Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 18, 1952 · Page 19
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 19

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 18, 1952
Page 19
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TUESDAY, MARCH 18, 1952 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE TW8HT*ONS CANTED — Experienced secretary, Oood «alar.v, Kxcellent working conditions. Give age. experience and r»fer- tnoesL Write Bo ^_i (M1 "_T»lejraph. ! WANTED" ~ i Experienced silk finisher and; wool finisher. Steady employment Milton Road Cleaners. 2-9232 _ f¥X~~ 8A"CESOpii:ii""~" """" """"" POSITION WITH A i* SMlfHlIOS. LOCAL - LONO DISTANCt DIAL 4-6561 19 W. Ferguson — Wood River USED FURNITURE BOUOIIT and SOLO woman with pleailnu personality who need) to add $4.1 to *7» or more' every week to family Income. Out of town opportunities «l»o open. Car necessary. pf?™?... 1 *. 4S ? «x">le working hours. Permanent position with national or- f*nU*Uon. Opponmlty for promotion. Wrlle now for "Get Acquainted" interview application. P. O. Robert,, Em. plre Crafts Corporation, Newark. New . YOrK State. ARE YOU A SALESMAN? LOOKING FOR A FUTURE We «re looking for aggressive live wire whotr » not to make ii. ,. ae local home calls on bonlfld* prospect! for tangibles. Earning, we |i .bove average Security assured to the right men. A . b .' l v . • n . d ... de » l L e "•.the prime requisites. Write Telegraph. Box 990 care Alton D " IVER - S ALESMAN — TO drive tniclt. Must have experience. Good working conditions. Write Box 1020 care Alton MEDICAL & X-RAY TECHNfc7AN~^ -9-™^'°j!Lj8 r 5 d i l . a . l *-_ , p . h "ne .1-62.12. WANTED — 4 or r> hours "work each jlay. Steady. Plaj_j-78«». ^LSLt^^lLONS^ANTlS^^^fA^i:,^'" COLORED GIHL — Warn, work 2 days every week. Ph. JI_-.1H7_7. I4JB Fletcher. G ,! R J J ~L 1H ' waill « r "'e of children nnd ''«"' housework. Stay. 211 Williams Sl^. Bethallo. RENTALS __ __ ATTRACTIVE "SLEEPINO ' ROOM--Fo"r girl on Milton bus route. Call YWCA, :i-7774, FOR RiENT Sleeping room __FOR RErff 2nd floor. . . fl _?.- m> Sleeping rooms, wfth or wilhout kitchen privileges. Double or twjn beds. 3-8(H»3. _ FRONT" ROOM — inTe" fined hom'e7"Ph. 2-8227. __ LAR'aE'COMFOtTf ABL*;" ROOM — For gentleman. Adjoins bath. Garage available. Dlal_2-.M7R,___ CA'ttNDRY— Living room and "phone privileges; kitchen privileges If desired. ;i-8»n7._ NICE "ROOM — '7 b"lock"'fo""bus. kitchen privileges B44 Danforth._3-92»2. _ NEWLY ~ DlCOR ATEb-'"Modcrn "single and double rooms; closets, private entrance. Privilege!. 3-.1784, "''~ 41 HmNtSHyB AMMMMfI 4~ROOM FURNISHED APT/— For rent". All modern. Private hath and *mranee. (7.1 per mo. M«l George St., Upper Alton. Ph._J-»Oe*. ___ ffl7~'§5NB —"3 furnished VoonTsT" private bath, refrigerator, lights, water nn i hMt furnished. Pflyate. MODERN"— Furnished 2 room apt."Private entrance, shower, hot water, heat, IHhts and water furnished. Couple or older couple. Small child welcome. WAftfrfb ~ "'"Rmployed" ladVor"" elderly lady to share a S room furnished apt on bus line, close to business district ln_Upper A, 110 ":...'^ 734 ?'._ 1028 LANCIOON ST. — 3 rooms, nicely furnished. Prlvnte hath Working couple or employed adults, $75 per mo. Phone 2-194.1. 41 ' HOtllKirri5R~RE I.OVELV- Modern n« wfy decorated S- room and bath brick home; hot water. , »»» heat, full basement, breereway A ! 4-ftboM ivldnffiN -~ Oarage attached. $flsoo including furniture. W900 without furniture. 3-B487. SfiEfON DIsfRICT— fey "owner, fi fobm modern. JM80. bUjJI-jMia. _ MODOTH 4-R65M HOMfiS^jSTr heat, automatic lax water heater, hardwood floor*, millt-m cabinets, Inlaid tile floors in kitchen and bath. J. W. dim- stead Phone 2-B085. NEW 4".H6bM HOUSES'"—~On" Hoover Drive. $I27S down, $BO per month. J. W. oimitead. Phone 2-ROftt. ALf 6N" RTALf Y" Ca—?.-2ffi 613 E. Broadway LOTS IN EAST ALTON New addition, level, targe. $7,10 apiece. SANFORD NEAR MAIN ST. S room modern, 2 bedroom*, large HOWMt8_rqil_MLIt___ " pn6plnT'i('--fri Wood "Wfvif. 4-room modern hnus* with 3-rootn modern In back. Convenient to school and nu«. Both In wod condition. PHONF. TOM GIBSON 2-4SJSB _ Clreer Agency FOR SALB — 4 room hOUM approximately 400' from river. Oil! of reach of high water. Has a beautiful view. Ideal for home or club house. Located In 51 WOOD tonjiAiM — N»w S room hricS", Hamburg. Near school. Roy Hal- room. 211 Ninth St., Wood River. 4-1BU7. __ __ __ __ PRIVA'TE HOME — Garage, fFoiit roo"rn, close In. 2-3639. __ SLEBPINO nboSf—FTr'Tent "l"n private home adjoining bath. Close to Industry and bus line. Dial 3.61 Bn. __ SLEEPING ROOM— For 1 or 2 Yadfes. 401 E. Third. SLEEPfNG ROOM — For gentleman" in refined home. 2-1345. SLEEPING ROOMS — For rent, by day or week. Formerly Hartford Apia. Now Turner's Hotel. Inquire Turner's Cafe or 4-B881. SLKEPINO~RboM~^~Close^lo "Western. newly decorated. Gentlemen only. Dial 4-HRI2. «1 ROOM and BOAKD PENSIONERS — Men or women. We give nursing care, meali family style or tray. 2-9063. ROOM ~5r"BOA"RD3|lZ.BO w'eekTy and up. Working men. family style meals; lunches packed. Shift workers welcome. STAHL HOTEL, 3rd and Henry street. 602 Kim 3rd. - e_r_«chool. Phone_2-41Bti, LADY WISIIES "lToirSE"\VOHK""::-"Or FINANCIAL HARDWARE STORE * LUMBEH"yAnb —Will sell sparale If necessary Also 8-room 2-fiimil.v house. Write 'or call Graflon Lumber Co., Grafton, 111 Phone 6055 PERSONAL SERVICE" 80 COVERED BUTTONS""^ Belti'and~buT. tonholes. 24-hour service. Central Sewing Supply Co.. 18 w Broadway. Dial 2-5214. SLIP COVERS A~bRA'PERIEs — Ex^ pertly made. Free estimales and samples. 4-5242. LAMNOREINO CURTAINS WASHED -~Ar7d~sTFSched". <-ajled tor and delivered. Dial 2-76S6. TO OLD CUSTOMERS r-""And""n"cw one's". I am once again doing washing and Ironing. Call 4-nOB:t. Ask for Mrs. JSheels. WASHINGS i_lRONINGS—DlafY-4702. WANTED— Washings" and ""ironings';" also men's laundry. Reasonable prices Experienced. Dial 4-7B6fi. BUSINESS SERVICE" 88 BUSINESS _ _ BASEMENTS—Dug""from 'und"er~ho7ises J31al 4-4088. "CESS ""POOLS And septic tanks pumped and repaired. Dial 4-3291 or 4-B::SO. 1IA BTDK WANTED — From E. Alton to Jeraeyville._Houra B to 5 4-.14. r !R. " garage. In a nice part of town, Near school. 4 blocks from town. $100 per month rent. Call or write HI73-W2. J. Henry Klueter, fcdwardsvllle. III., Rl. 2 4 TJOOM" HcrUB'ff'—' And bath. Raymond Watson^ Brighton. III. FIVE ROOM • Modern unfurnished house for rent. Near bus line and sc|iool, $75. Immediate possession. Ph. 4-8382. " tl toonin. sullnhlr for two apartments. Level lot. dnrage, quick pnssesslon. $0930 3 ROOM BRICK, N. ALTON Completely modern, automatic best. plenty of cabinets, utility room $4750 Kvenlng phone*: Ben Moore —2-1742 W. E. Johnson —3-8284 ___ Alton Real Estate Exchange heat. BIS Monroe, East Alton, 4-B12:t 1* rtmNisnEP notJSEg 3 ROOM fiOtlSE TRAH.F.R -'- For" rent or sale. Walking distance of Western. 4 RObSTMODERN — FuftTished home. Located on Bond St., East Alton. $BO £er_mo._DlaJ_j) : 7 UO. if) BUILDING — MxOS. Oood location. Suitable for warehouse or garage. Apply 02n E. 6th. HO" "iTTfiNEss PLACES" FOR RENT—Business building In North Alton. Lovely offices for a professional man. Size IS 1 x 40'. Heat furnished. Arnpleparklng facilities. CallJKKiaL_ 1$ _ IIOl)8EKKKPIN(l_llOOM8 ROOM" ANKf BOARD ".-• "For "2 "iienVle- ini-n. 4:t| Prospect. Wood River. :V ROOM "APT. '- "For rent, for light housekeeping. 4116 Main. 2-4309. APARTMENT — Beautiful and brand new. at 3205 Brown St. on first floor. Spacious combination living-dining room, kitchen with modern cabinets and electric disposal, large bedroom, big'closets, utility room, automatic gas heat and hot water, all tile bath, sound proof acoustical celling, cross ventila- lion. Venetian blinds, all fireproof construction and garage available. $128 per month._pial 2-fl432. BF.AUTIFUL 4-ROOM—Unfurnished all modern apt., uarage. Air conditioned. *1IO per month. Exclusive location. By appointment only. Dial 3-.142B. EAST ALTON - 3-room basement apt. Utilities furnished. Private entrance tt Jialh. 4-4M4. FOR RENT — 2 room furnished or unfurnished. Lights, heat, gas and water furnlshe cl._3-8093. MODERN—One-room efficiency and 4- room unfurnished apt.; automatic heat, hardwood floors and Venetian blinds. Inquire Apt. 7, Acton Apts., 37 East Acton. Wood River. MODERN 3 ROOMS -- Private entrance and bath. 101 Tomllnson. Jobs Hill, E. Alton. _ NEW" 3 ROOM UNFURNISHED" APT.— Private entrance ami bath. Heat and water furnished. Wired for stove. _Adu It s_pnly.__41 (I5_A (by. •i ROOMS - - WKh kitchenette. Unfurnished, utilities furnished. 307 Gould- inn. E._Alton. D '?'J*:?* SB j. 2 RObM~APT. — Either furnished or unfurnished, except with stove and refrigerator. References. Phone 3-8302 after S. 2 UNFiiR^NTslfEb~HOCJMs" - - For rent. Heat, lights and water furnished. Garden spot_lf_d_esired._Ph ; _2-51S5. 2-RobM" EFFICIENCY" APT. — Garage. Call 4-4859 after 5 p. m. __ 3-ROOM" "APT.--t7lKhts~nnd furnished,.$38 per month. 200 Cardot, East Alton. WANT'eD TO RENT' CfVIL ENGINEER — And "wife desire nicely furnished house or apt. Call 4-n_2_B7._ _ WANTED — 3 or 4 room unfurnished house. Dial jl-fl9r.3. _ 8-ROOM HOUSE In good location, by l)iislness man and family. Can give references. Call 2-2050. REAL ESTATE SALE w _'FABM« AND LAND ~~ 10 ACRES — With new 2 room house, electricity and running water, 5 miles from Ha'rdln. 111., on bluff road. Ideal lor club house. Ph. 301 Hamburg or see Robert L. Carroll at Hamburg. LOTS FOR SAI/B Sfl CORNER LOT —• On Mb and Washington in East Alton, for quick sale. $1.100. 4-95M. LOT FOR SALE — On Esther "St. in Wood River. .10x120', $625 for quick sale. Call 2-8882. _ WILSHIRE WOODS—Restricted to homes of brick or stone. Have a few choice lots available. FRANK YODER, Realtor »• 202 E. Main, East Alton Dial 4-9113 or 4-4627 She will naturally like this charming Cnpe Cod home. Ideally located on Horn street. Large corner lot with trees and shrubs. Living room with fireplace, dining* room, kitchen and one bedroom on first; plus two additional bedrooms up; bree»eway with attached Rnrage, deep plastered basement with «as heat. Garage. Combination aluminum self-»lorlng windows. Heres' a buy your wife Is hound to like Let us show you through. Prlco $13,000. Dial :t-.')7l2 or 3-7110. ELEVEN ROOM DUPLEX NEAR TOWN —Convenient rental location. Six and five room modern aparlmonts. Partitioned basement each with furnace. Good condition. Terms •« low as $2800 down. Price $13.7BO. Dial 3-7110. APARTMENT BUILDING ON EAST FOURTH ST.—Near Glass Works. Always rented. A-l condition. Four apartments. Partitioned basement with furnaces Good Investment. Price $15000. Dial 3-3712, :i-!>B14 or 3-7110. ROCK AND FRAME CONSTRUCTION— or this six room modern home on E. 4Mi St. makes It a good sturdy home. Very nicely decorated. Large rooms, IIWF, deep lot wilh garage. Convenient near schools location Price $7000. Dlnl 3-7110, 3-3712 or 2-0009. iOOD BUY IN A FOUR ROOM MODERN HOME ON DUCO ST.—In the Milton district. Plastered walls furnace. Insulated. Wired for stove, cabinets. Only 852.10. Dial 3-7110. WE'RE AT VOUR SEHVICB 9 TO 9 DAILY CALL THK ALTON REAL ESTATE EXCHANGE 716 East 4th St. Dial 3-7110 All Lines of Insurance CENTURY TERMITE "ft" PEST CONTROL —For inspection and advire phone 152. Edwardsville, Owner and Manager, Fred Caana. FOTSTATfERS ^GENERATORS See Chester Thomas Dial 2-7741 GUTTERING Spouting, metal chimney covers Free estimates. While's Tin Shoo. 2-1424. HAND AND PbWF.n MOWERS -I" Sharpened by machine. Repaired. 449 E. 3rd St. Ph. 2-5597. LAWN MOWERS — Machine sharpened ! and repaired. A. Stupperlch. 3106 Alhv. i 2-420B. __ ' R'ED & WHFTE"SANITARY" ' SERVICE Cess pools, septic tanks, and outside vaults cleaned. Day or night. Call Wood inyer._ 4-S062 or 4-34G5. ROWLAND 'REFRICERATION" SERVICE 217 Person Street. Uial 2-.iB4B TREE SPECIALIST Trim Tops. Take Down A Haul Away. Insured. Free Estimate*. ED KRAUT — Phone 4-a:i43 BUILDING CONTRACTORS M A"LL TYPES OF CARPENTER WORK— Porches screened, glassed, roofing, sld- Ing, remodeling, 2-6467. _ CONTRACT CEMENT WORK— Of all kinds. Union work. Free estimates LYNN WOOD 3BO:! Franor. Phone 3-92fl3_Or_4-7150. HENDERSON & WORKMAN -. General contracting, block laying, brick la.\mK. concret« work, tuck pointing. 2-n4S4 or 2-B4S1B. CONTRACTING — Porch encloser. Jal- O-See Windows, aluminum awnings. remodeling, screens. Call 4-4H7B. ._. ~TRENCH"ING Digs trenches H" to 2(1" widt. r>e for— • Drainage Tile 0 Foundations • Sewer Lines 0 Oil & (ia^ l.inev • Water Mains • I'nilerxroiiini rable • Farm Improvenirnls • Whenever trencher must be dutf For detailed information nee or ''all McGaughey Bros , Ph Bethallo r>l>.'.4 «8»4. 3 t'TNFURNISHEb"BOOMS—At edge of Wood River._Dial .4^246. _ :i ROOMS & BATH—Private entrance, 1 child welcome, all utilities furnished. $SO._Wood Rlver._4-80:iB_aftcr 7:0(1 p.m. 3 ROOMS ANDTATH first floor. Private: tile floors, gas stove and cabinets, otherwise unfurnished. Excra nice apt. bldg. Adults only .$50 STECKEH APTS. Apt. No. 2 14.1 K. 3rd. floxana. H block from Community Bids. Phone 4-9591 between <i and 7 P. m. slRboM"MODERN" 'UNFURNISHED — Automatic heat, hardwood floors, Venetian blinds. Inquire Acton Apts.. Apt. 7. _37_E. Acton, Wood River. 4~R"dOM~UNFlJRNTSHEb APT. -- Fo'r rent. 2.18 E. Ferguson. Inquire at 257 f.. Ferguson. 5-ROOM~MbDERN APT.—Phone 4-3611 hefnre 5 p. m. 5 ROOM DELUXE APT. — First floor, Venetian blinds, tile kitchen, kitchen cabinets, garbage disposal, tile bath with .shower over tub. HWF. large rooms, automatic Has heat, continuous hot water furnished, beautiful recreation room furnished for tenants. Must be seen to be appreciated. Upper Alton on busline. Rent S125 per month. Wor- dcn Apis, 1107 WashinKtnn. Ph. 2-H812 5"LARGE ROOMS~2 porches.~full base nienl, garage, nice yard, heal and water furnished. $05 month. 3201 Eclsall. Phone 2-u:tH.V la FURNISHED APARTMENTS FURNISHED APT 59 HOUSES FOB SALE NEW FHA APPROVED "NATIONAL HOMES"—In Alton's newest and best subdivision at Herbert street and Oak Drive In Milton district. tlSOO down and $64.50 per month. For Information phone Edwardsvllle 2161 RALPH H. LADD_bullder TRENTSCH, CUBSER AND FELDWISCH AGENCY UPPER ALTON 3-room frame hoiisp. Nice large lot close in to high school nnd business, UPPER ALTON 5 - room frame modern. 2-bedroom house, in. UPPER ALTON 6-room brick. This house is about 2 years old. BETHALTO 4 rooms wilh bath. Nice lot with chicken house and garage. Phone 3-3123 After fi P. M ColMV' 11. B_auer._2-7_l(Ml NEAR"MILTON SCHOOL "— 5 rooms, modern, living, dining room and large kitchen with built-ins. Also kitchen pantry. 2 large bedrooms with large closets. Plastered walls, recently papered. Full basement. Very good heating system. Gas water heater, nice corner lot 60x125 ft. House in good repair. Garage. Only $8500 HALE REAL ESTATE AGENCY 2616 East Broadway 2-7121, after 5:30 p.m., 4-8472 59 84 DECORATING CONTRACTING - - 1'amtiiiK nnd papering. Interior and exterior. I'ninn. M orr I a Park i ns. 2-3248. fTLOOR SANDING^ A"nd~reTinishlng, and Interior painting. Reasonable ratea. For free estimates dial 3-0514 or^3-32nO INTERlbR — And exterior painting and decorating._2-3141._ PAINTING—Decorating, removing wallpaper, plastering, patch plastering. Free estimateii. Dial 3-H172, 2-H664. PLASTERfNG — Wallpaper " removing, painting and decorating. Free esti- "yi'?*:—P! a L_?' 3188 WANTED — Plaster patching. Work guaranteed. Ph._2-1444. _ __ WANTED—Paper hanging, good work at reasonable prices. Phone 3-5967 or 2618 Yaeger street. 2-ROOM FURNISHED APT — Modern, private entrance, garage. Adults only fall :t 7.-i(i:i afler_5 p. in. 2 FURNISHED "HOOM'S-'-Birirt-lii cabinet*, large closet space, private entrances A Karage. Apply_at !>:!«_ College 2 FURNISHED" HOOMS -'- Evelrythihg modern. \vorkin« couple only. 4-fiKi9 ! 4-iJ Tiplon, \Voixi River. ; 2 FUIINISHED ROOMS — In Wood Mlv- I cr Call 4-:<2ll7. j 2 DOOM "BASEMENT ""EFFICIENCY "-Furnished ulllltio. 4-:i!l7:i. BOB I'.. Tenth ' Wnod Ili'-er j 2 KOU.M FURNISHED APT For rent. Private bath and enlianre, oil heal lf-ROOM FURNISHED APT. For (ienllcinnn: living r""in and hedi oom, twin heds, private entranre. Shower hath. 2-M7!> 2 ROOM MODERN C.'|OM- in downtown. VV. II I'tilinch funnelled $7.50 per week Dial M-M!i7ri KOH HENT - In F.dwardsvillc, :i-room furnished apt. Private iuiln. ample closet space Close to liumic's district. Call 1H.'I7 from n :») » rn m 3 '«) P m dally. WOOD "RIVER—:t rooms. Heat. MUhtf. water; private bath, private entrance 4-UK47. VERY 'ATTRACTIVE 4-nooM APT. Private bath and entrances, heat, utilities Working couple prefa^red. 72:i Aliiy SALU ST.—6 room modern home one floor plan. 4 room modern home on rear of lot. . .$10,200 SYDNEY—6 room modern home H.W. floors, cabinets, gas heat Corner lot $11,600 NORTON — Large 6 room modern home. H.W. floors, cabinets. A-l condition. Today's best buy. See this one for $7900 HARRY F. HEMPHILL AGENCY Ph. 3-3584, after 6 P.M. 2-1335 $600 DOWN HICKERSON ST. Beautiful five-room all modern home Large living room, sun room. 2 bedrooms, lovely kitchen, cabinets. Includes carpets. Venetian blinds, draperies, electric slove. Stoker heat, water heater. Garage. Level lol. Mela awnings $OSO( ARBOR DRIVE 5-room all modern brick home. Cabinets hardwood floors, gas heal, water heal er. attached garage. Fully Insulated Very well constructed $12,000 COLLEGE CREST Lovely 4-room modern home. T.lvlnj room, bedroom, kitchen, first floor large bedroom second floor. Gas tur nace, insulated, built-in cabinets Large level lot $703' For information call MRS. ARCHA TRABUE HARRY F. IIEMPHILL AGENCY Office: .-K1584 Res. 2-8140; if no answer call 2-1172 EAST ALTON—REDUCED'FOR QUICK SALE — OHIO AVE NUE. 4 ROOMS, MODERN LARGE LOT, GARAGE. VERY REASONABLE FINANCING PRICE $7950 HALE REALTY CO. 4-5115 — After 6 P.M. Call Walter Hale )r. — 4-8209 EAST ALTON — Very nice ' room all modern home, locatsc on Broadway. Glassed-in fron porch, H.A. furnace. Immediate possession. $1500 down. Sale price $7250 EAST ALTON, Whitelaw Ave.— 5 room all modern, plenty o cabinet and closet space, H.W floors, stoker. Lot 50x160 Fenced-in yard. $2000 down payment. Sale price.. .$10,90( ALTON — 4 apartment building located in Middletown. Incom $257 per month. Very good re pair. Close to bus. Call Harold Austin. 3-7186 HemohiU Agency EXTRA SPECIAL — ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS — Larg 5 room brick house, all now full basement, gas heat, gas ho water heater, extra large lot garage $14,00( HALE REALTY CO. 4-5115 After 5 P.M. call Walter Hale Jr 4-8209 .'I rooms and rlrisrd porch, liKhls and - - hot water, itonl, full haspim-nt and j BY .J 3 > v NKR^6-room_br|ck.__D(al __4-5700 furnace . . VMfiO ALTON REALTY COMPANY Phone 2-2222 Johnson ""3-8284 Moore 2-1742 4 ROOMS---Modern, (.eortfe Mrrrt SI500 do\\ n. -I-i Tin in modrr n. 1> 1000 down, RIEHL AGENCY Phone 2-7722 - 2-3020 :i-Bos:i 2-7HH7 :i-5UOII 2-4902 WOOD RIVER ft-ioom nil modern home with full basement, hardwood floors, rabmets. slorrn windows and doors; nire lawn with hhnihherv Price per cleaned; walls wished. Call 2-2823. it ELECTKIO_—JI_AIHO§ _' RADIO & TELEVISION SERVICE SQUARE DEAL SHOP 720 E. BROADWAY-3-9411 EJGHTJMEN__TO_SERVE YOU "HOBEHSON RADIO & TELEVISION SERVICE Guaranteed Service Phon« «-4313. j[!i'_ s j£!£i- A - l - t . O - I L it 8TOIIA£» :: £MUV»>'0 FOR QUICK MOVING Phone 3-7630 2-8240 2-74*4 PRES BELCHER MOVERS AGENTS FOR VON-DER-AHE Van LINES ANYWHERE IN 48 STATES AUo quick moving of stoves: refrieer- •tori pUnos. trunks, boxes or wh»t Ji«v« you? Also ttorgge _ TTX~NEVLIN MOVING STORAGE ACROSS THE STREET OR ACROSS THE CONTINENT LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE i* 2 * WASHINGJON_ AVE_DIAL 2-2«5 McCOY TRANSFER CO. FREIGHT LEASING MOVING CALL :i-7791 FOR THE ANSWER TO YOUR TRUCKING PROBLEMS ATTEB * PM.. 3-7460—2-U4S FI'RN'ISHEIJ Privet* hath and private entrance, utilities furnished, close to bus line and 1'pper Alton business district Call 2-l5fH » 3" FURNISHED ROOMS—All modern, on first floor 2 nice girls or 2 nice men. or coupje. 2722 Grandvlew. I'pper Altoo 3 ROOM FURNISHED APT - ufilities furnished 415 firoadwa>, E Alton 4-98SH R. H. HESSENFLOW AGENCY 12 Wood River Ave.; Dial 4-3532 Evenings < Jack Baierlein, 2 7659 WII.HHIIIK W(JODS New hnck riinch st^l(• home at 70S Willowav 2 lar»i- | herlroririis \\itti sliding df' f| i" «')r>.riv anfl built in wardrobe chest IJfn Uial can tie 'Ird liedroom Large ll'^xli^ living room wilii ({uf't fl'iscl Spai ions kitchen, plenty of cahmcls. double ^vell sink, breakfast bar tile floor, pln-tri v.allb Marble wirulou sills 'lie tiath and shower fiaa laduint lu-at. insulated, attached garage. City sewer. ( lo-e to schools Will g," F II A Price SI5,SOU FRANK YODKR, REALTOR | 202 E, Main. F.ast Alton i Dial 4-91 i:l - 4-K2.M - 4-41)27 f'OIi SALE - II room house wilh hcref-n- j orl porrh and Irnnlo k'nrnHe Has run- i nuifi water, electricity «nd city «ns, | concrete block hnrn, other ifnod nut- I iMiildmfts. ahouf i ' - 4 ncres of ((round, j roinplptelv fc-nred and crow fenced . Lois of berries, grnpen and tr<»c fruits with efttnhliMhcd nuirkpt fit door Local rd on I- S hiKli'.vflY Hfi, -I 1 / ni lies ' frtht of Miichell, III. Inquire of owner i MRS. H. H. HEWITT— 3-8733 MAY I HELP YOU BUY OR SELL A HOUSE? Two vei '. IIMP hi. mi's on Hiulf street. weM of State Both H room*. 1 brick, I fi;m.c ( .'on v fine nl for M-hooU and ( 'iithcdi ul full foi appoinlmr-rit :i:iy:i JACKSON ST 7 ruoin home 2 tilths ('(mid hn 2 ap;u tincnts. O^rirr Ir.ivillR citv ....... M"i ((0(1 I'iKI PAHK AVKNIJE 7 roiuni. 2 h.ilhs «.l(l.f)OII l'i;;.l N lUJDC.KIIS hi iik, 2 I irejilaccs il'i\% 11 ^tail's, 1 kii# THKHKSA SI ."> I' iny rnoin 'Atth f ii cpl llniucrl lilt i' pd^srs :t veaii olil. Ij loom Tiled h;«lh fi i ro(Mii> j > kiinlly IUMC i ooin -HI. WKI lmm<- I.iirKc . fcni cri level | n I'tn rjuick field. H«mhurR. lll._ 4-HOOM HOUSE"-- SemT-modefn; *i«o lot on rtrown street. Ph. J-fllflO-a-nnOfl FOH SALE -- 8 room duplex with IMS lient, modern throiilhonl. Neflr Western. RJJ_ owner. 2-7IJVJ nflcr 5 p.m. 3 ' ROOM "ffoOSf""-- F'or »KlP."" To "b» moved rrom lot. Ph. S-B004. ""SIDNEY STREET H room modern home, complete In every damn $l2.20fl SALU It room modern home with 4 room modern home In reer. Rentu for $fln per mo. Both for $lo,tno PARK DRIVE room modern home, g«« fiirnnce. ve- letmn blinds, tile kitchen and hsth. ilce location M400 Call Wjlburt H. Schneider, 2-7801 HemphUI Agency NORTH~ALTON lExcellenl Locution. (Excellent l.ocntloni n kitchen, tieaullfully decorated, reception closet In living room, hardwood floors, venetlnn blinds, large kitchen with cnblnels, Urge bedrooms, In.iulHlcd. slorm snsh. convenient basement gltrngc. This home Is about 8 ycnrs old. Priced considerably lower than other homes of equal value. Owner leaving city. For quick sale, f 10,000 NEAR ST. MARY'S ROOM MODERN -- Hnrdwood floors, bemilifiilly decorated, cabinets, stoker henl, :' nice bedrooms nnd bath up. living nnd dining room, kitchen and '< hnth down $11.000 MILTON AREA ROOM MODERN—Beautifully decorated, hnrdwood floors, venetlnn blinds, bedrooms, plenty of closets, gss hent, gnrnge, nicely landscaped lot, slnb driveway. Houses of same value priced much more on today's market. Owner lenvltIB city $10.500 " AREA -ROOM MODERN—Cnblnets, niilnnmtlc wnter heiiler. Insulated, storm s««h. 'j block from htm $8(130 WOOD RIVER -ROOM MODERN BRICK— (About 2 .venr» oldi. Hardwood floors, unbinds, living room 13x18, plenty of closets, basement apartment for additional Income with private bath. Near bus, $10,800 DOUGLAS ST. i-ROOM MODERN-.-tOnly •« years old!. Large living room, hardwood floors, beautifully decorated. plenty of closets, cnblnels. Inlaid linoleum, oil henl, electric wnler healer. Insulated, slorm sash, convenient basement garage. Nicely landscaped. Truly a nice home $13,000 NEW SUBDIVISION 4-ROOM MODERN — (Newi. In Villa Ridge. Hnrdwood floors, cnblnels. gas hent. automatic vnuter benlcr. Very nttrnctlve. Flnunclng can be arranged. $11400 WOOD RIVER 4-ROOM MODERN— Lnrrfe floor plan, hardwood floors, cabinets, venetlnn blinds, K«s heat, gnu wnter healer, 'j block from bus. Gnrage $7350 ROLLA H. HARRISON REALTOR 2,111 State St. Office: 3-9.11)7 Evenings: 2-QB80 :i-B30B "ELinvf. GREER AGENCY E. ALTON, BOWMAN ST. 5-room modern home in A-l condition. Cabinets nnd rubberized Inlnids In kitchen nnd bnth, Venetian blinds, aluminum storm sash, sun porch. Fully insulnlccl. Full basement, giis heat, electric water heater. Garage. Corner lol Price $0300 MILTON AREA 5 room modern home, very large living room. IIWK. cabinets nnd Inlaids In kitchen nnd hnth, aluminum storm full bn«emenl, stoker henl. Large HarnKe on rear of lol for repair Hhop. Price $11,000 • SOUTH ROXANA Missouri avenue. 4-room home in good condition. Large rooms, large lot. Small down payment. $.100 down. Price $2900 MIDDLETOWN In A-1 location. 0-room modern home, niillnble for Inrge fnmlly or cnn .be arranged for 2 families. Hardwood floors, full basement, stoker hent. Other features not advertised. Call for full Information. MIDDLETOWN ri-room modern home. ( Newly decorated. In perfect condition. Large floor plnn. hardwood floors, Venetian bllnda, cnbl- nels und inlaids in kitchen nnd bath. Large sun porch, full basement, gns hent fully Insulated. Two-car Rnrage. Price . ' $10,500 ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS New 4-room modern with garage attached, large living room and flrnplncfi. 2 large beilroorns with large closet space, knotty pine bree/.ewny. cabinets and in- Inlds In kitchen nnd hath, full bnfiement, oil heal, inrge lot 00x200. Price $12,000 WOOD RIVER Close to North Roxana. New 4-room modern home. Large floor plnn. bard- wood floors, 2 large bedrooms, large closet space, cabinets and Inlaids in kitchen nnd bath. $11000 F. H. A. loan. Full nrico . . $08»0 MILTON AREA—Michigan Avc One of the better brick homes c? Milton nrcn. Lovely 5-room modern Slulrway to large nttlc, tlla roof, Inrge floor plnn. large living room with stone fireplace, built-in book cases, hardwood floors, tile bath beautiful cabinet work In kitchen, Inlaid. Venetian blinds, full basement, stoker heat, In•minted brick garage. Large level lot. Other features not advertised. Call for further information. ALTON Central Avenue — Lovely four-room modern honm in A-l condition. Flre- plnre in living room, cabinet* nnd lr>- lairls in kitchen nml hath. Tile bath. Full basement, stoker heal. Gnrnge. * 12,HDD MILTON AREA Rcikrlrv avriuip Lovely .Vroorn modern home in perfect condition I.nine flooi ulan, hnrdwood floors. Venetian bhiidh. liibinctK and inlaids In kitchen and hath, glassed nnd wreened-In porch, lull liiisemenl. (jus fully insulated, garage. Price .. $ll,lifid MILTON AREA— Mayfield Ave. 3 room modern home A-l condition. Hardwood floors, cabinets and mlaids in kitchen and bath, full buMTni'nl stoker heal, miniated, garage, oilier features not advertised Price $05(10 ELI M. CREER AGENCY REALTOR Office Phone: 3-7B04 TOM CilllSON 2-42S8 KENNKTII GIIEER 2-0177 by owner, tniultttd, norm windows, fas heat, IIWF, Venetian blinds, pin- tered, R4 9* rll '* n JL^^u.' • • • IPflWM) HEW F. NARUT AGENCY COTTAGE HIUJS- R»y SI. n rooms, semi-modern, water and lights, good level lot. Will sell with small down payment $21110 FARM—17 acres. 8 room modern house. « miles from Alton. HWF, plmlered walls, new hath fixtures, full basement, stoker, forced air heat, electric pump and well water. Also large pond. 40x38 barn and other outbuilding*. 2 acres of alfalfa, n acres In cultivntlon. Balance In pasture. Some berrlr* nnd trull. Price tKl.flfH) WAHIUNOTON AVE — B-rootn modern. 4 rooms on each floor. Hnrdwood floors, cablntts and closets, plastered walls, full basement, hot air hunt, ins water healer, glawert-ln rear porch. Very good location and good lot, $11.000 ROSEWOOD mCtdHTS—LlndBftwood Of 7-room modern brick, new; I-floor plan, Hardwood floors, closets and cab Inels, inlaid In kitchen, dining and batb. Fully Insulated Attached gsrnge wired for slove; basement, stoker forced air heal. Lot 7AxJOO, Prlc« lia.aoo SANrORD AVE. — 8-room modern I- M novm KALI 4 and 4'i-room modern In new subfll- vuion. Very attractive. Hardwood floors cabinet*, oil he«t. large lot, can move In at once. Priced 111,800 and *H.fi50. ROLLA H. HARRISON nr.Ai.Ton office a-iton? Evenings; 3-S38H - S.(t88o 3505 BBCAVTit^~room"l ; iod". ern home. Plenty of extras. Aluminum storm windows and screen?. 52-gal. electric water heater. 3 cedar lined closets. Built-in cabinets. Wired for stove. Insulated. Full basement. A real buy at . .$7900 FRANK YODER, Realtor 202 E. Main, East Alton . D ! al _ 4 : 9 . 1 } 3 ~ 4 -. 6 , 23 . 8 n!:M 27 .. ROOMf"iib"G&E~a»«"" lights,"water *nd floor plan; closets, cabinets Insulated, slorm sash and doors, Venetian blinds, llnssed-ln rear porch, full basement, stoker heat; also water heater House In very good shape. Weatherboard shingle roof; good garden and garage, $8900 WOOD RIVER—Madison avenue. 4-room semi-modern Weatherboard Rents for $.1ft per month Also n-room modern basement house. Furnace, hot air beat. Rents for $3.1 per month. 2 houses on one Int. 90x120. Price $30!Ul UNION 9T 10 rooms, 3 apts. 2 rooms each apt., 4-ioom apt. for owner. Weatherboard house. Good lot .$(1000 MILTON AHEA - Htrtwell avenue 4 rooms, water, lights, plastered walls. clonets and cabinets, full basement, Insulated rugs and linoleum, range stove and large heater that heats house and basement: good garden spot, berries and fruit M800 LOOAN ST., BETHALTO-4-room modern Asbestos shingles. 4 years old Plastered walls, cabinets and closets, Insulated, full basement. Hot air heat and water heater. Garage and large level lot . . SHROO EAST ALTON—Ohio avenue 3-room modern, complete basement for another bonne 32x32. Furniture Included, new gns range Lot 80x120. Down payment $090. Price . $3150 COTTAGPJ HILLS—Hay St. 4 rooms and utility room, modern, wnter and lights, stoker electric wnter healer. Insulated and screens. Will sell with small down payment $9779 WOOD RIVER A HETHALTO ROAD—B acres of good ground and bnnement house. Wired for stove, well water and electric water system; berries and fruit f . $8IUS WOOD RIVER — Lincoln Addlllon, 9- room modern, Cabinets nnd closeU, full basement, hot air heat, gas water neater, Venetian blinds, sun room, 3-cnr garage, chicken house; fruit Ik grapes. Lot B9XI30 $7380 HENRY E. NARUP, REALTOR 303 E. SEVENTH 2-5735 -_2- CENTRAL AVE. — 7 room, two modern apartments near schools and churches $13,500 CENTRAL AVE.—7 room mod ern home. Oil heat. Garage $2000 down payment ..$10,500 HARRY F. HEMPHILL AGENCY .. BLAIR AVE. —5 room" modeV home. H.W. floors. Cabinets Stoker heat. Porches.. .$10,9(X CORONADO DRIVE — 4 room modern home. H.W. floors cabinets. Gas hoat $895 PARK DRIVE — 4 room moder home. Gas heat. Like new A bargain SflSOC COLLEGE CREST—4 room mod ern. H.W. floors, cabinets. Like new $7950 BELLE ST. — 5 room modcri brick home. H.W. floors, cab inets. Gas heat $8750 HIGHLAND AVE.—5 room mod ern brick home. H.W. floors cabinets. Gas heat. Very nice Price $11,500 HARRY F. HEMPHILL AGENCY Ph. 3-3584, after 6 P.M. 2-1335 LOGAN ST. — Beautiful? room brick, modern home, larg screened-in front porch, large lot. 2-car garage, Venetian blinds, gas furnace, floor cov erings, large reception hall, cab incts, and lots of closet space NOW OrT HAND — Used PI9WI, due, tractor spreader, Ort*llnf ment Co., Oodfrey, HI. FOR 8At, i Of tor; • Ford plow*, 4-row _______ •print tooth harrow, truck llm« welder; also small spotted m»r« pofly. 3-B9I1. _ H "fRACTOlt «- e AMI, Chalmen trsotor. 14 ft ilnfl* dltt. Iron wheel wagon, rubber Urea wifDn with 6x13 grain bed. 1041 ChWoJet 4 door sedan. 1940 Chevrolat plcK'Jp, •lock ruck. 1A3A Chevrolet coups. Oil* oiine w*«h machine motor, Bud BUn- ton, Medera, 111. Ph. 3U. _ *" dLJVttt TftXcf OR— «b ROW Crap eultu valor, corn planter with fertiliser It- lachments; two 14-Inch Ward plow*, David Bradley wagon on fubbtt, Dnvld Bradley a-73flB, Alton. dump rake. FhOna flTAN "CHAIN" ;Uwfcl-i!v«att~~fi«rrri, --.- . ARTFOfiD—2l;i fc"."~fl'uf "street. mi>lit house. 4 rooms and hnth. Tile floors In living room and kitchen, oil icoler nnd electric water healer. City sewers Will sell on contract. *290 lown Price .. .$1960 FRANK YODKR. REALTOR 202 K. Main. K. Alton Diaj 4-nUiB, 4-82.111, 4-4827 "WHAT is THE flSnT'fl-RSbM "iuT* ON TODAY'S MARKET? ee and compare this lovely Ilkt n«w lome, I believe you will agree with me ion can save $1,100 by buying this I\OIIIR. Owner moving lo Chicago and is willing lo take a big lo» for a quick sale. Home In perfect condition. Beautiful planter walls throughout, Hnrdwood Moors. Nice large basement with gas hent, automatic hot water, steel beam construction. Very large closels Venetian Ird bedroom, blinds. Lot 100 X 200 feet. Attractive cnblnels. Insulated. Low taxei. A Well conslruclad home. CLEM NOLI. REALTY AGENCY 04U K. Broadway, Phone 3-aMl Evenings Please Call Dlchmaiin, a-B4B4 or atrulf, a-aUfl F YOU "AnE"i.6ShiNO—ror » beautiful well-bulli 4 rooms with bath and garage on a large corner lot, This house h/iH a kitchen sink and cabinets almost Ilia entire length of kitchen; an oil mitonfatlc heater as well ai 2 nice porches In and on this house; can be easily financed for proper buyer. Lo- rated on corner of Virginia And Prairie avenue. Bethnlto, III. The owner, Mrs. Miller, will show you through at convenient hours. For further Information call Philip H. Conn. Upton 4-aonn, upton 4-2570. GROSH REAL ESTATE DUNNEGAN ST. New 4-room. Hardwood floors, modern kitchen, 2 bedrooms, bath, long living room, concrete basement, oil fur- naco ttilOO HARRIET ST. I room or two 4-room apts. New gat furnace, automatic water heater, new roof, garage, wired for stave. Good condition. Lot SOxlOO. May b« pur chuscri on contract, $1500 cash . .$7800 WASHINGTON AVE. Frame. Two 3-room apartments. Incom* $1011: also basement apartment for owner. 3 baths Excellent condition, new roof. Completely furnished $10,000 FOREST DRIVE 4 rooms. Living room 24xl2',' a . carpeted fireplace hardwood floors, 2 bedrooms tile bath, shower. Modern kitchen. Ol furnace, attached garage. Lot 70x200 $13,BOC WASHINGTON AVE. Frame. 5 rooms and store. Modern kitchen bnth, clotiets. Concrete bas« mcnt, furnace, utoker. automatic wa l«r heater. Including grocery stock an fixtures $18,78 JACKSON ST. Large 4 room. Long living room, 3 bed rooms, modern kitchen. Concrete bane ment, Ras furnace, garago. Immedlnl possession ... '•• $11,801 WATALEE 4 rooms. Long living room, 3 bedrooms modern kitchen, tile bath, concret ImHcmcnt, furnace, stoker, aiuomiitl water heater 9000 W. 19TH ST. (I rooms. 4 rooms up, 2 roomi down may be used as apt. with Income. $1 •per week. Furnace, combination *ore» mid slorm windows; plastered wall! bath $808 E. FIFTH ST. (l-roorn 2-utory. Modern kitchen. Ho water heat, stoker. Can be used a/i tw apartments. With 8 rooms furniture $13,80 WOOD RIVER 4 lots, 90 -x 120. Each $110 LASALLE DRIVE LOT—BO x 11H $80 RILEY AVE. Near Central Ave. Lot 100x180 .$280 GROSH REAL ESTATE 1002 Phlnney Avc. Office Phone: :i-387« After 9 P. M. Dial 3-1)1102 - 3-7804 - 4-6065 OUt,TBV AND gUPPLIM BABY CHICKS-Poullry supplies, Ooel. dent feeds with multl-mycln. Wert'i Grocery. Dl»l 3-6009. HEBORTS—COTTAUM Price $17,350 Call Wilburr H. Schneider 2-7801 Hcmphill' Agency. MT'DDLEtbWN "Garden St.—5 large room modern bungalow. H.W. floors, cabinets, porches, gas heat, insulated $9500 NORTH ALTON, Queen St.—5 room modern home. Very nice. Garage attached to house. Sec this for . . $7500 CORONADO DRIVE — 5 room modern home. A-l condition. Bargain for $7900 WILLARD AVE.-5 room modern, H.W. floors, stoker heat. Garage $7850 TENTH ST. —- 5 room modern home. A very fine home in A-l location . . . $7500 HARRY F. HEMPHILL AGENCY Ph. 3-3584, after 6 P.M. 2-1335 LARGE BUSSES suitable for clu houses or storage. Wood Rive Used Auto Parts. 4-3513. «¥" WANTED _ Quick possession on sev era! modern homes, 4 to 0 rooms Ca get nlca price If desirable. ROLLA HARRISON. REALTORS Office 3-9397 Evening 3-B36fl F6"R"A~or»TCK~SALE—Of your properi Call CLl M. GREER AGENCY OFFICE—DIAL 3-7904 TOM_GIB8ON _ t-*3M HAR~RfsbN~A'(:;ENCV~"- Needs listings For riulck results fllal 3-93B7. evening 3-.VIOH _ WANTED TO BUY—From owner. 4 o ft room modern home, North Alton o Godfrey location, under $11,000. Ca' 2-41169. AUCTIONS MO" AtirrrioNB AUCTION "SALK At 7 .'if) p. III. Wha have >ou we mnv Hell? P.OGKRS, K Ferguson. Phone Wood River_4-84:t ANIiUH CATTI.K HALF."" - Tuesday Apill I "n Hie Belleville, Illinois Full grounds Selling III bulls nnd S2 fe main-,, [jim-bied. nil ages- Southwestfr IHiiHH* Ani:iis A*MI Meqiieht catalog from fiiville Helms. Mgr . Hcllevlll .-_. Af;~c'ASE" TnAfTOH — with i mounSd plows, cultivator and mower. Alto .Tahn >ere ft ft. tandem disc »nd 13 ft. lesvy harrow. One 1949 Chevrolet V<Ion pick up truck, 17,000 mllei. All In very good condition. Moving, mult Mil. H. Barnett, </, mile north of Godfrey on Qodfrey-Foiterburg road. Ph. ' ..,,,-...„ B WISE — d'et youf~fertTni«r now. tor price* call 3.4008. Everett Harris. Agrlco__de« ler. SRDER voOn PFISTER - Hybrid earn now. Everett Harrlt, Fo«terbur« ro«d. 3-4008. Will deliver. LIVESTOCK _ __ OH 8 ALB— Your choice of a« reiUtered Hereford bulli ind 34 femalei. C*r- rollton Hale Barn, March 21«t, For cntnloRue write Irwln Davit, Rt. 1. Jeritcyvllle, IlUnolj Valley Hereford Aiuoc-lntlon. . ' r«d ihorthorn bul, 1 year old. Melvlh Maxelner. DUI S-3030. OR SALE — 10 ih«ep and 6 Iambi. Hofiald Breltwlier. Shlpman, HI. OR SALE.—Your choice of 00 refli- tered Hareford bulli and 34 female*. Carrollton Sale Barn, March 31>t. For cntnlogue writ* Irwln Davti, Rt, 1. Jeneyvllle, Illlnolj. Valley Hereford Amoelntlon. RESH COW — Laying hen« and shoati Henry FcHoi, V« mile weit ol Foster- aurg. ~RliD GILTS — To Jtarrow In 30 dayn. 1 while Rllt to farrow In 10 day«. 1 red Heifer, registered ahort horn bull, lever«i good laddie horiei and ponlen. One work mare, a laddlai, one let ot work hnrneu. BUd Stanton, Medora, 111. Ph. 312, HEAVY SPHtNOER QUBRNSEV — Heifers, tome registered. Freih any dny. Also cows for «nle. Arnold Stahlhut. Junction Route 112-140. BABY CHICKS—Big husky ehlcka for broilers and layert with te*t«d llvabll- Ity. Nationally approved,' Pullorum Paiied and quality priced. We will deliver to Alton. Brockmeler Hatchery. Edwardivllle. 111. BABY CHICKS—Henvlei and hybrid): hatches every Monday and Friday. Spe- olalit on henvy mix. Cockereli II per hundred. Started chick* available, some over 2 weekg old. Phone 1837. Wolf'i Hatchery, 110 VandalU St., Edwardu- vllle. III. BABY CHICKS — SpeclnH for March. Droller-fryer White-Rocks W.08 per 100. White Rocki (Egg Gradcl ai hatched til.90 per 100. Any Tuesday or Friday. Place orders In advance. Our standard matlngs also available In Leghorns, Hnmpthlres and .White Roclu. Runzle Feed Store, Boo Stile St. Hofman Feed & Supply. 113 W. Broadway. HALL'S STARTED CHICKS—Will boost your profits. Available twice • week. 2 and 4 weeka old. Also baby chicks. Leghorn cockerel (3.00 per hundred. HALL'S CHICKS. Carrollton. Phone 181 YOUNO BAklNG HJCrlS—Dial 4-5944, Ben Ovlllo, Wood Hlver-Bethalto hard road. (IDA POOD And DAIRY PRODUCT! ELM PRODUCE — Wlnesap apples, ba- nnnas, new white onions, white clover honey, n Ib. Jars $1.2!), onion sets, iweet corn 4 for $.25, 203 Elm St. WTD.—STOCK—FEED—Etc. WANTED — Buff Cochnn Bantam iggs for setting. Dial 4-0663. ~ MISC. FOR SALE ft ABTICtE* FOB BALI "~ CROCHETED — Embroidered pieces, oaby things, stamped goods and thread. Art tt Gift Shop, 802 Henry street. CftOCHETED RUFFLED _ Center pieces. All colors. Novelties. 763 Park 'drive. FOR SALE—Cash register, safe, wall shelving and aisle counters, reasonable, Dial 3-0413 or 3-3648. FOR SALE—Welsh baby buggy, excellent condition. 312 George, X. Alton. GOOD HOT POINT — Electric range and ping pong table. 3-8158. MAPLE CRIB — And nuittress. Largt size, excellent condition. Boy'a aprinj coat and cap, size 3. 3-7307. MACHINISTS' TOOL CHEBT—And complete set of machinists' tools, never used. 849 Ilallornn, Wood River. Fhon* 4-OtJBfl. STOVE FURNACE Jb BOILER REPAIR —Parts most all makes. Quick service. Try us. WISEMAN. 1128 E. Broadway Phone 2-92JI4. THROW HUGS FOR SALE—Will tak« orders. Also custom weaving done. 4-83SO, USED REFRIGERATORS — Ranges washers, televisions. Reasonable pri' ces. Terms. Phone 3-7722 or 3-8640. PLAY SWING — With swing and »kj tcooter. Yellow linen suit. Like new 4-3722. THtfliMO-LINK WATER HEATER, »17.7> —Wnymlro Electric, 1,138 Lorena, Wood River. 4-BDBO or 4-7654. WRINGER ROLLS PsrU, Greases, Oil, Service FOR ALL MAKES • WASHING MACHINES • VACUUM CLEANERS New Tank Type Cleaners $49.0.1 SERVICE FOR ALL MAKES • AUTOMATIC WASHERS «) DRYERS • HOT WATER HEATERS • STOVES • RF.FRIGERATOR8 F. MIDDLBCOFF REPAIR SERVICE 828 Kant 7th St. Dial 2-4423 lies. Phone 2-1132 — 2-2585 MAPLF. TWIN BEDS — Complete. 41S McCnslnnd, East Alton. Phone 4-4862 24 INCH FURNACE — With blower. 1400 ru. ft. per minute capacity. Call 4-9468 after 3 p.m. AI I'TION TiH'-,iliiv 7 p m . Route I HI Saturday nidhl, RODCERS AVE 4-1 ooti I, at HP i n I .i*vd with l<>\ IMMlUtf fl. I |, ditl TINGLEY REAL ESTATE AGENCY REALTOR h Mil', Slate Sirret \ n - - Own a I'arl 3 FURNISHED HOOMS Front apt. Pri- : c » CT » I Tnkl \1/ L- i A ale bath and entrance refrigerator. EAST ALTON, Washington Ave. -5-room modem home with extra lot. Good condition, large rooms, stairway to floored jtric, H W.F., cabinets in kitchen, Venetian blinds, draperies and gas. lights and water 2-3:i7a 3 ROOM -•- Large, modern apt . Mld- dletown_ Automatic^ heat Ph. 2-6164 3-ROO'M MODERN Furnished apt. Private bath and eiitram-e, heat and water furnished 2>j We»i Birch. Hartford :t FI'HNISHEI) HOOiMS""--"Call "2-1617 before b DO p m. :i " F"l r HNlSHEb ROOMS"-- Private entrance. bath, utilities furnished Adults ill, week. .'1-8528 _ :i HOO.MS AND KITCHENETTE APT.-- Nirt?l> furnuhed, private entrance and bath, nas heat continuous hot water, excellent residential location, brick building 5 blocks from downtown Al- Kni Adult4 only. References exchanged «7:> Call 3-3712 fur_ appointment. ; SMALL R^OOM" Furnished ap.. Pri. vate entrance and bath No peU. One "i 'J adults 21t><> College Ave. 4 ROOM -- Furnished apt. 635 Penning. Wood River Dial 4-5.j3S t'ROOMS -- Nicel\ iurnished. Washing 12 Wood Ave curtains, full basement, with HARRISON AGENCY KAST ALTON 10-room nifKlern. 4 e/fi- ciencv apartments. Income &J4<) per mo $125110 rinvvri. ha 14nee monthly . $ 11 .MH) NOHT1I AI/I"ON -ft rooms, furnace ht-at Inn- local ion. Nice lot. garage jH-'ViO M/J'ON 4-roorn modern Nice mod'.'i n 4 -S14.VH) i "PHKH A I,TON 6 room modern Oni* Moor pUn f^i* hi-al $12,fi'"j WOOJJ RIVER •Central avenue>. •"» room modern brick It at d \tood Mooj » (ijljinct >. breakfaM nai . recreation root it m b.'i-(.'mcnt %I'! fi.O'i Ill.l'rK STKKKT 7 r Lcdroom A. iine location den, stool, sink and fruit closet, j I ;_;^, a f^ T00i ,, lJ5lo ^;' 1 ' r , r ;''' Jd ' 1 double garage, storm windows : SPATE ST 7 nx,m modem and screens throughout. Call : JODK'I.EY "^KI'AD^-'"vrnom' 4-4281 for appointment. 5 to 9 '""' k nre^iar*. A im c home >n T,<> p. m. ROXANA CENTRAL AVE. 5 rooni« Full basemrni nev g nai'e and v. alor heat'i. ^toru and windows, insulatid. garaje Pri'-e S3750 H HK.SSENFLOW, RHAI.'IOR facilities. In Middletown. Ph. 2-1507. liF'PEH ALTON -7-room modern N'v. i !•• dccoruled Fine location . 1.1'i.ou'J .SEMINARY HOAD 5-l«um modem | l>i icK with one a ( 're of ^lound ^!j7"i'l ; WOOD RIVEH •-.'i-iooin modem. 4 >t<ii- old Ca^ heat Krne 'oration *ll!ion KAST ALTON -C'onlertioner> doing nn-e ROUA H. HARRISON AGENCY HEAI.TOR Dial 4-J5J2 , 2.>11 Sla'.e ht Ufl.'e -1-3JU7 t-7749 £^tning>,: 2Ubao i 5:;i,ii fur- doors NEW BH1CK HfiMK -Modem. 4 roomi,. bath, full basement, hardwood floorv. plaster walls, gan heat and wali'i lirat ei. insuj.iled, city i,ewer. Wa^binKton averui" at K Main. F. Alton elo»e lo seliuols nod hus S22IM) down FHAN'K VODF.Il. REALTOR 2d2 E Main. f. Alton frill 4 HI I") - 4-H2:iB - 4--1B27 HKNHIF.TTA ST. Lnvei.v '1 room luodern home, large lining r'Kjin KIM-HI r|n^;ei nicr r.\/e ht'd- rooms rlo>.c-th. cainnt-tR in kit'iifn level lol. g;nai!c »lokcr he»t $8!i.V< PARK IJH1VE 4 /oom all miKlcrn. long living loom. | ouif large- hedronrn. one jrnaller «,-i» ! fiirnaff, water heater, Venetian Muni' i scn-eni'd porch, close to busline* ;»M<| ! liiisincsi, arira $7flOU j j HK.'KKRSON ST | Dcaiitiful 4 room, all niixlern lu.mi- I Onl.i five st-ai.- old, large livinn room. ' sun room, 2 bedroom*, lovffly kii'lH-n. j r.ib'nelw Includes carfjetH. vcitetian , blind*,. diapciir- elecluc stove hioki-r heal, \\att-i heater, garage Level lol mt-tal a'A-nins'- . $f;. r /;i; I I'PKH ALTON On of tin' finest home. 1 * m I'priei AI u.n A 1 cfindition, itady lo ino^e irilo f'lone lo biii and m:hool». Must he >i>en . to be appreciated . 111.000 ; For information please call } Mrr, Artha Trabue i Hairy F Hemphill Agency Of tire :i-:i5K4 ' Res 2 UU'i K no auiwer 2 1172 NORTH ALTON — 5 room modern. New furnace, stoker, electric water heater. Full basement, garage. Nice lot. Shrubbery. Near schools. Special $9000 NORRIS — 2 4295 JJKEW AliCNCY kitche f.ibl/iflh, fltll V IK MM.Ili CH jitt.ii her], $10,500 COLLEGE CREST 4 -room oinrli in Ii ati>»' A i flour pluti, I'Ms Of <'iil'int-l> k iifhcn h;t •( mrnt nil i $9500 NORTH ROXANA 'dnrn tt ana? I .nrse A ro lr- n Walk in« in, hitr d * "(.cl ftn-i p(\ air liMiini'i- to i tJ po---*'-c inn $8500 JUST OFF ELM •I i onjn imtrjci i; hi i<-h lot our- block fi oin fii .N iff floor plait Hft f I nor i, m ,ulfl'<'(i iu]| ST. »i ner Imr $10,900 SOUTH ROXANA rt rooro modern hnck Kitchen with CiibiMt'ls, wired fur .stove, full basement iumnre heal. Urge gar;i?c. level lot $8400 CLOVER LEAF AGENCY REALTOR 525 Ridge St.. Alton, III. Phone 2 9244 P. M. A. I. Harte, 3 3436 Hilli. New .ind ii-f>d men hundihc What have you to sell" I'lione 4-H2B6. GOESSMAN Alll.'TloN _ FURNITURE AUCTION ~- Friday ev»- nliiK. 7:('i) P "i J"»etl Auction House, nufl Washington Complete line ol Household items; l«rge or small con- mKliment,_accp|)ted Dill 3-SM4 _ FARM^LiVESTOClT ,)% IXIfiH—(!ATH—PETB DOC LOVERS SEE SEARS NEW COMPLETE LINE OF DOG HARNESSES AT Sears Big Alton Farm Store i Steel Button-Studded Collars 39c to $1.89 Plain Harness . .39c to $1.35 Steel Button-Studded Harness Leather Leads . . 49c to $1.69 Braided Plastic Lead 79c Chrome Jewel Leads $1.89 to $2.19 Five-foot Braided Leather Leads $1.35 Steel Combs ..... 95c to $1.79 Choke Chains 95c to $1.49 4'> ft. to 15 ft. Nickel BOATS AND ACCESSORIES 73 _ _ MERCURY "MOTORS—New and" used. Repair tervlce on all makes. Canadian molded boats. Easy terms. Ray Kruse. Glendale Gardens, '/, mile east oi Wood River 4-8236. PHACfTcALLY NEW — 14 ft. HIggini and 33 Evlnrude motor. 2-1191. JOHNSON OUTBOARD MOTORS New and Used REPAIR SEHVICB Marine Supplies KRAMER ELECTRIC 112 E. Broadway .$17!) .$1 .11 78 BL'ILUINU MATERIALS GUTTERING 10 fl. ' a round gutter, slip Joint .»! 119 1(1 ft 5 inch bcjuare gutter ID ft. O. G. nutter tu ft ;i-mch round down spout .. 10 ft. ;i-im-h sriuare down spout Complete stock of fittings HARTFORD LUMBER CO. r>hone_4-3l>22 F6R~SALE""~Small building. 10x14. Call after 4 p. m 121 Virginia. East_AH<m. 89C tO $1.49 | OVERHEAD "'GARAGE DOOR ~8 tt. x 7 ft : easy to operate, complete wilh hardware and glasi. Special low price Call U» We Deliver. HARTFORD LUMBER CO. 4-3622 liSE~YOUR CREDIT— For needed repairs and improvements. 10% down required, M months lo pay. Call us 'or free es- 13 "ETHAI.TO LUMBER co. Phone _32U 490 HAlblTE BLOCKS «- Corner Confectionery. 8th and Alby. Chains 69c to $1.49 Squeak Mice & Rats 23c & 29c Latex Rubber Toy 55c Animal Brushes . . 59c to $1-35 | Rubber Bones 19c ^Rubber Bell Balls 29c i Stop in Today Sears Big Alton Farm Store Fourth c> Piasa. Alton, III. I _ Phone 3-5511 i PARAKEETS'"-" Canaries. «uar«nt«d singers Hen birds for breeding. Dial I J-I637. bU Lampert. BUSINESS EQUIPMENf 74 ELECTRIC" BOTTLE COOLER—capacity 740 12-oz. bottles; floor sample. Will sacrifice at legs than wholesale) cost. Phone 3-7722; after 6 p. m.. 3-3018. NEW 4-TON FR1GIDAIRE—Air conditioner, reduced to leu than cost Phone 3-7723 or 3-3015. COAL COAl.-t OfeE-WOOU CLAY EAST SUPPLY CO, GODFREY ROAD COAL, ROCK SAND. CEMENT. MOHTAH LIME, CONCRETE AND SEWtU P.PS PHONE 3-6353

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