The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 3, 1940
Page 5
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FRIDAY, MAI' 3, 1«0 .)' COURIER NEWS Roaring Past Grandstand In Old Car Derby Here Flalbush Has More Than Showmanship, Shorl Cul To Solvency MV UAKUY GKAVSON NKA Service Sports Editor NEW YORK, May 3.—The :<\- nimwo lo Hie contrary, next year is this year in Brooklyn. Tlie old cry of "Walt U!! nest ycnr" has been moved up 12 months by Letand Stanford Mac- I'huil, Leo Diuocliei- nnd the Dodgers. When Flatljush fans start cheering, they own Iheir mouths wider and more comes out. So when Whitlow Wyalt and Hugh Casey shul out the despised Giants in the first sjames at Eb- bet.s field (his spring, the slioul "'he Dodgers arc the Jeatn to beat," could be heart) across the river and lh c n fmm . . H]) lo and beyond the Polo Grounds And when Tex Carlcton turned in his no-hit, no-run game against the eluimpion Reds in Cincinnati, lo make it nine in a row for the Dodgers and tic the modern major leiigue record for consecutive vie- ' lories at the start of the season i "Who's going to do it?" \vas tacked onto the original cry . . . louder and louder. Brooklyn is so excited it can hardly wail for the Dodgers to return from their current western trip, &\ay U. Mild'HAIl, AWAKENS SO.MN'AMIiULENT OWNERS And the Flatbush following is no! . more anxious to sec their heroes! iis.iin than the heroes are to gel to " tesls «'"'i any oilier liigh school another whack at the hated Gi- < ln tllc slate d'»'ing Hie period ol ants or than MacPhail Is to get ""sponsion, other high schools will Battling With Bees To Keep Out Of Cellar High I Nosv NKW YORK, May 3. (Ul>) Quite us slioektng an the Dodscrs' eli'clrUyln(f.slnil or llio Ynnkccs Inckadnlslfal tjeulnnlng Is U>e m- Icr collate of the SU Louis Car- dltuils. (he team, the export* irick- cd to ilelhroiie the Olnelnimtl Reds. In 01, louls lodny the Cnrdinnls flush with the lioston Ucca In o uattlo to sdiy oul or t|iu National Lfiisuc cellnr. 'J'Jie Oitints Umtsh- C<l the Cardlmils .veslenlny, 7-1. und »]<i|i|ie(i lliom into seventh plnce, cniy n uamo ami n Imlf iiluvul of Hie woe/ill liei's, i'il by many us Hie linijoj-ft 1 i'sl hull el'ilj. TIw Canto have won gnly ' BIIIIHW out of U, two of' the p*- 1 ^^ me cars were .ashing pas, the packed e rand s land „, Mtc! man a Innl. p' -l o ur° , ' entry who gunned his machine ,>,st mat of l*e Stickler on (he. 33rd lap ,,,d held Ihe e d to n nght ., (he car drive,, by -Wimpy- Burns who finished fourth. ° who was awarded .sworn! place after Stickier was disqualified. S ck or' , * " ' ,n the bmkgnmiul. b w t „ , , , ' BUimlslaml, n,«y (lie meet, when this ptclim wai, taken Ml by Itenie Colcnmn, i.uxonr.s lead-looted Colemnn't and to Ilic extreme .wen Olio Ser«|ii> and his "lilnck Cut", —Ooiulor Nclvs iilioUi his club back in its own park where it can reap (he rich monetary reward to which it Is entitled. The dodgers have reached Ihe challenging stage. They will lly from Chicago to agree to bring the Giants to bets Field Muy lo. lul ouen d(ltc on (he schedule of both outrus The proposed game is the one rained out April 21. When the redheaded Macplr.iil, be liable lo suspension should they ' meet S'lcele in athletics. The Stcele basketball team won the county tourney easily, roiling up big -scores in all its games including the championship finals New York May's if Bill Terry will I "''"' Dr "8e City. Whether Stccle '- ' '•- ' -• will be permitted to retain Ihe trophy won in the county tournament, or whether it will be awarded to the Bragg City team lias not been announced yet. The county tennis tournament the ex-lawyer and ex-football ofli-' |Wllich WBS lo lmvc bce " '>eUI here cial who once tried to capture' reccn "- v wns taken to Wardell, It Kaiser Willinlm, crashed major lms Uee " announced, league baseball, it WBS | ikc Joc , Upakes. balloon and novelty salesman, bursting into a mee'ting of the directors of the Grnybeards- I'roleclive Society, Ltd. Major league, baseball was hidebound v.ith hoary tradition Owners looked witii horror upon anything new. MacPhail's liicte gadgets sent them into a world scowliiiK series. They feared his wide variety ol divertj,«;mciit—night baseball fireworks, attendance contests,' radio teasers, bands, uniformed ushers and other sidelines with which he meant to dress up baseball—would shove the game itself into the background. REHABILITATES THIRD IIIW1'-HIDDEN OUTFIT But after rehabilitating debt- ridden Columbus. Cincinnati and Brooklyn clubs. MacPhail is now accepted everywhere as the answer to the frantic appeal ol every base- tali cashier floundering in a sea of red ink. He's tlie short cut to baseball solvency. In 1KJ8, MacWiail talked fast to make the Brooklyn trade, which hart been taking it on the. chin for a lot of years, forget a nventli- placc club, i U look more than fast talk fov I'ippy Leo Durocher to shortstop and manage Brooklyn into third place last season, when the Dodgers drew more than a million pain admissions ,u home . . . more than the great Yankees . . . more than any other club in baseball. Larry MaePliail anri Leo Dii- I'ochcr are a boisterous, free-talking swashbuckling pun-—a welcome- relief in these days ot mum and dumb club officials and mana-crs Slalr AI Met ic Group Suspends Slwle Shoo! County League Games Listed For Siindiiy. May 5 Tlie 12 tennis which make up (lie "A" and "15" Divisions in Mississippi County for (he Northeast Arkansas Amateur Uascbnll League will play their second Games ot the season Sunday afternoon. In the "A" Division. Ynrlrro will play al Wilson and olackwater nt Lutes wfiiic in (he "B" Division. Victoria will play nt Burks; Recce at Uurdettc; Tomato at Htnitnan and Smith at Tyronvia Lake. Play is scheduled to begin at 2:30 o'clock. Four Chicks Will Compete At Little Rock Four tniek men of high school wont to To Have Girls Soil Bajl Loop This Year Elythovillc will have n Girls Amateur Softball League this summer, it was announced today by Joe Whit Icy, county recreation supervisor. There was 1:0 girls league last .summer for tho iirst time since 1937 and the return of this sport here this month will bring girls softball to BIytheville for tnc third time. Blylhevillc Laundry's team will be the only old team in tile league with the three new teams to be .sponsored by Cobb Funeral Home. Tom Little Chevrolet Company and Rice-Stix Factory. Play will begin May 21 alter practice is started within a few days. Afler Dial date boll) girls and boys will play games twice weeklv at Haley Field with two gamps tp«r , „ each Tuesday and Tlmrsdnv ni"h,, "^f al ''""".vlvan, The. Chickasau- Athletic Club is I nih ' i sponsoring both Icacue.s in ihi* l , " ^l. 1 8S . also . sl BlyllH-villc Rock today, accompanied bv Coaches Joe Diidy and Mitchell Best, lo compete in the slate meet. Leroy Koss, George Trusty, May- Held "Sonny" Lloyd and Norman "Monk" Mosley made Ihe trip to compete in the 880 yard relay. ICO yard dash and broad jump. They ivlll return tomorrow night. Today's Sport Parade Ky llliNUY McLIiiMOltE or Hie Brown Derby or Al Smith's Derby, or even, the lovely little town. Derby, Connecticut. In .short, I mean Ilic nice which I once termed Ihe lllue Grass ClnssLc, Thai, reminds me, I wish Hi hell people wouldn't slcal that line. I made II up and I'm tired ol every nidin iiiiiioiincer. advertising agency, and rlvnl eulumnlsl. ustiiij it. By Hits limn you must be a hit Miner to know this hot, supcr- spftlal, .slralght-from-lhe- fecdbo.v, Wt of Information. All right, you'll BC.I. H. Hut, honest, promise me again you won't spread U around. That would spoil everything, • — -ir-, Ckay, I believe von It'll just be If you're going to^mi , something between the two ot us. LOUISVILLE, K.v.. May 3 (UP) —Promise me you won't suy a word about it. Cross ymii heart and hope to die you won't tell ;< living soul. Listen—I've got something good in the Derby, A sleeper. Now get tills—I don't wnnl. tri loll von my J ------- " b"*"ti IW'^I l'n MJIIK'l lllll !IU> cvc'v "mfj" 0 !'' 100 " n " ll '8' vn iSorl of sweet, ell? Writer cnme lo 'good thing. , ,ne from a friend of a friend ot Th, horse Is by niach Ton victories muy b« (raced lo Ulray 0 van's nollilng ball. The Curds nij>jx-d lilui to ixivor twice, but ho luckily c-seapca wllh only one de- feul charged against him, Tlnw the Curds Ihul themselves O'-i games oil tho pace al Ilils curly I dnli;. Sloppy pllehlni; anil rugged de- I'lise plus 11 errors In II gnme.i xplaln (he plight of the Ciirdl- mls. They have been hilling well I'llh Joe- Mi.'dH'Ick, Unos HlHUgli- «, Don L'ndKCll, I'eppcr Mnrtln mil Mickey Owen nil well up In IIQ .300 brackets. The Curdliml infield Is ns mi* ertaln us Hie liuropcini situation. Jimmy Brown's broken now has tpsel Wades' plan.s Iiul all Ihu 'ni-dliml woes vniiiiot be traced lo dm. However, Ills loss has em- ihaskcd just whul a urinKl llttli) mil player lie Is ivnd how Imporl- nit h« Is lo tlie Curds. The Outlasl Pclicmis For Win No. 12, Travelers Are Among idle Hy Unllvil 1'rws The weuther wus cold In Dixie tixlay but (he Nashville Vols weri still Jiol. By oiitliisllng Hie Now Orhmii* I'ellcnns 11 to 10 last night In u l2-lnn(n K nightmare, the Vols ol Larry Gilbert miulc it an even do/,- win.i iigalnsi only OIHI loss. A' ial rate, the Vol Professor Discovers Pigs Have Cauliflower Ears .^VlSa.^ for this spot, ills trainer have walled three years until just the rlahl race on the. right day came along. On Saturday they're soing to drop htm in a soft spot. He comes from a stable thai not. many people know about. He'll be carrying a strange and unfamiliar sol of silks. A mixture of while anil green. Lots of folks will shy' away ; of his little . . (UP) -.Tn, and wrestlers hold no mo- much. For B cL the track and how 11 " ....... "" nopoly on ciitiliflowcr ca '5. a pro- r is. forget bis past performances— , • . „ -• ^"'• 1 ' "• i""- ,'•'• '"'b" nif. imsi nerionnances— lessor at Pi-nnsylvnnia Stale col- If .von can. And don't, let tint [rpp hf<i nunnmtnn^i i—i— ,._,., . v iimv -• • JiH^dit-i Hi nan city which are a part of the Northeast Arkansas Amateur Softball League of which James Terry is president. post- Yesterday's. Results Soadirrn I.eagun Memphis at Cliattancot poned. cold weather. Little nock at .Atlanta, postponed, cold weather. Birmingham 8. Knoxvjllc 7 Night Games: New Orleans." American League llelvoil 5. Washington :i Cleveland at Philadeljiliia. rain. Ohicimo al Boston, ,-ain. SI. Louis at New York, wet • - - iiffcr severely from the enlarged enr conditions according to M. ,\. ,\ [c cai(y, pro- lessor of swine husbandry. Causes of this deformity in the tiny pigs can usually be traced to strenuous running or jumping or bodily impact with oilier pigs, h c .said". Today's Games Southern Leajuc Memphis nt Challaiiooga. Little Hock at Attanla Knoxvillc at Birmingliam, NashviJIi! nt New Orleans. jockey who'll your he up make yon Everybody . knows he isn't the best. But that's part of the plan. Let me ouition 5'ou against bothering about, his price. Just bet litm no matter what he pays, u still Is belter to win at even money than lo lose at 50 to 1. Another thing: The (net. that my Up has only nin eight, times be'- lore doesn't mean that he is a I green hand, short of work and not (ready for such a race as the Derby Vou n STKKLE. Mo., May 3.—The Slecb high school lias been suspended from Ilic membership of the Missouri High School Athletic Association for ilic remainder of Ihis year nnd th c into-19-11 school year in action taken by the association rccer.lly. Steelc wns suspended attcr an iuvosiiijaliflii disclosed lliat Douglas Smith and 'Havis Carter, two important members of the Stecle i hoys basketball Icatii this yrarj were over ihe age limit of »\ years. Tlie Prmlscot County High School Atlilelic Association protested (he i^c of Ilic pin.vcr.s when tlie teams from over the county gathered at Carulhersvillc lor the cage tournament the latter pan of February. Several learns In die comity would not play them the past season because of ihe use of allegedly ineligible players. Carl Burns of Clavton. executive >>ccrcl3ry of the .slain association, announced the decision of thai bwly slating g an investigation disclosed luo players in quc.slion wciv over Hie «gc limit. H.v this ruling sieclo will not be Vcrmittcd lo participate in athletic National League New Vork 7. St. Louis -I. Urooklyn at Cincinnati, wealhcr. HoMcn a't Chicago, cold woalher.i Philadelphin ;n piits cold-' Alncriran League Chicago at New York .St. Ixxils at fiosfon. Cc-troil nt Phiiadeloliia. Cleveland ;a Wa.shinston. .Vational Lrnjnc Hiislon al SI. Louis. Bruoklyn nt Pittsburgh New York al Chicago. Philadelphia at Cincinnati One out of four • -• v»-i^ iviitt inn,r..' mi; I registered is operated by a farmer, right. MEYERS .., II is reported thai the tires on i.eolirilie right side of an automobile I wr-ar out Ix-lorc those on the left 'Ixx-misc of Hie road's crown shifl- Irucks ing Ihe weight of the car lo the ' HI.YTHKVIU.K ',' AV votf As Mll(: " OK I.KfT-OVKK COTTON SBKU. TO OUR GIN'. ALSO u'K H.AVU'A STOCK OK WTRATE SOBS FERTILIZ! ON IJAfN'l) YOU SUKK \VII,I, WANT TO 10. xNiishville .. Little Rook .. Memphis .. Birmingham . Atlanta xNcw Orleans Chattanooga .. ICiioxvlllc . .. we'll set ail of I to t were postponed bccaiiso of' "thi enlil weather. Home runs highlighted Uic wild- lulling iilfuli- in N CW . Orleans Mickey Rocco's eirniill clout provided (lie. winning margin aflcf hfs leaiu-malc, Johnny MllinUe, had Riven Llm Vols n moiiientary lead STANDINGS I 6 . B ii . C 7 . 1 0 . ii (I . S 0 . S 10 Pel .01' .000 AW '.•ioa .357 :.m AllllTlculI J.t'.'lguc Clevelnml .. Boston .. . Dclrolt . .. WaslilUBton St. Ixjuis . Nr-w York W. L. Pel, 8 B fi 0 7 .067 .(ili'l .Hi 5 ,402 Philadelphia Chicago .. , Ii .-155 B S ,38(1 8 .273 Nalluiul Brooklyn , when I speak of the Derby i mean the Kentucky Derby and not the Derby or the Santa Anita Derby with a- round-tripper In (lie nth Mew Orleans had tied tlie score In -lie ninth when Red Olenson hit 'or the circuit, with n mate aboard I'ilclici- Ace Adams received credit 'or tin. victory while Gordon AIulU- jcrgcr was HIR loser. Birmingham came from behlnt, to Irlm Ilic 6,'mofclc.s. A Iliree-rnn •ally in (he seventh tied the score lor the home forces and the U»r- ons won in the 11th when IDulci Melo walked, went around on i iaci-ilieo and Inlleld hit, und came lome .on Dee Moore's IIv. 2ack Sclntesslcr WHS credited with the victory after relieving llawloy. Today's «-li«lulc: Knoxvltlo al lllrinlnglinm, Naslivlllc at New Orleans, Little flock at Atlanta nnd Memphis ill Chaltanoogu. Rend Courier News Want Ais. .AMERICA'S CREATESr -; WHISKEY VAIUE " Kr,SSLL'B-,S PRIVATE BLKKD-A BLENDED WIIlSKtY. 76'; Nenlr.l S),<ltKi Dlv llllsit Iroi;] Oral!). 8,1.8 Troof. Jnl.ns KM, ler Dislllling Co., Inc., Lawrcnccbutg, ln,l. Early Bird SPECIAL ( '" "•'<• 5,000 mile Chassis I.llhrJc.-ttioii. HHMOVC, clean and repack all "licet llciirincs »llli Sjicrlal l.iilirlnint M-.SH. Replenish steering Cear with proper warm wc;iibcr lubri- lifla.v anil I.ubriralc SlirliiBS «HI\ Siwclal M-1M8 f.librl- IMTlI. Clean ami Service Carburetor Air Cleaner. llefill and Adjust Sliock Ab- sorlit-rs. Clean Fin-l |>u ni p Scrfeti. Srnlcc Itattcry and adjust (Ictitratdr cl urging ralr. Drain. (Tush and Ucnil Dlf- frrrnli.-il and Tr.nnsiuteio:: (cost of Lubricant INCLUI)- Motor oil dunged lo MIIII- nifr wciglil IK OKS1KXI) itnsl of Motor Oil not In eluded). ALL FOR.. Passenger Cars $4.65 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Walnul Vhorie 810 . need first d» ss mneWer. Hudson, who hajn't played Bte inning for Brooklyn, flMd* w?* rt - ( ? r the c wdi.- " p t W 'J«» 'he Dodgers 'sold oul- /Iclder Mel Almada to lhe-C»tds' ™,M f /nrm n ""'y Uwughtthat, us the forerunner of a dc.lwhJch would senu Hudson to th« CM* for a pitcher, ixjsslljly Bill M C - rh« Giants won ll\clr belated western debut yesterday'by • slipping Curl Davis, Clyde Shoun and airy Brccheen (or H hits. H was Hie eighth ? am« l n eleven In wiiich Shoun has appeared Hy Vnndenbei-g ana Olid Melton let the, Cards down with fivo hito, with Melton allowing only u-o i>\ t^e last <) 1-3 Innings. Terry Moore's homer with two on kept (ho Cards In tho ball game u»tH (lie sixth. Mickey WUck's homer Inside the '«re. on which the usually relia- Wc Moore (ripped and fell, '« tho winning sio;e. Harry Dgji- "InB led Iha oianl allaclj wl(h fou.r lilts In five trip.';. In the only American League Knmo Detroit beat Washington, 5-3, moving within n )i«)f gam,e o( the louBiic-leatllng • Indians nnd Red Sox. Harold Ncwlipiiscr. rooldo, sotillipnw, otitpitclicd rootle Sid Hudson, allowing only six' hits. Hudy York's homer with one eh IJIIMC was the big blow hi the 'riser attack. yesterday's Hero-Hnrold New- honser, IB year old Delrolt rookie, who sonthpawcd Ills way to « 6-3 victory over the Senators and put Ills elnb moro firmly In tlilrd place. VORTEX PKTROIEVM CO. Ht,VTIIi:VILLE CITY LIMITS HIGHWAY. 81 NORTH A"y 20c Cljarettfs for l(iu With rurchaw ol 5 Gnl. or More ot M\K. CMS A'(' MQ. PRICES «i:i-|NEny TO YOUR OAR Michic I?ros., Dealer To avoid trouble this summer, make your car safe for .summer driving no>v. To do that job, Sinclair, dealers offer n special Sinclair-ize for Summer serv- ' ice. It xvin prepare you,- c ft r for liot wether «s Us 1 manufacturer recommends. This service includes: >. TRANSMISSION AND DIFFERENTIAL • drained Hushed and refilled. 2. CRANKCASK drained, lluslictl rind refilled. •> 3. FRONT WHEELS pulled m>d rc-Iubriculcd. as your atr mnnufiicltircr rccommciuls. 4. RADIATOR clcuncdot auti-frcczc, rust;«id sludge. 5. CHASSIS lubricated. 6. BATTERY tested nml refilled lo proper level. 7. SPARK PLUGS cleaned and adjusted. . '; BE SAFE! Sec your nearby Sinclair Dealer. Havo ium Sin- •-' cluir-izc your car today. ' [ Let us I SINCLAIR-//? YOUR CAR FOR SUMMER B.J. Phone 200 AGENT Blythevil|«; Ark.

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