Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 18, 1952 · Page 17
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 17

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 18, 1952
Page 17
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PAGE EIGHTEEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PARATREED — l'i"/j" ','•.!;<>". <•<.•;-art :\ '-.'• . •!,>' Kniy «n engineers' r,jfd'-irop m f ifi''-!.iv<:-r in (.,r : mi,:tt/, but thi r , >;'uni pdM rhutc r>rr. ',t<v] ii". (i.c^-''.p, I \ '• ,'i tr-nt V.jnt- -oh-"-, ii , 10 frCO tic: h'l^O iilk ijfi-bn"-ll;j frMri ;!•. tr" tr,i;i ,-ift'T re-M.',..,-•;•• •.' ' tiOn', of ,i IjfuJfjp r'lOpj.f.-d r-'.rjr lii" I'h n<; in thf [.;<irrr.',l,i',t .;!>•• i Ihf 1 COrfib,)! engineer' f!'.i"r-u/f:r <:fi,)DV/i troo;/. to hr,<!;>/' tt.r Mi r •'._(? i-/or ffO». east to we<,t for movement of t.jnt', ••••AC V/:f( i/lnfo Millions Spent for Safety; Tragic Air Accidents Continue By WAIJB JONKS NBA Staff Correspondent NEW YORK, (MMi.-The M'Mos of tragic jiirplimo crnnrit'H shocks no one more Own a J/iymnn who mnkex a thorough InvestlgHtion of air safety prrwiulions. In the words of a veteran pilot, these IniKprlies don't "rmiko sense." .Safety precautions tnkcn by the scheduled ulr lines arvl government wiic'lfx arc impressive. And yet there are certain "soft spots" In the. total air safety operation.' .Tnst how or why they affect I IT* remit crashes is for the experts to say after their heiirlngfi, It Is shocking to loam, for example, that more than $5,000,000 worth of navigational aids is lying around more Ihnn 30 airports, unused. After travelling 3000 miles in airplanes, talking with thtlr pilots and with tho merlinnics a» they perform the all-Important maintenance work, wntohing pilot training, nnd Interviewing government olr safety officials, you get a general feeling of assurance In the air safety job being clone. Then comes another crash at KHznbelh, N. J.—the third In two months. Total dead 117, and the figure mounting. Newark Airport closed. "It just doesn't, make sense," Boys a veteran airline pilot. "1 read what the paper says hrw. but I cnn'l believe It. Jt just doesn't make sense." And H doesn't make sense In terms of placing the blame for the crashes on Newark Airport, from which all three planes were either landing or taking off when thry crashed. Newark Oootl Airport On paper and In the virtually unanlrnous 'opinion of the men who fl.V the plnnes, Newark Is the best-equipped airport i»nrt one of the finest front every standpoint, in the country. And there Is nothing now <" Indicate that the nil-port's facility's were to blnme in any of the crashes, Was II: Just coincidence? There is nothing now to indicate otherwise. • But the possibility of a pal- tern" In the causes of the tragedies cannot yet be ruled out. And with that In mind let's take a look nt some of the soft spots in the over-nil safety picture. They f,re not believed to be critical danger spots, but they could become so.. First is the matter of shortages -equipment ami personnel brought about by the military nviatlon drain on existing supplies of both. At one lime last year traffic In and out of the bi« Kort Worth. Trx airport wns heavily eui- tnilert for two days bocnuse of n shortage of civilian air traffic controllers. Traffic Control More recently, nnd for the sumo reason, traffic control services to planes was completely halted for a time at certain points on the nirwnys. Airline officials blame the situation on the fact Unit niilit:iry nvlnllon Is culling buck to duly ,-is reservists large numbers oi civilian specialists employed by the Civil Aeronautics Administration as traffic controllers. CAA lidmils the situation and says il badly needs money to train r"- placemenls for the traffic controllers-. Hifht now the situation Is m-I critical, but il could become so if CAA has to begin scrapuu: Hi' 1 bottom of the hnrrel for Us \wM\ speclall/cd and safely-vital traffic controllers. "There is no belying Hie seriousness of the- situation." says Kl- mer Thompson, s|x>kesumn for the Air Transport Association, trade organi/ation of the airlines. If the airlines are to maintain a reserve pool of trained mail- power for use liv Hie military in event of an all-out emerneiicy. '''hoinpson says, there must be «ome assuraiue thai tins person ;pl not be drained au.iy from the ,mes by military recall until then- is such an emergency. The same. Thompson hclie\e> goes for the reserve pool oi equipment maintained by the aii lino for emergency use Itailiir Helps One piece of equipment the aii- liues would give- their esc lei-Ill to gel is the radar it-sponder beacon. which would enable a control touer to spot a given plane in the air regardless of interference by cloud banks or other pianos nearby. Hut industry is tied up willi product inn of similar equipment for the Air Force, say the airlines. The military muM ha\e and gei-j—the beM ol what it necil-, bin what remains is not conducive to the best In airline safely, And while the government Is on the carpet, here's nne that should strike hortie to us nil: . Flight now, that $."i.000,000 worth of navigational aid equipment at more than 30 nil-ports Isn't being used because the federal govern- > merit doesn't have the money to : operate II. It's already been bought find paid for by the <"AA. But that agency simply doesn't have the money to put it into operation— to pay for the necessary personnel and eleclric/il power. Tho equipment. Include* approach lights, Instrument landing systems, fan markers and radio beacons, and radar and tower projects. VlHiial Aid There's sill liinotber field of ground equipment which is not nearly what it "should be quantity- wise. That's visual uid. Such aids consist of lights nnd runway markings which help the pilot make the difficult transition, rt few hundred feel, from the ground, between electronic K"i'J - unco and his own vision. ironically, possibly the best system of visual aids In the entire country is at New Jersey's ill- fated Newark Airport. Many airports in the country don't even have white borders and white cenlcrllnes on the Inndintr strips. Both are tremendous aids to the pilot in darkness or bad weather. Fewer yet. have 'lanes of approach lights guiding him into the end of the runway and Indicating the Altitude at which he should be a given distance from the runway's near end. Both the International Air Transport Association, an organization of the world's scheduled airlines, nnd the Airline Pilois | Association have put their OK on I Newark's visual aid system anrl i have been urging its universal ; adoption for three years. j Hut the CAA lias not yet of- '•• ] ficiiilly recommended its adoption, i And again there is the item of i money. CAA would him 1 to pay '. for all such installations off the ! runways themselves. And CAA I can't pay to operate sonic of the equipment il already hav. Heaulilul lia.sic' It's K1N1) to yoiii lmil};0l ! Clear classic lines, adaptable cnllai, Irmilous lasci- iiatiiiy acces.Mii ics j;i\c \ on many dresses for I tic making o| one! lie smart inaUe the dress in a neulial shade. ;\n<l many accessories in pii'iil.-. checks, ni while! Palicin ITlili Misses' M/CS I'J. M, Hi, IS. 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With the exception of n short time spent in St. f.otiis, Mo., Mr. nnd Mrs. Drury hnvc spent their entire rmirricd life, here, They are the parents of two daughters nnd one son, Lawrence V. Drury of Philndelphia, PH.; Mrs. (llndys Drury Henm-r of Cin- cinnnli, Ohio, nrul Mrs. Augusta Drury Puffery of .lerseyville. Attendants at the wedding of Mr. nnd Mrs. Drury M years ngo were Miss Margaret. Hall and Henry Doeiif,'ps. Both nre now (lend. Mrs. Drury, who is 78 years old. is (he "baby" of the Hrussellmch family, noted for Its almost unbelievable record of longevity. Drury will he HO years of fige. In .Inly, lie cnmo to .lerseyvllle. in I8i)!l, where he engngcd In the carpentry profession, a trade ho had learned in Knnsas. He has followed this work since. At the dinner Sundny, Mrs. Drury's nieces nnd their husbands were guests. They were: Mr, and Mrs. T. C. KgB'TR nnd Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kruege.r of St. Louis, Mo.; and Mr. nnd Mrs. Oscar Wfigner of Hellevllle. Miss Mary Jean Caffery of St. Louis, nnd Mrs. Don Carter of Alton also WPTP guests. Tho honored guests' son, Law- j rence V. Drury, of Philadelphia, Pa., was unable to attend the anniversary dinner as he is a patient at the Bryti Mavvr Hospital in that city. Sorority Marks 12th Birthday At White Hall WEDNESDAY SPECIAL FREE SEWING STOOL or SEWING HASSOCK WITH PURCHASE OF Console or Desk Model 14 MAKES OF SEWING MACHINES *, INCLUDING: PFAFF CENTRAL NECCHI CENTRAL SEWING SUCP O LY 14 W. BROADWAY DIAL 2-5214 DOUBLE DOOR UTILITY CABINETS Keg. 1 6:9.7 12 95 WED. ONLY $1 DOWN Plenty of storage space all-steel white enameled in these 5-shelved utility cabinets!' BIEDERMANS Home Fnrn /.s//rr,s .S/wr Ittftfi BROADWAY AND PIASA ALTON Three Hurl in Truck Collision *r- East of Jersey 5 FOR $1.00 1 Main Floor YOUNG'S -WOMEN'S TOWNLEY ALL WOOL MILIUM LINED COATS IT'rrc $-'l-1.00 SPECIAL WED. ONLY $ 38 Misses', and Junior Sizes. DIAGONALS POODLES FLEECE PINK RED COLD BLUE LYTTON'S 3rd Floor Piasa b Third ALL WOOL GABARDINE TOPPERS A Top Value at 25.00 For Wednesday Only SIZES 8 TO 16 Navy and Assorted Pastels VOGUE JKriSEYVJLLE. — Three people were Injured about 7 p.m. Sntur day on Route 'Ifi, two miles cast: o this oily, when Ihe trucks the; were operating collided. The in jured are Monlio Kdwards ant Mr. and Mrs. John Balenline. Al Hie lime of the mishap Halen line was driving a truck east: ot Hoiile Hi. A second truck, driven hy Monlie Kdwards, was following Ihe Halentine vehicle. A third cai was approaching from the east: am is reported lo have had "Rial-inn' headlights. Halenline slowed 1m truck near the driveway into the slave mill and signaled IMS in tension to turn. Kdwards icportcc: that the glm-mjj; lights of Ihe c:;u coming from the ens I. blinded him and lie was unable lo sec Ihe truck cif lialenlinc iinlil his own vehicle crashed into the. rear of it. Kdwards sustained, severe injuries and Mrs. Halentine, who was j knocked from the cab of her hus- | hand's truck, was also injured. 1 Malciiline escaped with minor in- 1 juries. I The (iubser ambulance was called to the sc-i'he of Ihe accident and removed Kdwards to the Boyd Memorial Hospital in (,'ai rolllon. I Mrs. Halenline was removed to her home and received I real merit for her injuries by a local physician. Sheriff Herman H. lilackorhy jr. was railed lo Ihe accident scene lo handle the Irallic-. Jersey Kiii-al ^1 (full) Allrml Ice < lapadcs .JKKSKYVIU.K, March IK. A of .Icrscv couniv rural yoiiihi .IERSKYV1ULE, March 18.—Tha twelfth anniversary of the organization of Chi chapter of Delta Knppn (inmma, national educa* lional sorority, of which the Jersey county group Is a part, wa* celebrated Friday at a dinner- meeting held at the Presbyterian church in White hall. Chapters from surrounding vicinities were special guests. Mrs, Clarence Schmidt of this city Is one of the charter members. Miss Ceeile Coombes of East Si. Louis, state president, wan among the honored guests. Tha principal address was given by Miss Helen K. Ryan of Springfield, who spoke on "The Tie That Binds." The birthday ceremony was in chnrge of Miss Lucille Barnet! of Greenfield, and the sixth grade pupils of Miss Helen Britt of White Hall, presented musical numbem. The response for the past presidents of Chi chapter was given hy Miss Josephine Tuetken of this city. In addition to Miss Tuetken, past presidents Include Miss Elizabeth Bell and Mrs. Helen Fesler of Greenfield; Mrs. Clarence Schmidt of Jerseyville, and Miss Yueleila Ralston, and the present presiding officer, Miss Edith Hyatt of White Hall. Attending the celebration from this city were Mrs. Clarence Schmidt, Mrs. Helen Marshall, Mrs. Frank Songo, Miss Josephine 'uelken and Miss Alan Breltwels- T, The nexl: meeting ot Chi chap- er will be in Grafton in April. Driver Intoxicated JKRSKYVILLE.—A resident of Wood River was arrested at 2 n. m. Sundny by State Police Officer Neubauer of Carrollton, near [he intersection of State Routes 100 nnd 109. Charges of being drunk on a public highway were filed against the motorist. A plea of guilty was entered and a tint of V15 and costs was assessed. Two Motorists Arrested JERSEYVILLE.—S t a t e police doled out tickets to two motorists in this locality over the weekend for violations of Ihe motor vehicle laws. A resident of the Fleldon vicinity drew a ticket for operating his motor car without a license. A resident of the Hardln vicinity wns ticketed on a charge of operating his car with only one head- Hght. Bureau to Meet At Chesterfield CHESTERFIELD — The regularly scheduled meeting of the local home bureau unit will be held Thursday, March 27 at 1:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs. E. J. Loekyer. Miss Deborah Solliday, hom« adviser, will present, the major lesson nnd Mrs. Duckels will give the minor lesson. Mirth Announcement CI1KSTKRFIELD — Mr. and Mrs. James Pointer are announcing the birth of a nine pound son, born Monday, a I the Macoupin Hospital, Carlinville. lie has been named Cavin James and he is their second child and first son. Mrs. Pointer is the former Miss Margaret Calhoun of Chesterfield. To .Meet Near Bunker Hill CHESTERFIELD — An invitation has been extended to friends of the United Church to meet Friday evening al the home of Mr. anrl Mrs. Henry Miller, near Bunker Hill for n "Pray and Praise" service. Those desiring to attend are asked to meet at the church at. 7 p.m. To Attend Services C'KESTKKr'lELD -- Mr. and and their Kin-sis attended t'lie J.:e j Mrs , K n . Wright left Monday to (..'aparies m Si. Louis Saturday. Members ol Hie parly uere: •Da\.id Shii/cr, f'Kii f'ellikan, Tom l.oek, Martin Srhuab, Hc'rnard .•>panj.;lr. Kl/ie- l-'i > , Kirhard Mr< ui'ii. liuawir Moiili/ciiiic-rs . Kirh- ,inl \\;irlcncl, 1',-nil Coiy, Itolierl I irpi'iidahl. I'. M Ii c r I I ,,i).',i'riiiaii, Ctiarle-. Iliinl |i and Mr;scs Hai- ti.u ,i I l.iuri . Mai y I Innl I Iclc-n I ,ai;i-i, \lellia \\'c'slerhold. Alel- Nohlc', licnl.ili U'ii-wkc. Helly 1'i'iililasl. Carolyii llclner. I'liyl- l.ii', I loi is Ximmerman, J'.ar- .1 I,oi'-lia<li and Mrs. I.el.'i .Ic'an Marshaw Charles KediT- liai Mr \r\\s .Null's I.YV1I.I.I':. In. ami \\ ilr-> have relumed from ndi'il \i.sil in Auslin, 'l'e\.. their -,011, I'hilhp \\'ili'>. The ac i din|ianicil Ins parrnls as - Mis-.iniri anil Iliey spi'nl lime al Ihcir tarin Ihei-e be- -diniii^ cm Id Ji'i'seyv llle V'iri.;mi;i Cumminc.s lias r"- cl licim 1 .illlc- I'm k. ArU 1 -ll' 1 >|ll'l|l M'\ITal it.iSS \\llll ,1-lc-r Mr-.. Harold I.. Ur-i'- nian ulid has been ill. Mr-. \\'l--r- man s i'(inditi(;M is icporled im- prcni'd and lias rc'i'ii ned lo lirr KOI k 1 1 din Ihf ho>- li More Than Read The Every DAY! Impcai-hine'iil proi-eedinns, ac- conlm<: lo Ihr ' iin>iitulion. c-an be hroiinh 1 anam>l I lie President, Vi'-e President and all eivil ofti-, eers ol tin' I'lined Slates for "trea- MIII bribery, or oilier high crimes and misdemeanors. •Jfltviai'Ji U'ani Ada "CLICK" i attend Ihe funeral services for her mother. Mrs. I sham King, who passed away al the Macoupin Hospital, Saturday evening.' Services were held this afternoon at the Methodist Church in Sesser, III. Mrs. King has made her home here for UK- past three and a half months. Her husband died in 19'ili and her only son passed away last August. KnlcrtahiH Kehitives CMKSTI-IKKIKLU Mr. and Mrs. Arihur Hall and Mrs. .Tennis' Trill entertained Ihe following rel- alives al a dinner Saturday, honoring Cpl. Charles William Trill and wile, (iiiesls uere: Mr. and Mrs. Herman Trill, Greenfield: Mrs. James Trill and daughter, Ro- gt-ne. Mr, and Mrs. fete Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Olin Trill and daugh- ler, Dorolh.s. Mrs. Chester Trill, Miss Klhel Trill, Mrs. Jennie Trill and Mr. and Mrs. Hall. N'cus Notes rilKSTKHKIKLD -- Mr. «nd Mrs. James Brooks and family u.'n Sunda> guests of Mr. and Mrs. l-'reil Howei-ion, near Plain- \ IC'W. Mr. and Mrs. Arrnin S. Rigsbey ar.l .son of Wood River, were Sunday j,'iu'.si.s ol his parents, Mr. and Airs. Dave Higsbey and son Jack. Mr. and Mrs. Clemeth Johnson and MIII uere Sunday guests of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sawteil • \isitors in Decatur Friday and Saturday. Thirty-one from Chesterfield attended the Ice Capades in St. Louis. Saturday evening. George Redman of East Alton, uas a supper guest Saturday evening of Mr. and Mrs. Sam anil daughter. Sandra. lU'cul Telegraph Want Ad|

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