The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts on July 13, 1963 · Page 5
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The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts · Page 5

North Adams, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 13, 1963
Page 5
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SATURDAY AFTERNOON. JULY 13, I9&3 THE NORTH ADAMS. MASSACHUSETTS. TRANSCRIPT^ FIVE Plumbing Problems? „ Everything go wrong at onc«? For t emergency plumbing service call ui. Our experts install quality fix; tures right the first time, so you'll ' spend less money on future repairs. NO JOB TOO BIS — NO JOB TOO SMALL DIAL MO 3-8435 PLUMBING - HEATING - KITCHEN REMODELING A. MATIVI CO. PLUMBING AND HEATING 261 RIVER ST. MASS. REG. NO. 505t ,.. All Contractors, Carpenters, Boat Builders! NOW AT STANLEY'S LUMBER! Adami MARINE EXTERIOR PLYWOOD Stanley's has added a good supply of Boat-Hull Marine Plywood with solid innerplies. 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REVCO Bilr-ln Refrigerator, KITCHEN- AID or HOTPOINT Undorcounter Dishwasher, HOTPOINT Built-in 30" Wall Oven with Deluxe Cook Top, HOTPOINT Disposal!, Custom 72" Stainless Steel Sink, SWANSON Built-in Radio, Kitchen Nook with Tabl. and Chair, GREGG Cabinets and FORMICA Top, SEE IT ... YOU'LL BUY IT! ( Bring in Your Kitchen Measurements—No Obligation—5 Yrs. to Pay . *S£RV 1CEAfTfR SALES* 9-13 UNION STREET MO 3-3746 ^^w' r ;~*Tw rsgfisg« v ~? TT £* ">;*? v^^i^SCT-'' Large Addition Completed At Hob Nob on the Trail Jusl completed by Mr. and Mrs. Harry Short, proprietors of the Hob Nob Restaurant on the Mo- liawk Trail in (he (own of Florida, s a large addition which, with thers they have previously built, makes the establishment six ADDITIONAL TO HOB NOB — Shown is just-completed addition to the Hob Nob Restaurant on Mohawk Trail that houses 35-by-50-foot dining room, lobby and gift shop 20 by 35 feet in size and, on second floor of two-story section, living quarters for Mr. and Mrs. Harry Short, the proprietors, and family. Original restaurant, one-story section beyond large chimney, has been converted into a lounge featuring huge fireplace. " times the size it was when they bought it in 1MB. Storied last fall and under construction through the winter, spring and early summer, the addition houses a dining room 35 by 50 feet in size, a new entrance lobby and gift shop 20 by 35 feet size, and on the second floor of its two-story section, living quarters for Ihe proprietors. Previous ly (hey had an apartment behind the restaurant. The old restaurant, 25 by 40 feel ir. size and distinguished by a long bar and a huge old-brick fireplace which is used all winter, has been converted into a lounge. Both the lobby-gift shop a.Hl the new dining roorri are supported entirely by beams and have no posts or oilier obstructions despite their considerable size. The dining room with tables to accommodate 200, has wall-to-wall carpeting, colonial maple high- back chairs, and early-American hobnob glass lighting fixtures. Us side waits are finished in birch paneling anil the end waits in red- Picture windows five by feet in size look out on the Irail side under a 10-foot roof overhang running the full length of the structure, which also shelters the entrance. A redwood partition sets off the waitresses' station near the door to the kitchen. and color coating for this room,| The entry is lighted wjtli an old- there are some basic facts Ihe homeowner should remember, says the National Paint, Varnish and Lacquer Assn. Armed Painting Child's Room Can Involve Many Questions The one room in the house which is probably subjected to Ihe most wear and tear and requires the most frequent cleanup is also the room that should he the most cheerful. This is the child's room. Parents frequently ore met with the sight of Johnny's last artistic effort on the door, the place on Ihe wall where he drew an outline oi his brother in !lib!e ink, the dills on (he ceil- woo a. from Ihe night they used it eight MOHAWK Homes and Garages Builders of the "Home Even You Can AKord" Prices Start at $10,500 Cornplelo No Hidden Coill, On Your Lot MOHAWK HOMES 356 WALNUT STREET Dial MO 2-2769, MO 3-3263 or PownalVA 3-7263 with their cartridges. ing for target practice slingshots and ink Subsequent decision: a fresh paint job will do wonders for the In selecting the proper type fashioned chandelier. The lobby and gift shop beyond it also will be used for dancing. All features .. „.... - .of the addition were designed to information about type and color, retain an atmosphere of homely the resulting paint job will he ajcolonial charm in a modem set- source of satisfaction for him and'ting, of pleasure for his children. Features of Ihe Hob Nob estab- Whal, then, should lie consid-|" s ' 1ment ^ v ", ered when choosing paint for a^" 01 " ? v ^. child's room? The following are acouircd the jquestions which should be answered by and for the handyman for a successful paint job. Is the ATTRACTIVE DINING ROOM — This is view in 35- by-50-foot dining room accommodating 200 that oc- cupies part of addition to Hob Nob Restaurant. Room has attractive new colonial furniture. Home Itcpair Problems Old Piano Can Be Cut Down to Size Patrolman Buys Homestead Of Former Mayor The homestead of the late for- ner Mayor William Johnson at 6 North St. has been sold to Theodore Meranti of 34 North St.,j member of the North Adams 'olice Department. Mr. Meranti was married June *9 to the former Donna Lee[ weeney of Ihis city and he and! drs. Meranti will occupy the iroperty as their home. The sale was made by Mr. and Vlrs. Lawrence W. Peck who r iave disposed of their household" urnish'mgs and have returned' o liedondo Beach, Calif., where' hey own a house. Mrs. Peck,! he former Dorothea Murphy Deaney, came into possession of cut [j t ,g ( | own the instrument he former Johnson homestead W ouk! seriously atfect the piano, inclcr the will of her aunt, Eliza-l]f anything, the sound qualities clh Johnson, widow of the late cmit(1 he increased to some ex- ]!y DOUfiLAS TUOMEY (Q) "We have an old upright piano so high that it dwarfs everything else in our living room. We have a certain attachment for the old piece and, therefore, do not want (o discard il. 'l see tlial (here is about eight or ten inches of space between Ihe aclual works and the lid, and I am wondering if it could not be cut down. Do you think this would materially affect the sound??" G. L. (A) We see no reason why This should be cut to proper proportions and then replaced. paint sturdy and able to withstand much ail-work and many cleanings? What type of surface will he be painting ou? Where is the room located? What color should be used? A latex paint is generally (he best bet for the "do-it-yourself- !er," when painting most ordinary walls and ceilings. It is easily applied, gives a smoother appearance, leave no lap marks, and dries quickly. It can be cleaned frequently with soap and water, and the cleaning up after (he tainting can also he done with soap and water. Many latex paints retjiiire a 30-day curing period before they can be washed leaned. Also, a few latex paints on the market today have gloss or semi-gloss finish. A standard for painting children's rooms has been the alkyd or oil base paint. The alkyd paints are available in gloss or semi-gloss finishes. They will also withstand many and frequent cleanings. However, alkyds are nob quite as easy to apply and still achieve a smooth surface; there is a slight odor during drying; and post-painting clean up is not quite as simple. Armed with factual information about types of paint, (he handyman and his wife can now get down to the choice of color. Color is relative lo the location of the room and the lype of paint de- If it's cleanliness you want in c j,i c( | upon _ rn a room with a a floor, hardwood has it, :iccord-' no] .(| 1D ,. n exposure, a light color ing to floor cleaning tests con-! w j| n a K ]oss or semi-gloss finish ducted at a middlewestern bos- w j|] reflect existing light and artificial light lo a belter ad- and Mrs. since they property 15 years ago from Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Kelly, are an 11-imit motel and a swimming poo! 25 by 50 feet in size of gunite concrete. During the summer, Harry Short Jr., a member of the Junior ' ' " '" class at Norwich University, is helping bis parents operate the establishment. They also have some assistance from their daugh ter, Dale, age !>. Tests Hardwood to Be Sanitary Flooring (Q) "I would be thankful for any advice you could give mc!ptlal. regarding this situation. Ourj A hardwood flooring executive vantage, than will a flat finish house has a poured concrete:reports that a number of culturesJ 0 f a darker color. If the room foundation. The walls are con-lwere laken from a non-wood floor has a southern exposure, then stantly damp and sometimes!in Ihe hospital before and after, a <j a rkcr color with a flat finish wet, although no aclual water,cleaning with an approved soap mny be US cd. If (he lype of paint drips to the floor. I notice thai compound. Then cultures nlso|i clu ] s j| sc |f [ 0 frequent cleaning, water runs between Ihe roof .were taken from a sealer-finished a [jg],| .color may he used. If not, edge and the gutters during hardwood floor before and after i\\ ca || lc color may well be one rain storms, and that Ihe'clenuing. The cultures from Ihe which will not (end to show even ground close (o Ihe house seems non-wood floor after cleaning slill the slightest bit of grime and lo have settled so lhat pools'showed numerous colonies. Thosejdjrt, S uch as a sandy biege. The form, Is Ihis the cause of nur from Ilio hardwood floor were^nndyninn should also remember ormer mayor. tent. If there is ornamental mold- The sale was hqndled by (he, ing on the front, it is probably. difficulty?" C. M. (A) There is no doubt about it. Install a drip-bead wood molding along the roof edge so that wa- lache Agency. ghied on and could be lifted off. ter will shed into the gullers. depressions around the sterile, the hospital closed. report This was especially noteworthy, it was pointed out, since the nor.- dis- that brighlness can he added lo n child's room in accent colors. cither in painted furniture or in the fabrics wood floor wns scrubbed frequent- Above nil, when painting n ly, while (he hardwood floor was child's room, remember Ihe child merely dusted or brushed after himself. He should l>e able lo foundation, banking up Ihe soil so original sealer-finishing treatment, "live in his room. 'Hie room that water will shed away, mul Hardwood's sanilary quality crmjshould be bright. and cheerful nttempt lo establish a firm lawn lie attributed in part to its smooth-iso that a rainy day spent inside •all around the house wall. ness of grnin, which offers no ! is not so depressing after all. lodging place for germ-laden dirt.JA child spends varying amounts Another factor is the couKtrueUou'ot time in his room, from an civ (Q) "f have ft three-foot r,f n properly installed hardwoodjlire day to a few minutes spent crawl space under my house, floor. With the modern tongue aiid ( (here between dashes outside lo and wnut (o dig Ihis deeper grooving pieces fit snugly loRolh-'plny. The. room should be a re- and make a full cellar, doing cr | 0 form a continuous smoothiflcclion of his own cheerful per- the work myself. Can you Rive surface. |sonality. inn instructions, and is there SUMMER BEVERAGES SMILE... when they are cooled with plenty of ICE If you require large quantities of flake and cube ice, ask us about the Scotsman Ice Machine — Authorized D*ol*f — Wittig & Thompson MO 3-898? North Adami Commercial Refrigeration and Air Condirioning Thinking of Building? If You Own Your Own Lot I Have Available Expandable Homes for the Young! and Small Retirement Homes for the Retired! Easily Erected on Your Lot Will Help With Financing. Contact William E. Rov/ley Dial MO 3-9669 For cleaner, cheaper, •osier hem* heating Get new MOBILHEAT with RT-98 "You Pay MUCH Less To Heat Better With Oil" Blackinton Coal & Oil Co. Charles E. Kronick, Prop. 26 Eagle St. MO 3-9265 North Adams • Wo Maintain 24-Hour Oil Bu/ner Service BREAKTHROUGH Now You Can Build Exactly as You Wish and Still Save! Bring your plans to Heritage for a free, guaranteed estimate with no hidden costs. You'll be amazed that you can now have such individuality, quality and savings in any size or style. You can be sure, for Heritage Homos are the choice of people who know superior construction. Send for free 28-page color brochure V? HOMES Local Builders: Gordon Ookes, Cross Road, Clarksburg MO 3-357? Frank Field, Notch Road, North Adams MO 2-2564 LOOK OVER YOUR HOME How'i the Roof, the Porch, the Floors? Do They Need Repairing? Repairing in tima saves money and inconvenience. Have ui look over the house and suggest the needed repairs and give you « cost estimate without obligation. OLESON, Builder NORTH EAGLE STREET DIAL MO 3-9075 any danger involved?" S. M. (A) This is n risky business for any amateur lo altempt, as you might undermine the footings beneath Ihe foundation walls and cause n collapse. It may iiv volve shoring nil around lhc footing. If the ground is sandy it is parlicutnrly dangerous. Our at: vice is to employ a professional builder or slny away from il. (Q) "Our gardener ran n motor-driven lawn mower over 2 plastic ribbon sprinklers, un dcr the impression they were so flat that Ihe blades would not rench them. As a result, I have two cuts in each. Can these be vulcanized or otherwise pnlchcd? (A) The manufacUirera of these plastic ribbon sprinklers now make a repair connection which is easily atlaehed. Yon simply cul lhc ribbon on both sides of the slit, attach Ihe metal connections and scrrw them together. These are sold in practically every liiirclwarc store or fjnrden- shop, FLAME GAS heat is economical

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