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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, October 6, 1939
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World-Wide News Coverage Given Impartially by Associated Press VOLUME 40-—NUMBER 307 Hope Star HOPE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6, 1939 The Weather ARKANSAS-Moslly cloudy Friday night and Saturday; local thunder' showers in northeast portion Friday afternoon and night, PRICE 5c COPY HITLER OFFERS PEACE PLAN Undefeated Bobcat Grid Teams to Clash Here at 8 p. m! Friday Walnut Ridge Will ' ~ — ^ * Show Heavy Squad, Team Averages 174 Both Squads Arc Reported To He In Physical Shape t 4TH GAMEfoF SEASON Visitors Have Two Stars In Milligan, End, and Coffey, Quarter The kii'koff at 8 p. rn. Friday will send the Hope Bobcat football team into an inlersectionnl clash wilh thc undefeated Walnut Ridge Bobcats at Hiiinmons .slmlium. 7 ; The lofiil.s will be facing Ihe biggest team to dale, the official weight ic- lea.se showing the Walnut Ridge team to average 17-1 pounds to Ihe num. Thc Wal'itit Rtdfii' line averages 182 pounds, Ihe nackficld 1GO. Although thc visitors' record u/ urne has not been as impressive us thai of Hope, reports indicate thai Walnut Ridfio has been "pointing" for Ihe 1 lope battle and the team is expected to put up a hard fight lo the end. Thc up-state eleven boasts Iwo out- i .standing stars in Coffey, 170-pound riunrtcrback. and "Bull" Milligan, 220- pound right end, Milligaii is reported lo be exceptionally fast for a big man, running the lOU-yurd dash in 11 seconds. He frequently is used on end- around plays, and is said to be it great Ei Dorado Woman Is to Supervise 1940 Census WASHINGTON - (tl>) - Rep. Wade Kitchens, Arkansas Democrat, announced Friday lie had recommended appointment of Mrs. J. R. Wilson of El Dorado to be Seventh congressional district supervisor for the 1940 census. defensive player. The Walnut Ridge team, according ti.> reports, left that city- Thursday imrl stopped over for a work-out on same neutral field before entering Hope. This report, however, could not lie * confirmed. Coach Foy Hnmmons announced Friday morning that his team would be in shape, but feared a slight let-down because of the tough EI Dorado battle last week. Mammons, however, said some of the members of the team were taking Walnut Ridge with "much seriousness" in view of their bij;, heavy Icam. Charles Hay Baker, halfback, 'will he (he only Hope regular who will not ; star). Baker has a knee that has Ijccn •' giving hiVn trouble, and will see part of the game from the bench. Sonny Colcman, dandy blocking back, has been given the assignment, and will star! in the baekficld with Ellen, Taylor and Daniels. Sonny Murphy and Jimmy Simms will get to show their ".stuff if (lie score is anyway near safe at hair- lime, Murphy is a letterman, while Simms is playing his first year of high school football, lie has three more; to >* go, and Ila'inimm.s is anxious to give Mini as much experience this .season as possible. The officials for ihe gjune: Gerns Howard. Ouai-hila, rcrcreo; Bill Summerville, Henderson, umpire; Evans, Toxarkana. hoadlinesnian, Earl O'Neal JJcnrlrix, filed judge. Game-lime is 8 o'clock. Research Required for Good Farming George Ware Tells Rotary Club of Two Kinds of Cottonseed "Private industry spends for scientific rcsciirch to improve its production methods and goods about 51.70 for every $100 in sales—but there is spent for scientific research in agriculture only 37 cents per $100 in sales, and this is paid for by government," George W. Ware, ussisiunt director in charge of thc Fruit & Truck Branch Experiment Station here, told Hope •tary club Friday noon at Hotel Barlow. Thc value of research is specific, he added, taking as an example the local station's experiments with two groups of cotton seed. Thc high-yield seed showed a return of 552 per acre, thc low-yield seed $33. But thc production | cost for tho first was J28, yielding profit of $24 per •acre; while the pro- 10,572 Nazis Dear, 30,322Wounded, in Pole Campaign United States,Sends Wai- ships to Protect Threatened Liner IROQUCHSJN PERIL Germans Say British Plan to Destroy It, Then Blame Them BERLIN, Gcnnany —(/I 1 )— Fuehrer Hitler Friday listed the losses of Germany's armed forces in the Polish campaign as 10,572 killed; 30,322 wounded; and 3,404 missing. Protect U.S . Liner HYDE PARK, N. Y. -(/P)— President Roosevelt told reporters Friday he. was dispatching naval vessels and coa-st guard cutters to guard the American steamship Iroquois, as a very good illustration of the operation of the neutrality patrol in Atlantic waters. Asked whether his action meant a precedent was being established that warships would acompany other Ainer- negative. , ., ,•, ., Ulc > lrcsldcnt ro P llcd '" thc British Angry duclipn cost for the second was $25, LO NDON, Eng. -(,!>,- Thc British yielding a profit of only ?8-one-third admiralty, commenting on the Gerthe profit of the high-yield seed. mlm statement lhat the United Stat- Mr, Ware gave an interesting sum- es liner Iroquois might be sunk, mary of all scientific development, said Friday: reporting that one observer had said "It is surprising that an officer of tlxat the invention of thc tin can led the former imperial Germany navy to gi-!t<itnit> the right to vote to women Me Admiral Hacder should bcmcn —tin-can-cooking gave them leisure, ms uniform by lending himself to and leisure aroused in them an interest su £ n baseness." in political affairs. German Sea Raider Renews War Started by Emden and Seeadler in Last Conflict Sinking of British Steamer Clement Counds Warning Von Luckner Became Greatest German Sea Name in World War STORY oFjlXPLOlTS Lone Wolf Ranged Two Oceans and Left Destruction, Fear By NKA Service Ominously, thc blasts lhat sent the Atheniii to bottom off coast of Brazil suond warning to allied shipping. Loundly, they echo memories of two effective German raiders of the first World war. How did thc 10,000-ton Nazi 'poc-' kel" battleship, Admiral Scheer, slip through the British blockade in the North Sea'.' Is it to l>ecome a Seedier or an Emden of the current campaign. In 1916 the allied blockade ring was uncomfortably tight around Germany. Somebody must run thc blockade, strike back. Count Felix von Luckner, the "Sea Devil." took the job. An American schooner, thc Pass Balmrm, had been captured .by a U- Cox Oil Mill at Prescott Opened Celebration Held for C. of ('.-Sponsored Industrial Project I'HKSCOrr, t Ark - The Proscolt Chamber of Commerce sponsored a prom-am Thursday, celebrating the opening of the Nevada county oil mill. Nathaniel Dyke, chairman of thc Arkansas Council of Agriculture, Science and Industry was the principal speaker., He discussed "What Industry Means to Arkansas." Other .speakers were: H. K. Thatcher, executive director of Ihe slate Agricultural and Industrial Commission, who spoke on "Peanuts and Soy Beans Senator Kills Fagan, Ltitle Rock: E. Ktuitli Reid, LiUlc Rock, engineer of the stale Agricultural and Industrial Commission; H. G. Ginglcs, Bon ton and Kniest Cox. manager of the mill here. A luncheon was given at the Lodu hntrl for guests and Preseoll business men. William !•'. Demium president, and Tom J. Compton. chairman of the Kntertainincnt. C'omitfce nf the Chamber of Commerce, had charge of the program which was held in the open air theater in thc City park following a concert by thc Prescott band. AK the earth rotates on its axis, the surface at the equator travels fastcht. Fur this reason, if the earth were to ncrea.se Is rolaton speed, the centrifugal force would be felt fii:1 iu the t'tjualoj'iuJ regions. Club guests Friday svcrc: M. R. Dwciis, Little Rock; and W. L. White, Dallas. Will Restock Red Lake Near Fulton Sen. Pilkinton Announces Delivery of Fish From Hatchery The Little Rock office of thc Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Frilay notified stale Senator James H. Pilkingum of Hope that it had instructed its fish hatchery at Lonoko, Arkansas, to make a delivery of fin- ijerling game fish to Hempstciid county this week for -restocking Red Lake icar Fulton. Mr. Pilkington said that thc state fish distribution truck will arrive in Hope about noon Saturday, Octo- >er 7 Ih, enroutc to the lake with the oad of fish, and that if possible .some of the interested fishermen in Hope and Hempstead county should accompany the truck to Ihe Lake and assist with the planting. He siiid that (lie distribution truck would be met here by Miles Lima, licmpstcad county game warden, and that local persons who wished to accompany the truck to Red Lake should lie ready to go upon its arrival in town so as not to delay the, planting of (lie fish. Operation of a bicycle is prohibited on Ihe streets of Cumberland Md. un- ess the bike i.s in good mechanical condition and thc operator has a special permit from the safety department. Wb;it i.s possibly thc world's oldest savings account is one of $15 deposited in a Manhattan bank in 1818. Interest has increased the original /lepuvit in nearly $4000. through thc United States naval at- tache at Berlin by the German commander thc admiralty asserted, "enables us once more to realize and measure the criminal mentality of thc Nazi party leaders." Germany Warns U. S. WASHINGTON —(/TV- The While House announced late Thursday receipt of a warning 'from the Germany navy that tho United Stales liner Iroquois, now somewhere in the North Atlantic with a full load of American passengers, would be sunk near the American coast. The ship is due in New York Wednesday. Who would do the sinking was not made clear. The German Admiralty, which denied sinking the British lino Alhenia which some America lives were lost, said the sinking of the Iroquois 'would be accomplished through a repetition of circumstances which marked the loss of the steamship Alhenia." German sources accused thc British of sinking the At(Continued on Page Four) Marine Sergeant Is Killed at I, R. Sgt. Siguar Fosse Slain Attempting to Stop Cafe Holdup LITTLE ROCK— f/lV-Scrgcanl Sigur Fosse, 40-year-old U. S. Marine Corps recruiting officer, was shot find killed early Friday when he attempted to frustrate a holdup in a downtown restaurant. Tho lone bandit, after a struggle wilh the officer, fled, leaving the 'marine fatally wounded on the sidewalk in front of Ihe cafe. Fosse died before ho could Ix: removed to a hospital. The Probable Starting Lineup HOl'K Green 190 Left Callioiiii 2.'io Left i Breeding 163 Left G Bundy 175 Cen Quimby 160 Right Simpson 255 Right ' Eason 190 Right Daniels 178 yuartcr Ellen 162 Left Coleinau 150 Right Taylor 167 Full i Team Average 18<1 Line Average 195 Backi'ield Average 165 WALNUT JUIHIE End .. . Hearn 175 acklc Jones 190 uard U. Willet 171 tor .Wilkinson 155 Guard C. Willel 172 I'ackie Van Winkle 190 End Milligan 220 Back Coi'fey 170 Half Kiggs 155 Halt Woodring 145 Sack Logan 170 174 Team Average 182 Line Average 1(50 Backi'ield Average Tll0 l Ug .? C f U ,°T n ;, mJad o'. t ? Washin et°n boat thc year before, was resting idle at Bremen. That was to be his vessel. Taking a windjammer through thc blockade—then bucancering on the high seas! The task was thc kind Von Luckner relished. He disguised the boat as a neutral Norwetgn freighter with the entire crew trained to speak Norse. Timber provided thc fake cargo. Hidden Rims wore installed. Under cover of a pitch black November night, Ihe Seoarllcr slid out of thc Wescr river and into thc North Sea. In a storm it passed thc Bri- lish blockade and was tossed into the Artie. Christmas Present For Gcr. many A few days later Christmas brought the Seeadler a present—a wind which drove the ship south. Tho English cruiser Avenger sighted the Seeadler, halted but failed to penetrate thc disguise, Thc Seeadler was free. First target was the British steamship Gladys Royal off Gibraltar on Jan. 11 The crew was removed and a bomb sent the Gladys Royal into a dive. Next came the Lundy Island, with a cargo of sugar. Then thc French Charles Gounod; the H. M. S. Percy, out from Nova Scotia and disguised as a U. S. boat; the French Antoniir, Ihe Italian Buenos Aires. In eight weeks on the Atlantic, waters had either two or four funnels; the Ewdcn had three. So Von Muller errcclcd a fake funnel of wood and Hitting the Culcultu-Bombay seaway, (he raider captured Ihe Greek •ship Pontoporos, with G5(K) tons of coal for Ihe British. Next morning she took Ihe English transport Indus. Thc following day brought two more captures and two more sinkings, plus the seizure of the Kabinga, headed from Calcutta to New York vvtih American-owned goods. The Kabinga was added to Ihe Emdcn's train as a prison ship. With a British squadron at her heels the Emden shifted to Ihe Madras- Calcutta route, bagged the British collier Trabbock and thc Clan Mat- hcson. Then creeping into Madras harbor itself, Ihe Emden poured u full salvo into Fort St. George and tanks of the Burma Oil Company. A stray shell struck a merchantman in thc harbor. After 125 rounds had been fired the sky was us light as day, many tanks had exploded, the cily was in panic. The Emden fled. Liiler Ihe Emden expedition steamed into the harbor of Penang. A French armored cruiser in thc bay was the lure; ihe Russian cruiser Jcmtchug was what she got. Stopped by Australian Cruiser 'Ihe Sydney, Australian cruiser, brought Waterloo to the Kmbden in a long battle off North Keeling island on Nov. 9, 19M, as Captain Von Muller made a daring effort to cut (Continued on Page Four) A Thought NORTH AMERICA raider to open operations during the latest wa south ' pocket battleship, first surface Nature is too thin a screen; the glory of (he omnipresent God bursts through everywhere.—Emerson. Von Luckner Von Mueller Leadership Meet at Hope Saturday Demonstration Clubs to Hold Session at Hope City Hall A Leadership meeting to be held in municipal court room of the city hall Saturday, O'ctobcr 7th. The 'meeting will be conducted by thc home demonstration agent, Mary Claude Flclch- r. Demonstrations in upholstering furniture, rcfinishing furniture, plans for rnattres making, ideals for home crafts will be given. Tile meeting will.begin at 10 a. m. and last until 3:30 p. m. Each home demonstration club is to send leaders, home management and arct. craft leaders, also thc presidents of each club. This is one of n series of leadership meetings lhat will be held for the home demonstration club leaders. Following is the schedule of home demonstration club meetings for Ihe month of October, the club, the meeting place, date and time. The schedule Follows; Bruce Chapel, Mrs. O. E. Foster, October 2, 2 p. m. Centcrvillc, Mrs. Herbert Clark, October 2, 2 p. m. Liberty Hill. Mrs. J. C. Fuller. October 3, 2 p. 'm. Ozan-St. Paul, Mrs, O. C. Robins, October 4, 2 p. m. McCaskill, Mrs. E. W. RinchyH, October 5, 2 p. m. Ccntcrpoint, October 5, 2 p. m. Allen, O'ctobcr 6, 2 p. m. New Hope, October G, 2 p. in. Mel rose. Mrs. Fred Pelrc, October 9. 2 p. m. Hinlon, October 10, 2 p. m. Bel ton, Mrs. H. Harris, October 11. 2 p. m. Hopewcll. October 12. 2 p. m. Brighf S(«r, October 13, 2 p. m. Friendship, October 13, 2 p. m. McNab, Mrs. Bobbie Mclntosh, October 16, 2 p. m. Rocky Mound. October 17, 2 p. m. Columbus, Mrs. Allen Wowns, October 18, 2 p. m. Hickory Shade, Mrs. B. S. Wilson. October 18. 2 p. m. Shover Springs, October 19. 2 p. m. Old Liberty, Mrs. Oisear M osier. October 19. 2 p. in. Ml. Pleasant, Mrs. W. H. Harper. Octibcr 20, 2 p. m. Oak Grove, October 'do. V p. m, Zion. October 23, 2 p. m. Swccl Home, Mrs. Mary Wilson, October 24. 2 p. m. Bingen, Mrs. Glen Crowell. October 24, 2 p. m. Washington. October 25. 2 p. ui. Ml. Nebo, Mrs. Dorsey Burns, October 2li, 2 p. m. Green Laseler, October 26. 2 p. m. Marl brook, October 27, 2 (>. !u. Demand Embargo on Arms Retained Many Senate Opponents Then Would Agree to Bill Revision WASHINGTON — (fP}— A dozen senate opponents offered Friday to accept revised neutrality legislation which would retain the arms embargo no\v jn effect, and set up requirement for cash payments on belligerents' purchases. Meanwhile, Senator Thomas, Utah Democrat, declared no nation could complain against repeal of the arms neutrality bill is to prevent American ships from carrying war supplies embargo, because thc administration's to belligerents. Chandler Is to Be Appointed Senator To Resign as Governor and Fill Seat of Sen. Logan..,,,. FRANKFORT Ky. -f/p)- Governor Chandler, a high official source disclosed Friday, will resign Monday and be. appointed United States senator by Lieutenant Governor Keen Johnson who will succeed him as the state's chief executive. Chandler will take the seat left vacant by the death of Senator Logan Tuesday. (Keen Johnson, now lieutenant governor, was chosen governor in Kentucky's recent election.) Big Hope Melon for University Team Mrs. Hattie A. West Sends 119-Pounder to State University FAYATEVILLT ~~W— The giant - watcrmolon that took first prize at back with heavy losses appeared Thurs i tin Wrii-»-.,-.L-<«. .i»I .._j-_ f_!~ , TT ^1«,.. i __ i. _ ,1 . __ "•» ^ i«n*.;a Japanese Losing in Major Battle Invaders Falling Back From Drive Against City of Changsha HONKONG A Japanese set- Germany Asks No More Territory, He Tells Reichstag Alternative Is a Frightful European War, He Declares BRITISH STUDY IT But "More Than Words" Has to Be Pledged, London Reminds World BERLIN Germany — (fP)— Adolf Hitler Friday proposed a European peace settlement "on a comprhensive basis" but added that if the Allies rejected his "outstretched hand" this statement "will have been my last" "Then we ahall fight," he went on, and pictured the new war as one sure to bring unprecedented horror to .the world. "May those peoples and their leaders who are of the same mind (as himself) now make their reply," he said in an hour-and-20-minute speech to the Reichstag and the-world.- He challenged the Allies to "interpret these opinions of mine as cowardice, if they tike.'}, "I need not occupy myself with what they think: I make these statements simply because it goes without saying I wish to spare my own people this suffering." Hitler declared "neither force of arms nor lapse of time will cotftnier Germany. It is an infantile hope for the disintegration of our people," HisPlatit c> _^ _ , < "• "Thcse'^wdvTnS'njJ r the ' oilier "iriat" eria phases of his speech: 1. Renunciation of further territorial clainis, save for old colonial demands. 2. Declaration that Germany and Soviet Russia together "relieve one of the acutest spots in Europe" by working for a peace zone in eastern Europe. 3. Specific assurance to the world that he had no designs on. Rumania, the Ukraine, the Urals, or'Denmark, nor expansion in eastern Europe generally, and Scandinavia as well. His interests ar wholly economic^ The British View LONDON, ng. — {P)~ The British government said Frdiay night that Hitler's peace' proposals would be "sub jected to careful examination in consultation with the governments of the dominions and the French republic, "But," the statement added, "it is necessary to remember two things: "First—no peace proposal is likely to be accepted which does not ef- Europe from the menace the Hempstead county fair at Hope last week will be eaten by the University of Arkansas football players. The huge melon, which according lo the express company, weighted ill) pounds, was sent to J. W. Fullbright, university president, By Mrs. Hiittie A. West of Hope, whose grand son. Talbot Field, Jr. is a student in thc university, The prize-winning melon was grown by 0. D. MiddFebrooks of Hope, champion grower of the state's premier watermelon section. Middlebrooks raised the )95-pound watermelon a few years ago that still holds the world's championship. President Fulbright, after examining his gift melon, decided that thc Razorback football squad of 48 members was the only campus group husky and hungry enough to consume the huge melon. So some afternoon after practice the Razorbacks will tackle the 119-melon. • CRANIUM CRACKERS ——i— - - . ,11 - —-_.. - - _ War Words Identify each of the following words or names associated with the new European War by indicating the proper phrase that describes it. 1. Embargo, (a) New Yugoslav Minister of War; (b) British liner sunk in English channel: c) neutrality provision prohibiting export of arms to belligerents by U. S. 2. Calinescu. (a) Polish city where 1000 were reported killed by bombs; (b) assassinated Rumanian Prime minister; (c) French air-force commander. 3. Gorl. (a) British general; <b> substitute for wheat used in making German bread; (c) fort in the Mediterranean. 4. Warsaw, ta^ Tool used by exiled Kaiser Wilhelm to cut wood; (M beseiged Polish city; (c) flooded river blocking troop movements in Bulgaria. wj Page Two _- . ^ _„.^.j,,,j "i^iJ'cai t;ti -LiiLlta day to be the result of Japan's first major military offensive against China Jn nearly a year. Chinese reported that a co-ordinat- ed campaign aimed at Changsha, capital of Hunan province, had been re- pu sed and that the Japanese were falling back across the Mi river, 40 miles north of the city. The Japanese offensive was launched a few days after Japan and Russia reached a truce September Ifi m hostilities along the frontier between Manchoukuo and Outer Mongolia. It was designed as a serverc blow at Gen. Chiang Kai-Shek's forces. Estimates of thc number of men involved ran as high as 500,000. Chinese reports, which Japanese failed to deny, said Chiang's forces were reoccupying towns along the Hankow-Canton railway north of Changsha as the Japanese fell back. The Japanese drive started from the Lake Tungting region, southwest of Hankow, and headed down the railway line. Chinese said the Mi river would form the temporary boundry between Chinese and Japanese forces. A year ago Japanese pusher! so close to Changsha lhat much of it was burned by the Chinese in accordance with their "scorched earth" policy of preventing valuable buildings or equipment from laWng into enemy (Continued on Page Four) H. A. Turner, 78, Veteran Weekly Publisher, Dies EL DORADO, Ark -(&>— H. A Turner. 78, former publisher of weekly newspapers in Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma, died here Thursday following a long illness. Survivors include four sons and one sister. Funeral services probably will be held Friday afternoon. ^ Mr. Turner was the father of Brown Turner, who wrote a front, page feat- ur for Hope Star for a year, and who now is managing editor of the Nashville iTenn.) Times. The elder Turner had six sons, all of them being either printers or newspaper men "Second—something more than words will be required to establish confidence in any peace proposals Germany might make." Methodist Revival Bringing Results Attendance Is On the Increase—Junior Choir Is Organized Interest in the revival at the Met- hociist church continues to grow. Reverend C. B, Wyatt has done quite well in organizing a junior choir and in developing interest in the young people's meetings. The hour spent in these group meetings after school and again at 6:45 at night are bringing results, if interest and number are to be taken as an indication. Reverend Kenneth L. Spore preached two powerful sermons on Thursday, while the sermon on Friday morning was a continuation of thought in presenting another phase of Paul's ministry. His challenge to his audience canto in the statement that the "religion of people about us is the instrumentality through which others are saved." Using Paul as the model, he called upon every member to be a wit- nes for Christ at all times. Services will be held at 7:30 Friday night. There will be no morning service on Saturday morning, but the usual services will be held Saturday evening at the suual hour, 7:30. There are 17.4M wires in each o£ the cables supporting the San Francis- co-Ookland bridge. Cott on NEW YORK-W—October cotton opened Friday at 9.13 and closed at 9.12. Middling 9.19.

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