Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on June 19, 1951 · Page 4
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 4

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 19, 1951
Page 4
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THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 1951 MT. VERNON REGISTER-NEW^ (DAULit EICBFl SUWOAT) MT. TEBHOM NEWS ESTABUSHED 1871 MT TIBNOK BE6ISTEH ESTABLISHED l8St COKSOUPATED 8EPTEMBEB 38. 1820 CDWW BACKAWAT C. i TH0MP80W — OBUli HETCALT ~ e. L. SHBBOBM Editor ^oilncif Manxer ^ew» Editor J>laiit SuperiDtendent MIMBKB or THB A8S0CIATC0 PBE9S— Th* A WOC I A M Pr«M I* «selailT«l7 ra- tUM M th* DM for th« pubUestlOD ol til > aswa credited to It or oot otherwiM credit •d la thU papot ABd Alio tbo looU oovi pabllibed tbtrola. Entered M Second CI MI matter for Iran*- portatioD tbrourh the malla at the Post Office at Mount Vernon, lUinoit, under tlie •cl of Marcb ». 1870. SUBSCaiPTlOU KATES SubicrlptloD* mutt be paid in adrani 6; mnil. JeffenoD count? and ad ]otnln« counties per yeai 0 aios $3 7fi; 3 mo* fS.Sfi I 'mo mall outside leffereoo and ad- ]olnin« counties within ZSOmilr*: ^eai )8 OU' 6 mo* S5 00: 3 moa $3.26 pel single month Outfitdp 250 miiei. rear $0.00; 0 mos $5 7fi: 3 moa $3 75: one month Delivered by carri» IB dty per 80-00 1.00 1J!5 1J)0 A Thought For Today For If there come unto your assembly a man uith a gold ring, in goodly apparel, and there come in also a poor man In vile raiment.—Jamei 2:3. e • • • Whatever difference there may appear to be in men's fortunes, there is still a certain compensation of good and ill in all, that makes them equal.—Charron. EDITORIAL MaeARTHUR OUSTER SHOWS JAPS REAL MEANING OF DEMOCRACY E VI*N AMONG THOSE WHO APPROVED General MacArthur's dismissal in April, there was widespread regret that the action removed from Japan the man who had so ably administered the occupation there. Correspondents on the scene contributed to the general concern by voicing fears that the Japanese might react badly to the event. Some foresaw a deterioration in the situation that could wipe out some of the excellent progress Japan has made under MacArthur. Actually, no dire results have ensued. That a calamity has not occurred does not, however, cast doubt on the judgment of those who measured MacArthur's administration so highly. It is simply a reflection of the endlessly-demonstrated fact that in a working democracy like America 's, no man is indispensable nor need to be regarded as such. G ENERAL BIDGWAY, his talents as a field commander already well proved, is now displaying the special abilities required for an occupation administratbr, as did MacArthur before him, and General Clay in Berlin. This is not to say he has the same specific qualities, or that he sees the job in quite the same light. There are significant differences between his personality and MacArthur's, and incNdtably their approach is different. The important thing is not to make comparisons in an effort to determine whose administration is "best." For Americans, the excit- inging fact is that a man of MacArthur's stature can be supplanted without damaging the nation's prestige or reducing the effectiveness of its policies. We can be gratified that in some fields, at least, we appear to have an ample reservoir of leadership and can thus give continuity to our affair*. B UT PROBABLY THB GREATEST benefit from Ridgway-s excellent follow-up performance is the lesson it has given to the Japanese. There has been in their extreme regard for MacArthur some: thing of the same worshipful attitude the Japs always had felt for : their emperor. To a nation being schooled by us in the ways of democracy, it was therefore valuable instruction to learn that leaders could be . changed without upsetting matters. Rotation of leadership is inherent in our concept of democracy. General Ridgway deserves our thanks, and the whole free world 's, ": for demonstrating the human vitality of a nation living under liberty. • • • BUT IS "SHELTER" THE WORD? r G NEW YORK CITY CIVIL DEFENSE OFFICIALS are considering designation ei certain crosstown subway tunnels as A-bomb shelters. It 's easy to see why the choice was made. The tunnels have al! ready met the biggest test: morning and evening they survive a great ii log-jam of humanity shuttling back and forth across Manhattan. Where else could you find a shelter that 's proved itself in two "drills" a day for several decades ? * • • MAN WITHOUT A COUNTRY H AVE YOU HEARD about the Argentine sailor who was robbed of his passport in a French port? It only took him 14 months to regain status as a man with a I country. Andin that spell he was buffeted all over Europe, tossed ifrom one nation to another like a hand grenade with the pin out. i Finally some Americans in Germany took interest in his case, and ;he managed to get a birth certificate from his native Switzerland. Great world we live in, isn't it? They'll Do It Every Time .e^ By Jimmy Hatlo WiLBUR-CD ME A LfTTLE FA\OR, wia XX) ? lUis ncTURE OF MY WIFSS FWHER-WLL VOU 6tVE IT A LfTTLE. RETOUCH JDe?CAM >OU /4IR8RU5M THE DERBV AfiD MUSTACHE. 0(jr?Se.£,lUtS IS A VO>i6 PHOTO OF MlM-- AND TO LIKE ID GIVE HER A hilCE ONE OF HIM FOR HER SiRTVlCVify-*. 2k W//* JL^ST A LITTLE F4\OR"OJLy /ASOOT •mREE C4yS' V^CRK••• 8 TO S HIS R?AU'S 8lf?TH0Ay IS WAMT TO RUSM >OU/BUT T>Vlv'E OUTTWE IPeF?By-PL>TA STT?AW /MOP OF HAIR ON HIM"' BUT LEAVE THE AlUSTACMB,, AMP ITt? BE A PICTURE OF SATSFRVJS WIFE— -V- 1 ho TASKtD SATSy FOR A CIGARETTE OfCE/ Ah40 ME GAVE /ME THE • NEITWER A •' SORROWER rJOR A LEMDER BE'" RDUT)N £-"W| AIRORUSHIS , Rmr-BArsys leoTTV^E HOT AIR, AMD HE'LL GMEj WILBUR Twe BRUSH WHEH iirS TTAAETD BAy- IcOrH. mi. Itl .NC FEATV«SS SrNDIC*tt. Inc, WORLD I11CHT5 KESKRVEP. UTILE EXJKA' CUR^\CULAR VVORK FOR THE A ,Rr D£PT- TkAUK TO .4UMHy ,WERAHIst,- 644 LEFFERTS AVE, .SRCX>CL>M , bi.y. The World Today * » » » BY JAMES MARLOW INTO A STRANGE LAND [ Video Star Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL SStiU I ,5D «picted 4And(Utiii) television star 1 1*** .12 Mountain crest 2 S?****!'* 14 Filled , 15 Seine 16 Greek philosopher 18 Pull after 19 Symbol for samarium 20 Nothing 7 Epic poem 8 Right line (ab.) 9 Brother ol Osiris 10 Siousn Indian 11 Tidings 31 Green 13 Roof flnial vegetables 21 Compass point" Lines (ab.) , 40 Mohammedan ; 23 Electrical unit^ Common to a magistrate '24 Parent — whole country 41 Mountain pool rjCK -iljiy llllillll 'klt] kJUMW urjiijhi iiiii*ii*y Hwtzim Uiil[^^E -3mamH ^l»Jt-JU UllWIU I l-4UIit-3W[^L-4U 25 Negative reply^^ Ingress 27 Tumult 24 Movement 29 Snare 32 Against .33 Mature 34 Group of three singers 35 Bewildered 36 Presently 87 Bows slightlr' 38 Symbol for . sodium S9 Tomorrow .night (ab.) 40 Court (ab.) 42 5eparste column 45 Reverential fear 47Symbol^for ' tellurium •49 Swiss river 151 Girl's name fSArrlvst (sb.) MBrszilton S illbM iver MEnvetope ,« f» Woody fruHi. VIBUCAL \ IShe bss menir 26 Prayer 27 Rodents 28 Nested boxes 30 Mimicked 43 Points a weapon 44 Allowance lor waste 45 Article 46 Married 47 Horse's gait 48 Makes mistakes . 50 Reverend ' (ab.) 52 Bitter vetch 53 Heaven personified 55 An (Scot.) 57 She is seen television ...WASHINGTON, June 19 — A hardy little band of Senators, armed with good intentions, set out today to explore a strange and shadowyland called "ethics in government." It's a land where, behind the scenes, there are booby traps like cocktail parties; some of the natives shouldn 't but do accept favors for favors granted; threats are made; and the law can be bent without breaking. The Senators are looking for a special kind of medicine — ethical standards, they call it — which can be used to strengthen the moral backbone of those who work for the government or do business with it. * * * • THIS UNUSUAL JOURNEY began in the head of Senator Fulbright, Arkansas Democrat, some months ago when he was digging into the doings of the RFC, the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. On March 27 he got up on the Senate floor, making a speech and a suggestion: "In making this suggestion I am quite prepared to be dubbed naive. It will not be the first time ... to expect or even hope for an improvement in the moral climate of Washington is, in the eyes of the boys who know, I am sure, thoroughly Utopian." He suggested Congress create a Commission of prominent citizens to study and make recommendations — a code of ethics — for improvement in the moral standards of members of Congress, those who work in government departments, and people doing business with Congress or the departments. * » • »» CONGRESS WHICH HAS never shown enthusiasm for outside suggestions on how to improve itself, received with something less than cheers the Fulbright suggestion that a Commission of outsiders could prescribe a moral code for Congress. But the idea landed in the lap of the Senate's Labor Committee which then told a subcommittee— headed by Senator Douglas, Illinois Democrat — to look into the suggestion. Today Douglas' httle group started to work. For about 15 days it will listen to the views of 20 or 25 prominent men on whether they think there 's truly a need for such a commission and code of conduct. Then it will be up to the subcommittee to decide whether it thinks the idea is good., * • « e BUT EVEN IF THE SUBCOMMITTEE APPROVES, the commission can 't be set up unless the full Labor Committee and then both Houses if Congress approve. So creation of the Commission, if it ever is created, is still quite a distance away. In the end Congress may say "Uh, huh," and forget the whole thing. Douglas though, is in full sympathy with Fulbright's thinking in this. In the end, any code of ethics or moral conduct, recommended by the Commission and adopted by Congress, would hardly be law in the sense that it carried criminal penalties for violation. Without penalties, what effect could it have? Douglas thinks the effect would be good: It would set up standards by which legislators, government officials, and those dealing with the government would know what was expected of them. And they would be standards by whicli the public could judge all three groups. * * « • THERE IS ACODE OF ETHICS surrounding Court Judges. The parties in a case are supposed never to discuss it with the Judge outside of court and he's expected to decide a case on the evidence, not on friendship or favors. He's not .supposed to accept favors RUMINANT EQUILIBRIST - Lollipop, an acrobatic foat, stands on a fence rail to nibble at branches overhead before an appreciativp audience at Lollipop Farm,^ Syosset, N.-Y. By Associated Priss (Times are Central Standard) SENATE Continues debate on independent offices appropriation bill (10 a. m.) Armed Services and Foreign Relations Cpmmittees call Vice Admiral Oscar C. Badger for testimony on ouster of Gen. Douglas MacArthur and related policies (8 a. m.) Labor Subcommittee opens hearings on proposal to establish a Commission on ethics in government (8 a. m.) Banking Committee continues study of bill to extend the defense production act (8:30 a. m.) Crime Investigating Committee hears seven Cleveland witnesses behind closed doors (8 a. m.) HOUSE Debates legislative appropriations bill (10 a. m.) Rules Committee considers new tax bill (8:30 a. m.) Banking Committee continues study of bill to extend the defense production act (8 a. m.) Un-American Activities Committee opens hearings on Communist infiltration of defense plants (8:30 a. m.) from people involved in a case before him. There's no such" code in government dealings. Yet officials in government agencies sit as judges making decisions involving millions of people and much money. For example: government loans, housing, radio, television, railroads, elpctric power, the stock exchange, veterans. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE s; "."H gans, length of life, nervousness, headaches. Not just something you have to expect in middle age. By all means do not neglect it. See your doctor and try BRIDGES HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE CAPSULES available only at Livingston Drug store and Davit Drug Store and all leading stores. Thousands have Lined them. If BRIDGES HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE CAPSULES do not relieve you please ask for your money back. We don't want It unless earned. SOe and iUOO. Accept no lubttltute. Clip thill MT. VERIVON Drive-In Theatre Last Times Tonight FAMILY NIGHT # $1.00 PER CAR PAUL LANGTON — JEAN ROGERS "FIGHTING BACK^' Wednesday - Thursday JOHN WAYNE — PATRICIA NEAL "OPERATION PACIFIC" YOUR MANNERS You are selecting a gift for a bride and must limit what you spend. WRONG: Try to find something that is big and showy, even though it is not of the best quality. RIGHT: Buy something of good quality, however small the gift may be. FOR SALE AUTO PARTS Eddie's SHELL Service lOth ani) Perklna OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK! If you see near your house you may have TERMITES Mt.Vernon Lumber Co. PHONE ta Authoriltd Rcpt Ohio VaH«v TcraaMii Co**. ERMINIX Printing THAT MEANS Efficiency Our long experience in preparing printed matter is at your disposal, in the designing of better, fast­ er, more efficient printed . forms, CALLUS FOR SERVICE Mt, Vernon Register-IVews The Dorlor Says By EDWIM 1>. JORDAN. M.IX Written rot NBA Swvta* ExerolM Caution to Avoid Hazards of Lead PoUonlnr Lead poisoning used to be one of the most common and serious forms of industrial and accidental poisonings. Thanks to preventive measures it occurs less frequently than in the past but is still a problem. Recently a lady wrote me that her husband, who had been a body and fender repair man for 16 years, was suffering aches in his arms and severe headaches and wondered whether this could be caused by lead poisoning from paint. Also there have been reports from Baltimore and Cleveland of lead poisoning in babies, probably resulting from chewing something bearing lead paint. Now it should be said that the paint industry has done an excellent job in reducing or "liminating this hazard. A number of years ago it was agreed to eliminate lead from paints to be used inside houses or on things like children's toys. But if a person uses paint intended for outside use on the inside of houses or on toys there would still be a risk. Diagnosis of Disease The symptoms suffered by the body and fender worker foultl be caused by lead poisoning. In addition to those mentioned, colicky pains in the bowels are usually present in chronic poisoning due to lead. This, of course, is not enough. The paint used would have to be analyzed for lead or other substances which micjht produce chronic poisoning. The m,in himself would have to bo studied further: a blue line around the gums is common and studies of the blood are most important. Besides chronic poisoning there is an acute form of the condition. This comes only from the rapid absorption of large quantities of lead and produces severe pain in the abdomen, vomiting, colicky cramps, and collapse. The skin usually develops a wa.xy color and the red blood cells have a definite characteristic appearance. Thanks to many years of work, and the development of many protective measures, lead poisoning is gradually disappearing. Most cases which develop now are the result of carelessness and adults should use care not only for themselves but for their children since lead poisoning once acquired is not only Information for Students Seeking Military Deferment students seeking deferment from military service on the basis of scholastic standing should ask their colleges to send the necessary certificate to their local boards without delay Col. Paul G. Armstrong, State Selective Service Director, announced today. It is the individual student's responsibility to see that his board receives the certificate. Forms are available et all local boards, Col, Armstrong said, m- phasizlng that since they must be prepared in triplicate each student should obtain three copies and deliver them to his college to be filled out. The certificate, known as SSS Form No. 109. Is the only document local boards will accept as evidence of scholastic standing. In the Chicago area, the forms are available at many colleges and universities as well as through local boards. Downstate, an in- unpleasant and dangerous but hard to I'ecover from. • • • Dr. Jordan will answer questions from his readers in a special column once a week. Watch for It. PUBLIC SALE I WUl Sell at Public Auctton at 202 EAST WASHINGTON ST. FLORA, ILL. THURS., JUNE 21, 1951 Beginning promptly at 2 o'clock P. M. 3 -foot MeCrsy meat eatc, like new. 2 Mt« Dayton scales, Uka new. Ilobart meat grinder. Meat block and knlvet. Double electrie pop cooler. National eauh reflster. Allen Wales addins raachlna. Service counter. Walk-in electrie cooler. Electric fan. Heatinr stove. TERMS—CASH JOHN GALBRAITH Owner COL. BRAD HENSON, Auctioneer ill YOUR RENT DOLLARS For what you're paying in rent every month, chances are you can pay for a home of your own. After a reasonable down payment, our financing plan involves payments just like rent. You make the same payment each month and that one payment may include taxes arid insurance, too. Let's figure it out together. MT. VERNON LOAN and BUILDING ASSOCIATION _ 112 N. 10th ETHEL M. GREEN, Secy. Phone 38 liniiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiMiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiitHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiwiiiiiiiMiiinin .stltution may ask the nearest local board for enough forms to take care of its own students. The completed certificate will be mailed by the college direct to the student's local board, Cal. Armstrong said. The board's decision on granting a deferment may be based either upon scholastic standing, the score made on the Selective Service College qualification Test, or both. When such information is received, the board will classify the student, but in no case may action be delayed after August 20, 1951. Students transferring from one institution to another must have the certificate filled out by both institutions. Arizona's Bottonfiless Salt Lake Crater is so highly saturated with natural salt that bathers cannot sink. 'I TIME TO BUY LIQUOR I§ NOW from the only Liquor Store in Mt. Vernon. East Side Square - FREE DELIVERY. PHONE too. or 708 Free Parking In Rear FOX THEATRES Continuous Oally From 2:00 P. M. Today thru Wed. DNWGH lAUCHS/ -Feature Showrv 2:53 - 5:02 - 7:11 - 9:20 Starts Wednesday 2 - First Run Thrillers! MlfiN BEMMONT • MN SAVACE EDWiWD UOfHY • mCWRD TMVtt — Plus Big Action Hit — IP Chap. No. 8 • "FLYIN( DISC MAN FROM MARS" • ENDS TODAY < • "DANGER ZONE" ( • and < •—"GYPSY FURY"—< 0' NOW AT REGULAR PRICES!! clilIDB^^SB^^ DELILAH HBdyUmarp.Victor Mature-George Sanders-Angela Lansbury Henry WilCOXOn • Pwduced md OimtBd by Cecil B. DeMiUB STABlUn starts Wednesday -ENDS TODAY • MARIO LANZA in • "THE GREAT* 'CARUSO"—•

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