Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 15, 1942 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1942
Page 5
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Here and There With the Gals Mrs. Willkie Heads 'Want to Help' Bureau By ADELAIDE KERR (»j AI Feature Service Writer Mrs. Wendell Willkio'.s defense job Yn!n» A >g in /"'-™<i°n bureau of Doting America W.-ints To Help Mrs; Willkie organised the bureau which coordinates the information on V PH youth or«nnizntlons and spend* I two hours n dny at its New York JiendfUmrters counselling youngsters up to ?. on what they can do for nii- tiorml defense. She also runs a "ponl office' for British and Atner can youngsters.seeking "pen friends" "TM •M' Gertnulp Lllck of Silver City, N. M,, fills a man-sized job in Uncle than GO men, she operates" mii'^'n fleet of (rucks and a blacksmith shop, find ships from 4,000 to G,00fl tons of iron ore to Colorado each month to oe used in defense steel. Four hundred and fifty modern Uetsy Rosses are turning out 3,000 flags n week in the Brooklyn Navy yard. They work in three eight-hour shifts and their methods ore a for OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams IS /• f\elieves COLD DISCOMFORTS • At the first sign at & cold, make H?» y n'!f«( nlncl to avold •« much of the sniffling, sneezing, soreness and stuffy condition ot your no" trlla as possible. Insert Mentholatum In each nostril. Also rub It vigorously on your chest. You'll be delighted with the way Mentholatum combata cold misery and helps restore comfort. Jars or tubes, 30c. . VOu FELLERS, PROP THEM REINS AN' WE'LL DFPtVe VOU WITH TH' CATTLE/ IF VOU HIRE ONE WINDBAG YOU'RE OUT TWO MEN .' VEAH , BUT A CbOOD LISTENER IS JEST AS BAP— A WINDBAG CAtNfT OPERATE WITHOUT A LISTENER/ 1MJ BY NEA SERVICE. INC, T. M. mo. u. s , PAT 0 , F Drive of Red Farmers Are Cross Continues Plea Renewed for Donations to Emergency Fund Bed Cross donations to the War Fund are coming in at a steady pace «™ Ver ; f",/ ai ' fr ° m the B 031 of * ;,,, sct ""' "cmpstead county. There are, many who expect to contribute who have just neglected it. Jhe.su people should realize that the Red Cross urgently needs these funds and they should be sent in as soon as possible. Every citizen of Hope certainly can contribute at least one-half of one day's wages to take rare of those boys who are fighting their battle. The total deposited in the bank to date is $1,282. 83, additidnal donations , hand and to be deposited are Additional contributions which MENTHOLATUM cry from those tile first Betsy Ross used in her little Philadelphia shop. They cut red and white wool bunting into stripes with electricaly driven rotary knoves and punch out 50 stars at ; a clip with a stamping machine. With the aid of 'special sewing machines they turn out 30 to 40 ensigns an hour for Uncle Sam's two ocean navy. Congresswoman Edith Nourse Rogers of Massachusetts proposes legis- I lation to' give American women a | chance to volunteer for non-com ba- • tant service side by side with men | Mra Rogers urges a uniformed wo: men's Army Auxiliary Corps to as- I sume many tasks now performed by BLUE PLATE Mayonnaise MAOI ITTHI WISSON Oil HOPtt Buy the Economkol Pint She men, such as driving trucks, manning piano detectors mid in signal and communications work. Even doing kitchen police. The corps would be limited to women from 18 to 45 who would receive a private's pay. It would be placed in the War Department but would hnvo its own officers. All Englishwomen from 20 to 30 are now liable for service by terms of Britain's National Service Act. Single women are subject to compulsory service in tile Army, Navy or Air Auxiliary Services, civilian defense or defense industries. Physically fit women up to 51 are liable for national service if and when the government wishes to exercise its powers. Married women caring for children under 14 will not be conscripted Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt is among New York sponsors of a benefit sale to convert laces once worn by queens to aid for bomb-shocked children in England. The sale, conducted by the British War Relief Society, will seek to dispose,of' 500 pieces of antique lace given by ; England's leading families. They, include a bridal veii valued at $2,000 given by Queen Mary and rare pieces 'which once belonged to Queen Charlotte and Marie Antoinette. Some chic New Yorkers have ordered hpliday party frocks which may ""'"' ""• to,longer" skirls for ballerina skirts whose hems are 7 to 9 inches from the floor, and are intended to be worn for cocktails and informal dinners. They are being certain fashion world figures are advocating longer skirts for spring on the ground that hemlines 12 to 14 inches from the floor are more in keeping with trim uniforms than the knee- length skirt. Fashions for possible blackouts in- 94.40. have not yet been turned into the Chamber df Commerce amount to nearly ?1,000. Among those stores which have reported 100% are: Among those stores which have reported 100 per cent are: Western Auto Associate Store, $30.31; L. & A Freight Office, $23.28; Jean's Sandwich Shop, $3.50; Feeders Supply Co ?n.GO; McDowell's Kept. Store, ?60 0 " This represents one-half days pay for the employes of these concerns. Organiatoins which have made contributions to the War Fund in the last three days are: New Ml. Horeb Lodge No. G95 at Washington, Ark.- »J.OO; Friday Music club-$5.00. With all the funds now in sight and deposited in the bank, we still are more than $1500 short of the goal. All those who expect to make a contribution are reminded that the time is short, the need is great and the cause I most worthy. Remember, everyone I is asked to give at least one-half of I one days wages. -• r —•—«"•*- uiuv.rvuu U3 111- elude handbags with flashlights; white umbrellas, raincoats and buttons and lapel or coiffure gardenias treated with luminous paint so they glow in the dark. A number of smart women are going places in Helen Cornell's suave white toques, designed as holiday seasoning for dark coats. Gretchen Green of New York makes her war work specialty furnishing roods of foreign countries for benefit parties ... For Crown Princess Martha's party opening the Norwegian bazaar, she supplied Norwegian figurine cookies dressed in gay ' "frost ing clothes," and for a Chinese bene fit, "fortune cakes" which had pape: slips inside containing- fortunes. British housewives have contributec scrap metal valued at more than ?a, 000,000 to their government for wai use . . . Eleanore Campion is doing her bit for the education of American youth by visiting Pennsylvania •f »-—•.. .- o * v-nnoj i van it* rural schools in a true kwith a collection of copies of the world's great'-' paintings . ~ The New York Hope Extended to Take Wolves Bobcats Overcome 15-3 Halftime Lead to Win -. PRESCOTT-Trailing 15 to 3 at the halflime period the Hope Bobcats came back strong in the second half to tie the Prescott Curly Wolves and defeat them 30 to 26 in an extra three-minute period. The Bobcats did not make a single field goal, during the first half accounting only for three free shots. Comi ?8 bacl < strong in the final round McCullough, Simms and Green of Hope started clicking to even the count but the hero honors of the night went to Rogers who was high point with 11 tallies, 5 points of which were made in the overtime period For Prescott Willis was outstanding, scoring 7 points. Eley also showed up well for the Wolves. This Friday night the Bobcats meet the strong Hot Springs basketball squad, in what is expected to be one of the best games of (he season on lie local court. The lineup Friday will be Green id Jordan, forwards, McCullough, center and Simms and Rogers, guards Assured High Food Prices Products to Bring Larger Income Because of War Hempstead county farmers probably will receive the highest prices and income that they have had since the late 1920's, Oliver L. Adams county agent, reports. Prices of cotton cottonseed, livestock, and livestock products rose sharply in 1942, and moderate increases are expected in 1942. In addition he said, prices of fruits and vegetables probably will a l so increase. According to Ross Mauney of the University of Arkansas College of Agriculture, the principal reasons for more favorable prices and income are(1) Expanded employment and income n defense industries, (2) Lend-Lease program, ( 3) Congressional action to •elate prices to parity principles, (4) btrong speculation and storage demands, and (5) Reduced competition rom imported commodities After a long period o£ comnaralive- y low far mprices, farmers welcome he higher prices and income, the Ex- KROGER tension economist in land-use planning said. And, even though production costs advance during 1942, Mauney said farmers will have a slightly greater purchasing power than they nave had in recent^years. The Food-for-Victory campaign calls lor a considerable increase in the production of livestock, livestock products, oats, and soybeans. The University of Arkansas College of Agriculture recommends that the increase be obtained largely through better management and better feeding , ln . v .! ew ° f , lhe College's recommendation, Mauney said Farmers should be reluctant to assume the risk involved in borrowing large sums to increase materially their capital goods Rather, he said, they should safeguard their position against rapidly falling prices, whic hmay follow the close of the war, by using caution in assuming heavy mortgage indebtedness for purchase of land, machinery equipment, and breeding stock. The Eustachian canal is located in the human ear and is a tube leading from the ear to the pharynx. FALSrEETr That Loosen Need Not Embarrass Many wearers of false : teefh hovd suffered, real embarassment because their r^ > eo H Many Never Suspect Cause Of Backaches « P disorder of kidney function permit* pononou* matter to remain in your blood, it rrmy (•niisenagging backache, rlifumatic paiM, leg pains, losa ot pep and enerjty, getting ur) nights, swelling, puffincro under the Are*. headaches and dizzin*M. Frequent or scanty passages with smarting and burning sometimes shows there is something wrong with your kidneys or bladder. Don't wait! Ask your drugjtiet for t»osn*« Fills, used successfully by millions for over 40 years. They rive happy relief and will help the IS miles of kidney tubes flush out poisonous waste from your blood. Get Doan's Fill* Ad. 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CLOSE OUT Ladies SKIRTS 1.98 to 2.98 values $1.00 MEN'S HATS Value to 2.98 Thomas Invited to Sewage Meet Hope Man to Attend District Session at Nashville Water Superintendent Charles Thomas Thursday received an invilal lion to attend the district water and sewage meeting for plant superintendents in this region to be held £ «Sf V -pl e °" Thursd °y. January it, 1942. This conference, which will be under (he direction of A. H. Ullrich Fort Smith waterworks engineer is one ot eight district meetings being held throughout Arkansas under the sponsorship of W. J. Breit, State Supervisor of Trade and Industrial Edu- :catjon in cooperation with State Board of Health, Arkansas Municipal League, and the University Department of Civil Engineering. One of the chief topics of discussion will concern the operation and protection of water plants and systems under conditions of a war-time emergency. These conferences also afford superintendents an opportunity to discuss methods of plant operation with fellow superintendents This is the third consecutive yeai in which a series of these distuct schools have been held. Other cities n this area which will send representatives are: Mount Ida, Norman, Glenwood Wierks, Murfreesboro, Nashville, Min- eAra ', Springs, DeQueen, Foreman, I Ashdown, Texarkana, Prescott, Gurdon, Arkadelphia, JLewisviile, Stamps Waldo and Magnolia. ' KROGER ALURE RED SAIL 21 Size Can I 14 oz. Bottle (Catsup TISSUE 5 to 25c ADDED VITAMINS FOR ADDED PEP DRESSING PEANUT BUTTER COUNTRY CLUB MILK Country Club Sour Cherries ' I '- i»M*._i_t. Wl Start Today! — Hi uHE compLfxion soflp * Cold cream base I • Flower fragrance I 3 BARS FOR 15c PREFER IT - Ok s 'ANOTHER BRAND FREE! RUSSETT or TRIUMPH POTATOES ™ 1 '™"''""""———«••• Ruta Baga 4 | f\ Fresh PEARS C. C. Pork & BEANS 24 oz Can Seedless 5 for ^ r- \ Sunkist m ~ GRAPEFRUIT «DC | LEMONS 4 for 10c FRUIT COCKTAIL Can C C 6 oz Pkg. Corn Flakes Sour or Dill PICKLES Qt. 15c This 5,157,8001 Americans will enjoy the EXTRAS' of KROGER'S TENDERAY the ojily beef that's always FRESH AND v TENDER Miracle Whip Qt. Salad Dressing Quart Jar */* MUSTARD lUC lot Enjoy Tenderay's richer juices fresher flavor, extra vitamins plus perfect tenderness! GUARANTEED TENDER OR YOUR MONEY BACK! • HIBIRATI BEEF! Prince Albert TOBACCO BEEF Can Daylight Saving Time WASHINGTON -W)- Congressional action was completed by the house Thursday on legislation for univeis«il daylight saving time which would advance all clocks one hour. The act will become effective 20 days after signed by the president. The senate acted on the measure Wednesday. Advertising Women's Club is waging a campaign to bring back the "iorgotten breakfast" and banish the lopsided lunch from the career woman's day ... A pincushion made of Martha Washington's First Lady gowns has been on display in the Cooper Union Museum . . Gloria Swaiison wears part of the "solar system" on her lapel—a diamond full moon, new moon and star TWINKLE GELATIN SIRLOIN STEAK Sliced Rindless Lb. <* f J p or k Loin Lb W m BACON ZyiROAST 25c PICNICS PIG LIVER 25c Lb. SHANKLESS TENDER •WMB VEAL CUTLETS 49c Lb. Ib. 27c •••••(••••••••^••i PORK SAUSAGE 25c u. K.J.CAPUNGERJr.,Mkt.Mgr. CECIL W. DENNIS, Gro. Mgr, KROGER ACCSPT THIS AMAZING GUARANTY: Buy any Kroger brand Kern Like u as welt »» or better than any other, or return unused portion in original container and get FREE same item in any brand we sell, regardless of price.

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