Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on June 27, 1957 · Page 3
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 3

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1957
Page 3
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MAYNARD VOLUME 1, NUMBER 30 MAYNARD/ilOWA 27 JUNE 1957 MAYNARD NEWS Pubhshed weekly ,„ 1.1 ,,. ,„,,,,,, „, ,,„. ,„.„„,,. ;m( , m ,,,,., l;mts ,„ Mayiuinl 1IS a ], : ,n ,,f tl,, K. iyi . Ml , r , llm)v ,,,,,,,.., sponsor*! and p,-,,,,,,,!,.,! l,v t | 1( . Mavm.nl this past. DONALD I, KIMHAI.I. MAX BARNHOLT MRS. FRANK (.^MMlNCs Publisher ,,,,„„„,. ,,, [x , lnafl READERS! PATRONIZE THESE ADVERTISERS! THEY MAKE POSSIKU; THK WIMIKI.Y PUBLICATION 01' YOUK MAYNAHI) NT.WS. Mis. Vellna 1'ntler and :.i,,|ei, Maqiliikela, were >;ue.-:| of then Culisin, Mrs. Fred Tin net. .uid daughter, Sandr.i ••44 Hunald Kappmeyer, MHI of Mi. and Mrs. Albert Kapptneyei . w.i: 1 . taken In Mercy hospital. OeKvem. Friday,. .linn- 111. tor ex.mnn.il i,m and nbsei vaiiufi Mr. and Mrs Merle Hie... Fan bank, were yuest.-, the pa-1 \\ •-.'!; in the home of then eoiiMn.-., Mi and Mrs. Charles Trntler. Mrs. Fred Stee^r was a visitor of lu-r brother. Nauholtx, who is ;i patient in the Sumnur hospital. • * * • Tlu- Krv. E. W. Sillier. Minneapolis, Minn., was a weeU-en<i ^tiest in tin 1 liiiiiu 1 D|' In.-, sister. Mrs. Henry Hiienneke Mrs. Frank I'asi-hal and daiiuli tt-rs, Margaret and Paulina, Kn^- ers, Ark., ari 1 here for a visit wiih her sons, William and I'amiU, Robert,and brother and wife. Mr. and Mrs. I. P. Stewart, all of Maynard, and her mother, Mrs. Pan) P. Stewart, Oelwein. * * * • Mr. and Mrs. Helbert Lovi'lanil, Tut-oma. Wash., were recent visitors in the. O. F. Si-well hui.n-. Mrs. Loveland is a sister of Sewell's. They also called on Mr. and Mrs. Irving Patrid^i-, Conner neighbors wlien the 1 Luvel'imls Jived west of town. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Whitney and daughters, Margaret and Mary, attended the wedding of his grand niece, Christine Mayor, and Oscar Bjerke at 4 p.m. Sunday June 10, at Alexandria, Minn. They were accompanied by Mi 1 . and Mrs. Ernest Rueckert of Sumner. The Mayor family were former residents of Sumner. Kight Helping Hand Society Meets Here M.i 1 . n i: .1 l.Speeial) ..... nil -inlM-i.. n| the Deborah • 'I thr llelpnn; Hand society of Iln I 'i i 1 .- byUTiau church were elite; Lnneil Wednesday aflernoun, lit. in ihr home of Mrs. iil MenetVe. Mrs. Wilma s Ini the devotions using and Love as Hie topic. For eiih-i lammenl Mrs. J. Fred Ingels lold of a trip .she had taken In Me x; ico .iinl slu'weit several soii- \ elliel :;. Mi II. \S'. I'alsey was hostess lo |i n inemliers of the Rebekah i;ionp the same afternoon. Mrs. Frnest (Jltrogge was a visitor. The ileviil IIIMS u-ere led by Mrs. F.I I Ilohustriim and contest were pn pared by Mrs. Floyd Hen nii;is and conducted by Mrs. Her- ln'i'i Malven willi high, honors I'.ninu to Mrs. Irving Patridge .md Mis. (/. H. Willemssen. Work was eoinpieted on the guilt for liie U'lute C'mss quota (or mis- siens. Tin 1 lessons studied by both groups were taken from the book, "Jesus' Teachings on I'lti/enship". with Mrs. lintels and Mrs. Patridge ,i> tile respective leaders. Mrs. Marvin Ingels opened her home earlier in the month to the n i',ulai evi-ning mi'ding of the Kve guild with \'A present. Mrs. Tom sanmelson was in charg the devotional period. This group j.-. M inlying "Mission U.S.A." and at this meeting Florence Pat- ruUe led m discussing the mission work of the church in our CIl les. CPL. Darrell Loux On Leave Here (Special) Cpl Maynard Uarn'll L» Beitha Rich, is here on leave from duty in the Army Signa corps in Kun-a where he ha: been tile past l!i months. Cpl Loux lived here several ycai> ii'itli 'liis ^ramhnother while at tending the Maynard school and Mrs. Leonard Kruse, Dubuque, D c spent several days the past week in the home ol' her daughter, Mrs. C. H. Willc'inssen. lias been in service for years. He will rei,»rt back to duly July i) and will be stationuc at Kurt Meade near Washinfitui Delorea Rueber Engaged To Robert Snodgrass Mavnard (Special) — Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Kueber, Westgnte, have announced the enfiatfement nl lhe:i <l;iii;;h|et . Delores, to Ko! e! t Snodnras*. sun nl' Mr. and Mr>. Lei A t'andee. Maynard. N" ila.e lias bet n set for Ihe i u'eddim;. I Miss luiebcr who has been in i sehno! (lie p;.si year will be cin- ployed as the parish worker for St. John's Lutheran church at tiiivrrnp, Minn. Her fiance is in (he Unilcd Slates Air Force and is now stationed at Honolulu, Hawaii. Killed A tractor u'.,.;r| cost the life of 70 year old Frank Lux of Hupkin- tdii recently. It is IK lioved a heart attack may have caused him to lose control of the machine, which plunged dosvn an embankment MIKE STEWART, H.. teln bull rated in the exeell, ut -I, -link Kxposition i'o of Se.illle Seb hipinent nl itlll) head (o I'ei n M 'i Vlaynard Meclini;s Scheduled .Maynaril (Special' Sevvral voliten's groups wlueb nunnidlv neel ilurini; the I'll.-! \\i-eK "I | •ach inontli ha i e ionnd il ie . e j •.ary to ehalij'.e the dale ot then Heeling on aeeuunt ol the .lulx Itli holiday. The first one no\\ : .elu didee! ; . | lat of the Ulllll em le o| f.ie ; W.S.l'.S. wllieh Will be ell.er ained in the home ol Mrs. Don lart/ Tuesday al'ternoon. July '.'.. The Ksllier ^roiip will meet \\Vd- lesday afternoon. July ii, with Mrs. Wilbur Mender. The Mar. na division has postponed its iieetm^ until Thursd.u evemm.',. July 11. when Mrs. Leo Anderson will be the hostess. Mrs. Don Lowrv, Mrs. Floreiue Lowry and Mrs. Fred Sehrader will be the hosiesses lor Die roj;u- ar meeting of the Helping Hand -aim ty meet mi; at lh>' Presbyterian church Wednesday al'ter- noon, July ii, at I :!!!) p.m. Mrs. John In.nels will eondurl the de volions and present Ihe li s.-nii on Everyday People Ready Tor God's Work". The Kvt- guild of the Helping Hand has postponed its meeting to the (.'Veiling ol' Friday. July a. in the home ol Mrs. John Iin.;el.i. The Ladies' Cemetery association will hold its annual picnic with a favorite di>h dmn< r al noon at the home of i\s president. Mrs. Minnie lio^gcss, on Friday. July 5. The regular business m.-i 1 !- inji will follow. The regular meeting of the American Legion auxiliary will be at the CommunHv haH Tu day evening,', July 9. There will be election of officers at the meeting of the Ladies Aitl society when it meets in postponed .session at the. St. Paul's Lutheran church Wednesday al'- ternoon, July 10. The program wilJ be in charge of Mrs. Walter Suhr and Mrs. Gerald Warlike. On the serving committee will lie Mrs. O. C. Mit-he, Mrs. Krnest Jacobsen, Mrs. Albert Helx and Beginning at 10 a.m. Sunday morning, June 23, at the Presbyterian church Mrs. Don Luwry, superintendent of the Daily Vacation Bible school, and her stall! of teachers presented their pupils in a program of exercises and choir numbers, marking the close of the school. The program wa.s merged with the regular preach ing service at 11:30 a.m. » « * • « Virginia Henniges left for Spirit Lake Tuesday, June 11!, where she has employment for the summer. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Schutl cently of Hawkcye have moved into the residence at the west edge of town just vacated by the Robert Roquets who are now located in their residence at the north edge of town. * * * * Mr. and Mrs. William Paschal are now at home in the up-stairs apartment on the Tony Haas farm, just south of town. • * * * Mrs. John Ingels, president of Dubuque presbyterial, accompanied by Mrs. J. Fred Ingels and Mrs. Frank Cummings, were guests of the women's society of the Presbyterian church at Littleton Thursday afternoon, June 20. Other presbyterial officers and members of other societies in Buchanan county were guests also. The speaker of the afternoon was Mrs. A. E. Slater, Cedur Falls, who had 46 years as a missionary in India. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Meyer Attended Fajtnily Get-together (Mr. and Mrs. Ed W. Meyer attended * family get-to-gether at the home of their son and wife Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Meyer, Randalia, Friday evening* Jane 21, in honor of another son and wife Mr. and Airs, Milton Meyer, and family, 4wf*p. Cf" f -, °^ ei , towna rewfefeflnted included Hiwfcey«^Sumiaer, Gru'ndy Cen ter WeUsbAKg, Peix;lvttl, Oelwein «nd W< For ihe June Bride, to select from. 2 PC Bed-Room Set with Book Case Head, in Walnut and Blond Mahogany. Also Box and Inner Spring Mattress at Prices that are right. Breakfast Set in Chrome and Wrought Iron. (See Them) DELS1NG FURNITURE Phone 7509 . Maynaid. IB. M: l'' ., ie :;. M: I- ,i '. :'. !\' ;ll:'-ln (',: . • • lup an.i . .', MI '':M: i -! i . Mel!,,- I, i e'l. 'l. II-: M, .I'll . I.e Ml ' !:•:„ : M , 11 I ,! i M :' MI M. s . i; ••'I'll.- i '!.,,: . ••> > 1 1 . . : , Mi.. Kindle i: t he :i;. i in-. 1 . ; •: I.lit! e •;,,) ,•;,;.. noun. ,lul\ li. Km:i|...' \\-|!.' ]i r\'iee. The .IlilllO' Illi el ;il Iln 1 : , lay evi inn 1 ,, . oprll \\ It I) 1' .1 ll.\- Joall Se'il .Ml : .,••.! \Vi ..;n, ; will ,ii , - ' ., • -:,.,. "Til! i iu:.'.;i tilr 1 Fin '.e; i n • !-.•;> :i nainiiu; ! \\'o l<oo),. ,,; ;;,,. i i|,l Ti • >t .1 n lei 11. T; r • ;, .• :,. •, \ \ i • ( . for !he month : i i i|.]i\ , !,,• U'ho t.'iisls in lin I."rd". Prov. ItilLlll. On li,' i :'::.:• e [tte. 1 Will be Sand! .1 Si, : i ei r:,r..! Jean U'egner .,nd !':o!l!;, \Vi-nthe. Mrs. I'lvde HI in: .•.-. .-. ;i! , n:ei lain Hi' l)i 'MI ,.h .|',!d ,,| tlie I lel|jim: Han, 1 in-',' l\ i •}: \\' dm day al'terii 1 n m, J ,! > !',. The Uei'. i.,!Ji ; li.l \: l|l nil •'•! the :-a/nc a: !••: n. n in •,-. ! |. M IrvniL', Patrid'.'.e Meyers Hold r" 1 "l n ramilv Kfjin 1 "*' 1 l'\ ir 11 ie ' I i i I 111 ne in i n i! i \ years the ..'on. and dau.-hte: i ,i Mr. and Mr.-.. Ki ed ('. M,\er. farmer.-, in an early da> .-outh west of .Maynard. wore all I 11 ;;i Iher at the h'onald M'",'i i imm- m Sunnier Sunday. June 111 Tbev \\ i ei i e Tom Mesa •! , Sniuiii i : Kd \V. Mevi T. Mayiian!. Mi I U ! Ih.i P.aine:, l.oie. 1 , I'., ai-li. C:,|.l . Mr-, (.'arohne Ai ihur. Itaiidal i •: . nd Mr.- . Mill ie Ai lir.n . Mai •.h.dllo'.'. n Olhi i:, ,;,! e ent inehidi d ,'d i I'M VV. liarne . C O. Hann- .,nd Leonard Ai lluir. >.***>• . Ti ;>'• 1'. i 1 I.e Pi mi i 1 . SIM yi ar old llol '•i •-.-.:. M W l-M-henk of Ilie Kverly Live : -. •! . n;:- ein ed liolxtems for a S] 7. r i.1)1111 The l.f-adpr Want Ads ATTENTION! Silo Owners We have Kent hasses Nuggets proven very effec m tivc for preserving grass silage. Wlu-n you get that silo filled cover it with one of our i'i.-slii- SMI Cover:;. Ccv:t is less than $2.00 per year Maynard Co-operative Co, Maynard, Iowa erything you need PLAN SOUND, ECONOMICAL FARM BUILDINGS ~^"f tof f,«U!t Storwg- f/vtlraf/oni ALL AVAILABLE FOR YOUR USE FROM THE WEYERHAEUSER 4-SQUARE ^•AELVl BUILDBNG SERVICE Matfriolt Uil, When you begin thinking about farm build- for 16 comfortable modern farm homes. ings, it will pay you to stop at our office. 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Your grain represents potential profits on LUI entire urowini; season, liut you lioii'i cash in until yon actually dispose ol the k'rajn. Every bushel is precious worth top quality protection while you hold it on your 1'ariu Cor top profits. HutJer bins ^ivc you that protection for no more than you would pay lor inferior storage.- facilities. Moisture, vermin and insects, are scaled out by Butler's quality construction. Vertical seams, for example, arc double-bolted to make a stronger, lighter bin. Mxira-lonj' body sheds n;- chict! the number of seams. Autl tho vault-type steel door fits so tightly it is practically a sealed closure. Tliu perforated steel floor is specially de.sjj.med to permit continuous aeration of the. grain in the bin with Hutler Forcc-Airu equipment. These are just a few of the quality features that have made butler bins America's best selling brand. So, when you buy on-the-farm grain storage, do ;\s thousands of smart farmers already huvi!- buy safety. Uuy Ihttk-r, the bins engineered and built by (he nation's leading grain storage manufacturer be sure of the safest grain storage yell WE CARRY A COMPLETE LINE OF BUTLER CRAIN STORAGE, DRYING, HANDLING AND TESTING EQUIPMENT Come in and talk over your gram storage problems with us Maynard Maynard Savings Bank Hazelton Foss t 4i *., MayutiU, , >Jj ».>'> ''*!'&<• * ^•-;»''$ ' liv^'-^ 4 r vl^.*;/e • * ' ' t ''- ff'f ± . '£>*''' ^iV* r )A fl ^'^~ , 1 ;'m'ft.,

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