The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts on July 15, 1963 · Page 11
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The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts · Page 11

North Adams, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Monday, July 15, 1963
Page 11
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MONDAY AFTERNOON. JULY IS, 1963 THE NO*TH ADAMS. MASSACHUSETTS. TRANSCRIPT ELEVEN S3i«BB£A_«| SA^rreVcW TO THIS II LOCK AT IT SATcKiW. ' yea, r HAD PLANNED TO USE DON'T CO IT!, DON'T W IT.' StN6U$5K, SMOKED 6LA55, PHOT06f?AflU N£«ATlVE?,..eV6J WELDK'S &AS5E5 AREN'T SAFE (WftKCTW VtEtt)!N6 AN ECLIPSE! HW WXJl'O "rM aWHM-taWST j FEEL IF I CLOSED ,W OBTAINS, I AND STAGED ftfBEP ALLOW? BEETLE BAILY fly Mort Walker STUPIP cEP ASKING 6TOP1P QUESTIONS.' STOP.' STOP.'.' 7-lS POSO— By V*.ltK»!!» JU. PO IT, BUT MAMA PINT KAIS& HBR 0oy TO B& KAT, CrTAZycC! NOT. OUST Trty TEAKIN' OUT... •me BRICK WPN'T HUKT AM' WE'LL. BLONDIE— Bv Chick Yoi:n<j THESE BILLS ARE OUTRASEOUS- YOU H^VE TOO MANY CHAR: ACCOUNTS CREOIT IS T>HE LIFEBLOOt OF OUR COUNTRV'S E CONOM1 TERRY— By &»orga Wunde: "WAR&OW/ W«<T// AltA OF YOU.' YOU ARE AT \ ATTENTION/ HUP/TWO.M DIXIE DUGAN—Dixie Faces It By McEvoy and Stribn s THE FIGURE OF 3CRIM APPROACHES, THE sr RANGE CHILD HIDES IN THE BEHCH OF JHE SUMMERHOUSE HOUGH ' BY EVENTS, DETfaMtNES TO PROTECTIKR- YOU HIDE IF VOL) FEEL VOL) MUST — BUT I'M COING TO STAMP RIGHT HERE--- TH£ JACKSON TWINS— By Dick Brooki _^ /VA JUST PASS OUT "" ' ADS ABOUT THE IT'S A NEAT WAV TO EACN ALL 'AQUA SkrlMMEP THE MONEY VA CWE Al£, TWINS? TWIN SO' AN' WATEP SKI • LET US AGENTS KNOW IF VA DON'T LIKE THE WORKIN' CONPI - WONDEP IF THEY EVEP ) BOTHQOFORTH6 j-^ SAME GUV? j > NANCY— By ErnioBushmilltr TRUDY Jajrry Marcu MY DAD WENT TO AFRICA ON A SAFARI AND WOULDN'T TAKE ME ALONG OH,FORG-ET ABOUT THAT, OLE SAFARI—LETS GO ON A PICNIC ,„ GOO0 IDEA "Trudy, if tliaf't YOU — you're in trouble)." FLOORS SANDED and H. Dupe., 743-9085. 1-lOSTANflfOUW) LOST — SEALPOINT Siamese femal* Dark Coloring. L»t >Mn vklnity Hoxsey Street, Wllllametown. Re ward. GL t-t71S or GL I »?J4. 4-4ERVKES Factory Trained SERVICE On 1 lawn mow»r», outboard motors, go-carts, mow blow. eri, And ill typ«i of »m« giloline engine!. COUNTRY PEDLAR State Road, Willianutown CABINET MAKER Architectural Woodwork Furniture Reproduction Rafinishine; CARL A. TAYLOR Stamford 1 OX 4.1285 W«NTIO — Middle-age woman ai waitress and maid In private home for 3 months, beginning Sept. 15. Wouti* pr«F«r nrte with experience. Live-in, One day week off. Slvl re- lirene»s. Reply P.O. Box 5 Williams- lown. »L'S TP'JCKINQ — Ash« «n« wtf bl»h removed. Plal 3-5690. AI lepel. B. E. GARDNER Home Improvement. Roofing, Siding, Gutters, Chimneys, Wasonry, Parrttlng apd Tree Removal. Work guarantee 1 , fully insured. MO 3 8739. CUT GRASS, power machinery. Weed- Ing, flower beds, raking. Call anytime. MO 3-599J. COMPLETE DECORATING, interior and Interior. Men (utly Insured. Neat and reasonable. JO'iN ALLARD, Painting Contractor, ^all MO 3-Bill after 5 p.m. EXCELLENT PIANO TUNIrtO — Ca. Peebles Jewelry, MO 3-721S. K, O, Davis, reflnlshed. ILLJ rLUUNS MAUt Lint HEW. Slnd ing and refinlshlng. Floors installed. Pittstield Floor Sanding Co. Free estimates given. Call 743-2528. GRADE MORGAN MARE Bay, 6 years rides an< drives, excellent dlsposi- tian. style and manners, MO 3-9M3 or MO 36901. PAINTING AND PAPERHANGING, Work neatly done. Go anywhere. Sample books on request. Montgomery 743-0607. RAY'S ANTENNA SERVICE No. Hooiac Rd. GL <-539l Willlamslown SERVICE FOR SEWING MACHINES, Singer. White, all imported mi- chines. Also vacuum cleaners anc small appliances repaired, all makes by factory trained mechanics. Free estimates. MO 3-6531. 5-HELP WANTED MALE APPLIANCE SERVICEMAN Genera! Household Appli ancej—TV De«ir»d but not essential, must b« able to read basic tlectric schematics—Locate with national established firm (CAR NECESSARY) — Good Salary— 40-hour week. Writ* Transcript Box 514 giving full particulars and stating qualifications. MAM WITH SCYTHE wanted to cul small plot of h»y, MO 3-8700. ROUTE SALES, 5t slops dally. SIS I week to start. Must hive car. Call Hi 34644. WANTED — FARM HAND to help out Call Savoy 2651. CLASSIFIED BUSINESS DIRECTORY Aluminum Products A, OeSANTY ALUMINUM CENTEX Expart Repair* on Aluminum Window* and Screen* Our Only &u*tnes* Sine* 19&2 174 Slate Rd. MO 1-1521 Ait* Sorvlc* GEORGE'S TIRE, RADIATOR 1 BODY WORKS. INC. -ring us youi raejlttoi trovbHni 20 Porter St. North Adami MO S-7I2S Applionc* Repair QAGLIARDI'E Majoi Appliance ft»rvl*.s> Automatlo VV«shsr. . Specialty • 11 Union SI. N»ft>i Adams MO 3-374« Bicycles NEW and USEO Bicycles and Repaint LEO'S VARIETY and BIKE SHOP 122 Cola Ava-. Wllllamstown GL a-3343 Full OB •rrn on co. 1(0 Heuihton St, North Adtms MO I-2S3& Nursirx] Horn** HOMESTEAD NURSINQ HOME Mr*. Eva Dar|l«y Pr*prl«t«i H5 East Main St MO a-4Vtt« RICHARDSON MIST HOMI Mrs. M. Rlch»rd«em. Prepilartcr 767 So Chuirh 81 MO S-tOM Oil lurnwr Stnric* BERTOLI OIL CO, lit VartaMIn Av» North Mems MO 38600 SI I-SOK Plumbintj «nd H<ratlr>« ALBERT D(LISU « CO. 1 Dean SL A«ame 741-1M) Rubber Stomp* A NORTHERN IERKSHIRI MF4. CO. Inc. Rubber Stamps Meriting Devtcee Supplies and Engraved Nemeplates 179 Bracewell Av«., aw. HoUjMon IL North A0«m» Mo 4.»eXU TroiUrt KMKSHIK CAMrers SALCS * MNTALt it Drove St. 74J.1400 AdanH After S p.m and Sat. Apache and HI-Lo Trailers. . Reservations Now (emi Accepted Travel trailer! In many all* and «tyl*s. Ill MOI1LIHOMU Mohawk Trail Attics Contain Articles Which Would Sell For Vacation Cash- Dial MO 3-3741 i-HQf W«NTEI Mill WANTED M«n with I TO 3 y»«r« «xp»ri- ene» in General Machine Shop Work. Call MO 3-6501, Ex*. 51. Mri. Hott. JAMES HUNTER MACHINE CO. North Ad«m>, M<». 1 CethMl, «4.«0i 1 roll iway bed »20, 1 buerau, 115; 2 clothes easels, |10 each; 2 transistor radios; 2 me? le chain, $2 each; 1 maple bed, 15; 1 electric Steve, »75: 1 «lec. trie battery radio. SISj 1 dining- room sel, 115; 14" rims, Ford. Si • pair; 14" rims, Plymouth, Ib a pair; ( tires, 14-1»; run 9x1?, >15; »lu> other articles Call 7430681. S Albert St., Adams, Mas. MJELF WANTED FEMALE DO YOU NIED EXTRA MONEY? 175 CM! yours for selling only 100 Pearl Splendor Christmas Card assortments, »32.50 lor JO boxes, »)5.<X> for 25 fco»«s. etc. Fret persenall'ed samples, plus feeding boxes on l» proval. Write today. II costs yeu nothing to try. CHEERFUL CARD CO.. H.408 White plains, N.Y. H.EIO MONEY — Sell m« your houie- hold Inrnlshlnfl, attic contents, picture Irames, old dishes. SYVEE- REVS USED FUJIN;TIJRE, la tank .IVE IN HOUSEKEEPER for wemin living alone. Pleasant surroundings. Write Transcript Box 517, North Adams. WANTED — reliable woman to tin for ene child a few evenings J week. Call MO 3-SI85. WHY WORRY about vacation meney! A few hours spent In friendly conversation selling Aven will provide e good fncome. Write Marjorie Tufts, (ox 1«SZ, Lenox. Mass. Phone 44 2111J. S ROOM HOUSE, garage, on Could Rd., Adami. Must have references. Seen on premises week of July 15. Stanley Michahkl 57 Franxlln St. Holycke, Mast, 533-56S3. ID-INSTRUCTION PRIVATE INS1 RUCTIONS. Plane plena accordion. Call Adami 7' 1129 betwe*n S and ( p. m. 11-LIVESTOCKAHDPETS AKC MINIATURE SCHNAUZ£R$. YORK K'L, Shlourne, Miss. MA 5-6195. DOGS AND CATS boarded. Will.or. Way farm, Clarksburg, MO 2-2566. PINE COMLE KENELS — Boarding of dogs and cats. Reservations ar* ranged. Notch Read, Cell M0<-9t60 PURE»REO COLLIE PUPPIES. William A. Dean, West Bold, Adams, 743-8044. 12-MERCHANDISE FOR SALE INLAID LINOLEUM TILES Chalet of Miny Pittim* IDC p - T ,r "We Loin You the Toals And We Show Yw How" WM. RUDNICK COMPANY 134 AshUnd St. PIONEER CHAIN SAWS CUT AGAIN NU 17 .. Now Only $139.95 620 Now Only $199.95 Introducing 700 . . $229.95 JERRY'S H'DWARE STORE Main St. R«adiboro, Vt. •OAT COVERS 12, 14, 16 foet »14.9! up. Gasoline cans 74c up. Plastic boats, or lop model $79.95 — Fibre (lass car top boats $14-4! down. Evinrude 10 H.P. cutboire motor $25.00 down. S X 10 foe! tent factory Imperfect, retular price 562 now only 134.95; Ear pluit 2Ae up; Nose plufs 4Sc pair: life vests JJ.iO up CENTER SPORTS 29 Mlln St. We pay cash for userf sjunl, portable typewriters, ftolf clubs. COMPLETE"' 1 /, size bed, Like new. Mrs. Frances Weznlak. 103 North Summer St., Adirns. CUSHMAN MAPLE Dinlnf-room set, I piece, like new. No reasonable; offer refused. Silver service lor 12, never used, >20. MO 2-2950. OK OUTSTANDING Musical Values on pianos, organs, (uitars, ttereos, drums or used pianos, organs, tars or anything musical new and used. Our row prices make it worth coming to our Pltlsfleld store, many do. Open 6 days and Wednesday, Thursday, Friday evenings till 9. All type musical supplies. We rent pianos, organs or anything musical. Rent before you buy. Tuning and repairing experts. LISI BROTHERS, Plane and Musical Supplies, 444 North St.. Pmifleld . HI 7-»73«. OAOLIARDI't — Better Used plfancos — Large MToetlon — to G months guarantee*. Rebuilt washers a specialty. 25c and 50C mater plan available on new ana used appliances. GAGLIARDI'S Inc., 9-11 Union St. MO J-374«. "Ser. vice After Sales." GIRL'S ENLOISH (ICYCLC, excellent condition. Call MO 1-3141 ~~~ cartop 8-foot See Bond, 8 KRIS KRAFT plywood pram, aho carrier, Crandall SI., Adams LOOK BEFORE YOU IUY: You ha the fudge. Then count your savings. All new merchandise, Parlor »ets, maple dan sets, bedroom sets, kitchen ssls, wool ru|s, congoleums, mattrassee and box tprlngs. Loungers, swivel and platform rockers, Hundreds of more items. Never undersold. ALSO TOP QUALITY used furniture and appliances bought and .old. KINO'S AUCTION CENTER, Xtamlord, Vt. Tal, OX 4-1269. Open C days a week. 10 A.M. to I P.M. Closed Mondays. MILEAGE walking meter*, (Pedome. ters) reduced to »5.9«. Horse Shoe sets »4.9« set of 4. Portable Typewriter in «ood condition 535 Walk la Talkies »•«..»! a sel. Rubber boatl 11J.95 up. Tennis rackets re atrung *3.95. CENTER SPORTS It Main St. Cash paid for usld «uni portable typewriters and golf clues NEED MONirTw. buy anything ana ACrWACE, B 1 -. . ...... , . * __.i — .JLJ-- tn Fi mnrihirti. Will «l» ••JL on consljnmant. COUNTRY LAR. State Road. Willlamslown PARLOR SUITE. 2 piece. MO. IrTtoSd condition. 743-2S32 afur S p.m. SEE THE NEW I9«3 Johnson Motors, also fishing beats and trailers. Com plete line of fishing rods, reels fishing boots, vests and creels, Live crawlers. Coll clubs * carts. Base ball glows, shoot bats and ball* Bit line Al guns and ammo. Binoo ular*, ale-eplnff bag* »nd camplni tents, and many other Items tor th« true sperHmah. W« lake toot In trade or buy them outright • ILL'S SrOHTINfl GOODS. JIO Slat* St., North Adams. Til. MO 3-7645. UUO APPLIANCE ML(! Itafranrc tors, 110, SIS, SM, fMeranW. T»l«vl«ion Mtt, »IO «nei uf>. AIM vvMlwn, ranges and dry»r». CtN- TRAI RADIO CO., RaAwrH Drive YOUN« ion blcytle also girl's bl eytle; 9 vanatlan blinds, a««ort«d sires, goftd condition. MO 4»12» or MO 3-M42, Tj 7 HYDROPLANE libernliss boil with steering cablet and wheel, Brand new. Best offer accepted MO 3-7307. U%t » Vrnptr Rrachfr If Gel F*«ittl Acllon |» S«ll ir Buy 12-WRCHWDtSE fM SUE A CALL PAYS CASH FOK ALL KINDS OF JUNK MOUTH ADAM* JUNK CO. TEL, MO 3-3407 CHESHIRE—3 nice large rooms furnished, also heal and hoi water. Call 743-0902. tu> ALL KINDS Of JUNK. Hlthe.t price aaM for newspaoara. Hlrry r*«e*hntek, MO 3 8913 bitwitn 41 p,m, Cover A(jam», Wllliamslown, stamforrf, COMPLETELY FURNISHED four room upstairs apartment.. Two bedrooms. Porch. Available through September 6. Reasonable. MO 39931 „.,, - USED FUfWTURE St. MO ? ?M1. WE MY CASH for used guns ol take trade. BILL'S SPOItlINU them In . . _ GOODS, 310 3-7845. State XI., Oil MO WHAT MOT SHOP. We buy (id sel neM and used furniture, lest p.ic.s pild. MO 49139. 160 Eagle Street. U-HOUSES FOR RENT IN WILUAMSTOWN — Modtrn ft room f&r itn 1. SI 14A-RESORTS AND COTTAGES •IRCHILL, Summit Lake, N. Y. Ljk« front lots, piped water, sandy beach. Fin* swimming & fishing. 1 ',i hrs, from North Adims. Ai|yl» 638 8526. DUPLEX COTTA6E, Windsor Pond. Ac commodates 7 parsons. All utilities. 743-1513. IWIIRNISHED APARTMENTS TWO ROOM AND ONE room apart- mint, furnished. 66 Eagle Street. MO 3-3322. 24-IUTOS AND TRUCKS You will get a real b*ng out of driving ona of our July 4lh Used Car Specials, w« have Whisllers & Bangers and Sparfcfers, a coupfe of Scooters and a real bomb or iwo. Check these and come up A by the one you like f Fair " at the "Home of r Play", E. J. ROBERTS & SON, INC. ' Jacksonville, Vermont ' Phone Empire 8-2318 NEW '63 Jeep Dispatcher Convertible lop & top boot, whilcwalls, heater A fine second car — economical and sturdy— only $1795 63 Demo Beige Impala 4dr. V8 H'dtop 62 Mania Convertible, 4 speed, cream with black lop, ve;y fancy. 62 Corvalr Deluxe wagon P.G. 6,000 miles, 62 Coivarr Coupa 4 Sp, leans. Fold scat 62 Chev. 2 dr. Radio, Heater, Foul-. traction. 61 Ford Galaxle Convertible, clean, VyiLLIAMSTOWN — Furnished two! 61 Cndiliac Conv. Black. Real sharp, room apartment. West Mlln Street.I 61 Rambler Classic Super Wagoni bid. Available July and August. GL 61 Chev. Conv. Red 6 cyl. °yerdnv(e. 8.5554 6J Plymouth 4 dr. Belvedere Std. Shift . 61 Coivair 700 Coupr-, Powerghde. , IVILLIAMSTOWN — Main..Street, Four 51 Chev. 4 dr. Wgn. 6 Sid. Greerr. . room apartment. Available month of August. GL 6-3648. 2 ROOM FURNISHED apartment, nice and cftan. All utilitrt* furnished. Call MO 3'9420. 36' HOUSETflAfUR furnished, 3 rooms. Swimming privileges included at ChUson's Pond. MO 3-6901. 16-UNFURNISNED APARTMENTS ..... . Muil. ful grounds. Centrally located. Available August 1st. Write Transcripl Box 515, North Adams. ADAMS — 6 room flat upstairs. Sun porch, gaiage. Oil heat. Newly de corated- 29 Mejrose St. 743-0409. ATTRACTIVE 3 ROOM APARTMENT, ground floor, centrally [ocaled, olljs^ cn ev 4 d heal. NORTH ADAMS TRANSCRIPT Classified Real Estate Mart Featuring {he Beit Reel Eitere Values in N«rikern Berkshire 20-HOUSES H)R SALE For Rent or S«U WILLIAMSTOWN 5-Room Modern Bungalow Located on Stat» Road. 2 Bedrooms, Parlor, Kitchen, Dinttte, Large Lot. Inquire at the 60 Chev. Wen, V8-9 Pas, - - , 60 Chev. Wgn. 6 Std. 4 df. Red, „ 60 Chev. Irnpala Coirpe 4 Sp. Trans, 60 Chev. Impala 4 dr. V8 P.G. 60 Willys 4 wheel drive Wagon A Plow 60 Corvalr 4 dr. Sid. shift. Blue. 59 Olds 4 dr. Radio, Hydramatic. 59 Chev Impala V8 sport coupe, P.G. 59 Chev, V8 Impala 4 dr, P.G. Black 59 Chev. Impala Sport Sedan, V8, automatic, low mileage. 59 Ford flanchwaEon V8 Blue & White I 59 Fortl Galaxie Hardtop V8 Aulo. 58 Corvette Conv. 3 Sp. Trans. Nice. !>8 Qldsmobite 4 dr, Hyd. Radio. 58 Ford V8 Fairlane 4 dr. Auto. , VB Powerglide. . Wrile Transcript Box 496,! 5fi olds H^rdlop, a gootl one. North Adams. __ 153 WilJvi 4x4 VJagon & Plow. decoral. 52 Willys 4x4 Wagon 6 cyl. North =' Willys 4x4 V/ofcr Fish e rmen. FIVE ed.s h,,w e Adams Transcript. _ 6Q chjv Sljburb an Agood scliool bus. FOUR ROOM APARTMENT first floor.; 59 Chev. '/, ton slake, Hard to find, Heat and hot walcr furnished. Ov<n'59 Willys 4x4 Pickup. Gray. thermostat. 27 North St. Call MO b9 Ford 4*4 Dump Body Pickup. 3-8317. J55 Int. Pickup. Runs real well. .„-.. .,„ ,_ u , . —TJ55 Willys Stake Pickup 4 T ploiv. IDEAL MODERN 6 room ap«rtm«_nj,l 54 ,„, y4x4 2 y(f . Dum p 4 Plow. near Mark Hopkins School. 2 hcd rooms. Write P.O. Bnx 446 North Adams. 52 Ford Pickup & cyl. Good. THREE ROOM MODERN apartment. Heat and hot water furnished. Car space. 65 Meadow SI. MO 3-9612. THREE ROOMS AND BATH. Upstairs. Newly renovated. Private yard and porch. 13 Tyler Street. UO 3-8374. WILUAMSTOWN—7 Hall SI. downstairs 5 loom apartment. Immediate occupancy. Call GA 3-5461. 8 RAND ST. 5 rooms, slave heat, adults preferred. Call MO 3-5644 after 5 p.m. 1960 FORD Galaxie 4-Door Sedan, V-8. Radio and Heater, Positraction. $995 6 ROOM TENEMENT, newly papered & painted, thild floor. Near school.] May be seen after 5 o'clock. 23 Walnut St. S»«f« Ro.d Willidrrutown 5-ROOM RANCH Attached garage. Aluminum window] and storm door, all Undtcaped.- Pries reduced. Call MO 3-7678 3JJROOMS UPSTAIRS apartment. Heat ADAMS — 150 acre country farm with excellent view. House and b«rn. 75 acres open. Close to like. Call or write MUTTER REAL ESTATE, 351 Pleasant Street. Northampton, Justice 4-3382. open evenings. ROOM UPSTAIRS tenement. Sleam heat, empty July 21st. Residential neighborhood, adults preferred. Write Transcript Box 514 Nortli Adams. s ROOM "APARTMENT 364 Asntand [ Street — Upslairs — Oil furnace, tile kitchen and bath — May be seen after 5 p.m. j 5 ROOM APARTMENT, near schools 4-Door Slalion and Sprague. Inquire in person al tomaiic. Radio __1B5 HougMon Street. ',(,.„, eoni );M 0 n. 5 ROOM TENEMENT, hardwood floors. stove heat. Adults only. Call MO 2-2800 between 6 A 8 p.m. Call MO'3-3591 Private Sale, Terms Can Be Arranged Wa 5 on. V-8. Air- and Heafer. Excel- ROOM MOD~ERN apartment. Yard", [ardtn space. Cail MO 4-*381/. 4 ROOMS AND BATH, floor coverings and blinds, inquire 292 Houghton St. after 4. 4 ROOMS with bath, available al 4 Miner St. on or about June 21. Easy to heat, low rental. MO 3-3746. Many More Cars and Trucks to Chooja From ADAMS AUTO CO. 72 Columbia St., Adams Dial 743-0204 and hot water furnished. Wired fo electric stove, centrally located. MO 3-3611. 3 ROOM APARTMENT completely derrmed, heat and hot waler, $17 a week, Adults only MO 3-663-1. 2—FollR ROOM apartments, newly renovated. Stove heat. Call MO 3-9420. For a GOOD WILL used cai See MOHAWK MOTORS |Mam ana Marshall Sls_ MO 3-3723 ^o" SAVE t400— 1961 CJ5 Jeep, lull slcel 2 LARGE ROOM heated apartment. upstairs 3-6J65. . at 169 Pleasant St. MO cab. new red paint. A new polar-grip tires; greatly desired right-hand drive. Excellent condition throuRli- out. Never used for prr.wirie or towing. Call MO 3-6?SO. ask for Art. ' 17-ROOMS FOR RENT CAPE CODS, Colonials. Ranchers— „„„., , frorn »12,000—$47.009, some re- NICE ROOM (or quire hard work and ime«ination, others are immaculate and ready ^ancy. For an appolrtlmen! 15 or GL 8-30SS. STROUT for occu OL 8-39. REALTY. Lucis—Kennedy. MODERN SEVCN ROOM house. IS baths. Two stall larafe. New development off Franklin Slreet. Beau- tlfully landscaped. Three bedrooms. MO j SS2I. NIVV FIVE mlc bath, ROOM RANCH with ceri oasebeird hel welei heat Fire- with ell, basement lirage. place, alumnium windows and doors, blautiful maple KIKhen which Includes Tappan «ll«t-ln range, hotpolnt disposal and double bowl stainles steel sink. Located at 100 Walker St.. City. Waler. sewer. near school. Lot site 10x412' Oood residential location.. Onlv «16.500. .. COLLINS, GAQLIARDI 3-3746. N 'WTLUAM'STOWN house, breezeway, nlv « , Real lty. MO — 3 bedroom , , 2 car garage. Available lor occupancy August 8. Call Gt 8-3171. "THE SPRUCES" has xvaral prospects weltlnt to sell then houses before movlru Into the park. The listings ara fret to anyone — no commission* involved. ROOM HOUSE, cabinet kitchen, new wiring and heating system, can easily be coverled into 2 family Centrally located. MO 3-3616. 7 ROOM fioUsTr43~No. Hcosac Rd,, Williamslown, 2 garages. Gas heat; lot 150x150, plenty ol shade trees. GL 8-4719. i ROOM COTTAGE, cabinet kitchen with snick b»r. shower, oil Kell. nice yard, new siding. Owner Leav. Ing town. MO 3-6239 mornings. 22-MOBILEHOMES F YOU PLAN TO PURCHASE a Mo- bilehc-me tirtt investigate the dealer by Inquiring from his previous customers. Anyone Is welcome to visit THE SPRUCES and select from our tile of over 1200 customers or walk through the park and talk wilh any of the residents. it. with or without board. Tel. 743-9020, West Mounlain, Cheshire. id double ROOM i BOARD, Single rooms, "The Pinr 8-9155. s Lodge" Call Gl ROOMS TO RENT — Light house keeping if desired. Inquire it""24* E. Main St. Tel, MO or MO J-6631. VIC and PAUL'S Motor Sales . Imported Sports Cars Austin Hcaloy. MGB. MS 1100. Sprits ,207 Stale Rd. MOJJ-_7746 li9^F7oRD~~C()NVERTiiLE Galnxie 500 Sunliner, Fordamatic. big engine, low mileage. Must sell. GL 8-4940 after 6 p.m. T962 IM~PALA CONVERTIBLE Standard 6. 52450. 743-3936 alter 6 p.m. jieTvALIANT 2 door, beige, one owner heater, snow tires, standard, A 1 condilion S1600, GL 8-4036. I960 JEEP, in good condition. Call 743-1665. ask for Jnhn. MoTST 9" .._ ,0 rent. References • ISMJlMCAJJo^ exchanged. Call GL 8-3027 at6p.m.;j9bs CHEVROLET Delray 2 door !n. dan 6 cylinder, Automatic. CARM CANCfiO MOTOR SALES 429 Cur- TWO SINGLE FURNISHER ROOMS (or Gentleman. Kitchen, bath with shower. Furnished heit and hot waler. Pleasant and cenlrally local ed. MO 3-9005. 24-AUTOS AND TRUCKS '41 CHEW—2-Door, 348, V-8. Standard 'i! PONTIAC— 4 Door, V-8. Standard '58 FORD—Converfible, V-8, Full Power 56 PLYMOUTH—2 Door, V.8, Automatic QUALITY AUTO SALES 650 Curran Highway Open 9 a. m. to 9 p. m. MO 3-3861 A JEEP is an ideal second car And il pays for itself. Come lo Jeep Headquarters (or the facts. FRANK'S MOTOR SALES. 615 Ashland North Ad»ms MO 2-J981. St.. ran Hwy. MO 2-2508. '5C FORD 2 door hardtop, power steering automatic, PFJDERCINI'S AUTO SME5. 467 Curran Hwy,, opposilc WMNB. Call MO 22920 or MO 3-8784. 1957 CHEVY—I door. 6 cylinder. Standard, 48 OOr "iiles. Excellent condition $725. Call LO rOrtier, 7431752 alter 4 p.m. 19^56" K3RD CONVERTIBLE V8, New top. Can be seen at Windsor Motors between 9 a m.—5 p.m. l'95T~CHEVR01.ET Convertible. Very good condition, $250. Call OX 4-1350 anytime. 1955 DeSoto Firodome Hardtop, $250. Call MO 2-2-I9/. '54 FORD Convertible. Good condition. Radio and hpator. Automatic, Power Brakes. MO 3-6984. T953~MGTD CLASSIC, Radio and hearer", goorf condition Call WO 3-/V/9 weekdays altr 6 p ni. ALWAYS a good selection of used rj-i ailTn cftDTC DPPAIP? can. BRFWER BROS.. 277 fthl.nd il —AU I U rflKli, KtrfllK4 St CADILLAC — 1956. 4 Ooor Ecdan DeVille. Completely reconditioned. Must be seen to be appreciated. THE SPRUCES. DICK SCARAFONI FORD, atop shopping center 179 State; 3-6! 16. 'St Your ona FORD. North Adams MO Will Deliver Auto Parts Anywhere 20 Mii>utc Service CHARTRAND AUTO CO. Open 88 MO 3-7869 BoaliiiR 'Hugs' Arc \Vakhint; This I';iRe Avidly— Sell Your Do.-il Ntiw UNUSUALLY attractive Gold Seftl Mobilehome. 50' x 10', 2 B.R.-F.K.- washer-25' awning. Like new musl be seen to be appreciated. 7433581. 23-REAt ESTATE WANTED AI..AIODE A1LE to bi sold yet! W« hav« cash customers lor 1, 2. 3 or 4 family housa-s. Phone us nor,. T. F. Rocht At«nc». Dlel MO S-JSli or MO 1-Iltt. Bunial«w«, Camo., Ou. Firfn* M 6 u i • *. LOU t BflOKER, Tal. 743-K8I. •U1LOINO LOT» wanted. Cat! Campoli Conslnictlon Co m pa ny-MO 3-3808. • UTINO! SELLING! tENTINQT JrwVs Real Estate and Rental Service, 1360 S. Chuich St., MO 39382. It YOUR HOWE fOR JAMES MANUEL AGENCY. You'll b« (lad you did. Phone MO I916b • nytlm*. Try tha . V' LIST YOUR PROffRTY with mel Lerj Mastroiannl Roil Estate Broker, IS Dover St., MO 2-2TS3. tbLOt Yes — ttw larger part e/t our tratlngt have b**n sow. We need ell typ** ol htvnes n Aelam* and Cheshire — «tp«clally 2 3 »nd 4-bodroom «ln«l«« which are in great demand, for selective handling ol your horn*, phone SAWYER •OlSVERT, REALTOh. Mem> 74J. 0034. T* »UY or SELL REAL F.1TATE A. «CAVO tUAL'tsfATE §WKEf« Dial MO 39MO. WANTIO — a er < room houaa with 3 bedrooms and land, In outskirts nl city. Reasonable. CHI MO 3-3164 altar 6 p.m. WHY NOT list you i p,'op«rt Four salesman. Oallua-DI Estate and Insurance Ag»ncy, with usf ~ COLD CUTS A quick and welcomed change for you and ilie {amily from those monotonous everyday meals. Ordtr by number of slices, this give you A larger assortment without having to buy so many packages to g«t variety. They are all priced at only 69c Ib. Any Combination Minced Ham, Bologna, Veal Loaf, Pimionto Loaf, Pepper Loaf, Hamburg Loaf, Spiced Loaf, 4 Way Loaf, Jellied Corned Beef, Headcheese, Cooked Salami, Olive Loaf, Macaroni Loaf, Chopped Ham, Liverwurst, Polish Rings, Skinless Frankfurts. You can't buy better—why pay more? REMEMBER! It'i Not the Price Per Package Bui the Priet P«r Pound That Counts. BATEMAN'S City Market "Quality Since 1874" <H MAIN STREET MO 3-3271

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