Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on June 6, 1957 · Page 6
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 6

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 6, 1957
Page 6
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Want Ads Classified Ad Rales Fifteen cents per lino in oxroi-.r, of 4 lines. 40c minimum. Card Of Thanks One Dolhir minimum. Did you find your screens and storm windows needing repair'.' — if so, why not consider luivint'. the famous Air Seal — C'nmlii- nrition Aluminum Window.-: in stalled on your home l>y uui fac toiy trained install:);;. Km- nines and free folder write United Window Co., Box 208, Kayc-ltc, Iowa. FOR SALE: QUALITY WA.SHE1. sand, aggregate Pea Gravel Black dirt for lawns and garden. 1 Carl Zupke and Hon, Uandalh. phone 0G17. (3-TF; WANTED HAY BALING Have a new Super 77 baler. All owr HlOtl hale:; U cent.., Inmi 7(1(1 l.i 10(10 K cent:-,. Smaller amounts accord mi;, (h-t yulir oilier in early. I eenl for pullue; w a.uon. Phone While 1 V:i Fayette 1 .aVein Kinsel i. l .i .7(1 - ANNOUNCING MISS JANICE H F.N NICKS an our new ASSISTANT at "Wo have an opening for a man, who would have to headquarter .iu .1 i :ve in either Cresco or Dc- coi ah. with a farm background lie; ween 28 and 45 years old, who h:w some mechanical ex- (>ei:enro. has sold feeds or pc- ' i:oleum products to farmers, -..!: > would start as a salesman in : .;.!'•: in 1 promoted to Super'. i or ov: r othi r salesman in j Mitchell. Howard. Winneshoik, I Allamakee, Chickasaw, and Fay j i tic counties. Write WYNN'S ; FRICTION PROOFING box 87. Mr' 'ii City, h iwa. : EXCEPTIONAL | OPPORTUNITY I lit liable man or woman from this j are,, to distribute complete lino j of candy, nuts, or gum through new automatic vendors .No selling or soliciting as accounts are established for you. To qualify parly must have car, references, and cash capitol of S700 which is secured by inventory. Earnings up to S300 month part time — Full lime more. For personal interview give phone etc. Write P.O. Box 15G, Rochester, Minnesota. l-'i >K S.-M.F. o :>">ui hi'U. - K;.v lie. 1..-.V. HFNT Modem II H, Canfield !•'•'!>' SAI,K Ku;iil lnir.-epmvcr <' 11 * 11 • •; i: < I iiiol,,!-. Call Hltle 10:7 .ilt«T li. F' )l! SAI.K Used Heti i:;eralor M. . I. V r .oiuour. I'hone White MAE'S BEAUTY SHOi Phone Black 71 for appointments Monday thru Saturday Noon Vll! ;>U FDU SAI.K Wien brid houses. Jerry limns. J'li. While I 1 2 t'OH RENT -- a room apartment Inquire at Chicken's Store. DON 'T BK CONFUSED by a host • i! in ill , 11 ii e | ii it 11 • ii -s The New 11< >111< • HVIII-I policy eoinhiiH's hiuidii ils "I e.\posiires into one ' .• i II 1111 <•. low eel policy. ! The Fayette Insurance Agency | i'hone 1 1 (•i ;f -i!)-r>(» j \\ A \TKI) Parly to assume u 0 ii 11 ; 1I v ay melits of £20.-I1 on lew llaldwm AeiosoiiH- Spinet piano. Save $221. Write C. V. Ad- kms. First Ave. N. K., Cedar L'.ip.d.-.-. Iowa. (49-50) t .i .ai OF THANKS / w i Ii to thank all my friends, relatives and neighbors for the i low ei.-. cards and gifts I re- ei .veil while a patient at the Hospital. Mrs. LaV'ein Kinsell WEEKLY CROSSWORD PUZZLE Food Fish Here's the Answer HORIZONTAL 1 Depicted food fish 5 Musical direction 8 Head support 12 Medley 13 Weight measure 14 Stove part 15 Aged 16 Mental defective WANAEI.) - Steieopiicon. Call Dr. Harry Robinson (p. 4!lj FUNKS G HYBRID Early and medium ni.ilurilie.s on hand. Ralph Stewart, Fayette Phone Kilij Maynard. (-i?-18; FOR SAUK •-- 21 m. Hlond Coionado TV. Schueidi rs Electrical Appliance, Fayette. FOR SALE — 80 pigs six weeks old. Two mi. west of Maynard C'letus Feltkeliier Maynard, Iowa CARD OF THANKS We wish to express thanks to "in many relatives, friends and neighbors for the kindness extended to LIS during the loss of our loved one. The family of Hal Paul SALESMAN WANTED UNEXPECTED CHANGE makes available good Rawleigh business in Fayette, Elkadcr and Snawbi-rry i 'oinl. Exceptional opportunity lor rie.ht man. Sec or w i ite Clai eiice I laimllon, 2(H) 7th Ave. S\V. Oi 'hvoiii; or write liawleic.h's Iiept IA F 21 VJL • 201 Fi,•>•,„,! I, III. (4!) .,0 r> l-. r >2) CARD OF THANKS We wish to express our ap- ;.ieciation for all acts of kindness shown us riming our recent l)ei -i avement; to the minister, the pianisl, the (juartet, those who furnished cars, (lowers, food and cards. And to the ladies who helped with the cooking. We are deeply grateful. Lloyd Post. Roy and Reverly Randalia, Iowa Mr. and Mrs. James Groth Elkporl, Iowa ticorgc. Finest, Otto and Harold (•roth. 18 Compass" point |0 Middle 19 Lutecium (ab ) 20 Relies 2J Tellurium (symbol) 23 Gaelic 25 Pare 27 Beloved 28 Strays 29 Note of scale 30 Symbol for calcium 31 Atop 32 It found in ponds 33 Respiratory organ 35 Thaw 38 Otherwise 39 Great Lake 40 Near 41 Austere 47 Georgia (ab ) 48 Noise 50 Notions 51 Owns 52Cive forth 54 Diminutive ot Daniel 55 Repetition 5t» Decays 57 Health resort 58 Retired VERTICAL 1 Chilled 2 Entice 3 Free 4 Italian river 5 Halt <S Ripped 7 Soon 8 Negative reply 21 Sample 9 Night before 24 Drawinfi an event rooms 26 Expunger 11 Genuflects 33 Conductor 16 Pronoun 34 Last month 17 North Dakota 36 Bind (ab.) 37 Tormented 20 Dements 42 Mixed type 43 Augments 44 Harvest 45 Ethiopian lake 46 While 49 Insect egg 51 Fireplace shelf 53 Till sale (ab ) 55 Egyptian sun god 1 I 5 4 5 o I 6 9 0 1 IZ 15 14 IS rr-i k 7 •w 16 19 vA 20 El % 22 c5 ZH th cfc Z7 lb V) MS 50 51 "• v J£z> 5Z 55 51 55 5b M 59 40 i 41 Hi 45 44 45 % ->/// 7 //u 47 16 w 50 % 51 Si 55 54 55 % 1 1" 56 Dr. Dwigtit C Wirtz Volunteer Chairman of Sister Kenny Foundation CARD OF THANKS We wish to thank Rev. Wanger- ui, (he blood donors, those who send cards, gifts and flowers. And thc.es who helped out at the restaurant while I was sick. Mrs. Clady Rmvvnell I RANDALIA NEWS Continued VV A. Schroedcr has bought tin- ollicc building from Spain) and Rose Lumber Company and is tearing it down. He will use the lumber to build a cloiibl" garage on his property. Mrs. Robert Claxtoli returned hemic last week from Rozeinan, Montana, where she visited her aunts who are ill. Clyde Miner of Madison, Wis- ciensin visited his neice, Mrs J'.essie Odekirk last Week. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Home, wood and Patricia McFadden of Cedar Rapids, visited in the Jul •McFadden home from Wednesday until Friday. » • » • Debra Thyer was an overnight guest of Mrs. Scott Ostrauder Tuesday. * * * * Capt. John Brunkhorst of Sioux City, and his parents, Mr. ajid Mrs. John Brunkhorst, and family of Masonville, were Thursday slipper guests in the home of their son-in-law and daughter, Mi: and Mrs. John McFadden. ANTIQUE 6 Drawer Marble Top Chest 3 Drawer Black Walnut Chest REFRIGERATOR less than five years old. AMERICAN WALNUT Dining Room Set Several Easy Chairs NEW SHOES Half Price SID MOORE Used Furniture Fayelte, Iowa Mr. and Mrs. Lee Jellings attended the funerals of his aunt, Mis. Anna Cooley of Cineinatti, Ohio, and his Cousin, Mrs. Matty 1 tnmgart ner at Dubuque last Monday. • # * * Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cue of Waterloo visited her iparents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bacon, Memorial J)ay. * * • • Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hack of Waterloo, visited his mother, Mrs. Mabel Smith, who is ill, Sunday. They wore supper guests of her brother-in-law and sister Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Wilbur. • * * * Mr. and Mrs. Frank Woods and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Sandhagen of Fayette, were Sunday evening visitors in the E. R, Wilbur lioine. The second hand moved smoothly around the big clock on the vMiite wall and he watched it intently as though at a certain moment he would have to jump up and run out of the building. A nurse passed swiftly down the corridor and he heard the starchy sound of her uniform and soft thud of rubber heels but she did not come from the operating room, she could tell him nothing His eyes stayed on the clock. Down the hall there was an alcove containing chairs and a table. He knew that a small group of silent peqple sat there and waited, just as he waited. Mrs. Carrie Dugan and Will, Mrs. Bill Carr, Mrs. Beatrice Bailey of Cedar Rapids, Mrs. Gene Hrdlicka and family of Waterloo, were Thursday callers in the John McFadden home. Dr. and Mrs. Fay Warner and Craig, of Washington, la., visited a few days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Hoeffner and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Vierow. Mrs. W. A. Sehroeder, Veniece, Mardene and Rollyn spent Friday with her parents, iMr. and Mrs. Chris Decker, at Westgate. • • « « Saturday supper guests in the W. A. Sehroeder home were Mr. and Mrs. Al Classen of St. Paul, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Decker, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Decker of Westgate, Mrs. Amelia Voelker, Mrs. Mildred Miner and family, • • • • Mr. and Mrs. Clair Hawkins moved Saturday from the R. W. Wilbur residence to Arkansas, where his people live. Mrs. Hawkins was the English Teacher here the |past year. • * • * Rolland Walters of Los Angeles, Calif., Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Reed and three children of St. Paul, Minn., were visitors Me morial Day in the George Carley home. Afternoon calletrs were Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Carley and son, of Rolfe, Mr. and Mrs. EVza Carley and Francis of Fayette. TOP - MODE Ladies Print Dresses Only $2.98 AH whole and half sizes Just ARRIVED Our complete summer stock .. of childrens and Ladies SUMMER SHOES $3.29 _and up P.F.s * Red Ball Jets * Summerettes NELSONS Shoe & Clothing Store Occasionally he heard a dim voice raising what seemed to be a question, and it seemed always to be the same question. They were the parents and the grandparents. Once he walked down the hall and they all looked at him quietly and he looked back, trying to find something to say. Nothing came to his lips so he walked back and sat on a chair alone and looked at the clock. So much time, he thought, but all of it point forward, never turning back. Never would the clock turn back to those moments just after 8 that morning. Never again would he have the chance to reduce his speed just a little as he came into the residential district, to look at the sidewalks more closely, to hit the brake as the child came running into the street. So much time, he thought, and none of it ever given back to wipe out a mistake. The corridor was so silent that he heard the sigh as the operating room doors opened and fell back. A doctor stood looking at him. Time had run out. $300 MONTHLY SPARE TIME Servicing our established display cases (simulated diamond rings) in your area. No selling. To qualify ioi -work you must have car, references, $480 secured by inventory. Devoting 6-8 hours a week to business, your end on percentage of collections -will net up to $300 monthly with very good possibilities of taking over full time. Income increasing accordingly. For interview — include phone in application. Write Des Moines Ring Co. P. O. Box 2004 Des Moines 10, Iowa DR. DWIOHT C. WIRTZ To serve in Ihc same capacity for the seventh consecutive year, Dr. Dwight C. Wirt/, Des Moines orthopedic surgeon, has been named Iowa state volunteer chairman for the )!l. r )7 annua fund appeal of the Sister Elis/.a both Kenny foundation, starting August 12. Iowa quota is $80,000. Quota fur the five-state area — includ ing Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakola and South Dakota — is SKOO.OOO. Announcement of re-appointment ol Dr. Wirt/, was made by Ora D. Clay, Minneapolis, who heads the five-state appeal. (lay pointed out that the Kenny program has been expanded to provide treatment and rehabilita • • •-» • • • SOFTBALL GAME Thursday June 6th RALPH'S ALL-STARS vs DONALDSON MFG. Fayette High School 8:00 P. M. tion at Elizabeth Kenny institute, Minneapolis, for persons of all ages with nerve, muscle or joint disabilities, regardless of age, race, creed or financial circumstances. He further stressed that at the same time Kenny institute remains one of the most-completely staffed and equipped polio hospitals in the country. "The Kenny foundation also will use 1957 contributions to train more registered nurses and physical therapists through scholarships to become Kenny Therapists who administer the Kenny treatment for polio and other nromuscular disabilities under medical supervision," Gay said. "Medical research into the anse and cure of various neuromuscular diseases as well as polio, in addition, is sponsored by the Kenny foundation. Cooperating in the Kenny medical resarch program are scientists, professors and department heads at the nation's leading universities and hospitals. PAGE 6 JUNE 6,1957 Fayette County Leader Conger eels vary in length from three feet to as much a* 10 feet. * * • The rupiah, Indonesian monetary unit, is officially valued at 8.8 cents. • • • With proper care, a man's life span should be in the range between 100 to 120 years, according to an octogenarian physician, Dr. C. Ward Crampton of New York cit y- FOR SALE — Plants and about 7 acres of mixed hay. Ray Iliff. Phone White 190. FOR SALE — End table with attached lamp. McLeese Furniture, Fayette. Premier sewing machines, new electric, full size; reverse, darner, attachments, guaranteed. One- half price. Write Tall Corn Distributing Co.. 853 Nineteenth. Moines. Fayette Theatre Thurs. — Fri. — Sat. June 7 — 8 Double FEATURE VICTOR JORY ANN DORAN "THE MAN WHO TURNED TO STONE" — Also — "ZOMBIES OF MORA TAU" This week §25 .00 Thank Nite Sat. night in Fayette. We will stop the show when the whistle blows to announce the winner. Sun. — Mon. June 9 - Tues. 10 ALAN LADD VIRGINIA MAYO THE BIG LAND" (In Color) NOTICE During June Theatre closed Tues. — Wed. — Thurs. RCA VICTOR ... PRESENTS A NEW MOOD IN CONSOLE STYLING ...BRINSS YOU NEW "LIVING IMAGE" PICTURE AND PANORAMIC BOUND THE WHITMAN DELUXE brings you "Iligh-Sharp- and-Easy" tuning ... new "Living Image" picture... editing Panoramic Sound through three speakers! Come in today—see and hear for yourself! The Whitman Delux*. Phono-kick. Ton* . control. Mahooany groined, wolnuf grained .<•' fl£,.,^' T " , ' ,,a »*&i5 or limed oak grained flnUhei. Model 21074/ », , , , Atk about Hie exdwfve UHf-Sptlonol, extra, ot low cotl. Vfetor factory Serv/ce Coerraet at Schneiders Electrical Appliance Store FAYETTE STRICTLY FRESH pEOPLE responsible for putting gum under theater seats are the same folk who hide bread crusts under cushions when munching sandwiches while watching TV. * • • A poorly fitted set of dentures makes one look toothful rather than youthful, * * * After sampling a nearby restaurant's soup, we surmise that their hot water bill must be terrific. • • • Any attempt to induce a cow to give chocolate milk would be udderly ridicule * * • When the wind murmuring through the trees reminds you that your storm insurance premium is due, you're Retting oM COOKING'S A PLEASURE . . . anytime . . . anywhere with THERMOGAS • There's new freedom awaiting you in your kitchen with Thermogas. Ther- mogas can be installed anywhere beyond the city gas mains. See our grand display of the finest gas ranges made. Let us bring you "City Convenience R. F. D." through Thermogas in your home GENE WM. SINGER Plumbing — Healing — Wiring Ph. 247 Fayette, la. BE A HOME OWNER Fine Homes in Friendly Fayette FOR SALE Modern 3 bedroom frame, newly decorated and (painted, beautifully landscaped, attached garage, new wall to wall carpets — truly a home for gracious living. Modern 3 bedroom, basement garage, in perfect condition, reasonably priced. Modern 2 bedroom frame, garage, insulated, oil furnace, corner lot — will contract. Modern 4 bedroom home, excellent location, priced below market. Modern duplex — should net 25% on investment — HURRY. Partly Modern 3 bedroom brick, redecorated, very resonable. FARMS: 80 acres, 129 acres, 237 acres, 240 acres. RENTALS: 3 bedroom modern $40.00 1 bedroom §25.00 3 bedroom $30.00 The Fayette Insurance Agency Licensed Brokers Bob Anthony John Hofmeyer Phone 14 Fayette, Iowa , a Fayette Creamery BUTTER lb. U JC HILEX gal. 49c While they last ONION SETS lb. 10c ONION PLANTS 2 bunches 19c CAKE MIX pkg. 10c COFFEE lb. 79c AID 1 6 pkgs. 25c Cool Spring 10 No. 303 d» | A A RED KIDNEY BEANS canstDl.UU ORANGES doz. 49c Elsheimers r%«% WEINERS lb. iiC Goeken's Food Mkt Phone 10 Fayette, Iowa • -eui.r*.

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