The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 3, 1940
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|mnun».«nnij Run a Button Re a Sponsor THE DOMINANT NFAVSPAPEH OP NrnjTHK* "o.,, ,„„.,. -^.l-l—J ff Ks-7 VOI.UAil. XXXVII—NO. -10. Wylhovlllc Dnlly News Mississippi Valley Leader lllylheville Courier lllylhcvlllo Herald ARKANSAS AND BOUTJIKA.*! 1 MISSOUK1 #f? a Sponsor Kit}/ a Ruttori _Hm'l!KVIU.I., A li KANSAS, Kid DA.', j|AY ::, I:M () CHAMBERLAIN'SI CONTROL IS VERTS SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Initiates Petition To Force New Hatch Measure To Floor WASHINGTON, May ... (Up'^epi-OHeiiUilive John I Dcmpsoy (Dem., N. Al.}, today formally initialed » ,,cliti<.n lo loj-ce a vole on seiiatR approved anicn<iim>n(.s cx- lon.lmjj l ho Hatch act prohibition against peniidons iwiih- cai "Clmty to sl.ilo cn.ployo.s paid iVom fwlenil funds. Ihc petition was placed before+ the house al the opening at the (lay's session, n requires 218 .signa- tures—u bare majority— to make It effective. If ihc signatures arc obtained the legislation would be brought to the floor over the veto ~ •• IB IB : of the house judiciary committee. Dempsey's action came as a majority of the committee members claimed to have voted against tabling the Hatch amendments, although the vote to do so was announced as 14 to 10. "This Is not an ordinary pell- meillately gathered clerk's desk to sign (ion." Dempscy told the house, "but milter u coll of honor showing the people of this nation who are for clean politics." A small group of members im- aroiiml tlie _ - the petition and 66 name., were placed on it before the (tat hour. The committee vote on Die bill Wednesday was taken by a rarely used secret ballot in executive session. Bin an official poll of (he committee today showed 13 members who said they voted against, three who sad they voted to table and seven who refused to state how they voted, chairman llntton Stunners votes only incase of a <ie and Representative Charles Girls To Sell Sponsor Buttons On Main Street (Dem., Neb.), was F. McLaughiin ateent. Informed of the fact that a poll of his committee members showed a majority claiming to have voted against laying the bill on the table Sumneis smiled and said lie guessed "some of them arc a Hide confused." Proud.-Band Street Bows -. LONDON IDP)—Bond'Street has had tn bend it., proud neck to the exigencies of war. Westminster cily council has opened n shop exhibiting scraps people can salvage to help the No Waste campaign. Old. iron, old clothes, paper cartons, bones and nil the equipment of (he "Any Old Iron" merchant. New York Cotton May July Oct. Dee. Jan. Mar. prcv. open high low close close 1074 1075 1071 107) 107V 1047 11)48 1013 10.3 1051) 1002 ioo4 987 989 983 970 3SJ 072 Ban 982 980 %G Sponsor Billions for Ihe Nallonal Cotlon Picking Contest, to be held In rilylheville Sept. 23-24, will be sold at prominent polnls throughout the business district, tomorrow, It was announced today by the National Cotton Picking Association, sponsors of tlie contest. Don Edwards, head of tlio' drive to gel 5000 sponsors throughout Ihl. section of the country for the contest, .said girls will be in (he banks and drug stores on Main street to solicit buyers for thc buttons, "We haven't been able to approach anywhere near all the people in Blytheville on this campaign yd," Mr. Edwards said. "That will take a good while lo do. Many people have called me aiic! other members of the Association during tile week and asked to buy a button. If all those folks who haven't been approached will buy ,T button from one of the girls on Main street tomorrow, it help us out a great deal." The inieresl voiced throughout Ihe south for the contest during the first few weeks after its announcement was made public is being maintained, a member of the committee reported, and its success looks more certain day by day. 999 1007 982 99'2 980 98. 9G(i 074 New Orleans Cotton May July Ocl, Dec. Jan. Mar. prev. open high low close close 1086 108G 1081 1081 108(1 1058 1058 1053 1052; 1058 1007 1009 1001 1002 1010 393 994 085 987 998 987 989 084 984 990 978 978 072 972 980 Stock Prices Am Tobcaco Anaconda Copper . Beth steel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola General Electric General Motors Int Harvester Montgomery Ward . N Y Central '. North Am Aviation ... Packard Phillips "" Radio '.'.'.','.'" Republic-Steel .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. Socony Vacuum Stiidcbaker Standard of N J U S Steel ' 90 29 3-8 84 1-4 85 3-4 G 1-8 I2G 36 1-2 54 57 45 1-4 15 1-. 22 3-4' 3 1-8 39 5-8 6 1-2 20 7-8 11 10 3-8 42 5-3 60 1-8 May July Clricaao Wheat open high low close 1051-8 10fil-4 104 7-8 106 5-. 104 1-2 106 104 1057-5 Chicago Corn open high low close May S. 5-8 655-8 643-8 653-8 July 653-4 663-4 655-8 661-4 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS .111.. Mav 3 (UP)—Hogs: 7,500 Top, 6.10 170-230 Ibs., 5.85-6.00 HO-160 Ibs., 5.35-5.75 Bulk sows, 4 90-5 30 Cattle: 500 Mixed ycarlli._s, heifers. RSo-9.75 Slaughter heifers, Cnltfrs find Ion- cutters, 7.00-10,25 Roosevelt Doubts If Anybody Knows Just WKat House Is Doing WASHINGTON, May 3 <TJP)_ President Roosevelt Indicated his belief today that the House is bun belief today that ihe house is bungling Its cfforls to correct Ihe wage-hour law by granting wide exemptions for processor., of farm products and oilier workers He made his views known as house administration lenders said they did not believe they could lirevent passage of broad "amendments to thc controverted act. Asked at a press conference to comment on the house action the president said lie doesn't know what the chamber Is doing or at- lempllng to do and he does not think that anyone else knows what It is doing. He was asked whether he believes that good wages for industries connected with agriculture go hand in hand tvith farm prices. He replied in the affirmative, tlnis Implying opposition to the exemption of many groups of farm processing employes from minimum wage standards of the act. Bui Roosevell Docs Not Disclose [..for Is Now Being Made WASHINGTON. May 3. (UP)— President liooscvelt today indicated Dial Ihe \Jr.Uctt Stales Is working actively to prevent tile extension of the Kuropean war Into Italy and the Mediterranean, Thc president said nt a press conference thai Uii s country Is striving as it has all along to pre- veni the extension of the war lo new areas iu:il nnllons. He did not revoal, however, whether Ills current efforts for peace are as direct as was his personal liilervenlion in ci-Ises before the, outbreak of the European war. But it was Indicated he was leaving no stones unturned lo put the full weight of this country behind efforts (o keep Ihe war within Us present bounds. When pressed, for details of diplomatic activities Mr. Roosevelt said lhat for the present he musl stand on the statement thai luls country simply is doing everything it can to prevent the spread of war. Thai statement said the president must answer questions bearing on his conference yesterday with the Italian ambassador and Ihc previous day's conference in between Premier Mussolini and American Ambassador William Phillips. Mr. Roosevell sidestepped inquiries as lo whether this country has Informed Italy that if the war spread.; lo Die Mediterranean (he U. S. will redefine combat arias and prohibit all American shipping from entering that sea. Acting Secretary of State Sumner Welles,.. who participated In yesterday's conference with .the. Italian ambassador, Don Ascaulio Colonna, also refused to discuss the details of the meeting. Seek .liaudil Who Specializes In Robberies Along Higlumy Ity MAX S' Strangers in Old Photo Now Husband and Wife DETROIT (UP) — Mr. and Mrs. John Schurman have discovered Dial they nibbed elbows three years before thev met nnd fell in love. With opening of the 1040 baseball season, n local nen-syaiier published n picture taken at the first game 33 years ago. Schiirrnan. who recalled (he photograph and had vainly looked for ii in the paper the day after it was taken, recognized his picture. Then lie discovered that the woman ..landing next to him, wearing a pancake hat and blowing on n tin horn was the woman he met three years Inter and mnrried. Bones of Indian Found; Date Back 1,000 Years GENEVA. N. Y. <UP>—Tim skeleton of an Indian who lived 1.0(10 years ago has been unearthed nt Dresden, near here, on the Scucca Lake shore. William A. fiitchie, Rochester museum archaeologist, said the bone.s were found with the skeletons of 14 other Indians In a sand knoll. The 14, he said, were buried about 500 years ago, but their skeletons are well preserved, Does This City ,WaiU Daylight Saving lime? U early returns on the Courier News' attempt lo secure a popular opinion poll on daylight saving time are any indication such a plan (s just what the people have been waiting for. Possibly, too, those who would like lo sec Ihc clock hands moved up tin hour are more eager lo accomplish their goal than those who simply prefer the status quo. But at any rate (he very few who have voted against daylight saving time in the Courier's poll so far are well In Ihe minorily. Comment is solicited n.. well as voles. Frankly the method of accomplishing HID change, even If it Is (he popular wish, remains somewhat obscure. But more than likely Ihc city council and the chamber of commerce can determine the course. So if you're for daylight saving time, let's have your'vote. And If you prefer to remain "as is", let's have your vote, too, I1AVT1, Mo., Mny 3. _ County officers, usstslt'd by highway pi<- (rolinen of fioulhcusl Missouri mill Norlhonsl Arkansas, continued;' today lo search for a 'highway bandit' who (hey claim has successfully rxi'culcd between as and 3d holdups. moslly of poTMias In parked automobiles, i u ihi s nm s(nce August of last year. The bandit, whose di'seriplion the officers have-, discontinued his activlly during the cold weather, but, according lo officers, set out again three weeks ago and since then has 'pulled' 11; 'Jobs. 1 An officer here who declined lo have his name revealed, indicated lhat authorities In both states had believed for some time all i;ie holdups were committed by tile same person, bill had kept their deductions .secret pending his ai^ rest. The bandit started plying his h'l- Jtifklng along Highway (H frojii Slkeslon south lo Slcele In southeast Missouri In August last year and since then has extended his operations (o include a new territory along the same highway from the Arkansas-Missouri state line to n.s far south as Bassctl, Ark Principally, his activity has centered around Hayli and Porluce- ville. His 'take' according to officers, is not parlicul.nly lucrative for Hie risks he rims, since, (hey declare, his tolal for all, holdups he has executed is less than $1,000 The htglicsl he 1ms lakcn was $70 which he removed from a truck driver one night recently near heve. . Displaying versatility, he docs not confine his operations lo one type of 'job.' Ills principal work Is holding up persons in automobiles and Irucks bearing license plates from other states, which he finds parked by the highway. He .do.i, iiowever, according to officers, confine his wciiklng hours for parked into and truck holdups to a period bteween :):30 and 5 o'clock In Hie morning... He has made nil but one of his holdups unmasked, and the description of the man given officers by (he victims arc so much Ihe same (hat they have conclude/! all Ihc crimes were committed by tlie same person. In recent holdups he lins worn Ihe same clothing. Indlraling knowledge of (ho license number series of Southeast Miti.oiiil aiUomobllos, Ihe bandit IBS not yet held up persons living In- this urea. Officers said he ordl- "inly approached only 'oul-uf- slale 1 cars, but tlmt if ho held up a Missouri oar, it would be om> from sumo other section of Ihe stale. Kxcciiiliiu his holdups wllh rf- tftk'iicy nnd dispatch, his method Is lo Impress his victims l nal hv Is a pence ofilcer without nelimlly making H (H,.,, cl a (| lU . ml , ut dial he h one. Sometimes, his ap- prowch l.s to ivsmtnln If Ihc p.-r- •sun sealed al (he wheel has a driver's license. After Ihls sort of Introduction, lu: produces a gnu, rcll.vcs (he omipimis- of the cm- n f llieir money, then calmly walks nwny Inlu tlie darkness. How lie leaves the scene of a holdup no one yet lias been ablo to I ell officers, There has been only one report that he had mi accomplice and sped away In an luitomomle Anolher victim snld he thought he heard a cav speeding nway a few moments after (lie holdup 1ml he wasn't .sure. liming his recent ncllvlllt's hu has spread his range to Include holding up persons In cabins at lom-isl camps along (lie highway in Pcinlscal and New Miulild counties, lie Invariably picks a cabin occupied by persons from sonic other stiite or from some dlslaiu point. Al one cabin he Ruined entrance recently by appearing ul ih c door with u (ray of cold drinks. Once inside, he .relieved thc occu- of their money, then walked from Ihe cabin and vanished Into Ihe darkness. Last week he held up occupants ol one of three trailer automobiles In a grove near here. Lust Saturday, south, of the Arkansas-Missouri slate line, he lie!d up a tourist who reported to Arkansas officer* thai Ihe bandit, unmasked, Indicated (o them he was an officer,, and at Ihe point of ii gun took 550 from them. The tourist, from another slate, said he was parked by the highway getting some sleep. Two nights before, the highwayman entered a liome at Ijii.vjell, Ark., and escaped wllh 00 cents. The same night ho was reported lo have held up a parked truck on Highway (H norlh of iJn.vicU nnd escaped wllh $10 which he look from (he driver. Most Of Those Ordered To Have Armor And Cannons WASHINGTON. M,,y 3. (UP)Major General H. II. Arnold, chief of the army air corps, lold a sorntc appropriations subcoininlUce. today thai ma.t of the l.oao combat planes recently ordered by Ihe army will be equipped with self- scalfng gasoline tanks, heavy protective armor and 37 millimeter guns. These features are incorporated In German war planes. The 37 millimeter gun is a small rapid firing cannon. H fires a shell about one and one hall Inches In diameter, compared with the one third and one half Inch machine guns now used on most American planes. Arnold appeared before thc committee in connection with thc pending $185.000,000 house approved bill to finance Ihc army's opernlion.. during thc 1941 fiscal year. Earlier President Roosevell told his press conference that because ol developments in ihc European .'S lie Received .Voluntary Contributions For Welchc] Public Opinion Is Taking Firm Stand Against His Policy KRRUN, Mny ii. (W>)_ LONDON, Mny 3 (ut<;-^ Cmni-nllov Adolf Jlillcr call-The future of Prime* Mhiis- i!d on hiiO)i(leer corpi* Unlay lor Neville Ommberlain's i<> it'iwl bc'i-tniiny H xlniKKlc government ami of British oi' cxisleiico on Hit! liirhUiiK war policy was believed tb- i ronls MH milliomcil official day to depend on t-ood news qimrlci-H cliaruwl Ihc Allies are s(>e!diiK new thoatcrs ol' war «'ii)i (hi! folliip.s.' of their Noi'H'ojfian |i<wi Ikm. Hitler's addicss to n closed iisscm- «j«i.i.. IOOK calmly thc news .... ov.,1 «,,,i."»>l«'»f ii.000 incmlii'rsor Ihc nrmyjllmt their troops hnd been forpcrf is county, ml- '"' force and K. S. ofllcer.i corps to abandon their bases al An" „,.„! "f ,11 Hi, lni> Illo-ll., EJ.W...I., ,,..) .,..1 _. Ull-ll.0 . LIV V.ll K till., May [I (UP) —A scatfiiced imiimtalu politician aeciiKi'd by Ihe federal of helping CimniTK.smiMi 11. h'rnnk Wolchi'l p«ldle postal sevvl.c Jobs look Iho S |,,, U | today in hts own defense, nuly Jones, Ihe sol ,. u .,0r of IMckens coiuuy, mi- "" ""v:^ mui n. fc>. mltled relnylng sevorn) "five will nl ""' Hi'i'lln Sports Norway or some other war -/.one before the House of Commons debate took calmly thc news inni|Hii|;ii C'onli-lbultons" finm us- "elnlls ot his speech were not plrnnt mail carriers and poslnmst- nnul1 ' l"'Wli! beyond the fact, Hint ere lo thc young Democratic rep- '"' ''xlioi'led lliu officer,, to lead vcscnlftllve. These "(•niiir.litit.nMi." ""' sli'UBKli' tor UK- llf<- or dp.iih>s. was expressed that n,,,,,,,. , ii — . ..........s. iiu^n; v.u3 expressed that ml 111 T 01 ' 11 OTrc " D M OJ "»" ta 'l«t" n»<l His cabinet collide public beVOIll lir> dlt-l. ll.'.l Ionium., „>„,„ i_...,.__ . . . . However, were made OH an cnllre- ly "vohmlary" basis, lie said. Jones and Wel.het faced prosccu- tm on six coimls [if allegedly conspiring to sell post olllco department appointments lo the con- eri'ssimin's hill country constituents. As (lie defense ncnred the end of Us case attorneys for the accused prosec gators ,. foi- Hie life or dentil of (he Cl.nnaii people, Authorized cicunnn imaiierK snlil nil Unit mmilned (o be done In Norway wiis mopping up i)|jera- llons and (iinicil chief ullentlon lo the Iliiihins and Hie Mi'.SIIcr- riineiin. Then- they charged Urlt- nln Is seeking "at all costs" lo create n new theater of war. l''allure of Ihc Nonveiilun ciim- - leanues wore looking forward to soinn big dcvclo])incnt which might give n complete new turn to the .vorwejlnii debute which chamberlain had pvomlscd Commons. • ' But It was forecast tnat unless there were favorable developments by Tiie..<!ny, Chamberlain would need nil his political ingenuity to meet his crlllcs in pnrliamcnt-iiot, omy those of the opposition parlies but of his owii. tl was not so much the retreat where private ,1 oo sii IK no " ' "" ns ° 1 ' cv ° nmernn am ,, , n orwegans, rsl Loicl n[ '"« Admiralty Win- Swi<los ' «'«' People all over south- r'..,in . L . J. -'- ' sciiUcrcd and luMred MioocrK" is inulUlonni. The contention (hat a conllress- ninn can obtain government Jobs fm- iiis campaign fund contributor., without vlol.illnr, federal bribery law.s ivns mndc In defense of Frank Welchel. Counsel for the young Georgia Democratic representative, lighting to save him from a maximum prison sentence of 12 years, admitted that Welchel had received contributions from some of his constituents who- lftl«i«olil«inc<l postal service jobs 'on his recommendation. Thcsn payment.';, however, were not lor "unlawful purposes," nor did they Inlluencc the congressman's recommendations, the defense said, supporting this argument by testimony from witnesses who snld Wclchel had coiislsleiuly rcfused to lake eampal|jn conlribu- llotis, but finally did so on several occasions nt, Iho insistence of (lie donors. uiu jximnraiiy win- -"' """ 1-1-^1'^.- HU over sullin- sloii Churchill run be certain tlmt e "slcru Europe, pnrlfcularly llal- whercvcr they nil-Ike we will strike ' luls ' buck." r'liiliiur ihcre was the- most Irn- 'I'hey claimed to see nothing In I I'ortntit questtoa ol the effect on the utlltiiile of llnly lo juslify Hie I'rcinlci- Paul Rcyimud of France ot the Allied Medl- n " (l Ills govcrnmctit of an tcn-iincan fleet. I reverse, In view ot the highly C rlt- The high command said Ihe 'cdl attitude. of French political IJrltlsh had nnide n few attacks 01 Narvik, lu the tar north, and hni been repulsed, and lhat "thc demobilization of Nnrse farces Ii wcslci n Norway Is progressing nl- lliounh Qerninn mopping up dc- (iichmentu arc still 'resisted by Isolated Norse nulls Ignorjiul of (lie general stltiallon." It claimed tlmt Iwo more Allied submarines had been destroyed by German niivjil forces In Ihe Skag- cmik. and (hut one and possibly (wo more lirlllsli cruisers had been lill by airplane bombs on May I. In addition lo two lirllisli airplane curriers and a Urlllsli destroyer Dial were bninbi'd [lie same day us reporled In yesterday's eommu- ntiiue. II said lliat one of thc i >. c[ue. sa a out! of tc The government hnd on record ! cruisers was bit on Ihc bow by a testimony that Hie payments were ! ' Joml) nll(l severely dniiingcil, and " Hot Springs Scene Of Convention Of State's Lawyers preceded by imdi'rstitmilnijs with Welchel that the payees would receive his political blessing—and a Job—In return. As Hie U. S. district court trial ncarcd an end. Wclchel and II Orndy Jones, tlie Plckens county oominlssloner charued wllh boltij; .• - -i- a KO-bctween for tlie nlicgrd graft, '" entire Norway lire proceedlni- had won dismissal of two counts rn ! ; ' l Hy>" "' e 1'lRh command coin- that tlie "clfcct on the second cruiser could not be observed In detail owing lo a mist." The high command also said a large transport ship was sunk by 11 bomb. "Andnlsnc.'i now Is in Clcrman hands and pacification operalions flOT SPRINGS, Mny 3. (U|')- Altonicys for almost every town In Arkansas iiMcmbled In Hot Springs for what Is expected to be one of tlie most important moet- liigx of the Arkansas liar Association In several years, heard an nd- drcss today by Association President Harvey T. Harrison of Little ' Hock on "Thc Lawyer's Jo!)." Sl>cclal Interest Is centered In work of thc 1940 convention committees appointed by President Harrison this morning and the rc- |K>rts to be heard later from last year'si commitlces. In Hie' laller classification will be a resolution drafted by the law reform committee calling for drastic revision of procedure In the state courts In the interests of greater efficiency. Uelegales were welcomed this morning by Cooper Land of Dot Springs, president of the junior section of the bar, ar.d Charles Fr.erson Jr. of Joncsboro responded. on the Indictments against them. The two counts. Involving appointment of a postmaster nt Tnke, Cla., were dismissed by Judge K Mtirvln Underwood on grounds of liMiilllclcnt evidence. Underwood, at Ihc name liie., overruled 11 defense motion tor a directed ucmilual on all counts. mutilniie. said. "In lerrilory north nnd southwest of Narvik, enemv forces arc slowly pressing against our oiilposls. The altacks were repulsed by German oulposts." H snlil lhal Jirlllsh planes hud raided air fields In Norway and Denmark but had caused no duiii- "Rc ?;:^ ; ™"si".,x sa^^stiJSE planes in addition to bullet proof gasoline tanks and increased armored protection for personnel. Mr. Roosevelt said that the evolution of the war plane as a deadly weapon will not delay Unilcri states naval expansion program despite official navy admissions that warships authorized but not yd built must be re-dcslgned lo provide Increased protection against airi-rnll. Blythcville Courier News Blylheville, Arkansas • I am in favor of Daylight, Savins Time for Blylheville... 1 Bin opposed to Daylight Saving Time for Blythcville... Mark "x" opposite choice. (Signed) $1547 Awarded Minor In Agreed Judgment An agreed judgment in Hie sum of $1,547 has been entered In circuit court here in favor of Donald Ksles, minor, against Stanley P. McDowell and Malone and iiydc, Memphis firm. The suit was brought through the boy's mother, Mrs. L. E, day, as a result of a highway accident In January. Doyle Henderson was attorney for the plaintiff. i --"juij u., t " • The defense was "expected to .,'""; ° m , c , lnl , Jlt;w ' s "I 0 " 0 *' ssl " complete Its case sometime lo ' nccor(lm ? tn responsible G.r- morrow I " ln » <l»nrtors. the rccanstruclion morrow One of thc early def «. ll« pastor of\, i I mn| i 'iwnricrs. thc rccansliuclion witness- ° f ""'.!! " llcs '" m " ral nml smltl1 ' ' '" Nt ' 1J ' w " s l"««Bl" «- lee, presided. Most of the stale's conslUutlorial officers with Ihe exception of Oov. Biiiley. who Is ill al home, are attending the convention. Marriage Clinics Urged In Schools by Pastor CAMDEN, N. J. (Ul')—Establishment of "marriage clinics" In - - • ••«. •<..•< schools and churches to disiicl rcasori ( °r the absence of dreaded "abysmal Ignorance" has been ad- j poisonous gases, for explosives will vocnlcd by Rev. Eric A. Ocsterle. | ki!1 '"ore men and do more dam- prcachCT nnd some fr him In behalf of T. I seeking a poslmnsli hnd agreed to make .. ^ ,„_ lion, tlio pastor. W. If. Warren said, but Welchel declined. Physicist Says Gas Warfare Js Too Costly STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (Ul') — Because belligerents' .money will buy more death and destruction by Investment In high explosives than In poisonous gases, thc world has so far been spared from the ravages of chemical warfare, according to Dr. Frank C. Whllmorc, dean of (lie School of Chemistry and Physics at Pennsylvania State College. Ur, Whllmorc, a past president of the American Chemical Society, icn the troops and supplies, it said thai went lo German sapper mills were rcpalr- ris, (hen | tiK other lines which would be rc- Hnrrls turned lo service soon. lO'ilrlbu- Other sources here believed lliat coincident with the restoration of communications, the Germans were preparing lo make the most strategic use of their new Norwegian bnse.s. declared Hist economy, rather than luimni.ttarlimlsm. Is thc real . --..»,,,., M j i^v», ui iv, 11. vjc.ii*:! iv, Pastor of (he Colllngswood Baptist Church. "At this season," he said, "my age than chemicals. He ascribed the failure ot Gcr- — ...... .*..<..,_,*•, ,iu .HILU, »uj i many lo Initiate more intensive Httlc led book is beglnnlnj to nil] Aerial combat to thc "realization up with thc names of young pco- i that Britain and Prance have pie who plan to be married. And; enormous amounts of avlatlou fuel It Is amnzlng to find such abysmal : of higher octane rating." Ignorance among young people, "Higher octane ruling fuel" lie ana adults, for lhat matter, on said, "enables the planes employ this subject of marriago and the '-- " •- v * things tlio' mnrrUge," Visiting Educators Trade Jobs as Well as Homes EASTON, Pa. (Ul>)— Lsfaycttc College and Occldct:lnl College of Los Angeles have arranged an unusual professorship exchange for this year, with the visiting professors. accompanied by their families, living In each olhers' homes. Dr. Morgan CMell, Occidental ----- - .......... - .......... „ ...... religion and philosophy professor, war secrctsry; L. is. Amery. a one has arrived here and moved pnrtlRs toward him. The French parliament vyns In recess until May IG. it was agreed that the Norwegian reverse could be overcome and thai. II mli[ht;-soniu llino develop that the allies-really held Ihe balance In' Norway, uuf the political sltu- tillon hero, us opposed lo tlie military slluallon, was becoming.crit- ical. As the Independent conservative Daily Mnij put H. "There remains one fundamental question: Arc we conducting llio wsir In ihc right iniy?" Implicit In that question wns'tnp nucsllon whether the right men were conducting It from Whitehall nnd Downing street, I'oiltlcal quarters studied vvltli eager Interest today the possible meaning of a paragraph In last night's authorized l.riUsh Broadcasting Company broadcast In .lie Rumanian language.. U urgently appealed to Rumania not to delay any necessary request for allied aid and added: •.:':' "In Palestine, Syria and Egypt great armies of England and Prance (ire massing. Hitler understands nothing but force ans! thc allies liavc enough force in the Near East to smash utlerly any Balkan adventure Hitler may undertake.". A tendency to reserve judgment on ihc government until next week was due partly to a widely held Ii0|io that Chamberlain yesterday lad told all Ills bad news and might be looking forward confldemly to some favorable development. It was forecast tliat any reorganization of the cabinet might be precipitated from within the ministry itself. Winston Churchill", senior defense minister, might resign for Instance. There had been not the slightest suggestion that he would, but It was reported that the admiralty, of which he is head, nail been eager for a frontal attack' on Trondhelm from Iki- sea but that the war cabinet rejected the proposal as over-costly. There were plain rumblings of a storm of criticism which might break at any time. . ; Shortly nfter Chamberlain's speech yesterday about 15 government, supporters in parliament, all critical of the government for some lime, met privately and were understood alter having criticized the government unsparingly, to have said that the resignation of the cabinet had now become an Immediate isle. Among thc members who met were Leslie Hore-Belisha. formsr first lord of the admiralty mi* tumuu nrre ami moveu mio | Llulu IUM- iuin 01 me anmiraiiy tlie home of Dr. Henry E, Allen, j who Is n real power in conservative Lafayette rclislon professor. Dr. politics; Lord MacMinan, former Allen mcamvlille has been installed, minister of Information, and Cleni with his family, In Dr. Oriell's Los Angeles home. WEATHER ent Davids, a leader of the National-Liberal coalition group. (It was not said whether Alfred Duff Cooper, who resigned as first lord of the admiralty at the moment when everybody else was cheering Ihe Munich agreement, because he "could not stomach It," attended,) It looked now as If the labor and liberal opposlHon parties were ir,r."ii .•—-.:—••••- '"•"«»» n'ifiujf .Mfliicwnnt warmer conignt, lowest ready to end at any time the EO- tldngs-'Thai make-to?" a""happy ( ^t d i, Luira llv ",f ^ntT '7'™^ nto » 5J '' Sa.urday! truco which Ld LP" trfelr .IriB) ,J r r.,™» "^'.tnge; fair and warmer, Sunday partly I criticism of the government to the Ktiiai wanaie. cloudy and somewhat warmer. In.lDirmun. Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight and Saturday, slightly warmer In extreme north irortlon Saturday. Memphis and vicinity — Pair and somewhat warmer tonight, lowest

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