The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas on June 11, 2006 · Page 36
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The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas · Page 36

Hays, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 11, 2006
Page 36
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.08 THE HAYS DAILY NEWS SUNDAY, JUNE 11,2006 FAMILY CIRCBS DENNIS THE MENACE "l»> It's illegal to wear that hat If you're not at a party." BEETLE BAILEY GOT ANY SQUEAK** THAT NEED FIXING, MR.WIL9ON?" I'M SOWS TO BUY THIS FOR OUR BEPROOM ISN'T IT A LITTLE WILD? I NEEP SOMETHING WILD IN OUR 9EPROOM.I GARFIELD A BUMP PAT6, AT A MONSTER TRUCK RAUUV, WHAT WAS I THINKING? SHE HAP UONG, REP HAIR RUNNING POWN HER BACK... NONE ON HER HEAP...c>U9T POWN HER BACK OKAV, VOU CAN STOP RIGHT THERE WIZARD OF ID IN TH-E OLP PAYS WB USEP TO LOWER YOUR. SlOOV PRE55U£e IT WAS SO PAPKEP-. FILLING YOUR PRESCRIPTION AT THE BAIT SHOP BABY BLUES IF YOO AW UP All WE'VE VfAPOU rCNS,FlW , SCHOOL TU6YSTOPTAWIJ6 PSTtfeAT UWTW. FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE COOLP TAKE THE LARGER f PLOTS AND DIVIDE. TH&M I UP. THEM Trieee'D BE A(?e euR(Su?...THAri&6o. BLONDIE HONBV, THE PAINTER'S HERE TO PAINT THE BATHROOM/ WELL, I'M IN THE TUB RIGHT NOW' ( WOULD VOU MIND TAKING > VOUR BREAK OUTSIDE?/ DIUIIT PATTY THE AMPLIFIER AND DISTORTER. TEUL THE PROJECT TEArA THAT UE'RE PUSHING BACK THE SCHEDULE BY A WEEK. I CANT TELL YOU THE REASON BECAUSE YOU WOULD AMPLIFY AND DISTORT JT. THE SCHEDULE 15 CHANGING BECAUSE Dll&ERT HATES WOhEN!!! Annie's Mailbox KAmYMfrOMEU/MARCYSNAII Dear Annie: My ex-husband, the father of our three children, just had his third major car accident due to his diabetes. When hr checked his blood sugar in the morning, it was quite high, so he took a fast-acting insulin tablet. That made his sugar drop too low, and later, he went into a diabetic coma while driving his sports car. He totaled the car, but fortunately, he was not seriously hurt. My ex has had minor mishaps in the past because he has a difficult time regulating his blood sugar. Usually, if he feels a drop, he will pull over to the side of the road, but he doesn't always get there in time. Although he has never hurt another person, I fear he will cause a major accident and perhaps kill someone. His doctor reported this to our state Department of Motor Vehicles, and his license was invalidated. However, my ex also has a driver's license in a neighboring state. Do DMVs communicate with each other? — Very Concerned Dear Concerned: The federal government maintains a National Driver Register that lists drivers whose licenses have been suspended or revoked. However, since your ex-husband already has a second license, there would be no reason for the DMV to check the register. You might call the DMV in your neighboring state and ask if there is anything you can do about this, and possibly enlist the help of your ex's doctor. Dear Annie: My husband and I divorced seven years ago, but we both live in the same area where our children attend school. My ex and I share custody of the kids, although they live with me. All school papers reflect this. My problem is with sports events. The parents, typically women, completely circumvent me and give the paperwork and permission slips to the children's father. I am the one who pays the children's expenses, and sometimes forms don't get to me until the deadline has passed. It is insulting, frustrating and unnecessary. I used to think these women were cold and distant because I was single. Now that I have remarried, however, that can't be the reason. Am I offended too easily? Why do I always have to be the one who makes the effort to be nice to these rude people? — Midwest Mom Dear Mom: We don't know why these particular parents bypass you, but the reason you "make nice" is for your children. If it is possible to get these forms directly from the school, do so. Otherwise, tell each guilty party, as politely as you can, to please give all forms directly to you because you are the one who pays for the activities and your ex-husband is unreliable about forwarding them. Make it clear that when they circumvent you, they are punishing your children. We hope that will wake them up. Dear Annie: In a recent column, you had a letter from a woman who found fault with men's neckties. Has she taken a good look at some of the women on TV whose dresses and jackets are a size smaller than they should be? Their outfits are so tight, the clothing wrinkles and it looks as if the buttons are ready to pop off. Also, some women wear their skirts so short and snug that they can't sit in a comfortable position. — Tom in North Dakota Dear Tom: We suspect this has less to do with the individual women and more to do with ratings, but we hope they are listening. — Write to Annie's Mailbox, P.O. Box 118190, Chicago, IL ore-mail REAL LIFE ADVENTURES CLOSE To HOME H06U WAS T-BALL WHAT POSITION DID YOU PLAY* "The test results are in. The tightness in your chest and numbness In your extremities are caused by the biking outfit you're wearing." Sudoku 8 4 7 2 7 Q 9 3 Q 5 2 4 3 Q 2 7 3 8 8 3 5 Q 1 3 9 7 Level: Advanced To solve a sudoku puzzle, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, column and box. Use the numeric clues provided in the boxes. L 9 6 e fr 8 Z 5 I I 8 * 6 Z •3 e / 9 Z 9 e g L I 6 fr 8 8 e g t- 6 Z V g L * L Z V g e 8 6 9 6 Ig 8 9 / V e z 9 f L Z 8 6 g J. e e 6 8 9 i g / z fr g z V L e * 9 8 6 Dr. Paul Donohue HEALTH DEAR DR. DONOHUE: I am a woman in her mid-40s who jogs, swims, bikes and plays volleyball and tennis regularly. Friends tel me I am headed for arthritis because some one my age should not be doing so much ex ercise. Should I listen to them? — S.D. ANSWER: No. Don't listen to them. There's no evidence that exercise hurts healthy joints. It's true that many competitivi athletes suffer from severe arthritis toward the ends of their careers, but that's usually because their joints have sustained major in juries. If bones are out of line, exercise can brini on arthritis. However, a person knows tha something bad is happening. His or her join or joints hurt. No one should exercise a join that's painful. Exercise is prevention against arthritis. I keeps joints limber. It strengthens muscles Strong muscles next to a joint protect tto joint. They absorb stress on the joint, and they keep a joint from wobbling out of Its normal position. DEAR DR. DONOHUE: When icing an in jury, what's considered a good length of timi to keep the ice on? — N.P. ANSWER: Ice an acutely injured knee o elbow or any joint for 15 to 20 minutes. Ic« constricts blood vessels and limits bleedln and swelling. It also serves as an anesthetic. If you leave ice on too long, it freezes tis sues just as frostbite does. — Write to Paul Donohue, M.D., P.O. Bo 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475 AXYDLBAAXR isLONGFELLOW One letter stands for ahb'trier. Iri this sample, A is used for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different. 6-10 CRYPTOQUOTE MTMLNYK RZQONMZ SON XMWWYD HYDKNTMK HY TRKAXRJHALM NJSYYWHMRJSMLN RKZ TRBM HSMT HSM IMNH OK HSM DYLWZ. — QRK DPJB ILYYBN Yesterday's Cryptoquote: A PERPETUAL OPTIMIST IS A PERSON WHO HAS NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT BECAUSE HE HAS NOTHING TO WORRY WITH. — SOURCE OBSCURE CROSSWORD By THOMAS JOSEPH ACROSS 39 Turns 1 Gazelle's kin 7 Fling 11 Ornamented, in a way 12 Track 13 Left 14 Used to be 15 Trivial 16 Border 17 Goes below the horizon 18 Soldier's lodging 19 Strong as — 21 One or more 22 Like some bonds 25 Bus. card no. 26 TV warrior 27 Uris book 29 Lounge about 33 Friend of D'Artag- nan 34 1985 Glenn Close film 35 Prejudice 36 Layer 37 Shave cream additive 38 Radiated right 40 Expands DOWN 1 Checkout- line count 2 Pluck 3 Pencil part 4 Art Pepper's instrument 5 Lewd look 6 Say further 7 Bath need 8 Have something in common Yesterday's answer 9 Painter John Singer — 10 Like winter weather 16 Shrewish one 18 Spars 20 Link 22 Cloth ' 23 Islands song 24"The Natural" author 25 Brewing aid 28 Rx amounts 30 Rust, essentially 31 Sheet stuff 32 Top roles 34 Long skirt 36 Detective Archer NEW CROSSWORD BOOK! Send $4.75 (check/m.o.) to Thomas Joseph Book 2, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475 6-10

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