The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts on July 13, 1963 · Page 13
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The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts · Page 13

North Adams, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 13, 1963
Page 13
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TWELVE THE NORTH ADAMS. MASSACHUSETTS. TRANSCRIPT SATURDAY AFTERNOON, JULY 13, 1963 Solons Hope fo Restore Cuts in County Budget Salvation Army Loses Interest In Preliminary .steps in the movelcount. Tlie County Commission- C a «I nAn Dili/linn lo have the House restore the ers asked $77,586 for DCIDC bulj Q| IIIUII DUHUIIiy cuts made this week in the Berk- the amount was reduced to $49,shire County budget were taken 963. last night at a meeting in Pills-! Mr. Ahern noted that most of field with the Ihrce county com-,(he reduction was in the alloca- missioncrs, several area Iegis-'[j 0 u provided for advertising and lalors and representatives of promotion and probably wus due agencies included in Ihc budget [„ | nc [act Ilial I3C1DC spent in attendance. jlcss (ban usual for Ibis purpose Sen. Edmund St. John of Ad-ilast year. ams said that he hns arranged' Hep. Edward Zelazo, Republi- for a meeting on Monday with can of Florida, was among the Senate members of Ihe Joint legislators present. Committee on Counties to discuss Hie budget. He said he feels p . p. . o rlil .L f. rft some of the cuts made by the "Ut UUf DfUSH Tire House can be restored by the A small fire behind the Hoosac Senate- which now has the budget. Mills Inc. on Union Street last Philip C. Ahern, executive di-'night was quelled by fire-fight- recior of Ihe Berkshire Counly'ers using a booster line. All avail- Industrial Development Commis-iable equipment responded lo the sion, one of those present, said he,call at 6:50 p.m. The fire was was confident that action by Berk.;set by a resident burning brush. shire legislators can return Ihe'He was warned lo get a permit f27,630 cut in this agency's ac-|thc next time. ADAMS PRICES-LowestOf Ail Berkshire County's QUALITY Markets STREET Wed, Thurs. and Friday till Nine SUMMER STREET ARTERY ARCADE Open Wed v and Open Daily till Ten Friday till Nine Brooke to Give Probe Evidence To Grand Juries BOSTON (API—Atly. Gen. Edward W. Brooke has announced (he dales on which IK will appear before three special grand juries lor presentation of evidence ob (aincd by the Massachusetts Crime Commission. Brooke snid yesterday he will be at the Worcester County Grand Jury on Sept. 9, the Suffolk County Grand Jury Sept. 10 and the Bristol County Grand Jury on Sept. l(. Brooke said earlier that he will seek indictments against several slate officials in connection with crime and corruption in Massachusetts. New Commander Is Named af Westover WESTOVER Am FORCE BASE, Mass. (AP) — Brig. Gen. Howard A. Davis was named commanding officer of (he 57th Air Division at Weslover Air Force Base yesterday. • He succeeds Brig. Gen. Alvan C. Gillem II, who will become commanding officer of (lie 823rri Air Division at Homestead AFB, Fla. Davis' appointment is effective Aug. 1. Marriages Today Miss Rose Marie Aune Snllivati of (M Bryant St., and Norman Joseph Thomas of Middle Rd., Clarksburg, at 9 a.m., in St. Ail' thony's Church. Miss Sandra Carson Weslcott of Hall's Ground, Clarksburg, and Everett Anthony Rivers of 102 Francis St., formerly of Worcester, at II a.m., in St. Francis Church. • Miss Mary Ann McLaren of 18 ing car seat on Chase Hill last [Marion Ave., and Donald Lewis night where they were' called atiwillbranl of State Rd., Williams- Salvation Army officials inspected the two-story brick Far! non Building at 27 Stale Streel late this week, hut according lo officials Ihe organization are not goint lo purchase the properly. Captain Earnest Kramer, officer in charge of Ihe local citadel, disclaimed any further interest in the building that houses a bar oom. Observers have noticed that a "For sale" sign was removed from the tavern window. However, the big "For sale" sign on Ihe side wall is still up. The Salvation Army has occupied temporary quarters on River Street since Us former citadel building on Center Street was demolished to make way for et; Memorial Drive and the urban renewal project. Plans were ,iade at one time for a new building on River Street, but then were set aside when a fund campaign failed lo raise the needed amount Western Union Seeks Rate Rise in Mass. BOSTON (API—Western Union bus asked the state Public Utilities Commission for permission to • increase rates within Massachusetts 9.51 per cent. A similar increase in Western Union's interstate rates went inlo effect Wednesday. The proposed increase would bring the company some $52,000 in added annual revenue, the company said. The company also said yesterday it lost nearly $70,000 in Massachusetts last year. Auto Seat Burns Fire-fighters removed a burn- 10:35 p.m. The car is owned by Francis Harris of 3 Chase Hil, Fire-fighlers kepi Ihe blaze confined to the seat. town, at 2 p.m., in the garden at her home. Details of the weddings will be reported in Monday's Transcript. Savos Time, Money IBM Computer System Sets Type Automatically NEW YORK (AP) — Inlerna lional Business Machines Corp. has announced development of a computer system capable of fully automatic type composition. The firm said that the com puter in one hour can produce enough perforated tape to set as many as 12,000 11-pica lines of «• point type, hyphenated and justified. A standard newspaper column is 11 picas wide. Systems Ordered The company said the New York Daily News, the Washington Evening Slar and the Soulh Bend, Ind., Tribune already have ordered (he . computerized typesetting systems. The process uses an IBM 1020 data processing system with what Ihe firm calls a new 'on-line al- loting capabilily and a set of IBM 1620 lype-composition programs. These are instructions which tell the computer how io do Ihe type, composition job. The process is said to eliminate manual intervention from time a punched paper tape is created to Ihc time hot type is poured by an automatic linccasling machine. IBM said it also had sold computerized typesetting systems to the Colonial Press, Inc., of Clinton, Mass., a book manufacturer. Electrical Impulses The 1620 with alloiing capabil- ily can accept copy in the form of electrical impulses from as many as 20 paper-tape punches. It feeds the output through electrical connections lo as ninny as 20 paper-tape readers attached electrically to 20 automatic line- casting machines. R. E. Clement, industrial marketing manager for IBM's data Jrocessing division, said the sys- :em can be used without significant modification wherever an lulomalic linccasling machine is used lo set type for a brochure, ]ook, magazine or newspaper. To use the IBM type-composi- ion program, edited copy is first lunched into pa|>er lape by a lypist. The tape is Ihen fed into Ihe 1620, which stores tlie copy in its magnetic core memory. Justifies Tape Next, the computer adds spacing to fill out the lines evenly, hyphenates where necessary, and produced a finished, fully jasti- tied tape. The tape, in lurn, is fed inlo an automatic linecasting machine which sets the type. Clements said computerized typeselling will make possible substantial savings in time and money in the composition of news copy. It also makes it possible lo get a greater amount of late breaking news in a newspaper because of Hie increased speed of type composition, he added. Additionally, more words can be placed in a given amount of newsprint because of the machines' efficiency, and this will result in a "tighter" paper, Clement said. Claims Berkshire Bus Company Owes $4,000 Back Pay The Adams man who heads the Btisdrivers Union in PittsMeld says the Berkshire Street Railway owes its former employes more than $4,000. Union President John W .Towsley claims the beleaguered bus company, whose property was Inken over by Ihe government yesterday for unpaid taxes, ewes 26 former employes one week's salary and vacation pay. Mr. Towslcy, fired by Berkshire Street recently, now works for Yel- ow Coach Lines, Inc., as do mosl of Ihe other former employes. He said Ihe men Ihrough the slate Department of Labor and In- ditslry are trying to win payment from (he firm that probably suffered its death blow yesterday. : ined $50 For Driving After Jcense Lifted Richard R. Pierce, 23, of 163 .iberty St., was fined $50 in PHts- teld District Court yesterday af- ter pleading guilty of operating a motor vehicle after his license linrt been suspended. John Drysdale Elected By Vt. Press Assn. A former North Adams resident, John Drysdale of Randolph, VI., was elected a vice president of the Vermont Press Assn. yesterday at the group's annual nceling in Pownal, VI. Mr. Drysdale is publisher of the While River Valley Herald ill Randolph, a weekly newspaper. The editor of the Springfield Reporter was reelected president of the association. OIL HEAT WHY? Because It Is. 9 DEPENDABLE * ECONOMICAL Bought on Its Merit. . . . . . Not Because of "Gimmicks' Call LaVALLEY OIL CO., INC. HOME OF BETTER HEATING In Business Over 30 Years Free Annual Cleaning and Vacuuming of Sellers of Our Fuel Oil Customer! AUTOMATIC DELIVERIES 24 HOUR SERVICE 116 Eagle Street HEATING Oil. 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EASY PARKING — MO 2-2265 •• Healthy, Bs Slender, Be Beautiful General Trucking Company Joseph A. Fausrlni, Prep. Tel. MO 3-6474 • Cinders for Sal* • Rubbish Removal • Gravel • Loam • Limestone • Appliance Moving • Trucking Anywhere in Stat* Amelia Salvatcre Hair Removal Mori W<m •trletly Confl<t«ntl«l M«lr 6»n» r«»ev«r MOhawk 3-3001 143 IraceweU Ave., N. Ada** ALL TYPES Venetian Blindi Window Shades Bamboo Curtains Drapery Fixtures DANIELS 19-21 State Street -FREE ESTIMATES- All Kinds of HEATING INSTALLATIONS, PLUMBING and REPAIRS IIAUN & SON DIAL MO 2-2806 41 SUMMER ST. Lie. No. 5485 n Your Best Policy When Moving or Storing by Mayflower Protects against worry and strain — assures a care-free moving day. MULLEN- MAYFLOWER DIAL MO 3-3776 CALL A MASTER ELECTRICIAN For All Kinds of • Horn* t Commercial • Industrial ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS AND REPAIRS 1SBEIL ELECTRIC CO. 13 Bank Streel Lionel Blafr, Prop. Dial MO 3-30*1 TRAPPIST PRESERVES Prepared and Packed by Ihe Monies of S*. 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