Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on May 28, 1971 · Page 4
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 4

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 28, 1971
Page 4
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editorials FAGI4 Garden City Telegram Friday, May 28, 1971 Honor the Dead, Save the Living No lengthy discourse is needed to remind us of the meaning of Memorial Day. But perhaps, this year, as we pause to honor the dead of wars past and present, it would be appropriate to shift the emphasis to the living. We talk so glibly at times about the value of human life, yet most Americans have hardly raised their voices about the monstrous war that has claimed 50,000 Americans in the prime of their lives. A statement by retired Marine Corps Commandant Gen. David Shoup, who knows firsthand the horrors of war, should give us all something to think on. His words should be underscored as we prepare for Memorial Day. Testifying before a Congressional committee seeking -his views on Vietnam, the general said with a tinge of emotion: "Bring home the live bodies. Now." He emphasized "live" and he didnt pussyfoot around about the time. He said it should take no more than 10 or 12 days to assemble the necessary ships and planes and another 15 days to get the troops out. What greater tribute could we pay the 50,000 U.S. war dead than to make a firm decision to save the living. Just Don't Mail It! Amid all the talk about higher postal rates, there is one belt in the pocketbook that shouldn't be overlooked. The state of Kansas spent $2.4 million on postage last fiscal year. With the recent increase ordered by the new postal System, the postage bill for Kansas will be up more than $725,000. In a state that is already scraping the bottom of the barrel for revenue, that ain't hay. The taxpayers, no doubt, will be required to fork over the additional money. Of course, there are several alternatives, such as a Kansas postal system, or trucking the state mail to the 105 counties and making the citiaens call for it at the courthouses. & better answer would be to exercise more control over what is mailed in the first place. Much of the pure fluff from the various state departments could easily be eliminated. And it would save some editor the trouble of filing it in the receptacle reserved for useless information. ;>?* Bydh. THERE! IS, to be sure, nothing like having a man of the healing arts in the neighborhood. One recent balmy evening our next door neighbor, a physician, made a back door call. And, seizing the opportunity as one is so confoundedly apt to hi the presence of a member of his profession, we proceeded to recite our complaints, to give the case history and name the symptoms: Our lawn was drying up because of a malfunctioning (new) sprinkler. Together we sat and observed the non-performance of the machine. And then our neighbor i(as we hoped he'd do) began to diagnose and analyze and tinker. He checked the mechanism. He made adjustments. We went home for instruments. And he operated. And he cured that critter. It got up and walked. * * * HAPPINESS, fellow lawn-waterers, is a walking sprinkler that walks. * * * AND WHILE we are outdoors . . . that is why our phone often isn't answered. We are far out in this garden we planted. The family is snide about it Just because we planted things like squash, pumpkins, and sunflowers, (and a few ornamental gourds), they refer to it as the Garden of the Gourds and intimate that that is what we are out of. * * * THE MAN-ABOUT-TOWN who calls himself "69-year-olcl youngster" called to tell us that his doctor had prescribed running for exercise. So he ran the half-mile and found himself, at the end of it, with a very fashionable phenomenon — his breath was coming in hotpanta! * * * THIS WEEK we came upon this (author unknown): "A college graduate is a person who had a chance to get an education." Garden City Telegram Published Daily Exempt Sunday end Sl« Holidays Yearly ly The Telegram'Publishing Company 276-3232 310 N. 7th Garden City. (Capias, 6714* JIM BISHOP: REPORTER Now, Who Would Steal A Lavender Roadster? Stealing cars is * serious porting the theft to the police, six weeks, rap. My friend Bui Scanlon did a wiser thing. He wrote a The thaef must nave been a and I used to steal his father's column addressed to fee reader. He abandoned the car car once a week. It was park- thief: "The choke is busted. ta a deserted tot » Astoria. ed in an Ocean Avenue garag* The band brake wffl not hold The oops returned the auto- near Ohapel Street. Pop Scan- on * MU. M you run up Fifth mobile to the^ columnist. He ion was particular about his Avenue, watch out for officers blew up. In his column he automobile. After a short drive Logan, Lennon and Artie wrote: to church, he used to back 4t FWgeon. If you get a ticket 'You are not a proper oar tato the garage, lift the hood, and come before Magistrate to*. You are a cowardly bum and cteMi the engine with a Macneary, please do not men- A few^more weeks and I would tion my name." The columnist drove the feather duster. In spite of his name, old man Scanlon was Polish. He had peculiar notions about many things. He used to cMsttll his own liquor in the cellar. He i. was a short, impeccable man with glasses who worked at one office job aH his life. He also worked with one wife and he put every nickel he could spare into the bank. He bought a Whippet, which Jim llshop have had the insurance on it. This would have meant a new oar for me. You are indeed a discredit to all self-respecting crooks. Didn't I tell you to put water in the battery? "No wonder it wouldn't take you any farther than Astoria. Why don't you 'apply yourself and leairn your trade? Even worse, why do It on my time?" The onJy place where a car could be properly stolen was in Chicago. In -the days of Capone, .•Mr-., • * • > 5 Concerned About Fierro tt m let MINE out if you'll let YOURS out first!" "Oh, no! Fillet MINE out after YOURS go" JACK ANDERSON REPORTS: HEW Now in Running as Uncle's Top Spendthrift was going to be good for 10 , years and when Pop died crook crazy. "Always lock the they stole oars to spare gang would have 20 000 mies on it. car - Us * P" 1 * wax m ^ K ^ ll ~ members the cost of a divorce. When he felit in a gay mood ^h ^ * um * tl ° m la-vender to "Don't worry, sweetheart," be drove his wife to Holy ' violet. Please put distiled wa- they would tel an outraged Name Cemetery and said pray- ter in the battery. It was run- husband, "now good is she at ers beside the graves of all the. ""^ low when you swiped it." swimming in Hfe trunk of a Poles who had preceded him, Thte W 9 "* on, sporadfoaly, for stolen eaor?" ... His son and I were teenagers. We learned that he made *wo kinds of booze: good and good and lousy. The good was reserved for friends who showed up on Saturday afternoon to help him listen to a Notre Dame footbaU game. The lousy w>u reserved tor The people of this community could have nicer housing. There relatives who were down on are very concerned, and right- isn't a law in the land that their luck and didn't know fee fully so, about the accusaitions says they have to rent the kind difference. Mr. Manuel Fierro seems to of places described by Mr. Bill and I used to steal a think he can throw around. Fiery. If their giripe its not he- quarter of a pint of the good We think it's time for him to ing .able to rent nicer housing, and neffli the bottle with the either put up on shut up. maybe if they tried to take lousy. Then we bought our- Storting with the school sys- care of their rentals instead of selves a circuit breaker in a torn, I've yet to see a teacher seeding how fast they can tear Uttile box, Nmg it on rods un- discriminate against a Mexican- them up, they might be able to der the hood, and drove off American cMid. In fact they all get cheaper rent. From what I picking up pretty girls and of- spend extra time and effort to gaither their living conditions fering them a sip of "pre-war make wire these children are ane so much better here than stuff." We didn't even know getting fee full benefit of the where they came from. On the teacher's abilities. I'm sure this other hand, if I should happen is true in Ulysses and all other to be wrong, and things are so schools in "the area. much worse here, and our tax Mr. Fieirro says 8th and 9th money Isn't 'supporting them in grade Mexican-American's are the gtyie they are accustomed dropping out of school because to, they can sure go back they lack fee money for .books, where they came from. fees, and clothes. Who does he T ., , . . . ' I can't speak for our doctor, what war we were talking about even though tt tainted like San Juan Hill. We stole that Whippet so many times we resented it WASHINGTON — The Penta- keeps in its files several more merit employes access to de- when Mr. Scanlon used it to gon is now getting competition million dossiers on people who rogatory information about go to Mass at St Peter's and from the Department of Health, have filed for federal jobs. fellow citizens. off to a rousing alftemoon at _ n™™ Education, and Welfare for the Even the Federal Housing A* Ervin is so concerned about the cemetery. We were never thank he's kidding? No child is * «£•• ^^^ Iheaid and dubious distinction of being the ministration receives confident- the increased use of social se- caught stealing the car. But turned *Way Irom school be- t»w<wmal +™yL£*nr» government's champion spend- ial reports on the miarital sta- curity numbers which could we were caught subsittafcimg eatoe of no money for books or "™" /* L^J^+ A KSJT^L- thrift. bility of prospective home buy- become the common key to tihe liquor, which was a worse fees, and as for no clotihes, V™5™L J JT^L >^*L J*lh<M H!_ what's wrong with them getting *??i* £?_*!? ^ tad The latest evidence of this 5s era. link an fee promiscuous, in- offense. Mr. Scanlon never .roe oiitwjsi evuuwiiice MI vans 19 ws. JIUUR. OM vuio i«.vmu>uuuus>, 111- CUJWHSC. «iir. CHMUIUJU. ITOVCI Y...WI. a >.**»«& ..*uu »•>"*•» 6 « uu «... t> ju-g hilm Ihas «r ever -would a confidential, 48-page report on For reasons never explained, 'accurate and incomplete in- looked upon me as * genitie- a job to earn money for them? rivL, ^L.,^ medical <mn '* purclhasing practices in the So- the State Department's pass- formation about nearly all man again. That's what I and many others Jj^JflJLi « f^Jl i_ d 5 cial and Rehabilitation Service, par( t o ffi ce keeps a special re- Americans. Years later, I was married have done, and feat's what my ™*y "*"***» • w - * *^' ™ ;Lf fee HEW bureau responsible for port of passport applicants who - and living to Teaneck, N.J., two teen-agers ore doing. If very ™^™^™™' such vast programs as welfare have been married more than DOT Doubletalk - The De- when I was asked to make my they don't want an education ^ SE^mS.^!!^ and Medkaid. twice. The General Services payment of Transportation is first speech. It was a real bad enough to work for it, then ^*"^^,Z^^°ff^' The situdy, prepared by a Administration maintains a spending hundreds of millions stinker. When I concluded, they don't want one to start ^Cm'^r aTTa-nv WnH Vm team of HEW investigators, blacklist of businessmen who to develop mass transit, but at the town manager, who consist- wife, *Ml any excuse will do. ^^vJV,.'~J.~ rr* ^faili covers a period of just over a m ^^^ it ,, <r . the same time it quietly sub- ed of a pair of spectacles and As lor no Mexican-Americans fl^'z.^JT 0 *^."year in which more than $18 million in contracts were awarded to private firms by 'the bureau. "Almost one half of SRS'f procurements still are placed on ^ *>^Bf x geft cut-mie panting in tne ferring to it -as a- noncompetitive basis," the'B^"' J V?» three-level underground garage How ^ y^ jet'itfoait investigators found. Further- mr'^'^ljfm below the department's Wash- -^ away from you?" more, they concluded that more Bf' ; ?H*lrH ington headquarters. Until re- _. .' ... AV . T _ „_ ing instead of beer, liquor, yourself? — AMY PHILLIPS, than a third of the justifica- ft V*f<X» cenfly, DOT workers had to ™* ™ ^ as «"* T n€ver .'__.' pay $35 a month for a parking »* w W*™*™ wor ' Ul * ™ a *f Permit. Now they pay only *»« artocte. However, a frantic $7.60. The government pays *"•* °* *• bram *«»•**. to Jack Andersoii the rest. Result: more congest- tions offered for making the awards without bids were "in* are considered poor risks, adequate." And of course, the FBI Is Most federal contracts up for constantly checking into the grabs must be advertised in backgrounds of persons for the Commerce Business Daily one reason or another. It ihas tion and a greater need for but the report says that "CO in its files an estimated 380 mass transportation, per cent of the contracts re- million fingerprints, not to Airlift — The federal govern- CMoano, or whatever JIJJ ^ WUfUDUVICUf • 1»«VJ *•»•••» •« •• •*•*« v<+mv mrtf vm*vv jiager, who consist- with, and any excuse will do. pair of spectacles and As far no Mexican-Americans sidizes and encourages its em- suspicious eyes, said: "Mr. Bisb- as teachers, how do they expect owners Downs m vna amea, ployes to drive to work. The ^ you are editor of 'Collier's' to teach sdhool if they're too I could go on endHesisly, but taxpayer is now forking over magazine, and the 'Saturday lazy to habg in there and get I'm sure your newspaper has more than $500,000 a year so Evening Post' has just published their education. I'm afraid I something more news-worthy to - "~- DOT permit holders can an , a j4cito aibout Teaneck re- nave no sympathy for them, print. So come on, Fierro, ei- city. As for Migrant Workers Hv- feer put up or shut up, or are ing conditions, if they would you so insecure this is the way spend feeir earnings for nous- you operate to draw attention to Sag instead of beer, liquor, yourself? — AM" ~" luncy, cars and color TV, they Box S96, Leott get cut-mte parking In the oa had been . . . ed highways, moro auto pollu- stolen from the driveway, and had been abandoned m a lovers' lane. "With crime so rampant," I said in mock-*orrow, CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene Sheffer * — — ••»***«*!•• »*»aigjiw* f**. ««*vu | *«<uv v\r fumtmUt ""^ A IK? XCUClMlll, KWT3411I* ttr n j i_ ^__ i j .4 ' J viewed, which required publica- mention dossiers on tens of me nit picked up the flight tab I vrwM °* aSsf&iA of praaistog tion, were not publicized by the thousands of suspected secur- the other day for top state my home town. I departed rommenpfl 'RllSIIlfiSS Dlaalv." iftr idelra amiA nrmnlra Tf'o ti/» XT-XJ i n j - i- a amild mOCk-ClMSeTS. commerce Business Daily." ity risks and crooks. It^s no National Guard generals and Failure to do so is illegal. secret that the FBI keeps files their wives attending a noa- The best story aibout car _ Federal procurement regula- on controversial figures sus- official pow-wow in Santa Fe. stealing, in my estimation, con- tions require that contracts pected of nothing more incrim- The brass hats and their la- cemed a Broadway columnist which are not awarded by bid inating than speaking their <<jt es not only flew for free, but wfho owned a lavender Kissel must be negotiated with the own mind. they used at least 45 National roadster. It looked like a sexy oorttoaotor after fawraa pro- m ^ dipt ^^ governnient Q^J^ pjanes for the trip. The bathtub. It was so unique, so posails arei obtained from as gumshoes pick up on people is occasion was the convention dSfiferent from -Ul other auto- miany eligible companies as pos^ swept mto ^^^^ which ^e of fee National Adjutant Gen- mobite, feat a crook would a,?' - a *.- j. i ^ freely exchanged between fed- eral Association, a private, have, to be demented to steal it. The uivesbgataon disclosed eral offices> This gives m however^ that "SRS neglects to a0tening number ^ ^^^ issue fofrnal requests for pro- I posals on noncompetitive pro- . _.. _ _ ...._. . ._ curements . . . Contract files LETTERS TO PARENTS • contained no evidence that any meaningful negotiations were conducted." And once the contracts are awarded, they are supposed to be strictly supervised. However, the report says: "Postaward administration of contracts iis inadequate and limited to processing >anid payment of contractor's invoices and vouchers." The investigators discovered one case where a contect w>as awarded to a consulting firm VH'OA ^UtavwWUAVAl) <•> J/J.AT'M-Wy »»•»»•** -w *r\* vvvaa*w non-governmental group. Esti- It dis-appeaired. mated travel costs: $225,000 The columnist, instead of re- Dependence on Pot Leads To Anti-Social Behavior HORIZONTAI. 36. Assistants 1. Oriental -37: Burning dog- 40. Shift 6. Weaken 8. Simmer 1?, Part of liorae'i harnesB IS.Penonallty 14. Rabbit KkPubstMoi'al- tie« 16. Conjunction 17. Being- 18. Leased ao.CntvaU 33.H*«r Yorkers 29. Singer: Kay- 29. Sacred •vessel 30. Card game 41. Civil 45. Semiprecious stone 47. Health resort 49. Downtown Chicago 50. Rivulet 51. Erode 52. Anglo* Saxon serf 53. Good Queen 54. Before 55. Germ VERTICAL 1. Scorch 2. Healthy 3. Portent 4. Occidental 5. Dispatches 6. Past 7. Railroad employees 8. Brightness Answer to yesterday's puzzle. C A N Al 31. Mountain lake nrai^ unraf^s H@Q UIBUE Sr^ttHUFJB of harvest 33. Weal 34. Atmosphere 35. Salutation Arm** tUM*ftalBtfa«: »•!•«!««. 9. Ornamented with fringes 10. Bitter vetch 11. Tiny 10. Auditory organ 21. Vex 23. Candle 24. Part- 25. Habitual drunkards 26. Pierce 27. Appendage 28 and departures 32. Supervise 33. Waggles 35. Goddess of retribution 36. Blackbird 38.Ve.nds 39. Angry 42. Gardener's need 43. Musical sound 44. Hurried 45. Sphere 46. Dessert 48. Common value (This is the second in • tserits of weekly articles ' about the drug threat, us. ing information furnished the Finney County Sheriff's office. — Ed.) ..'•••• f i By GROVER CRAIG : Mai-iguiain'a is probaibly the bed; known drug to most parents because for years we have an exaggerated sense of abil- more concerned or even pan- ity, resultinig from even small icked aibout dme use. Mont doses. Erratic behavior, loss <rf disturbing is that drugs, espe- meimory, dostortiion of time and daily Marijuana, 'are becom- spaitiial perceptions, and hilar- ing popular even among junior 'tity witnout aipparent cause oc- hdglh and high school students', cur. There is a marked un- One 37-year-old faither said in predictaMity of effect. a recent interview, "My seven* Of course, these reactions year-old daughter can *peH are usual in the user of alcohol, Marijuana. I never beard of it but breaflh until I wai to college." On and near by high school and college grounds, raid* and arrests lor possession of Mart' juania and other drugs are kip Fred Brook* U Roy Allmas John Frailer Arfvertlilnf ManegM Managing Editor Second class postage paid «t Qtrdtn City. Kemes. 4T844 ~~ TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION By carrier • month in Garden City, $1.94 plus applicable tales tax. Payable to carrier In advance. ' • Local and area college students $10.30 including postage and applicable sales t«» for ••month ichoel year. * * By carrier In ether cltl« where service Is available, $1.10 * month plus applicable seles ta«. By mall $11.41 e year ineludieg poitege end applicable^ sales tan. •.'•., ^j -^ ,, Carrier rates apply where carrier service available. , 'flwNber of The Assoclareel frets Assetlmd Press is entitled eioluilvely to the use lor reere- L/«U/M«al news printed in this newspaper as well as a|F Al* ••— ' ' All righh ef puellt.tlo* «f speeial " although its proposal was nearly $100,000 more than that of another firm which was qualified to do the work. "There is nothing in the file to justify" the selection, the re- been hearing about it. Mari- ^^ ^ m „ port concludes. juana (has long been in use in odor Breath" •Note: This document is only what we now term minority ^^j .always one of several which we have ^ groups but now it has spread obtained dealing with slipshod, across the land like cancer. Because of the visions and . . k , even illegal purchasing prac- Its manufacture and distribu- extoilapaHton wflricfc resuJt from f^a^g ac r°w «• ^"V' ticcs in HEW. We'earlier re- tion is, of course, prohibited the use of Marijuana, abus- ?imptepo»9e»sionof Marijuana ported on two confidential sfcu- by law except lor approved re- ers nuay lose 'all restraint and * * fe ^ n ] r — r y r '?J!I2r£ diet which ahowed widespread search purposes. act to a manner dangerous to y" ^ ff'l* 8 W*®*™ V aibuses throughout the deipar*- themseivea and others. Uaer * m twm * of 2 to 10-years or ment with the Office of Edxica- Marijuamia Is the dried flow- ^ usually accident prone be- more - Dru S u** », without tion being the chief offender win* or fruiting top of the oause ^ lMs Wme fnd space doubt ' becoming a way of Idle plant Oannabis Sativa, L., com- .^^ upheaval rte-pendence ** « om * I™** P 80 ^* — ***• Sen. Sam Ervin's investiga- ««>nly oaled Indian Hemp. Us- ^^ to anhi-social behavior ** m utttow *»* 1&II 8»i > "«* tion into government snooping uaHy it looks like fine, green m $ CO ^ A j^ ^ forerunner to ^^^f numiber of adulfe also, has produced some disturbing tobacco, lit is smoked in pipes use ^ other far more deadly And-ao,' think about these \ facts. or cigamette form. Hashtato, drugs' ' things,' my friends — we are His latest discovery is that also a preparation from Oanna- at in this together. As adults, the Defense Department alwe bis, is taken onatly in many Street term* ( n * m «») j .w p it is up to US to head tht* has accumulated 25 milion life forms, and infirequenitly it i» Masrijuana are: jotate, attcKs, thing otf In our/-commun«y. To histories m the course of its se- made into candy, sniffed in reefers, weed, grass, pot, mug- do this we must all know more curity investigations. Theje are powder Jtarm, mixed with honey S 1 ^ mooDers, Indian hay, loco- about drugs; their use and mis- lb*ded with derogatory com- foir drinking or with butter to w 61 * 1 ' Mu > .giggle-«imofce, Gra- use. Will you be with me next menits whispered into ears of spread on bread. The prinwry *>, Mohaisfcy and Mary Jane, week? I hope so. What we are eager gumshoes. effect is a feeling of great per- By the millions, and right- studying ia for a very worth- Oivil Service Commission ceptiveness and pleasure and .Wy*), parent* <ure more and WhEe eaiuw»| ( 1 . i ' • '' . i i 50 19 29 39 21 17 52 55 42- to 2S Xft *• N H I f T H M F L B H W A B N H T ATTRAOT DINERS, «> UN, »»*»>'§ Orjrptoij MSHLXWFTI BPKPSKFH. BISTROS AND CABARETS BOOK 8 P AB

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