Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on June 18, 1951 · Page 11
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 11

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 18, 1951
Page 11
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MONDAY, JUNE 18, 1951 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS The Register News Daily Magazine Page MLONDIE BY CHIC YOUNG LI'L ABNER BY AL CAPP 1^1 VEWLV/r-l AM CONVTNCftO TXAT YOU'RE SHV/r I'M iMPMsscaT -Bui; TAKE ITCASV,^ WILT THOU, SSTEWrl RED RYDER BY FRED HARMAN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS T HANKS, BUT i \ ^OU ty^\A* MEf l DON! ACCEPT WAS N ONE OF RIDES WITH BOYS MOUR. CLASSES LAST 1 DON 'T t <NOW / Ji_ TEPIW I LETS SEf- WAS IT CMEMlSTfty? I NEVER.- Too< AMY OF THOSE SUBJECTS/ AS VOU WERE 'ilance* Tbroutb tba rUes ut Tin Kcgltter aod Tb« Newf LET THOSE T-WO ESCAPE/ 55 Years Ago Today Company D, Sixth Regiment of the Illinois National Guard, was mustered into service of the state at the band < hall last night. A shooting affray took place at Moores Prairie in which -/alentinf Akers shot Jesse Pickett in the loft arm. BUGS BUNNY 40 Years Ago Today Halsey Clyde Brown, a well known citizen and town clerk of McClellan township, was struck by lightning and -^Imost instantly killed Saturday afternoon D. C. Dailey died at the Egyptian Hospital Saturday night as the result of injuries sustained while employed at the car shops. EVERYTHING'S OKAV/ HERE HE COME$ HOW CAN A «Ua«TITUTE 0E SO ' IMPORTANT 35 Years Ago Today The Grand opera house is now dismantaled and has no semblance to the once popular amusement place. Mr and Mrs George W. Howard and daughter, Margaret, returned today iiom a trip through the east in which thay visited 39 states. 30 Years Afco Today Wm. Jennings Bryan has been engaged to lecture at the Mt. Vernon ChciUtaLiqua this year. J. Wat Ward has been not'fJed by the Patent Office authorities at Washington that a patent has been granted him on his calf feeder. 25 Years Ago Toddy Francis Wolfe, 12, ward of the Baptist Orphans' Home at Irvington, was drowned about 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon in the C. B. and Q railroad reservoir at Cravat. M. L, Bledsoe has been awarded the contract for hauling all the material to be used in the construction of the Illinois Central shops at Bluford. 20 Years Afo Today The girls at the local Illinois Power and Light Corporation office were hostesses tnday to the CAPTAIN EASY BY TURNER 4 WW, C'UOM. DONT I'LL BET TH' FISH THINKS..,SOWE OTHER TIME.IM SORT] OF CAUGHT UP WITH PISWMG FOR A WHILE.' THE BACK VARP! HE HhS A WIRC STRETCHEPl BETWEEN TREES MID IS WALKING ITl! By RUTH MILLETT NEA Staff Writer IF DAD'S CONFIRMED NAGGER, TRY BRINGING HIM INTO THE 'CIRCLE' bOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY MARTIN MiOUViOl r MOW .'^"^tftO O^ \A50R«V1»* A^OO-X W - At«i' «ltfV» ^)0^ 0»4 HtS^X*^* t^OWW A\t >4 'T COtAt VO«rt ,f5 .0 ^t^XW i Here's his wife's picture of him; He's a nagger, always finding fault with her and with the children. When he cames home at night and feels as though the prison doors were clinging shut. During the day, while he is gone, she and the children get along fine. They're happy and they have fun together. But when he is home it is a different household. What can she do about it? Well, she can go on enduring his nagging as she has in the pagt and try to console herself with the fact that she is just married to a grouch and that nothing she could do would please him. Maybe that is all she can do. But to an outsider it looks as though there may be another side to the story. To an outsider it looks as though maybe Papa is on the outside of the family circle — begin in — wanting to be a part of it, but too proud to admit it, and not knowing how to get attention except by being disagreeable and spoiling everyone else's fun. Lots She Can Oo If Ihat is how it is, there is a lot his wife can do about the situation. She can build him up to the children, pointing up what he does for them even if at first she has to add to the list by giving him credits for things she initiates herself. She can do many things to give him the feeling that he comes first with her, to overcome any idea he might have that the children always come first. She can refuse to match his long fac,e and ignore the nagging. In time he may see that there is no profit in being dfsagreeable. None of this is as easy as simply dismissing a man as a nagger and a grouch, but it should get much better results. How about giving it a full year's trial? girls of the district at their an­ nua] women's committee meeting, Vv'hich was in session here throughout the day. 15 Years Ago Today Miss Chesta Mitchell of Janesville, Wis., and Miss Dorcas Ann Mitchell of Milwaukee, Wis. are guests at the home of Mr and Mrs. Earl B. Hinman. . Word has been received here that T. N. Jordan, secretary of the Mt. Vernon Chamber of Commerce, was elected to (.he board of directors of the Illinoi.s Com- merial Secretaries' Association at their meeting last week. 10 Years Ago Today Through the combined efforts of the Mt. Vernon Chamber of Commerce, the American Legion Post and the Rotary Club, Sky Vaughn of this city will be able to defend his title in the annual Southern Illinois Golf Association tournament at the Jackson Country Club. The Rev. and Mrs. Edward G. Wyman, 609 south 19th street, have accepted appointnnent tm missionaries • to Chiclayo, Peru; South America. ITiey will leave this city June 30. Harry Crawford, a well known figure in the show business, who at present is manager of the Ambassador theatre in St( Loult, •was guest speaker at the Llonf meeting at Hotel Emnier»on today. 5 Years Ago Today .The city council has decided to charge Mt. Vernon fatemal organizations which operate their own private bars a $500 enniul liquor license. The Pressed Steel Car Co^ which takes over the Mt. Vernon Car Mfg. Co. on July 1 from tiif H. K. Porter Co;, has $7.SW,63« worth of orders. Pressed Steel if one of the big three car buiKUny companies of the United Stetem It was lOG in the shade ye»« terday in the third straigl>t iuf of Mt Vernon's heat wave. SIDE GLANCES BY GALBRAITH •i read your edrtoriaf about looking for «hHrtU print, so I brought you a batch of my Ittatt KILLEfV SPACE BY 3VUVS tONG OUR BOARDING HOUSE ^ eSAD/ I'D PATHER FACE "THEGOILLOTIhiE: WITH MAJOR HOOPLEjOUT OUR WAY r THIS F/ME OiXr*:^^ MV FR»EKiO POWNi &/MY F0RE-JsCHLlLT2,THe gEARs v\iiTH -riAs ^ AMTiaoe - . ^ LE&ENJO THAT IT^DEALER, L)RES/-^gDT ^RERATONi '^l ^LevJ THE CMAROiH gE EASER.TO fA.PER eOCkS EA :*TER .-^-rHAa- -DOOMED^ LOANi A PALTR./ m THANl 6lMg UP ANiV 0FTl4ESe TIME- HOMORED TREAG- PRlSe COMES FIRS.TJ /A MAPOL£0sl AX• \MAT£R.L0O W{ *I00 ONi 5UCH ,ANi MlSTOR^C ( _JT LOOKS EVENJ OLDER BY WILLIAMS TH' BUTCHERS MUST KNOW suMP'M we DOW'T, CUZ THEV JUST SLAM IT rOWM OM A BLOCK AM' GO TO HACKINJ'.' IT'S ICV AMP e .REA$V AMD SKIPS/ TH' P «ell6 .T^\ wANiT -it> N , START H*i»/!i.'Jc?. \ TO LEA«.V j XXV I CAUGHT a glimpse of the an* gry face of Mrs. Dalyrimple, my next door reighbor, peering through the doorway across from my own. "If« all right, Mrs. Dalyrimple. These men are going." 1 turned to Nanabarro. "Better run along." "A grand for the film," repeated Al Nanabarro to Nick Ricardo. Ricardo took It and Nanabarro reached into «hi9 pocket and counted out 10 $100 bills. Ricardo removed the film and handed it to Nanabarro and took the bills. Nanabarro turned to me and I gave him back his gun. "Get this straight, Marshall. That thing at Probably he was no bad guj. He had just got into my hair so many times with his long nose and his trick camera that I was {tre^udiced against him. • • • WHV MOTHEBS GET GRAY T M RCO U S PAT OFF CCM 1951 BV *<C* SEBVICt- IWC ' the club happened just as I planned. When 1 try to kill somebody, I don't miss." "How about the Fountain Parkway miss?" "I had no part of that.** After he and his pals had gone, I mixed two drinks and handed one to Ricardo, who tooked pleasantly surprised. I pulled up chair and sat opposite him. "Too bad I didn't have the money to bid for the pix," "What pix?" Ricardo laughed. "Do you think I'd get anything worth printing in this kind of light, even with my lens and fast film? Nanabarro paid the highest price ever paid for a roll of blank film." Ricardo had been at the La JoUa Chib when Nanabarro had rounded up his UtUe party and the reporter had followed to see what was cooking. He found nsy front door jim- onied and my door unloctced. 'O.ook here, Marshall, you were in a bad way when I waltzed in with my little camera! You owe me seme cooperation. I doni want to see Taaaer run Star out the Uw business! Star's the best copy Z ever had! Wbat is the low-down OR what's going on?" * eave hia a thougbtlul look. 1 PULLED up a chair and aat ^ down opposite him. "You get around a lot more than I do, Ricardo. What do you know about Frannie Martin, lately Nanabar- ro's girl?" Bicardo leered. "That one! Listen, she might have sold Al the idea she was his girl, (nit she w«s anybody's girl any time the mood struck her. And she was as moody. It's a wonder Nanabarro didnl cool her long before he did!" "Maybe he did, and maybe he didn't. Maybe there's dn angle everybody doesn't know. Prannie Martin must have had quite a list of gentlemen friends. Can you name some special ones?" , Ricardo was into-ested. "Maybe you got something. There were a few of a very special kind. I remember a guy named Hodgson, % tank town banker downstate. He once gave Frannie a rocK as big as a headlamp, and she wore it right under Al's nose." "I dont think Banker HodgsOB is very interesting." "Well, there was a newly -rtch jerk that made his dough naaii- facturing cofnns, I ttunk. I eaat remember his name." Was he fat, the butt«r-baU type?" Bicardo's eyes lighted *Yett know bim, huh?" If it was burial vauN* of cofiins, yes." Ricardo snapped his ftnfen. "That's it, burial vaulUl The Prater HermeticaUy Sealed Vault Company! I remember seeing oee of the guy's cards. Ha gava Ftaa- nie a mii^ coat!" , • • • nr *HE phone kept ringiBf. and I ••• kept thinking that —>- - • would get out of bed'to an a telephone. Then I epaned eyes. The sunlight ea ingly into the room, and the oMl on my stand said 9:30. I get W and answered the phone. It wan Sonya. "I want to see you," abe aaH, "but I 've nothing to wear. QIam promised to pick up apfoe at my place during her lunch Can you come over herein I couldn't argue that Sanv^ would look good slinldng votatk in the a. m. with the deep V tbi ^l on, 90 she gave me Ctaia " hew's address. I had a fine time ahavtag. face didn't look as bad as I it would, but it was plenty . My ribs ached, too, where, Mi barro had kicked me; As 1 started for the garage a window screeched upward and l (r, Shai« ton, the superintendank, me. Mr. Marshall," he seld, had complaints this niomiBg. Lessingwell. in the apartnMnt beneath you, wants me to «vkt Mrs. Dalyrimple said she less than two women of the sort visit you late at night And Mr. Buscher ia 2-C said you put on a regular drunken brawL I da* mand an explanation." "WeU, Mr. Shelton, btaas yonr heart, you're certainly entitM In an explanation. First, a lady aM- gician armed with an autesneti* pistol picked the kKks and e»-: tered my room surrepti <icaM |f where she lay in wait upon mar ar>, rival Whether there would bav» been bloodshed is prablematka^ for we were interrupted in mm, tete-a-tete by a mortician and tho employe of s burial vault nsM;, pany. Afterwards a cboras fi^ tricked me into opentag the and admitting three ii^gS; gunmen. I might have bean BHHil but for the timely arrival al %^, photographer with a candUi ava* era and the fnterventien a( Dalyrimple. After all perliaa departed I west to bed aM| a good nighfs sleep. AB( the way. Mr. Shelten. tba hoodlums junmiad yaur tmffk lock as you will no dbiillr' Just send the bill fa (Te Be

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