The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts on July 20, 1963 · Page 8
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The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts · Page 8

North Adams, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 20, 1963
Page 8
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Office): Center Street Adams News Section Dial 743-1700 — 743-1701 EIGHT THE NORTH ADAMS, MASSACHUSETTS, TRANSCRIPT SATURDAY AFTERNOON, JULY 20. 1963 Around Adams Youth Help Corps Idea Might Spur Town Cleanup By CHARLES J. HOYE DURING PAST weeks the Inlk ago wns mentioned to the owner nmoiig (he Selectmen has comc.who cooperated beautifully and around to n general cleanup oficiid the town a favor by cleaning • •' ' " happened the East! 'episode involves a decision as to Selectmen's liow one can order a retired old property. It of the rece-U area governor'siagnm this year on conference at which Hie matter:Side, of clean cities and towns was' On the other hand, discussed. Last week at the _ meeting, it was decided to hold mnn, woman or widow with a meeting on July 2-1 to plan an'rim-down, decrepit property to inspection program with an eye [clean up and fix up so the prop- toward eliminating town eyesores'erly will join others in looking either by destruction or through good to visitors, repair. I Methods can be worked out for Tliis meeting will include the a number of situations of the police ami fire chiefs, (lie Hoallhjmost obvious nature but lectmen this week, the case of an old person who needs work done but can't do it himself or herself and can't afford to have it done. * * * IT IS NO secret that in town many places are run down but could, with minor repairs be put back into reasonable shape and painted up to look good. Many yards have old backyard buildings which ought to be eliminated. woodlands along some of difference, might even attract a tenant. I woldn't dobt that the owner, an out-of-towner, would mission to have a Help Corps _ rev/ do the work and might even! | Q | the area roads are littered with a current, broken tree limbs and tossed out trash. Fences along our main entrances are in need of repair, grass plots are overgrown, vacant store fronts are in need of paint and their windows need washing. An Adams Help Corps could accomplish these various things which would help tremendously the appearance of Adams but of course it is asking a lot to ask how and Planning Boards and the Se-'about all the little ones, such as lectmen. It should achieve a great ratling oi roadside grass plots,) teenagers to give up then- lime deal but there most assuredly 1 minor repairing, repainting ofjio perform the work free and will be problems which can't be fences, and helping the oldcrj then there might be the expenses aken care of by mere orders to people who have neither the cap- of tools, nails, paint, clean up. doing work or have work done ability money FOR INSTANCE, two extremes l Tem ' were mentioned at the meeting of the Selectmen. On the one| slon a hand a real eyesore a few years • someone group of interested might pick up. the [ How to handle this? Assuming I'd like to throw out for discus-: iision a few ideas which I hope better yet, some persons, ' or jthe teenagers would come forth and volunteer, and I think IN MEMORIAM STEPHEN CRAIG SOLDATI Who Died July 20, 1962 No itairt was on hit little heart, lin had not entered there; And Innocence slept (weatly on That pale white tjrow so fair. He was too pure' for this cold earth, To beautiful to slay, And so God's holy angel bore our Darling one away. Mn. Gale Moser Soldali Mr, and Mrs.' Peter Moier and Uncles ALONG THE LINE of keeping I youths busy for their own good [and to give them experience at ;the same lime, I'd suggest something like the President's 1 Peace Corps. How about setting up an Adams Help Corps? I visualize this as a group of willinng helpers, boys and girls in their teens with a little lime and energy on their ihands. This group could be organized into work parlies this summer operating much the same as the old fashioned workbee, or like I the Amish barn-raisers of Penn' sylvania. The value of such a group would be demonstrated in such cases as was outlined to the Se- goodly number would, my nexl suggestion would be to business men to kick in a few dollars every once in a while to a func to help provide the necessary equipment and paint and to pro vide for workparties, cases of soda and potato chips to take on the job with them. * + * I BELIEVE that in the Interest of town appearance and rehabilitation, which after all will help Pilgrimage Set ie owner, •- f give per-] For Tomorrow provide the paint. No harm asking. THIS HELP CORPS would not be intended as "the" cleanup crew for Adams. Householders and property owners should all do their part. This suggestion would be for cases where owners can't do the work, can't pay for the work to be done, or for cases where work needs to be done for beautification but no owner can be found. Will youth volunteer for such work? Nol all youth will volunteer but a month ago when Roy Carpenter, retired veterans agent, decided to lix up another old cemetery, a number of Explorer scouts volunteered to help him. The job was delayed by Roy's hospitalization but will probably be done before Ihe summer Is out. Tiiat's one example of en- ttnisiusm. There would be no pay for the youth volnteering except the joy and satisfaction of doing a good job to the benefit of the lown, and perhaps a soda or two while at work. Before anybody can really pick up the idea, we'll have to have RII indication from Ihe town's youth that they might be interested in forming an Adams Help Corps. To that end, I'll invite interesled teen-agers to drop in Monday or Tuesday at the Transcript office and sign-up. If there's enough interest shown, I'm sure town officials will lend Members of the Third Order of St. Francis will have their annual pilgrimage tomorrow to the Two Pastors Plan Dialogue Sermon At Union Services Standby Donors Donate Here In Blood Crisis In response to an appeal from W .B. Plunkelt Memorial Hospital The Rev. Henry G. Cooper,[Mrs. Phyllis Hisatli, home serv- , ii_ „• i n i- ice chairman of Adams Branch Marian Shrine at Eden Hill, jpaslor of the First Congregation-.^ [hfl Rerf Cross _ thjs WM|( re . 'al Church, and the Rev. Hobert! cn ,n e( ] e jg nl Adams residents in Slockbrldge. Those planning to attend will.W. Sansoucie, pastor of Trinity reel in front of St. Stanislaus'Methodist Church, will try, for School on Summer Street at 8.30;the (bird time, to present a dia- a.m. A bus will be awajting them.logue sermon at the 10 a. m. Protestant Churches' union worship service tomorrow at Ihe there. The Third Order has also made another $100 donation towards the Felician Sisters new convent building fund, the. Rev. John Langow, pastor of St. Stanislaus Kostka Church, has announced. A $100 donation to tlie fund was made by the group just before Easier, Fr. Langow said, Playground Slate Playground activities Monday at the four /ields were announced this morning by Director Edward Wlialen: North Summer Street, crafts at 1:30 p.m., when bracelets will be made. Renfrew, Farm League game, San Soks vs Crystal, 10 a.m.; Renfrew boys baseball vs Bowe Field boys, 1:30 p.m. Russell, Farm League game, Berkshire Textile vs Pirates, 10 a.m.; table tennis tournament in the afternoon. blood emergencies. The recruiting aclion was laken because of an acule blood shortage in Berkshire Counly and which Red Cross officials hope U> alle viate wilb generous response at the Red Cross • bloodmobile visit First Baptist Church. Oil the two previous Sundays, illnesses ofi ,..,!_,.„• .i- Mr. Sansoucie and Mr. Cooper, Donors obtained by Mrs Risatti respectively, intervened. |are John D. Maaarz Mrs. Ed- The two clergymen will nse (helwnrd Jainros .Bernard L, Den- £ Qf $OUqht J 0 wc a Ihol "^^ Mrs . Wal[e G ,,« .„„ prolM(anl ^ Mrs. Stanley D. Mikuszewsk,. will be queried by Mr. Cooper. Queries raised by the congrega. tion as to various points of the, dialogue will be answered by the| Adams police were keeping their their business, it would not be a ha "d. t° beautify the town too much to ask businessmen to provide toots at wholesale or even donate them fo the cause.! There would not be that many involved or that much paint. Of course, any project would with this try it! volunteer help. Let's Mission Collection St. Stanislaus Kostka Church have its annual cooperative have to be with the permission [mission collection tomorrow. of the propctry owner. For instance, the old five and ten cent store on Park Street needs its old awning taken down and the front repainted and the windows cleaned. It would make a big A missionary priest from the Philippines wilf speak at all Masses about mission work in his country. The second collection at all Ihe Masses will be for those missions. two ministers. The service will 'eyes peeled today for a 1962 ret silting service also be pro- be open to the public and a baby- Tempest stolen early last night at North Adams. The car is owned by John Lanu of 106 Howland Ave., Adams, and bears registration plate FCO-770. vided for young children. Tiie music numbers by the First Baptist Choir, directed by Walter S, Vogt with Mrs, Nelson II. Bond at the organ, will be as follows: Prelude, "Chapel Musings," by Clarke; offertory, "Close to Thee," by Frick; choir anthem, "The Harbor Called Home," by Norman; and post- Totvn Calendar Tonight ST. MICHAEL SOCIETY, public whist party, S p. m., downstairs in Summer Street Hall. Table and special prizes. Tomorrow ST. THOMAS' CHURCH, Communion Sunday for boys of Ihe parish. MOUNTAIN CLUB'S 75th anniversary program, starting 1 p. m., club rooms, 6 Anthony St. Members and friends invited. Games, prizes and refreshments. Tomorrow JULIUS SLOWACKI SOCIETY, Polish National Alliance, dues col- leclion, Victory Street Hall, 10 a, m. to noon. Monthly meetings omitted during summer months. Coming Events GOLDEN AGE CLUB, public whist party, Monday, 2 p.m American Legion Home. In Th« Hospital Mrs. Leon Poplaski of Wells Road, Cheshire, was admitted to W. B. Plunkelt Memorial Hospital at 10:45 a.m. yesterday for treatment of auto accident injuries. Frank Baran oi 51 Pleasant St., was Admitted to W. B. Pluu- kell Memorial Hospital Thurs- I day afternoon lor treatment. Textile Blanket Pirates in No-Hit In a Farm League game yesterday at North Summer Street Field, the boys of Berkshire Textile whipped Ihe Pirates, 8-1, in a no-hit game pitched by Robert St. John. The batteries were: Textile, St. John and Levesque, Pirates, Jagiello, Asce- vicb, Stone, Horton and Herrmann. Birth A daughter was born at 6:35 p.m. last night at the W. B. Plunkelt Memorial Hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Martin ot 20 Melrose St. Mrs. Martin Is Ihe former Miss JoAnn Sprowson of Adams. Bowe, jacks tournament in the. morning, Bowe Field boys base-| g ball game at Renfrew in the afternoon. ' hide, "Festival March," by Hig- Marriages Today Miss Patrich A. Foisy, 4 Allen St., and Richard H. Sample, Meadowview Dr., Cheshire, iO a.m., St. Thomas' Church. . Miss Helen Pietras, 37 East SI., and William E. O'Donnell, 650 High SI., Holyoke, 9 a.m., St. Stanislaus Kcclka Church. Details of the weddings will appear in Monday's Transcript. Repair Post Office Platform Roof The roof of the loading plalform in the rear of the Post Office today was being renewed by Morin Roofing Co. of North Adams. Heavy pounding early this morning resounding along Park Street caused curious stares because the work was unseen until one walked around back to find the noise. The area being repaired is small and had been leaking. PIXIE Says ... "There Is a difference In A L A D C O ' S 'Gentle Touch' professional laundering." Why Not See For Yourself And Give Yourself More Time With Your Family And More Time for Carefree Summer Living. TELEPHONE NOW ~ ™" Laundering . . . Dry Cleaning Rug cleaning . . , Storage Fur Cleaning Diaper Service "Thruout Berkihrra County" DECKER'S CLEANERS & DYERS, Inc. SPECIAL 2 Skirfs or Sweaferi Cleaned at Regular Price THIRD ONE FREE Mix Them Up For the Beit Dial 743-0780 And We'll Do the R«s». 1,000 T.V. 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Ask About Our Low-Cost Home Improvement Loans. COUNTY-WIDE- BANKING-WISE ADAMS • ALLENOALE • NORTH ADAMS • PITT5FIELO • STOCKBRIDGE Mimb«r Federal Dopoiil Iniunno Corporation 56 SUMMER STREET PERFECT HAIR COLORING TAKES BOTH KNOWLEDGE AND SKILL Don'f trust your priceless hair to inexperienced hands. Our colorish can give you younger, livelier looking hair such as you've always wanfed. CALL FOR APPOINTMENT BEAUTY SALON DIAL 743-0337 , PLUMBING PROBLEMS? Dial 743-1565 No job ft foo complicite^ for LMI Our work Ft •xptrt, prompt «nd ceurleoui. Albert DeKsle &Co. 3 Dean St. 743-154S Me?. No. 5285 t: ... WHEN YOU BUY NOW! OUR SUMMER PRICES NOW IN EFFECT! Call J. E. Arnold for Hotiflo; Co.l • t Low Summtr Pricttl JOHN E. ARNOLD COAL • FUEL OILS - CEMENT 40$prlngS». Dial 743-0157 . HOWARD „ JowmonJ LUNCHEON, DINNER, COCKTAILS. OPEN 7 DAYS A WtU-K AIR-CONDITIONED ROUTE 2, WILLIAMSTOWN ALUMINUM OF COURSE! Not too soon to think about protection against winter's wind and cold. 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