Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on June 27, 1957 · Page 4
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 4

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, June 27, 1957
Page 4
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UIU Announces Drive Results FAYETTE — Upper Iowa University officials announced today that a total of $13,247.50 in cash and pledges had been received through June 22 for the eolleae's centennial fund campaign. Of the total, $10,075 came in cash. The total was about one third of the anticipated income of the drive which had as its goal some $.19,000. Dr. Eugene Garhee pointed out that there are many problems confronting those who would provide adequate opportunities of higher education for our youth He said. "One problem is that of identifying the students who will benefit from such education experiences. Another is (he task of building suitable academic programs to meet the varied talents of the students enrolled." Upper New Farm Bureau Fieldman Starts July 1st Gilbert Copper will commence the duties of Fayette County Farm Bureau Fieldman July 1st. At present he is field man in Delaware County where he has been the last three years. The Copper family will make their home in Fayette. Copper operated the family farm in Floyd county prior to going into service. Two years were spent in the China. India, Burma theatre. The last six months were spent working fo>- the Indian and China Departments of Agriculture through the The Upper Iowa University president continued. "The paramount problem, however, is that of providing the required financial support. The major burden of nisi at Upper loWa Univer.-r.y villi bills heavily upon the student and his family. All cili/eiis - evers where - benefit from !;..\• hit; college trained people livim, iii their local communities." "Fayette county citi/ens, ,i> i> line of people anywhere in the United States." he went oil. ":e- qiiuc that government and the professions be ably manned; that industry and agriculture advance on the basis o! new knowledge. I'.ecause of this, the interest of society in the education of youth is growing." lie also pointed out. "Yet, it ss the parents who bear a large share of the cost of college education. This they do out of family affection — often at great sacrifice. But they personally receive little or no money return from their investment." (Expresses Feeling) Dr. Garbee closed his remarks by saying, "Our sincere thanks go to those who gave. The adminis (ration of Upper Iowa University and particularly those of us who have given to Fayette county so graciously of our time and leadership, would be less than human if we were not deeply hurt by the obvious lack of understanding, sympathy and, more particularly, Jack of financial support from those in Fayette county who profit most from Upper Iowa University and who gave little or nothing during this centennial fund drive." More funds were raised in Fny- elte than in another community in the county. A total of $5,965 was raised in the community. Oelwein followed with a total of $:i,4til in cash and pledges. West Union totaled $2,720; Clermont, $175; Maynard. $113; Westgate, $50; Hawkeye, $38.50; and Arlington, St. Lucas, Oran, Wadena and Elgin produced nothing. Of tho twenty townships, only five produced funds for the campaign. They included Bethel township, $183; Illyria township, $115; Union township, $113; Dover townshiip, $100 and Fremont township, $14. Following is a list of those who contributed or pledged funds to I he campaign: FAYETTE — Grace Meyer, Frank Wood, Gene Singer, E. H C'arley, Vic Dahl, Rev. Paul Hus cher, E. J. Dahlquist, Donald L. Kimball, Claude Smith. Sr., IXr, Paul Gourley, Howard Popenha gen, Dr. John Dorman, Mrs. Ed win Lee, Mrs. J. D. Parker, L. C Surfus, Mark Baker, Lorenz Wilke, L. A. Wooldridge, Dr, Eugene E. Garbee, Russell Swartz, Ivadell Brause, Ed Campbell, Mary Jones, Harold Schmidt, Dr Scott Linge, E. A,. Billings, Serv ice Chevrolet, G. & B. Cafe, Rob ert Anthony, John Hofmeyer, Paul Templeman, Mullins Tavern S. E. Campbell, Carleton Knight, Paul Davis, C. A. Lund, Mrs. Har ley Fritz, Ervin Goeken, Henry Pfeiffer, Ralph Gould, Elmer Nel son. W. V. Clark, Forest Claxton, Mrs. Nellie Stevenson, G. A, 01 son, Joe Wright, and Mrs. Bessie A. Bellows. MAYNARD — Anton Haas, G. J. Schrader, John Delsing, Lyl< Jones, Farm Service Company, Walter Warnke, J. F. Ingels, Sam uel Holmes, Maynard Savings Bank, Maynard Co-op., Donald Hartz, Paul Harrison, A. F. Berg' men, Spahn & Rose Lumber Co and Gerald Warnke. RANDALIA — Kenneth Na ding, Clair Claxton, Fred Hugh son, James McSweeny, Harry Arthur, Dean Davis, Lee Jellings, Herman Peterman, J. F. Woods, Dorothy Dilly, and Wayne Houston. RANDALIA NEWS Wii Mr am BY: Mr and Mrs .1 \V i a', their home Wed- mg. June IPth and I hem on their 37th wed \ t r.-.i: y Those present Ethel' Clark ,.nd A. .1 Fayette. Mr. and Mrs. t :. Mr and Mrs. KenM: .,nd .Mrs E R ar. M: and Mrs Fred Finch. ,.nd Mr.- Fred Bacon. Mr. Mrs George Carley. Mrs. n Broun and Mrs Ruth Fiand.- * F:>. gather neSviav evi .-..:p. .sed t! d.ng we: t Mrs Brou r. of B<n T..:r, ( :u\:: Nad; Whilcford • * . • Arleta Kauffman was honored at a miscellaneous shower Thursday afternoon at the home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Will Kauffman. Contests and accordion solos by Verla Buhman was the entertainment. Arleta was assisted by her sisters. Marjorie and Mrs. Bud Caldwell in opening her gifts. She will be married June 30, to William Bartosh at the Trinity Lutheran church in Hawkeye. A surprise birthday party was given Mrs. Mae Austin, 80, at the Good Sumaritan home in West Union Wednesday afternoon, June 19th. Attending were Mrs. Loren Ostrander, Fayette; Mrs. Joe Knox, Mrs. Clara Knox, Mrs. Fred Carnpbell. Mayme Kangley of Hawkeye; Mrs. Oliver Saltsgiver, Mrs. Ben Turner, Mrs. Ted Lenius, Randalia, and Mrs. Austin's son, George, of Oelwein, and her sister, Mrs. Daisy Shales of Sumner. Mrs. Shales served birth clay cake, ice cream and straw berries. Mrs. E. R. Wilbur entertained 11 boys Wednesday afternoon in honor of Dennis 11th birthday. resent were Braddey Vargason, Ernest Alley, Rollyn Schroeder, Richard Nading, Douglas and Gregory Borland, John and Donald Cue, Larry Block and Bernard Oakes. Games were played and Mrs. Wilbur served birthday lunch. dough"tei\ "Whyla "Beman anS bar lene Dilley have gone to Spirit Lake where they have employment at Templar Park. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Turner, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Saltsgiver were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Boger and Wesley Saltsgiver in Waterloo. U.S.D.A Gilbert graduated from Loras College with a Bachelor of Science. He did graduate work at University of Iowa and Colorado State Teachers College. Copper taught school for three years then was employed by Eastern Iowa Artificial Breeding Coo,p. for two years. The Copper family consists of wife Colleen, and 2 boys and 3 girls. They are looking forward to living in Fayette with a great deal of anticipation. Copper stated that working for the Farm Bureau has been very gratifying. He feels that the Farm Bureau with its grass roots representation of the people and the solving of their own problems will keep us a prosperous and free agriculture. Acreage Reserve Payments To Be Made Soon The Fayette county ASC office has announced that it will start making 1957 soil bank acreage reserve payments next week. Ellis W. Thompson, chairman of the county ASC committee, said that payments will be made by mail in the order in which compliance checking in the field and in the office is completed on in dividual agreements. This means, he stated, that the first farms to receive payments will he those where corn or wheat, or both, were far enough advanced to permit early checking, where no excess allotment crop acreage was found and where all requirements as to location, kind, amount and use of soil bank land had been fully met. Making of payments will continue as rabidly as the compliance checking work can be done and participating farmers make any acreage adjustments found necessary to meet the terms of their agreements. Chairman Thompson declated this system assures participating farmers that each will receive his payment as quickly as possible after his compliance has been determined. He also declared the system should prevent many unnecessary inquiries as to when payments will be received. The 411 corn agreements signed by Fayette county farmers for 1957 called for total possible acreage reserve payments of $3 !I9 .M23.- 20 on 80G3 acres. Understanding Iowa Children By Lloyd Lovell Mrs. Carrol was nearly shouting. "You kids are just about driving me out of my mind." she said. "Now you settle clown and stop shaking the house apart." Outside, the rain still poured down. The children hadn't been outside for two days, and the strain of being cooped up was telling on everyone. What to do about children's bottled-up energy in wet weather can be a problem, and there probably is no perfect solution to it. There are several things that can help, however, when they are adapted to the ages and interests of the captive youngsters. For older children, when the weather is warm enough, playing in the rain in their swim suits can be fun. Or they can wear boots and raincoats and sail boats and do similar things. Often i ! i Static M: , to and Mr- Rev. Job is a 1957 graduate Churches. No da'> C. W. Oelberg of Fayoit i Reiii'T.-. sni of Mr. and • f Fayette Hiejt School, has been set for the wi : have announced the i Mis-. John Heiners, Sr. Hi v. leiiei's is serving dding. •tiHagenient of their daughter. Mane of Corona, South Dakota. Miss Stade the Volga and Wadena Presbyterian By Bob Hullihan Seems only fair, men, that you should be warned. The old male dominance of the highways and things automotive is about to be challenged. An able group of ladies is quietly at work now organizing a huge meeting of women to be held at state's first Women's Traffic Safety Conference. They'll be taking a critical look at what we men have accomplished — or failed to accomplish — in traffic safety. (Let's not try to crawl out of this one, boys. Men head practically all the local, state and national safety organi- Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thyer, Phillip and Debra, were Friday evening callers in the Vernon Baumgartner home at Strawberry Point. It was Jimmy Baumgartner's first birthday. • « • • Rev. Gale Hawhee has been appointed to remain in Randalia next year. • « • • Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Frye were Thursday dinner guest in the Kenneth Upham home in West Union. The Sunday School picnic will be held Sunday, June 30th on the school grounds. Everyone welcome. Mr. and Mrs. Keith Borland of West Union, Mr. and Mrs. John McFadden, Jim Woods, Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Wilbur were Saturday overnight guests in Chairton and attended the wedding of Carolyn Roush and Leslie Wilbur Sunday afternoon. Others attending the wedding were Mr. and Mrs. George Carley, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Gordon, Mrs. James McSweeney, Everett and Rita. • • • • • Mr. and Mrs. John 'UHsh, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ulish of Monona, were Sunday dinner guests in the Frank Thyer home. • • • • Mr. and Mrs. Fred Finch were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. J, W. Frye. zations. Men still control the family cars most of the time. Most of the responsibility for traffic safety has been ours.) And, fellows, let's not pass off this conference as just another get-together of the girls. Nothing like it has ever happened before 1„ T --. , nation. The women meeting at the conference will be delegates from state-wide and local organizations. They will be representing hundreds of thousands of women. They'll meet at the invitation of Governor Loveless and they'll have the support of the state safety department. There's a potent new force arising in traffic, men. The only way we can hold our own is to do a better job in safety ourselves. Let's start now before the ladies decide to put us on the sidelines. though, it is the younger children who seem to suffer most, fi om being confined. Children's songs on radio or records or with mother playing piano can often be used for moderately active games that, do not "shake the house apart" but that give children a chance to work off steam. Sometimes they can help with rather strenuous furniture moving for housecleaning. Painting and drawing at a stand-up drawing board consume more energy than drawing at a table does. Some sets of building blocks, home-made or not, are heavy enough so the young child can get exercise playing witn them. Even if the children's indoor activities must all be quiet, just providing enough variety can help overcome boredom. Helping the child move from game to game and from room to room at reasonable intervals can help keep him from getting intolerably restless. Until someone invents a way of having it rain only at night, however, many mothers will always have to decline whether it's worse having the children inside or outside on wet days. -I FRESH BEEF With that delicious corn fed flavor. Cut and Wapped for your deep freeze or locket just lhe way you like it. While you wait. WEEKS SPECIAL: Front quarter .29c Hind quarter Slightly higher YOUR CHOICE BEEF CO 1 mi. South West Union Highway -— 150 A FEW BARGAINS One of the best Cafe's in N.E. Iowa, doing big business. A money maker, has living quarters. Sell building or Rent building and sell stock. A good feed business with building or with out building. Sell at invoice and rent or sell building. Well located in good town on main highway. I Apartment House all modern, close in will rent and pay for its self. i Bedroom House all modern, a dandy. Good garage, b^g garden, close in. 4 Bedroom House all modern, in excellent shape, close in. A money maker, priced below its value. ^ Kodak camera to record their life together FOR RENT Bedroom House good garage, close come properly. all modern, in, good in- Maynard Streets To Be Improved (Maynard (Special) — Fred Schwarz, street commissioner, has been busy for several days preparing some of the streets for resurfacing. According to Schwarz all streets in the town will receive a coating of tar and crushed I rock in the next few days. SP EOS A>L§ JUNE 27 — 29 Annivemary At LeMars, Mr. and Mrs. Fred I Husmann recently observed their I 50th wedding anniversary. • • • • • Dies Pocahontas lost one of its oldest J residents recently. Ifarry PJantz,] 88, died May 28, Chickens • 2 - 2Y 2 lb. average each .98c Cudahy Frankfurters 2 l / 2 lb. bag .98c Cudahy zesta Bacon lb. .49c Cudahy Large Baloney 3 lbs. for $1.00 Cudahy Braunsweiger lb. .39c Cudahy Smoked Ham center cuts lb. .69c Pork Chops lb. .49c Pork Lion Roast lb. .49c Beef Short Ribs lb. .29c Pure Ground Beef lb. .39c We have a complete line of Beef cuts on hand Fayette Locker Service Phone 64 Dave and Doris McGee New hours. Weekdays. 8 to 6:15 Saturdays 8 to 10:15 Sundays—Closed We now slaughter 5 days per week and cripples anytime day or night. See your local Chevrolet Dealer for complete Automotive service — Motor Tune -Up — Wheel Alignment and Wheel Balancing — Expert Lubrication Service. Kenyan Motor Co. Fayette, Iowa 1 Bedroom House all modern, Stoker heat, close lo college. i Bedroom House par! modern, good garage, big garden, close to college. Small building on Main St.. make good office building or m.ill business. ROY ZABRISKIE Realtor Fayette, Iowa BROWNIE SihnMyC OUTFIT U Ktulal; reflex camera in a tofi-rahic flash outfit Low. low price — but thit complete outfit features Kodak 's c;iocil new Brownie Starftex Camera lliat lakes Ektachrome color slides as well as Kodacolof and black and-wliile snapshots. Outfit also includes flasholder, bulb',, tjcitlf ii<-s. Verkluome Fun I ihn, mid full instructions. A" hi $14.95 DAVIS REX ALL STORE CRISCO 11 3 ibs. 89c Franco - American 1 SPAGHETTI 2 cans 33C Shurfresh | MARGARINE 2 ib, 45c Good Seasons SALAD DRESSING MIX 10c Hills Bros I COFFEE .... .b 89c CandH I POWDERED SUGAR 2 ibs. 29c Briardale J SALAD DRESSING q t. 49c Royal Arms TOILET TISSUE 4 roiis 29c THRIFTY FOOD MART Phone 81 Fayette, Iowa H. A. Schmidt 20 CU. FT. OF BETTER LIVING! the 1957 Skelqas HOME FREEZER \ MODEL SK-V207A Ar \ ILLUSTRATED... Only $ $369.95 E. H. Carley Plumbing & Heating 129 So. Main St. Fayette, Iqw* Your family Is missing some' thing if you aren't enjoying the convenience, economy and downright good eating provided by a, Skelgas Home Freezer. Think how nice it would be to have complete meals (including baked things) pre-prepared — ready to use at a few minutes' notice. You save money by quantity buying. You stop waste by planning for leftovers. You do away with annoying tripi to the market for "little things." For these and many other reasons, you should have a Skelgas Home Freezer. Come in and let us show you this wonderful appliance. V

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