Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 18, 1952 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 18, 1952
Page 18
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PAGE TWENTY ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH TUESDAY, MARCH 18, 1952 Closing New York Stock Quotations Abbott L ... 531-2 Allied Chom . 72 3-8 Allied Sirs . 38 1-8 AJIIS Chnl ,. -Ml-* Am Cnn .....121 1-:' Am Cnr & F . 3-1 3-1 Am Gns & Kl fi2 3-8 Am I.oro ... 10 Am Pw & U ',M 1-2 Am Had SI. S If) 7-8 Am Smelt. .. 44 Am Snuff ... 37 1-1 Am Tel * Tel 15-1 1-1! Am Tobacco . 57 1-1 Am '/.'Wt: ... 21 1-2 Annnon Cop . . M 1-2 Armco SI I ... 3(1 :!-! Armour A Co. 12 1-8 Alehison .... 78 Avco MfR ... 71-1 Bendix Av ... 40 7-8 J.lnrden ...... 51 ftastm Kwl.. ftnlon Mff?.. El Aulo L... On Elnc.... On Foods... Gen Motors.. On Tlrtifl... Ooodrich.... fJomlyonr. ... r;t N Ir Ore 43 7-8 38 3-4 48 58 3-8 43 1-8 52 7-8 32 3-4 fil 1-8 43 7-8 14 5-8 Hori; \Vnrn . (>H I -4 nriKKH Mfg .. 34 1-4 BuridCo ...... 13 ri-8 Cnnnd I'nc .. 3H 3-4 Cnsn (.III .. H2 1-2 dies & Ohio . 34 1-4 Chi & NW ... .17 7-8 Chi Ri & I'no 55 1-4 Chrysler .... 72 \>1 Cities Svs ..107 3-1 Comw Hdls . 32 1-2 Cong Nairn . 22 Con Kdis . . . 33 5-8 Con N Ons . HO 1-2 Container . . . 34 3-4 Conl. Cnn .... 43 Cont Sll .... 28 5-8 Copper ling . 26 Corn Prod . . f>8 3-4 Corn Prod Pf 175 3-4 Cruno Co ... 31! 5-8 Curliss \Vr . 8 5-8 DouK A in: .. 58 3-4 Du Pont. ..... 851-8 Pnrnm Pi-t (;t Nor Ry pf 50 1-1 (iroyhound. .. 11 1-2 I loud Jfersh. 13 Hudson Mot. 14 III Cenl ..... fil 1-4 Inland Sll ... 4(i Inspir Cop .. 24 3-8 Inl Hnrv .... 33 1-2 I nl llarv Pf 170 Inl Nick ..... 44 7-8 Inl Tel * Tel Ifi 3-8 .lewrl Tea .. ti!) 1-4 John Mfin ... 07 1-2 Kcnnecoll ... 78 1-8 Keystone SAW ...... 20 5-8 Kimb Cl/irk . 4B 1-2 i, o K Gins* . rif> :i-8 l.ih Mr.N A I. 8 5-8 Marsh Field . 25 5-8 MonlR Ward li:( 3-8 Nash Kelv . , 20 3-8 Nnt, nisi: ... 30 1-8 Nut Conl ... 12 3-4 Nnt. Dairy . 50 7-8 Nat Slcel ... 4fi 1-4 "' Y Central . 1!1 5-8 Nla M Pw .. 26 3-4 No Am Avia Hi 7-8 No Atner Co , 20 Nor Par: ... 82 3-4 .Ohio Oil ..... 50 Owens 111 (",l . 7!l 7-8 Packard ..... 4 3-8 Penney f.T O Pa RR ...... Pepsi Cola .. Phelp* Dod . Philip Mor . . Phillips Pel . Pure Oil ..... Radio Cp ... Heo Motors . Repuh Sll ... Srhenley Ind Scot I Pap ... Sea rs Roeh . . Shell Oil .... Simmons Co . Sinrlair Oil .. Sofony Vac . South Pae. .. Spiegel ...... Sid Brands . Std Oil Oil . Sid Oil Ind . Sid Oil N .f . Sludehaker Swift. A Co Texas Co . Timk De.t Ax Pan An W Air 10 1-8 ) 1-8 Trnnsjimer . Un Carbide.. Un Pae Unit Air L.. I.'nil Alrr.... US Rubber.. CS SI eel West Un Tel West Elec... Woo Iwo rlh... Zenith Rad.. Xonllo Pd.... Ark Nt: Cos A 15 1-8 Kl BndASh.. 2fi 1-4 Frd M Can A 54 1-2 Heola Win... 15 1-4 Kalser-Fra/.er. 5 7-8 Kingston Prod 4 1-8 fi7 -2 10 , 9 1-8 71 5-8 47 52 1-2 r.7 27 1-8 20 1-4 40 7-8 29 5-8 51 1-2 , 53 1-2 82 1-2 , 28 1-4 , 45 3-8 38 5-8' fi7 , 0 3-8 24 7-8 , 53 1-8 , 811 1-4 , 77 3-4 , 40 1-8 , 3li 1-4 , 31 3-4 , 57 7-8 I!) 5-8 , 25 3-4 50 5-8 120 20 3-4 31 7!) 7-8 , 38 3-4 30 1-4 37 42 5-8 70 3-S n 1-8 News of Stocks Market Shows Mixed Pattern NEW YORK, March 18, /P — Sporadic and partially successful attempts nt rallies today left the stock market In n mixed pattern. The accent was largely on the downside, however, as the bulk of the market failed/to respond to the offered leadership. Gains were fractional In almost every case while Josses spread out over a range that extended to around 22 points at the most. Volume was restricted to on estimated 1,200,000 shares. That compares 1,150,000 shares traded yesterday. Stocks on the downside included Atlantic Const Line, American Smelting, II. S. Rubber, Boeing and Texas Co. Higher were Chrysler, Radio Corp., Philco, Consolidated Natural Gas, American Can and Johns-Manville. U. S. government bonds In the over-the-counter market were slightly higher. 0ruins ItniiRo Lower CHICAGO. March 18, ^'-Grains ranged lower at the Board of Trade today, wilb March wheat leading the decline. Toward the close the nearby wheat contract was off more than 3 cents. Traders said the decline was more a downward drift than a recession induced by heavy soiling. However there was some profit cashing on 1he recent run-up. A little export business was reported in wheat, but this was more than offset by rains in the winter wheat country. Country offerings of corn were ample to meet the demand, willi bookings on a lo arrive basis placed at 65,000 bushels. A lowet hog market influenced lard. Preliminary estimated receipts of grain in carlots: Wheat 5 corn 102, oats "10, rye 2, barley 30 and soybeans 16. Egypt Arrests Key Leaders of Wafdist Party Livestock Prices At East St. Louis NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. Mnrch IB M'I--I USD A I —Hogs IB.flOO; Hi-live, uneven; weight* 180 pound* tip mostly 29 n 3!) lower (nan average; few off more; 70 pounds mostly AO lower; Hows un- sven, mostly 2» lower; bulk choice 1110£10 pounds 17.1S-:ifl; In tier price equals previous low top of season and paid •ather freely by shippers and butchers, mostly for choice Nos. I and 2 IDO-220 Kiiinil«; few early down to 17.10: 240- J70 pounds full width of grmtr 1( 17.00; 2110-340 pounds 1« 7.1-10.00; 130170 pounds 1D.IKI-I7.00; 120-140 pounds l:i.2(l-lS.flt); 100-110 pounds 11.75-12.73; sows 400 pounds down IS.00-7.1; heiivler sows KI.2D~14.73; stags II,.10-1:1..10; hours Cnltle 3.100, cmlvcs 1)00; nil elimsps of rattle under pressure Illtle done (in steers; Initial bids unevenly lower; few heifers and mixed yearling* limply steady to small Interests but generally meeting lower bids; cows drnggy; ulg packers bidding 30 or more under Monday; bulls weak lo 80 lower; few high commercials 20.30; venlers stcndy lo 1.00 lower; decline on ullllty and commercial offerings; few sorted prime vealcrs 40.00; tnost good and choice :i2.00-;ifl.OO; utility and commercial 22.0030.00. Sheep 1400; remainder very largely good and choice woolaklns; few enrly inlcs woolsklns 20.29-50 to shippers nnd butchers; which fully ulearty with Mon- Iny, nothing sold early to puckers, Produce Prices At St. Louis ST. LOUIS, March III -- i.'l'i — Produce nnd live poultry: Kuan, A medium 2IKI1. Fowl, commercial lirnller and /rvrr crosses and whites 20-,'U'j, capons of 7 lotindn nnd over 4:1. Other prices unchnnRed, Closing Chicago Grain Quotations toutf 1.87V C'M.sli Grain C'llK'ACO, March 1R, /I' WIIKAT — No. 2 mixed 2.5I. CORN -- No. 3 yellow 8H?.i; No. -I, 1. 75-87; 'No. . r >, >St) : ,U; sample Rrade .l.:i()-8-l ; 'i OATS No. 1 heavy white %98!*; No. 1 extra heavy white !IS',-j. HARLKY -- Nominal: Mnllinu,- 1.30-75; feed 1.25-'IO. K1KLD SKKD — Per hundredweight nominal: Red clover 31.00- XJ.OU; timothy 9. 50-10.00; sweet clover 10.00-10.50; redlop 1!9.0030.00; alsike 38.00-39.00. SOYBKANS- None. Chicago (iraln Tough Problems For Exporters n.v SAM I1AWHO.V M-:\V YOItK, M*m h 18 A' Mf n who make ind export American goods are meeting hern today lo Kike (i look nt n lough problem. They stand lo lose a large pnrt of some of thf'lr host markets in the pound Kterlinj? -r>«. And I Ivy fear ;\ new wave of curbs against Amrrlrnn floods mny be stqrlinR in many othnr i nrts of Ihe world. KfH iriK Ihe fhousfind mm from ruirt'' f lhr> '-iiintry ^nlhe erl or the conference of the export naininers Hub of New York cro hese developments: I. Six countrieM In the.' ster i ; irea lo whom Americans sold two lillion dollfirw worth of tjoods I.-IH! vear have .|usl announced drasli" •ills in the imports they'll permit hifi year. '2. The M. S. depurtment of eom- uercp nnnounofs that in Jniuiary inr oxnorts dropped 190 million lollnrs from Dt-cember. while we mportcd 1^1 million dollars more .'!. The pound sterling fidvnm ed Monrliiy In l/mtlon and tho Atner- cari dollar went down -aftermath if Churchill's new austerity pro f;ram. •1 The Canadian dollar advanced In value and (ho American lollar dropped In value in Montreal it look only !> 7/H! Canadian •ents to buy one American buck here. JnveslorH i. •(? seekitiK Cana- lian dollars because Ihey like Canada's fiscal polici \s and in- luslrlal opportunities. World Trndn l.'pjirt The- exporters Ralhered here to- lay aren't worried as much by the •urrency fluctuations a:; they are tiy the world trade upset that threatens to cul: off more world markets for American «oods. Six countries just announcing they'll importless this year ar< Britain, Australia, South Africa, Ireland New Zealand and Southern Rhodesia. Ceylon is talking of the same thing, and American fear I hat India may follow suit. The financial crisis In France atso threatens to upset Ihe Irade apple cart. The trouble Is their shortage of gold and American dollars. These, countries have been importing more than they exported, and paid the difference (when they didn't have American fiscal aid) by draining Iheir reserves of gold and American dollars. This country now holds one billion dollars more of the world's gold than it did Ihis time last year. Dollar (iiip And in I!)">L this country exported 15 billio.i dollars worth of goods and bought only 11 billion- causing a dollar gap of -1 billion dollars. Jt is Ihis dollar gap-meaning a drain on olher countries reserves--which is causing Ihe wave of restrictions on import> from us. In January, however, earlier restrictions be.'»an to show signs of taking effect. The 'December dollar gap was G:iri million dollars. In January it dropped lo :i2'l million dollars, The Unit -d Stales exported fewer 'e\lilcs. alllos anc tobacco. Ant! it imported more raw rubber, refined sugar, cocoa metals and minerals Department, of commerce of ficials predict that imports wil continue lo gain during the firs half of this year--and that export of defense.- goods should lalu Miion School. Dlitrlct No. 11«. MadUon ounty, IlllnoU «h«ll Inelud* all of i«M *a«on School Dlitrlct No. 118, Madlon County. Illlnoli. PBBCTNCT No. 11 — Polling Place, Jodfrey School. DUtrlct No. tl9, Madlon County, IlllnoU ihalt Include ill of Hid Godfrey School. DUtrlct No. 119, * -.-LOST'- Tan and green P|f» tic Jl 1 "'"!? in downtown Allon. Saturday. Reward. 4-8032. County, llllno... **>• .«? »- L Hulf.n.,,.710 H«»rr, PBKCINCT No. It — Polllnil Plure, I outh Branch School. Dlntrlct No. 117, i tjO »T — Bowlln* ring. Name ln»ld« li Madison County. Illinois shall Include ''" -" - * ™"" 11 of »ald South Branch School, Dlitrlct No. 117, Madlion County, Illinois. PRECINCT No. 1.1 — Polling Place, ummerfleld School. Dlitrlct No. 121. ffadlion County. Illlnoli ihall Include II of said Summrrfteld School, Dlitrlct No. 121, Madlion County, IlllnoU, PHEC1NCT No. U - Polling Pttce. Clifton Hill School, Dlitrlct No. 123. Madlnon County. Illlnou ihall include II of *ald Clifton (till School, Dlitrlct No. 122. Madlnon County, Illlnoli. PRECINCT No. is — Polling Place, While Oak School, Dlitrlct No. 118, Madion County, Illinois shall Include all jf said White Oak School. Dlitrlct No IB, Madison County, Illlnoli. Voter* ihnll vote only *t the polling place designated for the election precinct within which they reilde. The polls will be open at 12:00 Noon and cloie at 7:00 P.M. on the «ame day. Dated thli 13th day Of March, 1932. LELAND C, SMITH, President, Non-High School Board School Dlitrlct No. US. OEOHOK T. WILKINS,, Secretary, Non-High School Board School Dlitrlct No. 149. CHILDREN TO MODEL CLOTHES—From left. Donna Lu Hme, Linda Carrier, Scott McLain, C B. j,'K.k r .on. Loui'-.o Butler find Alice Ann Buller. The show will be held Thursday noon at the YWCA if:rlion with I ho wrfkly Homernaker's Holiday.—Staff photo at Lytton's. Grit A .s W r i I c r o f Schuster Letter 2.-I8U High WIIKAT— Mar '.'..ST^ May July Sep. Dee C.OKN- Mar May .... .luly .... Sep Dec OATS Mur May .... .lulv Low Close 'J.-17-17's 1.8-1',-j 1.S7U :i,89 1.83'i 1.,Sir's \.~~( . X:V-, Sep S-P* Dec. .... Sli'\ ItYK May .... '.MU-'i .luly .... L'.().'i ;l4 Sep l.Sil's SOYHKANS • 't.Sfi'i .1.7(1'-.: S!l\ ST',. S-l i,. Sti L'.O'J' 1.87 ;1 Mar. May July ,Scp. disas- Nov _ which 3.0:1 3 00' t 1.8.V, 90 '88-87 .Sir' 'J.lO-tO'4 .1. '.'.811'-j By EDWAIll) IHHJLAK CAIRO, Kgypt, March IS. .V Fuad Serng Kl Din Pasha and Ab del Fat(ah Hassan Pasha, ke.v men in Hie ousted Waldist parly cabinet, were arrested early loday and whisked awny to villages in Northern Egypt. Serag Kl Din, party strong man. was interior and finance minister in the regime of Premier Musla- pha El Nahas Pasha. Hassan was social affairs minister. No charges were filed against them immediately. Egypt's prosecutor general, how- over, recently accused Serag Kl Din—whose interior minister controlled the police of "administrative responsibility" for irons fire riots of Jan took fi7 li\cs and of dollars worth of age. Hassan has been accused by an- ti-\Vafdists of making a speech which "excited Ihe population" the day of the riois. f Political circles term the arrests the "first major blow' 1 aimed by the independent government of j Premier Ahmed Naguib Ililalyj Pasha against the \\ aldist parly i which ruled Kgypt lor l\\o years' before King Farouk ousted il alter : the Cairo rioi. Hilaly has charged the Walii with responsibility lor ilie riots i and pledged his cabinet lo clean i Sam. Rivera and his lawyer woik- up corruplion in Kgypt. A govern-led out an evu^-steven deal lhe> ment official recently .said parlia ment would be dissolved and elections h.eld. the slack caused by the exports of civilian goods. up i in Uillsboro Man Louned Knetser $lOit,500,Rej>ort caused millions properly dani- St. I.otiii Ca-ih drain ST. l.Ol'IS. March IS, .V W11KAT Kei-eipls I'.l cai>, none sold ('l)UN' Receipts 17 cars, sold 1, No. If .\ el low l.S:«. OATS Receipts 3 cars. No. I while 1.1)0 VI.01, No. 1.01, No. Il white 9!)' a . Kiveru Iliiv* Hack Picture M MX ICO CITY. March IS .V Mexico's battling muralisi, Diego Rivera, bought back from ihe government last night his controv>M- sial canvas mural which depicted a kind Stalin and an evil 1'iule 1I1LLSBORO, Mnrch 18, /I'-A llillshoro business man loaned bankrupt Robert L. Knel/.er $UK{.500 at. a lime \\-lien Knet/er's creditors \\'ere demaiuliiiK repayment of millions, his attorney said today. Attorney James T. Bullineton sr., said he had no explanation ol why his client took the risk but supposed the inducement probybly was a i|iiick profit, The lender was Cerald Sam- niDiis, a partner in the Hillslioro Implement Co.. who borrowed most of Ihe money he turned over lo Knel/.er, l!ulhiu;lon said. Knel/er slipped away from two special federal court bailiffs in St. Louis lasl week while out of Ihe SpriMKlield city jail on n fund raising Inp in behalt of eredittirs. No trace of him has been reported Federal authorities in SpriiiKlield said he mi;;hl ha»e tied the countrv, possibly to Mexico. .luiU;mcn(s tolaltn^ Stiti.-lT-' ro- cenll.v were enli>red against Sam- inons in Miinti;omer.v county eourl. Thev \\ere oblamcd bv 1 five of Ihe PIM-MHIS who made advances lo Sammons on a promissory note !>a sis. Five or six others holding notes ot Sammons have not obtained ludj'.menls. Asked about the inducement to Samiiioiis in his dealings uilh Knei/iM 1 . liiilhnt'.lon remarked: "That wasn't as big a mystery lo me as why Ihe.v loaned the money to Sammon.v" He said he came into the case lecenlly and did not represent Samuion« during the financial transactions which led to his present troubles. NKW YORK, Mnrch 18 /I' — An elderly gravcdigKcr was held lodiiy us the anonymous writer of a threatening letter to slain Arnold Schuster, whose tip led police to bank robber Willie Sutlon. The Kravedigger was to be nr- raifined (it about the same time that: Sutlon was put to trial for a 1950 holdup. .Sullon went lo trial today for a 1950 holdup. A heavy police guard stuck close to Ihe slippery, three- lime prison breaker, nnd detectives screened spectators. The grnvedigRer's arrangnment on federal charges was delayed, after Brooklyn District Attorney Miles F. McDonald, appeared at the federal courthouse to question him. McDonald indicated he was miffed I ho FBI assertedly had not notified him earlier of the arrest. Schusler, 24-year-old Brooklyn clothing salesman, was killed near his home March 8. Jusl a month ago, on Fob. .18, Schuster had spotted the nation's ace bank robber and prison escape artist on a subway train. The FBI arrested the gravedigger, William Brinokerhoff Brown, 61. of New York, last night and said he admitted writing Schuster on Feb. '12 that "Your days are numbered for being a squealer on Willie Sutlon." Later today, Edward Scheldt, head of Ihe New York FBI office, said "there is no evidence implicating" Brqwn "with the shooting of Ihe young salesman." The threatening letter, allegedly written by Brown, read: "This is lo let you know that I your days are numbered for bean- ing a squealler on Billy Sulton." The note, crawled on plain lined paper, bore no signature, but there w.'is a crudely drawn face at the bottom of the page. "Beaning" apparently meant "being." The FBI declined to reveal how the note was traced to Brown. Brown was charged with violating Ihe federal extortion statute and held for arraignment in Brooklyn. In the neighboring borough of Queens, Sullon and two of his alleged accomplices were due to enter a heavily guarded courtroom for their trial on charges of holding up a branch of the Manufacturers Trust Co. for S64.000. Co-defendants with Ihe 51-year- WATERTOWER PLAYGROUND became city property when deeds were formally turned over. The land was bought from Alton Water Co. with funds given by John M. and Spencer T. Olm, anc is now known is Olin State street playground. From left, Pau Crivello, Dads' club committee member; Isadore Hanei, club presi dent; Mayor Linkogle, and Assessor .James Gorman, committee member. Gust Maggos and Wife lo Leave On Europe Trip Bound on a business mission to Athens, Greece, his birth place, (lust Maggos will depart Wednesday by plane for New York, Accompanied by his wife. Mr. and Mrs. Maggos will take '.he "Queen Kliy.abeth" at New York on Friday and will sail that night for Kngland. .They will eventually take flight from England for the continent. Visiting at Paris and other places on the way to Rome, Italy where they will take flight for Athens, Greece, their destination. Maggos said that the Pepsi-Cola Company, which he represents ri this area, is planning io found a plant, lo serve the Athens area and has selected Mr. Maggos to make the trip over there for the purpose of making investigation and laying the foundations of the enterprise. The Pepsi-Cola Company has valued so highly the successful building and operating of Ihe Pepsi- Cola plant in the Alton area il looks to him I- duplicate in Athens, Crecce, the success he has made here. Maggos said that he will lake a financial interest in Ihe new plant. The couple intends to be gone three or weeks and while awav will visit other countries in old Sullon are Thomas Kling, <ir>, | Kurope. During Iheir absence they arranged for occupation of and John De Venuta. "7. Sutton, known as "The Actor' i because of Ihe disguises he used in a number of spectacular holdups, already faces life imprisonment for four felonv convictions. Queen Juliana Has Tough Joh Ou Tour of U.S. LOST~U«tw*en Brown and B«t -Tun. wr. white gold wrlit wntch; *" - _..- t7oST~- Billfold .1 K.t« Tavern. S«fj return hi Ifold and urd»y nldht. LICENSE & NOTARY SERVICE EARL W. MANNS 2520 State, North Alton Phone 2-77« Of 3-«B39_ NEED — lit and 2nd tenor for quartet of doipel lingers. Also piano player. Writ* Box 1010 care Alton .Telegraph. NOTICE — From thl« day forward 1 will no longer be responsible for any debt* contracted by anyone other than my«el(. Dated thli ISth day of Marcn, NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice li hereby given to all perioni that Flrnt Monday In April, 1952, U the Claim Date In the estate of Ira Phillipsen Pile, Deceased, pending in the Probate Court of Madison County, Illinois, and that clalmi may be filed against the said estate on or before said date without issuance of summons. Dated this 23th day of February, 1D52. DORIS E. WATT. Executor. Attest: DALE HILT. Probate Clerk. STREEPER «c CLARK, Attorneyi. ; March 4. 11. J8 NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice Is hereby given to all persons that First Monday In April, 1982, is the Claim Date In the estate of John J. Qardels, deceased, pending In the Probate Court of Madison County. Illinois, and that claims may be filed against the said estate on or before laid date without issuance of summons. Dated this 26th day of February, 1052. MARTHA GAHDELS, Executrix. Attest: DALE HILT. Probate Clerk. STREEPER ^ CLARK, Attorneys. March 4. 11, 18. 1952. John S. Workman, 3402 Mackllnd, St. Louis, Mo. Formerly of Altqn,_lll. OPEN SEVEN DAYS - Home food. Owned and operated by Ed and Paula Narup. Taystee Restaurant, 314 Plaia, across from _.3eatg,__ STATE LICENSE Auto, Chauffeur's, Drivers, Etc. CHARLIE CLARK. 1504 E. Broadway STATION WAGONS VARNISHED—He«- sonable. Dial 2-5867. TREAT BUGS RIGHT—They'll bei a delight If cleaned with Flna Foam. Buck t Paint Store, 655 E, Broadway TREE SPECIALIST Trim, Top and Removing. Fully insurtd. M. C. LOVE — 4-7022 . VENARDO'S CANDIES READY FOR EASTER Solid Milk Chocolate Rabbits, 2 Ibs., also 1V4 Ib., 12-oz., 10-oz., 6-01. and 4-oz. Fancy Boxes for Easter with the Fresh Home Made Milk Chocolate, Mixed. NOTICE: COLOR OF BALLOTS Announcement Iv hereby made that the Colors ol the Primary Ballots to be used at the Primary Election to be held In the County of Madison and State of Illinois, on the nth day of April, A. D. 1952, by the respective parties will be as follows: DEMOCRATIC PARTY REPUBLICAN PARTY PINK BLUE And It Is also announced that the ballots to he used in the Election of a County Board of School Trustees to be held on the same date will be WHITE. r Dated the 12th day of March, A.D. 1952. EULALIA HOTZ. County Clerk March 17. IB. 19. 20. 21. 22, 1952 WANTED 2-3808. Chair scat weaving. Dial HA RIDERS RIDERS WANTED — From Wood Hlver to 4300 Goodfellow, St. Louis. 4-8446, after 5:30. WANTED — Riders to McDonnell Alr- craft. 7:30 to 4 p. m. shift. 4-3189. EDUCATIONAL 14 MUSIC, DANCING, DEAMA ACCORDION INSTRUCTION — Modern interesting lessons taught by qualified instructors. Beginners' instruments rented. We specialize In accordion and guitar. Royal School of Music. Phone 3.5342. Says U. S. Women Have Best Bosoms ROME. March 38, IP — Kalian and French women can blame their bosoms for their inability to dress as elegantly as Iheir American sisters, says Schuberth, a Rome fashion designer. "The bosoms of Italian women are too big," he asserted. "And French women are -well, too flat- chested to give their clothes a proper fil." Schubert said the American girl is "Taller, more slender, has longer legs and her busts are perfect— sartorially speaking." NOTICE OF ANNUAL TOWN MEETING Notice is hereby given that the Annual Town Meeting of the Town of Alton, County of Madison and State of Illinois will be held In the Council Chambers of the City Hall Building at Third and Alby Streets, Alton, Illinois, on the 1st day of April A.D. 1952 at 2 o'clock P.M. for the purpose of levying taxes for the relief and support of all poor and indigent persons lawfully residing within the Town of Alton, and for the levying of taxes for all Town Purposes, and for the purpose of transacting any and all business that may properly come before said meeting. Given under my hand and Seal at Alton, Illinois, this IBth day of March, A.D. 1052. PAUL A. PRICE. Town Clerk of Alton. Madison County, Illinois, (SEAL! Read Telegraph Want Ads LEGAL NOTICE OF~CLAIM~DATE Notice is hereby given to all persons that First Monday in April. 1952, is the Claim Dale in the estate of Leslie Redman, Deceased, pending In the Probate Court of Madison County, Illinois, and that claims may be filed against the snid estate on or before said date without Issuance of summons. Dated this 29th day of February, 1B52. Attest: EVA PEARL REDMAN, Executrix. newly purchased home and Maggos said he was leaving his plant in reliable hands. His wife, who has been assisting him in operating the plant and also in con- duciing the business will make the trip with her husband as a vacation from her responsibilities. On j their return trip home they plan i lo travel from Athens by plane all Hy Kl I'll COWAN I \VASIIINC.TON. March IS .T i If you think vour job is tough, consider thai nt Queen Juliana of the i Netherlands. Suppose wuhin Ihree weeks you ; had to address Congress and make : nine other major speeches all different in a language other than .vour native tongue. Potrou Saint to Honored Ry V Hospital Staff DALE HILT, Probate Clerk. M. E. NEWELL, Attorney. . __J v ? I1 L < L h ll - 15._?_ 5 NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice is hereby given to all persons that First Monday in April, 1052, is the Claim Date in the estate of Stella T. Pullen also known as Stella B. Pullen. Deceased, pending In the Probate Court of Madison County. Illinois, and that claims may be filed against the said estate on or before said dale without issuance of summons. Dated this 7th day of March, 1952. FRANCIS E. PULLEN, JOHN T. PULLEN, Executors. Allusl: DALE HILT. Probate Clerk. J. J. MIDD1.ETON, Attorney. March 11, IR. 2S NOTICK~OK ELECTION FOB "SlEMBEKS OF THE SCHOOL DOAHD SCHOOL DISTRICT Nn. H.-i MADISON COUNTV. ILLINOIS Notice is hereby given lhat nn Saturday, the IBth day of April. I!)3B. an election will be held in the Non-High School District No. 143. Madison County. Illinois for the purpose of electing one member of the school board of said district for the full term. For the purpose of this election the following precincts and polling places are hereby established: PRECINCT No. 1—Polling Place, Fair- I view School, District Number 20, Madison County, Illinois shall include all of I smd Fuirview School District No. 20, ; Madison County, Illinois. I PRECINCT No. 2 --Polling Place. I Marine School. District No :iii. Marine. I Illinois shall include all of said Marine ANNOUNCEMENTS CARD OF THANKS VEHNA OPAL MAGGOS—We wish to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to our relatives, friends and neighbors for their kindness and sympathy shown during our recent bereavement. We especially wish to thank Rev. Heggcmcler, Streepcr's funeral home, pallbearers. those who sent cards, flowers and all who assisted in any way. Husband. Mr. Paul Maggos, Daughter. Sisters. Brothers and Grandchildren. MUSICAL INSTRUCTION In all Instruments and voice and baton twirling. Gould Muslo Co., 951 K. Broadway, Alton. EMPLOYMENT 17 HELP WANTED—MALE ASSISTANT MANAGER For public loan corporation. Age 21-40; 2-year training program. Excellent opportunity for advancement and secur* future. Car necessary. Salary vacation, retirement car allowance and other benefits. Call Mr. Grain. 4-4327. 21» E. Ferguson, Wood River. Illinois, or Mr. Butterly, 505 First National Bank Building. Alton. Phone 3-5557. FULL TIME PORTER — Also to do stock work. Apply Store. in person. Carl's Shoe HELP WANTED — Parts manager. Must have some knowledge of bookkeeping. Trotter Buick Co.. Wood Hiver. _IU. HOME IMPROVEMENTS Man to represent local home improvement company. We sell everything for the home. Pleasant work. Leads furnished. We will train prospective applicants to earn in excess of $100 per week. Liberal drawing against commission. Write details to Box 980 care Telegraph. MAN WANTED — For service station work. Apply Martin Oil Station, Wesl Alton, Mo. PERSONALS WELCOME STRANGER — If you have just moved to Alton or know of • new family in Alton will you call 4-5171 so our hostess can contact them? Welcome Strangers Service. g RUMMAGE AND- PASTRI SALE LUNCH & PASTRY SALE — Young's Basement. March 21 at 11 o'clock. Twlng Memorial Church. RUMMAGE SALE—604 Belle street, 10 a. m., Friday. March 21. Ladies' Aid Society. Messiah Lutheran Church. » SOCIETIES — LODGES ALTON CHAPTER—No. 775, O. E. S. Stated meeting Wednesday. March 19, 7:45 p. m. Brothers night. Informal. BETHALTO LODGE—No. 405. Special meeting Wednesday, March 19th, 7:30 p. m. Work in first degree. Visiting brethren welcome. E. J. Smith, W. M. BRETHREN —Are requested to assemble at Marks, Mortuary at 7 p. m., Tuesday, lo confer last rites of the Craft on Brother H. M. Dinwiddie. * C I.. Radmacher. W. M. $250 UP MONTHLY Including car allowance Excellent opportunity for men that can qualify as future branch managers and top executives. THIS UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY IS A RESULT OF MANY RECENT PROMOTIONS IN THE EXPANSION OF OUR ORGANIZATION, THE LARGEST CONSUMER FINANCE COMPANY IN THE WORLD. Requirements: EDUCATION:—Must be at least high school graduate. Special preference given men with college training. EXPERIENCE:—Any type wprk dealing directly with the public helpful, but not necessary. PERSONALITY:—Good appearance, ambitious, impressive personality. Rapid increases and promotions depending upon ability. Group and hospitalization Insurance, savings plan, paid vacations and other benefits. Apply in person 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. Monday through Friday and Thursday evening, 7 p m. to 9 p. m. HOUSEHOLD FINANCE CORP. 12U W. 3rd St., Alton. III. MAN — With experience in clerical work. Apply Illinois Power Company office. WANTED—Car washer" Apply Belcher- Morchead Service Station. 218 Williams street. WANTED—Pin boys~parr~or~7uir"titne. Must he Ifi or over. 4-92:11. WANTED —~Used~car "salesman. Must be able lo close and appraise. Troltor ^''iL.?.? 1 ' -lY?.9 d .J?JY. c r'_I! 1 YOUNG—Or mid'dleaged man wanted Apply at 117 East Alton avenue, East Alton. Is UELP WANTED—FEMALE LADIES—With nice voice for telephone saleswork for Jocal organization. Full or part lime. Pleasant working conditions. Give phone number. Write Box JJMIO. care AIton Telegraph. SALESGIRL—Experienced bakery. Apply in person. 815 Henry. SECRETARIES —"Local" concern with several attractive positions for exper- , .„ - _, i tcnced secretaries. Salary around $200. meeting lu«day. March 18, 730 p.m.. Heavy dictation. Evening appointments. Visiting brethren welcome i write qualifications to Box 050. care FRANKLIN LODGE No. 2S — Stated R. E. Mitchell, W.M Community CoiiMilidatfd School Diatrit-t I _ „ wnn i nnr-ir ioi~"nni No. :w. Madison County. Illinois. ' G | Rn ws R.anP ™.,n 7 ' PRECINCT N,,. :i Polling Place, !'° w ^ ~ "f?" ". " " ll "! 1 .';: : Telegraph. The feast Of St. .Joseph Will be I Hazel Dell School. District No -1. Madi- observed Wednesday at Si. J(*\*™.£° un *?- l ™ lmt "*: ir ,** high mass at 5,15 a. m. m the hos- j seph's Hospital, beginning wilh consolidated school "District NO 4 which is not a part of the Livingston Community HiKli School. District No, 146. Madison County. Illinois. HRECINCT No 4 Polling Place. Brockmcier School. District No. 81. •I'll hold the • P'o.ves, a total Ot JUO, Will be guests I Madison Count>. Illinois shall include ODD FEL- 30 p.m.. March 18. Work in the Initiatory degree Visiting brethren welcome. Refreshments. George F. Cannon, N.G. H. H Plopper. Sec Suppose within Ihree bouts and J P' la ' chapel. ;-15 minutes you had lo stand up At noon, all the hospital em- and in a formal speec 'attention of say, 1 1. Tom Con-! of the Sisters of Chaniv at a Hrockmeier School, District Bl. Mudison County. Illuio^ and Sec- nallv. Sen. Joe McCarlhv. Vice luncheon lo be served in the hos- : turns 15 and IB of T. 4 N R. 9~w a pan PIASA LODGE NO. 27. A.F. i A.M. - 1'rcMden, Harkley. Speaker Uav- cafelcna. . \%j£^ nln %*'tti n £ tUM *°' 10 *'\ 7*7" "m JnT^ree^,,^ burn. ;MU! (hen rush to three re-j Benediction of the Blessed Sac- ceptions al which you would shake ! rament will chapi OlS. 5 — gave back Ihe -Itl.OOU pesos new i Rivera was paid for the painting and the government gave back th picture. Formosa lias Air Uaiii Tent TAIPEH, Formosa, March 18, H —Formosa today had an island- wide air raid test during which all civilian planes were land er depart, forbidden lo The petrified logs of Arizona are computed largely of silica which penetrated the cells of fallen forest trees Ilia! remained buried under thousands fur many aye4. Ht'dy Ijiinurr (ids Divorce LOS ANGKLKS. March 18. .-V — lledy Lamarr was awarded a divorce yesterday from her fourth husband after testifying he beat her. Her chauffeur, Marvin Neal. testified he was present when Miss l.aman s husband, Frnest (Ted) Siaulter. struck her in the face and of feel irf earth ..knocked her against a door in a I Beverly Hills, hotel. 1,.- al least .'HMIll hands. And all Ihe lime you've got to say "Ihe right thing", keep the ; seams of your stockings straight and powder on your nose. Madame J. H. Van Roijen. wife of ihe Netherlands ambassador, outlined lo women reporters Ihe program scheduled for Juliana during her three-weeks visit, April J-'JU. in this country. The queen; her husband. Prince Bernbard: her country's foreign minister, D. U. Stikker. and her parly of 11 others; are due here by I plane April 2. PKEC1NCT No 5 — Polling Place, brethren welcome. be ill the hospital i Hick . or >' Gnn'e School. District No. 68.1 ^.'>. ae .£• "«£"."• " J». .. , •.",'..' Madison County. Illinois shall include at . :M p. 111. With the Hev. i all of said Hickory Grove School. Dis- father Casimir Ciierut officiating. It was pointed out by hospital „ executives that the number of em- county. Illinois, shall | ployes shows a gradual increase each year. Last year at this time there were 208 employes, so that one year has brought an increase of r. The large number of employes is required to care for the daily average of 170 patients, it was said. In addition to the employes there are 63 student nurses. trict No 68. Madison County. Illinois. PRECINCT No. ti — Polling Place. Dorsey School, District No. 7u Madison unty. lilmois. shall include all of said ! >rscy School District No. 72. Madison | Do. County. Illinois. No 7 — Place : WOOD RIVER LODGE -\o 1062 _ ^la^*. ! ..,^1 itiaotina r Fn^«Hav March County. Illinois shall include all of said | Woods School. District No. So, Madison Polling PUcc. ti.'.iQ o'clock, ren welcome. County. Illinois. PRECINCT No. 8 Bockstruck School. District No 9tj. Mad- said Bookslruck School District No. 96. Madison County, Illinois. Spe- 18th, degree Visiting breth- C. L. Radmacher. W M. Read Telegraph Want Ads IK HELP WAXTEQ—MALE^j. FEMATlE MAN or . WOMAN—With car or~boy with bicycle for delivery work I'uJI or part time. Give phone number. Write Box 1090. care Alton^Telegrapli. soVi Couiity" Illinois shall Include all of , WOOD RIVER LODGE No 1082 —Stated SALESMAN — Or woman Full Un>« said I'uion School. District No. 120,1 meeting Wed. March 19, 7..10 p.m , good salary plus commission. Expert' Madison Couutj. Illinois. I business. Visiting breihren welcome. ence desired but net necessary Writ* PRECINCT No. 10 — Poiung Place, I C. L. HaoUnacher, W M or call in person, Carlt Shoe siort experienced, married or single. 40.hour week. Monday through Friday. Paid vacations and holidays and other liberal benefit plans; excellent starting salary: air conditioned offices. Pleasant surroundings. Local indusin .Stuie aoe. education, experience, address & phone number. Write Hox 1WI) care Telegraph. STENOfJHAPHER - "DoVnToWpToles- fional office. Salary plus opportuniiy for bonus. Reply in writing C J Schlosser & Co., 115 Market St.. Alton. S'TENdcSAPHEHS—Bogirnieirs" and experienced. Manufacturing concern Liberal 'benefits. Salary commensurate with experience. Evening appointments Box 980. 'care Telegraph. MIUDLEAGED WIIITE LADY^" For general housework. Stay or go home $15 per week. Dial 4-U852 or 4-6521. WANTED Washings & ironings! Also men's laundry. Reasonable prices. Ex- WANTED—Girl or woman foT~general housework and'cooking: 5 days week. WOMAN —21 - US, to work i)i~lo7al~of- fire. Some filing and must have pleasant telephone voice; no experienc* necessary. Must be single and unin- cumbered. 40-hour week Salary $150 per month to start. Write Box 1070 care Alton Telegraph.

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