Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on June 20, 1957 · Page 3
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 3

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, June 20, 1957
Page 3
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MAYNARD VOLUME V|NUMBERM29 MAYNARD, IOWA 20 JUNE 1957 MAYNARD NEWS Published weekly in the mien Maynard as a part of the Fayi sponsored and promoted |,\- tin this page. DONALD L. KIMBALI. MAX BARNHOLT MRS. FRANK CUMMINUS 1 "' ' !l1 people and merchants <>! !'• County Leadei. This section l> Maynard businesses advertising on Publisher Printing Foreman Correspondent READERS! PATRONIZE THESE ADVERTISERS! THEY MAKE POSSIBLE THK WKKKI.Y PUBLICATION OF YOUH MAYNAHD NKWS. MAYNARD COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS 12 June 1957 The Town Council of the Town of Maynard, Iowa t in .-.pedal session at the Community Hall. in saiil Town at 7:1)1) o'clock P M. The meeting was railed to older by the Mayor and. the roll being (.-ailed, there were present Karl Foss, .Mayor, in the chair, and the following named Couiu-ilmen; Ehlers, Barnholt, Foss, Thompson and McKoon. Absent: None. The poll books and certificate of the judges and clerks uf tin- special election held in .said Town on November 15, litaii, having presented to and duly examined by the Council, Council /nan John McKoon introduced and caused to be read tin- resolution hereinafter set out entitle,! "Resolution canvassing and declaring the results of an election on Town hall bond proposition" Councilman Chas Barnholt moved that said resolution be adopted, seconded by Councilman Arthur Thompson, and after due consideration thereof by the Council, the Mayor put the question and, upon the roll being called the following voted: Aye: McKoon. B a r n h o 1 t . Thompson, Ehlers and Foss. Nay: None. Whereupon the Mayor declared the resolution duly adopted. (Copy of said resolution filled in minute book). Discussion on the maturity schedule of the bonds, after further discussion, motion by McKoon second by Ehlers to set maturity schedule as of November .1958, $750.00 and SI000.00 each November thereafter until bonds are fully paid. Carried. Contract presented to Council for the drilling of a test well for the Town water supply. After further discussion motion by Foss seconded by Barnholt that test hole contract submitted by Shawver Well Company, Fredricksburg, Iowa be accepted. Car ried. No further business motion by Thompson seconded by Foss that meeting adjourn. Carried Paul A. Buenncke Clerk to Loretta Dornbusch Robert Suhr Wedding Maynard, June 15 — Loretta Dornbusch, Shell Rock, and Robert Suhr, Maynard, exchanged marriage vows at the Faith Lutheran church in Shell Rock, at 8 p.m. Saturday, June 15, with the Rev. Otto Liel/ officiating. The bride, given in marriage by her father, wore a waltz length gown of light blue lace and carried a white prayer book with an orchid. Her veil was of light blue illussion net. Mrs. Jeanette I lie, Key West, Fla., was matron of honor and Lea Ann Dornbusch, Shell Rock, acted as bride's maid. Both art sisters of the bride. They wort matching gowns of white lace over blue, jeweled tiaras am carried flower decorated fans. Bob High, Cedar Rapids, fraternity brother, was best man and Paul Buenneke, Maynard, friend Donald O. Holmstroni Summer School I ..:•.: i i Special) - Donald Holmstrum. son of Mr. and Kd Holmstroni. is one of lili a le.icheis and U5 non-lowans selected to participate m the Sum mei In.-.tilute for teachers ol Iowa. Iowa City. .June 17 through • Inly L!li. All lees, living and tra- \ elmg expenses are paid. The purpo.se of the institute is lu increase interest and effectiveness m I IK- study and teaching of science and mathematics. The b.i.sie program of the SUI insti- lule will consist of three integrated courses, introduction of modern algebra, a critical study ementarv college mathematics and laboratory in the construction of teaching aids. olmstrom is an instructor in the- U'l-st Union school. .Mrs. Richard Turney, Cleveland. Ohio, entertained Saturday afternoon. June 15, at the home if her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John I'hiele. in honor of her son, John Hubert's second birthday anni- •rsary. Those present included Mrs. Hubert Bergman and Bobby, Mrs. A. F. Bergman, Mrs. Herman idow jr., and Lonnie, Mrs. Jack Walton and Jimmie. Mrs. Louis Kiel. Douglas and Pain. * • « • • Mr. and Mrs. Milton Meyer and family, Orange, Calif., are here lor a two-week's visit with his jarents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed W. Mey- :-r, Maynard, his brother, Luverne, and family, Randalia, and n the home of his sister. Mrs. [-'red Plaster. Oelwein. Virginia Parsons went to Ottumwa Sunday, June 10, for a week's visit with friends. * . • # . Mr. and Mrs. Harold Burdick, V'ernon Center, Minn., were week end guests of his sister, Mrs. V. M. Perry. Thursday guests of the Benten Harrisons were her parents, Roy 1 lanna, Oelwein. Mrs. Richard Turney and son, John, Cleveland, Ohio, are here to spend the summer in the hotm of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Thiele. * * * * Mrs. Johanna Harrison received word this week from Mrs. Edith Meyer Mervious of the recent death of Walter W, Davis, 84, at Palo Alto, Calif. Mr. Davis who spent his early years in Maynard, was the son of Mr. and Mrs. William 2. Davis, early settlers in this community. Mrs. Mervious also reported that her aunt, Mrs, Lide Gangley had gone to live DAIRY PRINCESS AND COURT — Fay.-t;<- -.oiiiif. (seated, c.nteri is pictured here with bei court al'te. from left to light, are: Ann Schupbach, I'osUdle; Ann Oi Iwi-in. and Kaien Sehioedei, Cleimoni Sl.mdin Aurora. Lois Arthur. Mavnard. Mai K Pi met'., , 1, u.Ann l',nrs;hart. of Randalia. \\iiini; Tue-ilay night at Maynard. Sealed. n..e.. Klgin; MI..S liuighait. Kay Shields I, I',, h with son in Washinton state Incite accessories. The couple will make their home in lowi City. Mrs. Suhr, daughter of Mr. anc Mrs. John Dornbusch, Shell Rock is a graduate of the Shell Rock high school and of the Wartburg college, Waverly. She has been £ teacher for the past eight years th Mrs. A. F. Bergman Elected President CM Un- American Legion Auxiliary Maynard (Special) June Ki Mrs. A. F. Bergman was elected president of tile American Legion auxiliary for the coming year when it met in regular session in thi'Community hall Tuesday evening, June 11. Others elected were Mrs. Robert (Evelyn) Arthur, first vice-presi dent: Mrs. Walter Fillers, second vice-president; Mrs. A d o 1 p h Cuennen, secretary; and Mrs. Javid Parsons, treasurer. Mrs. Parsons, chairman of the ei-ent poppy sales, reported ap- roximately 55!) poppies sold for total of SSO.lM and that a com- lemoralive bouquet of large pop- ies was presented each of the hree local churches for the serv- ci.-s on Sunday. May lili. Those vho helped in the poppy sale m- luded Virginia Parsons, David rVillemssen. Mary Parsons, Judy Wiltenburg, Bonnie Wolfe and r ohn Parsons. TtianK-you notes were read rom Janet Garnier and Kent Hubbell, lith grade pupils, in ipprcciation of the citizenship iwarrl each received recently 'rom the auxiliary. Hostesses for the social hour vi. 1 re Mrs. Tom Samuelson, Mrs. Mick Samuelson, Mrs. William I'ock and Mrs. Marion Doiiot Smithfield helping Hand At the- meeting of the Helping land club of Smithfield town ship in the home of Mrs. Leota Turner Thursday afternoon, June !li, it was decided to hold the innual club picnic at the Fayette jark on Sunday, July !4, with dinner promptly at 12:110 p.m. Mrs. Harold Clendener extended in invitation to the club to hold .he annual ice cream social for Members and their families at ler home the evening of Aug. 11. On the program was a talk on The American Flag and Flag Etiquette" by Mrs. Doris Oliver. Entertainment was in charge of Mrs. Eugene Sliter. The next afternoon meeting will be with Mrs. Ida Turner on Scipt. 12. Lunch was served by the hostess. of the brdegroom, an attendant. I the last two years being in Acting as ushers were Gary Mears, \ schools of Las Vegas, Nev. Iowa City, and Richard Buenneke, Maynard, friends of the couple. Ringbearer was Bobby Dornbusch and flower girl was Debbie Ilic. Mrs. Dornbusch chose a mist rose lace dress with white accessories for her daughter's wedding and Mrs. Suhr wore a light green dress with white accessories. Following the ceremony, a reception was held in the church parlor decorated with blue net and white bells. The three tiered wedding cake was baked and decorated by Mrs. Gordon Shipman, Shell Rock. The bride's going-away ensemble on an undisclosed wedding trip was of white raw silk with MAYNARD LOCKER SERVICE COMPLETE PROCESSING Phone — 65 Mr. Suhr, a Maynard high graduate of th school, received us Bachelor of Arts degree in accounting this spring from thi State University of Iowa, low ity, where he was a member o the Delta Chi fraternity. He wi: continue his studies at the uni versity the coming year, working toward a master's degree. He •spent two years in the United States army being discharged in 1954. 400 Members Attended Cooperative Mi-etim; May Hard ( Sp» c,.d . .,' i All estimate d -1011 men Uieir lannlies attend, d . meet ill'; of the May I live company al lii hall Friday evenm: 1 , Kin I ,owery, di. relations for the !•' dealer:-, al IVs M speaker ol the ev numbers were n; ie, and Holihie Th berry Point. During Ihe l>us::>i agp-r Donald Hart plained the finanr the fiscal year, May HI). l!)f>7. which show, for the y< ar ami umiei 1)00, the largest V"ln ness in the history of ny. James 1 lam ill on. ] Ihe ci impany, M ", 11 \v year's activities w!ii. the progress being m ing a 70,001) bush.-l a 'I ii, F.i\i-;ie. Joyce Vandi- Voorde, • I .ehmkuhl, Weslgate. (Com tcsy Keglslel ) Producers Will Vote On Wheat Quotas Tne all. nlion ol wheat growers ol K.nolle county was directed Ini.-, week by the county ASC of lie. to the referendum to be held Mm.- wheat allotments were re- iimed. I PI ginning with the li)f>4 c.op 1)1 the 772 voles cast m l"',\ a l,i.>! year on marketing quo- la., lor the 1!)57 crop, !!!!.!> per cent were favorable-. In the commercial area of lili stales <17.1 percent of the total vote was in lavor of marketing quotas. Two-thirds or more of Lite eligible voters who participate in tin- .lime 'M referendum must approve quotas in order toipi.it them into effect on the- H)T>B wheat crop. 11 quotas an: approved, the l!):Xi national average wheat support rale will be- at least S1.7H per bushel. Also, under (juntas, farm- tor and wai ehon.^e. Tlin i 1 directors v. ho.. were expiring were re-el anot her term They a: Steege, Arnold Paul and \V. Smith, llold-ovei dir- dors are J.. )»*»» I lr.l... It. .1 I , Ml'lllUlfl iStleCL- er. Franklin Thompson and Robert Meyer. J'resen! employ, es include Don- aid M. Hai \y., manager: Donald Simpson. a>.-istanl manage: : Marian Kelly, ol I ice inanai'.t-i , 1 ).m - ny Lang, office a-,-.i.-t, m t . Klovd Simpson, livestock dc pai tim nt ; Robi-t Kldt idge. imlli oom malia I'.er: Kennt-th Miner, milhoom assistant; Kennelh Schradec. l)a!.- Streittniatler and liobert Koipc t, LUANN BURGH ART. 111-year-old Randalia girl, Tuesday night was crowned Fayclte County Dairy Princess by last year's princess, Lois Reuber. of Arlington. Here, LuAnn receives a S100 Savings Bond as her pri/e. Thai's a 40-pound block of cheese the girls are standing with. There was a crowd of over 700 people at the Dairy Smorgas- IMH d at Maynard, and they ale 50 gallons of ice cream, 75 pounds of cotUge cheese, over l!, r >0 pounds of assorted cheeses and downed over •Id eis who have wheat allotments of more than 15 acres and exceed them will be subject to a penally on their execs.-, wheat. It marketing quota* are not approved, there will be no penalty on excess wheat produced in 1958 and the national average support rale for the li>58 crop will drop to 50 percent of iparily or around Sl.li" per bushel. Wheat acreage allotments will on Thursday. June 20, to decide whether or not marketing quotas will be in effect on the 1958 wheat crop. The referendum will be conducted on the same day in Iowa (Courtesy Register) titick drivers: A. M. Gentanbem, corn shellcr operator: and Chl- loid Vierow. portable mill operator. Kcli eshments were served during the evening and the following •>-. i- iiinvtn lur speelcit prl/.es. Mrs. Knas Howell, Joe Roete, Mrs. Ralph Cilnier, Cecil Kelly, llen- i.v Schrader, Mrs. Kdgar Oltrogge, Mr... Cecil Kelly, Lawrence llurd, Mrs. Joe Roete, Benton Harrison, Mr.-. ('arroll Turner, Eugene Soick, Mrs. Wilbur Bendi-i-, John Ingels. Mrs. Don Schrader, Mr.-.. Fred Jens, Robert Patridge, Mrs. Kobi-rt Kldndge. Fred Jens, CJer- ald Davis, Mrs. Delbert Wegner .,nd I.vie Lamphiei . For the June Bride, to select from. 2 PC Bed-Room Set with Book Case Head, in Walnut and Blond Mahogany. Also Box and Inner Spring Mattress at Prices that are right. Breakfast Set in Chrome and Wrought Iron. (See Them) DELS1NG FURNITURE Phone 7509 Maynard. la. and U5 other stales comprising the officially designated commercial wheat producing area of the nation. Eligible to vote are all producers who plan to raise mure than 10 acres of wheat for har- or who will have more than 15 acres in a combination of wheat for harvest and the soil bank wheat acreage reserve. Voting hours will be from 8 a. in. to 7 p.m. in all Iowa counties. Although no farms in Fayette county qualified for a 1958 wheat allotment, any farmer who is planning to raise more than 15 acres next year may participate in the referendum by casting a ballot at tin county ASC office in Fayette. Marketing quotas have been approved nationally as well as in Iowa in all referendums held be in effect in 1958 whether or not marketing quotas are approved in the referendum. Either with or without quotas, full compliance with indixidual farm wheat allotments is required to qualify for price support on wheat. "I'd have sworn I'd paid that bill, But I can't prove it. Next time I'll send a check and hav» an automatic receipt." OPEN AN ACCOUNT; YOUR CANCELLED CHECKS ARE YOUR RECEIPTS. Maynard Savings Bank. Maynard and Hazleton Iowa. Slop in and ask us about our Personlized Check book FREE. Maynard Savings Bank Maynard Hazelton Rev. H. P. Kumpf and Lay Delegates Will Attend Convention Maynard (Special) June 15 - — The Rev. H. P. Kumpf, pastor of the St. Paul's Lutheran church, and lay delegates, Henry Warnke and Ed Wenzel, will attend the annual conventon of the Iowa district of the American Lutheran church at Waverly June 24-27. Speakers at the convention will include such luminaries as Dr. Carl Lund-Quist, Geneva, Switzerland; Dr. F. Eppling Reinart/, New York City, N.Y.; Dr. Frederick Schoitz, Minneapolis, Minn.; Herbert Hannemann, missionary to New Guinea; and Dr. Ed Ward Fendt, Columbus, Ohio. FARM IMPROVEMENT.S With Ready-Mix Concrete GOOD FENCES MAKE GOOD NEIGHBORS For complete fencing material Maynard Co-operative Go. Maynard, Iowa GOING TO BUILD OR REPAIR? ... SEE US! i $A VE MONEY ! $ A V E TIME! $AVE TROUBLE! BARN YARDS, SIDEWALKS- DRIVEWAYS, FEEDING FLOORS When & Where You Want Them FOR AS LITTIE AS FREE ESTIMATES 15c PER SQUARE FOOT PROMPT SERVICE NO MONEY DOWN-SMALL MONTHLY PAYMENTS-UP TO 24 MONTHS TO PAY! BEE US FOR ALL YOUR BUILDING NEEDS Spahn & Rose Lumber Co :ni!;!:!H!m:!n!:-!:^

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