The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts on July 20, 1963 · Page 6
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The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts · Page 6

North Adams, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 20, 1963
Page 6
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SIX THF NORTH ADAMS. MASSACHUSETTS. TRANSCRIPT SATURDAY AFTERNOON, JULY 20, 1963 MOIIAW& Homes and Garages Builders of the "Home Even You Can Afford" Prices Start at $10,500 Compl«*«, No HIJdcn Coih. On Your Lof MOHAWK HOMES 356 WALNUT STREET Dial MO 2-2769, MO 3-3263 or Pownal VA 3-7263 Home IKepair Problem** Dense Shrubs Near House Add to Cellar Dampness By IX)U(JLAS TUOMEY (Q) "Is it (rue that heav planting of shrubbery around th foundation of a house will prevent dampness and water in th basement? We are thinking following this advice but decl< etl lo check lirst." F.M. (A) Quite the opposite. Heavy dense shrubbery contributes I dampness. About two feet of fin ground or lawn, pilched awa from the iiouse with shrubber outside of that, is a better idea It is also better for the shrubbery SEE OUR CARPET CORNER Finest names in Wool, Nylon and Aerilan Wall-to-Wall and Room Size Rugs FULL SIZE SAMPLES—FREE ESTIMATES QUALITY WITH SERVICE William Rudnick Co. 136 Ashland St. INext fo A&P) Dial MO 3-5107 BREAKTHROUGH Now You Can Build Exactly as You Wish and Still Save! Bring your plans to Heritage for a free, guaranteed estimate with no hidden costs. You'll be amazed that you can now have such individuality, quality and savings in any size or style. You can be sure, for Heritage Homes are the choice of people who know superior construction. Send for free 28-page color brochure W HOMES Local Builders: Gordon Oakes, Cross Road, Clarksburg MO 3-3579 Frank Field, Notch Road, Norrh Adams MO 2-2564 Fawn $1636 - Detowied and Elected Quality Slimmer Camps HARDER BUILDERS HARDER is an established manufacturer of building components, as well as a builder, providing us with these quality camps that bring to you the construction detail and economy possible only in volume prefabrication. Ask to see our plans of camps designed for the family that wants fo get into camping and outdoor living at the lowest possible initial cost. With a starting camp of this quality, the opportunities for finishing are unlimited. You can do the finishing work yourself or have it all done for you. YOU provide: 1. A cleared, leveled site. 2. 4 corner stakes and stake at front door location. Mark HARDER. We want to build YOUR camp on YOUR lot. 3. Any degree of finishing labor you desire. HARDER BUILDERS provide: I. Architectural designs. 2. Factory built exterior walls with siding, windows and exterior doors. 3. Interior partition framing fo established floor plans. 4. Plywood flooring on West Coast lumber joists. 5. Factory built glued plywood gusset truss rafters. 6. A selection of two siding materials. 7. Pressure treated post foundation. 8. White Selvage roofing. 9. ONLY HARDER BUILDERS deliver to your site and erect and install all materials if supplies. Tho basic camp structure is ready for immediate occupation. Then enjoy your camp while you complete it or have it completed. PRICES INCLUDE DELIVERY AND ERECTION Scarpitto LUMBER COMPANY 420 CURRAN HIGHWAY NORTH ADAMS MO 3-3766 (Q) "Last spring I had a hoo< installed above the kitchen- range, and a duct running across the ceiling to the outside of [he house. There is a screen ed ventilating fan in the wal which sucks the air from under the hood and sends it out of the house. This winter we had had back-draft whenever the fan was iK>t working, and the bathroom floor right above the duct is icy cold, The remedy please?" G.S. (A) Whoever installed this job 'or you certainly did not know hi justness. The fan should be equipped with an automatic shutter vliich opens when the fan is pu uto operation and closes when i stops. Almost all kitchen venti aling fans are so equipped. You can probably turn in your jwcseu fan and get a proper one rea sonnbly. * * * (Q) "Our newly reshinglet roof has edges of stainless steel which we do not like at all. I have tried treating them will vinegar before painting, but the paint still peels off. Just how does one treat this metal so that it will hold paint?" A.R (A) The best treatment is to scour the metal with heavy sand paper so as lo roughen the sur ace. It also helps if it Is scratch ed wilh a sharp pointed tool. This •oiigheniug enables the paint to ;et a grip. (0) is "Do you know if there remedy for oil-soaked floors? The former owners o! our house must have poured oil on them and swept it around as the floors are actually saturated with it. We want to gel enough of the oil out to have tile laid in 'everal of the rooms, bul so far nobobdy has been able to tell us how to do it." H.N. (A) The best thing to do is scrub he floor wilh an oxalic or muria- ic acid solution. See your drug- »ist for the proper mixture. After his washing has dried up, rent a anding machine and sand the loors. If the floors arc oafc, maple or other hardwood 'they will •e all right. If made of soft wood, esults will be less than satis- actory. Easy Compost Bin A simple compost bin can be made by bending a panel of hard- >oard into a big D, with the traight side being a garage or Dther building. The 4x8-foot sheet's ends should ae fitted with Ix2-inch lumber. Holes drilled at the bottom, cen- er and top should be strung with ope and knotted on the outside urves of the D lo keep the bin in Is curved position. Grab Bars in Bath Modern bathrooms combine oeauty and convenience — and afety. Every bathroom and powder corn should contain grab bars ilaced in strategic locations iround the bathroom and show- >r stall. Acting as an extra mea- ure of security, grab bars should ?e secured to the studs of the iack and side walls of the tub ir shower. Bedroom Lavatories Great Convenience Bedroom vanity lavatories hav given impetus to bedroom mod ernizalion. Also known as coiuiler-top lav itories, these fixtures combine he benefits of a wash basin •ilh Ihose .of a dressing table Drawers and shelves under the ixtiires provide plenty of stor ige space. Located in the bed oom, it gives the lady of the ouse a place lo primp wilhoul tie need for limiting the use o he bathroom facilities. Here's the Answer: FORMER O. DIXON MARSHALL HOUSE — Above is the 1768 house formerly owned by the late Atfy. O. Dixon Marshall on Oblong Rd., Williamstown, which has been bought by Dr. and Mrs. F. Lincoln Vogel of Sprague Executive Buys 1768 House In Williamstown "Renmar" — home of Ihe late Ally. O. Dixon Marshall of Wil- iamstown and one of the oldest dwellings in the county — has been sold [o an executive of Sprague Electric Co, Dr. and Mrs. F. Lincoln Vogel, formerly of Glen Gardner, N.J., are the new owners of the property located on Oblong lid,, Wil- liamslown. Ally, Marshall and his wife the former Jean Renton of North Ad- purchaser the property — formerly known as (he Briggs- Blake place — in 1936. Name Combination They called their home "Hen- nar" a combination of the names teuton and Marshall. The house, built in 1768, was completely restored by the Marshalls including Ihe old hand-hewn beams and original pine panel ing. In 1941 the Marshalls added a study, bedroom, bath and hallway but retained the character of the original house. The house has three bedrooms, a study, three fireplaces and a aatio. The properly includes two arge barns and about 40 acres of land. the- Sprague Electric Co. It has three bedrooms, • study, three fireplaces and a patio. Out back are two large barns and about 40 acres of land. Conforms To Rules Tile old house, built to conform with standard rules in western townships requiring a dwelling to be of certain minimum size, still retains its so-called "regulation" shape. The building regulations were enforced to assure the construe,ion of permanent dwellings with dimensions which would permit easy transformation, into a larger structure of attractive proportions. The dimensions of the original portion of the Marshall house are NOTICE* IT' . . . Al[ Contractors, Carpenters, Boat Builders! NOW AT STANLEY'S LUMBER! Adams MARINE EXTERIOR PLYWOOD Stanley's has added a good supply of Boat-Hull Marine Plywood with solid innerplies. Good 2 sides! . . . Ideal for use where appearance of both sides it important. 1001 Uses For Exterior Work! • Patios •Carports • Fences •Signs •Enclosures CHECK OUR SIZE LIST! 4'x 8'— 'A 1 4' x I 0' — 'A ' 4'x 12'— '/«' 4'x 14' — '/<' 4'x |6'_'A 1 4'x 8' — %' 4'x 10'— '/«' 4'x 12'— %' 4'x 14' — %' 4'x J6'— '/.' 'Thick 'Thick 'Thick 'Thick 1 Thick 1 Thick 'Thick 'Thick 1 Thick 1 Thick 4' x 8' — «/j " Thick 4' x 10' — Vi" Thick 4'x 12'—'/2 11 Thick 4' x 8' — % ' 4' x 10' — V«' 4'x 12'— Vi' 4' x 8' — % ' 4'x 10'— V 4'x 12'— %' Thick Thick Thick Thick Thick Thick STANLEY'S Lumb«r, Hardware, Coal, Grain and Building Supplies 20 North Summer St., Adams Dial 743-0831 By ANDY LANG AP Newsfcalurcs QUESTION: Can you tell me how to paint window sashes without getting paint all over the glass? I understand there is some perfect way to do this. ANSWER: You have picked up some erroneous information. If there were a perfect way to do it, professional painters would use it—yet when window sashes are painted professionally, some paint always gets on the glass. However, a good painter will remove the excess paint from Ihe glass, either at once or preferably after it has dried, in the latter instance wilh a single-edge razor blade or a double-edge blade encased in a holder. There are several methods that help lo keep paint from getting on the glass. One is to use a painting guide, a straightedge which is held on the glass while the brush is being used on the sash. The idea is that any paint which ordinarily would fall on the glass falls on the straightedge instead. It's a considerable help, bul it takes great care to prevent a little paint from sneaking in under the straightedge now and then. Another method is to run tape all around the edges of the glass before you begin painting. This is also e/fectivc, but it takes quite a bit of lime if a lot of windows must be painled. Actually, no matter which method is used, you have to work carefully. And you can do (his better by using a small sash brush. Modern Tub-Shower Combination Means Therapy for All The modern tub-shower combination, in addition to providing substiinlially greater than the minimum prescribed at that tiem. Ally. Marshall, a native of Adams, died last August at the age of 56. A practicing attorney he was for many years town counsel in Williamstown and served two terms as selectman. Ally, Marshall was also a vice president and director of the Wil- liamslown National Bank. T)r. Vogcl Dr. Vogel is head of the semiconductor research department al Sprague Electric Co. He was formerly in the semi- con duct or division of Radio Corporation of America at Somen'ille, N.J., where he was manager of advanced ma- [erials. Dr. and Mrs. Vogel have three children, Kathryn, 13, Linda, 11, and Robert, 7. The property was sold through the Alton L. Perry Agency of 74 Spring St., Williamstown. Summer Puts Strain On Water Heater, Get Proper Size Summer's soaring temperatures can put a real strain on the water heater in your house, especially if it's under-sized. Of course, water heaters don't shrink, but families grow, an extra bathroom is added to the house and new water-using appliances are installed. Healer "Shrinks 11 Such changes can, in effect, make it seem that the water heater has, indeed, "shrunk." Add hot, humid weather to these altered conditions and chances are that the waler heat- Blue-Chip Investment |;™Have you taken a careful look home, lately? Does it still have hat "blue-chip" appearance it er in your home is functionally under-sized. During the summer, there is ire frequent bathing by all mbers of Ihe family. Usually, ,..„• amount of laundering in- at your biggest investment, y°»r| c] . cases . ^ me are mo| . c c]ljl . dren's soiled play clothes and additional adult wash and wear had when it was new? If not, a g al , mei)(s Finally, olher hot wa- fresh paint job will Quick y re-| ter requi] . em( , n [ s 1 . croain abom store its original neat, bright ap-; the samf , Hot waler js needcd pearance. It is not expensive lo for cookh)g wasl , jng dishes an(i painl, says the National Paint, Varnish and Lacquer Assn., but it is expensive not to paint. Hide Scratches Scratches on furniture can be hidden with a solution of equal parts of boiled linseed oil, turpentine and white vinegar. Apply Ihe mixture wilh a soft woolen the bathroom a decorous center of attraction, con be used by Ihe whole family for therapeutic reasons. At least five ordinary methods of bathing can be extremely beneficial to every member of the family. Over-active children, and adults who are always on the go. may find it difficult lo unwind at the end of the day. If a good night's sleep is your goal, says the Bureau, take a leisurely bath in lukewarm water, Bathe slowly and towel slowly, preferably patting dry instead of rubbing. If you wake up groggy and can't shake sleepiness out of your system, either a very hot or very cold balh or shower will rouse you. With Ihis kind of balh, washing and drying should be done briskly. In the summer, when the weather man reports continued high temperatures with no relief in sight, yo*i can beat the heat by taking a tepid or lukewarm bath. Here, again, bathing and drying should be done leisurely. During December's wintery blasts, both adults and children will find a warm balh followed by a coot shower extremely beneficial. When the skin is cooled, the body mechanisms work to keep heat in the system. Thus, the: person who enjoys a cool shower aflcr his bath will feel warm and comfortable. The stiff and aching muscles of the once-a-wpek athlete can be eased in Ihe' family bathtub. Relief is obtained by bathing in water that is as hot as you can ake it, The longer you stay in Hie lub tile belter. When you dry yourself, towel energetically for best results. for other household chores. The minimum realistic size for any home waler heater is 40 gal- 1 Ions. If yours is a smaller type, a change is in order. If you're building a new house, it makes good sense lo anticipate increasing demands. Major Problem A major problem with an un- cloth and then polish the surface, der-sizcd water healer is corrosion. This happens when water is loo frequently drawn from the The inside surfaces cor- because they are over-exposed to dissolved oxygen. Pushed beyond capacity, Ihe inadequate water heater wears out rapidly. For a few dollars more in the purchase price, a properly sized waler healer will not only provide adequate amounts of hot water at all times, it will also have a longer life. This saves the homeowner money in the long run. I Paint No Worry Worried about getting ceiling painl on walls and vice versa? If you select a light color for your walls, you can paint the ceiling the same color and eliminate this problem. Heating Systems New Bathrooms lank, rode FREE ESTIMATES NO OBLIGATION . Ashley Swift PIUMBING * HEATING "Remodeling Specialists" Master Plumber Reg. No. 5267 434 State Road North Adams MO 3-7206 SUMMER BEVERAGES SMILE... when they are cooled with plenty of ICE If you require large quantities of flake and cube ice, ask us about the Scotsman Ice Machine — Authoriied Dealer — Wittig & Thompson MO 3-8989 North Adam* Commercial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning GLASS MIRRORS For All Purposes TASKIN Glass Co. 33 Eagle Sf., MO 3-3784 For cleaner, ctitapw, •aii«r h«m* heating Get n«w MOBILHEAT with RT-98 "You Pay MUCH Leu To Heat Better With Oil" Blackinton Coal & Oil Co. Charles E. Kronick, Prop. 26 Eagle St. MO 3-926! North Adams • We Maintain 24-Hour Oil Burner Service PLANNING TO MOVE? Phone ... or (top in . . . and while you are here, let Hi show you how delightful it fs for folks to live In th« SPRUCES ... trie community wilhin the village beau- filul. Many Models Now on Display at "The Spruces" Williamstown GL 8-41C4 PLUMBING PROBLEMS? Dofli If foot; complicated? No) to us. No job is too complicated for ui. Our work ii expert, prompf and courteous, Wha + ever we in if ail or repaid we service and guard nfeeJl NO JOB TOO BIG — NO JOB TOO SMALL. DIAL MO 3-8435 PLUMBING - HEATING - KITCHEN REMODELING A. MATIVI CO. PLUMBING AND HEATING 241 .RIVER ST. MASS. REG. NO. 5051 COMPLETE MODERNIZING SERVICE Planning . . . Estimating ... No Obligation . , . Contracting Work . . . Experf Workmen . . • Lowest Prices . . . 8est of Materials Used at Al[ Times. CALL US TODAY OLESON Builder NORTH EAGLE STREET DIAL MO 3-9075 NANDY FLAME For maximum comfort ... install GAS heat ©H.F. •Ml

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