Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 9, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 9, 1939
Page 2
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>AGE f WO HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS ;ar . Star of Hope, 1899; Press, l92t Consolidated January 18, 1929 O Justice, Deliver Thy Herald From False ReportT Published every week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. C. B. Palmer and Alex. H. Washburn, at the Star building, 212-214 South VTalnut street, Hope, Ark. C. E. PALMER, President _ ALEX. H. WASHBURN, Editor and Publisher <AP) —Means Associated Press, _ (NEA)— Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. Subscription Rate (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier per week «c; pe^monih 65c; one year $6.50. By mail, in Hernpsteaci, Nevada, Howard. MiHtf and LaFayette counties. $3.50 per year; elsewhere $6.50. ot Ttie Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for.r*publication of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited In this paper and also the local news published herein. TrU>utes - Etc - : Charge will be made for all tributes, cards of thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers from- a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility or the safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. AndNow It Is Lloyd George Who Wages Peace ! likely to argue that Prime Minister Chamberlain of the United Kingdom on his record. Is one who is likely to turn heedlessly aside from any honest offer of fceade that really promises a civilized Europe. It was Chambor- fein who sacrificed so much (that did ont belong to England) totho cause of peace in our time. *„/,? " "T 3 s £j jne ? n ! ritje « d to see a figure rising in the House of Commons and demanding that Cha'mberlain gave fullets consideration to anv offer of 0****°^ £v T^ 1 *' *** Si \™& r sti " I' 04 this ^re should be that of trie stocky little Welshman. David Lloyd George i- thteim/TTlfr trUe> b u* the world ' can *»"*'* ha ve forgotten that this u the same Lloyd George who was so great a factor in forcing throunh the Versailles mill the treaty whose failure put the world where it is today h^nrnlj, 1 ' " Ot Sfame U ° yd Ge ° rge who went tetore his electorate just before the peace- conference opened, with a program of "hang the Kaiser ind make Germany pay the full cost of the war'"' ard^ln^Wn^lfT^ LI % d - Ge0rg \ Wh ° W ° h his elt?ction on lhat Ptatforrn \« -*h^£ ^7 »• td Versailles in such a position that he could accept littlr- less -than his election platform called for? 't — * LI ° yd Ge ° rge Wh °' with !*Pl»cable Clemcnceau the peace negotiations impossible reparations demands on K- 0 ' li * d T t ,° J fjf * PreS1 " dent Wilson's Fourteen PoTnts? not this same Lloyd George who pushed aside the advice of the American negotiators when they said that the harshness of the Versailles terms * ANiWERTO CRANIUM Questions on Page One 1. Pigs were sent out to explode mines by French. 2. Mules have been replaced' by army trucks and tanks. 3. Goose. German soldiers march the "goose step." •1. Loin, iilong with Scottish unicorn, became supporter of the royul arms of the- United Kingdom in 1G03. 5. Binck cat appeared at 10 Dcwtiing St.. September 5, 19:!8 and another at White House Aufi- ust 30. 19110. • HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS n0t ° ne whose reeorci would WantS the Un!ted States dealt " " ~ _ THE FAMILY DOCTOR On the question of whether Boris Souvaririe's "Stalin" (LongmnnsGreen: $4.50) is the "definilive" biograpliy claimed for it. radicals are already at each other's throiits. Certainly it present an absorbing and unfavorable picture. The development of Stalin's foreign policy is portrayed by Souvarine, former French Communist leader, as follows: One of the otnst remarkable phenomena of the period, I lie discovery of a Futhorland in the U. S. S. R., some time after the triumph of National Socialism in Germany, was the result of a great miscalculation of, v-Uilm. He hoped at first to come to' an agreement with Hitler, ns he had! formerly done with Mussolini, in' spite of the verbal differences in I doctrine, and on the basis of the] similarity in method between the! parties of the mailed fist. Since the reception of the Duco at the Soviet Kmbassy in Rome, on the morrow of the murder of Matteotti, and later, under the pretext of courtesy, the dispatch ow congratulations to Mussolini by Rykov after his say at Sorrento, where Gorky spent most of his time, the relations between the U. S. £. n. ami Italy cordial. Mussolini did not conceal a secret admiration for Lenin, and the reciprocal borrowings increased between the two totalitarian m'imes 'rnml any new peace in hand with the progress of' their economic relations . . Mussolini flattered himself that he had established ! a model entente witli the Bolsheviks, •' suppressing comunism at home whilst' negotiating advantageously with the! • "The More You Tell the Quicker You Sell" • * You Can Folk to Only One A/an 0 Wdnt Ads Talk to Thousand* SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All Want Ads cash in advance Not taken over the Phone One tim*~2c word, minimum 30c Three times-3Wc word, minimum Me Six times- sc word, minimum 90c One month-^gc word, niintmum |2.7ll Rates, are for continuous Insertions only. For Sale FOR S/^LEI—Rough and Dressed Lumber and Shingles, i'hono 289 W or see Claude Waddle. 2-IHp FOR SALG-.Fruit trees, November planting. Si-e me at once, Hempsteiid CViunly Nursery. A. M. Whitlnw. 2-:it|) FOR SALE— Wood or coal burning (.'irctil.iting heater. See Ilited Abrnm at Mary's rieauty Shop. 2-iltc I'OR SALE — Save money on your furniture buying. Complete stock new and usc-d furniture, beds, stoves, tables, .suites. F'ranklin Furniture Co.. Elm Sti wt. ' . 2-31.0 Wanted H iciest prices paid for Men's, Boys slincK, prints, suit-s; Ladies shoes and cuats. I'aUerson's-Cash Store. East ^nd Stroet. 2-Gtc For Sale FOR SALE—Oood used Underwood typewriter. Standard s'\j.v. Seo Wanda Roberts, Hillnrd's Cafe. 9-3t FOR SALE—30 Chevrolet Tudor- perfect cunditi(fti—new tires. A biir- guln. See Pete Shields. Cull 870J 9-3(1) NOTICE NOTICE—I have taken up n two- year-old f-r.-ide Jersey heifer. A. W. Biorsi'th. n •><,, OUT OUR WAY Lost Sounds Like a Nice Place LOST-Brown leather billfold, badly worn, ciiiiUiinril money, drivers lin-HM 1 and receipts. Howard. Think lust on j Al.-.-l(a. Highway !'!( or in Hope. Ift'tuni U> Hope Star. OMAHA, Net ill'! Mi.lld. Lji.ll • a Ml- -(.I 1 )rock VCMr V 11'' LOST -Ciiioilricli Silvurlnwii Iloavy duty. 0 ply IS inch rim, No. G9US:M. r )S, I.ilH'i'itl Kcw:ml. A. ,]. Smith, Kosstnn Box <>:;. .|-.HI> m. LOST- -CiiHidrirh Silvertmvn Honvy Duty, \vhivl and fire, (i ply. 15 inrlt rim'. No. (iOHMI.o. S.'i.Od iTWiinl. A. Q, Smith. Hr>.-j.tnn Kt. 2. I!ox !i:i. 7-.'!tp ilciidly <|iKHTcl. no vi-nniii." This \v, hore of Hov. Benu J., noted "I'.hieii'l 1 on with tlm-.- :':; piimitiv Eskimos on funu Nome, •fconl of "no (ii'.Mri'f. HO r>I (li.si'.isc or llubbitrd. S. ' \vlin limit •ihink "I tho Strayed: R.'iy IIOIM.I nmlo, :ii'f •) yrs, Wt. '— Mil Ibs, no niiiiks. Allicit Mr- fnrkii.-, iii,|ii' Kt. :i. Y-::tp. By J. R. WILLIAMS W ANTE!)—New or renewal subscription for any magazine. See Chas. Heynerson at City Hall. 7_(;t 0 Servioss Offered SERVICES OFFERET>~See Hempstead Mattress Shop, 712 West Fourtli, for new nnd re-built. Phone Paul Cobb G58-J Sept. 26 1M. FOR SALE—Minnows at 10th "and Spring Hill Road. A. R. Newberry. fi-.'!tp FOR SALF, — Registered Poland China pigs. J. B. Ellen at Hope Hardware. 7 _ :n Found FOUND—Man's vest, blue with white Stripes. Apply Hope Star office. 7-3tdh For Rent FOR RENT—Two good residences. See Middle-brooks Grooory. -!-,')tc T. a. Federal Inspection, Thorough Cooking Make Hamburgers, Hot Dogs Safe Hot dog. munchers- in the United -tales consume an average of 35 a retson each; year, making the frank- Jurert one of the most common staple articles eaten. For awhile, the frankfurter was in the dog house because it was under suspicion of. harboring and transmitting trichinae, a parasite whieh infests pork and causes serious systems m the human being. The U. S. Department of Agriculture recently completed a study of frank! fur e rs from 175 federally . meat packing establishments in 30 dif- LOGS BOLTS and ROUND BLOCKS We are now in the market for Oak and Gum logs, White Oak, Overcup, Post Oak, Red Oak, and Ash Heading Bolts, Also Round SWEET GUM Blocks. For prices and specifications Apply to: Hope Heading Co. Hope, Phone 245 ferent cities. They found 99 per cent of frankfurters did not contain trichinae. In the remaining 1 per cent, which included 11 samples, a few trichinae were found but all of these were dead and were incapable of causing disease. Under federal meat inspection regulations, frankfurters are processed in a manner that destroys the life of any trichinae that may be present. The government inspection covers only frankfurters that are sold in interstate commerce, and not those manufactured for just local sale. also to ham- FOR RENT-Onc 3 room furnished apartment and two 2-rnom. furnished apart 1 .iven(..•;, Garage, Utilities P;,i,l. Miss Mary Micldlobrooks, 100-1 South Main, Phone ."G-4. c_3t FOR RENT-Whoel diair. See Chas. Reynerson at City Hall. 7_3 tc Our plant is again open for Meat Curing nnil your patronage will bo appreciated. Home Ice Company, East 3rd Street. Phono 44. O2-lmo Opportunities Offered Men nnd making far Women—Interested in above average weekly nings operating route of cigarette and confection machines. Exclusive territory. Small investment. REGAL PRODUCTS CO. Dept. D. Ma.li.son Wisconsin. 4 . 3lp Room and Board Room nncl bornvi. Mrs. T. E Urrev phr.nc 03-1, .'llfi W. 15i V i;;ion St.' fl-sic Radio Repair Guaranteed Radio Repair Service and replacement parts. Tuber, tested. Radio Service, Phone 80G. Rny Allen \\\:/&£'f WELL, FELLOWS, I'LL LEAVE YOU HERE \ .. -' " V ?, I" <•' -' ', "' •' ;'- M /^-' I AS THERE'S A LITTLE SPOT WHERE I W , ''" t ' v ', ' '-'-" •', / " • • ' "' LOVE 10 SIT AMD WATCH THE 30F1 - I ( •'""'•'' "'^'. V 1 \V' ! -' /J /""'I-' ft *" c ~ >^-^ «— i I /-VMI..' v v-MW-ri i r-iir. i. W&ll EVED , BUSY LITTLE SQUIRRELS / ^-" ' .'--AX < '••; •/fV,X-M OH/tfTERlWCr AMD LAUGHIW<3 WHILE / • : -.-,:•.. \ v' M 'X' ''••1'c'tV -•-•• f . / ' 7-.--V,'- ,\L...'.\\ \\ CHA1TER|SJ<S AMD LAUGH IW<3 WHILE THEV WOBkL-- -THE>"R.EANJ IMSPlR- ATIOM TOME -- THEIR INDUSTRY, THE.IR. COM-t&KlTMFMT WITH THEIR LOT — THEVRE:- HUMAM. MORE THANJ HUMA>0 - - SO BEAUTIFUL , so Bur-y, s-o c-'K-j, SO —- L.OMG /~1 ~~, 1 Ts —-AM: I'll '^M x VW'VI ^>7v /,/.-,.-- v v\ I r N S'"/ r,-K I '^?._A -' 1 --" <7 ' ---—^ N k / / r~^~\ ^f- •' \ ; ^^^(^•^4 Sl^m^^W.l I <-dDIK-\ -\:-,A^/-' ^>- A ;'l " \ V I 1 ' I jff**F' /.I . |l' ,V> ' y •• .1. . \~. P-lv f \\ff~ mm- ,-;i s->> v' ? ¥' &&&). •^zD M , |feft$ ( , >• |IStei-Ki^v;l^ £ ^P^l^ K 1 1 M, fiTCi i^. '. • J'A T Off i 'P~ ™* ' *, r •" .' "T '•"" L A ^ r~«r— » i /-^—T- r~i ^-. r-, t t ..-•-,.... I-'.F..P.1 ••£.•:? /..P, 1 " MAPE - MOT BORM 10-' so-called Siviet state. Thus Stalin'thought that he would conclude a similar pact with Hitler on the ruins of the Communist movement in Germany . . .Hitler's i'ntulion finally prevailed over the contrary view . . . which opposed to a new Drang Nach Osten the Bismarck inn conception of an alliance with Russia. BOOTS AND HER'BUDDIES' burgers which often contain pork as well as beef. Cooking frankfurters and hamburgers so that the center is heated to at 1 least 137 degrees F. will destroy tri- 1 chinae. Heat far beyond this is usually ! attained but occasionally when business is rushing, the frankfurters may be hastily cooked and be insufficiently heated in the center. Persons who like their hamburgers rare should remember this danger. A well-done hamburger may not taste C|tiite the same but safeguards the center against dangerous trichinae. •I Dr. J. D. Johnson !• JjAnnounces (he opening of offlccs'I £ First National Bank Building J / Practice Limited to < More? ALLEV By EDGAR"MLARTfN" '!>$. #. Eye, Ear Nose and Throat. ' TERPSIGHOREAN Not Measured In Terms of MONEY The trust you place in us in filling perscriptions has no dollar and cents value. It is something priceless, which we endeavor to earn at all times. This is an appropriate time to again pledge that only quality ingredients, compounded by experienced pharmacists, shall ever go into a prescription filled here! SEE YOUR DOCTOR When prescription^ are needed call .... WARD & SON The Leading "We've Got W 92 HORIZONTAL 1 Former dancing star. 10 Enthusiasm. 11 Neither. 12 Time gone by. 13 5280 feet (Pi.). 15 Poems. 16 Derivative of ammonia. 17 Postscript 18 To rejoice. 20 Coral island. 22 Pillar ol stone 26 Woolly. 28 One that . heals. \ : v 30 Greedy. *$ ' 31 Toward. ^ 33 Verb. 34 Clock face. 35 Sun god. 36 To malign. 39 To depart. 40 To make X rough. 43 Before. 44 Slightly open. Aiiswer lo Prevtons Puzzle 47 Mouthpiece •opening. f 48 Inlet. 49 More : sagacious.' 51 A rush. 52 Insect. 53 Ratite bird. 54 She won her greatest fame as a <pl.). 55 Her Vernon, was her partner. VERTICAL 2 Peruses. 3 Otherwise. < Spirits of the v/oods. 'SType measure 6 Beast. 7 Compact. 8 Tendencies. 9 And. 12 She made bobbed hair 13 Small mauls. 14 Boils. 18 Obtained. 19 Born. 20 Cuckoo. 21 Small child. 23 Youth. 24 Biblical priest 25 Shaft part. 27 Cease. 29 Flood waves. 32 Musical dramas. 33 Power of respiration. 3G Gaping with wonder. 37 Ireland. 38 Relieves. 41 Cornucopia. 42 Amidic. 45 Rim of o fire- plnce opening. <5G Largest toad. 47 Sorrowful. 50 Scepter. IN SPITE OF OOP'S OPPOSITION, THE TROJANS TORE POWM A PART OF THEIR CITY WALL AND BROUGHT IN THE GREAT WOODEN HORSE, LEFT BV THE GREEKS WHEN THEV APPARENTLY GAVE UP THE SIEGE OF TROY AND SAILED AWAY WASH TUBES The Parting of the Ways r THE FLEErS IN "^ AND W£'VE JUST MAPE CONTACT WITH OUR MAIN FORCE, JUST OUTSIDE THE WALLS/ fGOOp' 0V \T 1 r <-"^ UH; .$' \*owvr . J p. HAJJOV (!' i'-... f .-A iVK-'U / f ' * . t -\. ' HtiASERVICC. IN i The End of a Beautiful Dream By ROY CRANE BUT MAa /OH7NO! MV S W ^."™ LOCATE JR LEAD /WORK 19 DONE! \ ALLE V OOP.' i"™\i IO l_l/"\l ir» / Cttv\K 4 k t,~ii» , ~*. . /V^^^.-j.-.. ^ , IN OUR HOUR/FROM NOW ON / OF TRIUMPH.' I VOL) BOVS ARE' f 'T \ON VOL'K IF THE ERUPTION WAS SO V THAT'S VIOLENT THAT IT BLEW ALL THE / JUST IT BELLOW LAV/^ A.\A//W; THEN HOW THE BIAZ6S C^N VOU MAKE —iTHE BEKUTV SECRET? FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS WOBODV C/^N! WITHOUT NELLOW THE FORMUL^ ts ^ ^ • A /-\m °,^ o )~^< v <C~~ - -/ C; V. T. HAMLIN AC5AK-; FPECKLES TURNS To Trie MYSTERIOUS ''TELEPHONE VOICE " FOR. ~ OP COURSE , I'M STILL CPAZ.Y ABOUT TRE GIRL. r v , EiEEM GOIMS WITH, BUT THE NUMBER, i JUST MET HAS BEA.UTIFUL DARK eyes/ Safe and Sane ; ,-s ,.,\ / AVE.'TIS THE ' ;.-'- ^V-jY CURSE OF HIPPA- HUUA>, GEMTuEMEM WHEN! VA STICKS VE£ MOSE IN THE BE^UTy_DOIM l S, V A CALA.MITV ... M* ivf) w>. ^ '•ill' '§J~y' v .-'. /' ) j }•> BY ST/V ElRVICr. inc. T. M. BEC. u. S PAT err &\(>J-^' f By MERRILL BLOSSElT" ffi&ffc'U J. CAN'T TAKE A TSLEPf-loNr? i T? r^.,MOVIE AND GOSH, 4 A , p , £ t Ll - AAC ^"r HOLD HANDS WITH A VOICE ' THEM WHAT DO YOU WANT X WOULD THAT'S A HARD QUESTION . To ANSWER; ME TO N TAKE HER WHOLE COURSP / GEE, OF YOUR. LIFE! ii OOM'T / ^^ -v^ ~s~- —^x^ f^ \ ' s*>. " -~^ ' A'xNA WSTl-IFP l-.V /•V /> '^ V)( 0 , CA ^ HL- BE & ( ••- : ^^\:} ( Sl AP( "'m BY A | \n- n ^te 0 ""™^ WHY DONT S EVEN TRY ME ( KNOW FIRST? ] WHO YOU AREf RED RYDER In the Killer's Clutches iF-ftlS ISTH* WERE WOLF OF WOLF THE. WHERE OUT) HAN6OM VJA5 WSTERlOUSLY -/"<& '?». \-^J'^. • RYDER QUICKLY TOLLOVJS KILLERS f^*wV* „ K^^li-'j ^^^SLii^Ut^T 1 Mj)io*Sa l '|.M-QrF

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