The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts on July 13, 1963 · Page 9
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The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts · Page 9

North Adams, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 13, 1963
Page 9
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AIOXIIAY Channel 6 Tl IJICSIIAV Channel 6 8:25—Sign On. 8:30—Ivanhoe. 9:00—Farm Spotlight. 9: la—Sacred Heart. 9:30—Light Time. 9:45—The Living Word. 10:00—Frontiers of Faith. 10:30—Faith for Today 11:00—This Is The Life. 11:30—Industry on Parade. 11:45—Report fr^T« T ~"~~ Vl ''isrtoi\. Afternoon 12:00—Man From Cochise. 12:30—Sunday at the Movies. J:30—Public AMairs. 1:53—Mete vs Colts. 5:00—Championship Bridge. Evening 5:30—Bullwinkle. 6:00—Meet ttw Press. 6:30—Parade of Fashion. 6:4a—News, 6:55—Weather. 7:00—Sea Hunt. 7:30—Wonderful World of Color. 8:30—Car 54, Where Are You? . 9:00—Bonanza. 10:00—DuPont Show of Week. 11:00—News Final 11:15—Movie. -•Are YOU with its- Channel 10-19 Morning 8:05—Test Pattern & Sign On. 8:15—Inspiration. 8:20—News gc Weather. 8:25—Farm Report. 8:30—Light Time. 9:00—The Living Word. 9:15—Sacred Heart, 9:30—Insight. 10:00—Lamp Unto My Feet. 10:30—Look Up and Live. 11:00—Camera Three. 11:30—Word of Life. Afternoon 12:00—The Rice Is Red. 12:30—Town and Country Living. 12:4=—Sen, Keating Reports, 1:00—Focus. Our Town. 1:30—Cartoons. 2:00—Movie. "Fighting Coast Guard." 3:20—Summer Bowling. 3:30—New York at Kansas City. Evening 6:00—The Twentieth Century. 6:30—Mr. Ed. 7:00—Lassie. 7:30—Dennis the Menace. 8:00—The Ed Sullivan Show. 9:00—Real McCoys. 9:30—GE True. 10:00—Candid Camera. 10:30—What's My oine? 11:00—News and Sports. 11:10—Weather. 11:25—Movie. "Lisbon," Channel 13 Morning 3:20—-News. 8:30—cartoons. 9:00—Space Ran Brer. 9:30—Hopalong Cassidy. 10:30—Sheena. Jungle Queen. 11:00—Last of the Mohicans. 11:30--Bozo. Afternoon 12:00—Dick Tracy Show. 12:20—Movie. "Deception." 2:30—Issues and Answers. 3:00—Special: Girl Scouts in Action. 3:30—State Trooper. 4:00—-Pioneers, 4:30—Take Two. 5:00—Major Adams. Evening 6:00—Whirlyblrds. 6:30—Surfside Six. 7:30--The Jetsons. 8:00—Jane Wyman Show. 8:30—Sunday Night Movie. 10:30—ABC New* Report. 11:00—News. 11:13—Movie. 1:00—News. WE'LL TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR MOVING V/hen it's your move, it's our job to shoulder full responsibility for «v»rythtng .... from prompt pick'Up *O S«fo on-scn*dule arrival anywh&r^! A. Louis Rougeau & Son Truclcinci Co. Not conntetwf with *ny otkar •noting or iracfctng. firm of limi- lar or ottar n«ma. Donald C. Rougeau. Prop. 514 W«t Mam St. MO 2-2307 North Adami Morning 6:55—Sign On. 7:00—Today. 9:00—Make Room for Daddy. 9:30—TV Schooltime. 10:00—Say Wnen. 10:25—Morning Report. 10:30—Play Tfonr Hunch. 11:00—The Price IS Right. 11:30—Coneenirstiort. Afternoon 11:00—Yuur rirst impression. 12:30—Truth or Consequences. 12:55—NBC News. 1:00—Movie: "The Girl on the Front Page." 2:20—Local Sews. J: 25—News. 2:30—The Doctors. 3:00—Loretta Young Theater. 3:30—You Don't Say. 4:00—The Match Game. 4:25—News. 4:30—Satellite Six. 5:15—Breadttrae Stories. 8:30—Quick Draw McGrai Evening 6:00—News. 6:05—Earle Pudney Show 6:30—News. 8:40—Weather. 6:45—Hur.tley-BrinWey. 7:00—Story of an American Beauts'. 7:30—Movie. "An Affair to Remember." 9:30—Roaring 20s. 10:30—Brinkley's Journal. 11:00—News. Wcatner. Sport*. 11:30—Tonight Show. Channel 10-19 MornttJ 7:15—Inspiration. 7:20—News. 7:25—Farm Report. 7:30—Popeye Show. 7:45—King and Odie. 8:00.—Captain Kangaroo. »:00—Romper Room. 10:00—Calendar. 10:30—I Love Lucy. 11:00—World Turns. 11:30—Pete and Gladys. Afternoon 12:00—Love of Lire. 12:25—News. 12:30—Search for Tomorrow. 12:45—Guiding Light. 1:00—Movie. "I. Jane Doe." 3:30—Bouse Party. 3:00—To Tell the Truth. 3:25—News. 3:30—Edge of Night. 4:00—Secret Storm. 4:30—The Millionaire. 5:00—Popeye-Stooges. 5:30—Movie. "Three Faces West." Evening 1:05—Local News. 7:10—Weather. 7:15—News. 7:30—To TeU the Truth. 8:00—I've Got a Secret. • :30—The Lucy Show. 9-M —The Danny Thomas Show. 9:30—The Andy Griffith Show. 10:00—Password. 10:30—Stump the Stars. 11:00—News Weather. Sports. 11:10—Weather. 11:15—Movie. "Fair Wind to Java." Channel 13 Mornrnc 6:50—News. 7:00—Farmfare. 7:30—Homestead. TJ.S.A. 8:00—Discovery '63. 8:25—Headlines of the Century. 8:30—Ed Allen. 8:00—Movie. "Public Enemy." 11:00—People Are Funny. 11:30—Sever-. Keys. Afternoon 12:00—Ernie Fora. 12:30—Father Knows Best. 1:00—General Hospital. 1:30—The Best of Groucho. 2:00—Day in Court. 2:25—Midday Report. 2:30—Jane "Wyman Show. 3:00—Queen for A Day. 3:30—who Do You Trust? 4:00—Bozo. 4:20—Superman. 4:50—Dick Tracy. 5:00—Movie. "Cowboy Quarterback." Evenrnc 6:25—News. 6:30—Dragnet. 7:00—M-Squad. 7:30—The Dakotas. 8:30—Funny Funny Films. 9:00—Stoney Burke. 10:00—Ben Casey. 11-00—News. Sports. Weather. 11:25—Movie. "Father Is » Prince." 1:00—News. 1:10—Sign-off. Channel 6 Morninff 6:55 — Sign On. 7:00— Today. 9:00— Make Room for Daddy. 9:30— TV Schooltime. 10:00— Say When. 10:25 — Morning Report. 10:30— Play YOTIT Hunch. 11:00— The 1'rice Is Right. Afternoon 11 :30 — Concentration. 12:00— Your First Impression. 12:30— Truth or Consequences. 12:55— News. 1:00— Movie. "The Gallant Blade." 2:20— Ne-.vs. 2:30— The Doctors. 3:00— Loretta Young. 3:30 — You Don't Say. 4:00— The Match Game. 4:25— News. 4:30— Satellite Six. 5:15— Breadtime Stories. 5:30— Rocky and His Friends. 6:00 — News. 6:05 — Earle Pudney Show. 8:30 News. 6:45 — Huntley-Brinkley Report. Evenlnj 7:00— Phil Silvers. 7 :3C — Laramie. 8:30 — Empire. 9:30— Tallahassee 7000. 10:00— Racing From Saratoga. 11:00— News. Weather. 11:30 — Tonight Show. Channel 10-19 7 : 15— Inspiration. 7:20 — News. 7:25— Farm Report. 7:30 — Popeye. 7:45— King and Odie. 8:00 — Captain Kangaroo. 9:00 — Romper Room. 10:00— Calendar. 10:30 — I Love Lucy. 11:00— World Turns. 11:30— Pete and Gladys. Afternoon 12:00 — Love 01 Lire. 12:25 — News. 12:30 — Search for Tomorrow. 12:45— Guiding Light. 1:00— Movie. "Angel on the Amazon." 2:30 — Houseparty, 3:00— To TeU the Truth. 3:25— News. 3:30— Edge of Night. 4:00— Secret Storm. • 4:30— The Millionaire. 5 :00 — Popeye-Stooges. 5:30— Movie. "Vanishing American." Evening 7:30— Focus: Our Town. 8:00 — The Lloyd Bridges Show. 8:30— -Talent Scouts. 9:30 — Picture This. 10:00 — The Keefe Brasselle Show. 11:00 — News, Weather & Sports 11:15— Movie. "Wheel of Fortune." Channel 13 Mornl)i{ 6:50 — News. 7:00 — Farmfare. 7 : 30 — Christophers. 7:45 — Sacred Heart. 8:00— Discovery '63. 8:25— Headlines of the Century. 8:30— Ed Allen. 9:00— Movie. "Strawberry Blonde." 11:00— People Are Funny. 11:30 — Seven Keys. Afternoon 12:00— Ernie Ford. 12:30— Father Knows Best 1:00— General Hospital. 1:30— The Best of Groucho. 2:00 — Day in Court. 2:25 — Midday Report. 2:30 — Jar.e Wyman Show. 3:00 — Queen for a Day. 3:30— Who Do You Trust 4:00— Bozo. 4 :20 — Superman. 4:50 — Dick Tracy. 5:00 — Movie. "Pack of Bushers.** Evenlni 6:25— News. 6:30 — Drasnet. 7:00— "M-Squad." 7:30 — Combat. 8:30— Hawaiian Eye. 9:30— Untouchables. 10:30 — "Focus on America." 11:00— News. 11:25— Movie. "Famous Ferguson Case." 1:00— News. 1:10— Sign Off. Channel 6 Morning: 6:55—Sign on. 7:00—Today snow. 9:00—Make Room for Daddy. 9:30—TV Schooltime. 10:00—Say When. 10:25—Sews. 10:30—Play Yorn Huncn. 11:00—The Price 13 Right. 11:30—Concerm-ntlon. Afternoon 12:00—Your r~irsi impression. 12:30—Truth or Consequences. 12:55—Mews. 1:00—Movie. "So You Won't Talk." 2:20—News. 2:30 The Doctors. 3:00—Loretta Young Show. 3:30—You Don't Say. 4:00—Match Game. 4:25—News. 4:30—Satellite Six. 5:15—Breadtime Stories. 6:30—Yogi Bear Evcnlnff 6:00—News. 6:05—Earle Pudnej. 8:30—News, Weather. 8:45—Huntley-Brinldey. 7:00—Kipcord n. 7:30—The Virginian. 9:00—Kraft Mystery Theater. 10:00—The Eleventh Hour. 11:00—News. Weather. Sporu. 11:30—Tonight Show. Channel 10-19 Marnlnf 7:15—Inspiration. 7:20—News. 7:25—Farm Report. 7:30—Popeye. 7:45—King and Odie. 8:00—Captain Kangaroo. 9:00—Romper Room. 10:00—Calendar. 10:30—1 Love Lucy. 11:00—Wcrld Turns. 11:30—Pete and Glady». Afternoon 12:00—Love or Uie. 12:25—News. 12:30—Search Tor Tomorrow. 12:45— Guiding Lignt. 1:00—Movie. "Sweethearts on Parade." 2:30—Houseparty. 3:00—To Tell the Truth. 3:25—Sews. 3:30—Edge of Night. 4:00—Secret Storm. 4:30—The Millionaire. 5:00—Popeye-Stooges. 5:30—Movie. "Wyoming." Evening 7:05—News, weather. 7:15—News. 7:30—Perspective on Greatness. 8:30—Doble Gillls. 9:00—The Beverly Hillbillies. 9:30—Dick Van Dyke Show. 10:00—Circle Theater. 11:00—News. Weather. Bports, 11:15—Movie. "Shanghai Story," Channel 13 Morninf 6:50—News. 7:00—Farmfare. 7:30—Hour of St. Francis. . 8:00—Discovery '63. 8:25—Headlines of the Century. 8:30—Ed Allen. 9:00—Movie. "Five Star Final." 11:00—People Are Funny. 11:30—Seven Keys. Afternoon 12:00—Ernie Fora. 12:30—Father Knows Best. 1:00—General Hospital. 1:20—The Best of Groucho. 2:00—Day in Court. 2:25—Midday Report. 2:30—Jane Wyman Show. 3:00—Queen tor a Day. 3:30—Who Do You Trust. 4:00—Boxo, 4:20—Superman. 4:50—Dick Tracy. 5:05—Movie. "The Tenderfoot." Evening B:25—News. 6:30— Dragnet. 7:00—M-Squad. 7:30—Wagon Train. 8:30—Goint; My Way. 9:30—Our Man Higsens. 10:00—"Naked City 11:00—News. Weather. 11:25—.Movie. "Gambling Lady." 1:00—N"ws wc.itrici. TOPS IN VALUE TOP VALUE STAMPS Have a wav of m^ing people HAPPY! Do your shownirifi wfc^re vou see The "TOPPIE" Sign North Adorns ADAMS SUPER MARKET Artery ArcaJo HAYDEN OIL & SUPPLY 481 AiMand St. McKANE'S SERVICE STATION S3 Weit Main St. MOHAWK MOTORS, INC. I Main St. MOHAWK OIL CO., INC. I Wain St. NATIONAL FURNITURE CO. 45 MAIN STREET UNION SERVICENTER 128 Union St. BONA'S GARAGE Hall's Grounds, Clarlcjburg SUN CLEANERS 11 I ftver St. Adams ADAMS SUPER MARKETS Parfc X Summer Sti, GENE'S SALE?: & SERVICE 23 Columbia '*. HOOSAC VAU FY COAL & GRAIN I Cool St. ALBERT'S HARDWARE 94 Summer St. A. L. POCIASK CO. 93 Summer St. DECKER'S CLEANERS & DYERS 31 Columbia St. CARL GOLDBERG 106 Summer St. KISSELL'S DRESS SHOP 8 I Summer St. Williamstown EDDIE'S SUPER MARKET 124 Col, Av». GRUNDY'S GARAGE. INC. ROUTE 43. JUST OFF ROUTE 2 KRONICK'S ESSO STATION State Road LEO'S VARIETY & BIKE SHOP 122 Cole Av«. Top Value Redemption -Center Artery Arcade. North Adams STORE HOURS: Closed Monday Tues., Wed., Thurs,. 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You'd Be Surprised at How Little It Costs For Further Details Call MO 3-3741 Ask for Display Advertising Departmonr Til IJUIS HAY i itmvv SA'I r ret » AY Channel 6 Channel 6 Channel 6 Morning 7:00—Today 9:00—Make Room for Daddy. 9:30—TV Schooltime. 10:00—Say when. 10:25—Morning Report. 10:30—Play Your Hunch. 11:00—The Price Is Right. 11:30—Concentration. Afternoon 12:00—Your First Impression.. 12:30—Truth or Consequences. 12:55—News. 1:00—Movie. "Hello Annapolis." 2:20—News. 2:30—The Doctors. 3:00—Loretta Young Show. 3:30—You Don't Say. 4:00—The Match Game. 4:25—News. 4:30—Satellite Six. 5:15—Breadtime Stories. 5:30—Huckleberry Hound. Evening C :00—News. 8:05—Earle Pudney. 6:30—News, Weather. 6:45—Huntley-Brinkley. 7:00—Death valley Days. 7:30—Outlaws. 8:30—Dr. Kildare. 9:30—Hazel. 10:00—world of Bob Hope. 11:00—News, Weather. SpOJts. 11:30—Tonight Show. Channel 10-19 Morning 7:15—Inspiration. 7:20—News. 7:25—Fsrm Report. 7:30—Popeye. 7:45—King and Odie. 8:00—Captain Kangaroo. 9:00—Romper Room, 10:00—Calendar. 10:30—1 Love Lucy. 11:00—As the World Turns. 11:30—Pete &: Gladys. Afternoon 12:00—Love of Lite. 12:25—CBS News. 12:30—Search for Tomorrow. 12:45—Guiding Light. 1:00—Movie. "Havana Rose." 2:30—House Party. 3:00—To Tell the Truth. 3:25—News. 3:30—Edge of Night, 4:00—Secret Storm. 4:30—The Millionaire. 5:00—Fopeye-Stooges. 5:30—Movie. "Back to Bataan." Evening 7:05—News. 7:10—weather. 7:15—New*. 7:30—Fair Exchange. 8:00—Perry Mason. 9:00—Twilight Zone. 10:00—Thriller: 11:00—News, weather. Sport*. 11:15—Movie. "Lost Patrol." Channel 13 Morning 6:50—News. 7:00—Famifare. 7:30—The Answer 8:00—Discovery '63. 8:25—Headlines of the Century. 8:30—Ed Allen. 9:00—Movie. "Under Eighteen." 11:00—People Are Funny. 11:30—Seven Keys. Afternoon 12:00—Ernie Ford. 12:30—Father Knows Best 1:00—General Hospital. 1:30—The Best of Groucho. 2:00—Day in Court. 2:25—Midday Report. 2:30—Jane Wynian Show. 3:00—Queen for a D»y. 3:30—who do You Trust. 4:00—Bozo. 4:20—Superman. 4:50—Dick Tracy 5:00—Movie. "Broadway Musketeers." Evening 6:25—News. 6:30—Dragnet. 7:00—M-Sciuad. 7:30—Ozzie <B Harriet. 8:00—Donna Reed. 8:30—Leave It to Beaver. 9:30—McHale's Navy. 10:00—Alcoa Premiere. 11:00—News Final. 11:25—Movie. "Golden Arrow." 1:00—N"^*vx WMT.rier CHANNEL GUIDE Channel 6—WRGB Schenectady, N. Y. Channel 10-19—W-TEN Albany. N. Y. Channel 13—WAST Albany, N. Y. Mornlnj 00 — Today :00— Make Room for Daddy. 30— TV Schooltime. :00— Say When. 25 — Morning Report. :30— Play Your riuncn. :QO— The Price Is Right. :30 — Concentration. Afternoon :00 — Your first mipresslon- :30— Truth or consequents*. :55— News. 00 — Movie. Hit the Ice." :20 — News. :30— The Doctors. :00— Loretta Young Show. :30 — You Don't Say. :00 — Match Game. :25 — News. :30— Satellite Six. :15 — Breadtime Stories. :30 — Rockie and His Friends. 9 : 9 10: 10: 10: 11 : 11: 12: 12 12: 1: 2: 2: 3 3 4 4 4: 5 0 8:00 — News. 6:05 — Earle Pudney. 6:30— News. Weather. 6:45— Hur.tley-Brinkley. 7:00— Five Fingers. 8:00 — Teenage Bam. 8:30— Sing Along With Mitch. 9:30— The Price Is Right. 10:00 — The Jack Paar Show. 11:00— News. Weather, SporU 11:30— Tonight Show. Channel 10-19 Mornlni 8:00— Ginny's Game Room. 3:45— Satellite Six 9:30— Ruff & Reddy 10:00— Shan Lewis. 10:30— King Leonardo. 11:00— Fury. 11:30 — Make Room for Daddy. Afternoon 12:00 — Lone Ranger. 12:30—26 Men. 1:00— Pony Express. 2:00 — Mets vs Phillies. 4:30 — Wrestling. 5:30 — Zoorama. 7:15 — Inspiration. 7:20— News. 7:25 — Farm Report. 7:30 — Popeye. 7:45— King and Odie. B-.OQ — Captain Kangaroo. 9:00— Romper Room. 10:00— Calendar. 10:30 — I Love Lucy. 11:00— World Turns. 11:30 — Pete and Gladys. Afternoon 12:00— Love ot Ule. 12:25— News. 12:30 — Search for Tomorrow. 1:00 — Movie. "Lady for a Night." Z:30 — House ?airy. 3:00— To Tell the Truth. 3:25— News. 3:30— Edge of Night 4:00— Secret Storm. 4:30 — The Millionaire. 5 :00 — Popeye-Stooges. 5:30— Movie. "Fabulous Texan." Evening 7:05— New». 7:10— Weatber. 7:15— News. 7:30— Rawhide. 8:30— Route 66. 9:30— Alfred Hitchcock Hour. 10 :30 — Eyewitness. 11:00— News. Weather Sports. 11:15 — Feature Race at Green Mountain Park. 11:20— Movie. "Battle Hell." Channel 13 11 11 12: 12: 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 4 4: 4 5 6 6 7 7 8 9: 10 11 11 1: Moralnr :50 — News. :00 — Farmf are. :30— The Big Picture. :00— Discovery '63. :25 — Headlines ol the Century. :30— Ed Allen. :00— Movie. "Twenty Million Sweet* hearts." :00— People Are Funny. :30 — Seven Keys. Afternoon :00 — Ernie Pord. :30— Father Knows Best. :00 — General Hospital. :30 — The Best of Groucno. :00— Day in Court. :25— Midday Report. :30 — Jane Wyman Show. :00 — Queen for a Day. :30— Who Do You Trust. :00— Bozo. :20- — Superman. :50— Dick Tracy. :00— Movie. "Return of the Terror." Evening :25 — News. :30 — Dratrnct. :00— M-Squad. :30 — The Cheyenne Show. :30 — The Flint-stones. :30 — "7 Sunset Strip. :30— Keyhole. :00 — News, Sports. :25— Movie. "Confessions of a. Nazi Spy." 00 — News. Weatner. 6:00— Ensign O'Toolc. 6:30— News. 6:45— Saturday night Report. 7:00— Pete Williams Show. 7:30 — Sam Benedict. 8:30— The New Joey Bishop Show. 9:00— Movie. "Decision Before Dawn." 11:20— News. 11:30— Weather Final. 11:45— Movie. "Blue Veil." Channel 10-19 Mornlnj 7 : 45 — Inspiration. 7:50 — News. 7:55 — Farm Report. B:00 — Cartoons. 9:00 — Captain Kangaroo. 10:00— Alvin Show. 10:30— Mighty Mouse. 11:00— Rin Tin Tin. 11:30 — Roy Rogers. Afternoon 12:00— Sky Bang. 12:30— CBS News. 1:00 — Popeye. 1:50 — Summer Bowling Festival. 2:00 — Cleveland at New York. 4:00— Movie. "Streets of San Francisco." 5:00 — P.G.&. Tournament. 6:00 — Race of Week. 5:30 — li'ovie. "Zanzabuku." Evenlnr 7:30 — Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour. 8:30— Defenders. B:30 — Have Gun, Will Travel. 10:00 — Miss Universe Contest. il:30 — News, Sports, Weather. 11 :45— Movie. "Lucky Stiff." Channel 13 7:50 — News. 8 : 00 — Cartoons. 8:30 — Broken Arrow. 9:00— Abbott & Costello. 9:30— Hopalong Cassidy. 10:00— Brave Stallion. 10:30 — Big Mac. 11 :00 — Cartoonies. 11:30— Matty's Funnies With Beanny and Cecil. Afternoon 12:00— Bugs Bunny. 12:30— "Magic Land ol Alafca- ZSJtl." 1:00 — My Friend Flicka. 1:10 — American Bandstand, 2:30— Movie. "Torchy Plays With Dynamite" & "That Hagen Girl." 5,:00— ABC Wide World of Sports. Evening 6:30— Bowlers Club Tournament 7:00— Highway Patrol. 7:30 — Gallant Men. 8:30 — Hootenanny. 9:00 — Lawrence Welk Show. 10:00— Firrht of the Week. 10:45— Make That Spare. 11:00 — News. 11:15— Movie. "No Time for Comedy." 1:00— News. 1:10 — Sign-off. | TV Questions And Answers BEE IN THE BONNET — Was Molly Bee on the Tonight show during the week that Arthur Godfrey was host? I watched every night and did not see her, but a friend insists she did see her. —H. E. Boerne, Tex. The official NBC guest lists, compiled by the show's assistant director, do not list Molly for an appenrance during Godfrey's tenure as MC. * * T BURKE'S PEERAGE — I heard Stoney Burke is going off. Why? Is the show only going off for the summer? Where can I write Jack Lord and Andrew Prine? —Jackie Pope, Portsmouth. Va. Stoney, which is now showing repeats for the summer, will not be back in the fall, because ratings weren't regarded as high enough. Write Jack at Daystar Productions. United Artists Studios, Hollywood. Write Andy, who is in Wide Country, at Revue Studios, Universal City. * * » DEAN'S LIST — I saw an actor named Dean Fredericks on The Virginian not long ago. I thought he was Dean Harens. Are they the same person? — Mrs. A. M. Rivera, Mi'.Tii, Fla. No. Fredericks and Harens are two different actors, but they do look somewhat alike. Fredericks was once billed as Norman Fredericks. He changed his name to Dean when he played the lead in the Steve Canyon series. Looking and Listening By ED MATES KY Telestar Town Meeting of Air' Technical Wonder CBS HAD THE distinction of unveiling Wednesday night what was billed as the "First Town Meeting of the World." For an hour, courtesy of the American Telephone & Telegraph Co.'s Telstar 0 satellite, former President Eisenhower, seated in a Denver, Colo., studio, chatted with former Prime Minister Anthony Eden in London; Jean Monnet, father of the Common Market, in Brussels: and Heinrich von Brentano, former West German foreign minister, in Bonn. CBS' Walter Cronkite nar- • rated. The idea was for the four statesmen to discuss and. presumably, debate the Great Issues, similar to the participants of the old Town Meeting of the Air series back in the 30s. What emerged instead, however, was mostly a bland exchange of views and generalities with which very few people could quibble. « « » ONLY ONCE were the makings of a hot exchange generated when Mssr. Monnet tangled verbally with Mr. Eden (alias Lord Avon). The bone of contention was Britain's nuclear deterrent force which, Mssr. Monnet said, should be held in common with the other nations and not be subjected to the whim of one country—England —which may pull it out of NATO whenever it wishes. Eden, however, in effect claimed England could maintain a nuclear deterrent both ways, that is keep it at its own disposal as well as at the disposal of NATO, similar to the United State's arrangement. Mssr. Monnet, convinced that no nation in Europe is capable of going it alone in nuclear weaponry, said no comparison could be made with the U.S.A, Ike jumped in, uninvited, to side with Eden. Shortly thereafter it wai back to the platitudes and generalities. Mssr. Monnet, however, was the most articulate and direct of the four statesmen. * * • EVEN THE QUESTION and answer period, where members of audiences in the four cities, asked the "panelists" questions, failed to elicit any fireworks. Generally Q. and A. periods are the times at debates when axes are ground and tempers flare. Perhaps the audiences were overawed by the stature of the four panelists. The discussion lagged and the ideas brought out were far from being fresh, stimulating or vital. And for some reason Heir von Brentano was passed over on questions several times. The blame for this can be laid at the feet of Mr. Cronkite. Even though the participants are world statesmen, Mr. Cronkite was still the panel chairman. It was up to him to bring out the freshness, stimulation and vitalness. All he did was to sit back mostly and listen to the four men talk. * • • HE COULD HAVE, for instance, asked the four men -what they thought about the French blacking out European reception of the program because they considered it "controversial and political." I'm sure the comments would have been interesting. On the other hand, the program was a technical wonder. It was rather awesome, for instance, to see Gen. Eisenhower chatting directly to a huge head and shoulder shot of a smiling Anthony Eden. And it was rather amazing to watch a history professor in Denver ask this same gigantic likenss of Eden a question and get an immediate answer. More "Town Meetings" are promised for the fall. And while they may not lead to a settlement of world problems or open a new age in video diplomacy, as pro- phesized by Mr. Cronkite. they do make you wonder — What will they think of next?

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