Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 19, 1952 · Page 22
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 22

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 19, 1952
Page 22
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PAOB t WENfY'f WO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH WEDNESDAY, MARCH 19, -Att CiCAM • • tOW MltCAOC ajujSjEJBBjmgmKmnkmiffla^&jsiaiamgjfHB***** CM* Hi;iOlli; YOU III Y . . . GIVK TIII: '52 IIOIK;I; \ TRY FINANCING AT BANK RATES OPEN IVIMNQS TILL 0 P. M. IIMI KAlMfcH *.f)OOil, over, drive, white wall Urn*, hi* imv- IBM IttJDSOtf PACKiVfAKKR, dark blue, one owner, low mileage, fully equipped. 1B4* PLYMOUTH CUJB COUPE, light blue, a nice family car. 1981 PLYMOUTH CLUB COUPK, all the equipment, good a* new. 1949 PLYMOUTH 4-DOOR Special Deluxe, black, low mileage, good tires, 104« HUDSON 4-DOOB, fully eqtilppetl, clean as a pin. '51 PLYMOUTH Cranbrook A tlnrk grncn 4-l)onr Hndnii Ihat'n fully liniuily hits rcnlly find Rood trrmlini'nl. ThU '50 PLYMOUTH Sedan A deluxe with hniilrr Hint 1 * prlwl lo ncll. If .you're looking for a claim 'AH, Ihia IN II. '48 CHEVROLET Convertible A mo In I lid ffriiy finish with now lop. Cnr In fully equipped anil exceptionally elotui. MANY OTHERS Alton Oldest and Most Reliable mam ma. AlTON, IU. ill lipfl '.•.I ! 'TV A . • U.S. GO VT JOBS! MEN - WOMEN J 98,000 Wanted at Once for Rearmament I'rogrnm Johnl Start high as $73.00 a week, Experience Usually Unnecessary. QUALIFY NOW! Write today for n FREE copy of our 32-page book "How to Get n U. S. Gov't Job." Lonrn how you con get one of the thousands of big pay positions open now. Send Coupon AT ONCJg! FRANKLIN INSTITUTE (Not (Jov't Dept. 959 0, Rochester 4, N. V. Rush to me your FREE 32-page book, list of Jobs, salaries, sample tests, nnd Information on gelling a U. S. Civil Service Job. Nam* • • < Age.... Addreai City Stale...... in the TOTAL cost for a two- *cek loan of $35.00* ... of the friendly ASSOCIATES LOAN COMPANY M B. Ferguson Ave., Wood Riv« Phone 4-8870 * BftrH on char^tt 0/3% )Mr mrmlti •* unpaid bohnei. Courteous prompt service on ill loin, ir«m MS lo f!M)-«r wort. Borrow on iign*lnr«, ••(•, • •f furniture — repay in convenient monthly installments! •M MUSICAL INSTRUMENT* MAGOINl VIOLIN — Made In Brescia Italy in 1820. This violin has been V S. government inspected. For further information phono 3-:il73. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS - New and used pianos, guitars, amplifier*, clar IneU, ukelelei, etc Gould Music Co 651 B. Broadway, Alton. 1947 BUICK SUPER 2-DOOR Beautiful black finish. Practically new tires. $ Heater and radio. A much sought after model.. HARV & PHIL REILLEY 1025 EAST BROADWAY DIAL 2-8732 1942 OLDS 6-Cylinder "" 66" Series 4-Door Sedan Heater and radio. New maroon finish. Very nice HARV & PHIL REILLEY 1025 EAST BROADWAY DIAL 2-8732 1947 PONTIAC 4-DOOR Original dark grey finish. Heater and radio. Very clean. 4-door sedan. Excellent condition HARV & PHIL REILLEY 1025 EAST BROADWAY DIAL 2-8732 AUTOMOTIVE AUTOS—HASSENfiHR CARS SPRING IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER AND TAGGING ALONG IS HIGH PRICES BUY NOW AND SAVE 1851 Nash Alrflyle. Radii), heater and overdrive 1951 Sludebaker Landcruiser 4 Door Tu-tone finish, all Hie equipment 1850 Chevrolet Powergllde Tu.Tone green 1050 Buick Sedanette Radio nnd heater 1950 Chevrolet Convertible, Fully equipped. Like new 1090 Chevrolet Club Coupe. Very nice 19SO Cadillac 4-Door. Series, lil A very pretty blue and fully equipped. A real luxury car 1950 Packard 4-Door. l.'Ura-niatIc drive and all the equipment 1949 Chevrolet 2-Uoor. Kadio and lieater 1949 Ford 2-Door. Fully equipped 1948 Chevrolet Aero Sedan. Tu-Tone paint, radio and heater 1948 Pontiac Silver Streak Convertible Chinee* red. Fully equipped. Very nice 1847 Ford Convertible. Extra nice and fully equipped 1947 Kaiser 4-Door. Radio, heater and sect covers 1847 Plymouth Club Coupe Special. Radio and heater 194fi Plymouth 3-Poor. Newly overhauled, radio and heaUr 1948 Pontiac 2-Door. Radio and heater, PRE-WAR 1841 Studebakfr 2-Poor 1840 Chevrolet It-Door I83fl Ford »-Door 1898 Chevrolet 3-Poor I.IL8 MOTQB CO. 4M W. 6t. t*ui» Ave . Bast Alton * ftiaot 4-81U RE-STYLE YOUR HOME JOHNS-HANVILLE SIDING • FREE ESTIMATES • CONVENIENT TERMS • 8 COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM • Company Trained Applicators MARCAL HOME IMPROVEMENT CO, Phone 2-5915 WOOD RIVER DESOTO-PLYMOUTH DEALER ROBERTS MOTORS, INC. 102 W. FERGUSON AVE., WOOD RIVER - PHONE 4-4392 on sens! We terms- hone or come in today to HFC— Jouaehold Finance Corporation. Cnah.lonna made quickly on signature. car or furniture. How to get a loan Pell us how much cnflh you need. epayment plan that suila up to $500 without endorsers. Borrow with confident* Remember, more men and women jorrow from Household_Finance than iny other company in its field ! Call friendly, dependable HFC today! MONEY WHEN YOU NEED »TI USEHOLD FINANCE 123 W. Third Street 2nd Floor PHONE: 3-8871~Alto» *ttj mnttt to r«*idmtx of •*•**>• fcn A REAL BARGAIN I GENUINE FORD V-8 Reconditioned Motors INSTALLED COMPLETE ONLY $ 163 .45 • Now Motor Guarantee • Easy Monthly Payments Garter Wood River Motor Co., Inc. Your Wood River FORD Dealer 315 WOOD RIVER AVE. DIAL 4-4385 STENOGRAPHER Will consider beginner or some experience. Excellent working conditions. State ag« and qualifications. Box 930, Care Telegraph CARS-TRUCKS 1949 CHEV. Styleline 4-Door. Radio Heater. Seat Coven $1295 1949 CHEV. FLEETLINE 2-Door Radio and Heater $1295 1947 CHEV. 2-Door Radio and Heater $750 1950 WILLYS Vi-Ton Panel $600 1950 CHEVROLET Styleline—2-Door Heater $1395 / 1947 PONTIAC Four-Door Radio, Heater $895 CHEVRQLET FEATURE SHOW * * * • Fun for All — 6 to 60 • A Show that is Different • A Show that is Educational FREE * FREE * FREE 1939 DODGE 2-Door '$195 1940 BUICK 4-Door $195 1940 PLYMOUTH Two-J)oor $150 1948 FORD Vz-Ton Pick-Up Heater $825 1949 Chevrolet Styleline Two-Door Heater $1195 1949 FORD '/z-Ton Panel $895 1948 Chevrolet Suburban—Carryall $895 1947 Chevrolet Aero-' Sedan—Radio, Heater and Seat Covers $895 1948 FORD Tudor . Radio—Heater $895 1949 FORD Vz-Ton Stake Heater $895 ALWAYS AMPLE PARKING AREA "The Best Place to Do Business" YOUR AUTHORIZED OPEN TILL 9P.M. /CHEVROLET^ Wood River, III. DEALER Dial 4-4338 HI ItVUIOh - UKF • TELEVISION " TELEVISION SPECIALS 12V I'upi'linrt Consolette SOU,80 17" Admiral $IH0.05 2(1" C'apehat-t Consolette »MU.03 ALTON HEr'HHJKHATlON CO. 550 Kasl Broudway Phone 3-7722 Kvenumsl H-81HO Klin ""SALE" CienerBl""Electric~re7rrg~ crator Good condition $25. 4.7U81. $iuu "THA'DE-IN ""AI'.U)WANCE-"-•'" For your old reiriuerutur i>n the purchas-c of a (I S cu. It. International Harvt-sU'r relnuerator. Etililvr Klectric, 25 VI State. Phone 3-75IIH HI KAIMOS - UEK. - Tl:l f:V!SI()N WEstlNGIlduSE""—7 Klci-tric refrigerator and stove. Like new. $250. IHS2 Seminary between 3:30 and 6 p.m. WANTED" »S StWINO MACHINES SEWING MACHINES -Before .you buy see our complete line of new and used sewing machines: all makes and models, priced to fit your budget CENTRAI SEWING MACHINE CO 14 West Broadway Phone 2-5*14 Hi! A SEWING MACU REPAIR SEWING MACHINES-Repaired »nd rebuilt, parts & suppliet (01 42fe br«o4* Old intciunes made like new with our special rebuilding process Treadle ma chines e'eclrilied and converted into consoles portables 01 desk models Central Sewing Suppi> Co Alton Branch t* VI Broadway Cfl> )-&214 tor tree estimate SEWING MACHINES REPAIRED Hav« your sewing machine repaired o> expert repair men Repairs on all mates All woik guaranteed No cnatge IQI estimate Free pickup and delivery Call Singer Sewing Machine Co.. )ij St«t» street Alton. Peon* 3-6313. « WANTED TO BUV ANTIQUES WANTED Sil\er. chinaware, glusswarc. irun toys, anything old. odd. unusual. 2-:i27ii. ATTENTION Wanted. sinks bathtubs toilets, furnaces etc Call us We pai top prices WISEMAN 1124 t, Bdwy Dial a-n2»4 _ ANTIQUES - furniture, glassware chiiiiiware. picture frumes. silver, cut glass, lumps, clocks 2-7583 CASH PAID-Foi nil kinds of good used Jfurniture. Call :i-U322 or 2-B727. TOP CASH PRICES~ PAID for used dining room, living r oom. bedroom and kitchen furniture Dia[ 3-3024 or 2-1507 USED PULLEY & PLOW — For Ford tractor 4-9495 WANTED - Small outboard "motor In good condition Call 2-3879. WANTED - "Small" "wood lathe. Call 2-4BUB. WANTED - Sin*s bathtubs toilet* furniture Anything ol value Oougnt sold ol exchanged Vroman's 217 St Louis Ave Easi Alton 4-3*32 « 4-48B3 _ WANTEDTO"BUY -""Good pre-war car or would buy equity la later model. i-5303. Th« Hist for Less in NEW HlKNITllHi: - S«« RUSSELL VENETIAN BUND MFG. CO, W» Glv* Emit SUmpi nil Milton Road l M-5IM4 • Hc«. S-IS589 I Stock Blind Fro with ET*«T t*VOO Purchass. 1949 FORD 4-DOOR SEDAN Heater and radio, excellent tires and paint. A bargain at this price HARV & PHIL REILLEY AUTOS— HA88ENOEH CAES 1Q41 BUICK — Sedanette, radio, heater. Mu»t Mil quickly. Dial 4-B608. CUBAN I84S MBHCURY 6 passenger coupe. R«dlo and heater, overdrive, undercoat, (endcr shields, will take older car in trade. Terms can be arranged Ph. 3871 Bclhalto. 19-iB OLUSMOBIl.E SEH1ES "7S"--Per. fi>-i condition. Will take trade-in. Dial Z-8471._ 1U4B CHEVROLET 2-ndOR SEDAN. $650 - A-l condition. Husband gone to service. 8:30 to li::<0 at I.oil's Service Station. 1311) Central avenue. 31 "PONTIAC — By owner. 6000 mile*. 4-8448 after 5:30. j 1949 MEKCURY -S-pauengcr coupe. Radio and heater $1293 1949 HUDSON SUPER "«"— Radio and heater , $108S 1949 DE SOTO CLUB COUPE — Radio and healer $1293 1949 BUICK SEDANETTE—Kadio, heater and Dynaflow. Very clean. 1949 CHEVROLET—Fleetllne Deluxe Sedan. Radio and heater $1293 MAJOR MOTOR CO. 102 W. Edwardsvllle Hoad, Wood River Dial 4-9321 Lot Open Evening* Till 8 FOR SALE — 1942 Chevrolet. tia.UOO. Ph. 2-8041. Call after 4:30. __ 1942 BUICK SPECIAL B—For'sale. In good condition. Beaton for selling, owner gone to service Inquire »t 11$ S- Main, Wood Elver, 1025 EAST BROADWAY DIAL 2-8732 ttl AUTOS—PASSENGER (JAK8 1BS1 FORD—Custom S-Passenger Coupe Radio and heater 7000 actual miles. $1705 1931 PLYMOUTH — Cranbrook 4-Door 10,000 miles. Will »crve as new car. $1695 laSO OLDSMOBILE "HH"-4-Door Sedan. Radio, heater and Hydrumalic . .$11)93 MAJOR MOTOR CO. 103 W. Edwardsville Road, Wood River Dial 4-9321 l.ol Open Evenings Till 9 ISMPLYMOUTH" — special Deluxe 2- Door. Radio, heater, original black fin 1947 FORD-Super Deluxe. Radio, neater, sun vi.sor. driving lights $795 1947 CHEVROLET 2-DOOH--Hadio and heater, very clean 4H " : '' 194B PLYMOUTH—Special Deluxe, dio and heater. Very nice MAJOR MOTOR CO. 102 W. Edwardsville Road. Wood River Dial 4-9321 Lot Open Evenings TiH_9 _-- ___ 1948 FLEETMASTER" 2-bboR "CHEV.— Will lake older car in trade. Phone ____ _ __ _ _ FOR~ SALE — Beautiful 1947 "blue Pontiac, Streamliner, 4 door sedan. Will take older car in trade. Terms can be it-ranged. Phone 3-9195. YOUR CHOICE '145 1937 DODGE SEDAN 1939 PLYMOUTH COUPE 1937 OLDS SEDAN HARV & PHIL REILLEY 1025 EAST BROADWAY * DIAL 2-8732 Ra$750 SPECIAL DEAL NO DOWN PAYMENT FREE >952 PLATES FREE TANK OF C.AS 42 Buicks. 31 Buicks, 4? Chevrolets '41 Chevrolets '41 Dodges '41 Fords 41 Hudson. 41 Plymouth. 41 Pomiacs Pay small monthly payments. first payment 1 mo. alter you take car.- 1730 Bo«» St. at E -Broadway \ DRIVE and COMPARE BEFORE YOU BUY 1951 Plymouth 4-Door Radio, heater. >eat covers Perfect condition S160S 19.1U Buick Sedan. Fully equipped A-l. . . $1595 1U48 DiKlge '* Ton Pickup Heater, like new 11148 Chevrolet Fleetlme 2-Door. Radio. heater, new tires $1050 1H48 Pis mouth Sedan. Radio, heater --cat covers and ne»v tires . $895 1SK7 Pontiac Sedanelle. Radio, heater seat covers 1945 Ford 2 Door Heater, seat covers and good tires . $H50 1946 Olds Sedanelle. Healer, hydramatic and new tires $895 1948 Sludebaker Club Coupe. Radio. heater and overdrive $950 1940 Buick Sedan. Radio, heater, good tires if 195 1939 Plymouth Sedan. Heater, good tires *'95 HARPER'S AUTO SALES Junction Route 140 & Foaterburg Roao Dial 2-4733 »IA T84ILEK8 1951 HOUSE TRAILER-3 rooms »nd bath, all modern. Just like new. Phone 2-5828. 1124 UUnor avenue. j '.ft j*£TO_I?.yCK8_ ' issi FORD 'j-inn pickup deluxe cab. i-jdio and heater $1295 1948 CHEVROLET '.,-ton $795 MAJOR MOTOR CO. j 102 Edwardsville Rd Wood River I Dial 4-9321 1 Lot Open Eveniungs Till_Q_ : 1949 FOHD^Long «lieeibase. Stake 1 body Looks and runs very good, w-ith • almost new tires $895 MAJOR MOTOR CO. i 102 W. Edwardsville Road. Wood River | Dial 4-9321 ! Lot Open Evenings Till 9 I 1949 FORD F3 TRUCK — 12-ft. bed. I healer, 1 owner, call 4-8555. j M BICYCLES * MOTORCYCLES FOR SALE — 1952 Harley Davidson. Spotlight, saddle bags and all extras Elmer Moore. 4-3590, HarlfQjd. 1947"" HARLEY-DAVIDSON 74 - 6.H.V. Accessories $300. Ph. a-407U._ »4~~ ACCESSORIES ats ACCEISOBIEB I PERMANENT ANTl FREEZE — Zerone. i neaters, stop-leak, tires, tubes, batter; , le «-_«JL«"«« EARL'S 3006 BeUe street. ' GUARANTEED REBUILT MOTORSI — Factory rebuilt to perfection; guaranteed iarnn as new car motor*! Guaraii- teed exchange prices! Plymouth "33- '41 $142.951 Dodge "33- '49 1142951 InsUlld- tloo arranged- Only $3.50 weekly. Spiegel J & R 400 Belle St.. Altos. III. Phone 2-8281 uTANTEtt. LUKEN PONTIAC PAYS I'HE HIGHEST PRICES rOB USED <-AB8 Ooo't Fail to Ue 1 out aid Before Vou Sell Dtn * Belle 3-«68» *J«. u>uts *ve tan REBUILT BATTEHIK6 - W 50 exchange, up. used Ur»», «11 iUe«. WAUL'8 AUTO P4BT8. 1109 , WANTED TO BUY - Late model tars. all bod} styles. ALBRECHT CHEVROLET, loc. Dial 4-4338 lor further information- WILL PAY CASH — For cTearTi Automobile. 2-B737 after 0:00.

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