Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on June 13, 1957 · Page 1
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 1

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, June 13, 1957
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9A Mtop feu We. B4.M PCM Pwmll No. }| Fly****. VOLUME 42, NO. 50 loin; thru the week with the editor People have always thought Ronnie Koohev and my.-elf look"d alike, but, a while back someone approached him and wanted t» know what he had done about a certain bill while he was in DC. Moines. Lois Davis has chosen her career, but, we can't disclose You'll have to ask lier. * * * * New personnel at th Doug Fay has conic to help Took tile boy scouts on ing trip last Wedne.Mlay of them thought it was hike, but wait till they .;et m army. I.ittl,. Joe Smith lo,,t canteen, but recovered it later Our neighbor, Mrs. .1. D. Talker. called that she hadn't received her paper. Reminded me ol' the days when I was little carrying the Oelwein Register, and how my mother's phone would start to ring on those ooUt winter nights, when it took a loin; \vlnle to get around. Howie Vernon has a wounded right arm and is looking toi something to do for a few weeks. Give him a cull if you know of something. » * * * The other day we went into the bank to make our deposit. It wasn't much, but the idea is we had to wait in line to deposit money. Wish it were that way at the LEADER office. Winners of the LEADER subscription contest,. Tommy Borchert and Billy Chase, leave this Friday for Chicago — a free trip as the prize for their efforts. We suppose they'd like to thank those people who came in to buy subscriptions and nave them creun, ion. , Little Judy Langerman and Jean Ann Cowles carried home $25.00 bonds for their work. Congratulations, kids. « * * • Had a nice little bill from Hon- yan's for car repairs. Thai's one of the expenses of serving in DCS Moines and making the long trips connected with it. Wish we could send the bill to -the State of Iowa. Suggest you nee the beautiful bed of iris in front of Earl Clark's house. (Formerly Kreim-nak's) ROSEMARY TEMPLE MAN WEDS JOHN A. TAYLOR Mrs. John A. Taylor FABRIC OF FREEDOM (We are happy to share with our readers this quote from M. L. Kapp, President of the Interstate Power Co. found in a recent issue of Die Inlet-slate Power News, the company's publication for employees.) Business men, people sometimes say, over-emphasize economic freedom and pay too little attention to other aspects of freedom. Ihc fabric freedom must be whole. There is little point in trying to cut it up, to see if economic freedom is the most important, or whether religious freedom or academic fredom ,or political freedom count the most. Free-i— '•- i — , i-i-, — ,t f nr i^jnus or for groups. However, it ;« in o u - -„onomic lives that most of us have our principal dayto'day contact with our heritage or freedom. Moreover' it is our economic system which provides the sinews for the defense of freedom. If we lose economic freedom, we may not be able to keep freedom in any other form. Clermont Senior Wins Firsts In State Finals 13 Milo Schneider suggested give him a headline when we he •birdied' Hole 8 over at Meadowbrook in Sumner. * * * * We enjoyed playing nine with Paul T. and Dr. R. last Thursday afternoon. Its good for you. Keeps you out of the Coronary Club. And Doc Robinson, at 70, did better than either of u.s! He in fact beat the other team which included Milo S., Elmer Nelson, Ott Finger and Forrest Claxton. The Methodist Youth will hold an ice cream social tomorrow nieht to raise money for camp. * + * * Dean Gill calls the rare Amor- phofallies Rivieri a "stink thing" just because it emits a peculiar odor when in blossom. * * * * Mr. A. J. Steggall was in for his subscription the other day. Understand he will be or -a of our neighbors. * * * * * Parting laff: The choir was learning a new hymn. "Now, don't forget," said the choirmaster, "wait until the tenors reach 'The Gates of Hell', then you all come Mr. and Mrs. Les Hearn Move To Dubuque Mrs. Harold Ash accompanied Mi 1 , and Mrs. John Hearn to Uu buque last Sunday for a visit in the Les Hearn home. Mr. and Mrs. Hearn moved t" Dubuque recently where Mr. Hearn is working for International Howester. FAYETTE .M nomi today (Saturd mary Templemaii, John A. Taylor, 1-V The eiumle e\cb.. Danfoi 111 Cll.ipel . with 1be Rev. J. ,). of the brideu,ioon the double ring eelj Parents of the |, and Mi. Paul Tcii: ette. and the l!i \ .' TayKir, Ft-Miix 1 Shoaili (1> Tile bride. !'. u'eji by her lather. ,v.ni .-.in ath ihe-,;. u ilh I at the llecl'.Ulie Sl(i piqui' hat and ca lopped with a w!ii'. white satin strcaiiUi Mrs. Robert a friend of th of honor, wore , dress with whiti a gardenia cor:.a Oseeola, Mo., Ii i groom, was best iMrs. 7'emplem a cinder color dress ;or her daiu;! while Mrs. Taylor \\ ! high Rose'. and .IM.'d .1 VI were l-'aye', I. tils'. Mo. lie. '1 vows at n Imva City I'aylor. father . pertonnim: M 111; i v. >Uple .lie Mr. pieman, Fa\ .nd Mi- .1 J III Il.il I l,l!',e .1 While llllfli d Velvet !l nil wore a \\ bite I a I'.ible lehld and i it IVaJ on. ic bride. a low.! City, as matron ullit blue suit veSsol les and I.airy Lewr,, of the bl ide- I..III. I cllose to Wear • inninr: colton '.l.ler':, weddiii: 1 . Ilk 111; I'll suit. Both wore w hitc aeccs.-.oi les and corsage,, of :;.iuieilias. Luncheon A luncheon, m the private dining room at Iowa Memorial union, was .served alter the ceremony. The table was centered with a one layer square wedding cake topped with pink roses. Mr. and Mrs. Taylor will live at (ilfi E. Court m Iowa City where Mr. Taylor is studying for his doctor of philosophy degree. Mrs. Taylor, a graduate of the Fayette high school, is a junior at the State University. Her husband, wlio was graduated from the Washington. Mo. high school, received the bachelor ol •,, Is de gree at the University of Missouri and the master of arts degree at the .University ,,| Iowa. He serve;! with the United Slates Army in Germany from ly.-j:j-| !>;">:>. Surprised On Silver Wedding Anniversary Sunday, June it, the children of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Alber had a sin prise celebration in honor of the couples Silver Wedding Anniversary. which occurred, June I 1. Approximately 70 friend •ijihbnr.s \vi re present I*. nake the day complete 1 . TOWN.... Lew Shepard was suddenly ill with blindness and was taken to Mercy hospital in Oelwein where lie underwent eye surgery. He has been able to return to his home tin- last of the week. • • • • • Mr and Mrs. Dunn Stanslniry .-•pent fiom Thursday until Sun iv m the P.. I! Stansbury home. mn I-. tin and Mrs. Pryor of /um- Mmn. culled on several here hiM week. They m tli<' Paul Xupke home. Saber of Sampson Lamont visited one day last Hev. and Mrs. Johnson and l.imily left for South Dakota to visit Mis. Johnson's mother. Howard and Lawrence stayed to lp with the church. Mr. and Mrs. Todliem, former issionarys, visited the Rev. He is Rev. Johnson's lolmson's. unel the was 20TH Century Club Met with Mrs. Garbee The June meeting of Twentieth Century Club held at Mrs. Eugene Garbee's with a 1 O' clock putluck luncheon. Twelve members attended. Roll call was answered with the announcement of members suni- rrer vacation plans. Meetings will resume in 'September. in," .See you next week. - - Don Recreation Program Beging Here Monday Coach Jim Redel, summer recreation director, has announced that this year's program will begin at the High School on Monday, June 17. The activities will begin at 9:15 and last until'11:45 a.m. There will be games in the afternoon and some evening movies. Acouple of hikes and a bus trip are among the tentative plans for this year. Clermont — Countless thousands of parents must be happy right about now. And rightly so. Especially the parents of Miss Jo Ann Moore of Clermont! At this time of year we rec- ogni/e the achievements of high school seniors throughout the nation. We give credit when credit is due. Hardly anyone would make tin; statement that all of oui youth are delinquent, even if juvenile delinquency is on the increase. Records such as the following one- help to prove that many of our high school students an; slaying in school and studying and working hard lo improve Iheir minds and their all-round ability in many areas of life. Such a student is Jo Ann 'Moore, a 1U57 graduate of Clermont High School. Jo Ann has a long list of accomplishments, as have many others. -Such a list means talent, of course, but more than that it moans a four-letter word spelling w-o-r-k. She has been active in sjpeech, vocal jruisic, band, instrumental groups, piano, dramatics, and has a superior recod scholastically. She has won 13 Division I ratings in state contests! It lakes time to participate in many extra-curricular activities, to keep up your grades, and to gel your work in on time. It takes management, will power or won'l power, and desire. You Jiave lo waul lo do something badly enough in order to work and earn it. Glen Thomas In West Union Hospital Glen Thomas, U9, of Kayette was admitted to Palmer Memorial Hospital in West Union Tuesday night. He is reported lo have suffered a slight stroke. There seems lo be no way of condensing a record of accomplishment like Jo Ann's. Even foi the sake of ease of reading, it seems well to list her achievements one by one. She has been a Rainbow girl for the past 5 years and is a past worthy advisor of Assembly No 28, West Union, Iowa. It is interesting to note that she has helped in community work. She has sung in the church choir, at weddings and funerals and at other gatherings and meetings. She also gave readings She has sung and given readings at Easier Star and Masonic pro grams in Elgin and Wesl Union Jo Ann is Ihe granddaughter o. Mrs. Nellie Carpenter, life-lout, resident of Fayetle County, who for many years was telephone up erator at Randalia. She is tin daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Moore, superintendent of schools of the Clermonl-Elg'm Consolidated School district. She plans to atlend college Ihis fall and major in music und drama, Good luck, Jo Ann, Mr and Mrs. Jess Thompson :md .-.on .David will leave Monday for Calif, where they will 'isit with their son, John and his family. • * * • Mr. and Mrs. Alex Rudolph of Juncaii ,Wis. and Mrs. Nellie Sliest and Mrs. Emma Weber of Heel Wing, Minn ..brother and sister of Mrs. S. E. Campbell, were guests in the Campbell home last week. * * * • Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Matlke and children of Kansas City Mo. were recent visitors in the parental S. E. Campbell home. * » » » Miss Linda Dennis has gone to Cedar Hapids where she has employment. Linda graduated from the Fayette high school in May. iuHii-0. me' ufst or tiie'week irom Oklahoma where they visited their son, Paul, in Oklahoma City and his mother in Grandview, and other relatives and friends in that area. Mr, and Mrs. Earl Sperry of Phoenix An/.ona are visiting Mr. Sperry's parents, Mr. and Mrs. V. H. Sperry, and other relatives nd friends. Miss Ella Foxwell, who fell in er home as she was preparing love to the apartment she had CORONARY CLUB . . Exclusive How would you like to join a popular club, It's an easy club to crash, easy to get in and . . . uaranteed to take you out of this world. The initiation fee isn't high but 'oloriged membership is very expensive, in fact, it sometimes .alU'.s years to pay and costs your life. It's a particular club. It's called the Coronary Club and members ue persons who: 1. Put their jobs first; personal considerations second, ~. Go to the office evenings, Saturdays, ,Sn:, i.i/s and holidays H '1 aKo their brief case; home i A'enings when they don't work late. Tm.; provides an i'i .porldliily to review completely all the troubles and worries of the day. 4. Never say "No" lo a request always "Yes." 5 Accept all invitations to meetings, banquets, committees, etc. 0. Uo not eat a restful relaxing meal. Always plan a conference for the lunch hour. 7. lielieve hunting and fishing are a waste of time- and money. Golf, bowling, pool, billiards, cards and gardening are also a waste of time, li. Think it is a poor policy ti take all the vacation lime that is provided for them. !). Never delegate responsibility . . . carry the entire load at all times. 10. When traveling for the jol. work all day and drive all night to make appointment: the next morning. If you want to make lots o money, have heart trouble, suffci die young und leave the money U someone else to enjoy, follow tin Coronary Club member's forni.uh . . . you will. 'First, you shouli write a will, contact the under taker and make funeral arrange mo 11 is though. Any further queslons you maj have conferring meinbershi should be referred to your doetoi There's no use- old members . you anything trying to contac . . tht;y can't tu! . , they're dead enled on East Water street in tin ,. V. Bonjour home, on Memori- I Day, andwho has been in Pal- icr Memorial hospital was able i be brought to her apartment he last, of the week. Her niece Mrs. Jassie flrober, who hac lanned to leave for her home in Jregon, is assisting in caring foi ler. * * * * Mr. W. K. Humiphary, who is ill nd was taken to the Palmer Me- norial hospital in West Union vas removed to the Schoity. Me norial hospital in Waterloo. Wed- lesday he underwent major sur'.cry. * * * * Miss. Mable Knight who has jeon cared for in tin- home ol Mr:;. Harry Dickinson after sht curned from Ihe Palmer Memo- ial hospital in West Union, was ible to return to her own home his week. * * * * The Methodist Youth Fellowship of Kayetle is holding an ice ream social on the church lawn >n Friday, Jum? r4, starting a 1 i:30. Homemade ice cream wil ;e served. The money will be. ised to help send M. Y. F.ers to •amp at Clear Lake. * * * * Mr. and Mrs. Israel Shaffer at- li-nded the Pioneer Seed Corn Salemen's Company Picnic held in the Stale Park at the Back ."Jonc on Thursday. • * * * Mrs. Arthur Doughty was a Sunday guest in the home of her son, Mr. and Mrs. Merwin Doughty. Mrs. Doughty is a patient in the Driscoll Nursing homo. Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Jr. of Iowa City were week-end guests in the parental J .E. Olson and Waldo Walker Sr. home. New clerks at the Davis Hexall Store are Donna Heth and Barbara Nading. Judy Dahl is a full time employee at the drug store. (Lois always picks em pretty) » * * * Mrs. Mary Gorman of Wosl Union is staying in the Mrs Charles Langerman. home while Mrs. Langerman is visiting hei daughter in Phoenix Arizona, REP. TALLE REPORTS REA LOAN APPROVAL WASHINGTON. D. C. — (Special lo the LEADER) Congressman Henry O. Talle. Republican of the Second District of Iowa, reported to the LEADER late Tuesday that the Rural Electrification Administrator has Miss Mabel Dingsley. who is attending the summer session at Upper Iowa University and is staying in the Rev. O. J. Folter home, spent the week end in Clarence, where she has taught the past eight years. * * « • • Mr, and Mrs. M. E. Reese spent Smvday with relatives in Cedar Ka»jkls. * * » « Mr. a/id Mrs. Robert Fox, Washington U.C., arrived in Fayette For a visit in the 'Mrs. A. J. Fox and Mrs. J. D. Parker and Mrs. Dorothy Goebel homes. , * » * » Tile Ray Warner's have enjoyed a weeks fishing spent near .iarpor's Kerry. • • » * M.r. and Mrs. Harry Bisbing ind family of Cedar Falls, Mt. :im! Mrs. Jerome Yearous of Slgin, sister and brother of Mrs. Jason Bailey were Sunday guest n the home of Mrs. Bailey. Other quests included, Mr. and Mrs. Jakie Yearous and the Charles Yearous family of Fayette. Mrs. Bailey suffered a broken inn in a fall some weeks ago, and she is in hopes to be free of the caste this week. ***** Mrs. W. R. Wilson and a friend from Waterloo, were recent visitors in the home of Mrs. Wilson's cousin, Miss Anna Wilson. * • • • • Mr. and Mrs, Chester Fish and family have moved into the Ronald Moore property north of the river. The Ronald Moore family recently moved to Waterloo. They were business visitors in Fayette on Saturday. * * * * Mr and Mrs. Karl Fox, Baltim tile'Mrs. /\."J. rux'unu ^. iv. Carpenter homes. * * * * Mrs. Jennie Tann returned Sunday t'rv>m Rochester, Minn, where she had spent a week with her daughter, Mrs. Kli/.abeth Rogers. The Dean Curtis family moved into the Wilson Apartment, from Collins, Iowa. Since (heir arrival their small son has been ill with the mumps. Mr. Curtis is Asst. couch at the High School taking D. Grasso's ''place. •Mrs. Morris Watt, of Syracuse, New York, has been visiting relatives in Fayette and Oolwein, following her trip to Iowa to bring her father. When she left last week Mr. James Watt returned with her to Syracuse for a visit in UK; homo of his son. ***** approved a loan in the amount of $665,000.00 to the Allamakee-Clayton Electric Cooperative at Postville, Iowa. Congressman Talle said the loan will be used to provide better electrical service and to build 40 miles of new distribution lines to serve 200 new rural consumers, .o make general system improvements and to add 59 tie lines. Congressman Talle also explained that the Cooperative now envisions a capability for serving a total of 5,818 members and 2,274 miles of distribution lines. The cooperative has also received several other recent loans from REA. Drake Graduate From Maynard To Freeport Position MAYNARD (Special) — Raymond K. Wenzel, son of Mr. and Mrs. Er! Wenzel, Maynard, was graduated from Drake Universi- t/, rx»; Moint's, June 3, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting, was a member of Delia Sigma Pi fraternity, of the accounting club and the toastmaster club. He has accepted a position as business manager of the Deaconess hospital at Freeport, 111., where he will begin his duties on Monday, June 17. Mi- were Lake and Mrs. Waldo Walker Sr. visitors in Osage and Clear the middle of the week. Arizona Visitors In Oakley Davis Home Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mentzer and baby daughter, Susan Kay, of Tucson, Arizona are visiting in the parental Oakley Davis home. Mr. and Mrs. Mentzer are leaving next week for Camp Wah- Con-Dah, a private camp for iris and ! boys on the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, where he will c Crafts instructor and she the amp Nurse. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Little of Columbus Jet, were callers in Fayette on Thursday. Mr. and 'Mrs. Thomas Alderson, Ponti/ Mich., are visiting in the home of his sister, Miss Eleanor Alderson and Rev. and Mrs, Edward Bellows. Mrs. Vio'la Maynard returned to Fayetle Friday from a three weeks visit w'/lh relatives in Tampa Tlxas. While there she attended the wedding of her granddaughter on June 2nd. * * * * Mrs. Nellie Collier of Olympia, Washington, arrived Monday lor an indefinite visit with her sister, Mrs. A. J. Fox, and with other relatives and friends. ***** The Joe Carton family moved recently in the Don Culberlson collage on Soulh Uniom street. Mr. Carton is employed in West Union. Mrs. Karl Hanson has returned from a visit with her daughter and son-in-law and family in St. Paul. She also visited relatives in Waukon. * * * * Mrs. Jessie Buckmaster and Marvin, and Mrs. Howard Solomon and DeLoris, left the last o! the week for Missouri where they plan to spend a couple of weeks with relatives. ***** Mrs. Martin Timm celebratec her birthday, June 3rd. In hono of the event, Mrs. John Bahl, a neighbor planned a surprise ir honor of Mrs. Timm, by inviting a group of neighbors in for th afternoon. Delicious birthday lunch was served at the close o a delightful afternoon. .ittle League Teams 3rganized Here Fayette (Special) Little League all teams have been organized ere and will begin their games ext week. They will play on Mondays end Wednesdays according to organ- /ers. On Monday, June 17, Farm Bureau Insurance will play Fay's 'railor Court and the Chamber f Commerce will play the Inter- tate Power Company teafti. Wednesday will see Fayette tone Company playing Farm 3ueau Insurance and Fay's 'railor Court playing the Cham- jer of Commerce. _und Family Reunion At Fort Dodge Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lund, Roger and Joan Ash of 'Fayette, attended a Lund Annual Family Reunion at Fort Dodge last Sunday. There were about eighty relatives of the Lunds present for the 'affair. Mr. Ury Odell, son of the John Odell's of Walnut Creek, Calif., arrived in Fayette for a visit with liis parents, enroute to Janesville, Wisconsin, to attend a meeting of employees of the Parker Pen Co. While in Fayette Mr. Ury and his parents, and sister, Mrs. Ruth Shadle, Patty, and Jim Shadle and Mrs. Florence Odell and Marilyn Odell drove to Muscatine fur >a family reunion of the Odell family with Mr. and Mrs, Arlie Kennedy, of Grandview, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Farner at 'Muscatine. * * * • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Otterstein, of Freeport, 111., were visitors the past week in the Eldon Otterstein home, ...mil!'

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