The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts on July 13, 1963 · Page 3
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The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts · Page 3

North Adams, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 13, 1963
Page 3
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SATURDAY AFTERNOON, JULY 13. 1963 THE NORTH ADAMS. MASSACHUSETTS. TRANSCRIPT THREE Comdr. Jos. Bolger Is Presumed Dead Cmdr. Joseph F. Bolger, Jr., 40 of 4891 Kensington Drive, San Corp. on Long Island, N. Y. Diego, Calif., native of Adams and nephew of Mrs. Raymond K. Molloy of 31 !i St,, Adams, is presumed dead at sea wben his jet plane crashed on the aircraft carrier Oriskany in the Pacific Ocean early yesterday. Navy Informs Father This presumption was made late yesterday afternoon by the commanding officer of the carrier, who was in telephone conversation -with Cmdr. Bolgcr's father, & retired rear admiral, now vice ADAMS THEATER • Closed for Alterations • Reopens July 19 president of Grauman Aircraft TODAY AND SUNDAY MADISON'S ELEPHANTS 3 FREE SHOWS DAILY 4:30-7:30 10:30 P.M. SUNDAY—ALL FREE In Person — TOODY Officer Car 54 Plus Norlrieaitern U. S. TABLE TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIPS MON. thru SUN. FREE CIRCUS ACT SOL SOLOMON World'l Champion High Diving Arliit 2 f-ree Stiowi Daily 4:30-7:30 P. M. SUNDAY, JULY 21 NEW ENGLAND HORSE SHOE AND 8 P. M. THE AMERICAN HOOTENANNY FESTIVAL Every Tu.i.. 8:30 P. M. Fireworlei Every Wod., Kiddlei' Day Sc Off on All Ride OPEN DAILY I P. M. Rt. 5, Holyoke, Man. Mrs. Molloy was informed by telephone yesterday ailernoon by Adm. Bolger lhat lie had telephoned directly to Ihe sliip and talked with ttic commander to learn the story of the midnight happenings yesterday. Slie said that Cmdr. Bolger was approaching the earner in his jet plane to land and was about to settle in when the carrier, proceeding in rough seas, rose heavily on tne waves, the deck striking the plane and causing it to burst inlo flames. Cmdr. Bolger's F3B Demon jet crashed on top the deck and then pimped into the sea, it was reported. Another jet, also attempting a landing on the carrier, was struck minutes later by Ihe deck of the. carrier in l!ie same manner, hurst into ilames and dove inlo (lie ocean. Pilot of the second plane was not identified by Adm. Bolger. Adm. Bolger told Mrs. Molloy, his sister, that the carrier commander officially was lisling the •10-year-old flier as missing and presumed dead. The accident happened al midnight Thursday off the California coast, according to the Asso- jcialed Press which checked a lo- 'cal report of the happening al the request of the Transcript late yesterday morning. j Life boats from Ihe Oriskany | and the destroyer King and search-rescue planes combed the area without success immediately after the crash for many hours afterward without success in finding the wreckage o! Ihe planes or either body. The economic facts of life «re being ignored by General Electric in PitLsfield, charges the president of the Independent Union of Electrical Workers. Local 2.55 President Joseph J. LaCasse made this comment after the company refused the union's invitation to join a community task force lo Washington to seek defense contracts to bolster GE's sagging Pitlsfield ord' nance department. In rejection Ihe company said the proper way to get more business is through agresslve compe tilion rather than community po> litical pressure. Mr. LaCasse counters that RE Ls being hypocritical because it has resorted lo political action in the past. In JS138, he said, Robert T. Cape- ONLY A SHELL — Only rear half of Linehan & Craven Block sHIl stands as building wreckers rip and tear at shell of old structure, being demolished by its owner, the Berkshire Bank & Trust Co. buckef, center, dropped from crane, picks Clamshe up rubble. away ^jr Dr. E. M. Lebert, You Get More With the All New Fleet Van Does any light-duty Job . . . BETTER! • MORE Cargo Capacity • MORE payload«MORE Reliability • MORE Maneuverability • M O R £ Style "MORE Driver Comforf • MORE Economy • MORE Road Visibility • M O R E Resale Value. See H— Get * Demonstration Delivered in North Adams Fully Equipped Reg. $2790 $2290 Always a Good Selection of Used Jeeps and Passenger Cars ... at MOTORSAIE! "Where You Can Buy the Best for Less" Open Eves. Until 8 Sat. Until S J. Hart Funeral services for Mrs. Olive Minette (Wade) Harl, 78. wife of ^> Edsvard J. Hart of North Miami,;UflC6 Fla., were held at 11 o'clock this: i morning at the Simmons Funerali | gflCllGr Dl6S Home. The Hev. Orvel E. Hooker, ' pastor ol the First Baptist Dr. Eugene M. Lebert, DG, of Church, officialed. Browll 51., Lenox Dale, a one-time Mrs. Harl, a native of North . .. Adams, who had lefl the area| mcll)ber of the Wllhanls Collc S° many years ago, died Monday injfaculty, died yesterday at Pitts- North Miami. Burial was in the family in Sonthview Cemetery, with Mr. Hooker officiating at the committal service. field General Hospital. He had lot been ill several weeks. Dr. Lebert was born in Nantes, Mrs. Wm. St. Hilaire Funeral services for Mrs. William J. St, Hilaire. the former Marie Emma (Orell) Russett of North Adams, who died Wednesday afternoon at her home, 28 Willow St., Adams, were held at 3:30 this morning in Notre Dame Church, Adams. Celebrant of the Requiem High Mass was the Kev. Laurier L. L'Africain, who recited the Rosary last night at the Trottier Funeral Home, Adams, and also concluded the committal services (his morning in Sonthview Cemetery, North Adams. < THREE MORE DAYS - ENDS TOESDAY! THEY FOLLOWED THE APACHE TRAIL across a land where danger wore a painted face) MAN TOMMY MARTA KEITH• KIRK- KfilSTEN• CORCORAN• MWi" YORK• JMPOS- racEM Also NEW! Riotous FUN! 'Follow a Star II WilK All Cut Comtdrani NEXT WED. 'SPENCER'S MT. f Henry Fonda M*i/r««n O'hUr Coming: "THE LONGEST DAY" BENNINGTOj DRIVE-IN THEATRE Route 67 -67A Tonight. Sun., Mon., Tues, jFrauce, was educated in that country and cnme to the United Slates as a young man, He taught French at Williams, Grinnell College, the University of Wisconsin and New York University, before he retired in 1M2. Dr. Lebert interrupted his teaching career in 1914 to return lo France for Army service. After the United States entered World War I in 1917, he served as an interpreter with the American Expeditionary Forces. In 1919 he came back lo the United States and resumed teaching After his retirement 21 years ago he resided in Newlonville un til early this year when he went to Lenox Dale to reside with son, Eugene. The latter and granddaughter, Mrs. David Van JAlstyne of Lenox, are his only cnruivi survivors. His funeral will take place ill 8 o'clock Monday morning in St. |iVincent de Paul Church, Lenox Dale, wilh a High Mass of Requiem. There will be no calling [hours. Births Mr. and William Kittler, Adams, Dies After Suffering Attack William Kiltlcr, 65, of 24 Pine St., Adams, died suddenly al 5:45 this morning in North Adams Hospital where lie had been recuperating from a hcnrl attack suffered at his home on July I after he bad returned home from work. Mr. Kitttcr was a foreman at the USF Arnold Finishing Co. in Adams where he has been employed for approximately 32 years. i Prior to joining the firm, former-' The funeral will be Monday with Raps GE for Refusal To Push for Defense Jobs less, then head of Ihe Pittsfield tmploye relations, headed a Washington task force seeking tariff protections against competing imported electrical equipment. "It is difficult to understand," Mr. LaCasse said, "that when jobs are concerned and not profits, political pressure is personally obnoxious to local OE management and the ABC" The ABC — Association of Business and Commerce in Pittsfield—also turned dowr the union proposal. LaCasse said he is afraid the GE ordnance department, now midway through a 1,000-man layoff, will be forced to continue laying off next year if the company does not get more defense contracts. The ordnance department; is 100 per cent dependent on defense contracts. Nautical Milk Man Takes To Speedboat at Windsor Talk to arty Air Force veteran.Where else? "Milk runs," they say, "are, Part of the whole controversy plum assignments. Always easy and no bother." Talk to Albert "Mike" yiner,' 23-year-old Pittsfield milkman and founder of Windsor Pond's centers around rights of way and deeds and who owns what. Possibly tomorrow's meeting will determine who does own what. However, it was learned that all you'll catch a different pitch. Yesterday afternoon — for the second time—Mike made his last deliveries to five customers on Windsor Pond's far shore. But instead of using the usual rowboat transportation, a method which kicked up no disturbance in the deceitfully quiet lake waters, Viner bowed out with a flourish using a motor boat which stirred up a great wake behind him. Thai, modestly speaking, is ill-famed "rowboat run" and deeds were surveyed from a stationary cement post and ownership was decided from Hint point. Unfortunately, nobody has been able to find the cement post for years. Floor and Wall Covering • Genuine Formica • Armitrong linoUum • Kentila Product! • Ceramic Wall Til* • Sandran • Metal Trimi Gazzaniga's Wallpaper, Paint and Tile MO 4-7530 Cor. Bank i Summer Sts. North Adam« IN MEMORIAM In Loving Memory of DORIS ROY OELISLE Who Died July 13, 19-18 "The moon and liars tit ihining On fht lovely jiienl grive, Beneath liei on* we aWayi loved But whom w« could not l«v«. You'r« not {ofgoffen daffing And never will you b«; Ai long ai Iffa and memory last We'll alwsyi think of fhee!" Molhef, Dad. Silter services al 2 p.m. in tlie McBride:ij on Funeral Home conducted by the more representative of Hie situa- Rcv. Mr. Robertson, retired Epis copal minister, of Cumminglon. Burial will be in Bellevuc Ceme- rims, to Viner, always routine before last week, have he- come a duty to be reckoned with ever since his access road was :cry. closed to him by a nearby busi- Callhif; hours at the funeral ness man. home will be tonight from 7 to 9| The merchant, Karem J. Ziter and tomorrow from 2 to 4 and of North Adams and Windsor 7 to 9 p.m. '.Font!, barred the Pittsfield Milk 'Exchange (Viner's employer) . * —. n I from crossing what he claims is Mrs. tmma rarkerhisbrid B e. Policy neliatert Ziter, who with his wife, owns a combination grocery store, bar, Dies in Scotia For All Your Cleaning Needs Call the Specialists FUR STORAGE Petri's 329 S late Rtl. MO 2-2415 Also Office at 50'/i Ashland Street A former Northern resident, Mrs. Emma Mae (Lew- Berkshire'and concession stand in the area, jsell milk, among other things, i. v r , , nn , ' 15 ' J arkcr ' 82 ' ° f . . .and have ordered all competing Btey Ave., vendo ,. s off , h( , ir lancl ly the Jones Division of W Arn-jScolia, N. Y., widow of the late ) Thus f ari (he Milk Exchange ~ " suflered the brunt of Ihe policy, Yet speculation by the lake Mrs. Parker once operated a dwellers has continued to in- old Print Works, he was a clerk Clarence Albert Parker, former-j has for the Boston and Maine Rail- 'y "' Williamslown, died at Scotia rond, having gone to work for Ihe Friday afternoon. railroad at an early age. Mr. Killler was born in Adams tourist home near the junction crease, son of Ihe late August mid Martha °f wllal is now stalD Rd - alld "What happens il Ziter decides (Franz) Kittler. He attended Ad- ! Adams Rd. in Williamslown. [ o sell bottled gas?" asked one? ams public schools until he left to Later she moved to the Berkshire; "Or sets up a hospital," in- go to work i apartments in North Adams be-, quired another. He had completed a lull day's! r ° re nlovin « lo Scolia ' She was a " n ' s a S°° d lhing lhe Milk "" work on the day he was stricken with a heart allack. domestic nurse. Mrs. Parker was a member of He had not been troubled with heart ailments before that altackj llamslown and July 1. Eastern Star. Mr. Kittler was the widower oi Ann Browne Kittler, North Adams| Hcm 'y native who died in 1!M6. He was a member of St. Mark's .J, hc Hopkins *~™?™[_ Home, Episcopal Chun Adams Lodge i Management Club at change wasn't a beer Iruck," commented one cottage owner First Melhoclist Church at Wil- soberly. the Order of Tomorrow the Windsor Pond jTaxpavers Assn. meets to discuss survivors include a son. 1 "' 1 ' ™ w P° lic 5' /"f fi ^!' r f °" 1 A. Parker and several what it means and where it leads. Where do they meet for this strategy session? In Zitcr's store. Her Igraiuichildren. . ch of Adams, thcjWilliamslown, has charge of ar- | _ ., nf Fllti and the rangemcnls which include calling," 11 Hit- ol fclks, and me <> ,,...,,...,i,i ir™v- TVT the once Mrs. Kenneth Hamel| Works, of which he treasurer During World War One Mr. Kilt- „ ,. , er served for a time with the at 8 lhiU evc "">8- Prjntllmurs al the Sherman Bui-bank] Frank DiLego of 54 was !Memorial Chapel, Williamslown.'Ave., is a patient at Veterans from 7 to S o'clock Sunday night.!Administration Hospital for ob- There will be an OES ceremony.servation and treatment. ' , THE COUNTRY PEDLAR FOR ONE WEEK ONLY Beginning Monday, July IS Til Friday, July 19 WILL OPEN AT 9:00 A. M. AND CLOSE AT 1:00 P.M. Sat. July 20,9 A. M. to 6 P. M. Sun. July 21,11A.M. to 6 P.M. State Rd., North Adams-Williamstown Line FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED We Give S&H Green Stamps with 42 International Stars! Come at iato as 10:30 ta see CompUfo Show Coming: "fiyfl Bye Birdia" July 17th of 20 Slate Rd. are parents of daughter born early today i I'North Adams Hospital. A daughter was born al North Adams Ilospilal this morning to Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hamel of 20 State Road. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hamel of New Ashford are paternal grandparents and great-grandparents arc iMr. and Mrs. Stephen McNicol ol North St., Williams- lown. Mr. and Mrs, Richard Slceman of Bennington, VI., are parents of a daughter born at North Adams Hospital this morning. Mr. Sice- man is a professor at North Adams State College. U. S. Merchant Marine, The Rev. Leon Oliver, pastoi He is survived by one son, Wil- of the Williamstown Methodisl iliam T. Kitller of Adams, a daugh- Church, is lo officiate at scrv ter, Mrs. Ronald Goss of North ices in the chapel Monday after. Adams, four grandchildren, a nephew, two nieces and several noon at 1 o'clock. Burial is to lake place in Eastlawn Cemetery at Williamstown. Tonight Thru Sun. ' ' Show Starts at Approx. 8:45!'' iflW'MHKim-!»«imnB CTtu;-H!W)i*fis -win SUMS PLUS THIS ACTION CO-HIT! / »», fL. . «,..»_ / »»•«$ PH|| \J||/FPv RO1RD itmNBOflOUGH, i JOHN GRECSON // MICH«UR«IG ^' DESERT PATROL Ends Tonight ALSO— THE FRIGHTENED CITY" Starts Tom'w ENDS TUESDAY! THEY HAD A DARING PLAN. and the WALT DISNEY MIRACLE of the WHITE STALLIONS ROBERT LILU CURT TAYLOR PALMER JURGENS u:,-, Eooit ALBERT- M« S FMNCISCUS • ^MHHlMCH'mLif UM7T ncmimor — ALSO UNTIL IT GROWS ON TREES... BE 6LAD YOU'VE GOT OIL HEAT! (THE BEST FOR IESS) Berkshire Oil Heat Council, Inc.

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