iowa University. Parents Of Mrs. R. Anthony Visit Here Prof, arid Mrs. A. C. Haus.s- munii of Geneva, N, Y. are .visiting in the home of their daughlei and son-in law,, Ally, and Mrs Robert lj, Anthony, Mi. and Mrs. W. A«h To Observe 50th Anniversary .Mr. and Mrs. Waller Ash Sr. of West Union are planning an open house Sunday, ./uly 7 in observance of their fiUlh wedding anniversary. No formal invitations will be sent, but all friends and relatives arc invited lo call from 'i to 5. The celebration occurs two lays after the actual anniversary late. The former Lena Appleman md Mr. Ash were married July "i in West Union and have spent .heir married life in and around there. The couple have six living hildrcn. Herbert, (Eva) Mrs. Alton Medbcrry, (Dorothy) Mrs. F,d Medberry of Klgin, Alfred, (Marjorie) Mrs. Lloyd Haltman, Fayetle and Walter Jr. of West Union. There are 21 grandchildren and it great grand-children. One daughter, Leta (Mrs. Jarrusi Barrett) died in 1U4H. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Smith of Winona, Minn, visited in the Howard Roberts home last week. They were unroute from a visit in Cedar Rapids to their home in Winona. Mrs. George Neal and three children are visiting Mrs. Neal's parents in Memphis, Tenn. While there she will attend the wedding of her sister. Mr. Neal took the family as fai as St. Louis, Mo., where her parents met them and took them to Memphis. Mr. Neal will go to Memphis for them later in thc ummer. Stanley High School Alumni Meet Sunday Alumni of the Stanley Higl School will hold a reunion at th Oclweiu City Park next Sunday It will be held in the South pa vilion. Members are asked tt bring a favorite dish, table serv 'iff, sandwishes and beverage, ac cording to Mrs. Raymond Shor' committee chairman. Dean Curtis is attending •ourse at the Iowa State College t Ames this summer. His family re in Ames with him. * * * * Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Ashby nd four children returned Friday from an extended trip thru he west, visiting, Salt Lake City, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon and other places of interest thru he area. The family camped out in the entire trip. Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Otterstein isited in the home of Mrs. Otterstein's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Remkoj Johnson, at SJiellrock, Sunday evening. • » * « Miss Maude Feller who re- Lurned recently from Upland, Indiana, where she had been teaching at Taylor University and is suffering from a serious hip injury was taken to Rochester, Minn.,on Friday, where sht will go thru the clinic. * • * • Mrs. Lloyd Miller is a patien in the Sumner Hospital, when she has undergone major surgery * * * * Mrs. Harold W. Johnson is patient in the Oelwein hospita where she underwent major sur gwy, future as far as such requirements are concerned. Teacher Savings Competition for qualified teachers has become so acute that the smaller districts can no longer afford to hire the better ones and keep them. A large district, it is pointed out, could demand better teachers. Where the high schools considering reorganization employed 40 teachers this year, ;m area educational leader points out that this number could be cut to 20 in a reorganization. The new set-up would retain a grade school in five communities, Westgate, Fayette, Arlington, Maynard and Randalia. A central high school would have to be built and a building at Wesigate to house the grade school would be neccessitated by the merger. High Tax Base Under such a merger ,the tax base would .climb to r><*n»i*- *n committee members point out that the mergered district would 'ontain 1241 elementary students and .'UO senior high school students for a total of 1551, based on the recent year's attendance figures. Transportation A duel bus system has been proposed that would operate to transport all grade students to attendance centers in much the ;amc manner as at present. The high school students would enjoy approximately one hour's travel time. The districts which now own 23 buses could operate with around 20 forty-eight passenger buses. Meetings A series of meetings will be held in the various towns to discuss the proposed district. The study committee has urged all citizens to attend these meetings. The schedule is as follows: Monday, July 8 Fayette High School. Monday, July 8 Arlington High School. Tuesday, July 9 Maynard Community Hall. Wednesday, July 10 Randalia High School, Thursday, July 11 Westgate The Study committee consists of the following gentlemen: Heading the Reorganization Study Committee is John Hofmeyer of Fayette. Working with Mr. Hofmeyer are Chet Cumberland, Ken Nading and Lyle Arthur of the West Central District, E. W. Maurer and Marvin Ingels of the Fayette Consolidated district, and Leroy Newton, Arnold Reuber and Max Jennings of the Arlington Independent district. 'he committee is advised on de- ails and other information by the hree superintendents, William 'ock of Maynard, Dan Coffman f Arlington and Paul Pickett of 'ayette. George Davis Finishes Army School Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. — M. George M. Davis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Davis, Randalia, owa, recently was graduated 'rorn the carpentry course at Port Leonard Wood, Mo. In the five-week courss, Davis was trained in the use of jacks md bridging, replacement of joints, repair of timber trusses and cutting of new windows and doors. He entered the Army in February 1957 and was last stationed at Fort Chaffee, Ark. Davis is a 1956 graduate of Maynard High School. Auxiliary "" r; Meets Next Thursday The July meeting of the American Legion and Auxiliary will be held at the Legion Hall on Thursday, July nth.

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