Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on May 29, 1957 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 29, 1957
Page 2
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Established in 1914 PUBLISHED IN FAYETTE, IOWA, ENTERED IN THE POST OFFICE AT FAYETTE AS THIRD CLASS MATTER E D I T O R / A l NATION A I * / J I ASSOCIATION AfFUIATf MfMMt 19 DONALD L. KIMBALL WAYNE bARNKS MIIS. RALPH DICKINSON MRS. FRANK c; I.',(.;. JAMES II. SHAFFER MISS ANNA 'v. IKSO., 71oijJfl >RfSs\ r -7 tatifnioiy J) / Publishei Linotype Operator Lima Correspondent .< C.,; tx ^ponaen t ;: 'b Manager .;• • ::• c -»ri u.<poncc-nt EDITORIAL POUIICANh TOY Will! 1 ARM PROGRAM As usn,.i i ' Willi llic l.irun-i - .tiid in everything lin-y < <ii)<wrl< Kvr-ry <>!>'• r<-.il»/.- in a pciiofj D I i ii.ni:"- driven iua< liinciy j>< the pa.it t wcii i y \ • ' :' cause ot th'--e lren--i-- : and our tartn I-I >»n«>i«.\ : nidus)rial i-'.iii • J:I • • 1..• • i bit.- r >0 y«'-'- 1 v., furiner.s win k< n «.ti :';e eo/ne. I o<i.i\ (hi 1 c 1 „'.•*> Her.ui-'- 11 eially in ti fit to pro \ -R tui 1111 ii'.; in' .Miii-iciy pi' lit tlie farmer. In the p i>! :->-\ i;i \ • : • changed and 14 »• - i* — •-: often. lodaV. the lulijuiliv ; is toying with tin- t-n ni «*r -• icance tLett will yi-iid liiein tliey will be trying h.»nl i> in tin; C ongreff.s. Another hit; l>i> >\v {<• ii the record ot this ( . mun--- < of Representatives MI \\ ,•-! serve portion of the I ') >rt MM 192 to l»7 the bill w„- d-P u V. are toymu • •• 1 1 " •, 1 : .•. > 1. 1 •• i I u .tin e ill a a. 1 • • u,:ut,si >•< onoiny is ••in. )• 11' i !.'-tiiod». power • u ••'•<:•:- everyday, in ..n {,.,. _:,.n- up >ll . Be- ! 1. : - i •' . 1 r:: r • 1)1..; 1 msiness .) i -.'''•! :'d .i i> lie; with our v« e. ti,,>n wa> possi- .i - . •<' t 'iu\ 11 ot our :•• -:!pp ; iTiirnt their in- . .wind i - i une'jual espe- L,'' iV '-i tnneiit has seen •n-i in my «>t! i(-v< to bene- U< -•• pi'^um^ have been • >\'ernin-'ut thictuatin" ';. in die nuioiuil (uii»ress !)_' a '>i! i>t political sitinif- .uiii \'iitc ( cine I l '3H when •••i-e tle-ir present majority l.iim pur.'iaui was added to i NLiv I >th when the 1 louse I. -ton killed the acreage re- b.uik. Bv the ted. 72 "• opposed the bill while oV - r i. |S > of the Republicans supported it. In the Sen-ite''? ,,r he democrats opposed it and 51 ' . of the Repubiiian- -upported the measure. Now ,we don t kie»w the rea.-on.s why these, the "friends" of the farmer^, have | H ..en so hostile to our farmers or why they have been m opposition to policies to which they once asi nhed.. Hut. we do know that it is not good for our tanner-, who have just cause for alarm at the actions o! this t ongress. We hope the leaders oi Congress will stop playing politics with our iarmers and settle down to doing something constructive. \\ e don't believe in hurting people economically just to gel their votes in a future election Fayott* Couaty L«ad*r Pa?* May 29, 1957 Fayette County Leader CHURCH SCHEDULE Grace Lutheran Church j J. D. Wangerin, pastor ' -Siinnay School 9:30 a.m. j Divme Worslup 10:30 a.m. First Methodist Church ! Paul Huscner. Minister j Sunday Schoul 9:30 a.rn j Muining Worship .. 10.30 am Wesleyan Methodist Howard W. Johnson- Pastor Sunday Schoo; 9:30 a.m Morning wors.hip 10:30 a.m Youth St-rviee 7:15 pm EvjiiijeiistiL- S'-rvice 8 p.rr. Pray .-r Service Tliurs. 8 pin St. Francis Church Father John Hoskopi Sunday Masses: 7:30 & 10:30 a. Wt.'(;kday Mass: 7:15 a.tn. C'ontessions: Sat. 7:30 to 9 'p.n •Lit '' 1 1 VOL) MEAVJ y. 6- toR.VOP- WOT^eS N^CRE IT? CREEK-BOTTOM COMMENTS by Reuben by blaming (he ot faction. At '.he Hepubhi.in Coii- '.•••nti'ii). and thiu-mit the campaign the tlieiiie and the >i-h>me v.-as ti< build an ever lai'Kei halu annmd the Eisenhower head. Their air few if any men in theso United States to whom that build-up is any more ridiculous, am- more disgusting, than to narrow vote of j '»« hl - v S <>nator Wayne , . |A I Morse of Oregon. Senator Morse s ot the Democrats | -constitutional Liberalism" speech at the 1956 Democrat Convention was a classic. The basic and fundamental comparisons Senator Morse had in mind, in his recent Detroit speech were both justifiable and timely. Only his choice of words and descrip- | live phrases were faulty and ill— choosen. It is indeed unfortunate tiiis brilliant Senator let his great contempt for the Eisenhower '"Team" overpower his good taste in words and phrases. We NEED men like Morse in the Senate to counterbalance those of the extreme opposite in thinking and planning. lor what will be their dissatis- SJO, BUT THE 0ULL PASM Pit?/; DOCTOR, VVtLL YOU COME OVEE RIC5HT AWAV...I A> coo; OBITUARIES Silas S. Dave, S;In.- S i> r.-i-. . ..ii and N ..'.ir.. Dai.;. v.-, Oct"!--! 7. l;;74 at Lite: anrl p ^-ci away at I ! Kaveit. M,v J(i. Hl :')7 lie |: vi d .,r Ite l'atll I.. !> I'.e (' in II, Kav 11: I.i las S: On ,.: ti .n. n ( ••.it;!,.. .I.av;: -1. MIII3 j;,. '• i m m .i. i .n'.e t,, Mable !' ;; ];••<. a: Luna .aid u> this. \n.;->n -l :. wei e n t >:ic ><ui. K<!v. in. p.i sed „-.v,iv i','i,i'ii!irv •>•.'>. l'.'-l'i Mi l ;-,ei.. v.-.,.- a i,-..,.-.I ..r .at. ;. dant at tiie Meth,„ii.-t cieiirii ,,. King as his health ',,ei iiit'e,!. Sur\'iving' are las v.-it 'c, :' son . Parker uf Fayette. James ol Wadena, and Many of Aiding'.,m; 4 grandchildren-, one blather. Harry IV, of .Miles City. Montana; a number of neices and nephews, and a iiost of other ieiai;-.<- and friends. Funeral was May '20. First ill •it-. I! In England many people stand for hours in tattered clothes and runovci shoes, to get a glimpse of their Queen in all her splendor. Here in the U. S. A. many people | fuss and fume about a few farmers getting a little "soil bank" check for resting some of their productive acies, yet those very same people seldom ever mention the 27' "depletion deduction" by which rich oil men become far richer. The petty thief is deslabed, but the big banker embezzler is somewhat of a .public hem, if he's big enough in his operations, he Very likely will not Jose his standing in church, his fraternity, or country club. Let's take the second look around NKWTON, IOWA The rapid growth of 1 hi; Maytag company's automatic washer and dryer plant here, now covering nearly a mil lion square feet, has made foot tours of the facilities mighty hard on the feet. One of the first groups to tour the plant in the new visitors' car were delegates to the state convention of the TTT Society held in Newton recently. Riding past a display of early Maytag washers in the Central Service warehouse with tour guide I, vie Uetiaud, operat- ii!•..'. the i.n, aie seven TTT members. Sealed in the car, front row 1 1 run i left), ore Mrs, Harry Spellman and Mrs. Don Cox, both of Newlon. middle row (from left) Mrs. Warren Hobbs, Mrs. Merle D. Morgan and Mrs. Kenneth Alley, all of Pes Moines; and third row (from left) Mrs. Dave Armbrustcr, Newton, and Mrs. IJiaton A. Ferguson of Des Moines. before we snicker trio loudly about the improverished Knglish and their worship of their at tractive little Queen. UIU is celebrating it's 100th anniversary. We can remember back at 50 of those 11)0 yeais. We recall going to "Commencement" with our "Uncle Jack" Ifensley. We recall seeing U117 get heat ,a baseball, even with the late Dean Sweet as umpire, nut the thing most outstanding, is the- change of faculty personalities. If some of those straight-laced personalities of those long ago days, in their high stiff colli: with their walrus mustaches, could come back, and get a good loo); at dapper Doctor Naylor with his long-barreled smokim; pipe and his bright, red lVaicl;; or Mi. Heck and his bouncy . quaic dance they would either 1 11 in a dead faint, or go thunderm!' In lla- Board of Trustee . Yes, time.; do change, and we I><• I•. ,. e tin change is mostly I'm tin belter. Sincere best wishes l,> t lit. and the "schoolma'ms" ami ,-hoolina<ters that go out from it •alioview come- Hal L. Paul a 01. . on o! F.ugenc and 11, v..i hoi n July 1. iit 'id t'.'.'.n hip, Fay- uuited m mar- vimr on March was born one .em. Iowa, d in death by i '.i-.toi 'S. Lena, infancy and Mrs. Sni vivmg besides c mid - ai ,ue three broth- v. 1 Jelbei t jiid Irvin. Fay- nil tin • -i• grandchildren, lil.iriuru. Su.-aii and Jetfi'c-y, Oel•.,.e. n. Also in.iiiv other relatives ,nd friends. In !!i22 Mr. Paul moved to Fay- ei.v fi ,m tla- f,, ; m on which he was i ,,,i'ii and has operated a barber shop smce. K .\-cept for a year in Ihc state of New York, where he learned the Harbor profession, his entire life has been spend in this community. He was taken to the West Union Hospital, Tuesday night, May 14th, and underwent surgery. He was stricken with a heart attack the following morning and passed away at fla'iO A. M. Thursday, May 16th. He had been in failing health tile past seven years. Hesides ins Jove for his family anrl grandchildren he will be remembered for his great desire for hunting and fishing. Funeral was at the First Methodist Church with Paul L. Huscher officiating. Interment at Orandvicsv cemetery. X IOVER F ARM We Deliver S TORES Phone 37 GAS IS CHEAPER ... 3 TIMES FASTER Gene Wm. Singer Plumbing - Heating « Wiring phono 247 Fnyelle, Iowa soy A CARTON Of noyau CGOWM al regular price (plut deposit) UPPER to for half price (plus deposit) Professional & Business Directory Diamond* SiWerwax* Jewelry and Elgin Hamiliorj and Bulova Watches SABOE JEWELRY WEST UNION, IOWA SCHNEIDER INSURANCE Life Aulo-Fir» Llahliiry and Hospital Insurance 'Insurance you can depend on* Phone Blue 229 Fayelle Radio ft TaUviaioa SERVICE Schneider Electrical Appliance Store Call 96 Far«*i*. Ia. BELLES FUNERAL HOME Prompt Courteous Serrlce Ambulance Serrice Phone 1S9. Fayette Fayette and Maynard Gene Wm. Singer PLUMBING & HEATING FAYETTE. IOWA Phone 247 for Your Plumbing, Heating 8c Wiring Needs Insurance — Real Estate FAYETTE INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 14 BOB ANTHONY JOHN HOFMIYIH DR. PAUL F. GOURLEY CHIROPRACTOR Open Daily and Monday and Friday Evenings By appointment, closed Thur*. Lady Attendant Phone 82 Far**** DR. E. J. DAHLQU1ST Veterinarian Phone (71 FayeJt*. Ia Dr. Harry i. Robinson OPTOMETRIST Hours: t Ph. 156 ofc. Black 79 res. FtrreUe lows YOUR FULLER BRUSH DEALER E. A. Underwood 214 Linden Street West Union. Iowa ii j! .— . Ii [I COFFEE 85c j| With a $2.00 order 85c j Clover Farm 1 CRUSHED PINEAPPLE ___ No. 2 29c j Clover Farm 1 RED KIDNEY BEANS 303 ... can 10c j Clover Farm SALAD DRESSING — pt. 29c Carnation 1 MILK A tall Tcans 58c ! Clever Farm . *\ 1 NOODLES L pkgs. 49c j! III Clover Farm | SHORTENING ht — - - — —- -• • O lb «J can 79c | BANANAS \ ii: i: !: ——————.— . . •i lbs. 29c ii! PUBLIC SALE SATURDAY. JUNE 1st Starting Time 1:00 p.m. Eighty acre farm and Personel Property Located 4 mi. ' E. 1 mi. - N. 4 mi. • E. of Maynard, Iowa. 3 mi. W. on black top. 2 mi. N. on gravel road,.Arlington Iowa. 4 mi. S. on pavement 4 mi. E on gravel from Fayette, Iowa. This farm i» on a good road fifty acres of tillable soil, the balance pasture land. Some tiled and can be farmed. Running water through pasture year-round. House, barn and other buildings. Good well. Good black soil. Immediate possession given if farm is paid for in cash, Crops included; or 20% of selling price down day of sale with March 1st 1958 possession at which time balance to be paid in cash. PERSONAL PROPERTY Kenneth & Betty Wilke-prop. tiiiiiiiiiHmHiiiMiiifHiiwiiHmiiiimim 12 HEAD OF CATTLE 8 Brown Swiss cows. Some are fresh and some will be fresh soon. 1-12 months old 1-6 months old and two calves. 1 manure spreader, 1 two wheeled farm trailer with good grain box. A few hundred pounds of oak wood cut in stove wood lengths. One R. C. Case Tractor with corn plow. One 2 bottom A. C. Tractor plow. Horse machinery, with tractor hitch., One side delivery rake One mower One wagon . Two disks 1—8 1 — 10 feetT One three-section drag One corn planter with wire One scale 800 lb. weight M. W. Grainbuster Han*ner miB' with 3 screens Some hay hooks and other article* te numerous to mention. i CHICKENS Ames incross 10 dozen 12 month old hens Usual Terms John Thiele Auctioneer Owner; CLERK: State Bank of Fayette Further particulars made known day of sale*' OW *

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