Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 16, 1936 · Page 51
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 51

Mason City, Iowa
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Wednesday, December 16, 1936
Page 51
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, DECEMIER 16 M 1936 CLEVfN MOHAWKS KNOT TIGER'S TAIL, 26 TO 16 Pin BALLYHOOS ROSE BOWL TILT INTO FAST SALE Strangler Lewis Wins New Title, but Not for Groans, Grunts. By EDDIE BRIETZ Back to Forward Jobs in Revised Plan. By AL MITCHELL (Globe-Gazette Sports Editor) Hey! You stay-at-homes missed it again.' If you didn't see Mason City's Mohawks play Albert Lea's Tigers here Tuesday night, you missed NEW YORK, (ff) — Two days ai- ! the best little or basketball battle the redoubtable Frank Carver, j of the season, and no exceptions to ' Sharpened Attack Wins for Mason City in Cage Tussle Wallace, Fletcher Moved Pitt ballyhoo expert. began pounding the drums on the coast. the Rose Bowl was a sell out . . . Old Strangler Lewis won another championship the other day. One of the big airlines gave him a trophy for being the world's champion air traveler. Since he began flying 10 years ago, the Strangler has made -00 coast to coast trips and 250 north and south flights as part of 1,500,000 air miles . . . Charles Dressen has bet Bill Terry a $100 suit of clothes the Reds do no worse than break even in their 22 games with the Giants next season. BOSTON PROS MAY MOVE George Preston Marshall may take his Boston football Redskins to Buffalo which is all steamed up over the idea . . . Branch Rickey is sending three young men through college (and they're not baseball prospects either) ... a cubby hole next to Jimmy Johnston's office in Madison Square Garden is known as the "larceny room. That's where Jimmy takes the lambs to be shorn . . . Jimmy Downing, Tampa fight promoter, will call his new son James Dempsey after old Jack. NORMAN LADS TRAVEL The Norman (Okla.) high, school gridders are mailing a round of the bowls. They were undefeated last year and the townspeople sent them to the Sugar bowl. This year they kept their record clean and will go half way across the country to the Rose bowl. The boys say Miami and the Orange- bowl will follow, if the cash holds out Jimmy Phelan, Washington coach, just can't wait to get back into the Big Ten. Oakland Tribune hears he may do so via Michigan . . . Sixto Escobar has beer, offered 35 per cent of the gate to defend his bantamweight title against Lou Salica in Los Angeles Feb. 22 under the Joe Levy banner. 'HOOSIERS MAY LISTEN Indiana's cagers will feel right at home when they open the intercollegiate season at the Garden against Manhattan Saturday night. The Port Washington high school band .has been engaged to play Indiana tunes exclusively all evening . . . Picture of a guy well fed up: Judge Landis ... as a favor to Ray Flaherty, who did a lot for Tenth Avenue Tech, Stove Owen released Ray from the Giants so he could coach the Boston Redskins. Ray returned the favor by knocking his old pals out of the National football race . . . Well, they can't accuse Joe Louis of letting that one rock along for the pictures, can they? . . . What's all this talk about Ernie Nevers being the victim of a whispering campaign? that. You lively missed seeing a rebuilt. Mason City high school team shoot a new oi'i'onse into ac- Tiger Tamers! MASON CITY—26 Wallace f .. Major f .... Fletcher t-c Cookmii.ii f . Stoeeker c . Gorman c ., McKenzy r Shots It (t ftm I Pit. II n tin i ii WALLACE tion. make it click, and come out on the long end of a 26 to 16 score. A couple of Mohawks went back h o m e Tuesday night. Back home to their old positions, that is, using a revised offensive plan that looked like a million dollars. Capt. Everett Fletcher, who proved that he is forward, Texas League Boss to Run Sioux City's Team SIOUX CITY, (.•?) — Ernest '•Dutch" Lorbeer, former manager of the Beaumont club in the Texas league, will manage the Sioux City Western league baseball team next season. Ryal Miller, club president, announced. Lorbeer, who succeeds Dave Bancroft as Cowboy manager, will arrive here next month to begin reorganizing his team. Sheldon Jaysees Win in Cherokee Contest CHEROKEE, (&> —Sheldon Junior college broke a 12 point deadlock in the second quarter and ran up a 39 to 27 victory over Cherokee here Tuesday night. Veenker, Sheldon center, led the scoring with 13 points. Hampton High Victor in Two Cage Battles SHEFFIELD — Hampton high school's boys won twc basketball decisions here Tuesday night, beating Sheffield's first team 40 to 3 and the reserves. 24 to 7. The local girls routed the visitors, 41 to 10. rathcr than a center, and Jack Wallace, who showed that he is a basket-shooting marksman, rather than a passer, were back in their old front-line assignments. Wallace found the hoop for three baskets and five assorted free throws, while Fletcher connected on a pair of goals and added another free chance. Not to be forgotten, either, are a couple of husky youngsters who made their first start as top-flight basketball plr.yers Tuesday night, and turned in a couple of good jobs. Fred Stoecker handled his big brother's old center assignment in pretty neat fashion, and worked in a for ward-pivot position under the goals like a veteran, while Harold McKenzy p r o- duced five points as he played a neat guard game. There w a s never much '"• doubt about the FLETCHER class of the Moha'.vks in Tuesday's game. The visiting Tigers got a shot, at the east goal to start things, after John Skov got hold of the first tipoff, but the Mohawks grabbed the rebound and zipped in a bucket before the Tigers got their defense set. Wayne Wood went under the west goal for a clean setup as Fletcher passed off to him from a center-pivot spot. The score moved up to 4-4 during the first period, but the Mohawks got in front on Stoecker's "fall-away" shot. They made it 8 to 4 as Fletcher missed a setup after a perfect pickoff play, and McKenzy stretched up to bat the ball back and in. Tigrcrs Get One. The Tigers scored only once from scrimmage in the second oe- riod, as their slight height advantage became apparent under the basket. Capt. Bob Johnston tipped the ball in after ti had slip- oed off the backboard three times. During the same period. Wallace had found the goal with a one- hand pivot shot out of a corner, and with a setup off Fletcher's pass and block. Johnston scored a single goal during the third period, while free throws pulled the score up to 20 to 12. The Tiger captain counted on a one-hand shot as he drove straight in at the.basket Johnston left the game on personal fouls late in the same quarter. Free Throws Help. Free chances also helped Mason City, since Fletcher's pivot shot from the free throw circle was the only basket in the Mohawk side of the book. Fletcher and Wallace slapped in two more goals to get the final quarter under way, and it was left to Walter Bennett, Tiger guard, to provide most of the entertainment ALBERT LEA—Hi s: .lohnslf'ii t'f ... r' f ....... SchaJger I ......... Skov c-f Henderson f Bennett s Grinold.-, f , Dormau t •• TOTALS ::r. 5 fi 9 111 H BASKET-BY -BASKET MASON CITY ALBERT LEA Wood - ; » ;;;; Bennett •;'; Johnston Wood's foul .. Wallace Wallace's foul Stoecker .... McKenzy Fletcher Wood's foul Wallace McKeii7,y ... 41 ... (it . - «;'( QUARTER Bennett Johnston's foul Johnston Wallace Fletcher's foul Wallace . 1,1 7 HALF . 13 S . HiX Henderson RING WARS HOT THROUGH EAST'S 80XING CENTERS From Heavy Boys to Light Classes, There's Lots of Action Coming. NEW YORK, CT)—From the bantamweights to the heavyweights, the fight business is showing signs of new life. The heavies have been holding ][ j the headlines for the last few weeks, with the talk of a Jimmy Braddock-Joe Louis no-decision bout at Atlantic City; the hullabaloo over the final signing of Braddock to defend his crown against Max Schmeling, Louis' quick knockout of Eddie Simms. However, champions and contenders are keeping things moving in four other divisions. The middleweights are next on the program with Harry Balsamo, the ''belting brakeman" who wu* considered a great title prospect until he was beaten by Babe Risko, meeting Brooklyn's Solly Krieger at the Hippodrome. Krieger, a fair boxer and a pretty good hitter, is rated a 7-5 favorite, but Balsamo still has his i 10 foul Johnston I'letrher John Bennett Ion's foul Johnston'\ foul Grinolds ... IS III Sloeckcr's foul .. IX;H Wallace . 19'H Wood .20:11 Stoecker's foul Sll'12 QUARTER v Fletcher 22| 12 * IVAllare 241 IS 21:14 ......... Bennett 2i;if; Bennett AIcKenxy 23 I'i Henderson's foul Wallace , . 26: H! . . Grinolds' foul REFEREE: Clyde Kin* (loiva). SEASON'S SCORING Shots If ft ftm Fletcher c-f VVarnc Wood Cookman f . McKenry c-J . llepner c .... Hufr f-i Stoecker c Gorman f -c . . Fl^nninz f Major t TOTALS MOHAWK RECORD Newton .".I: MohaM'ks Ifi. Mohawks 23: .Muscatinc lit. Clear Like 1C: Mohawks 13. Mohawk* 2fi; Albert Lea 16. punch, and is determined to crash it against Krieger's jaw. Then he wants to tackle Risko again. Current plans, however, call for the winner to face Fred Apostoli, the highly regarded San Francisco middleweight who is due in New York shortly after the holidays, with the survivor o* that match to encounter Champion Freddie Steele, also due to head east early in 1937. The heavyweights move into the picture again Friday when big Ray Impellittiere of Cold Spring, N. Y., faces Bob Pastor in a bout billed for the New York state title. There's a possibility the winner will be lined up with Joe Louis. SPORT EXPERTS TO NAME STARS Sullivan Trophy to Go to Finest Amateur Seen in Past Year. NEW YORK, (/P)— Vcting began Wednesday to select the athlete of 1936 who -will receive the James E. Sullivan memorial trophy, previously won by Bobby ,'iones, Lavvson Li: u .e. Barney Berlinger, Glenn Cunningham and Bill Bonthron. The list of 10 finalists, sc-lccted by preliminary balloting, together with a summary of their qualifications, went out Tuesday from the amateur athletic union to the 600 members of the Sullivan tribunal, composed of sports experts and officials. Each will name three and the trophy will be awarded to the athlete polling the greatest number of votes on a 53-1 basis. KELLY WINS TROPHY AS YALE'S LEADER NEW YORK, (VP)—Yale's Larry Kslley, who already had a good many important football trophies, was set to receive another at s luncheon of the Downtown Athletic club. Kelley, guest of honor, was tn be awarded the Heisman trophy as the most valuable player o/ the year. He was chosen by votes of sports writers throughout the country. St. Ansgar High Wins in Tuesday Home Test ST. ANSGAR—St. Ansgar high school rolled up a 43 to 18 margin after that. He found the bucke. over Riceville in a basketball with a pair of center shots from | serap here Tuesday night; opening Watches ASK RAY SENEY TURKEY Ask Our CUrki For Drtoils HALLS CREDIT CLOTHIERS 11* N«rtk Federal far out. McKenzy and Wallace- added a free throw each to clo'ie the scoring. LITTLE MOHAWKS LOSE TO PLYMOUTH CAGERS PLYMOUTH—Dale Helm and Arnest Carmany hit the hoop consistently Tuesday night, to hand Mason City's Little Mohawks a 26 to 19 defeat, after pulling out to a 13 to 11 lead at the :-,?'.(• Accurate long-range shoeing had given the visitors ?.n t 7i .rly lead. Goldfield Wins Two Dows High Contests DOWS—Goldfield high school defeated Dows in tvvo basketball games here Tuesday night, Aagard and Nelson pacing the first team to a 35 to 13 victory.while Hackbarth looked best for Dows. The Goldfield reserves won 25 to 11. Quasdorl and Miller were the best home performers. MA[)( TOMtASUHF Suits ;TOPCOATS-0 COATS TAI V Tl' I .'.TAT! '• an attack in the last half that saw Clair Groth score eight times from the court to pace the Saints. The entire Saint squad played a good game against Riceville, which opened its season with the Tuesday encounter. Miles and Swancutt led the visitors. Waterloo Cagers in Win Over Academics CHARLES CITY—Our Lady, of Victory basketball-team defeated the local Immaculate Conception academy basketeers Tuesday night on the Waterloo court 28 to 11. The local team showed marked improvement over its game of last week when it played its opener GLOBE-GAZETTE SPORTS Major League Averages CLUB RECORDS Club IP AB H K ER SH BB SO HB WP BK New York 1401 M4« :(47« 131 «<» 75 filKi 624 « 34 n Boiton . 137S 5422 1501 164 8«9 8S 3.W 584 18 SO 3 Wa*hlnrton 1346 531(1 MM 79» 685 70 5B8 482 2S 4» 4 Cleveland 188» K4Z 1804 862 74ti 81 607 til» 27 44 7 Detroit W«0 5430 M« *» 755 83 58Z 526 20 33 2 Chicaro . ... 1385 5485 1603 S73 78» 77 S7« 414 SS 32 0 Philadelphia 1352 3401 1645 1045 »1? W «9« 405 24 67 7 St. Louis 1348 5G5S 17t« 1064 83« 73 «8 399 47 44 5 CG ER AVI. PG 4.17 4.38 4.?M 4.83 5.MI Total* KWS4 43757 12655 7008 6120 (141 4855 403S 194 1123 28 583 5,04 Pitchers in $5 or more Innings rated accurdlnf l» earned run averare per niae-iiiiiinj- game: .Name and Club <• v> Grove, Robert M., BoisUn 33 I" Teller, Robert W Cleveland II 5 Murphy. John T.. New 1'orlc 27 '•> Allen, John T., Cleveland : '« '-» Appleton, Peter W., Washintton 38 14 Bridges, Thomas D., Detroit :«l 2:1 Pearson, Monte M., New York ; W l! * Malone, Perce L., New York . »•"• 12 Ru/fin,, Charles H., New York ....... X3 2(1 Kelley, Harry L.. Philadelphia 33 IS Brown, JUoyd A., Cleveland 24 8 Ferrell, Wesley C., Bosto:i M 2" Broaca, John J.. New York 37 12 Newsom, Louis N., Wuhiiu'tin 43 17 Hadley, Irviui D,, New 1'Jrk 31 14 Weaver, Monte M.. Wasliinftoii 26 " Gomez, Vernou, New Yi-k 31 1.1 n'alberz, Georne, Bosto; 24 X Wilsftn, John Francis, Boston ......... 43 fi Cascarella, Joseph T., io Boston, 22 Washington 32 'J 7:! i 73(1 103 .j.W 444 I. BUT: 531 7*1* 000 C3II J35 271 233 MO 301 2115 2K.'! 174 si.-. 1133 Mi !I09 S(J5 J203 827 Kill!) (185 331 724 381 535 615 S2 HO 144 274 25<l ISO 235 294 194 S3 184 98 132 174 94 141 99 fid •33 112 7* 160 110 Hill 97 lilt 33 82 f)7 110 101 «5 140 97 137 *4 44 93 •19 (17 19 SH 17 I )7 n 17 13 13 If, HH SO HH KK wr A vs. 113 J.'I.TJ 45 119 (>C 141! «9 :i(t 122 S'i 63 H4 13G 74 13 103 48 74 41 3.8u 3.8J 3.87 4,18 4.19 4.21 4.3 JL 4.33 4.38 4.41 4.43 4.44 Robert Moses Has-Been? No, Say American Loop Records Lefty Grove Again Tops HARDWARE HAS HIGHEST TOTAL Three-Way Tie for Lead in Denison Club Bowling as Pabst Loses. DENISON STANDINGS r. w. L. Blue Ribbon-C't'*ie Grill ,. 24 M. C. Hardware ....... 21 Atlas Meat an a Grocery 24 Schmidt's Cit;' Club 24 Denison Club 2i G. a.nd K. i;,i. I 24 M. C. II. and T. Co. 24 P. G. and E. Nn. 2 .. 21 1,1 15 » 9 9 11 11 1:1 13 I!> .615 .615 in Waterloo. At half time the score was 12 to 2 in favor, .of Our.Lady of Victory. Damge, "Waterloo center, held scoring honors with eight points. Paul Tate Leads Way to Peacocks' Victory FAYETTE, OT—Paul Tate's 16 points led Upper Iowa university to a 40 to 23 victory over Wartburg college here Tuesday night Frequent substitutions in the last half failed to keep down the home team's scoring, but resulted in a ragged game. Tate, who scored 14 points in the first half, left the game early in the second period on four personal fouls. Upper Iowa led 22 to 14 at the halftimc. » Leland High Beaten in Twin Court Test LELAND—The school basketball Leland high teams lost a double header to Thompson at the local gym. The boys lost their game by 22 to 17. Enderland played best for Thompson and Dahlen and Walk looked best for Leland. The girls lost by a score of 15 to 13. Dressel and Robinson starred for Thompson. Leland plays at Rake Friday evening. Eagle Grove Jaysees Wallop Webster City EAGLE GROVE, (/P) — Willey and Neison scored 29 points as Eagle Grove Junior college swamped Webster City here Tuesday night 41 to 23. Webster City took a six point lead early in the game .but trailed 11 to 18 at the end of the half. Mason City Hardware, sharing first place in t. 1 9 Denison club rowling league, s.iot the high series in the loop's schedule with 2,658 during the last week, it was announced Wednesday, winning two out of three games from Pabst Blue Ribbon-Cottage Grill to throw the lead position into a three-way split. Tom.' EauClaire's 552 was the high series, while John Ceokman rolled a 224 single. TABST BLUE RIBBON-COTTAGE GRILL Player-, — Toinby Garland Givler Lawrence . lull Hmndjcap UL 2nd 3rd Total 102 132 111 J23 183 146 140 133 141 171) 133 201 8<i 81! IK 431 154 •14(1 258 TOTAL PINS MS K8G '•>«'•! '-'041 SI. C. HARD WAKE Players— 1st 2nd 3rd Total J. Cordlc t'-'J 131 134 -IIH Tomjikiris IOT no 112 -11U J. Cookman - 137 221 132 M Isaacson . IS.) I3T N2 4yi 211.7 HI l~i<i 332 EauClaire Handicap TOTAL PINS !U5 1)23 818 2U38 SCHMIDT'S CITY Hurlers With 2.81 Earned Runs. They were trying to write Robert Moses Grove, slender Boston southpaw, out of the diamond picture as a has-been two years ago, but "Lefty" still has the scoffers eating their words. Slumping to' the foot of the list in 1934 after a fine career, Grove rallied in 1935 to top the league, and during the past 1936 American league season he easily held his place at the head of the field with an earned-run average of 2.81. He appeared in 35 games, winning 17 and losing 12, and gave 237 hits to 963 batters in 253 innings. He was in 1936, as in the previous season, the only one of 66 pitchers working in 45 or more innings to allow less than three runs a game. It was the seventh time in 12 seasons he has been under the three-run mark, and the seventh time he has led the league. The runnerup to Grove was a youngster who blazed a brilliant trail through the league in the later stages, young Bob Feller of Cleveland. Feller,..who pitched in the relatively small total of 62 innings, worked 14 games and won five against two defeats. Whiffs One in Three, He pitched to 227 batters and whiffed 76, or approximately one out of three. The 17-year-old lad, in his first season, tied Dizzy Dean's single game strikeout record by fanning 17 Philadelphia batters on Sept 13. He had previously whiffed 15 St. Louis battevs on Aug.. 23 and 10 more on Sept 6, gixing him 25 strike-outs against the Browns in two appearances. Behind Feller Murphy of New came York, riayers— Cunningham Zajiclk ...'. Chuick Elioff Bell Handicap . TOTAL PINS 1st 2nd ",rd Total 14.7 J.VI 121 811 136 172 1J7 135 IKi K2 I,iS 1.J7 132 138 1IJ4 82 482 482 M7 4GT 524 24 (i XM 8118 831 2 ATLAS MEAT AND GROCERY Players— Cordlc ....... Neve Burn* , Handicap TOTAL PINS 2nd 3rd Tutal Ili7 Iff! 113 U2 112 MS ISO -121) 133 14!) 433 IGI I'-!". 474 18'J 172 -193 7(i 7(i 228 871 8:18 21U8 »f. C. BEICK AND TILE Pl.iycr>~ 1st 2nd 3rd Tula! Vance '«« 17:1 Carnejrie .. Dyer .... Fcwlns .... Handicap TOTAL TINS 144 130 I3B 184 130 127 •102 447 153 171 u;7 .121 4!»C 42!) 381 <JIK> *5l 81'J 257I> DENISON CLUB Flayers— 1st 2nd 3rd Total T. Rinrus 127 10B 17.1 412 J. Rinjus 11)7 188 184 479 H. Cookman 132 17!) ll!l 4.10 Newberg ...10!) 138 15!) 40li G. Smith 1M 128 12!) 411 Handicap in:; 10:1 in:) 30!) TOTAL PINS Cage Scores HIGH SCHOOL MASON' CITY 20; Albert Lea 16. Pivmo»th 21i; LITTLE M01IAWKS la. \Vellsburt 31-32; Hansel! 22-211. St. Ansrar 43: Kilevllle 1*. Forest Clt) 27; Thompson 21. New Hampton 311-18; Kredericksburr 23-13. Goldlield 33-23; Dows 13-11. Colwell IC-7; I-'ioyd 10-14. Hampton 4V-24-1H:. Sheffield 11-7-41. Ventura 22-11); K.lemme 20-13. Orrhard IB.13; LIUIe Cedar 12-11, Mile-hell 22-4; Carpenter II-IK. ilanlontown 32-40: Manly 17-0. Thompion 22-13; Leland 17-13. Nurthwood :ll; Fertile 13. O. L, V. A. (Waterloo) 28; I. C. A. (Charlei City) 11. Boekferd ltt-18: Greene 15-19. Rock Fall. 39-10: Nori Sprlnn 21-19. Luverne 40-36; Weilty 12-30. Latlmcr 4f-lV, Geneva 20-ID. JUNIOR COLLEGE Eafle Grove 41; Webster City 23. Sheldon 30; Cherokee 27. Mat Results HIGH SCHOOL 0,a»i! 22'i; MASON CITY Wj. Creico 40; Viatco »ch»ol <or BUn< «. Ventura High Upsets Klemme Five in Tilt VENTURA — Ventura school's basketball team high upset Klemme here Tuesday night, 22 to 20, leading all the way by a handful of points, in a fine defensive battle. The local reserves lost 13 to 10 in a preliminary game. Mitchell High Winner in Conference Tussle MITCHELL—Mitchell high school won its fourth county conference basketball game here Tuesday night, beating Carpenter 22 to 9, The local reserve team lost, 18 to 4 in a preliminary game. Hansell Wins, Loses in Wellsburg Scraps HANSELL — Hansell high school's girls defeated Wellsbury in a Tuesday night basketball game, 29 to 22, while the lotal boys lost to the visitors, 34 to 22. P. G. AND E. NO. 1 Players— 1st 2nd 3rd Total Berfin J3(i J27 128 411 Henderson 1.12 94 08 :!24 Gallofly 137 I3fi 110 403 Louterbour 1yH 124 Tf!l» -182 LaGasse ITS 112 114 .188 Handicap 140 140 140 <I20 TOTAL PINS r. c. JPUyer>— O. Her Itavlin Brahney llummer^ly ... Parts Handicap . ,. TOTAL PINS 733 738 (iS.1 2176 Osage Cleaners Grab Pabst Special Match OSAGE—The Osage Cleaners won three games of a special match with Pabst Blue Ribbon- Cottage Grill of Mason City a,t the local bowling alleys. O8AGE CLEANERS Playeri— lit 2nd 3rd Total Coonerdt 21« 190 197 M3 Yoinrk 187 CJ1 1M 388 Martin 1<!0 1M 172 520 Lorney 130 137 177 490 DuShane 123 171 140 434 TOTAL PINS »,W *M K74 2B11 BLUE RIBBON-COTTAGE GRILL Payers— lit 2nd :ird ToUl EauClaire 51." HM 1«« 3.17 Toinby .. . Hi" 121 l««l '147 Nail 141! 1113 20<> 317 Wolnke 14:i 133 144 J4! Berntmann 172 2KI •]« 337 TOTAL PINS «3« »13 HI MW Johnny Johnny I Allen of Cleveland, Pete Aopleton of Washington and Tommy Bridges of Detroit, the "winning- esf pitcher with 23 victories to his credit. Monte Pearson of the Yanks, for whom Allen was traded ~T^ ~^, "^J7 7^ I last wirter, rated seventh, but the Yanks had sli&'htly the better of the trade in won-and-lost figures, for Pearson hart a 19-7 record for a percentage of .731 while Allen's 20-10 mark was good for but .667. For the second successive year Wes Ferrell of Boston pitched the most, innings, 301. This, naturally, led to his facing the most batters. 1203. and giving up the most hits, 330. Henry Tops Percentages. Off percentages, Jim Henry of Boston was the best with five victories and one loss for .833, with Irving (Bump) Hadley of the Yanks having a record of 14 and 4 and a percentage of .778. Hadley had the best "streak" of the season with 11 consecutive victories from April 26 throughout Aug. 12. Russ Van Atta, of the hardworking St. Louis staff, appeared in the most games, 52, and Jack Knott, his hard-working cohort, was involved in 47, taking the worst beatings in the league with 174 runs, 156 of them listed as "earned," against his record. John Gordon Rhodes, of Philadelphia, lost 20 games for the high mark in that field. Vern Kennedy of Chicago walked the most batters. 147, and at the other end of the scale, Bridges struck out 175. Earl Caldwell of St. Louis and Klon Hogsett, who switched from Detroit to the Browns, each hit 15 batters. Hogsett, incidentally, tied the American league record for the most batsmen hit by one pitcher in a single game when he notched four of his former mates from Detroit in his first start, against the Tigers for St. Louis on May 31. 732 KK 873 2147 AND K. NO. ; 1st 2nd 123 01 111." 112 113 95 TIIK 11:1 1:12 1:14 150 130 78<P 2128 Illl! I4X 98 1112 1.111 MASON CITY HAS WIN OVER OSAGE Mohawks Win to Keep Year Clean; Three Matches Are Featured. OSAGE—Mason City high school won a dual wrestling match from Osage here Tuesday night, 24% to 17%, in its second dual win this season. Three matches provided the features, with Harris wrestling to a draw with Cecil Mott in the 105 pound class, Viskocil decisioning Bill Leewright in the 115 pound division, and Or- 135 over lando Calicchia, Mohawk pounder, earning a fall Michels in a split period. THE SUMMARY »-, — Lecman (O) threw Decker (M), 3:23. 95 —Walter (M) threw Harmon (O). 4:IU. III." — Harris (0) drew with Mott (M). 113— Viskocil (0) decisioned Leewrifht (M). overtime. 125— O. Thompson- (O) threw Cast (M), 133 — Calicehia (M) split periods.^ * threw MicheK (O), ^ 145— J. Thompson* (M) decisioncd Howe (0). 155 — Jahnels (O) threw Anderson (M), 4:33. 163_Rumeliote (M) threw Melson (O), 1:35. Heavy — KurU (O) decisioncd Leake (M). REFEREE: Mxynard Harmon, Xew Hampton. VETS GET MOST MAPLE TO FALL Old Timers Win Three and Shoot High Series m City Loop Games. The Old Timers showed the young squirts how to- get the maple sticks Tuesday night in the City bowling league, knocking over 2,917 pins and winning three games from Decker's Office, Jay Decker of the Old Timers had the top single game with 256. while Leo Desomery rolled 640 to take the series honors. Decker's series and 'added _pins put him on the week's prize list with a 703, while Desomery's single 268 also went up. with Kozy Korner holding the team lead at 2,988. EAST ACES SET FOB WEST TRIP AND GBIB TEST Small Squad to Travel for Charity Contest With Pacific Stars. CHICAGO, (/P)—The 22 members of the all-East team will leave Chicago Friday night—after a workout at Northwestern university—for San Francisco where on New Year's day they play a squad of western football stars in a charity game. Dick Haniey, former Northwestern mentor, said he and Coach. Andy Kerr of Colgate selected the eastern squad players principally for their ability to play several positions. The small squad, he said, will necessitate switching of players in the event of injuries. Headquarters will be established at the University of California in Berkeley. The eastern players: Ends—Kelley of Yale, Wendt of Ohio State, and Nelson, Illinois; guards—Reid of Northwestern, Hitter of Princeton, and Pierce, Fordham; tackles—Henrion of Carnegie Tech, Relya of Colgate, Hamrick of Ohio State, and Wid- seth of Minnesota; centers— Svendsen, Minnesota and Ray, Dartmouth; quarterback—Handrahan, Dartmouth; halfbacks— Drake of Purdue, Bryan of Tulane, Jankowski of Wisconsin, Parker of Duke, Sandbach of Princeton and Murray of Pennsylvania; fullbacks—Kurlish, Pennsylvania, and Toth and Gcyer, Northwestern. New Hampton Winner as Season Opens, by 36-23 Scoring Margin NEW HAMPTON—-New Hampton opened its home basketball schedule with an impressive 36 to 23 victory ovefr Fredericksburg here Tuesday evennig. Coach L. H. Shillinglaw's first teain piled up seven points in the first minute and held a 14 to 4 margin at the end of the first period and a 32 to 6 lead at half time, the losers' field- goal being scored as the gun ended the period. In the second half the second team played throughout except for Natvig, at center, who played the entire game. The work of the Carney brothers and Horgen sparkled ir> midseason fashion. Triplett was the hot shot for the losers. New Hampton's reserves eked out an 18 to 15 edge over the Fredericksburg second team in a preliminary game. Players— [olb Scnn Decker . ... Adams .... OLD TIMERS 1st 2nd Jt 17X ]93 13 208 143 110 2H8 IBS Hi? 204 Actual Pins Handicap TOTAL PINS M. Kaufman rait Bonkcr J. .MacUonald 10112 928 927 DECKER'S OFFICE 1st 2nd 3rd 138 188 167 1<i2 130 179 14.1 J82 120 18(i 143 1.19 12(1 137 141 445 IWI 404 Actual Pink Handicap .. 802 104 7UC 104 148 IK! 1:35 7X1 11)4 TOTAL PINS .. «7!) 906 »70 2B.i5 COTTAGE GRILL-BLUE RIBBON Players- EauClaire Bell Toinbv .., WoUlie . Actual Pins Handicap- . . TOTAL PINS 1st 2nd 1C3 19G J74 149 13<> 148 77!l SK 3rd 204 173 ISO 198 188 158 147 202 202 Total Av. :,<;:) 188 3:!!> 180 17(t MS O15 4li3 347 182 2649 168 DECKER'S PLANT 1st 1311 IJM I,S.", 1X1 :!nd 3rd 132 113 408 .•,.14 Forest City High Has Edge in Late Period FOREST CITY—Forest 'City high school defeated Thompson 27 to 21 in a Tuesday night basketball game, coming from behind near the close of the third period, which ended at 19-19. Hanson led the Indians with 11 points, and Players— CoiTSins Bnlduf Mcany Whilncy . ... C. Kaufman Aclual Pins Handicap TOTAL PINS 311 'Mr, WI5 2T31 SID Av. 113 172 I (Hi 18.-) 173 841 Cresco High Wins in Blind School Contest CRESCO—Cresco high school's wrestling team defeated the Vinton School for the Blind 40 to 0 in a dual Kiatch Tuesday night. Bateman and Baldwin met in a 95 pound class feature while Miller and Brodene provided another good match in the 135 pound class. THE SUMMARY 83 —Tuttle <C) threw Meyers (V), 1;I9. 1)5 —BatemtR (C) * decisloned Baldwin (V), .1:0(1. 105—Reutlinrer <C) threw Smith (V). :.1D. 11.7—Simon (C) threw Juneviti, 4:32. 123—Mom (C) threw Gruenlni, 2:14. 135—Miller (C) decisions) Brodene (V). 2:2». ' 145—Connolly- (C) decfkloned Heflind (V), 5:12. 155—Culberl (C) decliloncd Porter (V). 2:31. I'"—Ea*lel (C.) dccisioned Jvnevilt (VI. 5.K. Heavy—Broghammer <C> threw^ Porter (V). 3:411. HEFEREE: Finn Erfltseu, Waterloo. Denver U Brings Big Squad to Iowa State AMES—The Denver university basketball five, which plays the Iowa State college quintet here Friday night in the finale of its four games with Iowa teams, is probably the biggest team that will play in State gymnasium this season. The Denver team, averaging approximately 6 feet 2 inches to the man, is led by Jim Babcock, 6 foot 4% inch all-Rocky Mountain center. Babcock, the Rocky Mountain's bid for all-American cage honors, scored 18 points against Drake last Saturday although the Bulldogs nosed out the Denver Pioneers, 42 to 40. Players Lorlnf . Odell .......... 155 Rlley .......... 138 Eslick STOUDARD'S 1st 2nd 3rd ... 148 133 171 188 I.',* 137 133 190 14» ToUl Av. 432 151 lltt Desoraery Actual Pins Handicap 232 18S SOB MO BK 1119 f)X 430 313 C4I) J338 294 TOTAL PINS 987 838 917 MAPLE WN Playen— lit 2nd 3rd Ryan 201 174 164 Strom 103 184 1M Morki 168 191 1M Matter 182 103 143 Powell 164 171 )«9 143 ITt 213 944 TOtnl Av. 5*9 180 MM 160 M* IK 4*1 Kit Actual Pint Handlean TOTAL PINS 82C 33 Rippentrop led seven. Thompson with KED OAK WINS . CLARINDA, (JP)— Red Oak junior college defeated Clarinda 39 to 30 after overcoming a six point ha If time lead here Tuesday night Choose "ZERONE' anti-freeze for extra value EVENAT21B* BELOW..."ZERO**" KOTECTS. DuPool "Zeront" i* co effective 700 need lest Co protect your car in the coldest weather; YCM*MUND MOIWIION.w "Zeroae" «lso pi-email nut ud improve* enftae pwfbrounc* •11 year round;

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