Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 10, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 10, 1939
Page 3
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,;f"Oh, Doctor," cricct n wild-eyed mnn, "I'm dreadfully nfnicted. Tho ghosts of my departed relatives come niul porch on the tops of tho fence Jiost-s nil around my garden when dti.slc is falliiif!. I ,.,,„ |,, 0 k ,-,i,i niiy owning imd .MM- a ronple of dozen spooks RlUin« on HIP fence, wnillng, \vaitina \vaititlK. What shall 1 do?" ".Slinrpen (he tops- of tho posts." ^ HEDY LEMARR ROBERT TAYLOR in "Lady of the Tropics" and ' U BOAT 29" Y ftfrg. Sid Henry Telephone 821 Prfpnrnrfncss Right must not live in idleness, Nor dwell in KIIIIIR content; It must bo strong, against the throng Of foes, on evil bfnt. Justice must Hot n weakling bo But it must gunrd its own. And live each day. tlmt none can sny Justice is overthrown IVace, the sweet glory of the world. Faces n duty, too; Death i-; her fate, leaves she one gnte KOI war to enter through. Selt'fkvi. H. F. Enstcrlini: of Houston. Texas has iirrivc-d tti bo at the bedside of Ills daughter, Marjorie, who underwent a iwont ciiiergeiu-y opcratiii at he Julia Chester Hspital. Thi> woman's Missionary -Society of lh»> Fii.st Melhodisl ehiiirli met in annual business session at three o'clock LAST TIME TUESDAY "THE OLD MAID" WEDNESDAY THE FOOTBALL FUN SHOW! Monday afternoon lit the church with Mrs. Stitb Davenport presiding. The meeting opened with the hymn. "Are Ye Able". A most inspiring devotional (hemo "Work In The Kingdom" was brought by Mrs. Henry Hitt, "f hove Thy Kingdom, Lord." The biisiiiesj; period opened with the reading of (he.' minutes imrl the circle count Mrs li. M. Brainl, District Secretary l;miiKh! a full report of (he work in the district, after which Mrs. Davenport appointed (lie following nominating committee, Mrs. Fl. M. LaGrone, chairman. Mrs. n. n. Thompson, Mrs. Alice McMath, J. B. Koonce and Mrs Claude A«eo. M/.s. Alice McMnlh offered a special prayer requesting that those M'k'ck-d fo r office accept the r< > M- l 'n.'-ibility, ^dj,.), w;is f 0 ||,, W( , ( | | )y the hymn of dedication. Tliu mooting closed with prayer by Mrs. John Arnold. -0- Mrs. Martin I,. Sigmon of Monticello will be the guest of Mrs. Charles Haynes for the tea on Wednesday afternoon opening D A. R. activities for the chapter year. Harold (]' Rohherls Proachei, his pal, who play with the .Sky Liners, over K. T. H. S. Hot Sin-ings from Ililf, |o ll : ;jn WP1X , v j. s i|- ing in Hope Monday night. Krii.'iul.'i of Mrs. Lige Bourdon will regret In know that she i;: ill al her home on Norlh Main street. A boy who had been eating blueberry pit at a lunch counter in the building whore a ikig .show was being hold, stood beside the judging ring whore chows wrro being judged. Tuesday " Wednesday REX LEASH —in— "Tin 1 . GHOST IJIOEH" No. 1! -- JUNE LANG —in— "ONE WILD NIGHT" ON STAGE — LV PERSON Wednesday ;i:,'!t| - S::iO "The Sunshine Boys" With HOB & JOE SliELTON and Ilicir KWKH Kadio Troiiji Matinee 10-l'tlc Night l(l-2rn- Colored Bui. lOc COMES- 1940 Oldsmobile Six Series 70 Four-Door Touring Sedan New 1940 Model Oldsmobile Cars Will Feature Hydra-Matic Drive New Serial by Jerry Brondfield, Ace Sportswriter Beginning Wednesday, Oct. II, in Star A car thnt has no clutch or clutch pedal! A car that is capable f "thinking" and acting for itself to the extent ol shifting gears autmatically bnck and fourth through four speed ranges! A car which needs only the use of accelerator pedal, hnrke and steeringwhoel to control it in !)9 per cent of all driving! A car with a motor which cannot stall, and which responds with all the flexibility of electricity 01 steam! In the most sensational announcement made in the automo-.ive Mi- du.sb-y in years, Oldsmobih claims these advantages through their new Hydra-Matic Drive, which will be available on all three series cars which Olds is offering for 1940. Tho new drive is the product of eight years of intensive work by (he Oldsmnbilj engineering staff, and it will be manufactured for Olds by a newly created division of General Motors in a special 53.000.000 plant in Detroit. It will bo an exclusive Oldsmobile feature for HMO. "Hydra-Matic Drive simplifies car control so amazingly thnt we believe it will mark as decisive an advance in car resign as did the electric stlf- starler or four wheel brakes," says C. L. McCucn. general manager of Oldsmobile. "Briefly, il consists of a liquid flywheel combined with n fully .lutoma- tic transmission, which is the outgrowth of the automatic safety transmission brought out by Olds more than two years ago. The liquid flywheel when combined with the automatic transmission eliminates the mechanical clutch and achieves many things thai have been sought for years by automatic engineers. The simplicity, flexibility and freedom from wear inherent in the licjuid flywheel have been ci.minon knowledge among cn- ors for 50 years, but mil until I ha terfcction of this automatic transmission lias il been pot-siblo to take full advantage of them. "Most noticeable simplification of driving controls in a car equipped with Hydra-Matic Drive, is of course the absence of a clutch pedal. The loft foot has no other duty than to control the headlight b?:im bulton in night chiving. The right foot controls the accelerator and foot brake as in the past. Under the steerwheel is a lovci', with four positions indicated on a quadrant, indicating "Neutral." "High." "Low," Reverse." 'To start the car moving and get ••way. just four oprations are required. Turn Ihe ignition key, step on the .'tarter, move the lever under tho wheel from "Neutral" to "High" position, step on the accelerator, and (lie Quick Conquest (Continued from Page One) ioning the shocks of war to trade. Turkey Reassured by Ifaly On the 24th, Italy made a significant move. She withdrew garrisons in the Dodecanese Islands, demilitarized Ihe Albanian border. This looked very much like a tangible move to reassure Turkey and the countries of the 'eastern Balkans and to give impetus to a Balkan neutral bloc to be backed l.y Italy. Turkey and Russia. Such a bloc might be strong enough to iirevent further aggression in that direction by Hitler through Hungary, yot keep the neutrals at peace. Turkey, though loyal to its British leanings, has also gone to gerat pains In stress friendship with Russia Both Britain and Russia are vitally interested in control of the all-Turkish Dardanelles. Italy, which avoided the danger of being forced into war at the oulset. basks in a profitabel trade with England and France, which those countries have been nt pains to keep profitabel fro her. ilaly has hinted at new policies after the conquest of Poland wus completed and might strike through Yugoslavia ;-,t British-dominated Greece, throwing her lot with a Hitler invasion of Rumania through Hungary. It is un| likfl.v. ns such u blow would bring Turkey, the rest of the Balkans, and j perhaps even Russia in against Germany and Italy. But as (he first month nf war ends. Ilaly faces some sort of .". decision, which will no doubt depend on whether Hitler tries to gc liirther east, or turns west toward France. . "Diplomacy has to adapt itself to what happens on the battle front," mice said Lord Grey, British wartime I'reign minister. The virtual end of the Polish war within 30 clays has confronted the diplomats with a new Mtuation. Spain, Portpgal, Italy.Yu- gusUivia. Rumania, Bulgaria, Hungary. Greece. Turkey, Belgium, Holland, llic Baltic states, and tho Scandinavian slates, till still cling to neutrality, breathlessly awaiting what new lineups tho second month of war may briny forth. car moves forward smoothly, charging it? own gears through first, second and third, until at 23 miles an homvil enters fourth speed, n direct drive with a rear axle ratio off 3 (i to 1. The whole process requires exactly a dozen fewer operations by the driver than with n standard clutch and transmission. Virtually all driving is done with the lever in "High. Low" used only in deep sand or in climbing or descending an extremely steep bill, where il is desired to keep the car in low gear. "Thus, merely (ho pressure of the foot on the accelerator controls a speed range from a mile an hour to full throttle If quick acceleration is needed to pass slower moving vehicles on the road, it is only necessary to press the accelerator all the way down, and instantly the gear change's from fourth to third, or "pick-up" gear, which is the equivalent of a roar u.xle ratio of 5.25 to I. Partially releasing the accelerator returns the gear to fourth. "Most striking, however, is the demons! ration of flexibility afforded by the performance of Hydra-Matic Drive on a hill. The new Olds can be driven up a hill at a snail's pace, and even stopped on the steepest hill without using the brake. By slightly depressing the accelerator the car can be held by the power of the motor partially applied through the liquid flywheel. Nor will this result in any injury or wear. From such a dead artd fruit, . • A dlscbVofy thnt there flrs three distinct species of rusts in the cedar tree, and that all of them attack apples, is reported in the scientific journal, Phy- topathology, by Paul R. Miller, graduate student of George Washington university. The discovery is commercially important because it was formerly believed that cedar trees carried only one kind of rust to attack apples and tho attacks of all three- occur all through the central and eastern United .States. The story that would be worth the SKI.OOO prize is why these rusts have to spend part of their time on cedar trees and part on apples. This is a necessity if the rusts are to live. There is still another road to fame open to those who study the cedar's Christmas decorations. No one ever has been nblc to cultivate these rusts "in vilro." that is, arlificaHy in a test tnbr. To do htat would be worth a few minor science prizes. the boy opened his mouth to yawn as the judge came past him, and "" got first •"• : -*- Prize for Discovery of Rust 1 Science Wants Explamr of Apple Rust Growing on Cedar Trees Uy HOWARD \V. BLAKESLEE AP Scinece ditor _NEW YORK—A noble prize is worth 550,000 and one of them is waiting for the person who can tell science the whole story of those orange and yel- Icw "Christmas decorations" on cedar trees in a rainy early spring. Tho bright objects are jelly-like balls that grow on tho stems. From them issue forth the micorscopic spores of (lie rusts which infect apple leaves stop, the car will climb smoothly on up the hill by merely giving it more gas. Asid-there is no possibility of .stalling the motor CATCHING OLD? Used at that first sneeze, this specialized medication for the nose — where most colds start — helps keep colds from developing. VA-TRO-NOL Wearing these all Fall and Winter! Jean Nedra* $3.98 Buy one with n pett bustle, a flared skirt, soft slurring — they're nil as smart and new as the season itself! The tailoring, cut and detail of these frocks make them truly outstanding! In autumn shades! 12-21). 38-44. *Eeg. U. S. Pat. Off. OLDSMOBILE goes FOR M94O / j^M-y-.": '.'. &>& t ^» A ®Z*?**v*a WVCJES BIGtiER and BETTER HVBRl^TU BIGGER AND BETTER APPEARANCE!..BIGGER AND BETTER SIZE! BIGGER AND BETTER BODIES BY FISHER!.. BIGGER AND BETTER "RHYTHMIC-RIDE" CHASSIS!.. BIGGER AND BETTER ENGINE IN "6O" ..WITH BIGGER AND BETTER SAVINGS IN GAS, Oil. AND UPKEEP! BIG NEWS for 19-10 is the bigger and better Oldsmobile . . . three stunning new cars . . . each a bigger and better value! Buyers of low-priced cars will find the new Sixty longer nnd roomier, with a 95 H. P. Econo-Master Engine that saves still more on BIGGEST 104 East Division fuel. In the popular-price field, the new Seventy is larger and finer than ever. While tor its eight-cylinder clientele, Oldsmobile introduces the new Custom 8 Cruiser, a longer, wider Eight that's deluxe throughout. See the new Oldsniobilcs today! WORTH j PRICED FOR EVERYBODY! Coupes, $807 and up. Sedans, fS53 and up. Delivered at Lansing, Mich. Car shown in Jargf picture above: "Sixty" •I-Door Touring Sedan, $899. Prices im-Jude Safety Glees, Chrome Window Reveals, Bumpers, Spare Wheel, Tire, Tube, Dual Trumpet Horns, 2 Windshield Wipers, Vacuum Booster Pump, 2 Sun Visors. Transportation based on mil rates, state and lo- val tn\es (if any), optional equipment and accessories ~-e\tra. Prices subject to change without notice. coupling and '« "Uuce. driv dois : ng to •» t °««Uc tr S ' mple ,^ of ansm ission , "' A i;i-;NiiUAi, MOTOKS VALUE GIB LEWIS GARAGE Hope, Ark.

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