The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 3, 1940
Page 3
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FRIDAY, MAY a. 10iO (ARX.y COimiRU NWS Presenting Carnival Royalty IK BETTER Visil Many Residences In Chickasawba Dislricl Of Counly The 200 club women cl Missis-' sippi Counly who yesterday attended the annual Ik-tier Homes Week lour sponsored by Die North Mississippi County CouiK-il »| liomt- Ui'inuivslrutlun Clubs returned to Ihi-lr homes last nlfjlil, wearied in iw.dy bin i-tfj-csliKl in mind as lo iiiiprovemcnt.s tlicy wanled lor Ihelr own homes und yurds. All ol the 2S clubs in North Mississippi County were represented. While many of them will have 10 make these Improvements gradually, the ideas gleaned from other places yesterday will show them (he way to beautify their- own abodes even if It. i.s- In a siual) way. Homes and gardens visited >M, K - f-«l I rum Hie low priced to ih e expensive but all or them portrayed Hit; improvement which other women may work toward in the ' months to come. ' The tour, which sun-led v.'ilh i breakfast served in Leachvillc at ! the new club house by Ihe Leach- J vilie Home Demonstration Club, ended with a tea at Yarbro in Hie lale afternoon iifier Western and Northern Mississippi County hiul been visited by the caravan,' Practically all of the and I Hardens visited were seen for tlse tirst time by a number of the women with selections having been ' made by n committee of Miss Cora ; Lee Coleman, county Betler Homes i chairman, Mrs. Ii. A. Bu«g, county I .yard chairman, and others inter-' estcd In thls : nation-wide project, j >,- After breakfast, the •'tourists" I went to the'rehjodeled home op Mr. and Mrs. .Merrill Swihart, 01 Leachville, where \they saw Mr.' Swihart's collection' ! of shells and Indinn relics along with the orchard and flower gardens, where there is an outstanding collection i of dahlias and lilies. This family I has recently Installed eleelrie con- ! vciiiences through the REA. | The radish shipping .sheds at Leachville, where two or three car loads are being shipped daily, were next visited. The recently remodeled home ol Sir. and Mrs. Leroy Carter, which is modernly furnished ami has many modern conveniences, and Ihe new house of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Metcalf. with its REA elec- 'irincation, were visited and the ;residences of Dr. and Mr.s. A/B. runnai-i am ,scopmg 10 mak-e a •Roiiinson and Mr. and Mrs. W. w. | colorful settlne of fine flowers was (Cox were pointed out as the visit- -• •• - -ors toured the city of Leachville and then motored through .Manila for a drive over the town. A picnic lunch was served at the. '.United Slates Wild Life Refuge at -'• • • ••^••^•^•^^•^^H Their Majesties-King Claude Crawford and Queen Lida I'icloii Willey, whol'will reign during the .Memphis Cotton Carnival, May Hlh-lBlh, are shown in their Royal Holies. Their, arrival on Ihe Imperial Ilarge Tuesday nighl. May 14th, will officially open the l'J-10 edition of "The Soulli's Greulcsl Party" nook was shown at the home ot Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Barns. Formal-landscaping lo make a 'Big Lake with Olin H. Casn. keeper, and Mis. Cash, as host, and hostess. The country home and garden of Mr. and Mrs. John Stevens at Oell. .where a live-at-home plan Eastern Star, was appointed last night by A;rs. Juliette Billingslcy . cf Little Rock, Worthy Grand Matron. to serve on (he jurisprudence '•mmitlee of Grand Chapter for 1940. Mrs. llillingsley made her offi- Attend Methodist Meeting At Manila Muslim and Hindu Stales I'rojcclecl To SiMlle Old Conii-ovorsy »> Hi:VN()l.l)S I'ACKAItl) "Illicit I'lCM SUll Coill'SIHIIUllMII KO.MK. May :).- .TJu> division of Imlui Into (wo shut's --Muslim und Hindu--alicr ihe j>irM>m Kumpran win- ends uppcm-s likely. While lirhiiln is iiK-nplcd with tin. 1 rmiilirt in i;uio|,o, both Hindu mm Minim lender.-, In lndhi an; |i»i>lilii« Ilii-lr I'i'spirlivi! I'liiisi-s loin, with Hie cxci-pilon of esiivm- 1st*-, appear to be willing lo posl- poiii- Ilic brciik tvlili liilliiln until the wiii- Is ovi'i-. 'I'tiiluy Hie ai-Uuil buttle lnvolv- hi« the dlvLslun of India Is bfiiiK w:iu«t betWTi-n usfctli: Molinmlns (iMinllil. <it i;o:ir.s milk (lUa and loliiclulh hum., ami .Mohiuni'd All Jlii'iuh, modern l-'.iiropi-nn-ilrnsM'd Muslim leudi'i-. They arc liolb nro- hiljitioiiLM.s. •Jtisi bclori! Icuvliii. India by ulr- plniii' I hud n loni; tall: with .lln- nah, ttln'ieln In- ansivcri'd ninny stati'iiicins which Chindhl hud made to mi' hi in: exclusive Intc-r- vli'W ilurhiB Uic NnlioiiKllst Cou- gic-w at ibiniKHi')}. (;:iii[||il's roiior OKptitcd 1 told .Ilnnah thnt Onndhi liiid assincd me |,c was llui leader of nil Ihe Indians—Muslims us well us Hindus—and thnt Gandhi hud poinlnl oiil Dint Ihe president of •the Nultoimllsl Congress IH liam- liarh this yeur was a Muslim. .Ilimiih suld: "ThiU doipi't fool nnybody who knows iuiytlihin about (he Muslim iiue.slloii. I I'oiilil huve Illmltl ofll- cers mid even a Hindu presiilenl If I wanted in our Muslim Imijiii'. Our Muslim Icicle rcprrecnu uu.- CCO.OUO Mitslhiis, mid we know exactly \vluil we want. We wimt 1111 auttmomous Muslim Kiuto," •I i n n n Ii emphasl/ed, howver, Hint lie wn,s not nnxlons lo press dciirands while Urltnlti wns preoccupied with the «•(»-, but, us soon as the war ends he expects to. scl- lie Muslim aspirations, lie told me he would be satisfied with a Muslim slutc enjoying dominion stains like Cnimiln within the framework of the ihitish Empire. Claiulhl .stressed to me Dial he did not want to embarrass Drltnln in wartime, but showed no Inclination to with ,))n- imli. The Indications seemed to me to be that (Uirlni; the wnr Jln- imli n IK) Onndhi ivoilld Hie coiulml -Ciunillil flKhllnj. for n nulled huHu roinimsrd ol 'Muslims us well as Hindus, ,,, U | ,n mm |i fin 1 « .Muslim sinii- scpiirnli' from UlC Illlllllls , IUi;h Mi-liM) uffidjiis ID jmu,, with whom i (Hiked, inuludlng ihe Viceroy. «uve Kirntrr imporinni'e 1(1 J ..... »li Hum is lii'iici-nlly nf- ' The Ihllish i'',1 ,„ lm , Unil while (lamlhl ),u.'. nn appeal t!mmi;hmit indlu, belnjj re- Kiwli-d us a splriium 11S well us u IKHlllml leader, il must noi be liu- (,'oiirn thai Jiimiiii i(>|iBceiit,s the Muslims. Inihti's llKlillric cleineiil, :tl therefore lm|ioituni 'mliHiully! Jiniiali, who rci-clvcil me at Ills luodcni hunu' in Delhi, showed me Ills iiliiii.i, in:-hi(llii({ « map (1 f n u . esliiblishnieni ol Muslim indlu. "Naturally, ihere miijiulUiirs to K ,.| H M mu' iiri'ii.s icul ihe Hindus In theii- un'ii.s." he said. "We wm.ihi ^imvo to nrriiiijic n> liuuiniitcc ilght.s fm Hindu.; in Muslim nivns nnil viiy PA OP, THftBfl; )„, milis studied at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. Conway where n/aleas, tulips and many other spring flow-' ers now bloom. , Cm i visit i 0 "the" Moiielle"'Man'il'a i , - -•• Alter leaving Blytheville, the and Lcaclivillc chapters last night "" s &oc " :li ' fm ' ""'IsHnn - Service "' '- ' [ -- -•• ' ----- - b 'yesterday al the Methodist church Subhiis me- anxious to pie- clptliitc dvll disobedience Immedl- ulely. It .'.reins certiiln (hni tlie older leaders like (.iundhl mid Jh'nuli will iiievull, mid souni'i- or luler Jiiinah and (laiiilhl will sit down ,K ,i t,,ble mid (lisciiss the problem ol Muslim-Hindu differences I'fMiHIiii! In tlie dlvLsloi! of l.iillu Inio Muslim mid uindu hiillns. Joiner Group Hears Sanitary Engineer Talk "Make n city out 'of Joiner" Is the slogan adopted by the ,i,,i )in Men's club which had a supper meellng fus! nitOil when 0«ir«e Khiimlln, comity saiiilury eiiKlneei. spoke on "Miilnrln Coiilrnl ill Jnln- er" and reports were miule of progress In obhiinlng liii))roveiiieul.s for the (own. I'.'ltoils are beiiiK made lo secure 100 leleplioncs In the (own so (hut 11 telephone cxchnnxc will bo established by Ihe Southwestern Mel! Telephone company; a street Im- proyciiicnt projeel wllli slrtovnlksi Is bthig worked ti|ion; neiidllii- tloiw me miderway for seeming ii WPA project lor u water uncl sewuge system mid liufilc. reuula- llons me to be enforced, u. is sn The ( spoiker guvi' u <le onstrallon In (he control mid |)ie- vcntlon of mosmillucs, wllli eslilb- Its of specimens captured m .lolnei. 1J. W, Friend, liminelt clitlds. John Weslbrook nnd nick C'lilck- orn were gucsls nt. tlie meelliii; V'?!:! '.:'. tile lioiue Kconomics f;nt- lagc of Shiuvnce sclKKil which WHS nlso lit tended by 'in ineuibers of the group, afllliiiled with Kiislern Arkiilisas YOUIIB Men's Club. sim TO IE PflRIJ EVENT Music Sludcnls Go To Luxora For Festival To- Hixly lliylhevlllc high school mii- Mc shulenl.s will no lo Luxora lo- rvl stlil lo |):iitlclp;ue In the vo?nl l-TOKratn of the Mississippi county Music festival. The band conceit;-. an 1 boliiK given lodny. Mis.', Nannie (.'Inikc flmlln, director in |]|i< hlijli .school inu.sli: acliv- illes. Is Inking hi-r hlBh school «!re clubs und mixed choruses |<i Ihe (•win. ,SpiTin| numbers will bo pvc- scnlcil by Ihr .sliulcnl. 1 ,- wbo will also tnki' IKIII In tint mus.snl i:o;i- •Speclal numbers nic as follows: "Hocklir in di> win 1 ." Ni-ldllnncr «;i<l "The Nltilii Una a Thousand Kyi's" iunnixed by Noble Cain, by Kills l: lee club; "Hslivmiir, Ponce, 11 nil "A Hnblu in Hie l.llnc. Tree" Nevlu, by gh'IV ensemble; ".Sanc- I'ls 1 (.St. Cedllii Mii.'is). Cioutiod, mid "l);iik Wnler", noun; .spn-jiuiil by Jiinii'.s liy mixed vnM'jnblt 1 . When the local students )oln wllli othi'r mu.siu .students [roiti over (h,. i-onnty. Uic following numbers will lie sunn under (lie <ilrn- tlon ol MIS. MirJdoril. of Osreoln: "1 IJn-nin ot .Icmilr," Fosler; "Sniic- lu-s" (The Holy city), Clunl; "No- uoily Knows the Trouble I Kee." negro .spiritual; -'Odd iji.Ms Amei'". Hi'i'lln; "LooMiijf for Die l.o,sl Chord," medley ol aouLhevn umes. Keiser Seniors Back From Southern Trip KKIKHll. MiiyT— The Kelser fJrnlors have relumed fiom their w.'iiloi- (rip to New Orleans, l.a Unirpoil ami Vlek.sburu. Muss. They .spent live days In New Orloaiw \vliorp ilu.-y vlslled many of Uic historic' places. They *|>ent, n day and ntglil'nt Clulf|ior(, ami also stopped nt Vlcksburg. ticnlors who mndc the trlj) v;erc- Kddye Kvclyn Turner, wuise fiouclier, Sybils Crews, Mailye Olas- EO. Jewell Diinnliew, Veda Mc- Cormlck, Lorcne Johnson, Lucille Terry, Rtuah Hill, Stanley Hrucc ' Kc'imelh Dale, Kenneth Bell, Mimics Thomas Montgomery, Albert M.irlji), Chiylon White, J. E McUomilcl. liobby I'aincll.xJunior Viclory, Anna Mae Gnnt. J. I 1 .'. Wcstc'rilclu, John !>, Kelscr und Miss Mary Ann Faulkner chaperoned the trip, The, house. Ity is fully when H Is luitched, The Spot tffKlmuy (11, 1 miles noilli of Osoonln. Dininy and Danciitfj KVKKV I'.VKNINd HIGH CLASS CATERING A. IMilVKlt Owni'i- ami Miiii,'i For Best Results In Baking — Use Shibley's Best FLOUR ASK YOUR GROCER Ten ClylhL'ville women from the First Methodist church attended Hie district meeting ol the Wom' has long been prneticcd, was the a cellar built, adjoining thc° kilch- nexl stop. The smoke house, where i en. n wood work shop with all fl9 h ""° ''"" '- " electric tools installed and n den made which has lor Us best features. COO tulips anil 125 grow- n —......„...... w ..i, , ( im ijt-'.iuivmu unapieis last ingiu parly went, to the suburban garden W Den llicy had a joint meeting at 01 Mr. and Mrs. Arch Lindscy 101 •'-- a look at several years work. The next .slop was at the country home of Mr. und Mrs. C. J. Little where a rear porch has been converted into a summer living room, 32 hogs have been cured for the use of their tenants, was n special feature viewed. In the [own of Dell the new residence of Mr. ami Mrs. Malcolm Greenway. now under construction, and the new club house, also be- iiU! erected, were visited and the women drove over the town for a glimpse of yard improvements. 'Hie first stop in Blytheville was at the gardens of Mr. and Mrs. B. A.- Biigg where the visitors were «.„ *„ >uu »umi:n lor a lour impressed by Ihr display of iris of the new olllec and plant where and tclips. An idea of how to build different tvpes ol lumber were :i barbecue pit and a rock garden I viewed, and souvenirs were dis- Uiubted by Alvin and Jake null- man. The tour was finished by a drive - ing gladioli. The visitors also enjoyed viewing Mr. Little's collection of World Wnr relics which he orought with him from France. The new house ol Mr. and Mrs. Viclory Mnllory, near Yarbro. was visited and the plan explained tor simple landscaping. Tlie Hullman Lumber Company was host (o the women for n tnur were gleaned from those of the Biiggs. The house and new garden ot Mr. and Mrs. Alton 13. Jaggers was visited as an example ot how n yard may be improved in one year. Improvement of a yard by con- verting ii tnio an outdoor' living room within a short time and remodeling a large kitchen inio a combined kitchen and breakfast over the Highway til overpass nt Yarbro to the home of Mr. un'J Mrs. Spencer Bunch where tea was A nn oimcemeiits: The Courier News has been formally authorized to announce the following candidacies for office subject to the action of the Democratic primary in August. Mississippi County Judge ROLAND GRERN CLARENCE H. WI.SON Sheriff anil Collector HALE JACKSON County Treasurer B. L. (BILLY) GAINES (For Second Term) JACK P1NLEY ROBINSON Counly and rrobatc Clerk T. W. POTTER (For Second Term) Circuit Court Clerk ' HARVEY MORRIS (For Second Term) Congressman Firsl Arkansas District BRUCE IVY * * « Representative <For the seat now held by Woodroiv Hulton) J. LEE BEARDEN For post now held by Frank Williams FRANK WILLIAMS j (For Second Term) ' (For post now held by L. H. Ailtry) L. H. AUTRY (For Second Term) FRANK D. UNDERWOOD * » • Assessor W. W. (BUDDY) WATSON .(For Second Term) Mrs. J. D. Smith Named On Eastern Star Board Mrs J. D. Smith, Worthy Ma- I trcn ol the local Order of the Mnuiln. In addition to Mrs. Smith, Tlly- theville people who attended were Mr. and Mrs. Gils Ebcrdt, Mrs. Charles Alfonl. Mrs. J. E. PiU- terson, Mrs. W. A. Siickmon ami , . . . Miss Coia Lee Coleman. Rev. W. 0. Shewmaker Is To Speak Here The Hev. W. O. Shewmnker, Ph. IX. of Soullr.ves;crn college in Memphis, will speak at the local First Presbyterian church Sunday morning, the Rev. James A. Over- hol.ser, pastor, announced today. Final services in the series which the Rev. Glrard Lowe, D. D., of Memphis, has been conducting here will be tonight when lit: speaks on "Love's Last Appeal," Miss Jeanne Harrison will sing a solo. Death Wins in Two Tilts SAN FRANCISCO itJP — Death look two lilts in the same day with James J. Black, before it finally won out. Black first drove his automobile into a concrete wall, suffering a cut forehead, fractured rib and nose. Released from the emergency hospital, he was found fatally injured victim ot a hit- and-run driver. in Manila. They were: Mrs. n. A. Lynch,] Mrs. John F. Icelnmitler, Mrs. fjal- lie Hubler Mrs. w. A. Stickmon, Mrs. W. P Brewer, Mrs. Kiley 13. Jones, Mrs. U. 13. Williams. Mrs. NT. O. Goodwin. Mrs. H. N, Hill, Mrs. C. K. digger St. Read Courier News Main ads Negroes To Stage "Battle of Music"| A "battle o( music" will be slaged :i! the Hethel A. M. E. Methodist ChuiTli Sunday nflmioon. Mny 5.1 between several negro o.nnrlcls I which have appeared at public events frequently. The ••singing contest" will open ill 2:30 o'clock. NU-WA Laundry-Gleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service SATURDAY ONLY—SI A.M. In 1 I'.M. TIMS COUPON WOIITU $3.01 Tow-arils Tins Jewelry 14 KT. GOLD FINISH This Coupon and Only r.NTITI.KS IlKAKCU TO CHOICE OF ONE OV OUR NTAV REPLICA DIAMOND RINGS .... ,,.T. u KT. GOI.D-riMSH CI1OSS OK LOCKET MJCKLACK Urine, this couiran and Me to our slovc nnd receive one ol oin rcgulnr S3.50 REPLICA DIAMOND RINGS. Yon -savn exactly S3.01. This merely helps pay _far local advertising, rxprrfs, salfs|wo|ile, etc. Hothiug more lo pay. ' REPLICA diamonds are rivaled in Ijeniitj- only by Ihe genuine diamomis costing hundreds of dollars. Do not wllh ordinary Imitations or previous jewelry sales. Choice of While or Yt-llow Mounting ' This Ring or NrcMnce given Free if you can buy one elsewhere in this city for less than $3,50 Introductory offer. This ring will be S3.50 alter this sale. LIMIT FOtm ITEMS TO A CUSTOMER STYLES lor MEN WOMEN AKt) ROBINSON'S The Re.xall Drujr store 1!LYTHEVILT,B, A RK. SATURDAY 3 A. M. TO I P. M. O.S't,V Announcing the Formal Opening Of COBB FUNERAL HOME Friday, Saturday and Sunday MAY 3, 4 & 5 212 our new location Corner Main and Sixth Streets The public is cordially invilcti lo insped (his , )CW c.sf anil most modern fimernl home between Memphis ami SI. I-oiiis, and tneideiilall.v, (he on!v residential c.sliil)lisbn)cn( of I His kind in Mississippi County. Drop in (o .sec us Friday, Saturday or Sunday. We want you (o sec our newly remodeled and redecorated quarters, -our spacious chapel with the beautiful new electric or^an, (he only one in any funeral home in Ulylhevilk. Don'i Forf/el the Dales: Friday, Saturday & Sunday AMBULANCE SERVICE ANY HOUR DAY OR NIGHT-CALL 26 Ask About Our BURIAL INSURANCE PLAN Complete protection for every member of your family at the lowest rate offered in Mississippi County.

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