Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on May 27, 1971 · Page 11
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 11

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 27, 1971
Page 11
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Page 11 Garden City Telegram Thursday. May 27. 1971 88—Real Estate WE'LL TRADE Owner of suburban on 2 acres will trade for good home in town. Have others too! For details, call' erit 317 N.7* St. REAL BR6-844Z* Eve. BR 6-3117 Stuart 5-5544 Nelson 6-7388 Meinert 6-7949 — Larson 6-2688 MEMBER MULTI-LIST fN^ SMALL DOWN $600 — 3 Bedroom, all carpet, big kitchen. Chain link fence and good storm windows. Ready June 7th, FHA loan $14,400.00 — 7% — 360 m»nths. Monthly — $129.00 • $550.00 down —2 bedroom attached garage, newly painted. FHA loan 360 months. $11,400.00 — 7% — Monthly—$104.50 "Tell me again exactly what our auto insurance covers." LEGALS U.S. Not Combat Ready in Europe WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. shortages .lamorag petty officers Ask us about a two bedroom at $80.00 per month. 1507 E. Fulton 276-9278 After Hours Cad Howard 276-8178 Harry 276-2076 Tom 275-5298 Clyde 276-3644 'MEMBER MULTI-LIST 1 in the U.S. 6tih Fleet in the iMedditeirranean, plus a lack of readily ' available repair pants, "combhie to degrade combat readiness of the fleet." LEGALS 89—Forms, Lands, Ranches FOR SAliE: 320 aore« Baca County, Colorado land. $32.50 per. Terms. 275-4309. —E27 PARTS OF THE ELY ESTATE SEi2l and NE£ 28 Township 22 Range 29 And other land in Northeast Finney County Land sells with { royalty and rent share of wheat can go on a quick sale. TERMS for a qualified buyer. THE TERRELL AGENCY 100 S. Broadway Phone 264-2318 Wichita, Kansa* military officials report American forces in Europe still are not fully combat iready despite improvement in weapons. They have told Congress a tight budget and cutbacks in overall U.S. manpower foave caused the situation in the main. Nevertheless, iflhe European command maintains a "very respectable fighting capability," Gen. David A. Buirdhinial, deputy U.S. commander in Eu- *? * - OVJ'IN, llUiSWCbllU tWlM WAJ-C, AJlVAAViVH^CWl- rope, recenitly told thie House ly and as partners, doing business ^ * v —— A T*.-n-».T7i-r»Ci/-wr /VTT r*fVlM"O A "NTV • Appiropr'iiaitions Com.mittee. This is only good enough to hold the line in early stages of an .attack .on Western Europe, he sadd, "We are dependent on rapid, timely and substantial augmentation from the United States if we are to undertake sustained combat operations." Shortages of various kinds began cutting into the combat readiness of American forces in Europe, the United States and elsewhere in 1965 as the Vietnam war claimed first priority in men and equipment. Although Pentagon leaders have 'stressed their intention (Published in the Garden City Telegram, Thursday, May 13, May 20, May 27 and June 3, 1971J MARSHAL'S SALE IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF KANSAS; UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Plaintiff, vs. GEORGE H. ANDERSON and GERALMNE L. ANDERSON, husband and as ANDERSON OIL COMPANY; SECURITY SAVINGS & LOAN AS- TIRE & HYDRO- Matrix F186: 1963 Lodi PIE Matrix F1S6; 1983 Lodi Bandrix Spreader; 1963 Lodi Bandrix; 1963 Lodi Bandrix: 1963 Lodi Bandrix: 1963 Lodi Bandrix: 1963 Lodi Bandrix: 1963 Lodi Buffing Unit 10 h.p.; 1963 Lodi >ust Collector: 1963 Salisbury Expand O Matic Buffer; 1963 Sioux Buffer; 1963 Mauley Spreader: 1963 Rawls 8" Tire Builder; 1963 Rawls Tread Rubber Pack; 1963 Ingersoll Rand 10 h.p. Compressor 80 gl; 1964 ' Jenney Pressure Jack; 1966 Champion Air Compressor; 1964 General Air Compressor; 1964 Ingersoll Rand Ex Hd Impact Wrench: 1985 Black Hawk 50 Ton Jack: 1963 Coats Twin Air Tire Changer; 1963 Coats Twin Air Tire Changer; 1963 Coats Twin Air Tire Changer; 1966 Coats 1010 Tire Changer; 1966 Olapps Tire Yen tor; 1963 Genl Supply off road Serv Body; 1964 Brannick Truck Tire Spreader; 1964 Brannick Truck Tire Spreader; 1935 Hunter Truck Tire Balancer 5 hp; 1963 Stewart Warner Balance: 1986 Chicago Pneumatic Pneudraulic Jack; 1964 Chicago Pneumatic Impact Wrench; 1964 Chicago Pneumatic Impact Wrench; 1964 Chicago Pneumatic Bead Breaker: 1964 Bixhman Tuber Dunker; 1966 Pet Impact Wrench; 1984 Ingersoll Rand Compressor; 1964 Ingersoll Rand Compressor; 1964 Ingersoll Rand Bead Breaker; 1963 Extra Large Truck Aligner with toe mtr- mor, lighted cabinets, bending beams, truck pedestals, runways, and over $15,000.00 of specialty tools, jacks, torches, wrenches. etc.; and I will on the 16th day of June, 1971, at 10:00 o'clock a.m. on the premises commonly known as Anderson Oil Company City of i Tribune, Kansas, offer for sale at public auction and sell to the highest bidder for cash in hand, all of the right, title and interest of the Defendants above named in and to the following described real estate, to-wit: Lots 5, 6, 7 and 8, Block 89. First Addition to City of Tribune, Greeley County, Kansas, with one frame office and ware- Iwuse 15' x 36' and one metal warehouse, new, 1964, 24' x 24' with improvements; 5 — 12,000 fuel storage tanks; 1 — 3,600 gallon tank; 2 — 1,000 gallon tanks; 5 — Service station pumps; Viking loading and unloading pump; 1—1,000 gallon delivery tank, and LPG equipment; 125 — pound bottles: 2 — 6,000 gallon LPG storage tanks; 1 —1350 gallon delivery tank; Fairbanks Morse scales; Viking pump: Neptune ticket meter; All located in the County of Greeley, State of HERE'? JOE COOL HANGING AROUNP THE STUDENT HI,JOE.,HOU)'D YOU-DO IN CHEMISTS TODAYS JOE COOL CAN'T WORKV AWUT CHEMI5W WHEN HE'S BUSY HAN6IN6AROMP THE STUPENT UNION SNUFFY 'JMITH _. OL' BULLET'S HOT ON TH'TRfllL AFTER SOME UARM1NT-- KEEP OUT OF DADBURN PATOONIE THE RYATTS SOCIATION: GENERAL RUBBER COMPANY; TEX INDUSTRIES; JAMES T. Mc- DONALD. Director of Revenue, Department of Revenue, State of Kan- THE B. F. GOODRICH COM- OdC t J. J 'PIANY. . . a corporation; FARMERS ley Kansas; Along with ail personal property located thereon. All of the above real estate and personal property is levied on as the property of the Defendants above named and will be sold without appraisement to satisfy said Order of Sale UNITED STATES MARSHAL'S OFFICE. Wichita, Kansas. JACK V. RICHARDSON, United States Marshall, District of Kansas, By J. M. Greig, Deputy. WE'KE NOT TAKING you TO MEET OUR NEW NEI6H0OR5 LOOKING LIKE THAT MICKEY MOUSE the last two years to repair the deficiencies as the war winds down, BuiwhSml said: "Not a(ll U.S. forces in Europe are currently considered fully 'combat ready." "Thiere are many reasons for this, including our sharo of reductions the services have been forced to make, lower 'assigned 90—Mobile Homes USED 1970 12 x 50, 2 BEKXROOM mobile home. OaJl 275-5486 after 6:00. —F2 FOR SALE: 1967 Booket. 3 bed room, ter 6 p.m. . baitha. Call 276-8883 af- — E£J9 Tax Cut Is Ordered TOPEKA (AP) — The Kansas Board of Tax Appeals has ordered a general 20 per cent reduction in 'assessed valuation of all locaJly-aisiseiBsie'd real property in Johnson County, it has been revealed. The board's order, made last Friday, also granted a 5 per cent reduction on assessed valuation of commercial income-producing property whose owners paid their taxes uncter protest in 1969, and granted a 10 per cent reduction on the sarnie class of property whose owners paid their 1970 taxes under protest. The reductions apply only to Johnson County. The executive secretary of the Tax Appeals Board, Gary Ai. Savaiianb, said the 20 per cent across-rtihe-board reduction was made because the board agreed there were "great inequities" in the assessed valuations in the county, based on assessments made nearly a decade ago. He said the Johnson County District Court a few months ago ruled inequities existed in the assessed valuation on real property in the county. State assessed property In the county is not affected, and the reductions do not apply to personal property^ Dole, Pearson Split On Military Pay Bill WASHINGTON (AP) - The 42-31 vote Wednesday by which $h6 Senate defeated, an amendment of Sens. Harold E. Hughes, D-Iowa, and Ridhard S. Schweiker, R-Pa., to add a $1.7-billion military pay increase to the draft bill included: ,-.: Democrats for—Harris, Okla- boma; Symington, Missouri. Republicans for—Pearson, Kansas. ' ;" Democrats against — Eagleton, Missouri. Republicans against — Dole, Kansas.-•'. •."-' ; '~ • • • •. IV ' . personnel strengths and skill levels ... lesis money for train, ing and exercises, and the priority of Vietnam requirements'." Cuts in tthe number of foreign nationals on U.S. military payrolls for economy reasons, Bur- chinial said, "has required use of military personnel for housekeeping duties, and a number of .troops,. ane thus diverted daly from their primairy miM- taiy duties." Burehimal critical STATE DANK of Ingalls. Kansas; WALLS, INC.', a corporation; RE- TREADING CONSULTANTS; NATIONAL, CASH HBOOSTEiR, a corporation Defendants. Civil Action No. W-4479. Bv virtue of an Order of Sale Issued out of the United States District Court for the Dis-. trict of Kansas at Wichita, Kansas, In the above entitled case, I will, on the IStih day of June, 1971, at 10:00 o'clock a.m. on the premises located on West U. S. Hiway 50 at the western edge of Garden City, Kansas and commonly known aa Anderson Tire Co., offer for sale it public auction and sell to the ilghest bidder for oaaih in hand, all of the right, title and interest of the Defendants above named in and to the following described real estate, to-wit: A tract of land in the Southwest .Quarter of Section 2, Township 24 South, Range 33 West, described as follows: Beginning at a point 30 feet north and 543.5 feet east of the Southwest corner of Section 2,. Township 24 South, Range 33 West, thence East 389.2 feet on' a line parallel with the South line of said Section 2; thence North 260.4: feet on a-'line parallel with the West line of said Section 2; thence West 389.2 feet on a line parallel with the South line of said Section. 2; thence South 250.4 feet on a line parallel with West line of -said Section 2. .point ol beginning, .all ..located Finney 'County.- Kansas; and au that personal property on the above described ' premises described as follows: All personal property used , ... . Stop and Anderson Tire .Company including but not limited to the following: 1963 Lodi Passenger Press; 1963 8 Lodi Press Dollys; 1963 8 Lodi Press LocKing Rings: 1963 Lodi Control Units: 1963 Lodi Control Units; 1963 Lodi Control Units: 1963 Lodi Control Units; 1963 Lodi Control Units; 1963 Lodi PIE Matrix F153; 1963 Lodi PIE Matrix F153; 1963 Lodi PIE Matrix F153; 1963 Lodi PIE Matrix F153; 1963 Lodi Pie Matrix F186: 1963 Lodi PIE Matrix F186! '1963 Lodi PTE in connection with Anderson Company, Anderson Truck (Published in the Garden City Tele- giraim, May 27, June 3 and June 10, 19171.) IN THE PROBATE COURT OF FINMBY COUNTY, KANSAS , In the Matter of the Estate of BJAYE GKElEiNSLATE, Deceased. NOTICE OF HE1ARING- Case No. 4944 The State of Kansas to all persons concerned: " You are -hereby notified that a petition has been filed in said court by Mary L. Johnson and Ruth G. Huggdns as heirs-at-laiw of R a y e Greenslate. deceased, praying for determination of the descent of the following desxisrdibed real estate in Finney County, Kansas, to-wit: Lot Eleven (11), Block C, Jones Second Addition to Garden City, Kansas- . , The Soutihwest Quarter (SW%) of Section 7, and the Northwest Quarter (NW^/i) of Section 29, in Towns'hiip 26 South. Range 33; and The South Half (SV 2 ) of Section 12; the North'Half, <N%) of Section 13; All of Section 23; the West Half (WV 2 ) of Section 24; an unkHvided one-half (%) interest in the Southwest Quarter (SW&) of Section 25; the North Balf (N%), the Southwest Quarter (SW%) and an undivided one-half (%) interest in tha Southeast Quarter (SE%) of Section 26; and All of Section 35, all in Township 26 South, Range 34, West of the Sixth Principal Meridian; and all other property, .real anc personal, or interests therein, owned by the said Raye Greenslate a the time of his death; and you •are hereby required to file your written defenses thereto on or before the 21st day of June, 1971, ai 10:00 o'clock a.m. of .saiid day, in sand court, in the city of Garden City, in Finney County, Kansas, al which time and place said cause wall be'heard. Should you fall there in, judgment and decree will entered in due course , upon sale petition. MIAE.Y I* JOHNSTON RUTH G. HUOGINS Petitioners. OAlLTHAN, GREEN, CALUHIAN HIGH 118 West Pine Street P. O. Box 1016 Garden City, Kansas 6784S Attorneys for Petitioners. THANK YOU FOR TH& L.OVE &KPS /MICKEV1 THEY'RE LOVELY.' STEVE CANYON BENNY,TH£. 'DESERTER; ifr TP/INS TO PEACH STEVE ON m SHORT- RANGE RADIO BUT WITHOUT HIS SUN 6LASSES- RECEIVK, CANYON POES NOT HEAR THE WARNING THAT THE 6ERMAN AIRCfJAFT ISCL05IN6 W THEN THE CONSISTENT FEMALE UB5ETO WOK HER BEST, NO MATTER WHAT THE CIRCUMSTANCES, PROMPTS SUMMER TO OPEN HER COMPACT ANP SHE SEES THE PURSUING PUWEl.W sreve SAYS K BEBPEP BY THE. .WAR i THE ENfilNES...' MOOSE MORE PEOPLE DRIVE DODGE DART THAN ANY OTHER COMPACT CAR IN THE UNITED STATES With Oni million Darts on the road today, obviously a lot of people go for the Dart idea-a strong, roomy, economical compact that just gois and gois and gois. DODGE DART, HAS THE HIGHEST RESALE RVALUE OF ANY COMPACT Dart's risali price over the past few yiars has taien thi highest In its ] field, according to Automotive Market Report. Proof that Dart keeps 5 on saving you more. DODGE DART "SWINGER AUTOMATIC GIVES YOU THE AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION (AT NO CHARGE!) It was a big success last year. So we're repeating thi offer. Buy our Dart Swinger Automatic with tho equipment listed at thi right, and we'll givo you thi automatic transmission at no ixtra Charge. Compan that against any small car deal. HOBO FINISHED LAST AGAIN, MOOSE.' GOTCHA! HEX -you.' THOTS NOT A DO©/ THATSADOGUv'j iWH^ff'W « POGO THAf'STMS UASI" Of MV., FOR A MIIUON" MJNCH'" h MR* BLONDIE • 3-speed automatic transmission (no charge) • Vinyl roof • 6.9S x 14 white sidewall tins • Deluxe wheel covers • "Rim Blow" dtluxe steering wheel • Bumper guards (front ind rear) • Belt mouldings • Remote-control outside mirror, left-side • Convenience light package • Body side moulding* (with vinyl inserts) PAGWOOP/WILL I PLEASE LISTEN TO MAVIS WHILE ! STIR MY :. GRAVY AM I-SUPPOSEPTO SAY ANYTHING? BEETLE BAILEY / HERE'S A COUPLE I OF BUCKS/ OTTO ^,-FETCH/ DEALERS FIVE POINTS MOTOR CO., INC. 712-720 Jones Garden City, Kansas 67846 SEE ANYTHING \f) LU! TMAT SAte WE ^ "^ CAN 1 ! SELL A

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