Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 6, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 6, 1939
Page 2
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*..»*- 1 » l tS»C' I!•'-« Star Consolidated January 18, (f Justice, Deliver Thy Herald From False Report,' l^blished every W*ek-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co, fa*. <?* «» 8»F *»*&» $&8M -South "• ...... fc't. JPAIJWE*, PresWept , '.' ALEX. H. WASHBUBN.lEaitor and Publisher (AS) —Cleans Associated Prjiss. (N^A)— JKeans New^per jEnterprise Ass'n. „. «ite (Always Payable in Pvaijiqe): By city carrier, per month eSo; one year Jfi&. By njait, iff Hempstead, Nevada, aftd LaFayette counties, $3.50 ppr y.ear; elsewhere S6.5Q. er of Thi Assictated Pre^l- fhe Associated Press is exclusively enticed "to the use for republicaU<w of ojl news dispatches credited to itpr credited in tWs pVper and also the loyal news published herein. Chatges on Tributes, Etc.: Charge will be made for all tributes, cards of thanks, resolutions, or memorials, jjohflerning the depirjed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers frcW a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility ot the safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. t gigM»eWePreparp4»9 Fprce? ft' ! It is probably mere chance that not one of the many neutral .ships torpedoed Without warning in the North Sea happened to be an American ship. Unless the United'States has better luck than it has any right to expect, this will hap- 'iperx sooner or later. * 'SwSweaish steamers Gertrude Bratt and Silesia, the Ttsm'fsh freighter Vendia, He on thp bottom of the sea. The first two were carrying wood products to Eiigland, the third was eijnpty., bound for the Firth of Forth. The Ger- mans''take the Dositipn'jhat they would not be pound fpr Briain unless on ' business, necessary to carry on the war, and that therefore they are subject to linking; search is unnecessary; all business of nations at war today is 'war outness. What happene'd to Sweden and Denmark yesterday may happen to the United S'tates tomorrow. On September 1 . H Secretary Hull gave notice .that the t United States "has not abandoned any of its rights as a nieutral under international law. 1 ' That, we take it, is for the record, for reference in some future , day when international law shall again becprne active.. Nobody knows at the ', moment what international law is, if indeed there is any. Professor Beard has called if "a veritable jumble of. clafrnS," assertions, treaties, pledges, .and hot contenUonsI" As "3 "practical"matter, "international law" today is what you make it, and what you,are prepared to keep it. " -~. ' It might be international law that American salesmen can sell lollypops tp the -solders 'U.P and :4qwn. "the jvtagihnt Line. But almost anyone will agree that it would be '.prptty sil)jr right pow tp insist on any such .right. Just so, there will be many who think it quixotic to uisis that American freighers .can deliver wheat >to "Liy.erppol r and wh,o will wonder just how safe Americans should expeci to .be. who sail fpr England on the Aquitahia with her grim- looking- 12-pound '.BUftsp"international law, or no international law, does any sane person expect that a.'German submarine corrtmander is going to come to the surface, hail" thje; Aquitahia, and carry on a pleasant cphversatibn under 1 the shadow °f those guns? '•••.•>; The United States will have such neutral rights during this European war as it is deterflu^d'tp'jdejend with fpr ce - an d no others. It }s just as well to determine"now, during the neutrality debate, what rights-we* propose to enforce/and to'insist on no others. That is tlje kind of a world it is, and it is unrealistic to act as though it werp some other kind. _ That is why gecrptary Hujl urges Americans in Europe to come home only on American'shipsi' -They have (he ''right" to come in the Athenias, but it is not n<jw* yrjs'e tp exercise that right. That is why the American nations plan a "peace zone" around their..continents eqpivalent to the "war zone" around Europe. The,"peace zone" is reasonable, and there is some chance that we may be able to enforce it. Now, If ever, is tjje.titarte for America to be reajistic in action, and to pro i vide a-nice, quiet room in which the in^ernationaj lawyers can.,sjt apd Jsptit hairs undisturbed until sanity returns a^gain to earth.'... ,j ^^^^^ ) ^^_^_______p_^_, H __ B pMMB^ri||MB THE FAMILY DOCTOR f. M. HKjfcU. kfAT. •».';. "tit 6K MOMU^ nsHBEiir o( ttw Apwi<0in Medteal An Hyge|a, UM HipUh MtipTl*^ Food^)ntrols in Europe Prelude ]?ps^)]bility of Famine W New War t •; . n househbld ttpp,iicalfpn cards already befcn printed in Qr*alj in ty cose i\ nutralitional femer- gency aH^es- Reports are widespread at to the rationing that has begun In Germany. By a system of cards and coupon^ every fundamental food is contrmied as to its supply and distribution. Especially Interesting Is the new Ger man attitude toward the control of alchol, tobacco ond coffee as factors in war. A special decree affecting military fliers has been sisuetl by doering which prohibits them from standing or . sitting around tables \yhere 'picho|ic beveraRes are dispns- .ejd. Jt projilbl.ts the coiisumptlon of alcrvoj inune.diately before and during 'duty anjl the sale pf foreign tobacco Definite hours when al)l such substances may bp so)d are set. ' Althpught fast consumption of coffee in Germany Is'already lower than Ujat pf p,ther countries of comparable Pppulatipn and wze, Gue^bcls has published an article announcing tiiat the use of coffee is nn unpatrotic act, from an economic rather than from a hygienic point -of view. In his decree, he said, "In restricting the use | of alcohol and nicotine we make eco- n,omic in foreign exchange which we need more imperatively for the ot^r new materials." In World war I, it was recognized that the winning oJ the war was a race for food. Hunger stimulates re- voit. As the (iiyilian population breaks down in niorale because of hunger, the'effeels ai-e soon felt on the warring frpnts and lead to defeat. ' • "Ths More 'foft'-jPflf- &$ Quicker You Sell" * ypzi Can Palkto Only One Man a Want 4ds Talk to Tlipusanfa SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP 411 Want Ads cash in advance Nottalten over the One Uxn*-2c word, minimum 30c Three times-3^e ,.. Six times-Sp word, minimum 90c Pne montb-|8c ^ord, inlnUivuin |i70 • Rates are for conUniious Inacrtloir)* pnly. _ tout LOST—Prown leather Ml lf( ?' d ' ^ adly worn, cohtaiae^ money, drivers license and receipts, aewoid. Think lost on Highway 23 or in Hope. Rjstu,rn to Mope Sior. 3 ' 3( P LdST—Goodrich Silvertiwm Heavy duty, G ply 15 inch rim, No, 69115:1455, •Liberal Reward,' A. J. Smith, Rosston Rt. 2, Box 93. 'I- 4 For Sale FOB SALE—Rough and Dressed Lumber and Shingles. Claude Wiuldle. Phono 289W or see 2-3tp FOH SALE—Fruit trees, November planting. See me nt once, Hempstead bounty Nursery, A. R. Whitlow. 2-3tp FOR SALE—Wood or coal burning circulating heater. See Hnzpl Abra.m nt Mary's Beauty Shop. 2-3tc NOTICE The Chicago Chess and Checkei club has invited visiting legionnaires to use its facilities during their convention. Nothing like a nice evening of quiet fun, boys. Room and Board lmcl bom,l. MntTB.tJrrcy. phone 63015^ W^n^ 31 "", 31 : Radio Repair ANSWER TO CRANIUM CftACKBR Radio Service Rudio Service, Heat waves npprot.ch Brmlunll.v, hut .lepnrt nbruplly. with a Ihundersturn . t ,,d waves reverse the prow...*---1 ho c,ma-wi Ih n sudden storm and iU'l'»'» l<rndually. l»\v provision. ' 2 Cnlinost-u.; Is nssnssiiwtotl Ru- 1'oHsli Tlicre nre >norc ll'im (ers in tin; U»itf.l SUih'.s million slut- Washington 0m Cpmpnny ie ginning and wrapping up tp 625 pound bales $3.50 All bales over 525 pounds, ad- diljonnl Ic n pound. Also store your Seed, A. N. Stroud will haul bales liito Hope Compress for 25c each. A. N. Stroud, Washington, Ark. ,Sept 5-lm "Opportunities Offered FOR SALE—Save money on youi furniture buying. Complete stock new find used furniture, beds, stoves, ta'bles. suites. lM-nnklin Furniture Co., Elm Street. ' 2-3tc "~FOR SA^E—Minnows nt Ifith and Spring Hill Road. A. R. Newberry. Men and Women—Interested in making fur. above average weekly earnings operating route of cigarette nil confection inachin.es. Exclusive errilpry. Small iiwcstn;«nt. RJSQAL niODUCTS CO. Depl. "D, Madison, Visconsin. 4-3lp FOR SALE — Registered Poland China pigs. J. B. Ellen at Hope Hardware. ?-3t V/anted College Hendrix vs Southeast Missouri Teach ers at Conway. Henderson vs Stephen. F. Austin at Nacpgdoches, Tex. Arkansas Tech vs. Kansas State Teachprs at Russeville. High School Little Rock at Blytheville. Jonesborp vs. Cathoic High at High Schoo Stadium. 'Forrest .City vs. North Litte Rock at Wildcat Field. Arkansas School for the Deaf at Hamburg. Van Buren at Clarksville. El Dorado at Hot Springs. Camden at Texarkana. Fordyce at Smackover. - Arkadelphia at Benton. Walnut Ridge at ,Hope. . Malveni at Warren. Dierks at De Queen. - Stamps at Ashdown. 'Sprindale at Harrison. •• Fayfitteville at Muskogee, Okla. Searcy at Newport. .. Batesyille at Augusta. Dermptt at' McGehje. Crossett at Lake Village. Foreman at Texarkana Catholic High Carlisle at Sheridan, Frincton at Amity. Moqti.cello at Rison. Figgott at Corning. Cotton Plant at Clarden. Magnolia at Haynesville, La. Wynne at Brinkley. Eudoru at Dumas. Helena at Paragoujd. Bearden at Sparkman, Stephens at BJevins. Highest prices paid for Men's. Boys shoes, pants, suits; Ladies shoes ant! coats. Patterson's Cash Store. East 2nc Street. 2-Cl.c Service* Of f eret| SERVICES OFFERED-See Hemp stead Mattress Shop, 712 West Fourth for new and re-built. Phone Pau Cobb 658-J Sept. 2G 1M. Our plant is again open for Mea Curing and your patronage will be ap predated. Home Ice Company, Ea screes ft! »rtic|e« QII Fopd t xqntrol^ tmder^ken b,y many Eurqpq'ajr) natjqns may ^yert this ijme first thaf ocPM r .e4 ' ' tjjet . W^'r 'in . Germany amj be- eliminate speculation in fopds arjd tp control food prices. Five staple clpsses pf cpmrivd.ities aj-e repFesented, including:- (1) butcher meat, (2) gutter and margarine, (3) bacpn and ham, (4) lard dripping and pthpr cpoking fats, ''" --came a factor in"|he dpfpat pf the central powers. • ' Recognizing the impprtance-of nutri- _ tion, in time gf war, "the British govern- under w^y tP prevent" vast''speculaf- ment has ajready set Up pjans fpr ,epn- ] j on - m sugar. (5) -sugar. Sugar is one of the items most initately involved in times of war. In our o,wn country plans are ajrea'dy trolling the natipn's fqotj" supply est^blisljing a jVIiiiisfry pf food. Thp government h^s ijecppje itjje s.qle purchaser pf impprts. Plans haye been Sixfy millipn ration cards and 19 A first offender, jailed for drunkenness, had police write a 'not to hjs wife explaining where he hacl spent the night. He probably wanted her to know he had l>een keeping out at trouble. A society leader's favorite drink, we her, is a horse's neck, The hot clog is beginning to find things crowded in the blue book. CENTURY INVENTOR LOGS BOLTS and ROUND BLOCKS We are now in the market for Oak md Gum log?, Whjte Qak, Overcup, Ppst O»k, 1^4 Qafc, aijd Ash Heading Bolts, Also Round SWEET GUM Blocks.- For prices and specifications ApBly to: Hope Heading Co. %pe, ArlwpM Phone 245 HORIZONTAL IPjctur.ed Answer to Previous Puzzle 13 Perloa Of tinie. 14 Basketwork " asr* (3j@BsaBisi at?. > Not Measured In Terms e f MONEY ISSpjl^e of corn. 16 Tp pour forlhj •17 Makes tractable. 18 Weight allowance for \vaste. 20 Rubber tree. 21G14P. ' 22 To switch. i4 Gibbon. KS> To rpt flax. ?6 Wrath. *28 Military title. 31 pertaining to the jaw. W Clay huts. D GBS3 HDHaQHS The trust you place in us in filling perseriptions has no dollar and cents valiw- ft' ^ something priceless, which we endeavor to al} times. This is an ap- time t° agaw pledge that cnlx quality ingredients, by experienced shall ever go ir»to a presctiptioji filled SEE ¥OV» When prescriptions are needed tall. . •• WARD & SON The Leading 47 To eject- 48 God of war. 49 Wing- BO A4"it jnsect, 54 poor ru 855 He was a 19th 35 Musical draft, century native 36 More jriodern. . 37 To fleece. 56 He conducted 38 Preposition. many 40 fastens a zipper. ' with 2 Part of foot. 3 Buffalo. 4 Labor scab. 5 Fortunes. 6 Lath. I Ruby. 8 Is Indebted. 9 Basis of bone 45 Arabian. tissue. 46 To allot. i o Continuing. 51 Mother- II English title. 12 Region. 16 He invented d rubber, 19 Decorative open work. (Pi.). 21 Orders, 23 Marine fish. 25 Garment. 27 To draw with acid. 29 Poem. 30 Opposite of high. 32 Garden tool, 33 Baby}onjan dejty. 39 Subject of a talk. 41 Mosque priest. 42 Heap. 43 Heavenly body. 44 Young sheep. 52 Form of 53 Either. mow l&otorcygte WILLIAMS OUT OUR WAY OH, WO YOU POW'T/ IF YOU WAS OUT COLD GOSH.' ALUU& HOULERIKj; ABOUT TO WRESTLE, AM 1 MO\M WHErJI SOU GOT ME OUT COLD YOU POSi T FOLLER. UP/ AT THIS POlMT, A PEP-FESSIOtsJAV. WOULP A'LONkb RUMWIW JUMP OW TOP OF ME — AHEAD/ T H' CASE, WHEKJ 1 JUMP YOU 1 RE ' ' LIABLE T'MOVE Salespnan Wanted Tliis is not n get rich plan but a permanent nnd consistent money-maker, /ou wi|l represent a large m'anuffic- lurer who will give all help possible n sales material und new ideas. Must Kive-car, be sobei- and energetic, 3D to 50. Write C. E. ERICrCSO'N CO., INC. DusMoiiiGS, Iowa. 2-H FOR RENT—TWP good residences Middjebrooks Gr.qcery. 4-3t FOR RENT—5 room houne and bath West Sixth street. Day phone 564. nit 5B1J. 4-3tc FOR RENT—One 3 rpom furnlsliec apartment and two 2-room ftirriishec apart'm'pnts,' Garage, Utilities Paid. Miss Mary Middlebrooks, 1QQ.| South THE "WOM'T FALL 0 GUV By EDGAR MARTIN W-H-A-T ? BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES HiOV 111 OO tl 1.OO\«i)Kili? COPR. 1939 DY^CAJCRVICE. INC. T. M. BEG^U. S. PAT. Off. V. T. HAMLIN Watch That Slang, Doctor T WISH HE COULD 5EEN THE NEW WAV THAT OLD GOAT I'VE MEVER BEEN ONE TO SANCTION! VIOLENCE, BUT AFTER ALL ALLEV OOP HAS DONE FOR THE TROJANS- BAH! THE SKULL WRATH OFFENDEP THAN WHOM BEUOWIN6/ LI ! By ROY CRANE Sitting Pretty WASH TUBBS \AO THERE ARRWES A TRAU\W6 SCHOOWER VJ1TH THE FICCT WAIL IM WEEK^. VOUR ,PODUEP \NE'BE 601W6 _ OF VIOLENT ERUpTlOU, THE VOLCAWO RETUEMf, TO WOCMM.AMOTHE PEOPLE OP H\PPA- DUST PROW THEIR- ROOFS AMD 6ARDEMS. \o-t ROIA EVERV WRECTOM COME 6ULLS TO FEA'iT OKI FKV4 THAT VJMHtO ASHORE 3V THE T\DA\- WAVE By MERRILL BLOSSER FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS y IS ^OUR I/ 1 NEVER. FETRQIT }**'•''.-' / ONE-N\AN BAMD Y NAY MUSICAL / .- , INSTRUMENTS // \••' I SHADES v - MR.PRENTiSS WANTS THE BAND TO PLAY AT MIS our RANSQME ROAD THREE NIGHTS A WEEK FOUR. BUCKS APIECE / (ONIQHT/ AND HE' WAMTS ' NUBBIN AND HIS ONE -MAM BAND FOR NOVEUY NUMBERS .'We u_ HAVE TO SPEAK "(0 NUBBIN/ WHOOPIE! MEAT OM THE . TABLE.' /yriEN DO we START? WAS WORKING HERE, AND IN 1 SHAPE? ^^, J BUT THE BOARD'S HONDA WORE OUT AND i NEED A NEW FUNNEL / Death Strikes Again By FRED HARMAN RED RYDER fH"'VJEREVslOUF i6NT GOING •To CE.T QO ICK,HAN50N »tB-L U -' "" AND WINOOVJ5 ^UT SUODESW A SH\NING iNIFE CKASH^S THROUGH THE VMINPOV>I AND ITSELF IN

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