Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 17, 1936 · Page 61
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 61

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 17, 1936
Page 61
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, DECEMBER 17 • 1936 NINE LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF APPLICATION FO* TAX DEElj E - 1 r - H»ye», Lawrenee Duckert and eiley Chancy: " 5? d rach et y° u ar e hereby no- that on the second day of De~ - 1935 toe followtai de- estate situated in Cerro . . - — — Halite Masen City. Iowa. „„_.-—« Treasurer of Cerro C-or- coittty, Iowa, at Scavenger Tax Sale '•T **>•• Provisions of Section 7255 of r^ Code of Iowa, for taxes on •bove-described premises then due '"'lent «nd unpaid, to F, E John""I *f>»t » Certificate of Purchase 5>aie of said premises was duly by s«ld Treasurer to the s«ld F. '~ Permanent Waves A Real Christmas Gift Prices $1.95, J2.50, $3.30, 54.00, $5,00 Nestles, Eugene, and Duart by Otto Williamson HAIR STYLIST lit D»»r South Montgomery Wiird OPEN EVENINGS PIION.3 503 K. Johnson, pnrsuAnt to said sale. an< that said Certificate of Purchase at Ta> Sale is now owned and held by the sal F. E. Johnson. You and each of you are further notified that the right of redemption from said Tax Sale will expire and a Taj Deed for said real estate will be mad by the said Treasurer to the said F E. Johnson unless redemption therein)] is made within nim;ty days from th completed service of tios notice. F. E. JOHNSON, Owner of Said Certificate of Purchase NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOK TAX DEE0 To H. G. Peterson: You are hereby notified that on th second day of December, A. D. 1935, th following described real .estate situated in Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, to-wit The East Fifty-two (52) feet of Lot One (1), and the North Eleven (11) feet of the East Fifty-two ;M) feet of Lot Two (2), all In Block Twenty- five (25). Brice and Onr Land Company's Street Railway Addition to Mason City, Iowa, was sold by the Treasurer of Cerro Gor do County, lowai at Scavenger Tax Salt under the provisions of Section 7255 OL the 1935 Code of Iowa, for taxes on the above-described premises then due, delinquent and unpaid, to F. E. Johnson and that a Certificate of Purchase at Tax Sale of said premises was duly issued by said Treasurer to the said F. E Johnson, pursuant to said sain, and that said Certificate of Purchase ti Tax Sale COUGH DROP medicated with throat-saothine ingredients of Vicks VapoRub. VICKS COUGH DROP "CHUCKLE" CONTEST Third Week's Contest Ends 6 P. M. Thursday, Dec. 17 FOURTH WEEK'S CONTEST STARTS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18 36 Cecil Theater tickets to be given to the 18 winners of the Third Week's contest. And 36 Cecil Theater tickets will be awarded to the winners of the Fourth Week's contest. "Chuckle" contest continues 1 more week. It is being held in conjunction vifh the Globe-Gazette's Christinas Gift Guide appearing on the Want Ad page. HERE ARE THE RULES: Look over the Christmas Gift Guide ads and select one line just as it appears from 3, 4 or 5 separate ads. Then combine the lines you select into one humorous paragraph, like the Sample Chuckle given here: is new owned and held by the F. E. Johnson. said . You are further notified that the right of redemption from said tax lale will expire and a tax deed for said real estate will be made by the said Treasurer to the said F. E. Johnson unless redemption therefrom is made " within' ninety days from the completed service of this notice. •P. E. JOHNSON, Owner of Said Certificate at Purchase. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOB TAX DEED To Peter Manchoff: You are hereby notified that oh the second day of December, A. D. 1835, the following described real estate situated in Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, to-wit: Lot Three (3) in Block Twenty-five (23), Brioe and Ong Land Company's Street Hallway Addition to JIaien City, Iowa, was sold by the Treasurer of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, at Scavenger Tax Sale under the provisions of Section 7255 of the 1935 Code of Iowa, for taxes on the above-described premises then due, delinquent and unpaid, to F. E. Johnson, and that a Certificate of Purchase at Tax Sale of said premises was duly issued by said Treasurer to the said F. E. Johnson. pursuant to said sale, and that said Certificate of Purchase at Tax Sale is now owned and held by the said F. E. Johnson. You are further hereby notified that on =the second day of December, A. D. 1935, the following described real estate situated in Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, to-wit: The Weit Thirty (30) feet of Lot One (1), and the West Thirty (80) feet of Lot Two (!), all In Block Twenty-five (25), Brico and Ong Land Company'i Street Railway Addition to Mason City, Iowa, was sold by the Treasurer of Cerro 5ordo County, Iowa, at Scavenger Tax which time the matter of the granting of * permit for the erection of said gasoline filling and service station will be considered. Dated this 15th day of December, 1036. BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT "OF MASON cny, JOWA, By THEO. BOLIN, Its Chairman. NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTRIX STATE OF IOWA, Cerro Gordo County, ss. No. 4915 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that .the undersigned has been duly appointed and qualified as Executrix of the estate of Vincent A. Parrel], Deceased, late of Cerro Gordo County. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make Immediate payment; and those having claims against the same will present them, duly authenticated, to the undersigned for allowance, and file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court. MAUDE G. FARRELL. Executrix. Marty & Butler, Attorneys. Dated November 28th, 1936. S. H. MacPeak, Clerk District Court By—Margaret Riley, Deputy. Sale ''.55 , under the provisions of Section of the 1935 Code of Iowa, for , axes on the above-described premises hen due, delinquent and unpaid, to F. !. Johnson, and that a Certificate of Purchase at Tax Sale of said premises was duly issued by said Treasurer to he Said F. E. Johnson, pursuant to said sale, and that said Certificate of Purchase at Tax Sole is now owned nd held by the said F. E. Johnson. You are further notified that the ights of redemption from both of the wo said tax sales hereinabove mention- d will expire and that tax deeds for aid real estate will be made by the said Treasurer to the said F. E. Johnon unless redemption therefrom is made vlthin ninety days from the completed ervice of this notice. F. E. JOHNSON, Owner of Said Certificate of Purchase. NOTICE OF PROBATE OF HILL In District C.JBH, October Term, 193C. I STATE OF IOWA. > Cerro Gordo County, ss. To All Whom It May Concern: YOU ABE HEREBY NOTIFIED, Thot an instrument of writing purporting to be the last Wil! and Testament of Louis A. Goddard, Deceased, dated October 7th, 1829. having been this day filed, opened and read, Monday the 28th day of December, 1936, is fixed fot hearing proof of same at the Court House In Mason City, Iowa, before the District Court of said County, or the Clerk of said Court: and at Z o'clock P. M., of the day above mentioned all persons interested sre hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause if any they have, why said instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Mason City, Iowa, December 2nd, 1936. S. H. MacFEAK, Clerk of District Court. By— Margaret Kiley, Deputy. NOTICE OF THE FIRST MEETING OF CREDITORS Everyone likes cosmetics, give Christmas Trees—Christmas Why not a new 1937 Speed Model Complete with bulbs at $6.95 Just write your "Chuckle" on a piece of paper—then cut out the complete Christmas Gift Guide ads from whiiA you select lines to compose your Chuckle." and paste or pin them to the same sheet of paper. Then take a pen or pencil and circle the i,r.e used from each ad Also date the sheet or paper, on which you prepare your "Chuckle" the same as the date on the Globe-Gazeite from which you clip the ads. Be sure that your complete •Chuckle" is irom the Gift Guide ads appearing in a single issue of the Globe- Gazette. .Ynu may. send in a new "Chuckle" every day. but only one "Chuckle" is to be prepared from any one issue of the Globe-Gazette. Each of the 18 contestants who prepare the most humorous and best arranged "Chuckles." and have :sem at the Globe-Gazette office by 6 o'clock p. m. Thursday, December 24, 1936. will be awarded one pair of Cecil Theater guest tickets. Mail or brine your "Chuckle" to the Globe-Gar,ette. Address them to -Chuckle Contest Editor," care of the Want Ad department, Globe- Gazette, Mason City, Iowa. The fourth week's winner will be announced on this page in the Home Edition on Monday, December 28. and In the City and Sunrise editions on Tuesday. December 29. Everyone is eligible to participate in the contest, except Globe-Gazette employes and their families. The decision of the judges will be final In case of ties, duplicate awards will be given. The 18 winners of the third weed's "Chuckle" contest will be announced on this page in the Home Edition on Monday, December 21, and in the City and Sunrise Editions or. Tuesday, December 22. Watch for -the Third Week's Winners. Now, get busy—enter the Fourth Week's "Chuckle" contest Send to your "Chuckie." If you are a winner, you will receive two Cecil theater tickets. i'n the District Court of United States lor the Northern District of low*— Central Division. In the matter of John Trayer, Bankrupt. No. 'J70S In Bankruptcy. Tc the creditors of above named Bankrupt, of Mason City in the county of Ceiro Gordo and district aforesaid, a bankrupt. Notice is hereby given that on the llth day of December 1936 the above named Bankrupt was duly adjudicated bankrupt and that the first meeting of his creditors will be held at the office of the undersigned referee, at 9',i Easi; State St. Mason City, Cerro Gordo County. Iowa, on the 29th day of December 1936, at 10 o'clock A. M.. at which time said creditors may attend, prove their - claims, appoint a trustee, examine the bankrupt, and transact other such business as may properly (wr-.e before said meeting. The bankrupt vj i-.-qiiired to be present. Mason City. Iowa. Dec. 16th 1936 HOWARD M. REMLEY, Referee in Bankruptcy. Treasury Department, Internal Revenue Service. Alcohol Tax -Unit, St. Paul, Minnesota, December 5, 1936. Notice is hereby given that on November 4, 1936, one Ford Coupe, 1932 model, motor number B 5141714, license number 66-3148 (Iowa 1836), registered in the name of C. J. Coon, Mitchell, Iowa, was seized from Lester Jay Coon near the intersection of Seventh Street S. E. ana South Federal Avenue, Mason City, Iowa, for violation of the Internal Revenue laws, Section 3450, United States Revised Statutes. Any person claiming said automobile must appear at my office on or before January 10, 1937, and make such claim and give bond for costs for transfer of forfeiture proceedings to the United States District Court, or said automobile will he. forfeited to the United States of America as provided by law. S. B. Qvalc, District Supervisor. 706 New Post Office Building, St. Minnesota. Paul, PUBLIC NOTICE OF HEARING Public notlo.3 is hereby given that a meeting of the Board of Adjustment of the City of Mason City, Iowa, will be held at the City Hall in Mason City, Iowa, on the 4th day of January ' D., 1937, at four o'clock which time and place the P. M. ' Friday, Dec. 18, is the Gala Day at the New Cecil "VALIANT IS THE WORD OF CARRIE" with Gladys George, Arline Judge and John Howard of the application of the First National Bank of Mason City, Iowa, appealing from the decision of the Building Commissioner of the City of Mason City, Iowa, refusing a poraiit for the erection and construction of a gasoline filling and service • -station on The Easf : Sixty-six (66) feet ox Lot '.Five (5) and the Lot Eight (81 Block Nlie 19) Paul Felt's Plat, Mason City, Iowa, will come on for hearing. This notice is given under the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance of the City of Mason City, Iowa, and that said appeal and application will come on for hearing as above stated. Any person or persons interested th'ere- in may appear at said time and place and make objections thereto and at Several Structures Put Up During Year MARBLE ROCK—Buildings erected in this community the past year are the new gymnasium and auditorium addition to the schoolhouse, a new house on the former Schermerhorn farm, southwest of town, which farm is now owned by the closed Marble Rock bank, a new house on the Mark Staudt' farm west of town, also new houses on the George Meek, Matt Nbrt and Jacob Schmitt farms, northeast of town. The houses-on the Mark Staudt and Jacob Schmitt farms are replacing those that burned during the summer. Cause of $750;flOG Blaze Investigated SAN FRANCISCO, (ff)—Investigators sought Thursday the cause of a spectacular four alarm blaze which nearly consumed pier 46, the State terminal shipping shed, at a loss estimated by fire officials at $750,000. DISCOVERED Way to Relieve Coughs QUICKLY ITS BY relieving balk the irritated timiM oi the thro&t and bronchial tubtt. One Bet of dienta in FOLEY'S HONEY & TAR quickly nlinvea tickling, hacking, coughing . . . coats and aoothca irritated throat lining! to keep yon from coughing. Another set actually eaten tlia blood, reacbee the affected bronchial SOCIETY It gives quint relief and sfittl-uti Tabernacle Society Makes Holiday Plans St. Joseph Tabernacle society met Wednesday afternoon in the »>iiii"Ti»Mf5r'cieoV»"oough"aueto"»coil: j P^ 5 * 1 ha ^- ?P«=2ng the session before it getn worae.before others cat,* i*. With the singing of Christmas car- Cbwk it with FOLEY'S HONEY 4 Tx.Il. Mo 0 Jg It was voted to donate $2 to the Christmas cheer fund as well as to prepare Ch'iistmas baskets which will be. distributed Dec. 23. The members' were asked to attend the 8 o'clock mass Sunday morning and receive communion in a body. Following the business meeting, a social hour was held with high score auction prize going to Mrs. W. J. Hughes and high score contract prize to Mrs. Tim Phale*. Lunch was served by the hostesses, Mrs. C. F. Clark and Mrs. Joe Dunn. BITS ABOUT'EM Dreai and Sport Models! Wide Selection of Kuril Evrry Coat Silk Lined! Princm and all other ityles! ALL Nothmq NOW MONEY DOWN—NO PAYMENTS TILL 1937 DRESSES • Visit Our Children's Dept. Boys' Coats & Suits . Girls' Coats Snow Suits, etc. on Credit Adorable for Holiday wear . . , Lovely silks in all varieties ... in the season's best colors . . . all sizes. ACCESSORIES . Ladles' Purses Ladles' Hats Ladies' Hose Ladies' Satin Robes Ladies' Pajamas Men's Robes Men's Hose Men's Hats Men's Shirk Men's Shoes Men's Ties OPEN EVENING^ UNTIL CHRISTMAS OUR CREDIT PLAN MAKES CHRISTMAS BUYING EASY FOR YOU Miss Beth DeVoe arrived Wednesday from Ames to spend her vacation from Iowa State college with -her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. DeVoe, 1010 Jefferson avenue northwest. * * * Mrs. Hugfces Bryant, 921 First street southeast and Mrs. V. T. E. Pearson, 739 Ninth street northeast, left Thursday for Des Moines where they will spend a few days. * * * Miss Eunice Anderson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Anderson, 120 Second street southeast, is home from Ames where she attends Iowa State college, to spend her vacation with her parents. * * Harold Heneman, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Heneman, 32 Vermont avenue southeast, a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity at the. University of. Minnesota was ? member of the cojnV mittee from his fraternity which entertained the under-privileged children of southeast Minneapolis at the second annual Christmas party -.sponsored by Minnesota fraternity men. More than 300 children were guests. ; BOOSTER CLASS TO HAVE PARTY The Booster • class of the First Baptist church' will have its Christmas party Tuesday evening at the home of the Rev. J. Lee Lewis, 225 East State street , TALKS WITH F,R, ON TAX CHANGES Senator Harrison Declares Changes in Structure Considered. WASHINGTON, (£>)—Chairman Harrison (D., Miss.) of the senate finance committee 'said after a conference with President itoose- velt Thursday that, administrative changes in the tax structure were under consideration. He added that with further improvement in business it was hoped that federal budget could be balanced by 1938. The sun-tanned Mississippian, who talked over the general financial outlook with the president, together with Chairman Doughton (D., N. Car.) of the house ways and means committee, reiterated there would be no increased taxes proposed at the coming session of congress. "But," he said, "we are studying the situation with a view to eliminating miscellaneous and nuisance taxes where the administration cost is out of all proportion to the revenue collected." With respect to the undistrib^ uted corporation earnings tax, Harrison told reporters congressional tax experts were exploring the possibilities of modifying this tax so it would not fall too heavily on debt-ridden corporations and those using funds for enlarging plants and for new construction. DEEP SEA TREASURE ? • ? ? ? • » • » $1.75 SHE'LL BE DELIGHTED WITH THIS GIFTS AT LOW PRICES Phone 2371-W Leave for Florida. RUED—Miss Delia Brandau of Rudd vicinity and Miss Nettie Brandau of Des Moines left Wednesday for Florida. Miss Anna Brandau will stay with Mr. and Mrs.- Fred Brandau until their return from Florida. Leave for nilnoto. CORWITH—Mrs. Robert Lee left Wednesday for Illinois to spend a month with a daughter, Mrs. Elmer Bunn, at Chicago, another daughter, Mrs. Lester Punke, at El Paso and with'other relatives and friends. 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