The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas on September 15, 2002 · Page 19
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The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas · Page 19

Hays, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 15, 2002
Page 19
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B8 SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 15,2002 • THE HAYS DAILY NEWS FAMILY CIRCUS DENNIS THE MENACE 9- O2002 Bll K«n«, _ Dial by King Foaturct _, _ "Know what, Daddy? Your tees look like little birdbaths." *CoutP WE KNOCK TWIG OFF EARLY? I'VE: GOT A LONG PAY TOMORROW." BEETLE BAILEY WHAT'S VOUR FAVORITE ] PROBA9LY MUSICAL GROUP? THE BUT IT'S PEFINITELY NOT 'HERMAN HAZLENUTANP GARFIELD OOPS, f\AV PANTS ON BACKWARPS I * ARE VOU SUR£ IT ISN'T ! VOU WHO'S BACK WARPS? | BECAUSE FRANKLV, TOUR PANTS LOOK SMARTER THAN VOU WIZARD OF ID I'M- BABY BLUES FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE we PICKED UPSKAM- PA AM' IRIS AT THE AIRPORT AN' TOOK THEM HOME I HOW ARE TBEHONE WHAT KIMP OF A MARRIAGE fSTHAT ?\] WHEN THEV <3CT TO THEIR DECIDED TO 60 TO THEIR OWM SEPARATE gsj, APART-, T ^ HEMTSl TRAVELING, BUT THEY'RE APRIL. ..AMD IT'S SOIMS- 16 LAST A LOM6, LOM& TlMEl BLONDIE WHAT'S SO GOOO ABOUT HIM ONLV PLAVINSNINE HOLES? THAT HA.0 NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM PLAVINS NINE HOLES GEECH DlLBERT I'tA SENDING YOU TO ELBONIA FOR A MEETING, BUT WE'RE ON A TIGHT BUDGET. SO THERE UILL BE NO LIttO SERVICE TO THE AIRPORT. GO THERE IN THE CHEAPEST POSSIBLE UAY. AND THEN I STARTED) BROUNIE'S BARREL SERVICE. 1 Annie's Mailbox KATHY MITCHELL/MARCY SUGAR DEAR ANNIE: Recently, my husband and I, along with our three children, spent five days with my in- laws. At the end of the visit, my father-in-law presented us with a bill for $100. He said it was to help pay for the extra water and electricity we used during our time in their house. I was livid. My husband was also angry but he reluctantly paid the bill. My in-laws have stayed with us on numerous occasions, and it would never occur to me to ask them for extra money to finance their stay They are incredible slobs and rarely offer to help with the house and kids. They expect us to wait on them hand and foot. Should I return the favor next time his parents visit us and present them a bill for extra water, electricity and housekeeping services? — Miffed in Michigan Dear Miffed: Please don't. Although it is tempting, it would not improve the situation. Are your in-laws on a fixed in- come? Do they have financial problems? That is the only reasonable excuse for this insulting behavior. Chalk this one up to experience, and next time, INSIST on staying in a hotel. It's emotionally cheaper. DEAR ANNIE: Three weeks ago, my husband's biological daughter contacted him. He had not seen "Alice" since she was 8 years old. (She is now 18.) I was thrilled and ,excited, and so was my husband. The visit was lovely I gave her a photo album of my husband's family She stayed for several hours, and we had a wonderful time. Last week, I sent Alice the pictures of the reunion and called her to say how nice it is to have her in our lives. However, my husband seems to be completely uninterested in maintaining a relationship with his daughter. Alice hasn't called since the visit, but I suspect she is waiting for her father to make the next move. He hasn't, and frankly, I don't know that he will. If this were my father, I would be terribly hurt if he didn't call me. I don't want them to lose contact again. It would be too painful for her, and I doubt it would be good for my husband, either. Is there anything I can do to encourage this relationship? — Sad Stepmom in Oklahoma Dear Stepmom: You seem to have a greater emotional investment in Alice than your husband does. Although your efforts to create a bond between them is admirable, you should be careful not to force the issue. It is also possible that Alice isn't quite ready to be more involved in her father's life. Ask your husband if he would like to see Alice again. If he says yes but is too lazy to make the effort to arrange it, feel free to take the initiative. Invite her for dinner. Include her in future family gatherings. Keep her up to date on her father and half-siblings. She will appreciate it. DEAR ANNIE: There is a lovely woman who works in my office. "Doris" will be receiving a special award at a sit-down dinner, and I am in charge of the seating arrangements. Doris has invited her favorite nephew. She claims he is a doctor, although we happen to know he does not have a medical degree. How should I put his name on the place- card? I don't want to hurt Doris' feelings, but it would be wrong to put "M.D." after his name. What do you suggest? — Confused in Piano, Texas ^ Dear Piano: Luckily for you, the rules of etiquette say that "M.D." is a professional title and does nqt need to be used in social settings. "Mr." is sufficient. — Write to Annie's Mailbox, P.O. Box 118190, Chicago, IL ore-mail REAL LIFE ADVENTURES CLOSE To HOME 9/14 MILBURN PET PSYCHOLOGY! CENTER ! Welcome to the Fan Hall of Fame. Dr. Paul Donohue HEALTH DEAR DOCTOR: I have had surgery for ovarian cancer, and my doctor says he got it all. I am now taking cancer drugs as a "precaution," according to my doctor. Every three months I have an exam and blood tests. What do the blood tests tell him? — D.A. If "lucky" can be applied to any woman with ovarian cancer, you are lucky. From what you say, the inference is that your cancer was caught and treated early. That gives hope for cure, something few ovarian cancers give. More than 23,000 North American women come down with ovarian cancer yearly, and there are about 14,000 deaths from it every year. Ovarian cancer is a deadly cancer because its early signs are so nondescript that a woman ignores them. Bloating is such a symptom. Bloating is rarely taken as a sign of serious implications, and if it is, it's the digestive tract and not the ovaries that gets the doctor's attention. By the time major symptoms arise, an ovarian cancer has usually spread and is not curable. The every-three-month visits are most important after surgery. The doctor can inspect you for a return of the cancer. Blood tests, specifically one called CA-125, are another check for cancer return. Many doctors have their patients return for a checkup and blood tests every three mpnths for two years following treatment and then every four to six months for the next three years. From that point on, the visits are spaced further apart. DEAR DOCTOR: I had emergency surgery for what was believed to be appendicitis. My pain came from a swollen lymph node that was close to the appendix. Is this a common error? — K.D. Even in this day of CT scans and other sophisticated tests, it is not uncommon for a person to be wheeled into an operating room for appendix removal and then be wheeled out of the room with a different diagnosis and with the appendix still attached to the digestive tract. A doctor or a hospital that has a 100 percent accuracy in diagnosing appendicitis is looked on with disfavor. The implication is that the doctor or the hospital is missing cases of appendicitis by turning away appendicitis patients who do not have classic symptoms. A swollen lymph node near the site of the appendix produces many signs and symptoms that an inflamed appendix produces. Up to 10 percent of people thought to have appendicitis actually have the swollen lymph node condition whose name is "mesenteric adenitis." When I was starting out in medicine, I had a patient with complaints and findings that left me in the air. I couldn't tell if the patient had appendicitis or some condition that called only for stomach medicine. I asked a revered, older surgeon to examine my patient. He did, and when he was done, he said he couldn't tell, either. I felt relieved that the voice of experience was having the same trouble as I was. You want the rest of the story? My patient did not have appendicitis. — Write to Paul Donohue, M.D., P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475. AXYDLBAAXR is LONGFELLOW One letter stands for another. In this sample, A is used for the three L's, X for the twb O's, etc! Single letters; apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different. 9-14 CRYPTOQUOTE GW VLT PCSJ JL ZGUU CSV GOAC GS JIA PLHUO JLOCV, D A J C KLBBGJJAA PLHZGSD LS GJ. — K.W. ZAJJAHGSD Yesterday's Cryptoquote: THERE IS NO POINT IN OUR ANCESTORS SPEAKING TO US UNLESS WE KNOW HOW TO LISTEN. — MORTIMER ADLER NEED HELP with Cryptoquotes? Call 1-900-420-0700! 99e per minute, touch-tone/rotary phones. (18+only.) A King Features Service, NYC. © 1998 by King Features Syndicate, Inc. CROSSWORD By THOMAS JOSEPH ACROSS 1 Athlete's TV greeting 6 Squat 11 Battery end 12 Nebraska city 13 Snob 14 Place for a perm 15 Punished severely 17 Pen fill 18 Seine season 19 Grove yield 22 Actor Beatty 23 Turns red, perhaps 24 Metal fastener 25 Vacillate 27 Mine output 30 Give up 31 Clark's foe 32 Hockey legend 33 Nature lover 35 Stupefied 38 Snake, for one 39 Old instruments 40 Writer Jong 41 Tiffs 42 Baseball data DOWN 1 Step up 2 Deep- seated 3 Tied up 4 Smell 5 Rock from above Q Pamplona pair 7 Thurman of "Pulp Fiction" 8 Libel 9 Gives a ring. 10 Richard Gere film 16 Old movie setting 20 Lens openings 21 Tennis need Yesterday's answer 24 Field 29 Crowd marshal? scene 25 Distraught p_eople 26 Printer's goofs 27 "Twelfth Night" character 28 Remove surgically 30 Fencing swords 34 Tabloid staple 36 Sopping . 37 Superman, symbol ,- NEW CROSSWORD BOOKI Send $4.50 (check/m.o.) to Thomas Joseph Book 2, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475 9-14 STUMPED? For answers to today's crossword, call 1-900-226-31681 99(6 per minute, touchtone/rotary phones. (18+ only.) A King Features service, NYC.

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