Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on May 26, 1971 · Page 22
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 22

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 26, 1971
Page 22
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NOT ALL WATER fun is confined to outboardsand skung. Incwsasing m popularity in Southwest Kansas is the sailboat. Ttiey can be saeai at Lake McRride in Scott County State IPark and on oc-casion at Lake McKinney in Kearnv County. ,. * ' , ' Vacation Vehicle? Read This Before You Choose FLYING CUTS DISTANCE, TIME Airplanes Bring Outdoors Closer Hundreds of new weekend vaoaibion spots, .formieiily inaccessible due to distance and driving time, and 'the fun on the Great Ouitdoioms cam be easily w!i!bMn your grasp via the f »m- iiy 'airplane. To a private pilot, a 500-mile jaunt is only a few enjoyable nouns flying time. The personal flBtflfeliaction of learning to fly a modern "private" airplane is somethflMg you will eainry with you aM your life . . . and the cost is eurprisinigly nominal. • Leaming to Uly is basically relative simple and ceiriainly inquires mo supe^humao skills. Last year, nearly 150,000 people began fLykiig lessons. They will soon be joining tihe 750,000 who new enjoy its benefits and convenience. Moist had never. before even seen ,the inside of a private aircraft beifore they started. • .. 'So, if you've always envied the man wiho steps comfideutly from his car, boards' a private airplane and flics away, and if you happen to have the urge to fly, here is how to go about it: . ' '' ' i Thousands 01 schools throughout the couatry„teach flying. Many offer a special "get ac- P«»ge 8A Garden City Tclegn Wedncsdoy. May 26. 1*71 quadrated" introductory flight lesson for a minimal charge of $5.00. This is an excellent way to start, since it gives you an op- poirtaindty to actually fly an airplane yourself, aiccoimpaniied by a govemmemit-licensied instructor, and base youir decision to continue on actual experience. Your instructor will /began wilth <an. introclucitaan.lo the airplane, explaining what mafces it fly and how it is controlled. After only one lesson, it will be dMffcuilt to beiKeve that most student pilots make tbear first solo fligiht after just 10-12 hours of dual inisibrudti : i>n time; but, it's. fane. Bery soon, all those "meaningless" dials and switches begin to forin a pattern, just ais automofcalle' insiLrunienits do wihen you learn to drive. As 'tjh'iis beeoiniies clear and you can miatoe corasdisiliemitiy. accurate lanidirogs, 'your instructor wall step -Iro'm thie atocrait on pretext <airiid' noiadlialliainitly, yo'ii to "take bar around tlhe pattern' a few times." SWISS + ' yogurt Fairmont Swiss Style Yogurt has'big fruit flavor and a custard-iike goodness thatniaiiesita special t«»t for every member of the family.Try several of the 10 exciting flavors soon. » t '. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS E'adh yeair .moo*- and rooiei ui'bainditiss buy or renit'some type of reereaitional vehicle to take ttheim Mo *he woods Joa % ! awfeile, away, from noise, cbn- ! gesi'tiion, poDlii'tioin and wtoait&ver i else city dweKters need .to get! iway from. That's . fee, but ui miamy oaaes Dhe e.a®ei seekers of na- hu-e .hiaven't pa-epaired th^im- selves pirop'Sirly for copinig'-wi'Bh • these veihiioieis, whtoh . pnesEinit ceirliaiith prcMeini's" niot found ,in' driyinig the faimily auibomioibdfe. These siuggesfcLamis ap§ly ta" travel trfliileiTs, whacb accoualt' for atoove 60 -per cent, o! all rentals, and oamipers, aceountiioig for about 30 per cent. ./Motor homes and temt ti-ai!ers make up the reraadndiar of lioaial viEtecte tenlbals. Travel trafflefs are onto 'the rear of a'caK and are potted by die car, The fatten should be attached to -4ihe car raitlher tiban to «be bumper. Also, it's a good idea to use safety chains so thai in ease the hitch fails the trailer won't break loose. Get the feel of your unit before halting the road. Especially, practice backing and park- fai'. You'll iiud it's va931y m0 re «oaanttc«tied than, parking and tacking a car. ' W«fc the iraMer a4*aei*ed, Ae total weight of your load is «»eatly incireaeed, , ^ you should suibstiairtiaay M- / the you keep. between your car and tlhe one anead of you. Bp atort for daps in the roiad. They can' cause rear-end diam- s to ttoe trailer. When betog passed by a large truck or bus, ycotr car and Irail- er .miay swea've jn. the i-usih oif air.' - AeceLsira'te siMgibbly. — but only silLgiMly— iarad a,p-ply. steady plff-ise'liMng. siteering pressure. Avoid aippying brafcasin such a ' ' even if you have to ruin a tire to dto ilt. XiEiarn to diowmisWift-initio a lower gear, on ibog ...drawn-grades. P^ctonigeid,; i seviEirie bxiaking ,on -a downiiill run can cause brakss to fad©.. ' • .-.; .--r- ;••••'--; ase seyerali toenjgs te re- memiber if 'yiaii reoit ••.* camper. Oa:mipiEirs are «wig!i3, vehicles lui whicili living quanteins are de- mounibabUy affixed to t/hs bed of a sm-att pick-up truck, iff pea-- manecitly atMxed to the iiruck's .frame. • . • ••,..' , Wlwn parking in »• city or town dca't get too close to the cua-'b; tbe ,sHope of tibia street may causa tne camper to lean over tf*e. curb etiouglh to hit trees, potet and signs. . A camp-sr; feels jfee «tfect by nd,. even -the wind created by Its' own movement, a kit more Uiu aa attioOMbile <k>£«. .So in wtady 'wtiaifiber keep ywir speed tatow SO inilei per hour. ' If you .nrait ai^ap along the get e»cryb«dy 'out o£ ' tfove your vcbiele «tf the road To Preserve YOUR, Letusgiveyoti an estimate on KREBS OOMTAMX; GarifcaOl?

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