The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas on June 9, 2006 · Page 17
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The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas · Page 17

Hays, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 9, 2006
Page 17
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FBIDAY.JUNfe 9. 2006 THE HAYS DAILY NEWS B7 FAMILY Cificas DENNIS THE MENACE "Wouldn't you need a bigger racket to hit a squash?* BEETLE BAHEY purMV HE THINKS A COLP SHOWER ONLY WAKES HIMSELF DPI GARFIELD SHE TRIEP TO RUN Ml OVER WITH HER TRUCK ^ / PORTUNAT6UV, WHEeUER8 AREN'T AUU THAT MANEUVERABUE VOU CAN PICK 'EM, AU. RIGHT OTAA PAV?S 6-9 WIZARD Of ID ( YOU KNOW WHAT'S WEIRP? .vmg>.' t y>'gtc.\iuiMi-.s\^^tni:\T(i»Uitai •'!'• ' IMMIGRANTS' COME FROM CCUNTPleS IA/HEPE ) V WE (50 ON V/VcATItfN V ^ ^^ -ll.'i-,'.! Ul'-i.-l - BABYBIUCS OUT LOOP, PACE VOURSELFH FOR BETTER On FOR WORSE (TSAV6 H6Ke. we CAhJ IStHAT fOKf^A^-fOOr I Dort'T *vlAftTT2)eo_)_ BUY <ceMett<&PLOT*> t ?&<& Of- LAMP OK ft „ INTO THS. 6f20UNP ' y --- 5 ---- y ---•'—' SMftU CSeMAtoJ SFWCB? (Nl A COFFIN. I "> faniY MfTCBEU/IUiCY SUM Dear Annie: My friend, "Carol," has a violent 14-year-old son, "Brody" has threatened to do extreme harm to family members and to himself. He has been in physical fights with his mother. Then, after things settle down, she takes him shopping for clothing, shoes, etc. Carol also has problems getting Brody to go to school, and that is what usually starts the fights. He has missed multiple days of classes. He has medication, but will not take it. In the past six months, Carol has called me several times, frantic, not knowing what to do with her son. I have suggested counseling more times than I can count, but she has done nothing about it. What worries me now is that Brody sometimes watches his toddler sibling with no adult supervision. What should I do? — Want To Do the Right Thing Dear W.T.D.T.R.T.: This is a tricky situation because you are receiving all this information sec- ondhand. It's quite possible that •Brody is a loving and responsible baby-sitter, and his anger is directed only at his school or his mother. The fact that Carol refuses to get counseling for Brody makes us question the entire situation, and her parenting skills — taking him shopping after a fight — seem misguided. Can you talk to Brody's father? What about other relatives? Are the school counselor and principal aware of the situation? Has Carol discussed this with the boy's doctor? Who prescribed the medication? Have you asked Carol why she won't get professional help for her son? We'd start there. Dear Annie: Every year, my sister and her husband visit our city and move in with us for two or three weeks at a time. We never know exactly when they will be arriving or leaving. We have tolerated this situation because we don't want to cause a family argument. However, my sister and her husband are elderly, have physical problems and require extra care. They also expect three meals a day and want to take short trips for entertainment, or play board games all day. My wife and I are growing older, and our health is not what it used to be. We are physically unable to handle the relatives. We have often hinted that they should rent a hotel room, but they have,refused. We love my sister dearly and do enjoy a short visit, but how can we deal with this freeloading without appearing to be insensitive or causing hard feelings? — At Wits' End Dear At Wits' End: You have to be more honest and less accommodating. Tell your sister, with deep regret in your voice, you'd love to see her, but for health reasons, it's not possible for her to stay with you. Give her a list of nearby hotels and offer to make reservations. Turn your guestroom into an office, gym or hobby room with no extra sleeping space. Tell Sis you don't cook much any more, but you'll be happy to meet them at a restaurant. Dear Annie: You told "New Girl in Texas" that the risk in her saying "no" to guys who asked her to the prom is that the guy she wants might ask someone else, and that she should be prepared to go alone, with friends or with Dad. For heaven's sake, this isn't 1955. If there's a guy she wants to go with, she should ask him. — Disappointed in Windsor, N.Y. Dear Windsor: Well, yes, but the truth is, even in 2006, most girls wait for the guy to ask them to the prom. But you are right that there's nothing wrong with the girl doing the asking. Thanks for the nudge. — Write to Annie's Mailbox, P.O. Box 118190, Chicago, IL ore-mail REAL LIFE ADVENTURES CLOSE To HOME YOU DONG- LAUNDRY. Men say the darhdest things. "That's It. Keep your finger on there until I have this knot tied." Daily Sudoku BLONDIE WERS, TAKB MV CELL PHONE-AND : CALL-ME IP VOU_ NEEO WTHINC 4 9 7 3 5 6 3 9 6 8 2 1 6 4 2 1 5 5 6 9 1 3 2 8 To solve a sudoku puzzle, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, column and box. Use the numeric clues provided in the boxes. AXYDLBAAXR •• ; is L o N G F E L L"O"W- -" - -" One letter stands for another. In this sample, A is used or the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are all lints. Each day the code letters are different. 6-9 CRYPTOQUOTE T J A L J A R ETC IJRVFVNR VN T JALNIQ MY1 YTN QIRYVQX RI MILLU TEIBR EAKTBNA YA YTN QIRYVQX RI MILLU MVRY. — NIBLKA IENKBLA Yesterday's Cryptoquote: YOU CANNOT ACCOUNT FOR YOUR COURAGE IF YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN IN DANGER. — FRENCH PROVERB 9 8 Z 9 f L e 6 1 9 I L e 6 z f 9 8 fr G 6 9 8 1. Z L 9 8 fr e 6 9 9 1. Z i. Z 9 1. 8 / f 9 e 6 i. 6 9 \. Z e 8 9 fr 1. L f Z S 9 6 8 e 6 9 9 fr e 8 / 1. Z e z 8 / I. 6 9 f 9 WHICH REMINDS ME, COOMB, THIS IS THE EMERGENCY BUTTON DON'T WORRV, MR. 3UMSTEAD J'LL TAKE CARE OP COOKIE DlllilT PATTY THE WAPLIFIER, AND DISTORTER, WE GOT A PROPOSAL FROIA A NEW VENDOR TODAY. THE LOVES V ENDOR ut THINKS THM UIHO 015- Ht'5 HAVING AFFAIR TH £T & UITHTHE NOT WHAT... 5ALE5 REP! Dr. Paul Donohue HEALTH DEAR DR. DONOHUE: What's wrong with my finger? It hurts to bend it, and sometimes it catches and I can't unbend it for a time. It's the middle finger of my right hand. When I force it to unbend, it makes a popping noise. Is there some exercise I could do to get it moving normally? — G.J. ANSWER: Your finger has all the earmarks of trigger finger. A trigger finger hurts when it's bent. It can lock in the straight or bent positions. When it unlocks, it makes a loud snap, sort of like a trigger does when it's in action. Trigger finger can happen to any finger, including the thumb. It comes from an inflammation of the finger's tendon and of the sheath that covers the tendon. The inflammation causes pain and locking. Quite often, the process is due to overuse of the fingers. In its early stages, resting the finger and soaking in. warm water three times a day quiets the inflammation. A splint enforces rest. Anti-inflammatory medicines (Aleve, Advil, Motrin and the many others) lessen inflammation and ease pain. If you're not making any progress with it in a week, see a doctor. The doctor can confirm the diagnosis and inject a cortisone drug in the general area of inflammation. Only in the most resistant cases is surgery necessary to give the tendon more room to move. No exercise will help you. — Write (a ft»u/ Dongtw, M.D., P.O. Box 5W475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475. CROSSWORD By THOMAS JOSEPH ACROSS 37 Puzzle 38 Act part 40 Excuse 42 Permit 43 Vends 44 Takes ten 45 Good quality 1 State game 6 Sales spiel 11 Patriot Allen 12 Sneeze sound 13 Percolate 14 Bush and Gore, e.g. 15 Folder feature 16 Flying star 18 Comic's offering 19 Piercing tool 20 Jotting spot 21 Rebel general 22 Less relaxed 24 Singer Ives 25 Singer Iglesias 27 Junk, e.g. 29 Ring- shaped cakes 32 Ornate planter 33 Runner Sebastian 34 Before, in, odes SSJopUn tune 36 Drill sergeant's word DOWN 1 Anne Rice character 2 Parliament Hill locale 3 Navy flying group 4 — kwon do 5 In theory 6 Made roads Yesterday's answer 7 Finish the 27 Tuition collector 28 Wise answerer 30 Kind of clef 31 Biased, in a way 33 Masticates 39 Canceling cake 8 Duke team 9 Office need 10 Inn 17 Elk's kin 23 It's a blast 24 Bakery buy 26 Mexican greeting word 41"— MisSr- ables" NEW CROSSWORP BOOK! Send $4.75 (check/m.o.) to Thomas Joseph Book 1, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475

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