Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on June 13, 1957 · Page 3
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 3

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1957
Page 3
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MAYNARD VOLUME 1, NUMBER 28 MAVNARD, IOWA MAYNARD NEWS Published weekly in II,- i,ii,.,,.::t ,.| ii,,. people !in ,i m, irhants o! Maynard as a pan ol the Fay, sponsored and piomoled by the Maynard businesses advertising on S section Is this page. DONALD L. KIMHALL MAX UARNHOL'l' MRS. FHAN'K CUMMlMiS Publishe: Koi email READERS! PATRONIZE THESE ADVERTISERS! THEY MAKE POSSIU1.K THf. Wl'.r.KLY PUBLICATION OF VOUH MAYNAHH Nl.'W.S. A/ate* John Van Nice family ot apolK. Minn , have moved Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mainland family, C'liii-aj-.o. came Sal in day, June !!, lor ,, le\\ d..\- : . v;- it with his inoihi'i. Mi U'dma Hartels, and othci lelaiivv. Sun day yuests ol Mi., liai tc I- v\,- !( hi r son and daughter.-. Kirhai ,1. Cedar Hapids, Mr.-, Uu->. U .loin- Wadena; ami Mi.-, Dale Sehi adt-i . Maynard, and then faiiulu•: • • « . . While the Paul llaiii.-,oii |aim!\ was dri\ p my norilnve.-t of Ma\ nard Sanday afti-i noon, June :). his yoimH dauhlers, Pamela and Linda, saw a liirtje oraiu;e eolored obji'i-t in a nearhy oat field, lake most youngsters their c.iunisily proiupted investigation. The object proved to lie part of a balloon from the McAllen Air Force base, McAllen. Calif, and contained weather instruments. These are beinj; to the base by Mr. Uumsuu. The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Willemssen and family were called to Dubuque Thursday, June 6, by the sudden death of her'father, Leonard Knise. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Schrader were hosts Sunday, June !), at a family gathering at their home northwest of Maynard. Those present included Mrs. J. E. (Wilma) Bartels; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bartels and family, Chicago; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barlels and family, Cedar Rapids; Mr. and Mrs. Russell Jones, Wadena; and Mr. and Mrs. Harold ttanmler. Ossian. Mrs. John Delsing is spending part of this week with her sister, Mrs. Frank Lesche, Waterloo. Mrs. Maude VVhittenbaugh accompanied her son-in-law anil daughter, Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Long, and Judy of Leon lo Cedar Rapids to attend the horse show held there Saturday and Sun day, June Ji-'J. Judy, 12, won first place ruling in the riding pony class and her mother, Mrs. Lour;, received second place honors in the driving pony division. Mrs. Whittenbaugh also visited her son, Dale, arid family; Cnlar Rapids, before returning home Word from Ames states that Cadet James D. Hartx, son of Mr, and Mrs. Donald M. Hart/, Maynard, has been promoted to the rank of Cadet Sergeant in the Army ROTC Artillery of Iowa State college, Ames. He has been enrolled in Army ROTC for the past six quarters of his academic career. This (promotion is testimony of his keen interest and apitude in military training. * * * * Henry Henniges, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Henniges and Janice, and Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Henniges and family attended the wedding of their grandson and nephew, EUis Henniges, at Green Bay, Wis., Sunday, June 2. As a boy Ellis lived here with his parents; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Henniges. Pifty r four descendents of Mr and Mrs. Frenderick Miehe, pioneer farmers south west of May- nafrd, attended the 20th annua family reunion in the Commu nity hall Sunduy, June 1. Only one of the 12 sons and daughter* who grew to adulthood on tha farm is still living. He is John Miehe, 78, who lives in Oelwein but was not present. M ,nodi-t parsonage. Van i- !he contractor for the |'l<". atoi ol (In; Ma\ uaid I'M ' In- Ma\ ii.n d Savin;',:. Hank Stewait, Mr... A K. Knight and to ,1 Mis. lien llartbeck. who has ei n a patient in the Dav's Con- OBITUARY Mrs. Caroline Louisa Payne in-lit Ki 111.iy ati'Mioi.n, June". h'i'\-. C ||. Willoni.-... n officiatiii.; Mrs. Payne, who hail .of ht'i-' hli- m the Maynard com miimty. died at .'i p.m. 'I'll i-\i-nmij at i he homi d.uiijh.er. Mrs Alice Kemp, Iowa City, followiiii; a IOIIK Slu was boin Sept Ki n Illyria township, Fayelte countv the daunhti-r "I Henry A an Mabel Talcott, Holli.v|,.r. On Mai '.17. lilHti she \\-as inarned to Step Hen T. Payne who preceded hei in ilealh III Dctoln i IK.'I". Mrs P.u ne u.i., .1 meinl Hie Pi e..bs ti ri.m chin its llelpni!; Hand M 13 JUNE 1957 IV1AYNARD COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS o"i'.iil.,r mectinn ol the Town 'o:;:,''!l of Maynard. Iowa was ':< ! I at Die i.'ommimily Ifall wiDi ','• n < in 1 '* rs present. Minn es of previous meeting 1 .'. read and approved. I'lil- tor current month were i'M cii'i-d to tin- council as iol 1 ' 'A - Co. $li3.»l HliiikiTv aiul Si. Lights. Interstate Power Co. iniary u'hrn sin- suffered a stroke, was nioveil the firsl of th. Mi and Mrs. Dean , Montehello. Calif., and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur I'en-y anil family, Kalona, were recent nut-sis of Mrs. Kale Perry and Mrs. V. M Mrs. William Miehe si-., 90 May- Hard, a dau^hJer-m-law of the Krc'denek Miehes, was the old est person present and Randy Lee Graf, son of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Graf, Aurora, the youngest. Klnier Miehe, Elkader, was elected chairman for next year; Lester Schmitt, Oelwein, vice- chairman; and Mrs. J. F. Miehe, Maynard, secretary-treasurer. Mr. and Mrs. John WittenbiifK and family have moved to ln- iKanola wln-rt- hi- has employment. A Holsti'in record has been sol jy the 1-i-eow pure-bred Holstcin ii-ril owned by Howard W. Smith, Vlaynard. A n-t-i-ntly completed iOf)-day-mat ure-equivalent reo rd shows an average production f J.'i.<"7,'i pounds of milk ami 5IG Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Simpson, 'hicnj,'", 111., were Jiere for Me- norial day and lo visit in the mine of his father, George Simp- .011. and wilh other relatives. Karl Parke was a Wednesday '.uest of bis parents, Mr. and Mrs, ). T. 1'arke. He vva.s e/mnitc from '\\islin Minn., lo Davenport. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ondo returned to their home in Wauke- ttiin Sunday, June 2, after spending a few days in the parental Uon Simpson home. Her sister, Karen Simpson, accompanied tin-in to Waukegan. Mrs. P. C. Honored on Birthday -r-tate Power C mmunity 1 lallln:ht County Leade Sill m-ofr- lllcllliii' l|Vi- iiail:;l ti I.- Ml:-. Will II I',ai „'•:.. I )• a:'; Mr.- K,aiik Tal,-mi Wi-li. In Mi> Kemp. M: J,,|ni I'!»<• Ouily V'.-ualion Bible School Ala', II., Scliap, Sloekhui III !wo sisters: Mrs. I'M ('line, ('lin cemetery, Mananl. Two solos, -In the Garden" and "Tin Old HugHi'd Cross" weiv and lu pair M.iinlen.ince contract. -d Schw n • Wa-e Kussoll Lioodell with Mis. ller- ''>i rt M;ih'i/i as accompanist. Ca.-- ki't hearers were MX i;rai)dson., Louis Barnes, I,ee C'oleniaM, \\'u ri-n Pane, William am Swails. In chaiv.e nl the lloi'al Motion by liarnholt secoiuleil pil'CC.S WIT,' MlS KloVd (.illlcV. that lulls be allowed as imai y . Mi M:-. Da!, I'ossi'hl from Ed^ewond an .uy 1 1, !<<-v. II I' Ivin ite.-. Ka in. ina i'l , Mr;. Don I. ,,<,', i n e,l ;, plan for 'ouilding of ne la!'- 1o reach a final agreement. No Inilher business motion b Mr.,. M.,rvm I Society Of Christian Service Maynard (Speciali June 7 Each of the newly circles of the Women's Society of Christian Service infi Thursday afternoon, June (i, made plans for the coming church year, handed out pledge card.; and year hooks. Mrs. Ilollis Wiudenburc, had charge of the devotional period for the Ruth uroup which met m the home of Mrs. Jlomer ilumi with 14 members and two children present. Mrs. Harold Ward, Strawberry Point was a nne:-:t. The jjniUO retiorted '.It', nick calls man Gadow was co-hostess foi the social hour. Mrs. Sam Holmes had charge of the devotions at the meeting of the Martha division in tin home of Mrs. Fred Turner. It was a Die-dilation on "When We Worship". Mrs. Oscar Sykos was ;, and the name of Mrs. Berry was added to the membership roll. The )5 members present imported li> sick calls since tin last meeting. This ^roup will sponsor the Sunday school picnic at the park the last Sunday m June. Mrs. William Tock was hostess to the Kslher circle with Ki mem Mr. and Mrs. James Berry, Betty Lou, Robert and Elizabeth, Little Rock, Ark., and her mother, Mrs. Mae Lycm, Fail-bank, spent Tuesday, June 4, with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Johnson, Mrs. Johnson is u sister-in-law of Mrs. Lyon and aunt of Mrs. Berry. Mr. and Mrs, Hurley Kaufman, Iowa Falls, visited several days the week of June 2 in the J. T. Piirke home. The men were former neighbors and schoolmates in Wilson, Kan. Ury Odell, Walnut Creek, Calif., was a week-end guest of his sister, Mrs. Ruth Shadle, and other relatives here and at Fayette. He was enroute to Wisconsin to attend the convention of the Parker Pen company. Mrs. Reginald Crawford, Mil City, Mont., who is visitin; 1 , friends in Fayette, spent Wednesday with Mrs. Nick Samuelson and attended the meeting of the Helping Hand society of which she was a nieinbcr from 190U 191U. Mrs. Hieh returned home Friday, June 1, from tin University hospital, luwu City where she had been a surgical patient. '. t C.lew. Mi. Kyle I'.aibar,, Ki..h and Marilyn Niehol on I'..:' tii,- mir.-i'i v :..<; Mr. 1 ;. Tom Samui'l-on, lies- 10 Limdry and Patrn-ia Shaille, th 'H Mo.-her. Mary Anne KiKjuei and Nancy ('uniininr, ;, pnmarv; Mi-.--. Louis Gamier, ami Lois WilU'ius.-en and Mary Ann NiV- holsoii, inti rim ihate The lattei is also 'the uianisl. ivirs. .lolm McKoon i.- direcloi of the two ehojrs with Mr... May- nanl Menefee and Mari;arel Win! liful Saviour". bi-rs and two children pi esent Mrs. Waller Dnnmlicn v.a:, . yuest ol tin- f-ioiip Tlie le.-.--oii oi "World Rehnion and the Neei bat meel 1111; adjourn. Carried. Paul A. I'nenneke Clerk Lois Suckow And Walter W. Breuhahn Wedding Maynard (Special) June a Tin- \vedding of Lois Suckow. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. llvl-mulli Suckow, and Walter W. Hreuhahn ••on o( Mi-, ami Mrs, Walb-i . ,, ., inonoila, lool\ place Sunday evening at t! p.m in (he St. Maul's Lutheran church wilh the Rev. H. P. Kumpf offi- Ic. \i,e!e lll'.hteil llV Mis AFTER JUNE 14. MR. AND MRS. Donald Roquet will be at home at '^0'^^ Olive in Cedar Falls, where both are students at Iowa State Teacheis college. Mrs. Roquet is the former Walda Mae Remington, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Remington, LaPorte City, and Mr. Koquel is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Roquet, Maynard. They VVIMV mai i u-e\ Saturday afternoon at the LaPorte City Wesleyan church. (Courtesy Register) "OLD TIMERS" TO MEET AGAIN THIS YEAR * The Old Timers' Get Together Robert Suckow, Kayetle, sister- in-law of the bridel and Frances lirnle. Mvs. 1U nvy Uueuneke pro- sided at the organ and was accompanist for Lawrence Hur:l liridal allnedants were Mrs. Kot'.er l'i nder, Cellar Ka|)ids, sis ler o! the brule, ami Gvuvu- Urov\- hahn. U'ashmi'.ton, IXC., sister of Die bridi'tvooni. Robert Hall. Momma, was best man and Melton Hammond, Momma, the attendant. Ushers were and Donald Hacon, Momma, cou:-in of Hie bridenrooio. I'ollmvim: tile ceremony there Dvoiek and Penny Sienkneeh. I'edar Rapid:., serving as table of Maynard will be held this year at the May nurd Community Hall on Sunday, August 11 — with registration in the morning - dinner at noon — and entertainment to follow. Charles Uarnholt, Maynard is president; Lois Davis, Fayette is Secretary. Contact either of them lo furnish names and addresses of former residents who should be notified. The secretary has a long list of names for whom no street address has been furnished. M;w. Hreuhahn has been em- nlov<*l .,1 Pr,,,v.-,ol- .,„,! &„** Cedar Rapids, and her husband has just completed four years of service in the navy. They will be at home on a farm near Monona. taken from Methodist Woinei and pri sented by Mrs. Tori; it was based on lloin. 1U:1 Ii ,md cloved wilh |nayer. A blind an, 1 Ladies CVnu-K-ry Association Sixteen members ol the Ladu-.-.' Cemetery a: .--"ciation met Friday. June 7, with Mrs. A. M (,'anlen In in with Mrs. Hugh Ainii-n- Ironl. Mrs. Stella (I!lew and Mrs. H. W. I'alsey as eo-hostesses. AH present signed a card to be sent lu Mr.:. Hertha filch, one of Hie members, who had ju:.l returned I'l'iHlt the Ullivel :,ity ll.i. plt.il, For the June Bride, to select from. 2 PC Bed-Room Set with Book Case Head, in Wai- nut and Blond Mahogany. Also Box and Inner Spring Mattress at Prices that are right. Breakfast Set in Chrome and Wrought Iron. 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