Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 9, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 9, 1939
Page 3
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ftQl>t SfAft,JJOttL SOCIETY O_ frira. Sid Henry Telephone 321 I.onesnmi' Houses Dp.wlr/l, lonely, li.v Ilic road it stamls, A wi'i'-liit hnii^i', time-worn unil scur- I'Pil ;nid Hriiy; Ko lilu.> ii lilllo empty ni-.st dropped down KcAiu'liini's by lawless winds in boisf- I'l'ous play. The f:<KK'n\K blinds swim; idly in the A wind. 'Ilic uld ,|,,u>- ;,u.p th.-it once thrilled at tin- touch Of lunriiif! feet, is envorcd now with (lust. Such is the price \ V e pny. Life n;;|c:; so nuii-li. MONDAY - TUESDAY Matinee Tuesday 2:15 ' L———-" DAVIS MIKI.VM HOPKINS IE RIM WEDNESDAY A Football Special (-'"$1000, a Touchdown' I wonder ftninntiinai if old houses long T(. hcnr a sudden slamming of a door, (.ilacl voices callin;; out from room lo room. The rush uf hurryinfj fi-ot jc.ro.ss the floor. Fiirsiiki-n, lonely, by tho road i( slands Unlu-cflrd by (he life that hurncs by: I turn to go. and wonder if thirl .sound Wi«; but the wind. Or d<i loneKonv: houses cry'.'-'-Selected. Mrs. .1. \V. Wimbprl.v and Miss Pansy Wimberly were Sunday visilois in Ark; di'lphin iiiv.l ntlemk-d (he <lt"(ica- lion of the nt'W science Irill ,-it Iti-n- (Icirun Stale Touchers c-ollcf.'o. Mi.s-; Charlotte Stuart of Hot Springs is Ihn K'lost of JUT t'r.-indp.-trciil.-;, Mr. ami Mrs. K. G. Mcliiic. Mi.vs Virgil- Sittton .spent Ihn wec'k- c-nd in Malvcrn. the /{iK-M of Mr. and Mrs. David Wai'mii-k. Dr. Clias Chnmplin midorwcnt ,-in iippcndix opi'niliun at tin.. Josephine lnis|iil:il Sunday mornmj; anil his many friends will lie j;linl lo luiow Ilia) his (Miidilitin is reported ;IH lieiiij; satis- factoiy. MGE OUR BOARDING HOUSE . . with.. , MAJOR HOOPLE % EGAD, BUSTER,SNIFFING TUOSE CUVGrvMCALS M NAY LABORATORY MUST UAVE AGGRAVATED TUE OLD v ,- y , ASTHMATIC AILAAE-NT i CONTRACTED ^ IN ICELAND/ TELL MARTHA TO PREPARE A BOWL OF SOUP, A STEAK WITH MUSHROOMS AMD A DISH OF RICE- NO TASTE FOR FOOD, BUT'l MUST BUILD ENOUGH "RESISTANCE TO CARRY ON WITH PLIGHT IS NOT UNLIKE THAT OF TH1 ET. KEATS .TOILING AT W\S I JUST SAW THE M1S5U5-SHE' SAID TO TELL ' VOL) THERE'S A • PAN OF VlASM OM THfe T-IRE, BUT SUE'S MOT SENDING ANY ENGRAVED INVITATIONS.' NOW, IT'S MY ' BET HE HAS BOTH PEET 'M THE FLOOR. BY 7 RM, AND THAT HE COMES OUT OF HIS Miss Mnrjorio KastorliiiR under- wont iin emrrKoin-y ;jppei]dirilis »p- rriitiun Sunday nii'lil ,-it Julia Chester .1. R. Floyd nf the WI'A personnel in Kl Dorado sjienl the week-end with The Morning After-Taking Carters Little Liver Pills r7M¥M Starts Tuesday DOUBLE FEATURE HORROR AT SEA! SUB SINKS BRITISH LINER; TO THE LIFE BOATS! "U-BOAT 29" — and — ROBERT TAYLOR HEDY LAMARR in — PLUS LATEST NEWS .NI6WTINGALE" DYING THE A6 25 o A ODE TO A WHILE CORNER o 1 -O o" O vo. JO ) core i»3»r>Y NT* STRUCT. INC 'IWLL IT BE, MACTOR -^^OR. Mrs. Floyd and family. Mi".; F,li/abeth Green of the Tox- nrkann. Arkansas, higli school faculty ^|H•nl the wpi'k-etui will) her ]>arents, Mr. mid Mrs. Geori'.e M. Green and • illiei- Inline folk.-;. KIIRPIH? Manlcy. NYA nrcn supervisor. \V;iricn. Ark., was the weekend ^ui.'i-t of Edward T. Wayte. The John G.-iin chapter, 13. A. R. Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On Crpomuision relieves promptly because it goes right to the sent of the trouble to loosen germ laden phlegm, Increase secretion and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. No matter how many medicines you have tried, tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding that you are to like the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION forCoughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis .MONDAY l::i(). •!, 7 & !l Ann Sheridan. ,lns. Ellison in "SOKORITY llOUSir No. 2 "Smuggled Cargo" With Rochelle Hudson .... 'n.'l-:SI)AY & WEDNKSDAY DOUBLE FEATURE A Thrilling Wfslfrn KKX LKASH - in "The Ghost Rider" No. 2 JUNE LANG. LYLE TALBQT in "O.N'K WIU) NIGHT" Witt). ONLY— IN 1'ERSO-N - ON STAGE "The Sunshine Boys" A New Serial by Jerry Brondfield Beginning Soon in Star Gridiron DALLAS. Texas -(/Pi— Sympathy en me ;i trifle too soon for a couple of football teams down here in the Southwest. The wake they for Texas, a , team that won only one game last year, has ended. Last riles for Arkansas a pro-season gi;jnt that lost a miserable game to vastly underrated Mississippi JLtate, have been indefinitely postponed. The mourning has shifted to other quarters, notably Texas Christian, the defending champions. But the corps is also liable to walk there any day. To get to the case of Texas, a pathetic sight to most fans just a couple of weeks back. Today, the boy.s of Bible are handing out the greatest shocks of the scclor. Saturday's 17-7 smashing of Wisconsin, a team the handicappers figured was ]3 points better, was proof that those Texas sophomores want to play football. The grand gang of kids— Jack Grain, R. B. Patrick, Wildhorse Hayes, R. L. will resume activities for the chapter year with n Tea on Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Chas. Haynes, West Second street. Mr. and Mrs. Edward McFaddin have ashore guest, Mrs. McFaddin's mother. Mrs. Millie McCammon of Fort Worth, Texas. Mr. nncl Mrs. Roy Jones and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Anderson were Sunday visitors at Lake Hamilton and Hot dr Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Keith and chili-en of Texarkana were Sunday visitors of the E. G. Coops. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wardlaw visited with relatives and friends in Little Hock Sunday. WANTED LOG TRUCKS and LOG CUTTERS Virgin Hardwood Phone 2-15 •Apply In Hope Heading Co." Harkins, Jimmy Grubb, et al—that swarmed all over the Big Ten team will be back next week at Dallas to meet another of the nations great teams—Oklahoma. The Sponers tumbled great Northwestern 23-0, Saturday. Sixteen of the 25 Texas players in Saturday's game were sophs. The veterans are on fire with the same spirit. And Arkansas? The team that looked so pitful against Mississippi State bounced off the ropes like champions to outfight Texas Christian and get a 14-13 decision, although out- gained by some ICO yards. The veteran Kay Eakin, the league's best triple- Ihreater, and Fullback Ray Cole, a defensive terror, teamed with two fine sophomores, Neil Adams and Bill Southerland, to do the damage. Next week they meet Baylor, a struggling 13-0 winner over Oklahoma Aggies, at Waco. The Christians didn't have their Davey O'Brien and the Ki Aldrich, but they wrestled Arkansas all over the stadium and looked almost powerful in dfeat. Its another good football team for TCU, one that will wreck many plans before its over. They should begin with Temple at Philadelphia Saturday if Jack Odle's injured hand comes around. Some of the intersectional sling was era-set! by the Texas Aggies in their 7-!i triumph over rugged Santa Clara Already tagged as the team to bea in the conference, the Aggies plaj their final inlerscctional game agains Villanova, undefeated for two years at Tyler's Rose Festival Saturday. Southern Methodist used strange combinations—first and fourth string ers—to sneak past North Texas Teach, ers, 1G-0, and confuse Notre Dame scouters who hurried home to lay plans for the Methodists' invasion of South Bend Saturday. Rice's machine clicked a trifle better in downing Centenary, 13-0, but it must improve by many notches before Saturday's tussle with Louisiana £late at Baton Rouge. LSU toppled all the crilics by swamping Holy Cross, 2G-7. N.Y.Yanks Win 4th World Series Title Yankees Take Advantage of Four Red Errors for Victory CROSLEY FIELD. CINCINNATI. —(/Pi—In one of the daffiest finishes n all World series history, the Cincinnati Reds' defenses blew up Sunday lo let the New York Yankees win their fourth straight world championship ty a 7 to 4 Id-inning victory in the fourth game of the 1939 fall classic. After fighting back from nn early disadventage into which home runs by Charley Keller and Bill Dickey had dropped them, the National League champions fell apart like a 190G jallopy in the ninth nncl tenth innings, and the Yankees, taking advantage of every break, scored five times in those two frames on four hits and four Reds' errors, to pull out the decision. And for 32,794 fans, lifted to roaring heights of delight by the Reds' seventh inning three run scoring splurge, this finish was a heartbreaker. For it came about on a collapse of the one feature that stood out for the Reels in the first three games—their fighting feilding. Tills lapse of the Rhineland defenses topped off an up and down collection of performances by the five hurlers who saw action. Tall Paul Derringer started for the Reels but the loser was Bucky Walters, who took over in the eigth, and thus was charged with his second defeat of the set. For the Yankees, Johnny Murphy, the square-jawed Irishman with the excellent control, received credit for the first series victory of his career, although he saw action in relief roles n each of the last three sets, after Oral Hildebrand had retired because f an ailing side and Steve Sudra had >een tagged for the Reds' first three uns. Thus the Yankees completed their lomination of baseball for the fourth ime in a row and for their eiglh world's championship. Eleven times hey have won the American League jennant. Sunday's triumph was their ninth straight series game victory, beginning with the last tilt in the 1937 set, and marked the 29th time in 32 games hat they have finished on top of the National Leaguers. October Savings On DRESSES Tailored \ Dressy! Smart I'aris'Copics S7.95 LADIES Specialty Shop hnve the "chnrley horse" jovhotl ou). Stevens insisted on seeing a doctor first. Upon examination the startling news was learned. The short 14!) pound back was very optimistic about the injury and insisted he would be back in uniform before the season ends. "Win for Whatley," became trie slogan of Pete's team mates as they heard the news. Atlanta meets Mt. Vernon, a class AA school in Mt. Vernon Friday. Whatley, while playing on the broken limb Friday night against New Boston dropped two punts and fumbled once. Upon finding out that the leg was broken Pete commented with a grin: "Mc/m was going to spank me for dropping those punts last night. 1 guess she will let me off now." Holiday makers at British resorts spend 525,000.000 annually for chair fees. For Girl TRURO, England —</P)— Mentor? lockets, suitably inscribed, are T^irfg bought by the score as gifts from soldier to wife or sweetheart, jewelers siy. Too Late to Clannify FOR $1.00 This week only Shipley Studio will make I 8x10 dr 11x14 tdt $1.00. Come early. You must be pleased is our motto. 9-3fc USED feY 3 OUT OF * MOTHERS Easy to relleVt misery fllticir- .without "dostm". Rub throat, cbett, and back with ... ICKS VAPORO» Play Three Games With a Broken Leg Finds Excuse to Give. His Mother for Dropping Punts ATLANTA, Texas—Physicians after examining the left leg of Pete Whatley, Atlanta high school backfield star, here Saturday stated that the leg had been broken for three weeks. During this time Whatley has played two entire games against Pine Tree and Linden and also two quarters in Friday night's game with New Boston. Besides he has scrimmaged daily until last week. Never, until Saturday morning, had Pete or anybody else suspected that the leg was broken Fete recalled that the leg was first hurt on Saturday during scri'nrmage three weeks ago which tallies with doctor's calculations that the leg hac :een broken for throe weeks. Pete complained of the leg Satm-daj morning and called Guy Stevens, Atlanta high school football coach. H wanted to go to a chiropractor anc Keep Your Home Warm with the Right Size Heaters See our Display of: Radiant " - ' Circulating $A25 Asbestos Back f Bath Heaters * "P Hope Hardware Company Quigley New Prexy of Athletic Union LITTLE ROCK—W 3 )—Earl F. Quigley, Little Rock high school nthielic director, was elected president of the Arkansas Association of the Amateur Athletic Union Sunday. He succeeds Alvin Bell, Little Rock sports official. Elected vice presidents at the organization's annual rn'eeting here were LeRoy Scott, Little Rock high school; Ivan H. Grove, Hendrix College, Conway; Warren B. Wooclson, Arkansas Stale Teachers College, Conway; Alfred Crabaugh, Arkansas Tech, Russellville; James Froley, North Little Rock Boys Club superintendent; the Rev. T. L. Geany, athletic director of Mt. St. Mary's Academy, Little Rock, and Bob Kuykendall, Fort Smith Boys' club. J. W. Mitchell, secretary of the Little Hoi-lc Boys club, was reelected secretary-treasurer. PHOENK HOSIERY No longer do you hove to be a "puller-upper" — or ti "folder-downer" of stocking tops! Phoenix solves your problems with three length hosiery. Long, Medium or Short — there is a length for your legs in delightfully attractive three and four threadweights. It's the answer to being sure of your leg attractiveness. See them in the new American Personality Colors. DoubJe VITA-BLOOM Processed for Long Wear 85' Geo. W. Robison HOPE NASHVILLE JOOOO Facts That Concern You No, 13 of a eerie*. $ 1,000,000 A DAY IN BEER TAXES NATIONWIDE' CHURCH NEWS Methodist Revival Large crowds continue to meet Rev- orond Spore in his revival meeting at the Methodist church. "Methoclistism Man-lies on," is a slogan that could appropriately be applied to the response at this meeting. The services Sunday brought many in attendance from limits of the local church and bringing interest from the community al large. Reverend Kenneth L. Spore is giving sermons which have been second lo none heard in this community in recent years, and soul-inspiring in bis application of scripture to practical, every-day living. Sunday was the midway point of the fifteen-day meeting. There is evidence that much good is being done. Tliis week various organizations of the church will be present in groups at the night meetings to give further interest and help for the remainder of the time. * *IVM)IHHi Services are held at ten acwc^jn the morning, Young People's meeting at 6:45, in charge of Reverend C. B. Wyatt, the singer, and services again at 7:30. The entire public is invited to. attend any pr all of these services. THE BREWING INDUSTRY RAISES HUGE WEIGHT OFF THE SHOULDERS' OF MANY TAXPAYERS, EVEN THOSE WHO DO NOT DRINK BEER.,. \ Hi RAISED *407,II9 DURING 1938 IN ARKANSAS AU>NE! BEER.,.a beverage of moderation .TAXES RAISED BY 'BEER INCREASE GOVERNMENT INCOME AND CUT GOVERNMENT COSTS TO OTHER TAXPAYERS, ^AND NOW! 10 KEEP BEER) MANY BENEFITS,FOR YOU AND FOR THEM, AMERICA'S BRtWeRS WANT TO HELP KEEP BEER RETAILING AS WHOU* SOME AS BEER ITSELF. THEIR PROGRAM WILL INTEREST LOCAL LAW AUTHORITIES for free booklet: address, Un ited Brewers {ndui- trial Foundation, 13 East Mh St., NewYork, N.Y. ,<£Stf£fe

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