Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on June 27, 1957 · Page 1
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 1

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, June 27, 1957
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Dept. of History & Archives DPS I/oinea 19, Iowa «4.M Ptrrnil No. II F«y»tt», IOWB VOLUME 42, NO. 52 Price Five Cents FAYETTE, IOWA Price Five Cents 27 JUNE 1957 thru the week with the editor Mary and I enjoyed a nice lunch at the Methodist Church the other day. It was sponsored by the Mary Martha Circle. Free to anyone who wants them. Two reserved seats to the Iowa International Motor contest in Ues Moines, July 14th. The Senate voted another big electrical project. Seems like they'll- ^pending', a lot of dam ii lulley 1C anyone wants to see some beautiful regal lilies we suggest you see the Paine sisters' when they blossom in about a week or ten clays. The garages may not like this, but I want to pass on some friendly advice: Traveling to and from the capitol each week and ignoring the care of my car caused it so much damage that the repair ran close to three hundred of those precious dollars that arc so hard to come bv. So, take it from experience. Keep that oil clean and have your car checked from time to time. It may save you a lot of money. * * * * Mrs. Fay Paul came in for her subscription the other day and left with a premium. She noticed an ivy growing on a filing cabinet ;.md we were glad to share a slip with her. * * * » Got a good hay rake for .sale. See T. ,1. Burger in Ha/leton if vou're interested. Was entitling for a few minutes Saturday with Mrs. Robert McCormick. She's going to be one of our new neighbors. We're happy to welcome the United, Window Co. here. Its a sales organization and wm worn out of Fayelte. Also, wn welcome Mi\ Beck, the General Manager of the firiii, and his wonderful family. Miss Margaret Paine reports that those two big pine trees in front ol their home were only as big around as their Mother's wrist when they were planted UB years ago. • • » • Have you ever noticed the olc clock in the back, of the Post Office with the advertisement on it: HARRY I. ROBINSON .JliWKLEKYY Rev. Roy Finches Visit With Miss Benton Rev. and Mrs. Roy Finch Springfield, Oregon, visited Fayette last weekend. She is the no ice of Miss Madge Benton o Fayelte. Ernest Letz Family Now Living Here Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Letz hav moved to Fuyette from Mason Following the fire in the LEADER basement several months ago riany old cuts and pictures were found. All of them were older peo- ile, many (probably now gone. We are certain, however, that there re many in Fayette who could identify these pictures. So, we are oing to start a section and print the pictures as long as they last, ne each week. Anyone having the indentifications please come into he LEADER office or call. The gentleman pictured above is the irst of this series. Area Child , 19 Months, Killed In Accident )ora Carter ias Guest From Nebraska Lt. Col. and Mrs. Henry C. Harof Lincoln, Nebraska, spent er he week end Dora F. Carter. with his cousin, MlsMK Matifge Demon Returns To Fayette Miss Madge Benton has re- urned to Fayetle from Spring- ield Oregon, where she spent Tine months. She plans to remain n Fayette. Nicholas Calls For Local Control Of Education TOWN.... Arnold, Sharon and Carol Burns of Waterloo visited with their grandmother, Mrs. Ida Burns. * * * * • Mrs. Delos Watenpaugh and daughter, Alitv Hooper and two children from Washington D.C. visited in the Alice Hastings home Saturday. * * * * The W. R. .Sperry family held a family reunion Sunday at the Arthur Rammeyer home near Fredcrika with 47 members of the Clan present. All of the children, of the Sperry's were present exccipt, William, who with his family will arrive in Iowa from New Mexico for a visit, and Myron who is also located in New Mexico. They were present from Fayette, Waterloo, Minneapolis, Tucson, Arizon, and other places. • • • • Mr. and Mrs. Earl Sperry of Tucson, Arizona are visiting Mr. Sperry's parents, the W. R. Sperry's and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Sperry came to Iowa to attend^ the graduation of City and are now Lund collage. living in the U1U To Offer Adult Swimming Lessons Again This Year FAYETTE — Upper Iowa University will again offer an adult swimming class beginning Monday, July 1. Ten lessons will be given for $7.50. An early class will meet from 6:30 to 7:45 Mondays and Fridays, and a late class from 7:45 to 9:00 the same evenings. The instructor will be Sid McConnell, a senior Physical Education major who has had a great deal of experience teaching swimming. Both classes will be limited to fifteen students. Reservations may be made by mail or phone. Contact Dr. Gene Beck, Upper Iowa University, Fayette. Phone numbers are White 105 at the college or Black 95 at home. Elaine E r m a Solomon, 19 month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Solomon, died Saturday afternoon of injuries received when she was accidentally hit by a truck in the yard of her farm home near Fayette. Ralph Schuty of Fayelte, who drives a milk truck, was delivering cans at the Solomon farm home Saturday noon. While backing his truck, little Elaine got in the way and was hit. She is also tne ntnce 01 MI. OL-UULY, stopped when he heard a thump. Elaine, who was born 1 November 1955 suffered internal injuries and a serious leg wound when hit. She was rushed to Dr. Hall in Maynard and from there to the Oelwein Mercy Hospital. She passed away there about four o'clock in the afternoon. She was the granddaughter of John Solomon of Fayetle. Her parents, Ed Solomon and Orvilda Schuty Solomon, have Iwo surviving sons, Jimmy and Russell, and Iwo surviving daughters, Rosa and Elaine. One brother, Lee, preceded Elaine in death. Funeral services were held Monday afternoon in the Grace Lutheran Church in Fayelle and burial was in the Lima Cemetery. Philatheas Had Potluck At Billings Home The Philathea Sunday School class of the Methodist church met at the home of Mrs. E. A. Billings last week for a potluck dinner. Entertainment followed. Chamber of Commerce Picnic Here Tonight Fayette, Thursday, June 27 — The members and families of the Fayette Chamber of Commerce will hold a picnic this evening at 6:30 at Klock's Island. All members will bring dishes for the meal. Chamber officials promise that there will be no business meeting. Visitors In Frank Miller Home Mr. and Mrs. Charlie their son, Harold Sperry, wh( graduated from the State University of Iowa in the Law division. Harold has accepted a posilion with the law firm, Willkic - Owen - Farr - Gallager of New York City and starts his new work at once. He was one of the upper five in his graduation class. The members of the Wesleyan Methodisl chiirch held a farewell Q'Ji'lv an/i nin-uj' 1 "' U>" r*iiw Pur.V Tuesday evening honoring the Allen Behre-is family who are moving to Minneapolis where Mr. Behrens will take work at the University of Minnesota. * * * * Father's Day guests in the Fay Paul home, honoring Mr. Paul, included the Carl Zuipke family, the Clarence Nuss family, the Vaylard Zupke family, the Harold Grute/.maker family and Lawrence and Howard, Jr., John son. Hev. Oliver Paul was guest speaker Sunday at the Wesleyan Methodist church. According to the Weather fore- caste, the amount of rain which fell Monday afternoon was 1.9 inches. (Seemed much more.) Colonel William Sperry retired from the Air Force the First of June. He has been stalioned at Sandia Airbase at Albuquque, New Mexico. The Sperry's have purchased a home in Albuquque and Mr. Sperry will return to his former posilion following his re- lirement and a vacation in Iowa with his relatives. Miss Maude Felter accompanied by a nurse, arrived from Upland, Indiana. Saturday evening to return to her home. Miss Felter who taught several years in Taylor University at Upland has given up her teach ing duties due to ill health. * « • « • Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Shepard and family of Maquokata, lowi, are visiting in the parental Erwin Walker and Leu Shepard homes. Mr. W. K. Humphry who is y patient in the Palmer Memorial hospital in West Union, is reported very ill. • • » • Mr. and Mrs. Howard Mikels and daughter, Mary Beth, of Webster City and Mrs. Clara Doughty of Oelwein were Sunday guests in the home of their brother and son and wife, the Mcrwin Doughty's. • • * • Mr. and Mrs. Tom Doughty and family, St. Paul, Minn., were weekend guests in the home of Mr. Doughty's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Merwin Doughty. • • • ' • Jesse Welsh who was taken ill last week and rushed to the State University hospital for medical care was reported some better. His son-in-law, Melvin Holtzman of Oelwein, was a visitor in the Welsh home on 'Monday. Paul Huscher evening from Iowa,s Lt- Governor Cites Strength of Free Economy in West Union Talk WEST UNION — William H. Nicholas, Lieutenant Governor of Iowa, commented last night that we need "better schools, better qualified teachers, and better pay for better qualified teachers, but the control of our schools must be forever left in the hands of our local people, the taxpayers and the mothers and fathers of the pupils who make up these schools." Lt. Gov. Nicholas, who addressed a countywide meeting of the Fayette County American Legion, spoke in the party room of the Loftus Cafe' here. Mr. Nicholas said, "This government of ours has stood the test of time . . . Ours is still the land where" a poor boy may aspire to be President, a bishop in the church or the head of a large corporation." Nicholas, who is the first man in the history of Iowa to return to the high office of Lieutenant Governor, has been mentioned by many as the Republican nominee for Governor of Iowa in 1958. If nominated, he would oppose Little League Schedule Mon. July 1 9:30 Fays Traitor Court -vs Fayette Stone Co. 10:30 Farm Bureau -vs terstate Power. * Wed. July 3 9:30 Interstate Power Fayette Stone Co. 10:30 Farm Bureau Chamber of Commerce Recreation Schedule - In- - vs - are visiting in the home and Mrs. Frank Miller. Sandra Kay Miller has Miss Madge Benton who has Bailey S p on t the winter in the home of of Mr. ner n j c . co ;inc i family, the Rev. and Mrs. Roy Finch, in Springfield, been visiting in Su inner cousin, Mr. and Mrs. man. with her Bob Bow- Rev. and Mrs. returned Friday Waterloo where they had been in attendance at the Norlh Iowa Methodist Conference which was being held there. Rev. and Mrs. Huscher have returned to Fayette to serve as pastor for the corning year of the First Methodist Church. Miss Joan Ash was honored at snower, Saturday, afternoon from two to four in the Broadroom of the First Methodisl Church. Miss Coleen Anfinson sang a solo, and contests were the fun of the afternoon. Miss Ash opened her many beautiful and useful gifts, assisted by Sharon Blaker, iMiss Anfinson and Mrs. Kocher. Refreshments were served by the hostesses, Mrs. Dale Blaker Mrs. R. Mack, and Mrs. Ronald Kocher. 25 guests were present. Mrs. Edna Lee went into Chicago on Monday to spend a few days with friends. ***** Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Davis are enjoying a vacation away from tluties in the Rexall Drug Store. * * * • Mrs. Viola Maynard spent the week end with relatives in Volga City. * * • • Mrs. Pierce of Saratoga, Wyoming is visiting her sister, Mrs. Dale Fry and Mr. Fry for a couple of weeks. • • • • Mr. and Mrs. Torn Goebel and three daughters arrived from California for a visit with his mother, Mrs. Dorothy Goebel and grandmother, Mrs. J. D. Parker. * * * * The Fayelle Chapter Order Daily 9:15 - 11:45 Mon. Tue. Fri. Afternoons 1:30 to 3:30 Tue. July 2 1:30 Bicycle Tournament Thr. June 27 1:45 Midgel & Cubs at West Union Fri. June 28 6:00 High School baseball at Volga City. Fayette Little League STANDINGS Fays Trailor Court Interstate Power Farm Bureau Cn'amfeer^oT^onimerco W 2 1 1 b Paul Davises Return From Vacation Mr. and Mrs. Paul Davis of Fayette have returned from their vacation which took t h e m through northern Minnesota. On their way home they completed their Christmas store buying in Minneapolis. son of Garbee, HOG RAISERS: Watch For Unknown Disease In Pigs A swine disease involving sudden death in well-fed pigs is continuing to spread in the midwest and should be watched for by hog raisers, according to a warning today by the American Foundation for Animal Health, i The disease, known as pig edema has been widespread in Ireland and the British Isles, but has been spreading also in this country since World War II. The condition sometimes causes a swelling or edema of the stomach wall or the large intestine. Foundation spokesmen say it most commonly affects pigs 10 to 16 weeks old. It has been found in udult hogs also. Loss of appetite and dizziness are usually the first symptoms. Other symptoms include swelling of the eyelids, lips and snout, and unsteady gait. Often the pigs will go down or become paralyzed and may die in & day or two. However, some of these symiptoms are common to other serious swine diseases, so if any such danger signs appear, a veterinarian should be called to make an accurate diagnosis and start proper treatment, authorities suggest. Thus far scientists have'been, unable to isolate any specific organism causing the condition, Volga River Riders A trail ride will be held Sunday, June 30lh a mile south and 1 mile west of Fayette, at the Les Metcalf farm, at 10:30 a.m. It will be along the scenic Volga River with a picnic dinner at noon in the valley of the river. Everyone is invited to come. Oregon, arrived Friday by auto with the Finch family, who spent the week end in the Benton home. The Rev. and Mrs. Finch left Monday morning to continue their trip east to visit Mrs. Finch's mother, Mrs. Eva Barrett in Syracuse, N.Y. Mrs. Finch is the former Harriett Barrett. Easlern Slar met Thursday evening for their June meeting. Initiation was a feature of the meeting. The chapter voted not to hold meetings during July and August. Social hour followed with refreshments served by Miss Verda Miller and committee. Bud Garbee Leaves For Marine Training Everett 'Bud' Garbee, Dr. and Mrs. Eugene E. left Monday for Quantico, Virginia where he will take Marine summer training. He is in the Marine Platoon Leaders corps at Upper Iowa Uui- versity and will be commissioned a second lieutenant in the Marines upon receiving his degree. He will return in August. Governor Loveless in the fall election. Lt. Gov. Nicholas has made no formal announcement of his plans. Nicholas, as head of the majority party in Iowa, did not criticize the administration of Iowa's Democratic governor. It is known among his friends, however, that he is disappointed in the governor's veto of the Soldier's Home Improvement Bill, which was backed by the American Legion and other velerans groups. In his address Ihe Lieulenant Governor broughl out the fact that lowans and Americans should be thankful for the nation in which they live. He concluded, "America represents a nation where every man of high or low degree, has the opportunity to gain an education, to own property, and to aspire to public office." Farewell Party For Behrens Family FAYETTE (Special) — Members of the Wesleyan Methodist church held a farewell party and picnic at the city park recently honoring the Allen Behrens family Who is moving to Minneapolis. Mr. Behrens will take work at the University of Minnesota. One More Barrier to Go Duane R. Lund To Complete Training Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. (AHTNC) — Army Reserve sergeant First Clnss D'jane R. Lund, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Lund, route 2, Fayette, Iowa, is scheduled to complete two weeks of active duty training June 30 at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. Sergeant Lund is receiving annual summer training with members of his local reserve unit, the 972d Engineer Battalion, located in Indianapolis. The 27-year-old reservist is regularly employed at the 'U. S. Army 'Finance Center, Fort E^n- jarnin Harrison, Ind. He was graduated from Port Byrori (111.) High School in 1947. Electa Circle Meets With Barbara Meyer The Electa Circle of the Methodist Church met with Barbara Meyer Tuesday evening at 8:00 P. M. C. A. Lund Daughter Visited Here Mrs. Darrel Enzlehart of Marion arrived Saturday to spend the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Lund. Window Firm To Locate New Office In Fayette Mrs. L. E. Bennington In West Union Hospital Fayette — Mrs. L. E. Bennington of Fayette is in the Palmer llospitr.l at West Union following a fall last Friday in which she broke her hip. Mr. Bennington underwent surgery Sunday forenoon and "is doing well" according to her daughter, Mrs. Oakley Davis of Fayette. Mrs. Bennington, 80, is also the mother of Glen Bennington of Fayette. Florence Hotchkin Accepts New Position Miss Florence Hotchkin, for merly of Fayette, has accepted an appointment in the Registrar's office of Princepia College in St Lous, Missouri, it was learned here this morning. NDEPENDENCE — A new business will locate in Fayette in the near future according to J. M. Beck, General Manager of the United Window Company of 'owa. The company, which now has ts headquarters in Independence, las a sales organization through- >ut northeastern Iowa and spe- cialises in the sale of aluminum windows, screens, doors and awnings. Mr. Beck has estimated that the firm will locate here "within the next two months." The firm was organized in 1953, and has seen continuous growth since then. The business has com|pdete FHA home improvement financing and features installation of its products through its own crew of installers. Mr. Beck and his family will move to Fayette late this summer or early next fall. In time the main office will Incate here and the Independence office will be , discontinued.

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