Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 19, 1952 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 19, 1952
Page 18
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PAGE EIGHTEEN Dad's Club Meets At South Roxana ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH WEDNESDAY, MARCH If, 19S2 SOUTH ROXANA TV Dad*' fliih mot Monrlny rvrnlriR nf llf park bulldlnR anrl discusser) plnns fort IIP homrcominR Aug. I, 2 nnd ,1 Thr fish fry nnd dftdlcnlion of the play Rround rqiilpnicnt will bi» April 25. ProRldont John Klec- mnn request* nil Dad*' Club members be present Saturday and Sunday of this week, to Install the playground equipment. The men also discussed In cooperating with North Roxann and forming a fire district nnd volunteer fire department. The rlub voted to place benches in (he park and the board of dl- reclors will allow the American Legion of Wood River the use of the park In July. Troop in Meellnr ROXANA — Intermediate Girl Scouts of Troop Ifl met Monday evening at the Uttle House. ,T. B. Lasferio spoke to Hie Rlrls on Cu- rarna, Netherlands, and the Wesl Indies. Ho was employed there for a number of year* by the Shell Oil Co. and told Ihe group many inlerostlnK thiims about Ihe people, climate, Dowers, Animal* and homes. Patricia Curran, Kaly Norvell, Jackie Jeffres, Carol Koy McCoy, Sandra Renshnw and Karen Lyon displayed article* from various countries. Piles-Get Relief Now Million* of miffercr« in <h« Imt 40 ,ve»r» hnvB found • way lo f«m relief Irnm Itehlnf «m«rtln» pile*. They u«« * drllghlful cooling, toothing •stringent formula—Peternon'n Ointment. No won- rier one utiffnrrr write*. "The Itching «nri urnarllnf were relieved, end t ulept (ill night. Peterinn'ii Ointment, It rnnrv- eloui.' 7 HOC fc 70o, nil drugglit*. He delighted or money bunk, (Adv.< Closing New York Stock Quotations Abbofl L.... 5fl Allied Chrm. 72 Allied Sirs . 37 Mils Chnl .. 48 Am Cnn ....121 Am Cnr A F 'M Am GAfl A Kl 61 Am Ixicrt ... JS Am Pw A Lt 24 Am Rnd St 8 15 Am Smell .. 44 Am Snuff .. 37 *m Tol A T.154 Am Tobnrro 57 Am Him- ... 2! Aniu.'nn Cop. 47 Armco Sll . 36 Armour A Co 12 Alrhifton .... 78 Avro Mi'K .. 7 Bontllx Av . 4f) Beth Sll .... 48 Hordnn 41 HOPE Warn .. (if) Brlggs Mfg .. 34 Blidri Co .... 13 Cnnntl Pno .. 36 Cnsp (J I) .. 62 dins A Oh ... 34 Chi A N\V .. 17 Chi Kl A I'nc J.-i ChryalPr .... 72 f.'ilipK Svr. .. lOfi Comw KdK .. 32 Cong Nairn. 22 Con Kdls.... M Con N Gas.. 60 Conlnlnor... 3S Cont Cnn.... 43 Cont Stl 22 Copper Rntt.. 26 Corn Prnri.. 68 Crane Co.... 37 CuHI.HS Wr... 8 1-2 1-2 7-8 .1-4 3-4 1-4 7-8 R-8 7-8 1-8 3-8 3-4 1-4 3-4 1-8 3-4 3-8 1-2 7-8 1-2 1-4 1-4 3-4 3-8 :)-8 7-8 1-2 3-4 5-8 1-2 3-8 3-4 1-4 3-4 1-2 5-8 Doug Alre., DM Potif ... F.astm Kod . Ka ton , Mfg . Gen Klec .... (ien Foods . Gen Motors . Gen Time . Goodrich ... Goodyear ... Gt Nor Ry Pf Greyhound .. Houd Hersh . Hudson Mot . Ill Cent Inland Sll ... Insplr Cop .. Int Harv ... 5-8 85 43 3-4 3!) 58 1-* 43 5-8 52 7 8 33 1-2 61 1-4 44 49 3-4 11 .1-8 13 14 61 1-4 45 3-4 24 1-4 33 3-8 Int Harv pf , 171 Int Nick .... 45 Tnt Tel A Tel If, I .'8 Jewel Tea ... 69 Johns Man .. 60 1-2 Kennecoll ... 78 1-4 Keystone »-w 21 •Kimb Clark .. 46 7-8 I,OP Glass .. 36 1-2 Mb McN A L 8 5-8 Marsh Field 25 5-8 Montf Ward 63 7-8 Nash Kclv.. 20 3-1 Nat Rise.... 30 1-1 Nat Cont.... 12 5-8 Nat Dairy... 50 3-4 Naf Steel.... 46 3-8 NY Central.. 19 1-4 Nla M Pw... 26 .VI No Am Avla 18 3-4 No Amer Co 20 1-4 Nor Pac 82 3-4 Ohio Oil 58 :i-4 Owens-Ill Gl 79 .VI Param Pint Penney (JO Pa RR Pepsi Cola . Phnlps Dod . Philip Mor . Phillips Pet . Pure Oil .... Radio Cp ... Reo Motor* . Repub Stl ... Schenley Ind Scott Pap.... Sears Roebk Socony Van.. South Pac... Spiegel Std Brands.. Std Oil Ca).. Sid Oil Ind.. Sid Oil N.I... Swift A Co.. Texas Co 29 3-8 67 3-4 18 3-8 9 1-8 71 3-8 47 1-4 52 1-2 65 1-2 28 3-i 20 1-8 40 7-8 20 1-2 51. 1-8 53 38 1-2 66 1-2 0 1-2 24 r.-H 52 VI 88 1-4 77 1-4 32 57 3-4 Timk Del Ax 19 5-8 Transamer . 25 5-8 tin Carbide . 59 3-4 Nn Pac ....118 3-4 Unit Air Lin 29 1-8 Unit Alrc .. 31 .1-2 U S SI eel .. 38 5-8 Wesl On Tel 38 7-8 West Klec .. 38 3-4 Woolworth .. 43 Wor P Pr Pf 80 1-2 /enlth Rad.. 78 tonlte Pd ... 5 1-8 Ark Nat G A 15 1-8 Kl Bond A Sh 26 1-8 Ford M Can A 55 Hecla Min ... 15 Kaiser Frazer 5 7-8 Kingston Prorl 4 1-8 Divergent Trends Confuse Market NEW YORK, March 19, /P-DI- vergent trends In major groups LOST 50 POUNDS MENDOTA LADY USES RENNEI "When 1 ittvrtod taking R«nncl Concentrate) my weight waa 107 Ita. I am 52 years ot age and am 6 ft. 4 inches tall. After taking only 7 bottles of Rennel I have lost 60 Ibs. and am now on my Bth bottle and feel great. I u|4d to be so heavy that It was hard tor me to breathe or berfd down, when I would bend down I thought my head would burst open bccauM of the blood running 1 to my head. Mjr blood preature before following the no diet Rennel home recipe wa* 190 now It U only 160 and I feel bettor than I ever did. Thanks for putting »uch a wonderful weight reducer on the market. I feel lust as thousand! of other Ren nel Users feel that it la truly an •loellent product I wort a alee 44 dress before taking Rennel and now wear an IS—won, thank* to Rennel, [ will wear a size 10. If you print thto letter and I hope you do 1 want everyone to know that Rennel really works nnd If taken according to directions on the bottle you can IOM weight." Bo writes Mrs. Harold Herbert of son 4th St. It's amazing how quickly you can IOM unsightly fat at home. Obtain liquid RENNffiL at your druggist, mix with grnpefrult juice aa directed and take two tnblespoonfuls twice a day. That's all there Is to It. If you do not lose weight with the very first bottle Just return It to the maker for your money back. You need never know a hungry moment while reducing with RBNNEL. Mark Twain Hereford Association t> Spring HEREFORD SALE 70-HEAD—70 East End of Monroe City, Mo., U.S. 36 Monday. March 24, 1:00 p. m. * 50 Bulls — 20 Fomales Some of best bloodlines in U. S. from leading herds in the area. Excellent herd bull prospects, older bulls, heifers and cows with calves. , For Catalog Write Merle Ranney, Sec'y Mark Twain Hereford Asj'n. Shelbina, Mo. VAGUE PAINS, BAD BREATH, HEADACHES, DIGESTIVE DISTURBANCES, DIZZY SPELLS, NERVOUSNESS, WEAKNESS, SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, WEAK SEXUAL POWERS, BAD COMPLEXION Aluo Liok of Vitality and Energy, Al ways Tired, Pale and Llitleu, Irritable, StonmcU CUs, A General Run-Down Prcllng With no Ambition To Work and Play. Stop Suffering NO MATTER HOW LONG YOO n\VK SUH KKKU, or wlml drugs you have put In your body, you can now hope for MIRACULOUS HF.- MKF with natural HOPE MINERAL TABLETS. In Just a few dart, you will see result*. The black poisonous waMe will begin to Irave your body and you will feel • wondrous chanfe, Mother Nature liaa blended trace* of FIFTEEN DIFFERENT MINERALS In Hop« Mineral, Perhaps your body Is craving Just one of these to start your lazy organs working again. Nature Heals More and more doctor* are turn- Ing back to nature for cures. Penicillin was discovered in a natural mold growth; raw onion will kill bacteria; and, a new substitute for blood plasma has been found in Ultra Plants. NATURE PROVIDES! HOPE MINERALS come from the earth, manufactured In nature's own laboratory, There Is absolutely NO ALCOHOL in Hope Mineral. It will not give you that false lift which wean off when the alcohol wear* off. 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SOMETIMES w« suffer M loni, we forget what It Is to be healthy. THE l)00|t TO HEALTH is open to you. When you »r« nervom. dull, tired, lack tmbUUm and sptrfclt, h»ve ilixxy spell*, when your power* are weakened tad life seems to b»Tf no mewiiiiK-try HOPE M1NK84L, Guinntetd Don't Suffer Another Pay. W* urce you to try a bottle of HOP*: MINERAL TABLETS. Use it and if you are not wonderfully latUfled. w« will fladly refund your money. PRICE I1.SQ fORO HOPKINS 119 W. ST. oday kept the stock market on an uneven footing. Losses ranged down to as much as two points while gains were ield to around a point at the most among leading Issues. Trading was depressed to an estimated 1,100,000 shares, well jelovv. average for the year. Yes- lerday's trading amounted to 1,170,000 shares. Uncertainties aroused by the approaching S un d a y midnight deadline for a steel strike made traders and others extremely cautious. Higher were American Smelt- Ing, Allied Chemical, Dow Chemical, and Montgomery Ward. Lower were Pennsylvania Railroad, Amerada Petroleum, Gulf Oil, Cities Service, American Telephone, American Can, Sears Roebuck and '/enilh. U. S. government bonds were steady In the over-the-counter market, Grains Ixwer CHICAGO, March 19, /P—Grains were lower throughout most of Hie session on Ihe board of trade today, although quite a bit of the lost ground was recovered toward Ihe close. There wasn't much spark to Ihe lale upturn, which in part reflected short-covering by local traders. It followed news that France had requested offers of hard and soft wheat after the market's close. A drying up in country offerings Of cash corn aided that cereal. • For Ihe most part, however, Ihe market was weighed down by the excellent winter wheat crop outlook, unfavorable corn-hot; price ratios and a revival of pence talk. Preliminary estimated leceipts of grain in cartels: When! 1. corn 100, oats 20, rye none; barley 9, and soybeans 31. Mirror Better Days Ahead, Businessmen Feel Roxana Baptist Women to Meet «y HAM DAWHON NEW YORK, March 19--/P -With •prlng breathing down their necks, a sizable handful of htmlnensmen are whistling a merrier tune today after a long dismal winter. These formerly depressed and now hopeful business leaders may be whistling In the dark, but It's a cheerful sound, anyway. Sighting better days ahead, In their annual reports or at annual meetings-are executives In such widely spaced Industries as textiles, carpets, moat packing, retail trade, and other Industries where Ihe first signs of easing demand hns been noted-metals, oils and packaging. More Cheerful Tt Is Interesting that they seem more cheerful nt n time when so many others nre discouraged a.« Ihe usual business Indexes point down: Industrial production levelled off for several months, retail trade trailing last year, new orders lagging In many Industries, corporate earnings falling under the burden of higher taxes. Here nre a few who are speaking up. as hopeful as the spring season Itself. Signs of Improvement, are appearing In the textile industry, says Henry M. Bliss, president of Pacific Mills. His hopefulness comes ns Ihe majority of the industry nre calling (his "the worst depression since 1933." "Definitely optimistic over the outlook for aluminum's long range future," Arthur V. Dnvls, chairman of Aluminum Co.. of America, says in the annual repor 1 (hat "A number of new markets are expected Id develop, and seven major fields now using quantities of aluminum nre expected to require much greater amounts in the future." Petroleum In Demand IncreHsed demand for petroleum products Is predicted by W, S. S. Rogers, chairman of the TeJtas Co., in the annual report. But Rodgers warns that higher costs and higher tuxes could reduce net profit this year. Some slackening In the paper nnd pulp industry as a whole has been reported. But William Mazer, executive vice president of Hudson Pulp & Paper Corp., is all optimism. He says, "We are operating at capacity, and sales have been running nearly 25 percent above Ihe year-ago mark." Produce Prices At St. Louis ST. LOUIS. March 10—'.r'—Produce nnd live poultry: RggH, tmclamiifled 2fl'j-2n. Fowl, heavy breeds 24-2.1. Durk.i 2.1. Other prlce« unchanged. Closing Chicago Grain Quotations Chicago Cash (irnlu CHICAGO, March 19, ^ — WHEAT—None. CORN — No. 2 yellow 1.83-88\; No. 3, 1.81'i-84; No. 4, 1.72-82'i; No. 5. 1.56!i-68»i: sample grade 1.30-77. OATS — No. 1 heavy white 96- 96i4; No. 2 heavy white 95'i; sample grade extra heavy while 90. BARLEY — Nominal: Mailing, 1.30-75; feed 1,25-40. FIELD SEED Per hundredweight nominal: Red clover :tl 00- 3i!.00; timothy il.MKW.OO; sweet clover 10.00-HI.."ill; rcdtop '.".1.0030.011: alsike 38.00-39.00. SOYBEANS.- None. Livestock Prices At East St. Louis NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. Mlirch IB >— fUSDAi— Hog» (1000: fairly active; ttendj' lo 2.1 higher; now* steady (o mo«tly 2,1 higher; bulk choice 1BO-2.10 lh» 17.SO-SO; nevernl lots montly choice Nn«. I and 2 11)0-21.1 Ibn In nhlppert and butchers 17.(15; 240-270 Ib« full width of choice grade 10..10-17.1)3; 2/10-335 lb« 18.00-2.1; 180-170 Ibi 13.80-17.00: few lo 17.25: 120-140 lb« 13.2.1-1B.OO; 100-110 lb» 11.75-1:1.00; novvs lip to 400 lb» 15,25-1(1.00: heavier »ow» 13.30-18.00: stain H.nO-l.l.nO; bourn 9.50-11.30; few to 12.00. Cnltle 1000; calves 250; moderately nc- Mve demand by nhlpner Interest* for tteen: few Inadu and lot" of good xnd choice Meer* uteady at 2B.00-34.00; other dame* generally steady In slow trading: commercial to choice helferi and mixed yearling! 27.50-:i2..10: utility and commercial row* 21.50-24.00: cannera and cutten 17.00-21.00: utility and commercial bulll 23.00-26.30: cutter bulls in.00-22.00: good and choice vealen 30.00-38.00: limited number prime sorted vealen 40.00; utility and commercial vealrrs largely 21.00-20.00. Sheep MO; nothing Hold early except few slaughter ewes nt 12.00-14.00 and one »Uable lot cull awe* 0.00. Tho wings of a hat are supported hy bones which correspond lo those of the fingers ot a man's hand. Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" Dec RYE— May .... 2.09*i July .... 2.03',-i Sop 1.88 SOYBEANS Mar 3,03 May .... 3.00'i July .... 'J.BB'a Sop 2.90'i Nov. 85'i 2.08 2.01 1.86'i 2.99'a 2.97 a 4 2.934 2.87*4 86% 2.08 2.02'i 1.86% 3.02U-U •-'!95»i 3 -96 2.84'a 2.81U 2.84 Oilt WHEAT Mar May .... July .... Sep Dec CORN- Mar May .... July .... Sep Deo OATS— Mar May .... July .... Sep a no (irnln l''nluri»» High Low Close 2.54 2.52'a 2.53'a 2.5V, 2.5'. )7 « 2.54-54's 2.4rv\ 2.44 fi » 2.45'a-*i 2.47'k '-'.46', 2.47-I7 1 * 2.50 a s 2.49l» 2 50 6a St. I.outs Cawh (iruln ST. LOUIS, March J9, A 1 — WHEAT -Receipts 15 cars, sold I, No. 3 red winter 2.49. CORN-Receipts 32 oars, sold 2, No. L' yellow 1.8794, No. 3 yellow 1.S2'-... OATS Koooipls 10 cars, sold 2, No. L 1 while l.DO'a. 1.84's 1.82'a 1.85U 1.87 'ii 1.85- 1 * 1.76'a ill) 88 v» 8D'. a 84!. 1.75 T » 87'. 84 .83'i 1.84'K 1.86' „.-»» l,88' a -» 8 1.85V?* 90 80%-T, 85 Vi 84%-Ti GUARANTEED WATCH REPAIRING by Fjilvj()r HAND ENGRAVING Ii s Sj>« i i t , 1 1 i» tl t itg t u v • i SCHOENBORN jtwum Tomihl at »:•{; p, M. Only Hill* Andrew* — Ctrl* B»len<U 'lonijht »| V.Uil . 8;V) 1' M. \\jrurr lUxttr In 'Tlit> Ucvll'N Thur>., Krl.. and Sal. NAVAL SCINIS NfVIR IIFOM FIIMIOI ROXANA The Women's Missionary Union of the First Baptist Churrh will meet at 10 a. m, Thursday at the church. A politick luncheon will be served at noon. A missionary program will be given In Ihe afternoon. Attend* Convention ROXANA - Miss Pat Grady. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Rowe of West Sixth street, attended the National Kappa Pi convention hold in Pittsburgh. Kan.. March 13, 14 and 15 as n delegate' from the Beta Gamma chapter of Kappl PI at Ihe Southeast Missouri Slate College In Cape Girardeau, Mo. T^glon Auxiliary ROXANA—The American Legion Auxiliary will meet at 7:30 p. m. Thursday In the council room of Ihe Community building for their semi-monthly business meeting. Oaiighterm Visit ROXANA- Mr. and Mrs. Waller Franklin of Kast Fourth .sheet, nnd as their weekend guests, their daughter, Rarnona. and her friend. Miss Dorothy Moran of Jollet. Both girls are students at Ihe Lincoln Bible Institute at Lincoln. They returned to Lincoln Monday evening. Another daughter. Fayo, a senior student nurse at Alton Memorial Hospital School of Nursing, is spending a three week vacation here. ROXANA Bill Hifigins, son of Mr. nnd Mrs. J. R. Higgins of Mnplo avenue, spent the past week here with his parents. Bill is a pre-med student at James Millikin University and spent the past week In Kansas City, Mo., with (he basketball team. Jack Fletcher, junior at. Southeast Missouri State College at Cape Glrardcau, Mo., spent the past weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Horton H. Fletcher, of Maple avenue. Mrs. Bonnie Harbkc E.xton, wife of Maurice Exton of Central avenue, Is a patient at Wood River Township Hospital. Bob Kleincrt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Kleinert of Central avenue, spent the past few days here from his studies at Central College at. Fayette, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Higgins of Muple avenue, have received word from their son, Jim, who is stationed on the west coast that he will probably be stationed in San Diego, Calif., until June. He is now living in Birmingham, Wash., with his wife, Ruth, and their daughter, Lynn. He returned from Korea a few months ago. Hartford MYF Group Attend District Meet HARTFORD—A group of young people from the Methodist Church attended the MYF district meeting nt Kdwardsvllle Monday evening. Dale Sanner is president of the local MYF. During Ihe business meeting, a nominating committee composed of the group president of each local church were, named to prepare a slate of officers for the coming year. The Rev. L. B. Walklngton of Kast Alton, and Francis Watson, district leader from the Alton Main st.reet church, were Invited to sit In on the committee meeetlngf. The young people held a communion service after Ihe business meeting. Circle to Meet HARTFORD — Ladles of the Mission Circle of the First Baptist Church will hold their monthly meeting Thursday at 7:30 p. m. at the home ot Mrs. Joe Stump on West First street. Mrs. Paul Condray will give » book review of '.Spirit Tree". Devotlonflls will be led by Mrs. Delmar Adams. All women of the church are urged to attend. Kane Roxana Scouts to Hold Court of Honor ROXANA — Presbyterian Boy Scout Troop Gli led by Alan Buster, will have a court of honor and investiture ceremony for tenderfoot scouts Thursday evening in the band room of the high school. All parents and friends of the scouts, are Invited to attend. Scoutmaster Buster and the scout committee will discuss the summer camping activities with parents. There are seven Romance languages — Portuguese, Spanish, Provencal, French, Italian, the Rhaeio- Romanic idioms and Romanism. Carrollton CARROLLTON. - Mrs. Emma Pierce spent Sunday afternoon in '"reenfleld, where she visited bet- sister, Mrs. W. Ford, who is 111. Gregg Fuller is ill at his home iere. - Mr. and Mrs. William Parker plan to leave soon for Phoenix, Ariz., where they will make their home. Parker will go lo Phoenex, April 26, and will make plnns for Iheir residence there after which he will return here and Mrs. Parker will accompany him back to Arizona. Parker has resigned his position as salesman with the Preston Ponliac Sales and Mrs. Parker !ias resigned her position as sec- relary-treasurer in the local PMA office. Mrs. Al Faye is seriously ill in Our Saviour's Hospital in Jacksonville. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. DeMonbrun and family spent the weekend in Petersburg with Mrs. DeMonbrun's brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rebbe. Sunday, they were dinner guests in Greenview at the home of Mrs. DeMonbrun's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rebbe. Mrs. Madeline Dickey of this city and Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Seekamp of Greenfield, left Monday for El Paso, Tex. En route they will visit in Roswell, Albuquerque and Santa Fe, N.M. They expect to be away two weeks. Miss Jeanne DeMonbrun of St. Louis arrived Tuesday to spend a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. DeMonbrun. Miss DeMonbrun, who is completing her senior year at the DePaul Hospital school of nursing, has completed a special training course at St. Vincent's Hospital in St. Louis. Miss Carolyn Sue Grigg, daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. Laurel J. Grigg, and Jerry Gleason, son Parking In Rear ot Thaller Contlnuoui ^•(••v Door* Open 7 to 11 p.m. ^.Vl^^. 8:45 p.m. NORSIDE Tonight Is Merchants' Certificate Night LAST TIMES TONIGHT Sally Forrest, Mickey Rooney "THE STRIP" , :n " dh 7o^ •Joseph Cotton Hurhara Stanwyck "MAN WITH A CLOAK" Shown Hi 11:10 I THURSDAY • FRI. • SAT. fHE COURSE IS CHARTED FOR , -Him iHICIKt >MMO ^IMUNI • tOCAl xtm* N. KM SGTMM IH «ni< Mi _-. rodorx n sl« uimm _£& -J*t. W(»tl«* tl 1.1W LAHOill 1*1? lit y of Free l*urUing Space. Continuous from 7 1*. M. TONITE—THURS,—FRI, Mickey Kooney - Sully Forrest William Demurest "THE STRIP" Shown at 9:00 Joseph Cottrti - Barbara Stanwyck - Leslie Curou "The Man With A Cloak" Shown at 7:35 Selected Shortf KANE.-Mra. Orvllle Darr is announcing the engagement of hor| daughter, Keota, to Pfc. Donald i Crane of Fort Richardson, Alaska, j The wedding will take place the I latter part of April. The bride-to-1 he has been employed at the Monsanto Chemical Co., St. Louis, for a year. Mr .and Mrs. James DeFrakes, j Mrs. Murl DeFrakes and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Short of Springfield, were guest* Sunday of Mrs. James DeFrake* jr, Mr. and Mrs. Perry Cory had as Sunday dinner guests: Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Dlxon, Mrs. George Scott and sons. Clarence and Carson, of Greenfield. Mrs. Lloyd Anderson, Mrs. George Reno and Mrs. William Harmon went to Alton Monday to attend the vacation church school conference. Roy Cummlngs of Hardin visited Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Cummlngs. Mr .and Mrs. Joe Masterson of Kirkwood. Mo., were guests Monday of his mother, Mrs. T. J. Masterson and brother. Tom. A number of young people of the Baptist church went to Literberry Monday night to attend the youth rally of Ihe West Central Baptist Association. Mr. and Mrs. John Davis of Albuquerque, N. M., spent the weekend here with Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Hutrhens. The Keystone Fellowship of Ihe Baptist church will meet Thursday night nt the rhurrh. The program committee is W. R. Jones, Harry Johnston and Hubert Mourning. The refreshment committee Is Everett Ferguson, Roland Greene and William Harmon. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Berry, Paul Berry of Venice, and Miss Georgia Rice of St. Louis were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Roady. Carl Ashlock and family of Pe. oria were guests Sunday of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Ashlock. Mr. and Mrs. James Elliott went to Hammond Monday where he has employment. Mrs. Fred Prough and Clifford Greene of Wood River, were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Gus ireene. fttad Teltffiph Went Adi STATE - Tonite MICKEY ROONEY SALLY FORREST "THE STRIP" Shawn at 7:'JA JOSEPH COTTEN BARBARA STANWYCK "The Man With a Cloak" .Shown al 0:00 2 REEL SHORT CARTOON THURSDAY ONLY SEE HITLER SLAIN *JN LOVE NESL — AM) — — I'LLS — 1 SHORT HOUSE OF HITS' LAST TIMKS TONITE ABBOTT and COSTELLO "PARDON MY SARONG" 7:15 only AHUOTT and CO.STELLO A.NLWfcUS SISTEttS "IN THE NAVY" 8:10 only of Mr. antl Mrs. Joe Gleason, both grade school pupils, are confined to their homes as the result of complications following attacks of influenza. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Stendeback and daughter of Normal spent Sunday and Monday here at the home of Mr, and Mrs. James Turpin. THRIFTY DRUG STORE GRAND OPENING SALE* jrr&c. s " Our Ad Alton — Wood River — Jerseyvllli OPEN 12:45 50c TILL 6. TODAY & THURS. SHE FOUGHT HIS FEARS OF LOVE THE ONLY WAY A GIRL CAN! BRIGHT VICTORY GRAND •sO^ THE STAGE. "PATTERN FOR SPRING" STYLE SHOW BV Young's IS of Alton's Loveliest Girls As Models The Latest In SPRING WEAR, SPORTSWEAR and SWIM SUITS ARTHUR KENNEDY PE66Y DOW HKS (HOB • MUIIMIB i Shown at 1:1)0 2:it,t 4:fifi 11:30 ON STAGE WED. & THURS. AT 8:30. _Sec Arthur Kennedy in Hi* Academy Nomination Award as "Best Actor of the Year." OPEN 12:45 — 40c TILL 5. TODAY & THURS. PRINCESS "Detective Story" is one of the best stories ever filmedl KIRK ELEANOR WILLIAM DOUGLAS PARKER • BENDIX Detective m Story This Is ELEANOR PARKER'S Bid For "Best Actress of the Year' PLUS 2ND BIG HIT _si,n«,, him SM ,, ;4 » »,,„ A GIRL AND A HUNTED KILLER . CONSTANCE DOWUNG • ANDREA CHECCHI Shonn ?;|IS 11:10 *:?» OPEN ti:30. TONITE & THURS. WOODRIVER Part o/ «ef /s fiilz...Parl ol Her ii •RacUl" A// ol Her is Exciling! f PLUS A BLAZING GUSHER OF THRILLS! I j \V.-\VXK ^lOKKLS if PltKSTO.V KJSTEK I 11 "THE BIG GUSHER" «•« ' ' C*tt»M Hiiu m 140 TONITE—THim—FRI.—SAT. Jl'NE UAVIB . WM. LVN01GAN "LOV.; NEST" Shown at »::»•> IIC'KC V KOONt V A S ALL V FOUR i.* "THE STRIP" fOBBKST Show n *t 7. it)

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